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July 21, 2022 5:00 am

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July 21, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate mail.--2- Why does Scripture seem to distinguish between killing someone before and after birth -Exodus 21-12 and Exodus 21-22----3- Is the battle mentioned in Ezekiel future or past---4- I'm part of a Bible study and a transgender person was allowed in the group. How should I handle this situation---5- What is a seeker-friendly church-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more questions about Bible doctrine.

Why rises right now if you would listen. This past week you'll know the show got cut off twice. My Internet went down to times to target formal sales Google. Today I spent an hour and 1/2 or so on the phone with the Internet company saying, look, there's a situation I can't have this happen and they said well you know global and I happen to be a computer tech for five years and I said well here's the issue's bang bang bang I slept on this is done that. I said if you want to reboot is going to DHCP right that we so, but I'm not assigned a static so you think the problem is if it's not on your rent. You sent me a new modem and hopefully get here well tomorrow and hopefully to work. Some people have said that some of the same problem occurred with the same company.

When I got a new modem. Everything worked fine. Hopefully that will be and that we talked to producer Keith so it fits bails it is what it is. But if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and we can blab you talk to me about. Let's see what you want talk about Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam thought her so much stuff talk about and we talked yesterday in the rapture. We talk about justification and things like that which I enjoyed and sometimes on Fridays. What I will do is hate and they really like the email so I do this because I like email and hopefully some calls you, come on, and if they don't all talk eschatology so what are supposed to talk about. Good stuff. Or I got I got so much so that he thinks he could talk about some of his conspiratorial conspiracy stuff. I do.

I love conspiracy stuff and also get emails about the kind of thing to all right. Let's see if the love and hate mail and do some love and hate mail and for those of you who may not know because of the ministry that I run, I swatted to been threatened with death statements to try to kill me and my family. I would follow in cars of bumps in the nights around the house various things that happened over the years and so one of them is just simply mail now for some deluded reason on my part I enjoy hate mail on one of the few guys who really enjoys it was directed at yourself. You know I like to say he's threatening us with eschatology that I called twice last week. Call Katie okay on this jump on then read a couple hate most distant. This see this if there's any good.

Okay I haven't practic but I guess I was behind schedule here today when a couple things happen yes right weird stuff with Internet and also write with get this right when I talk to the producers every day. The producer do a sound check hate has gone gone fine hey how to go about some good yesterday good I might get ready takes about 30 seconds or so. We sometimes talk while were doing our sound check. My phone starts playing music out of nowhere.

Just been sitting there and it started playing it was so confusing to quit coming from and I have my headset on. I could tell a direction if I was coming from the Internet quite Internet.

My phone for no clue why just started playing music on its own right. When I went to talk to Keith to the soundtrack check for the for the show and what's weird is the Internet is gone out during the show. Not until the show all days been fine and then during the show Scott out a couple of times it was on Tuesday and Thursday. Interesting. All right, having said all of that conspiracy stuff could pretty creepy. As Vicki says, as you know to list jump in dismay pellets what he says let's see, it would just check this one out how it goes. Since I'm an atheist, I find it nearly everything you say about hell or women's roles or homosexuality.

In such infuriating before I go through it tag the transmittal for God's existence makes me want to blow my brains out. Seriously, do you think the average person is even capable of understanding it will yes I teach it and I explained in such a way that the average person can understand.

Not a big deal. This is a do you think anyone's been converted due to what I don't know what to read people's hearts and minds. So when people say you could if you still say that my view of hell women's roles, or homosexuality infuriating. I love to talk to them.

I want to say okay wise, infuriating because what they're going to do is say whoa they have a standard of truth and I just love it.

What your standard of truth were to come from. So you may not like it in your title to your opinion, can you give me a perspective in your worldview. Whatever your worldview is by which you can then instantiate all facts on moral truths can use. Can you justify how they have their place in the universal sense of that you can say what I do is right or wrong can you do that for your perspective and what you can listen closely to that point here is crickets and they're not used to Christians going on the attack, asking them very difficult questions is a very difficult question and a lot of times atheists they want, throw stones from the safety of their I don't believe anything worldview, but suddenly become someone along and the Dominic do this, so this is where minutes. Justify your position was to do it. If an atheist want to come in right now and justify. For example, any ultimate standard by which they can they can substantiate or instantiate universals, universal truths, universal morals by which they can make judgments. I want you to copy. I would love to hear that the great but what we do here folks is that hate mail.

I've read through the Colts section on your webpage. You are a judgmental bunch of folks aren't you, I guess. So when I read is an fruit testing as selected call that you have pushed Jesus aside and taken the place of authority, hope, for your own how I suggested any quote Scripture committed criminal before the sun was true. He has and this person doesn't say anything that makes any sense. Jesus is the one who said on with the truth. The life nobody comes a father but by me. John 14 six. He also said that unless you believe that I am you will dine your sense so I tell people hey, the only way to God the father through Jesus. And if you believe that he is the great I am, you done your sent judgmental what he said and you like some capital do not talk to people as I will go to first but they don't know according with the right of the conversation I just my opinion. You know, if you don't believe that Jesus is the IME unit diner sent know that's not true.

Being judgmental really "verse was you believe that I am unit diner sent loop so you understood what it meant and you denied it and then they they said you tricked me. Yes I did your evil man can't wed get it. There's another one. I noticed that you claim Jehovah's Witnesses deny Christ. I Jehovah's Witnesses deny that Jesus Christ is God in flesh. That's what it says.

He says, well, I've studied over 20 years of all religions and this and this is the one claim that is false. They always and prayers in Christ Jesus name several book of several book are about Jesus that he died as patients were sacrificed. If you truly believe what you're teaching you have no reason to be little the faith of yours of others, your light should shine without draping a website with such stuff people just reacting think it was interesting what this this email is to open up. It has green and white lines, dark green and white lines with black text over it makes it very difficult to read that you like background struggle to read. This could be the case. All right, let's do this to okay the world is quickly discovering that the second coming of Christ is already here on earth. This is good, but also that in 132 days or less from today's date February 19 of this a few years ago, such past the man Christ Jesus will oh my goodness, no stinking way.

This is the infamous. This is it. For those of you (can be good for those of you listening for a few years. This is gonna ring up a couple bills okay so this this this and think this this email is an old email and I went is one area of emails are old ones and because are just as good as new ones. Okay okay here we go right so this is from August from 10 years ago. All right and that the world is quickly discovering that the second coming of Christ is already here on earth but also that in the hundred and 32 days or less from today's date they were 19th, the man Christ Jesus Luis José Luis that Jesus will transform his mortal. This is also called carotid okay love you Becca this is good stuff ready will transform his mortal Puerto Rican body Puerto Rican body into one of immortality, radioactivity and names may that's awesome. I mean wow is a Puerto Rican body that so we dressed so stupid Puerto Rican white as a Brazilian Brazilian body notes put body wildly. That's awesome. Okay will transform his mortal Puerto Rican so stupid sorry Puerto Rican body into one of immortality, radioactivity and fleetness to be comfortable. Radioactivity inflames together wow for the Puerto Rican body.

All men will I would love to be a really this guy is really important that what I want no more to be more okay just just like experienced or while just like experience when he dwelled in the body of Jesus of Nazareth so that Jesus had a radioactive flame body while the writers of the Gospels mention this to you this second Chronicles. Guess what, Jesus is a radioactive flame body is cool and fun fire walked around the handle get close okay okay sorry about that. This time however he won't just resurrect he will redress into a body of immortality to rain here on earth and restore world order, justice and peace, so the Puerto Rican body will be changed into immortality. Radioactive flames and he will redress into a body of immortality to rain on earth and restore world order, justice and peace will it didn't happen. I got a know it all. Didn't happen. Maybe, just maybe, when he transformed and it did put in mortal radioactive flame body that someone got a bucket of water to seek I get to see José Luis that Jesus called. I didn't think that I do that flames are out and there's more to the email you will finish that would actually break the caller.

I love the stuff they folks we write back of his budget is please state the trade fallout from Puerto Rico said Sean this is awesome. They folks we write back restricted mats like why call 77077. Here is Matt's leg now manned by love and hate mail I sent her to relive more of it. I'm going to relive the more it's not as entertaining. It just kinda complementary to what he said and and get them to the callers who have to apply to going to be call 877-207-2276. So whomever he supposed to the Puerto Rican get over his mortal Puerto Rican body will be transformed into immortality. Radioactivity inflames man when I we be at a barbecue you know this picture I thought a parcel of just holding their exotic says the planet is currently experiencing birth pains in preparation for this most awaited event birth pains of frequent earthquakes, extreme weather and chaos unlike anything seen before as the signs are clear to the day of the great day is near news teams all around the world have begun to investigate and announce the countdown hurting news teams second account that I take. I can see CNN you know and the leftist groups good now. Watch out flush the Puerto Rican body.

This could be treated. Immortality reflectivity of late when I say I don't believe that only a racist like the Puerto Rican part. You know you're obviously race that you white supremacist is white so anyway so he goes on he says is God will soon rain with an iron rod and show his wrath to anyone who dared to doubt mock or reject the living God is jumbled to have a lot of fun with this email and any side articles later. Don't say you were told okay so I was told now in this email is a whole bunch of links to videos on YouTube and similar places and so what I did.

I went and clicked like 10 of them. They're all dead heads. So what you're what happened. Could you imagine all the people I could either gathered in the church on that day hundred 32nd day there to fear the church, the got asbestos that suits on their sitting there in the Puerto Rican body man atomic body man. He's gonna sit up and I do this either. All nothing happened so yeah it's a fleeting grace is the Spanish domain that a culture other check it out okay.

I needed that. Especially after this week. This week's Internet debacles talking like that you know you my voice type Internet debacle and a lot of fun. All right hey let's even get a little serious. Let's get on the air with Ryan from Pennsylvania here. I welcome your I like very much like you again for inviting me to call it a I have a question about the thought struck her 20 1K interpreter traverses 12 it renewed my recommend further that God got in there and verse 29 scriber five hurt a woman without a partner.

One noted our group apart from Eric with me. The skirt, and yet no follow Shelby early product. According to the woman lay upon her and Eagle Bay. The question is why the various critical tension between killing someone before birth and after birth of okay okay series. I don't know why. Okay, maybe to China straddling action like they should be struggling.

And if one kills another it's out of anger and/or vengeance in a fight. Maybe since if they inadvertently it's not intentional. When they injure a woman who's in it and a nearby person and she miscarriage then is a penalty, but since it was not intentional.

Maybe there's a difference in the over exactly what would walk about like following the death of another person's grounds for manslaughter but not that I meant nothing believe it is.

I think Kent and that of the Toyota manslaughter. Well, I mean in the Bible were talking about. I don't know if the Bible talks about his and an accidental one because remember that there is the issue of the of the cities of refuge and if Mr. Lawson got to this. There's someone who's accidentally caused the death of somebody else through a neglect or whatever it is a building a house and a false he can flee to the city of refuge and as long as the high priest is alive in that city. The relatives cannot come to get him and and blood revenge and kill, but if you were to step outside that city of refuge, then he's fair game and getting and the high priest dies in that city.

Then he could leave the city and nobody could get it is really interesting and you know why there is a high priest represents Christ of the Christian and free.

But to so I just remember if the issue of capital punishment is due to accidental definitely but is in Scripture living from the Scriptures.

Is it okay thickness while clearly there between killing someone out or the board that it could not be argued. A job is not a person that after birth mother's distention?

Why not you saying that location. The process of birth is not on about her certain scriptural I'm trying to there's a scriptural distinction between when someone before birth and after birth in one of the possible reasons for the first think that there is a different that after birth your person. You both are not only do I say is mentioning with each other and strike a woman with child, so she gives birth prematurely. Yet there is no injury, he shall surely be defined as the woman's husband may demand many shall pay as the judge decide so was that was not Kurt.what it says will did say that while I like to think that neonatal care 3000 years ago clearly miscarried. More than 90% of the time… Well perhaps but I'm dissing the text doesn't say it. So when the next others might help with your mom is reasonably good on this necessary, but if there is any further injury then you shall appoint as a penalty. Life for life. So the next verse implies that the premature birth of the baby did not exist because it seems the contrast says. But then if there's any further injury then penalty is life or life to read on checking out like five Bob I heard that argument for before birth is not a person that after birth, they are written there on the difference in punishment you when you got a look at the when Adam took his first breath he began living soul and not a variety of other common one becomes a person allowed no it is best socially right that Kathy's message is one of the line 87720776 max Y77077 charismatic slave back to the show Ryan are still there. So you were saying looks mature and it is clear, are you saying that baby becomes a person upon birth the Lord for man from the dust of the ground breaking the law for a breath of life cosmetic devolution. And thought about the they call that moment that it is a living person that like to think about some of the Scriptures have Bob said that in the end I could've 21 between killing someone before birth and after birth is so I asked you you saying that a you saying that you believe that a baby is not a person till after it's born thing that according to Scripture, the according to Jonathan on index of 21 weekend say that the difference between someone before birth and after birth, and the president begins at birth, so I was Scripture – a very specific question, do you believe in. Now you can see, the Bible teaches. But it doesn't mean you necessarily affirm that's what it teaches or you're interpreting it that way so that finding more specific that I don't agree with your interpretation.

There do you affirm personally that a baby becomes a person only after birth out of my yeah okay so is a person I wouldn't winter some personhood then puts in a nonperson say you not see my wife could birth for time so the birth actual crowning the whole bit. You know, I think unsafe 1015 minutes may be limitless, but so would you say then, during this is a 10 minutes okay to tennis to sing the lazy born now to person, but 10 minutes earlier, was not right and I think the "log week just so I was kicking account which personhood can you define what personhood is Barbara don't know personal life birth is different than personhood because life birth can be of over of fish that are over the forest and they give birth to live well log what so ever to give us a nostril who there is so mean as a human okay so you saying only in human birth is personhood.

What's the right word created at birth, manifested suddenly warmed and God, and doubt are also what Julian Dowd means that someone else is doing the actions are using a God then, and only at birth endows a person with personhood abated with personhood that may not be the right person. I'm just saying good weekend… I was Scripture. According to can't hold according to no no no no no no, you can keep saying this until you know someone 3913 you formed my inward parts, you wove me in my mother's womb, the person is saying me as an identification of who he is. Being in the womb, which is where God worked and that's a tribute personhood to himself there some 71 six by you. I have been insisting, from my birth. You are he who took me from my mother's womb. That means personhood from the loan by praise a content review so you can't make that case that you don't have personal different from Scripture. Try to work the logic so you telling me know that somehow personhood is endowed or the stowed upon the person of birth so of the stilling of an action mean someone else performs the actions of who performs the action of making that a person the person being born. They become a person that Liber so that they perform an action that makes them from nonmembers eyes a person to the action of being born but they don't do so they go through the action being born and then there they have person okay so what's personhood with what's with personhood taking their first breath thought they got the legal designation of birth and then formed even from the biblical tradition of live birth. Okay, so taking a brass makes you person your first breath. Without a living. If I got okay so if you hold your breath do something a person your artisanal life so breathing is now it makes a person live birth is what make you a person life birth makes a person something traveling through the birth canal is it makes you a person so your nonperson and then a person so their nature changes during the birth process right nature. I'm not sure about their legal start of legal status dissing is the nature noted illegal drug. Okay, so you're saying here, then, that the nature of the child's changes during birth. It's a different nonpar saying that took hours and also the question for then. So you don't when it's when this this this this being that this live thing in the womb is, say, two, three, four months old is not a person right not human right demanded 11 is not human, so is okay to take address of court agreement that you're but it's not a person that the lot, not a person how he has to human is not also a person is by definition value anymore a lot that they have not been born alive so do you have any universal principle by which you state that being born alive is what makes someone a person outside of the Scripture for over a thousand years ago European common law (over €200 that Bob American law and over €3000 of medical that so our community 2nd.argument popular just because a majority got a pretty time to submit a troop that's just useless information is useless, that statistics are people who've argued against that and if people have been who thought women who been murdered and then to charge the death of them are murder been brought against women because of the bike. The Navy and the loan as well as I do is have not to so I just think you can punch is what always talking about IP. They were talking about the issue of personhood in your one of the attribute to personhood.

What was pregnant. I won the Bartolotta live one alive. Some other attributes of personhood like I'm a person your person, what are some of the attributes that we have is person attribute which are on life.

Okay, well, since I do a lot of discussions on the nature of personhood in the doctrine of the Trinity personhood is that quality or aspect of the living being a human and can also be existent in the nature of God, and it could be in any angelic forms as well as demonic personhood has the qualities of self-awareness, awareness of others can speak can think right attributes they don't properly define all of personhood because a newborn baby can't we, as far as we know is not self-aware doesn't speak. We don't know if it's thinking so is the house. It had personhood that your definition by your logic, I think that you, I think that there are, what you're describing my personal notebook that obviously God is nothing but something about we we have all we have language awareness thought about a bigger computing personhood and consciousness you think babies in the womb an hour before can have consciousness from okay so then by that they would have personhood not because constantly birth another okay okay I got a question for so would be okay. The lycées human know I is a confused medic and ask if it's okay to take this life is to mental life and transform it transferred into the womb of the dog. If it's not a person is okay. I would not know when nonperson while the German additives alive job putting it into the body of the dog is putting into an environment where low that no possibility of survival. You say is a human, but it doesn't have personhood didn't have consciousness driving of the babies do have consciousness with another… Over what it doesn't have any, are you able to define personhood is make good time for you that your logic is very bad, but hey, we had a go at a call and I was not about you all that the folks there you go to open lines 877-2077 Matt Flynn live call 770776 charismatic style 877-207-2276. Let's get to Mike Michael Matt, I'm calling about your caller on Wednesday that was asking about the book of Ezekiel and describing it as a future battle, but when I read Ezekiel I read that is an ancient battle together talks about Buckler than Spears bows, arrows in the coming for you under coming from and I IP that is being fulfilled in the book of Esther. When you read about living unwalled payment. One of them annihilated and so that's what I've been telling people and I did learn about been wrong all these years I've always heard one thing and then really studied it because it's just too was conjecture.

Usually I am working against cults and hatching.doc in questions about this.

Once you write it up and send it to me at info. It can't hurt and say here's what I think this is why his references often take a look at it we were studying okay and am always open to learn online and stuff like that a lot. His prophecies in the right there and and then there's the issue of double fulfillment and things like that plagiarism in think it's competent but the guy said to be okay. I'm curious okay okay I sent anybody back okay alright let's get to Kevin from Knoxville, Tennessee bulk going on here and I think that the question give a quick confirmation. I've been a part of the recovery group for seven years. The 12 step program without that Beatitudes on different circuit at the ministry and I just started at that that he would like a in-depth Bible study on recovery and United Methodist Church and the pastor allowed a grant under person in my men's only group that identifies my church. Thomas describes opposite particular ministry. My question is how would you recommend that you talk to the pastor see what is reasonableness she was going on was the reason it could be a reason of compassion could be that he wants to minister this person, recognizing that this person's interests in confusion and can hopefully steer him in a proper direction through such meetings. It could be that his motive that's the case then I think we should do is tell everybody else that's the case that it be known if it's not the case. We do find out what's going on with the reason why would let someone and it is find out I would ask him what it was reason Nancy out of the little and out of women group that meet at the same time think it would've made more magic and it felt like where now given into their delusion in a way by allowing lament looking for a man that was weird when I had an outside gift. I get all at yeah you never know because the pastor could have talked to this woman ahead of time and realized confused put them in there herewith, the guys really likes mingle.

I want that, who knows but you just don't. I asked the pastor okay ask that pastor fine with them once. The reason this and hopefully to be biblical and and the like, and then okay work with it. But if he says literally is to be good because I would get sued. That's a problem then you use right gender pronouns are you getting trouble at the left is so tolerant. Okay, I know the reason you do think that there are some good written to allow transgender person intragroup like that. I would say that if the person was confused and particularly wanted that pastors teaching and was on the fence. Maybe in the pastor's say. Well let you in.

So that person to be witnessed to by the pastor. I think that would be a good motive that kind of a thing and are for which the reason that we had a transgender person.

A couple years ago came over and my daughter knew this person sitting just moved here Ken Ken.

She sang in and wishes she originally could she come over for Christmas is her she was was one more thing is in the likeness she's going to transition some really from what to what girl boy okay sorry bring her over and so wife and I talked and what we did we meet confiscated one of the gifts that work in a loose we rewrap it for her so that she would feel part of the of the group and parts going on and she came over and we could tell she was quite unsure about herself and the situation and so I wife and I treated her lovingly and patiently and kindly and made her feel at home and comfortable and we didn't address this because it wasn't the time to address and fact I never did address it and we had many conversations she and I and at one point, after a couple of months which each can come in over every now and she said she felt very comfortable she was. She loved being over here and I told what to do for living and took a few weeks or even got some really I said talk about righteousness what God wants with us that he has made us for and I left it wide open and she was very appreciative of my honesty and I could tell she was appreciative of me not just jumping on condemning later in the sink because of this later with sheep stop the transition and back to her. She supposed to be so you know it just with the motive.

Would you say hey, why would you let someone like that come in your house or the reason my wife and I did it was to show Christian love. That was the reason so that some tidally trying to live in a Christian way. Sometimes we can make judgment calls that are not exactly right. We need to error on the side of grace more than law, so that we Christians need to be known for being more gracious than legal and righteous and that's okay on one final thing that I use pronouns that are going to make that person happy, or should I not fear the way I wouldn't like that I get what you recommend I just call it like a girl.

Call her a girl another minute called nondisabled. You see, what would you think you want to do this would do that. I avoid the pronoun usage and I know someone on the web I know of who's going through doing this and when she's thrown at us at I do use pronouns though called her what she wants you to call her Mrs. O'Connor. What I want to call that she can try to make me speak the weight she wants me to speak you want me to have you guys speak what I want you to speak that what you're saying.

If it's okay for one is okay for the others that what you want because if that's the case, I want you to dress me a certain way. I want you to trust me as pastor, minister, apologist Matt this micronet malady called you to do that.

Her and each time you call me that. Okay, that's what you want to do if not to do that think you have the right to tell me how I need to address her feelings.

Will that that's it hurt her feelings. Wow I didn't know that was the universal criteria of changing pronoun usage. Accordingly, God is is given interesting, like taking a trip question so I just ate you and the next you want to see what okay our brother Mike, all right, let's get to Chuck from Burlington hey what's up Chuck and Matt hi.I had a question about Bradley okay what what was the whole deal what it would make it a mean thinking right there and possible good night though there a seeker friendly church. Generally speaking as a church is designed to comfort those who are seeking things about God who aren't Christians, but might be curious. So the seeker friendly church tries to make everything as comfortable as possible within reason for the unbeliever electorate is well well okay then on my lap and I was always well list is only calling I got rent you likely got another talk about it. Is it okay to make the environment comfortable enough for unbeliever to commit would you say that's okay G yeah I would tell you what to yeah and you know if you are in a particular neighborhood and in all you do in your church is sitting in oak 12th-century hymns in a foreign language that's not seeker friendly and is not conducive to open the door to the culture of the time. What if, however, the preacher preaches a sermon so that the unbelievers are not offended. Now what is okay. Well, not offended that eclectic lot about to be born again you go ask the right questions because the preacher isn't supposed to preach a sermon to not offend the unbelievers was a preach a sermon to equip the Christians train them in righteousness and the conviction of the truth upon them moved by the Holy Spirit.

Should they join in and hear a sermon when I preach. I don't preach the policemen preach to please God, no right that's it right.

Yeah, my my neighbor I well then exactly where I tried to be night but they don't talk About.

I thought I gave them good gospel literature and art. The truth like I gave her white rack couple years ago he was well cared. Know that good.Mina Bartok are not good.

So I gave him a couple think that the answer of their couple booklet and maybe one would not not the right, title that that heaven is near.

When I had all yeah I know all I think maybe that was the one I had got to go. Just you work with what you have and you move forward. That's what you do right now MS fine so seeker center churches can be good they can be bad.

It depends on what's happening with contacts with reasons other preaches going and things like that. Yeah. And so I don't actually notice right. I'm not automatically averse to seeker sensitive churches, but by definition a water-based tend to water down the preaching and make things comfortable that we are right, that's a problem.

Yep, that's a problem that was behind my body like motive, I want to get your take on it you I think you handled it. Your minuet may very well okay, praise God. Men are so is there lackluster all right hey folks, there is the music and by his grace back on here on Monday I'll give a great weekend. You don't pray.

I go to church, love each other by his grace back on her tomorrow.

Listening every weekend.

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