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August 12, 2022 9:27 am

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August 12, 2022 9:27 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Why does the federal government want to arm IRS agents---2- Why does God no longer speak in an audible voice---3- Caller discusses Christians taking a stand and cultural issues and leftists' strategies to silence them.--4- Matt explains why it's appropriate for Christian apologists to talk about politics--5- What's your take on Scientology's indoctrination of children- --6- Matt discusses the history of the Democratic party in America.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found on line you have questions about my maps. What why branches called responding to your questions at 877207276, charismatic, slick. All I would welcome it live. If you want to you can give me a call to do was violate 772072276. I want to hear from you.

Would love to hear from you. Sorry I released some articles yesterday on oneness theology.

There you go. By the way I do patriot videos. So if you're interested in supporting me personally, then that would be helpful to patriot slick and that helps slots. It does this is a demanding ministry is and please pray for us. We certainly knew that we did a lot of prayer I do and does what is Laura and Charlie. They work with Carmine volunteer and something not right with both of them because they volunteer and somehow also enjoy working with us.

As I insulted right now. I consider smiling so well as her own camera lease to get the thing here you go there you go, and it was so so there you go solo tonight at Bible study be going to James chapter 3 probably the whole chapter because it's basically one main theme, the power of the tongue and will be going through that and then I will go through next week. James chapter 4 will depend you notice depends on the company topic subtopics are in for the gym. Chapter 5 that they want me to do another thing on the Trinity account, which I probably will do another in-depth examination of the people to Bible study really enjoyed it.

So be doing that I got. We have three open line what you give me a call 877-207-2276 was a jump on lunch here.

I think it's rude Rudolph from North Carolina… It says through door so enjoy.

I like is a good rhetorical okay okay I will write you for you my new level. They quickly why would you on because of being militarized or will is a being militarized on the left just talking about before he prayed him on the show here with the people there fully released the militarized FBI militarized the CDC notarizing the, the IRS and I suspect it's also that these leftists can go after conservatives and audit the achievers out of them, penalize them and make life very difficult for them what's what's happening is a one party system. The Unipart unit party system. The founding fathers wanted three branches of government because they understood the depravity of man and three branches of government were there to help ensure a balance, but now that the left is in control everywhere.

Look what they've done over the borders up. They are the result of thought. Their energy attack energy supply with having just incredible inflation. They are setting the FBI as a military branch are not really, but it is effective in that sense to attack the opponents of Falcons of folk leftists never trump register whatever they can to try and get rid of him now the IRS is going to be armed and dangerous. The ages have to go out together militarizing think this is the kind of thing that happens in a Banana Republic, where representation is on paper only the Constitution and the Bill of Rights run paper only in the functioning power of the unit party sends out who they want to accomplish what they want and when this is in place, we no longer have United States.

It's no longer democracy work.

What was officially this is a constitutional republic. It will longer be that it will be something else and the United States will cease to exist as a constitutional republic. It may already have. I don't know, but this is this is what I see in this is my my dictation thing so it well then you don't so that he can use it to oppress the people that are against them politically.

This is some with non-Communist countries of socialist countries like Russia and China and stuff like that and they are also working on the credit score system was a called you get the credit score. Social credit score and the higher you are, the more privileges you get and the less you you have your score, the fewer privileges you have in this the social credit systems.

Michael and I this is coming to to bear. In fact, the like Google and Facebook and Instagram and some other things I've heard about where you, you're not allowed to say certain things and they will penalize you by different corporations will penalize you if you have conservative views you don't stand lockstep marching as a coyote to the powers that be to the Gestapo. That's what that is inside of these corporations that they want to force people to adhere to the leftist agenda of pro-abortion, pro-LGBT Q Pro, socialism, and if you don't agree you to be penalize.

This is occurring more and more people don't realize also that the FBI gone after Trump is going after conservatives and arrested them and things like that but yet churches being burned. There is nobody investigating them. If there is very very low level, but they're not really concerned about it because there's attack on conservativism and is because the powers that be are in control and our country is in incredibly bad shape. It's incredibly bad shape were being invaded from the south and were being invaded from within. So there you go. Okay okay will not yell out pretty depressing, but we can fight as Christians, it's that you do that bye-bye God bless Sola folks unite. I say this every now and then and and on the reason I do this, comment is because of my decades of apologetics work I've seen the depravity of man and the deception and deceit that works inside of Colts false religious systems and Catholicism of the centralization of power.

The corruption that occurs within it.

I studied all kinds of things over the years and the fact is that things just don't get better with time to get worse with time. The reason that is the case, historically speaking, is because the people who like control who want power and control generally are not the people who are altruistic people want power for the sake of power. That means are often very narcissistic and they will then get in places of power and then work to keep themselves in power or with nepotistic motivations the relatives to be kept in powder power ordered your friends. What happens is they become out of touch with the population. The then oppress the population when the population started murmuring and says no no no and what they do assert militarizing varying aspects of the government to to oppress them and then the phrase let them eat cake should be very important about now because the government essentially is going to tell us we take to get on with that phrase is let them eat cake go look at my wife's historically important with it meant because it's a symbol of the inability of the intelligentsia aristocracy, the oligarchy to be able to understand what the needs are and eight of the issues of the people and if we don't stand up against this, as Christians, then I don't how far down the hill. The momentum of tyranny will will continue, but it will continue.

And unless we stop and so you understand that society has a momentum depravity has a momentum the further down the hill. It roles the more momentum the degradation attains and in that process, the more damage it does on the way down we have to stand and stop stop at what we have to do is Christians is to be in prayer and ask the Lord to change our country to raise up people were qualified to be able to set a new course back to the Constitution back to what we had this country away from liberalism and the plague of liberal thought socialism. The plague it's the bubonic plague the black plague the socialist plague leftist plague in the school to destroy life is gonna destroy economies is going to destroy this is what happens with plagues plague of stupidity of narcissism of the oligarchical control of all of this idiocy and stupidity that is rampant and I know that people don't want to hear this but I'm forced in my job to study everything I can and I get into conversations with people now bring something up pico study and I go study it. I go study that had to re-stuff on on government study government study is, how the study will focus on the study, near death experiences I had to study drugs I've had to study the Colts and amassing an expert in all these things, but I certainly have got my fingers in a lot of different areas trying to understand what's going on as I start to see the broad scope from 20,000 feet up, I start saying all this is how this is working. That's how that's working.

These are the similarities between false religious systems, Colts and manipulation of the secular humanist and the leftists were in control. They're doing the same kind of thing that the cults do in their mind control and in their oppression of those who oppose the same thing that happens and we Christians have got to be on her knees praying and asking God to deliver us deliver this country and we can't just be praying and doing nothing and get off off our careers, we gotta get involved in a be on the streets. We gotta be petitioning.

We got beef protesting. According to the law with with peace peaceful people he doing it and we need to be organized and we need to start raising our voices and say enough of this, the Christians are the ones who need to do it. The Christian thing to do a 10 week questions responsible so there you go there you go there you go. All right, let's get to Jamaal from North Carolina.

Jamaal luckily on your body a legal goal of God's grace I am good deal about the way that I don't think that would would think we all need to hear that you got a good aid me from you over here with you know I'm so happy to hear that's usually because I feel like time to confront paper towels and glaciers try to stop him and and is just as tough and llama just tell you wanting a little bit.

The idea of doing what I do on pushing and pushing all the time in working in writing and researching what was me. Blah blah. But I'll tell you there's just so much hatred for the truth from all areas of life. I'll tell you it becomes tiring, so it's really really encouraging regular people like you guys like you and who just a hate. Praise God, not advocacy down to get a couple coffee. Just tell me how great I am for five minutes or so at a respite it's okay, I needed you so come on out Idaho man not idle, and we will talk I can tell Minnick I like you already because you know you said good things about me is a nadir itself is good enough for me will have a good talk to a good person. Every Bocchino network name out there right now he's all right for these diesel by what I say. He is got a so he voted right back after this message is all Matt slick.

Why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg show Bilderberg thermal arrived man all right okay go for okay go directly, but you actually come tomorrow are Bob wears okay. I can hear you if you think you know if his role without you. The network you you know what that would be fun of the church. One cannot or somebody you know the my way because let's be fun to go see the station and the people out there. The phone for you on or about the court body would invite you out.

I would hope way back to be a problem here is a way to a guy named slick to come out and taught Bible with them. I mean they know that's a little suspicious right but go with. I quickly melt your pocket good, where I know how God, call in a booming bully bag clinical biblical you had the burning bush modes with them all that well, wondering why that not right down the yacht route, frame and all the background God back a little bit of plant layout for more balls than you he's he's very involved.

We don't we associate but you are asking the question, something popped in the mind and so in Luke 1619 through 31 Lazarus and the rich man Abraham said they have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them. But he said no father Abraham, but if someone goes to them from the dead to repent. But he said if they do not listen to Moses, the prophet still not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead, so I was thinking about that. Just as you're saying it would scan a flash in my mind and I'm wondering because God speaks, he works confidentially at how God works makes covenants within the inner Trinitarian communion. He speaks and is an attribute of his nature and things occur because of the speech he finds himself by his word. The word became flesh, and I'm wondering if, in light of all of that.

The reason God doesn't do the booming voice thing to people is because you can just take you 40 got my word that you should be in the even I'm saying that I'm convicting myself because it's like you know because I want.

I do want to hear the booming voice on a walk outside the heavens parking on lightning comes down the whole bit in the gods of what you like that awesome. They would.

I've had one experience like that with God.

Just one.

But while yet when I got converted. It was it was profoundly strong, profoundly strong, nothing in my entire life compared to by far, nothing little weeping right yet profound profound weeping in the presence of God's holiness that was so intense that that I was almost puking up my agony is not in tears and wailing in the presence of holiness. I wept harder that day but I did the day that my son died and in our hearts and so you know it is an emotional thing I remember that. But I also remember through all that you over the years. I can remember being in physical places where an thinking Lord. Where are you I wanted. I want that again. I want that again. I never have happened since. And I'm wondering if it's because then I might become an idolater. Lord forgive and not want another one not want another one and are looking to the experience and said of him and so you know I say that you want to mess something up. You just need two things people in time I think we just yet. You know that's what I think that's a real good I had a question. I think you pretty much already answered it, but it all caught back up. Line but we can't get you out here in person will be retried. Maybe your video call him or something on the log were love to have your your your present there and have you and answer any questions and I am glad that our friends on board. Becca the one United all right, I want you and I had our safety is not only do I or you like the other guys would put their questions would be no better yellow course you people love me on the radio.

They meet me in person and the first thing to do.

After five minutes as those that talk you get to go to my wife's is a very good thing obnoxious and irritating, so you've been warned. Okay, no will will let you know I lie like that man after my own heart.

Take a chance with with the Rev. on the radio that slick roll the dice to see what happens. It's funny. Sorry man will finally be fun and brought up goblets. You are right.

I enjoyed it was fun. Okay to open lines 877-207-2276 are a more from North Carolina. Welcome you on here you and you a quick menu and you be doing now my being with you say and I hope you know what you going to be a morphology of what you're doing and I mean you, thank you for saying that less but they fought right back after these messages through open lines called Matt's leg why call 770727 is Matt's leg back to the show Gary from Utah. Welcome here is going running an Internet Utah great about now speaking out against the alphabet community about what I might not.

You're my favorite believe Ockham is also from Times Square Church Carter, and another speaking out against the Bible Scripture needed we can meet leaders of the church and then you may meet because they don't limit yet.

He talked about that right on target with what you're saying.

I'm glad I'm glad I didn't even know that there were preachers like that. I am so happy to know that Christian men are standing up and saying we gotta start doing what's right and here's the thing it's it's going to cost us and that's what's going to happen you I knew a guy and went back to you earlier and he only anything nothing at all. Nothing.

No car, no home just the clothes on his back had anything other people's names so that when he would be sued for what he would do an antiabortion work dates and he said fine so you go to court and lose as you have all the money they have all the whatever Isaac Sumi is and so this is the beast be smart as Christians because the left is after us hard and gutters hard. If we push back and is can we be ready to to to risk a lot. Now I've done it. I've risked a lot.

I faced attempted attempt to my life attempts, lawsuits, defamation, all kinds of things. That's what it is nature of fighting against darkness and wickedness to is definitely on the rise. Yeah, no doubt live in the church age right now who are the people that are human.

Talk about eight or other better and hope whatever actual truth of the gospel through Roman port 125 they exchanged rely altered like a man is still a man, woman to woman You can't be both electric.

Your are in Italy and one lap. I'm glad their minorities are so small percentage that they also are very loud people don't realize organization works.

You can read Smolinski's rules for radicals and its impact. You know what the check I think I did confirm rules for radicals. I summarize the book for people yeah and so it summarize you to read the whole book, but I went through it and there are the 13 attacks 13 tactics used. To gain control powers not only what you have the what the enemy thinks you have never go outside the effort to secure people. Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy and it didn't limit his work enemy.

When you make make the enemy live up to their own book of rules you can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their rules in the Christian church can live up to Christianity ridiculed out and most potent weapon goes on and on and they do this kind of stuff. And what happens is people ridiculed no well know I get ridiculous just for my wife thought joke. I do too good.

I don't know why I didn't report what I am guided today when I went going motor home grown up and about but he wasn't active or whatever but you will reap no idolatry of your goal old 91 you're going make on like I you went to Harvard when you will you look at my feet. Each of people like Millie the 13 were sold in black he felt like to know how they can trick Google about how the real flavored fruit about. Thank Mitt love souls so you know he check them out know you want to go evil. The Democratic Party has been throughout American history. They are deceptive they they're the ones of of proslavery pro-KKK pro-Jim Crow laws against women's rights. They were there. I just had the documentation been expelled, so it let go at OWELL okay SOWO there is looking at it okay gotcha all right okay 9191 at all and very coherent, much more than creepy. Go we need to let you know. And milk in the White House. Yeah I'll check him him him and Larry Elder Larry Elder Holland really all I like the black community and in all but one through it here group you know just talking to wife last night. We talked about the chance we won't run if he doesn't run… Jack it was Santos right and I said and I want get Candace to be VP running.

I think she's also great all man I want to be present double set out to be more determined to run now and I will I will come in think and come Candace is been really impressed Candace and I like DeSantis more and more, and when I heard what happened with the trump just absolutely committed me right then and there to get out and vote to be more vocal against the left because it's it's ridiculous with her doing that you can trust him and trust him. Oh, did you hear about that eventually fired him for not suspended him. This need to be done. Yeah now to stand up for righteousness yeah I'm too young buyer are pilots good fire him and prosecute them as possible for not upholding the law, if there's a way to do that with you. Nalini LE taught lessons learned what they've done to get me to Disneyland will air. I know that's why I love the mental Lori and select animal. Watch it now because this want to. I got rid of Netflix Netflix. I got rid of five Disney to watch that. We just don't want stuff is just waiting. I want you and your YouTube videos with pick and choose your foot. Dr. okay your flex laws have signed action on their okay thank you Matt you write may God bless what all right okay that's Gary from Utah and we have for the lines. What you call 877-207-2276 drew my well now we would have anybody waiting ALL right. So since I set it do something here on the new read a little bit about the Democratic Party and I have the documentation on my website now. People think you're a Christian apologist, you talk about government because the Lordship of Jesus extends to all areas of life, and if we don't resist the evil at the highest levels of our government.

Then the oppression will trickle down hill and we will lose the right to preach and teach that gospel is going to happen. Okay, think of it is ultimately the. The enemy of the gospel working to destroy the gospel think of things in spiritual terms that we should do when you go to Ephesians chapter 6 that's what it says in Ephesians 612 for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places full armor of God's five lines 87720776 Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave okay there we go look at a Chuck North Carolina Chuck welcome your on your on your intro tonight… I know your anyway, I messed up again anyway.

Scientology, you know, I'm wondering how they can keep that little.

In that play, yelling that center they learn… But they never learn to work.

I don't know if you stay fit, intervene, teach us out yet it indoctrinated into the cult absolutely while working.

Yeah, I watched about 20 episodes of the remedy. I love that I watched all of you yeah you can watch the whole thing. I watched them before. Wonderful. I think it might be a Christian because she does know where little but so does everybody. I think even if it's just in the I about may not, but he don't call them a Christian.

There are 5000 or don't say about the life of the Lord fell in the future is at all just what it is. Yeah you feel it or not Mike yeah you're right Doc number locked all I Netflix but I like a lot of World War II stuff at all you know I want to watch a beautiful movie and my friend and bright oh my goodness. Dr. somebody enough really fabulous but anyway yeah just play as they really got control of made it a little bit on the JW's to state the cult but you're not with them so busy they don't know when the sit down and out cults work my control and different levels and different degrees intensities in the aisles they have to have it in Mormonism Joe's witnesses, especially in Scientology, absolutely.

And the cult type practices are on the increase in our society with the corporations that want certain kinds of acceptable thought and behavior and if you don't agree, then you're excommunicated. Which means you don't have the right to do whatever it is they have power to enforce offer you that's that's the formula you are thinking about work, Tucker Carlson said when they want to control the language and they can for your thought and then rolling. That's why sit around don't say abortion or pro-choice will say that they know it's their approval boards. Don't say adultery, say the truth don't play there again by using their vocabulary the way they wanted to be said don't say partner site, husband or wife in the context of marriage, don't do what they do. This is degradation of truth and they like to hide their sin in the penumbra between truth and doubles the well man. What they do. Okay Matt, well, God bless your brother your great but God blessed.

All right.

Thank you, a Chuck all right unites is good reason to fund the Democratic Party may do it again. This is fully documented so my website I just went to different websites and found history and collected some stuff gave documentation and if you 29.

Democratic Party was founded on the platform of individual rights. State sovereignty and proslavery.

I was founded 1829 1830 Democratic Pres. Andrew Jackson craves the Indian removal act, which forced indigenous people leave their homelands at sea Gartner under him a 70,000 Native Americans east of the Mississippi were terrorized driven out of their lands by the military activity for Republican parties founded on an anti-slavery platform in 1857 the case of Scott versus Sanford. The court ruled that slaves aren't citizens, they are property. The seven justices voting in favor were Democrats in the two who dissented were Republicans. This is the Democratic Party's history is more, see 18 6011 state of slave states secede from the union Democrats start the Civil War 1863, Republican Pres. Abraham Lincoln signs emancipate miss a patient proclamation 1863, Republicans elected first Hispanic governor Ruby Aldo Jekyll of California in 1955 Lincoln was assassinated Magic Johnson, a Democrat, assumed the presidency and he he was opposed to integrating the newly freed slaves link is vice president Democrat named Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency Johnson adamantly opposed Lincoln's plan to integrate the newly freed slaves in the South's economic and social order. Johnson and the Democratic Party were unified in their opposition to the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery. The 14th amendment, which gave black citizenship in the 15th amendment.

Amendment, which gave Blacks devote all three passed only because of universal Republican support is a quote the quote Pres. Johnson pardoned the ex-slave owners returned their property and gave them political control, the South, the ex-slaveholders immediately use the regain political power as well as their wealth and ownership of the land to reinstitute slavery in all but name. They vetoed new state constitutions which gave African African-Americans the right to vote and 86 255 Republicans past 13th amendment, which was slavery exceeding 65 Democrats established black codes a state and local statutes intended to marginalize Blacks and keep them in indentured servitude, poll taxes and literacy tests prevented them from voting. Also need to 65 Confederate veterans founded the KKK to oppose the Republican Party's integration of Blacks its first grand wizard was a Democrat named Nathan Bedford Forrest 8068 Republicans past the 14th amendment giving black citizenship was opposed by the Democrats in 1868 Republicans past the 15th amendment getting Blacks right to vote no Democrats supported it. 1868 KKK grand wizard is honored at the Democratic national convention, 1869 reconstruction ended. Democrats reestablish white supremacy in the South with Jim Crow laws that legalized segregation that would take another 100 years to abolish anything, 71, Republican Pres.… S. Grant dismantled the KKK 1872. Republicans elected first African-American senators and representatives 1877 when reconstruction ended in 1877 Southern Democrats regain power began passing and permitting legal restrictions such as poll tax, literate literacy tests, grandfather clauses, effectively disenfranchising much of the new African-American electorate. If you 78 Republic and Sen. Aaron Sgt. introduces 1/19 amendment to give women the right to vote the Democratic-controlled Congress voted out in 1911 Democrat Pres. Woodrow Wilson stuffs his cabinet with Dixiecrat's powerful Southern Democrats and set back the cause of civil rights for decades and eight 1918, the KKK is reestablished targeting immigrant immigrants, Jews and Catholics additional Blacks in 1919, Republican Congress passes 1/19 amendment guaranteeing women, guaranteeing stupid women the right to vote.

Note I have bubble block release of the Democratic Pres. Woodrow Wilson.

The US Constitution was amended to grant women the right to vote. Notice how they take credit for what now is good, but then they worked against it. 22. Democrats try to keep lynching legal by creating a filibuster in the Senate when I get to study some more to find more documentation 1929 Republican octave.

Talk to a boy octave eon no longer is so low becomes the first Mexican-American center in 1929 Republican Charles Curtis become the first Native American VP in 1939 Democrat and KKK cover girl Margaret Sanger created the Negro project in Planned Parenthood to call a black population 1954 Republican lawmakers outlawed segregation in public schools opposed by you set the state Democrats, publican, Pres. Eisenhower sent in federal troops to enforce the law. 1959 first Republican Asian Sen. Hiram Fong is elected 1964. Resident Johnson successfully runs an ad titled confessions of a Republican Democrats learned that by accusing Republicans.

Republicans of racism, even without evidence they can gain political power that's that's people Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson became president after Kennedy's assassination set in 1963. Quote I'll have those in words vote Democrat for the next 200 years" and another quote hoped these Negroes they get pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us. We've got to give them a little something just enough to quiet them down. Not enough to make a difference."

In Alaska. What I have here in the series 1964 the Republican-controlled Congress passes 1964 Civil Rights Act as an extension of Republicans 1957 in 1960 civil rights asked Democratic senators filibustered the bill for record 75 days so this is on the website okay and documentation resources, their history, the Democratic Party of America. I'm sure there's even more.

If you have some information you want to send me as documented.

I can put in the list so we can understand something when Satan came on the scene.

He said to Eve, did God really say Genesis 3 that what he did was attack truth. Hypocrisy is a form of lying, which of course is denial of the truth so if you have any group Republican either rebooking or Democrat we have any group that uses accusations evil and are not truly know you're not true to misrepresent to attack that's a form of of lying and people who use this. Their hearts are wicked because they use lies as a tool to gain power.

This means they have no integrity. They should not be in office, they should not be the one proclaiming what is and is right morally and then pass laws. Accordingly, this is the condition that we have in our country. Now is time for the Christians to stand up if we don't make sure that our rights are guaranteed then were going to lose them. The Democrats undoubtedly will blame the conservatives gain more power for themselves and continue in their lying oppressive racist socialist agenda and work towards the destruction of this country and our job as Christians is to get our needs first standup second and raise her hands in the air say count me in. Resist the oppression there's music I'm out here with the Lord bless you by his grace back on your tomorrow and will talk to you another program powered by the Truth Network

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