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Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick
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June 10, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 10, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses his newest research into the concept of the social trinity.--2- Matt talks about the philosophical position of anti-moral realism and atheism.--3- Matt talks about the need for often having doctrinal statements inserted into regular Sunday sermons.--4- Does it mean that Peter walked on water- Does that mean anything about him---5- Can we do the same things Jesus did---6- A caller wanted to know how CARM was doing financially.--7- Should I buy from people who have cultic tattoos-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and June 7, 2022. You want to give me a call real wide open lines are open 72072276.

You should watch on Facebook or Facebook lookup harm or watch very good even type stuff goes into our system, or you can watch on YouTube.

I believe Laura will be updating it on the crime site should already inextricably done.

Okay, so if you want to watch their number daily disk okay five open lines of what I hear from you. Give me call and so I model to startle you. I don't dog was very often like we stand nearby your support and if you like what you hear.

Please consider supporting us. All you gotta do is go to CAR room.O RG/donate yes five dollars a month. There's a lot of people who are coming here. We would averaging let Lola yesterday 18,000 page views and I think 10,000 people came to the site yesterday so you know it's a lot and we have a lot of people come here and a lot of work left to do hideous salon is buried. In fact, I'm working on an article right now dealing with was called the social Trinity is come up lately and I'm dealing with that in its it's like trying to hit a moving target because they're different definitions of the social Trinity and trying to be generically accurate, and then focus on one aspect of some the definitions talk about the problems with and doing that so probably release and that later today or tomorrow so was social.

Trinitarianism is a view that the three persons of the Godhead father-son Holy Spirit consist of three distinct consciousness in a unifying loving relationship is the basic view in his problems with those kinds of terms and wording, which tend to lessen the divine simplicity of God.

This is coming up a lot, so I've been teaching of the Trinity on going through this with the Bible so that I teach trying to get people to be informed about it. It's a tough topic to the deeper I get into it. It's it's it's accurate using it. It's getting more difficult than I say more difficult I mean because the nuances of thought that have gone into descriptions of the Trinity in different ways for different perspective by different theologians and that's what's difficult is to map them all out and not to do that could assist too much work is not worth return on investment, and so as I'm dealing with a social Trinitarian issue. That trend accurately represented according to some sources that to find what it is a PDF into websites and any right to just what I do and also also I was thinking about doing something me because of your feedback yesterday. Yesterday we had an atheist on and the talk atheists regularly and yesterday and today I talked about how to put this this is an apologetic and thinking about turning this into a video working out as an article and then just talking about it in a video thinking about doing now that I think about the video stuff, solving the auto stuff solved all of that I could do that and there's a view called anti-moral realism, anti-moral realism moral realism is the position held by some philosophers that there are actually moral true statements that exist that are objective realities, not to get other justifications for those things, anti-moral realism would say that there is not any statement that has any moral absolute value that there are no such things as moral truths, moral statement is listening. Some people talk about this and finally I was able to interject and and I said could you please define your position. Safest define moral anti-realism and he did okay. So that means basically that there are no moral truths. There are no moral truths or falsities is just preferences.

I still cannot get a question that what must be the case for that statement to be true.

What are the conditions that must be in place in order for the statement. There are no moral absolutes are no universal moral truths, what must be in place or for that to be true. My goodness it, it's what must be collected.

God or what. And he got what I was talking about.

It was really interesting to see the conversation progressed from there because the truth is people behave based on what they believe and if you hold to a position you either hold to it because it's rational or because is not rational. People do all times. Only two options rational or not rational. You hold to it. If it makes sense or you hold to it, but it doesn't make sense sometimes in the it doesn't make sense. People just hold on something because is more emotionally appealing, is not rational. It's just I just think it's true. I just feel it and you is not based in rationality is based in personal preference. If something is based in personal preference that has no bearing on actualities just personal preference and there's no universal quality to personal preferences just your opinion and personal preferences are not based in rationalism, rational thought and logic are arbitrary, so I sent her the guy said so which is it. Is it rational or is it basically arbitrary.

Based on your personal preferences that you hold this position and he couldn't answer the question if you were his head said that was arbitrary and that is based upon his personal preferences and he knows that I would've followed up with will then there's no universal truth is you just make the state was just your opinion, why should we take your opinion seriously enough to be offensive, but why should we okay understand your position. Okay your position but you can't defend it as being the right one. This is a position you hold, and since it's not based on rationality that is arbitrary. Ultimately, I can't justify that it's a rational so you tell me to you hold an irrational position or you'd like that. So if you can go to rational thought, why it is menace they wanted your presupposition is such that in order for moral anti-realism to exist that there are no moral truth is, morals are experienced. You take pictures of them up and put them on on the scale and weigh them there something in our internal or truth values that we experience in experience and intent of moral intent and their moral truth that we codified based on the understand field experience of morality is experienced.

Truth is known around is experienced as a so if it's the case that there isn't the foundation of God by which you can then justify moral anti-realism meditated your asserting your position that God does not exist. He said no I'm not to guess you are your asserting it. By the contrary, any possible to the contrary, we are doing here is your saying I believe in moral anti-realism in the condition that must be in place in order for it to be true is that there's no universal mind that means your asserting there is no universal marked.

He didn't like me wording his position this way and he saw some people believe this and some people believe that about these of Jesus and not argue with some people argue with you. What is your position and like this is how the conversation went and shortly after that, he kinda bowed out intellectually because I believe realized there was no defense for his position. You see, if someone holds a position they hold it for a reason, or for not having a reason that the reason might be irrational.

Like I hold it for emotional reasons or might be rational.

I hold it because one plus one equals two and I'm thinking through it logically. Okay so with any bodies position.

What must be the case for that position to be true. So if you talk to an atheist and they say they believe in ABC, then you can ask him what must be in place or what conditions must exist, or what conditions cannot exist by which you can then justify the truth of the statement and this is what I had a discussion with today and I thought it was a good discussion and the gentleman could not get out of it when I say hey look I got another notch in my Bible is not the point. The point is simply to say that those people who do not have their basis in the Christian Trinitarian God ultimately don't have a foundation by which they can justify their positions with their assertions and this is more and more of a point of contention that I have been dealing with with people different religious systems and secular systems. So yesterday I went into a room where atheists were promoting just listening and very politely they would ask me questions and so they could as often happens, like an atheist rinse with Matt slick and own no need for circles so were talking and as I breakfasted and so I'm I'm talking and I noticed that in the room. A lot of people had avatars with Avatar just that little icon that usually choose represent themselves could be of a horse, it could be a picture of themselves.

It could beat! But in this case, several of them had rainbow flags so I brought it up, said, I noticed that a lot of you you atheists here have rainbow flags. Why is that and they said well he wanted no show our support and end sub for LGBT Q you do okay so why do you support it, and were often running is now what they're going to do is tell me they have a position I will.

I was asking why do you hold a position. Why do you support it and they said you want equal rights, equal rights okay well on for equal rights, but I ultimately want special rights laws changed just for them and their sexual behavior preferences based on their sexuality and what special rights based on that, and special okay so what are the reasons tell you it got really interesting to the point where one person believe I can remember correctly is going to transition literally transitioning became very irate at me and called me homophobic civil what's homophobic to benefit homosexuals and they said all has no meaning. You know what I said what he think I'd ask such a question to think of that done that. Ask a question that level what you mean by and they said because you would approve of them here. I don't approve them.

I don't like the phrase homophobic and I don't recognize it as being an apt phrase anymore than you would recognizing your Krista phobic that you don't like the idea of Christ and his truth that condemns homosexuality. So you reject it you don't support so your crystal phobic that is not true and they could not see that they are guilty of the things of which they accuse others I was in this room and I was surprised at how easy it was to undermine their positions teeth. Now you understand I don't do this for fun some time to look for practice what I mean by that is, in order to hone arguments to find problems of my arguments and then write about them so I can then teach them later that I admit I will do test an idea when in their tested stuff surprised might be my first thought is letting atheism do very well as the folks there you go. Some information and we become five open lines 87776 vehicle mass Y77077 charismatic slave. Looking back at the show want to give McCauley a five open lines. I'm waiting for you rate 772072276 Suresh was a little bit of apologetics lesson before and if you were to take that and work with it. You might be surprised at how much you can glean from it and only reminds me of what the Bible says in Ephesians chapter 4, read a little something because it says in verse 11, Ephesians 4, and he gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building of the body of Christ until we all attain to the unity of the faith, the knowledge of the son of God, to mature to measure stature which belongs with Christ and I know that the job the pastor is varied and I know that it's very very difficult to to cover all the bases all the time.

It is just hard. A lot of pastors are doing a really good job but some thoughts. I am actually curious of some caller to call and give you some feedback because all in the home.

On the right track. Something I'm different than a lot of Christians really do study the word a great deal and I do apologetics and weave it in all theology into preaching and teaching and so when I preach well very often do is bring in a theological point, whatever is relevant to the text at hand so that Christians can learn just instrument the can learn just a little more about what the truth is, because I think they need to be grounded by question and to hear your feedback on when you're in church on a Sunday morning hearing a sermon. Would you like to hear inside of the sermon a little doctrinal.

Whatever this statement definition explanation of is not to be golf 20 minutes long. Not that the sermon is to be the whole thing because sermons are different style different but you know it appropriately when there's text that is going through and to have the pastor actually do something that you simply doctrinal this for a minute or two. I've done that countless times in sermons and I have received such a positive feedback over the years from that. It got me thinking.

Is this something Christians are missing. Is it something their longing for what you think you want to hear something in an example might be, for example, Jesus is is walking on water, and that's an easy text to talk about this crystal uses are the pastors going through something like any mentions. He says for minute I was on so I tell you something about who Jesus is God in flesh with two natures, a divine nature and human nature, and we perceive the divine to the human so we could see the attributes of his divinity manifested by him physically as a man walking on water. That's what were singing. Is this man, this person we call Jesus.

He has the attributes of the divine as well as the human he's both. We perceive that the fine to the human. That's why we could say hey, he walked on water to miracle because he's God.

And yet he could do it because he's also man like that you're just a simple little something I think things like that are very helpful. I think they are very helpful and I think they should be part of sermons when it's appropriate not sit in there yet somehow it is not appropriate. Talk about things like that are particular doctrinal whatever there is enough of the truth of God's word in his deity in the Trinity and justification and imputation that would warrant in my opinion a regular insertion into a sermon of a doctrinal bone and what I want to say it is a bones of the skeleton that upon other things are built yet. If the skeletal frame or you take the stones that that laid down the foundation of theological understanding. This is what we are are are saying and I've done it many times in sermons and people of theirs are thankful and they very often. To my surprise bring up that particular little thing I'll insert six.

I really like that thing you said about and I received comp comments on that so many times so I was just curious as a talk but apologetics is with the radios about what you think. Do you think that you'd like to see something like that in the sermon.

Not all the time and if he doesn't do it does not mean that was bad better but just stuff like that. That helps put the glue on other theological perspectives and hopefully foundation over long period of time. So just curious what you think for lunch. Once you give me a call 877207276 Martin from Virginia I met hey thanks again for your ministry and what you doing are all I do, and I want to try to maybe make sure I understood it about the divine nature and human acreage in Raleigh is a walking on water, and I agree yeah that the human nature and divine nature, what you know you will. Walking out of the boat in the water, but I hope we can impute that standard on what Peter will was he was walking on water, but start thinking right which I mean I so would you also pay that Peter had a divine nature think he was walking on water. Three.

Of course not, because Bible doesn't say that Jesus, Peter has most of the Godhead dwelling in him or use the word made flesh, and things like that. We know that the Bible clearly teaches about Jesus and so one of the theories. Here's a hearing with limited doctrinal kind of a thing were the theories is that Jesus did his miracles with the power of the Holy Spirit because none of them occurred until after his baptism of the Holy Spirit came upon him, and so they think he was doing all his miracles, but the Holy Spirit and Peter walked on water, then it would be the same Holy Spirit working is one of the seriousness as a way to answer that, but we could say that, you know, for example, Jesus change water into wine that would be and I think it is because what you said. I think I probably would use as an example so that counterargument just like you said couldn't be raised enough. It's not a good argument missing you.

I haven't. I think I figured that I don't remember I got that that the apostles came back. Why could we not exercise the feeling from the oil you could and a top level that the prayer you really good question. You don't come down to can we do the same thing.

Jesus did and we could make the case that the answers yes hold on top of the folks who write factual lines 877207765077 so it was several things in the middle of the between the show so so what were we talking about.

Where were we leave it off you can't yeah it's been something of and worrying about not worrying about thinking that over the years and before the will of God. I think we can accomplish great things and reminded of phone phone or thinking Marie and he okay so this man what he would do is he would he would wait until God believed God was communicating to him with something in the heart like to do's. Whatever was. Then he would not tell anybody. We just pray to see if it was his flesh was from the Lord is one place was to create an orphanage and so what he did was he prayed incessantly about it until he talked about how things are confirmed for the word through circumstances where it was known by him.

Yes, this is of the Lord is and what he would do is he would continue to pray that God would open the door because God is the one who was calling him to something of excellent significant leading up to something and he said that what he would do is we would do is he would seek the Lord and then he would relax and say this is your concern, not mine. You're the one to put in my heart you're the one who's calling me so you can at the provide and of course I'll be praying through it and be an instrument in your hand. This was his philosophy. So there was this long story short, an orphanage was built and there was the need to talk about this before in the air. There was the need for replacement of the furnace to occur and in England in the time they didn't have electric electricity and heaters and things like that that we do electric heaters was in the late 1800s and so they thought about putting oil lamps in all the rooms wooden building that does make sense. One could not one over the heat that the place and it could have a potential disaster because this furnace needs to be replaced, but need to be replaced pretty quickly and it was in the dead of winter so what are they gonna do when I shut this thing down.

To be down for two, three, four days while the people are fixing it in with the kids get pneumonia for their in a real bind. Okay so here that something is this guy was in a real bind. So what you gonna do what he did was he said, well, Lord.

This is your concern and here the miracle comes in. Having said all this up using the will of God. He's doing the will of God. He's relying on God to provide. He's marching through things, not just hey I just now decided to do something God can you bless me and it doesn't happen right away. All God's not there was Dick that it would. He did was over the months over the years, working through the will of God, praying through all of it so that when when we got to this place where they needed a solution and they could find none. The only solution he could come up with was to pray and ask God to stop the cold wind from blowing from the north. During the time when the furnace was down and so he prayed for a ghost but nothing else to be one of your options but only got the men showed up for the job on a Saturday to it was hard to shut the furnace down and when they did the cold north wind stopped blowing in a warm south wind blew and they fixed the furnace over 1824 hour. I worked hard and only turn it on. The wind went back to so can we do miracles and we can I think we have to be so much in the will of God that they are consistent with these desiring and therefore that's how we understand it makes sense yeah yeah I remember that all the will of God are our personal prayer and got great door that will go play out now on unrelated, question II know what I think a week or two ago you were your talking about donation financing on the combat or just become a personal question. Icost money. Have how how the national yell all the way, Sharon, Craig and Don have been effective car and how much I caught bumped up the car and we are losing donors.

And I just checked my patriot because people do that voluntarily.

It's down 70% since January while I did it personal finances are are very, very personal and and the small donors that most of some small, some not so small you know my wife will just tell me were losing donors does. I don't want to know specifics. I don't know who so that I don't treat anybody any differently want to have a pure heart before everybody.

And so you don't when I have been doing lately up. Most of us anyway is, people's behaviors. Thanks for donating the people of talk to before the glider stop. That's okay this is that the big deal I miss anything.

How to pray for and so it has been difficult and we admit supporting a full-time guy in prison in Brazil. Full-time guy in Columbia and full-time guy in Turkey and another guy in Utah and we have somebody who is helping us with the missionaries as a bird on his heart. With the help of the missionaries so they're pretty secure, but everything else is going down in donations and the costs of doing business is going up so the hosting costs have gone up significantly for the website so I have to find out what's going on in and stuff were to cut corners just normal business stops in outlining is what you are doing any business. And since the business you know I got that not I'm not not make eye or ministry.

In all folks you went on the right. Your all, I apologize to Pentecost, but the hip twice wrong. I coughed on pets of my throat open Bloom's ears out. It is been a problem and don't work concern and I want to make too much of it on the on the radio but a lot of people are suffering.

A lot of people have a hard time and it's trickling down to us as well. And you know that is what it is. So I died. A slightly the reasons I pay five dollars a month is not too much. And if we can the people doing that we can survive. We can expand week we want to expand particularly in a hostile environment where the gospel is becoming more and more ostracized. So yeah yeah not all healed up and productive faith in God or absolutely needed.

And like I like the yeah yeah we have we have connections of fact in Africa we have a guy Nigerian guy in Malawi guy Malawi just getting since a picture of a friend of his Muslims attacked and killed some of this is Christians eluded him when he has bandages on his face because he is been scarred and in Nigeria we have a guy who we support indirectly a little bit here and are not very much. Couldn't have much at all and he's had to flee out because the Muslims are coming in with guns and killing restaurants there. There wiping out churches in it. You want to hear about the news. He tells us was going on and then if you heard a few weeks ago when that woman young girl was murdered by a gang of Muslims because they said she said something bad about his he provided us the film that's relevant, if it no more than all Greek trial, but we have a birthday and you or even even accused of trial, yet it's it's satanic but I mean he was supplying us the film from one of the guys found that was there on the scene.

We have connections and were trying to to support people who were under the under fire and you know and then I haven't had a raise in years and that's okay.

Support: do we camp the Lord that's what it is you are, but if there's a break. I got the bay folks are going to be called unit was dialing 772-0727, said right back, Matt Y.

Call 77077 Joey of throughput lines 877-2076 Barbara from Ohio. Welcome back door and I went to get supply. I you and I wake greeted by Q1 were wearing black court. They wear black department this morning. How awful fine shirt she had catching and she would talk to me just felt very very comfortable and the light move on and mean dark that shirt had evil picture I and then I move on to the next floor. I just got out of there next store I picked up something and I go to that there is a young woman, dark hair, very attractive, pretty girl young girl again like you really and she had catching Patrick across her hand and fingers after she felt her gift decorations. I like to keep turning like Amy and she could forget about summer camp tree and I knew the camera cultic things later in this event did not question I reentered to kill more women at another store all day in Iraq going extinct. Six written on her arm in another sign dressed in dark and fill with her partner are going way to install about. How do I address should I not be buying from Darren hey Danny, no stores before, and I think that for the line I never countered that I was just more frozen and I thought should have bought anything from and how do I direct that right just to stay calm you.your catching. It currently is an opening friend kind of understand where there are bank.

I didn't do well with that elected you could get by. There's something on your website my draft back so I would be more prepared about how things begin well about how to be prepared any more and more.

This kind of stuff because the youth for some reason like to tattoo themselves with amazingly bad stuff they think nothing of it is because our hearts are cold and hard, and they have no moral basis to have no idea of who God is what righteousnesses so they fill the void with it with whatever suits your fancy and a lot of times it's a stylist you put something wicked) generate right I usually styling more stylish, volcanically stylish and so I've asked people about things send and stuff like that. So when I'm if I were in the context when the company of someone who I thought was satanic. Not that everybody had a tattoo satanic messing course but anywhere it seems kind of obvious something is going on. Dressed in black and I got the demon this and that it's obvious some is going on of what I do is I just pray right in the presence of, I pray to my Lord and ask buying that evil spirit and by whatever is there. I do is pray silently, and ask for God to open up their hearts and minds and because you know I want to go to hell want to be downright thin so I just pray right there and intercede and that's what I do okay. I bought some of them were nice. The first one with aeration during that. I guess I'm going wrong for a Christian to buy from a person or a store. Should I that mixing light with darkness and will take it back.

I would not prepared for this well… Eli went into a computer store and I doubt that the guy behind the counter selling the motherboard is an atheist doesn't mean I can't buy motherboard from an atheist would say so you know. But if it's if there had… They hypothetically offended at a computer store was using all of its products and its proceeds and benefits to speak to a promote Satanism, then I'm not there order promoting is that all go someplace else you know if people just wear their assets, you know, okay, you live in the world and we can do business with them, but if it's for the purpose. Their purpose is ungodliness, then I am not participating so persistent an issue like that uses opportunity all your native okay I talk a lot of atheists for this is that people before you do so yeah you really enjoy conversations with a fixed and I'm smiling and gently knocking take me to people saying I talked a lot of atheists.

I really enjoy it illegal to talk to this guy. Is he available solutions up really just depends on how I get a tattoo for me down in a 9 Combat Away Everything Ct. kind got shock Mina last able to click click from this lady arm in the center symbol right – well yeah right I get kinda like let's go.

Is this something you know why four times in a day and I appreciate you telling me now go increase their dying.

I think these people, these young Derek 20 meeting late 20 think I date really blind yes I know my daughters are in their 20s and slid her friends all here stuff and meet some of them and I I've been doing chat rooms reconciled with the quite young and me just say that my opinion and subjective is that a great deal.

The youths are more more open to deception and being led around by whatever politically correct idiocy is being taught they don't really think critically. People think things through. Generally, and they just go with whatever feels good and this is why it's important to not have unbelievers in control of everything because of the sleeved of further people in determination.

We Christians are involved with everything. So if I saw some of the tattoo of 666. I thing the circumstance for my sake while six of six interesting. You do know that means anything, it would help me understand where you're meeting and so I would tell him he was sick sick sick as a number of the antichrist who will force people to buy and sell with the numbers associated with with him and that those who don't will be killed if you don't know that I shakes people up when you tell him stuff like that so yeah well I appreciate you taking just ship me. I guess what you expect that I will share what had you allowing me for talking to Mike at alert and thinking for your time mean not that right guy had nine is a record you welcome goblins could thank you for your turn. All right, this Kitimat from North Carolina met. Welcome back pay medical so we got. I have a quaint yeah I don't have a question I was asked us to follow him about comment about United region, then different holiday product of being insert, life lowered to parent brought me in and around great Christian men and women and good pastors but you're very right and that apologetic things like that just are not presented in a very weak even in the school curriculum and especially with young people, especially male, and I felt to Christian brothers and sisters not bring up things like this and it's like they are not talking about you know you apologetic than the allotted that in and in St. Louis the more informed of the common everything that problems arise and see that type of information and critical thinking.

Then those on the radio that I got attracted to your website and your minute ministry, but we definitely need it. And there's a lot of good man out there that have YouTube site thin that the people that are listening to this investigate and learn because we need that it strengthened my faith tremendously. Of course the God working through that.

But held out challenge and they would like to be challenged. You know you challenge without profit and what you believe, at this 1 gallon college Christian method you and I will. I do believe God is really getting give me an answer and if this were in a situation a lot of the Christians were in a situation like that. I just wanted to United mention Maspeth that your guys definitely right. I think that's one of the reasons the apologists are so important, especially in this day and I they are additional all you are absolutely correct.

I one thing I thought about doing is to offer the ability for me to on Sundays to remote into varying churches during your Sunday schools to be able to help them out and to instruct and I think I've got all the answers that you do this for decades. You pick up a few pointers and I just don't see much development churches have a much of a need for it. That's a thing yeah I report out like the congregation the airport. There's a lot of reasons for that, but I think if you think if you would pray about mood making a move into that infant stuff online on Microtel that on your website on your uncle called out origin and a detailed luckily it people could look at it and read. I think that would be a tremendous help. I really do not encourage you to like defenses for the faith and the height that you would talk about that idea yesterday and you say do not need to write that I had the look you know why just a little bit because I have so much to do. I actually find myself getting discouraged because it's like, which amount to this pile of things. Should I tackle for and you and then require a great deal of expertise. Go ahead.

Know that we are to do it for about nothing that would be a tremendous sale but like you did with the other thing that would be good for people have a slight thing they can be trusted and that they can find concise information and color like you a lot out there to really take the time to listen to a variety while it is drastically including you and is roundly and helped me get to your doctor got a good apologists and good stuff with you apologists Christian. There's like you fell down on talking about. And if this is really bad. I will take anymore you have yet mentioned that colony and not give a quick little encouragement will appreciate: is that I don't say folks that we are to show the Lord bless you vices tomorrow, somebody have a great gram powered by the Truth Network

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