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July 27, 2022 5:30 am

Matt Slick Live

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July 27, 2022 5:30 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about a recent experience he had at a Oneness Pentecostal event.--2- Will we retain our injuries-scars in our glorified bodies---3- Do you think it's ok to use the word unsaved--4- What do you think about having an altar call at your service---5- Do you think the feminist movement is tied to women pastors---6- Do you think Daniel 2 and the iron mixed with clay has any connection to AI and trying to prolong life with robotics---7- Who was Samuel's wife---8- Is abortion a sign of reprobate minds-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Here's the match look live and today's date is the 25th of July 2022 for the podcasters. Hey, if you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 877-207-2276 and we have five open lines right now. I want to hear from you. All right, so if you want to watch the show, Laura, you can nod.

I'm still seeing you. Is it all done on the site so that it works? Okay, good.

Now we'll just do this. So, okay, that means you can go to the CARM website, c-a-r-m dot o-r-g. In the right hand side, you'll see on the home page, you'll see the mic picture and the radio thing and click on that and follow it. You can participate in the chat with people. There's a lot of good people that have become friends in that chat.

They're kind of loyalists, Carmites, Carminians, I guess you could say. So, it's nice. I've seen that with a smile. All right, now, get this. So, no, Friday.

Friday. Okay, now I'm going to give a little bit of a story because it's a little interesting. We have a couple of cats and one of them named Flopper. He's got the IQ of basically kitty litter and a beautiful cat and he got out. And so, we had to go around the neighborhood.

Have you seen this kind of cat? Blah, blah, blah. It turns out he was still in the house in a closet that he shouldn't have been able to get into.

Long story short. Anyway, but while I was out, I talked to a nearby Airbnb guy who just happened to be driving up and I said, hey, if you see a cat in backyard here, blah, blah, blah. He says, okay, and we got talking. He's a United Pentecostal pastor. I said, oh, great.

A United Pentecostal pastor. And I said, yeah, yeah, I know about that. And we got talking. And so, he said, well, you need to talk to somebody else who's more knowledgeable than me. And I smiled and he said, as a matter of fact, David K. Bernard is going to be in a city called Caldwell, he said Thursday and Friday.

This was a few days ago. So, early last week, I said, really? Because I know who he is. He's supposed to be the number one apologist for the oneness view, the oneness position.

And I thought, oh, good, I'm going to go check him out. See, I'm going to challenge him to a debate. A polite challenge, you know.

See if he's willing to debate me on the Trinity. And so, I couldn't go until Friday night because of my schedule and I got there. Now, I'll just tell you on the way, this is interesting, not a big deal, but on the way, I'm right there, I'm a half a mile from the church and I'm going to an intersection. I'm in the right lane and this car on my left lane decides to turn right. Right there. I was accelerating and so I just punched it and swerved to the right and missed him. All right.

Now, not a big deal. On the way home, I'm on the freeway talking to a friend of mine about what happened at the service, I'll tell you. And I'm driving in the freeway and it's dark and all of a sudden, in the middle of the road, it looked like a black tarp, a big one. And I had to, I mean, I had one half a second or a second to swerve to miss it so I didn't just get all tangled up or whatever. I swerved. I didn't know what it was until it went by and ran over it.

I ended up calling the cops and saying, hey, there's something in the road here, you know, causing me to swerve and cause the others to swerve. Anyway, going and coming. Oh, look what happened. Some stuff happened. Going and coming. All right. I'm making more out of it.

Probably really needs to be. So while I'm there and I have video, I took my phone and I videoed probably, I don't know, half hour, 45 minutes of their three hour service. Three and a half, maybe four hour service. I wouldn't have got something to eat.

And so I was only there about two and a half hours, I'm thinking two out of three. And I still want to do a video about it. And I'm not mocking them.

Okay. If you're oneness or anything, you can understand I'm not mocking them. But it was a lot of hype, a lot of exuberance, a lot of amening, a lot of dancing, a lot of jumping, a lot of clapping, a lot of it all over the place. And it was to me, it was fascinating. Now I'm not knocking the idea of clapping and jumping up, you know, but what I saw was a manipulation.

Now I'm going to be careful here because I don't want to say that they were purposely manipulating anybody purposely. I don't believe that, but they could be so entrenched in a cultic mindset that they don't realize or participating in a kind of a cultic practice. And the cultic practice is to say, I got a good deep breath.

I need to get here. Here we go. To say a statement over and over and over to hype people up. And, you know, they might say, as I were saying, things like, Jesus is in the house and Jesus is in the house. Amen. Jesus is in the house. And over and over a crescendo kind of a statement and people would get up and applaud, then jump, and then someone would run around the room.

And this is, it's, how do I say this? It's one of the things that's done in cults to help brainwash you. Now, I'm not saying they're intending to do that, but it's the kind of a thing that can happen where you get over-emotional and then you have a specific response you're supposed to undergo at this time. And you are accepted in the group by participating in that experience.

And then they would talk about how they have the truth, they have this, they have that. Very interesting to me. And this is my Friday night. I went there. My wife said, go, go have a good time. See you later. That's my idea of a good time. And what did she do?

She sat home, relaxed and watched TV. And so I'm at a cult meeting. So which one of us had better fun?

I don't know. I think I did. So I went there to talk to David K. Bernard. And I ended up talking to him. And he was a gentleman.

I don't want anybody to think he wasn't nice to me. Towards the front of the church, the band kept playing. After this, everything was over. They kept playing really loud. And everybody's talking.

And me, I've got a little bit of autism, so I don't do well with all the sound. And I was really struggling to talk to him. And I said, look, I have a problem with sound. Can we go in the back? And he goes, no, sure, no problem. He was very nice about that. And so he went in the back. What a relief. I could talk to the guy.

Just so loud. And so I said, look, my name's Matt, Matt Slick. And I'm a Christian apologist, Trinitarian. And I wanted to offer to debate you on the doctrine of the Trinity versus oneness. And I said, just so you know, I'm not some guy off the street.

I've been doing this for a long time. I've debated many oneness people. And people are saying, I need to talk to you.

And here I am. And he said he generally doesn't like to do debates. And so he wants to preach the gospel. Now, what was interesting was when he preached, he preached on the very text that I had to preach on in seminary.

It was Second Chronicles 20. So I'm very familiar with the text and I had to preach it twice. And there's quite a story behind that text with me and the issue of moralism. And I won't get into it too deeply here, except to say that anything in the Old Testament you preach has got to be Christocentric, Christ centered, cross centered, because the Bible is about Jesus, John 539 and Luke 24, 44.

And so we have to understand that it's about Christ. And if you don't have Christ there, you're just teaching moralism. Because if the sermon you preach can be preached identically in a Mormon church, for example, or a Catholic church, then it is preached identical and they have no problems.

Both groups have no problems. You're preaching the bad sermon. And that was his case. Now, I'm not saying that, you know, I'm judging all his sermons by this one sermon.

I can only tell you, this is what I heard. And I paid attention. I filmed a lot of it. And I'd never heard the gospel preached. And the reason I'm saying that is because when he told me he didn't want to debate, but he likes to preach the gospel, I almost said, but I didn't say, I almost said, yeah, well, you didn't preach the gospel tonight.

I didn't want to do that because I would turn him off and I wanted to have the opportunity to debate him. And so I didn't say anything. And we get talking and, you know, and I forgot the exact stream of the conversation. But, you know, I said, yeah, I'm familiar with a lot of the stuff in the United Pentecostal Church, you know, the Trinity issue, the oneness issue, the wooden pastors issue, baptism issue. And he said, well, baptism, you know, is necessary. And I said, well, I don't believe so. He says, well, it says, it says, and I said, in fact, and I did this on purpose just to see what he would say. I said, I believe that Jesus was sprinkled according to the law for his baptism. And he had never heard that before, apparently, because I do believe that as my honest position, according to the Bible, that's where I see it.

Now, if you disagree, call me up, we can talk about it. And so anyway, and he said, well, they went down into the water that says it came. Oh, it says it came up out of the water. And I said, yeah, in Acts chapter eight, the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip went down into the water and Philip baptized the Ethiopian eunuch.

So that doesn't mean they were both immersed, but then when they both came up out of the water and he immediately changed the topic. Okay. I had an answer and he immediately changed the topic and I said, but you know, we could talk about it because I'm familiar with Acts 2 38, Acts 22 16, 1 Peter 3 21. I'm familiar with it.

And that's when, uh, I think he kind of clued in. Okay. Uh, maybe I do know some stuff, you know, and, uh, we got talking a little bit more and, uh, he said, you probably teach, you can lose your salvation. And I said, no, or it says we don't lose your salvation. I said, that's correct. I don't believe we can lose your salvation. And I said, that's from what Jesus taught. And at that point, um, it got a little bit interesting and, uh, about baptism. I'm trying to remember the flow and maybe got a few things out of order, but I said this to him too. And we're almost done here. I've got another minute. Um, I said, well, the Bible said, we're justified by faith.

Do you agree? And he said, yes. And I said, then are we justified by faith when we have faith? And he looked at me really confused. He goes, what do you mean? And I said, well, you said we're justified by faith.

I want to know if we're justified by faith. When we have faith, he changed the topic again. And so, uh, then he went into the issue of, of eternal security attacking it. And, uh, it kind of went downhill from there and it wasn't mean, it wasn't rude. But what happened was he started interrupting me and that he would ask me a question I'd start to answer. And then he would cut me off and continue with something else. I started to answer that and he did it again. And at that point I realized, uh, this isn't going well at all. No one was yelling.

No one was angry. Um, you know, and so there were people to my left who wanted to talk to him and I think they saw what was going on and wanted to rescue him. I think that's what was going on because the one guy put his hand on my shoulder and no threat or anything, but he's very polite.

They were already nice people there and said, well, I think, you know, it's time to move along. I didn't want to talk to him. I said, yeah, that's no problem. And I said, can I have your, uh, your email address? Because maybe we can do a discussion because, because he said you earlier, he'd be interested maybe in doing a discussion. I said, okay. So I have his email address. I'm going to email him in a few days when he gets home. I even told him, I said, no, you live in Austin.

I said, I'd be willing to fly out to Austin. There's an atheist out there. I can debate you. I can debate them. You can have a debate.

You can talk, have a discussion on this stuff. And, uh, that's about as far as it went. So that was my experience on a Friday night for me. That was a good time.

And there's the music. Hey, if you want to give me a call, three open lines, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back after these messages.

Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, everyone. Hey, if you want to give me a call, three open lines, 877-207-2276.

Matt from North Carolina. Welcome. You're on the air. Hey, brother.

How are you doing? Oh, okay. I'm glad you survived Friday. I saw your lives.

Well, I didn't catch the live stream, but it was about 33 minutes later or something. And I enjoyed you sharing that. Yeah.

Um, I got a question and I hadn't thought it through a hundred percent and I hadn't been done in my independent reading. So, you know, but I know you've talked about Jesus and he's in heaven with his body, which I affirm, I don't have any issues with that. And he's retaining his scars and his puncture, like when he is his disciple. So then I started thinking our bodies, like when we're remade or redone, like will we retain our injuries too? You know, like our scars or someone's born without a limb or what have you, and we'll be made perfect. Right.

And is it because he will be forever praised because he was the lamb slain and so he retained those marks. Is that sort of the idea? Could be. So I'm just telling you. Have you ever thought about it? Oh yes, absolutely. Well, like my son, Jacob, who died right after being born, when I see him in heaven, will he be a baby? I don't think so. I think he'll be in his mid thirties. And the reason I think that is because Jesus died at 33.

I think he's the standard and that's it. I won't die on that hill. It's just, eh, I'll go that way. So are we going to retain our scars? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not.

Jesus retained the crucifixion wounds. So there's an implication that we are going to retain them as well, but though it's not a logical necessity. Right. So there's, it's just really, I guess, sort of a opinion type situation where obviously we don't know, but I was just sort of, I thought about that son and I was just wondering your thoughts, if you knew anything particular.

Yeah, that's all I know is I thought about it and I don't know what the biblical answer is because the Bible in all my years of studies never told us and that's it. So I don't know, you know, I don't know. Well, let me throw something else at you real quick. It's not really a question, but are you for me or are you, have you done any study on William Branham? Oh yes.

Yes. He's a cult leader. He's cultic. I know man. I found a couple, a few videos from a guy that, what was in the family, a grandson that has left and another pastor that had left the church and they're doing a podcast thing and it's very interesting and it's really spooky and all the connections that that church has with, I mean, it's just wild. I didn't know if you would touch base on it recently, but there's been a few new books. I mean, it's things like that sort of interest me.

I mean, you know, just to see how bad things get with people. Yeah, he is. All right. Well, I appreciate your time and your, your service and we love y'all and I guess we'll talk to you later. Okay.

Sounds good. All right. Foot up on lines 8772072276. Before we get to this caller, I want to just mention something.

Last week, I didn't get much sleep on a particular day. Whoops. And, uh, someone called up a woman and I don't think I handled it as well and as gently as I could have. And, um, and so someone else wrote me a letter about that, a friend of mine, and he brought that up.

And so I started thinking about it and I was thinking, you know, maybe I didn't handle it as well. I forgot who it was, the person, but, uh, just, you know, let people know that I do appreciate the feedback and sometimes I do do things wrong and just let you know that working on it and trying to obey scripture and, uh, there you go. Okay. Uh, hope that helps.

All right. Let's get to Dave from North Carolina. Dave, welcome. You're on the air. Hello. How are you? I'm doing okay.

By God's grace. So what do you, what do you got? Yeah. Yeah. Yes.

I love the question that the caller had. I got a couple of things I just would like to hear your opinion about. Um, sweet. Your talks about people that are not saved or are lost and we're all men are lost and they're born, but we have a terminology today that we say, use the word unsaved. And do you think that is okay or should we refer as Christ would refer as lost?

Either one of those things, unsaved, unsaved, lost, um, uh, in a state of damnation and, uh, still in condemnation, you know, all those are, are accurate. So I think it just depends on the mood, the situation, um, and then do the best you can to communicate that. Okay. Okay. Appreciate that.

I was kind of, you know, kind of leaning toward just the word loss as, as, as reference rather than using the word unsaved. I felt it's more a little bit of biblical, but, uh, Oh yeah. I'm with you. And I think all of those are biblical, so I think they're, they're fine. Now you remind me of the issue of people say, well, they, that so-and-so had an affair and I say, no, it was adultery or they're gay. I said, no, uh, it's homosexual or pro-choice. I said, no, no, it's abortion. Uh, I don't like to use their terms.

Uh, but since these terms you've mentioned are biblical, then I think we can use them no problem. Okay. All right. Uh, one other question. Sure. Uh, and I've been in churches that did, uh, opposite in this, uh, at the end of the service, uh, some, uh, a couple of churches I've been to, they did not give what we would call a invitation and sing a song for someone to come and walk the aisle and come forward.

Okay. Um, and I have been in churches that do. I'm in one right now that does, but, uh, I see, I can see both sides in a way of one not doing it and one doing it. The ones that did not do it would always have someone there to help anyone who would have a question about their salvation or having desire to know more about being, uh, saved. So I'm good with that. And with the invitational system as asking people to walk forward to receive Christ. Um, a lot of people put emphasis on walking an aisle.

If you walk that aisle, you'll be saved. And if you go up there because you performed this, this, um, way of, uh, Okay. So I'm waiting, waiting for a question. So, okay.

Okay. Do you, do you, is that, do you think that's okay? It's in the, uh, a preacher service to say, come up here to the front. Some call it an altar, which I, is it okay to have an altar call in a service? Yeah.

That's your question? Is it okay to have an altar call? Yeah. I don't see any problem with it. As long as it's not the thing you walking up is what makes you say, but it was sufficiently explained.

And it was a public declaration of the process. I don't have a problem with it. Okay. There's a break buddy. All right. Okay, man.

God bless. Hey folks, 4 Open Lines. Why don't you give me a call? 877-207-2276 and be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Hey everybody.

Welcome to the show. Hey, we have 4 Open Lines. Why don't you give me a call?

877-207-2276. Let's get to Russell from North Carolina. Russell, welcome.

You're on the air. Yeah. You remember me, Matt? No.

You don't remember Russell? Yeah, I'm from Ash. I talked to a lot of people. You know, I talked to a lot of people. Hey, you remember me?

You know, and so it's a little tough. You have to be really obnoxious for me to remember you. You're more obnoxious than me. So if you're not worse than me, you're fading into the background.

Fading into the background. Oh my gosh. My question is this.

Do you remember me? Oh my gosh. Okay. My question is this. I know that you don't agree with the woman pastor, and I was wondering, I know you've, yeah, I know you mentioned that you felt like it's okay for women to have a career. And of course, nowadays in the way society is, the idea of a woman staying at home and a man working is sort of, if it can be done good, but for the most part, it don't work that way. But I was wondering, don't you feel like the feminist movement and the women pastors and the thing about women that just, don't you feel like a lot of that is all mixed together? Because I mean, I've known some women that to be very honest, we, I don't see how their husbands do them. And I mean, you have to go to their house, go to their house and see who's wearing the apron, who's wearing the pants. That's going to get some people mad at me. But you know, I mean, if, you know, the Bible talks about a woman should, a man should cherish his wife and should, you know, and that a woman should, from the way I see it, the man to the head of the house, even though he may be playing with, you know, a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but still, he's the one that has to say, but I didn't. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. You're saying a lot of stuff here and not qualifying much.

You're not defining how you mean these things. And if I don't step in, I just let you say stuff. It's like, okay, we've got an issue here. So let's just, let me ask you a question. You ready? Okay. Yeah. Okay. What's your question? Okay. That's my question.

What's your question? The question is, is the man the head of the household? Yes, he is. Ephesians 5.22 following. Yes.

Yeah, that's right. He's the head of the house. He lords it over his wife. Doesn't mean he makes demands and she has to obey unless he's making a good sandwich.

Then I could see that, you know, with a little bit of bacon in there and a little, you know, some good stuff. But other than that, I really can't see, you know, men, they don't realize they're supposed to serve their wives as Christ loved the church. And though they are the ones who are the leaders, they're the ones by default, whether they like it or not, the women like it or not, they're irrelevant. This is how God has set it up.

The husband's the head of the wife. And so, um, he's the one ultimately responsible. And so that's how it has to be.

That's just how it is. Okay. Well, it also too, I've heard this, that she does have the right to say, honey, we need to talk. Of course.

I don't agree with this. And, and he should, if he is, is listening and, and there are women that I do believe God has used to speak into people's lives. Yeah. My wife is very wise. My wife has got a lot of stuff going on. She's wise. Of course, she married me.

So that just, half of her validity is gone right there. But other than that, the rest of it, she's, she's, you know, she's got a lot of good stuff going on. So yeah, I listened to her. She has some good advice.

I listened to her. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Okay.

Well, that kind of clears it up. You know, uh, but now do you remember me? No. You don't? No. Oh my God.

Yeah. I talk to a lot of people. I talk to a lot of people and not only here on the air, but then I'll go into sometimes in the discord and I talk to people. I will go into a clubhouse and talk to people. I usually, and I also go to the metaverse and I talk to people. So I'm talking to people a lot and I encounter a lot of people.

My brain just cannot keep up with it. Okay. All right. Okay.

Well, I want to, I want to tell you, I really, really love listening to you and you hold my interest and that's something, if somebody holds my interest, that's a good thing because a lot of people are talking and, you know, these smileys on TV, buy my book next week and you know, okay. Yeah. Right. So I love you. I want you to know that. Well, I appreciate it.

At least that's one person. Good. That's good.

Yeah. I'm sure there's a lot more out there, but, uh, peace, love and hang in there, brother. Okay. You too. All right. Well, God bless. All right.

So we have five open lines, eight, seven, seven, eight, seven, seven, two zero seven, two, two, seven, six. Okay. So yeah, I'm kind of known for making these stupid comments about women making sandwiches. And it started years ago.

I'm going to tell you why I'm saying this. It started years ago when my wife and I had our little girls and we would watch a SpongeBob, we would watch a VeggieTales and, uh, in VeggieTales, a queen was kicked out of the kingdom because she wouldn't make the king of sandwich. And so I remember looking at my wife, going, Hey, hon, it's right there in the Bible. You got to make a sandwich. Okay.

And she's like rubbing her forehead like, Oh no. So I've been using that ever since. And so, uh, so I'll say, Hey, you know, in a text.

Okay. Because the guy talked about, about stuff and, and I said, you know, just goofing around with the sandwich stuff. And I, the ladies in the chat room, you know, a brick has a brick sandwich for me and stuff like that. So we get a lot of fun out of it. And then I said, I wonder which woman in here makes a better sandwich. And I typed that in. So, so, uh, this is how, this is how you dig a hole for yourself, gentlemen.

But I enjoy it. So I know I got issues, but, uh, they're smiling. The ladies are either guys got a smile in there.

He's going, uh, let's see Facebook comments, throwing of the slickster. Lawrence is not me, but I know they're smiling. I know they don't want to smile, but they are. So that's what I'll do with, but if I'm in front of them and I'm doing this, I'll go smile.

If you like it, they smile. So see, it's so immature, but, uh, Hey, for some reason, I'm pretty good at it being immature. All right. My wife right now is going, Hey man. Okay. There you go.

Hey, if you want to give me a call three open lines, eight, seven, seven, two. Bill says slick doesn't use a shovel. He uses a backhoe.

He uses a backhoe. Yeah, that's right. I'm digging it deep. Here I go. Oh man. Okay. All right. So I got, I just got to get serious here. Okay.

Eight, seven, seven, two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get to Rudy from Utah. Rudy. Welcome. You were on the air. That's all I'm okay. Hanging in there. What do you got, man?

I got a question for you. When are you going to come back? Oh, Hey Rudy.

Hey buddy. How you doing? It's up to you. Let me know. Okay.

I will, I will let you know. Um, and by the way, uh, you know, the wine sandwiches are the best. They always are. You know, you know what we could have the ladies of the church get down in the basement or the kids say that we could, we could, what we can do is we could have them make sandwiches and we can have, you know, the cards one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. And we just hold them up and, you know, take them.

I think it'd be good. You know, yeah. After I preach otherwise won't listen to me. That's right. That's right. All right. I'm sure I'll get a few comments too. But, um, Hey, uh, I'm dragging you down with me. Okay. All right, man. I have friends in low places. What can I say? You, you, we get along, man.

Your jokes are as bad as mine. All right. Okay.

We gotta get serious. Okay. So, so something about the book of Daniel, I think. Yeah. The question that I have is just, just out of curiosity. Um, I don't know if you're familiar with Dr. Noah Harari.

Um, he is, he is literally called the prophet of the world economic forum. Oh man. Just a break. Hold on. What's his name again? I'm gonna look him up. What's his name?

I don't remember his first name, but Noah Harari. Okay. I'll look it up. Okay. All right. Hold on, man. We'll be right back folks.

After these messages, please stay tuned. All right. Let's get back to Rudy. Yeah.

Rudy. I did a quick, uh, look upon the guy, found him and wow. Okay. Yeah. So my question is dealing with, with the stuff that he's proclaimed. Um, he's literally called the prophet of Klaus Schwab, that, uh, individual.

And so my question is just hypothetical. The iron mixed with clay in chapter two of Daniel, is it, do you think it's possible with the, uh, nanites technologies and the things that they're beginning to unleash and the AI techies and, and along with that, the, um, uh, what is it called? The metaverse that they want to plug people into and then trans humanism and AI, uh, and non-sentient, uh, super intelligence, right? There's that's, that's covered at the core by algorithms and, um, cannot be destroyed.

Do you think that it's possibly that, uh, Daniel two, where he talked about the iron mix with clay, is this was kind of possibly what he might've been seen, but this type of thing that they're going to try, but they insist is going to work. And, um, Harari actually claims it provide eternal life for people. And it could never be, yeah, it could ever be that we'd have eternal life in the sense of, of a conscious transformed into a, uh, a machine because the properties emanate out of the essence. The essence can't be transferred into a non machine. It's just a copy.

Yeah. So, uh, but what you're talking about is Daniel two 43, which says all that you saw the iron mix with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seat of men, but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with the pottery that they, uh, remember listening to Chuck Missler talk about this particular verse. And he said that the, they recorded the Hebrew can't be the same as people that are different. So some say that this might be a reflection of the Nephilim, uh, cause as it was the days of Noah, you know, Matthew 24, Luke 17 out of Daniel out of, uh, Genesis nine. So some of this is six. So some think that that might be the case there.

So I don't know if that applies if Daniel, uh, two 43 could apply to him in that context. Okay. I was just, I was just curious cause it's just, you know, as I start to string things together, as I see things unfolding, I'm just always curious from the back of my mind. And, uh, sometimes I think our minds work alike in these, we work, we think outside the norms of things that you and I are both highly intelligent and very good looking too.

So, and humble. So yeah, that's, that's right. You were just thinking that. Okay. So, uh, yeah. Wow. What a coincidence.

Some more stupidity from that slick. So, um, yeah, that's a, it's an interesting topic. It really is. And, um, you know, I'm, I'm actually rewriting one of my novels, uh, my first novel, just kind of polishing it up and, and stuff. And then I'm, I want to jump into a, a, a sequel and I'm actually playing with the idea of developing a plot out of the idea of an artificial intelligence, um, that is non-sentient, that, uh, becomes dominant and how the Christians have to deal with it and what happens. So I've been entertaining that idea. I think it might be a good, a good thread to go down. Um, there's a lot of stuff that would be that would be a great rabbit hole to go down. Yeah, it would be, uh, yeah. And, uh, yeah, yeah, it is.

Yeah. I'll have to look into that more and think, and like I said, I'll, I'll get ahold of you and we'll, we'll have you come down. Hopefully one of these times with your lovely bride and, uh, we'll continue to pray for her and, uh, lift her up. We do so every Sunday and we'll, uh, you have any prayer requests?

We've got a prayer meeting tonight and just wondering if you have anything you'd like us to pray for. Yeah, just pray for her. Uh, just pray for her and her, her, uh, her health.

She's actually doing a little bit better in the past two or three days because she had, I believe it's the medicine that they injected into her body in a certain localized area that I think is helping. And, uh, she actually went shopping on her own today. Big deal. So praise God.

She's probably gonna say, Matt, don't talk about me on the radio like that. And, uh, you know, I'll get trouble for it too. I'll be praying for you too. Cause if, you know, the thing about my house is I don't need to dig a hole anymore. I've just got trenches everywhere. So I just walk around, you know, it's all good. All right. All right. Let's get on the phone with Claudio from North Carolina.

Claudio. Welcome. You're on the air. Yes, sir. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening.

So what do you got buddy? Yes, sir. I have a question about first Samuel eight when Israel demanded King. First Samuel eight. Okay.

Israel wanted a King. Yes. And what about it? Um, um, um, um, first of creature on that topic. My question is I was, I was surprised to know that the Prophet, Samuel who was the judge and the council on everything, he has a, he has two children. Okay. Well hold on. I don't, I'm not able to understand everything you're saying, so I'm just not following you. There's a little bit of noise and it's not real and it's not real clear so do you have a question yes my question is I said I'm meant to understand that the Prophet Samuel has two children okay and I want I want to know if his wife's name what the Prophet Samuel wife's name I don't know I don't know what his wife's name was Saul and the name of Saul's wife was Ahinoam so I don't there's that but that's his first name of 14 yeah so and then let's see I'm looking I don't I'm looking for the word wife to see if there's any any mention of it and so let's see no not not there I'm looking maybe someone knows but no I don't I can't find it I don't know it has that okay sure he has a wife or she passed away but yeah that's how he would get his children okay it's all right that's how it would have been okay I'm not sure you're asking something about him being dishonest about the children it's two children because I think that they took over a hundred on power to them and then they kind of this heart is honest and then the people request that they want to kill it up because it's children are doing good or they are still in the morning or do something okay I'm not sure how to comment I don't know what your question is my question is what's what's what's got the outcome of his two children it is changing the list all the day called up okay I I don't know it's been a long time since I've read that particular topic so top my head I just don't know I have to do some research to see okay if you mean they're two children they became believers or apostate or what I don't know what happened to the two children okay okay all right well thank you okay there's Claudio now let's get on the air with Selah that's a nice name from North Carolina welcome you're on the air I was just trying to figure out what we're just saying of the you know the turn down of Roe vs. Wade and then like now the state's apparently supposed to come up with their own law I personally do not believe in abortion I was raised Catholic and Baptist but was not baptized until I was 24 and I consist of a believer in Jesus Christ and the Father of God and I accept him as my Lord and Savior so I don't I'm not really focused on denominations do you have a question no I my question is it's just like if it stands in the Bible just like this is one of the things I could really understand in the battle it stands in their values from the moment of conception okay so I don't understand what is the major debate if it says once it turns into eggs it's a living house or whatever I mean is this you know like I was listening to this show earlier today with another post or whatever and he mentioned like reprobate lies I mean like it's you know my mom into that too I mean so what's what's your question though are you United States have we turned to a point of this this reprobate minds and we really like are they the majority reprobate mind people yes yeah yeah the the issue of reprobate mind is given over to the depravity of their hearts and their minds so that they want to kill children they want to kill the life in the womb I just saw a video a little bit today of someone who you know an address to a graduating class I think it was of doctors called a white white smock or something ceremony and a lot of them walked out when the person started speaking pro-life so our doctors there's doctors were walking out because they don't like the idea of that and so this is just showing the depravity of their hearts and their minds now I'd love and I stay if there anybody's listening I'll debate you on abortion and humanity when it's okay what I mean I've offered this before no one takes me up on it and no one will take me up on it or anybody else because they don't have arguments they don't have anything to like to stand on it's just an emotional thing to want to demand narcissistic freedom of their own body to at the expense of someone else which is what's in their bodies so so yeah our country is when our country officially says it's good to kill the world the life in the womb it's good to practice homosexuality you know that this such a country has turned its back on God and the wrath of God is fermenting it'll come to full like I said I'm not a good person but it also says you know like what man leaves his family or family you know they cleanse each other and therefore you know they have kids and things like that so how is your is they are these trans genders or these you know women on women man on man however it is you know if they can't procreate then it really is once again it's just a weapon it was weapon eight my I mean like if they can't have a child with the same set so I'm it's so obvious it's like I don't I'm so confused I just don't even get it it's so it's called it's called it's called to me it's called cognitive dissonance they're so entrenched in stupidity that their brains are messed up and they can't think critically and that's the case across the board that happens in the Christian Church as well as outside the Christian Church critical thinking is lost largely lost okay I was just wondering you know like we were concerned because Nellie says people gonna be penalized yeah I'm with you but hey you know what we're the music should be starting any second now so we got there it is okay all right okay all right hey folks there you go we are at the end of the hour hope you enjoyed the show may the Lord bless you and by his grace or back on there tomorrow we'll talk to them please tune in then god bless have a good evening another program powered by the truth Network
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