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August 18, 2022 7:23 am

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August 18, 2022 7:23 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Can you be Catholic and a Christian---2- What do you think about flat earthers---3- If we are forgiven in Christ, then why are we to give an account of every harsh word that we say---4- Why aren't any bones of the giants of the Bible being found---5- I feel like I'm not getting fed much at church but more so from online studies. What do you think about that---6- What's the big deal with women being pastors-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive more than you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why show all right today is August 7 220 €22 were lauded yesterday on the 16th. Right before get on the Internet. My Internet went out for doing a radio show on the so that was a pretty bad thing it was out a lot often on mostly off for about four or five hours yesterday and the I called up the company and I vociferously complaint and little did I know my wife was also on the phone do the very same thing and we both just gave that company a polite work for you can't do this. You know this is not good. We called many times and choice that I want to reimbursements worth a look was someplace else coming. Just give it to. And so the tech guy coming out on Saturday to check the area. Now get this. About 23 years ago we had subordinate problems and was really interesting week we noticed it went down and I called up the company after was down for couple of hours is a look at what's up, so we don't have any outage, I can't get on this. It won't do things out. I salute you to the tech guy out here so it week two days they sent the tech guy out and he talked to me and he stared at me every figure of the problem was, he said you know, really unusual okay what you said your connection in the master box was the only one disconnected.

Yours was the only one disconnected okay except that he looked at me really says oh yeah I would do for living and I told him and it was an interesting opportunity to witness, but nevertheless, so that's what happens and it's unfortunate, but you just pray for this ministry. We evidently definitely need to think the prayer please pray for. All right, so hopefully everything will be fine if all of a sudden I go dead. The plan go dead on the air. That is the plan is that Keith Keith is awesome. I'll be stuck here me talk about him behind his back and how great he is, because I want to give a big head but he's too left out. Jim is been really intelligent competence and etc. and so what he'll put something on here quickly get out there to the East Coast if it if you guys will become about the Salem was seen with Winston-Salem area think is working, as were the radio headquarters is a red letter got to meet him and others on the all that stuff. So hey look willfully blind if want to give me a call 772072276.

Let's just jump on the line with a little from North Carolina.

Welcome your on here if you're not quite a Catholic Christian at the same time you have my phone with me. What about even know that in Outlook and that I didn't think it be Kathy and Kristin God. They don't and out and fainted at the patch was saying that they were Christians.

Catholics are Christians that they would say yeah I would say that depending on what the guy meant to be. Says oh yeah Catholics are Christians that I would say she doesn't understand the theology and or does not understand Roman Catholicism actually teaches other certain levels of ignorance people have just because is a pattern is meaningful to know everything, but if anyone believes official Roman Catholic theology to Coptic Christian or not you Christians officialand official that's not to say that there can't be true believers in the Catholic Church, but they would be that in spite of the Roman Catholic theological system which is so superior logical synergism that means the doctrine of salvation to cooperate with God maintained God etc. paragraph 1821, for example, says that every circumstance, each one of us should hope with the grace of God to preview the end and obtained the joy of heaven is God's eternal reward for the good works accomplished with the grace of Christ. That's Catholic catechism. Paragraph 1829. So yeah they teach a false gospel. The official Catholic Church. Okay oh well not, but thank you very much you welcome God bless. Okay I will call you back with God. I know I wanted you about what about but there clearly is little I knew lip. Let's talk about now got nobody waiting it's not a big deal.

Okay, yeah, what about the flat earth crud. I read to BCs laugh. If you are on. So you talk about what it don't know if it actually but I went down the permit, but my lack be like if we don't like it would really like to finish the questions. That is the question what can Genesis what black they would be like God, we fit the water from about the letter above lie below the but this he look, here's the thing flatter answers to the water above it would still interpret that to be is a dome of concentrated water were to say that the text. How do you know you know what just wasn't heavy water in the atmosphere because that condition can exist is a great deal concentration of moisture in the air as it is found in certain areas and conditions. You can have it very very very very concentrated. That's what clouds are larger concentrated areas. You can actually have highly concentrated areas of water without it being visible clubs so that plus is a theory that pterodactyls could not have flown in the present-day atmosphere because the present-day atmosphere is not thick enough to support their flight and had to have a heavier mass in the air. I don't understand all the logic of reads like that and they said before the flood. The atmosphere was really sick skull.

The canopy theory and that the lives of all of lot of water above and that the abscess was very thick with moisture and you know you have a problem breathing that was just what upper moisture near and that because of that, there is the light rare rays of the sun would refract around the atmosphere so that no part of the earth would be absolutely dark and this could help develop and produce photosynthesis in plants.

Hence a lot more foliage and and more even temperature so that reptiles grow even larger. Hence the possibility of dinosaurs I riddled benefits of it.

There's a theory about this and it works.

And so, anyway, the canopy just could be the.

The waters above. What's the big deal so these flatter her thirst out.

Suddenly the flat earth is now it's been on there's a dome of something the firmament.

Some say metal. Some say a glasslike substance. I just want to get a room with a bunch of flatter thirst and stare at him in awe and outlook of music. We do but have you ever think about the faithful operate the fishbowl when they wish to know when you enable a farmer. No, on missile entered their state. You do you can call the faithful operate the fish bowl operation August hey wow okay so they hit something. They waited in the ministry date they shot fish up in the air that what you're saying no no no no okay would not got the government they Open they have a candid and medical. They did something put in thing now. I like you I wouldn't put any credence in that whatsoever.

Okay, I looked out the quick. I felt that in the moment. It is a brick of what we will well and we the only current wildland if reflecting the light and out right and not wound when the current you can see the goals are that the moral that works in a glowing option with the earth and the earth. Opera orbiting around the sun and the moon operating orbiting around the earth.

That's when the solar eclipse occurs, but in the dome flat earth theory. Both the sun and the moon are live and love yeah but the right, if not could you seal eclipse from down below with that scenario, it's impossible when will think of this picture a 3 foot diameter circle table and… So you have a 2 foot high dome that encompasses the in your walking around on the surface and two light syrup above near the center of the top of the dome. How can you have an eclipse when there's when the people the balls are rotating around each other up at the half horizontally horizontal to the plane of the earth. Okay, so you can't have eclipse that way would be impossible for anybody on earth to ever see one. If the model doesn't work the flatter model is ludicrously stupid. It doesn't work okay okay one with so little low? Okay, you'll yield model and hearing will have Saha Jubilee, a Word of the Cat CAT Catholic Place like the St. they could ask of an atheist you trust an atheist, well yes and no. Just like you trust a Christian. Well yes and no. It depends on the person okay this flatter stuff you're not, you've talk to you called in so many times is fine.

I like that you are good questions, but you don't believe flatter you to answer that we get back. Okay there's a break of day so if you believe it could only get on if you do it all politely. Okay. All right.

They will not bad for you right thing. To capitalize 877-207-2276 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show this good.

Back on the air.

Rudolph. Okay Rudolph. Okay so you believe the earth is flat.

I don't like to. If so, but but you believe there's a slap that you read and write Rudolph Rudolph, do you believe the earth is flat.

I think the guesser though what you say you don't know okay okay the earth is not flat okay the earth is not flat right look here, something a lot of I don't know about your something you 15 of picture that little do this, we gotta go get callers. But look, picture the 33 foot diameter flat brown thing with the dome okay and the Northstar is at the top middle okay top middle that's what would be the problem is that in the southern hemisphere is not the Northstar's crooks and so to different Northstar to self start and you don't see that in a globe not flatter simple. Okay really simple look that up. Okay buddy, it is not flat yet or all right right now.

I got bless okay okay hey, let's get to Alberta from Georgia Alberta.

Welcome you on the air namely Matt lick my question and I will count every idle word, the Hong Kong guy that brought back flabby because there's a an accounting of our actions. He died for sins. So were justified by faith to do anything or to be saved but it doesn't mean that RG artworks won't be judged and I were charting to be judge, but they won't judge us for salvation of the more we do for the Lord to better reward and the lease as you do if you miss uses get things you have a loss of report that's always going right you to be held before we got him right now and how you are to your friends and how your your your wife and your husband and children. Did you pick that well enough and keep it, or did you pick that one up and give it back to the owner. Did you do this or do that the all the little things, even the idle words that you say they are on account working to face God with them all and I'm not worried about losing salvation because my salvation is not depend on my actions is the third upon the work of Christ, but I'm to be held accountable for all the things that I should've gone and didn't do did wrong did write, etc. okay rewards loss of absolutely just because you're forgiven doesn't mean God doesn't hold you responsible for the gifts and the qualities of life that you're supposed to manifest with him. You are supposed to. You are supposed to be a godly man can what about your new believer you know you better. All you know that you know you're still responsible. Just because a person will still responsible for behaving properly and so someone like for example in Mormonism or Catholicism there deceived right there, still responsible before God to believe the truth got this isn't to say the dead judgment.

Oh, you were tricked by somebody it's okay to come in.

Not your fault know their everybody is responsible for finding the truth of God's word into believe the Scriptures and then as Christians we are responsible to act in a godly way before God and people that said doesn't mean that we keep our salvation by her performance artworks were about loving all that. But what about the way I feel like I'm finally loving… You should enter and and and loving my want to fund the people of the sugarcoated.but… I buy nothing thank founded, not you come up with interesting scenarios and situations of Harrogate after Nice to meet you just to shake her hand to stop. Appreciate you, but I think maybe you might con my want to consider little bit just focusing on a particular question or issue because she was all kind of conditions of people have and you wonder about things, but look just understand justification is a legal declaration of righteousness by faith alone in Christ alone. Sanctification is a process God brings us through to make us more like Christ. That process is difficult, and in that everything we do and say will be held accountable to us can there be rewards unless you want saved to be polished and put on a shelf as a trophy. I tell people think more of a being the pair sneakers instead of a trophy and a shelf.

Don't do anything on the contrary, move, do it.

Used used of God, you stumble along the way. We got it in his great race. He uplifts us, and he upholds us is Artie forgiven us of everything and so what we need to do was look for him and try and walk with him and will be below it. That's remembered and they have accountability, loss, rewards of loss were to be in heaven. So we need to take this seriously or walk before Christ. Jesus even set up your cross daily and follow after me if you don't work you so this is what Christ wants of us were take a walk before him seriously unfortunate. A lot of Christians don't like do not set one up in the world think I'm frankly the world I was late so you want to be with world to me and cared about the lady I would say that I and we ought to serve our Lord and of course work with his people and we blow it to be sin. We make mistakes and sometimes were unrighteously angry and overly judgmental. Well on a dead judgment. Jesus as as as you judge, you will be judged.

Judging rewards. This is not a fearful thing because were were safe in Christ, but it is a thing of honor to God and are we giving him the glory that's due his name because of his great work for us and we loving him and because were responsible for God then will happiness he's going to bring account of the things that we have done in the failures. The successes it's all good to be reviewed and then reward be given to us. Okay, they reveal me. I don't know I don't I don't know I will put a big screen that was not 3D that okay alright brother all right a throughput logical to give a call 877207227 section Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show live and it still stand up good. All right, we have three open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Josh from Utah. Welcome around here. I know thinking back to my childhood how they were sort. My question is why are there no giant bond being found, but with five are dinosaur bones all over. Since giant bones found their menu. I guess the United States government quiet or something.

I don't know I'm just saying that there's lots of reports on Giants different forms. Furthermore, what would constitute a giant you know I'm 6 feet tall and I know a guy who sent 67. My dad was 640 N. 2000 years ago fully understand because of nutrition was not readily available.

People were like five to 565U joint to them. If I go to Japan later this year, which is a possibility average. I think that height there's like 54 something like that when I view giant. I got a friend who is 6 foot six and when he goes to Japan. He's a giant so it's a relative term. For one thing, but there are many accounts of archaeologists finding very large bones and somewhere that the heights are 7 to 9 feet range so you can do research on this new find stuff like that. There's lot of their yet though about my well, you know, I've heard that so 89 feet is is large. I've seen pictures of bones, femur bone human fever bones that are huge 3 feet, 4 feet long and seen pictures of all kinds of stuff. It's really old and new immigrants think about this because what let's say hypothetically to say that they find a treasure trove of of humans that were 9 feet tall. Let's just say that they find a place there's 23 skeletons in a minute.

There is, then what can happen. What would happen in the scientific community of something like that was found out I'm not using the scientific community of being dishonest.

But scientists have their own ways of suppressing information in order to promote the status quo.

Not when does that, but I'm quite familiar with how certain scientists are forced to keep their religious beliefs in the reps in the dark and ends. There's a lot of this oppression going on. There's a lot in fact, there are accounts of people who are going to speak at a place in the scientific community doesn't want to even speak and give their opinions. If it doesn't fall in line with the stamp status quo science so this these customers are are out there.

There's lots of them like this.

Now the reason I bring that up is because what if you do find a scientist who finds Aeschylus 9 feet tall. What you gonna do is even purported because if you don't report it, and it defends it. What is he risking his career.

This is something to think about because it's doesn't fit the status quo.

Like I said, let's say that they find 39 feet, skeletons, average height, whatever will then that would mean then that there was a race of giants and the good thing you got issues to deal with because in ancient Greece. There were legends of giants.

All now all of a sudden there's a are in the Bible or speech of giants. Well, does that give credence to now myths in the Bible, we can't have that now can we so you know there's there's stuff their nonexpert, but I have seen lots of information over the years about varying joints that have been bones of been discovered okay you know how big a giant Bible were I note that like there. I don't know how many cubits high but give it a cubit is the length from the tip of the hand to the finger to the elbow and some say was as small as 12 and subsidence highs. I think 2022 inches is long and the average is this that I've heard is 18 inches so if you are to go to 18 inches, then you can get some stuff some calculations and so it depending on the the cubit that was used. Goliath would've been up to nine and half feet tall or even much shorter depending on the cubit but if that's the case then it would have meant say he was 9 feet tall. Then David gives his height, but proportionally he might only been 4 feet tall. If if that's the case if screaming. I was thinking ahead if the real height of Goliath was, say, 6 feet or six or six and half feet, which is not unreasonable. Then David would've been 4 feet if there's a comparison of the length of heights, cubits, and things like that. There's a bit of relativity there but you there are many accounts all over the world throughout the past few hundred years of giant bones being on earth. Check amount think I just randomly did a research break on this. A New York Times article dated the line. The delight of Nick of December 1990, 1897, said one of the three males discovered this town have been opened.

It was found inside a skeleton of a man of gigantic size above much from head to foot Rover 9 feet, and so you know that there stuck in 1912. New York Times reported discovered of 18 giant human skeletons in late Taliban in Wisconsin heights range from seven point feet to 10 feet and some just getting through this article were to get this CD a I never did an article on this trip to see so the research on it with God with what God is different once apparent that this reading is to search in pendency, so that even Josephus find interesting of the greats Jewish scholar, historian who wrote about the early days of Christianity, told about giants with her quote for which reasons they remove their camp it to have run and he had taken it.

They slew all the inhabitants so you know, I know I so there is no I needed to use more evident search for that day to find new sources like National Geographic and Discovery and things like that with a fine work newer stuff because I want to make sure that it's legitimate lead document okay great yeah this I wonder about what giant so maybe I will think about right. If it does just go to the last couple after three, two, three, four chapters of Job and fact of this.

Let's see dinosaurs spell it right might help, and went through and extracted the information on their so the Bible talks about different ones, different kinds of things in the Inuit in the book of Job from exec references but yet you can know you can check it out okay so okay think they are huge land-based creature in a huge water-based creature. One of them brings forth fire will know when it's the detail moves like a cedar you'll see there's a big tree so there's the descriptions in their it's huge, okay right you welcome God bless you folks if we have the old know if we have we have love for open lines 877-207-2276 we have almost a minute left for the parade gets a call to him from Salt Lake city to welcome you here in Little Rock wanted to talk about. I realize my life I Bible illiterate and that the last few years. I live all that open up that word and I get no. 78 hours a week that a first fiber Jacobite Where I get a break you in your portfolio ceremony. I know Christ adequately love your and their greed. I wanted to get your bid in on on what going to church, or the level of instruction in Texas as a whole. The level of where I did not get a break so hold on to comment on the topic they folks, there is the music break last segment 20 may call for open lines 877-207-2276 Matt Flynn why call 77077. Everyone give me a call 877207227634 open lines. All right, let's get back with him from Salt Lake City.

Okay Tim so still there right so I'm smiling okay so you're saying that you go to these churches. Not all churches accordance with these churches and you're not really getting fed much that right correct, comparatively. Now that's a problem I've had for years and I've always chalked it up to I study more than the average pastor by far and been doing this for 42 years get super in depth on things I'm not saying hey look at me, a great non-so I've always had a problem. I go to church. Well, okay… Let's see. I know off include a reference.

I know the reference so that all know the Greek says sometimes on the cross references on the theological point and they don't get touched on, and it's frustrating but I going to sleep okay. They can't know that apologists that's okay you are doing pastor stuff I need to focus and learn and sometimes I will learn things, that is, didn't know everything is a blessing pot.

I have found generically the pastors that I've experienced. Don't keep their don't teach very deeply. I think they might be afraid. I don't know. Don't they know these deeper doctrines. I don't know but that's of same problem while the guy I study under online. They're very bold there out there and make them a lot of dirt not ending up you know it, opened the Bible when you get dollars and understand all the languages even early in a language open word of you know, last year, as I learned I meant. I want to learn God's work, you know I'm from Southern California and if you ever heard of what Dr. Phil know I will you want to look them up. Dr. Walter Martin. He was a very gifted speaker and a very gifted teacher and had a photographic memory. That's quite a high standard right and so I would go down there my friend Charlie and I would go listen to Lehman and he was a fantastic preacher and communicator and such a pretty high bar and then we passed away. It was just very difficult to find a church that would engage is a good way, there was a lot of stuff that was just the surface level you know. It reminds me once locally a few years ago I went to a church. I heard some good things about this church, and so I went and checked it out once said hi to me that just walked in and I wasn't rude was in hiding things and not under tuneups about it, but no one talked to me and I remember sitting alone because all the people were mingling and doing the stuff with the people that they know okay whatever. And the pastor gets up and this will clearly and he opened up his at every turn the Colossians 30 this is good stuff.

And then he read these four verses, reading to you.

Therefore, if you been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind. The things above, not in the things that are on the for you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is revealed or soothingly Christ to his or her life is revealed and you also will be revealed with him in glory. I went know this is awesome this is what an incredibly rich text right in their raised up with Christ. Really, the crucifixion of Christ is death, burial, word identification with WIC with him that deal with Romans six and federal headship absolutely seeking the things above were Christ is a stock of the glory of God the Majesty of Christ, his authorities position go to actually 75 to 60. The right hand of God. Set your mind. The things about this is why it continued action would do this to be renewed with the transforming of her mind. The things that are above, not on the things of the earth. You have died or more federal headship. Your life is hidden with Christ in God.

The phrase in God is really important with Christ hidden all the stuff. When Christ, who is our life, is revealed. That means the return of Christ. You'll be revealed with him in glory to the resurrected body, the fullness of what we are all this stuff and he skimmed over it with such light speed lightness and quickness that I was severely disappointed and it was just it was like out about this. This is pastors and elders go to a sermon I heard locally.

I went with in the past year time I went to a church that was some reformed snares of quite a few around here went to reformed church and this pastor was told to be a really good pastor and he is a great this preacher okay to go listen and he preached moralism. Moralism is really that okay well for those who don't know moralism is preaching morality so you know the Bible says sent don't lie okay so you don't lie so don't lie because lighting is bad because lying hurts people because lines of sin. So don't lie.

Therefore, don't lie. Great stories don't live for the collapse of sermon that moralism moralism that occurs when a sermon can be preach identically in a Mormon church. For example, or even Roman Catholic Church or Jehovah's Witness church moralism is being moral to take a big moral be good for the sake of being good Christ centered preaching is the reason we don't live because we have been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ who redeemed us bore our sins in his body. You are no longer your own and therefore after all this I said this is the reason you're not to lie. Not only does it offend God not only but because that sin brought Christ the second person of the Trinity incarnate to the cross where he spread his arms and died the this is the difference you know that these kind of sermons. The Chrysler determines article reprints and those other kinds of churches because they don't believe in the true gospel of Jesus Christ. So I went out and I heard. I heard all of God like a credit me. I I'd love to hear you talk about God you would name or the one that yeah and then you know it all depends on the context to you, you know, I went to this one churches one time. Maybe he was the patch was going through quickly for a reason, but I was just frustrated that time and my singing was a good pastor is just frustrated and when want to hear. This is supposedly really good pastor and all I heard was moralism. What is going on and then you don't hear much depth of stuff you when I teach my Bible study on Thursday nights and working on it today and yesterday I spent a couple hours a day on it. I'm going through the Greek I'm showing the Greek of all the top talking on the issue. The nature of the fallen pride and humility in the initiation of of the fall in the person of Satan. I'm probably getting into the issue of free will and the issue of of libertarian versus compatible us free will.

Because these are necessities to talk about the origin of sin, which is the foundation of pride which James can force us to resist the proud and so you get into this and I want more you do to your seat and you never like grout your dear Bible that online underwear spider good on the radio. Sign up yeah it'll be on Matt slick live and maybe Charlie knows exactly which one but it's on Matt slick YouTube Matt slick YouTube. I think it is.

And then I post to the Lincoln I the TV above me like I go to the notes. The goal is to put all the notes up online first so that when anybody joins and they just go to the link and they can look at the notes I and ripeness evolved. Now what I'll be doing is going to the same link the same notes and scrolling through them on my laptop as I sit people can see above, they have notes in her hands with people, my Bible study to have them.

I hand them the outline notes I preach through these and people writing and when I'm done with the with the book of James.

I'm supposed to go. They've asked me to go to the doctor the Trinity again where I have a 500 word statement that I developed that I teach so it takes 511 hour to one half hour sessions to go through each of the five sections on the nature of God.

God, I know, I know you really get the above.

My eye, I called got a Glendale girl who I will yeah I know that he'll be with you if you blow it because he's a pastor and he couldn't find anybody qualified and so we got her to be the pastor that she shouldn't be a pastor. So that's wrong. What was his first name Charlie something judging Scott right, no, no… I'm trying to think it would name it that he has a record for being on TV. The most Scott Jean Scott it was somebody else yet I think it was the agenda with Jean, Scott, Jocelyn, typed, and so you and are priced to watch them and I've learned stuff from is quite quite gifted and he passed away and I think she was a Playboy model or something like that and married him for something, getting smoke cigars on TV you have a larger private like manuscript notes document the world records he and she has yet to listen to her because she's a woman pastor the next place, and I'm sorry if you stuck to go that way.

Well, Jim.

If you have a problem in the church were women you know I don't really see the hallway but look at how it is used women in the Bible and would stand up when I understand they were women are not to be pastors and teachers that she if she was not a pastor, that's fine. I would listen, because she's got a lot of doll and she stood and she learned a lot, but we just stick with Scripture new subscription okay all right you okay already. Think about all… He dear Bible okay sounds good right. God bless you. All right, all right, well, hey there you go hog in less than a minute left in the show. Hope you enjoy the show and by God's grace will back on the air tomorrow. Tonight I'll be on clubhouse clubhouse on the phone club deck on the computer in two hours from Nelson be 9 PM Eastern time or just do Q&A people as far questions at me. A lot of us in that hostile people come in. We have some pretty deep discussions and tomorrow night will be teaching on or through continuing to the book of James starting in James chapter 4 will be online as well with the Lord bless you and by his grace will back on the air tomorrow. Powered by the Truth Network

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