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May 19, 2022 1:11 am

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May 19, 2022 1:11 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses the elections and current politics.--2- Callers discuss their lack of confidence in the voting system.--3- Was the thief on the cross an exception to needing baptism for salvation- What about Mark 16-16-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics and research what is found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why rent is called responding to your questions and show good day. Busy day today. I voted that reminds me, my wife and I went voted here in Idaho and on for the first time ever I walked away from the blue voting booth having no confidence in the legitimacy of the votes, the first time I wife said I have to do you have any confidence in that she was no were going to the motions because were supposed to, but I just don't. I don't have the confidence that me know if anybody else like what you think the confidence that it is my opinion. I just know something else. What if just me saying I don't have confidence.

It means that I'm not allowed to say that on say Twitter or Facebook or YouTube, you know, maybe the powers that be. I don't know. Just take we are in control and don't want you to doubt that we're in control of everything is right.

You cannot distance from our proclaimed truth all the elections all the cold good everything is legitimate and you're just disseminating this information by daring to think out loud. That's what I think this is a case which will save us to go near here on these these different venues I have put I don't trust I do anything about talking about this, but I don't trust our government. I don't trust the FBI.

I don't trust the elections now as I've always I just lost trust over the past few years. I just have and a few nights ago I saw 2000 mules by Dinesh Desousa know what to say no talk about a little bit. Maybe if you say you never know. It's worth seeing. 2000 mules are you got you got to see it. It's about an hour and 1/2 two hours long.

It's worth worth it and the I would do some research little bit on counter evidence as to that show and the left cannot all it's not accurate for this or this and that meant okay so what I found interesting was something that that they said this really is it true you know, or is it this information what is disinformation disinformation is whatever exists is information that doesn't flow with the status quo that would not disinformation notice is a lie is six disinformation. What is this information non-truth. How would they know.

Anyway, it's the clever way that the left uses words to to dissuade freedom of speech and freedom of thought, and to begin a control I believe the most demonic component on velvet.

Nevertheless, inside the thing 2000 mules. They had a representative of the company.

What he does is he can provide documentation is a way to get this for the phone companies where they transfer the keep records of wherever your cell phone has been through the cell towers. You know the police even on TV and movies, and other get a warrant to get the cell phone want look location for searching and is a way to get a download of thousands and thousands and thousands of thousands of these illegal all the board's company does. They do research on it for advertising and other things they took this technology and they started watching phone patterns and they've developed an algorithm to watch patterns that were repetitive next to the ballot boxes and what they noticed was that were there were single phones just one phone. A person had a phone from you by phone, one phone per person and that is having with multiple people that the phone would go to a registered nonprofit organization, and then go out to different ballot boxes then go to another nonprofit organization, but the more ballot boxes.

Another nonprofit they should go to more ballot boxes and they had films of these people stuffing multiple ballots in the ballot boxes and then the film they showed the statistics. Sorely the dots on the screen that the computers and all the stuff that shows up if it's true, if it's true then far I'm concerned, interest on interest elections anymore, predict, especially the presidential one because if it's true I'm missing. If it's true, I suggest you check it out. Then they had the evidence to show that the presidential election was swayed by and stuff. So here's the question why did I just read this today, Harris can't become president. Some have is abiding, she can't become president. Can someone verify that the articles it is because of her parents.

They were not nationals or something. So therefore by law she can't be president, the next in line would be Pelosi.

Pelosi has said several times she is next in line to be president by so you know so anyway, I walked out of there with my wife today. Voting for the first time I realized that no confidence in the system but I just me what you think I want to hear what you say were a Christian ministry here and we talk about all kinds of things discussed corruption can occur in secular as well as sacred realms.

So my right wrong. I'm curious what you guys think you can call me anything you want to be this just curious for the lines 877-207-2276 is good to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome you here. I may have been working on out there on the other night when I made a comment about by green or no hold before seizing this that you did I say that was it was used by you or you use your power did notice what the allocation if it was him it was it was.

Who cares, but if it was the case then it would be a caller who called in who express an opinion on a radio show you're not. If it was a gate that means you're not even love express your opinion to stop that right now.) What that government you all make you back that's all that we don't wear nocturnal whimper that they can come to my house than the federal write out element of their great I'm not going to back down and have been in jail the way my Navy retirement that can do whatever they want, not far back down. We need men who were willing to stand up and endure it with the January 6 stuff people are still in jail and that you not getting prior hearings and yet the contract for this phone thing. Imagine they can track these BLM writers who were destroying property and they don't do anything with them letting go. Why when you hear me know what's going on. You can't trust our government anymore.

You can know I have no doubt government out on your own My friend but like the you ever lead the country come to be what it and I'll know about the people they know, like never like that okay part of the black, but no yell at me law.

All thing direct by yeah this is a sad thing you can't even trust your and and it wasn't me maliciously going in there to just I didn't realize how lucky I went. I don't even trust that it is can account.

I don't and so I asked my wife. She said the same thing was a first for both of us.

CMI 79 really group all yes coming really above all thing equally wicked or whatever and Bible route through every day of the week is the question is of the week.

I want to ask why these people doing what they're doing. I think it has with with a controlled want power to people who like same people who like power, like money. I think they want power to get fed by ants and they want to be controlled and pushed socialistic crap and I was also scary is that the schools that the youth are brainwashed. They don't believe in free speech daily leave and leftists for free speech so I believe our countries lost listening meter happens. I believe what we cannot recover so you may have to happen unless the Lord Mayor agree to interview Mike but you know and whatever he does will be right whether he does every week down.

I believe her Lord perfectly right and wonderful and you whatever happened go at my my wife was reading the text from her brothers and stuff in Southern California and they were talking to somebody and I think that what that was it. But every the was a guy. People were saying that the high gas prices are because of Trump and company part of my letter that this is everything.

This area is that his friends also because of Trump. What where the lies coming from.

That's not that we would call a lie just beyond this information is allowed to have justified all over the hypocrisy any existing like it.

We like me to call his weight by removal okay so yeah right a lot right below her brother, dry buddy, I alright, let's get on the air with tray for North Carolina tray welcome you on your doing alright man we got all of the border talking about why you, feel like inviting them was not like America is under judgment right now as I look at their site and he is not a library of the Lord and quite unfortunate that many people have idolized your mama are but is not on my job and I think in addition, I think that the corruption in our government.

All three branches of government. There's a lot of corrections cooking the military this corruption in the educational system. So there has to be something major is going to happen or to get the country back is it's it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse. Can you imagine the idea of Pelosi being president. All my good not want this judgment elevate you old lady on the I wonder what would happen if I don't like our military window boarded all the old so and looked at all the ballot back around. Words of knowledge. The Americans would not start the 24 hours and I will only need to have to do with the government doesn't do is responsible to arbitrate Bridget, but every thought you later man they folks, we have an open line 877-207-2276 the break Matt Flynn why call 77077 got a little something noise like we just heard, so let's get to Shelley from North Carolina.

Shelley welcome around here during alright, they're earning [I didn't Eric and I will run and not doubting anything.

My wrong information in relation and following election and I have no confidence no competencies or and I was surprised it wasn't until this even count and I don't truly left but you got about all the more reason for us to vote if we just give a correct window.

Now we can't do that and I like the previous caller guy having people stand up for these bell but now I understand why the left wants to ballot boxes because you can stuff over right in the I'm sorry. It just is me trying to get you really mad there. Her left near tearing it away from me and he thinks everything written in your mind, but they found her there and I am far right conservative that we meet at around nine you now because he Like the door back ring rushing both sides will tilt the guy listen to Tucker on a nightly basis and I'll listen to them and I'll tell you all.

I even said a lot of my wife. We both walk about like that's not logically necessary does not logically true. There are several things he said no, no, I would've said that if I was there and I to review. Well you can be reading on the year. No, scratch that sentence ill but for the most part it's very interesting but nobody's perfect. But still, I mean come on, you know, we could lose our country and see the reason this is important because I know what deal I know what it is in relation to the Christian faith and of the Christian's obligation is to promote righteousness and not look let unrighteousness prosper and so we have to do something about this because we were taken over and you know they are not going to stop at the church door they're going to come in the church door tell you what you can and can't say into in the Bible clearly states speech. Oh yeah, right paren yes your hearing on the current and trying to take a rain delay. Learn okay. Will God bless thanks all.

Alright. Sorry. Let's get to Shelley from Raleigh, North Carolina Shelley welcome you near hello you're on the yes I can. Okay I'm sorry I totally agree you know the walking walking walking unfolding of our very own eyes not play a wife stared at them, by finding to be done. If you don't like them okay Bible Bible. This is to do something because if we don't get involved in politics the politics or to get involved in our church that was going to happen so we need to be involved in this, and there's lots of reasons, but we have unbelievable me think the promotion of homosexuality.

LGBT Q having children.

Boys and Girls Club share bathrooms now are yeah you got my girl was and I said no stinking way. There's no way affect I guy got story to tell you about. But in looking at. They are just corrupt or corrupt and air like it like lightning L'Oreal Murray lot near all copters, something you will because I now because Christians are busy raising their children. Making a living being honest paying their bills and the left is been busy working behind the scenes to gain control and power. What we are you there, the one performing doing evil and so and all of a sudden there is that what happened now it's time for the Christians to unite the pastor did to be preaching and teaching on this on a regular basis, but forcing it in the text, but you dressed and we need to stand up and fight against. The sound was like long on on why Bob, I know the people I say the baby killers.

You know the people who like to kill the babies in the womb and then justified as what is why Bartlett was called while I got a remember that God chart all he is in charge of what he does. He gives us the responsibility to act only Christians as they hope we get rapture data here by the blotter black locations are for Jesus with the worry but it would be involved in politics as we are bad. Preaching mightily so bad I why bad preaching leads to that society okay all right will thank you really want.

While I have on all day all day while mama walking thinking wrong about all people go to happen.

I'm like no real authority yet about. Thank you for liking you okay with all right hey, let's get going through the lines 877-207-2276 Mark from Virginia. Welcome you on the air for Matt. Thanks again for your home, you welcome. There's the music there's a hold on his folks trip illogical to give you call you. Trust election thing. I don't trust what your 77207 Matt Flynn why call 770727 back to the show with Mark for him.

Mark welcome you on the just commentary on your out about the election and I have read quite a bit about it.

I did a little research what you are in most that counterargument live they have to do a course but you know I think I or They do a really good job documenting actual conviction, election fraud in 2020.

The locality when it validates of towing and and if anybody looked voter rolls that are still very no reason to have one vote. But you most of the left the car like that and and it makes makes makes for good good voters that brings leftists yeah yeah yeah I think something else about some of the arm. I get the soccer box. The 420 million that was donated to 98 and Democrat locality actually funding NGOs that that mule and grant only rules.

From what I've are just looking for her to her about the they didn't know what just get what the lien money if they follow the money goes back to like Dr. Bergen for a 20 million that that blindly just funded these organizations wildly through thing unregulated and get away with much fraud so you can't give what you vote for and that one knows unfortunately work with the left a lot to do is read read read district certain areas so that the Republicans Republicans so the Republicans can't win by the votes they there's a pretty sly way of doing that then they get in and they start passing laws in their favor the ballot boxes is one thing and then to deny voter ID. Now I understand why they don't want voter ID they call it racist is not racist but they call it voter ID is racist because they don't want verification for the ballots they wanted the list stuff the ballot boxes.

That's what it comes down to exactly yeah it allows for quicker verification or ID verification ID number, then you really open the door for anybody any number times to do harm the actual cost of right of anyone vote in America through voter fraud not allowed to write detention to wake up. Wake up people got understand what's going on and they have to we have to do the distant nobody radial guide on Christian apologetics we go do something somehow this can be done. You got about you, but you testifying about it that it hardly medically hard when you know the something invalid going against your dollars so no erasing your vote, but you voted and prayed and prayed. No prayer is progress. If things work out, but no you testifying up Scripture that you know that the writing that will become live and this is all part of that plan so I don't. It is, but it doesn't mean that it has to happen now in the ultimate sense we don't know God's timeline and too many Christians.

They sit in her hand saying it's all in God's hands. Let's do nothing.

And that's the wrong thing to do. Jesus has grown main rivals of all nations is good.

Be with us, that means as we go to do it that he's going to be there while he is still with us when we sit down and another thing Jesus says the gates of hell not rebel against the church, we don't run from gates. Gates just stand there and it means the gates will prevail and when we knock him down there. Not got this prevail. The whole implication is that Christians are to be biblically aggressive.

Doesn't mean I don't burning like BLM doesn't lying about things is the left does it mean standing forthright unrighteousness of moving forward and that polite biblical aggressive way of pushing against darkness that were supposed to mess around with nothing write out exactly we want it all will retire closely and making the restroom or no short and and that takes action.

It takes courage it takes break that they convict himself Christian being educated and truthful to the effect. What was at the Muslim woman is so bad, but to she introduced a bill you sinners resolution recognizing the constrict catastrophe of Israel's creation link righteousness is its else tired of this this were the reasons I do what I do like one radio and I go to chat rooms and a write articles is that because when you fight against unrighteousness and righteousness against Jesus Christ and there you go. If you just do things open up and as I've said this is not in all fake humility.

The fact that God's getting use a guy from the cult and save them as ASP burgers and then say let's go out there. Okay, I could tell you how it is out there. If you get a lower standard such that his use of the likely seriously but is there is there there people out there who are so competent, so intelligent, so articulate their not standing up the Lord Jesus Christ and its is going to use someone like me that's not false humility. I know what I am. But I also know that God can use anybody and he wants availability there.

People all over the world could be used for the glory of God is good to give themselves over to so what is it I got up and I've been away. Unfortunately, we allowed scope creep in her life and that some of our moral compass and me as a government while pseudo-government employee I've been helped to certain standards that that when I push back on. I have to then meet with certain department to explain it is uncomfortable and like he can't do it so I can see why some people I don't think I want to kick the can down a little bit glittery tyrant contributes one or whatever that they don't want to make way but no making waves cause an issue with sort of a standard wall. But Christians are said to not make waves. Just get along their cheek to nothing. They don't understand is being taught the colors likely to move along the line is frustrating.

It is, I think I, Martin God bless buddy all right. It's good to go from Indiana. Doug welcome. Thanks for the long way. Okay, I guess he got tired old, along with let's get to Jamaal for North Carolina's mobile communal near the landmen hang in anybody, all right, go to partner and usual want to risk are, no answer again for the growth story we want to buy the kebabs light are cool you got there, they stated that you meet the goal of the little so the same baptism is necessary for salvation better. I do not get to keep talking will find out okay hello Bill number on the cross and how they never heard that with expected directly. They yelped good with the seven so then something to say them also admit baptism is necessary for salvation that they admitted it was an exception if it's necessary.

There can't be an exception can there so you're saying all that is is not necessary. Otherwise Jesus would have done was necessary right. He didn't do what's necessary for you.

So therefore is not necessary is simple. The government program to go back and talk about that. Now go away Like right now quickly be you click gave that person direct probation and that that would be better than could be BN gave exception that one guy though.

This is why would Jesus give an exception is requiring of others. This may cost a break.

Okay folks rib lines give a call 772072277 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave robbery. Welcome back to the show with Qubec on your here with okay tomorrow. Looking back on your are my old word is do you put who says is an exception saying it's an exception if it's an exception then there it not necessary because by logic what's necessary can't have an exception to it and what is not necessary. This is logic.

Second, who said this necessary and who says is an exception. So there presupposing that baptism is a requirement for salvation, and ask them questions when asking are we justified by faith. Romans 51. Having therefore been justified by faith. I quoted 2% yes okay with a password.

Justification is a living rooms for one through six. Annamarie Romans 4126 and is what it is.

Justification is been declared righteous.

It's right there in the text. So I say, does the Bible teach that were justified by faith, that you have to say yes then my next question is, does the Bible or unsafe. You say that were justified by faith. My question is are we justified by faith. When we have faith that my question if they say yes justified without baptism.

If they say no, we deny Scripture, a metal to be more learned on the Bible got about a little book. Millwood card. To be better on that you cut them back to commitment be if they can open it up with bolded update mentioned in Matthew about Matthew 1515 about that that required requesting 60 16th Okay. It doesn't say baptism is required to people don't think critically right and it's it's that's very fortunate that they don't think that there's some issues with Mark 1616. There's a textual variance of serious textile variants of that.

The last 11 verses of the New Testament arrival of the of the mark gospel marker.

There's some serious issues and are 17 words appearing those 11 verses that never appear anyplace else. And in verse 1216 it says that Jesus appeared in different form is not the case. He appeared in the same body died in so there's some issues here not get into that sin is not the place you want to go in the say besides, even if you want to do that if you want to look at it this is what it says is his what they want us to make it say is not what it actually says. It says so right and who believed and is been baptized shall be saved. Does it say baptism is necessary for salvation.

You can argue be sick know it does not say necessary. This is a believing is necessary for salvation.

It does not say that we know that it is because the Bible tells us that you must believe and it's commanded to believe in order to be justified. Where's the commitment the related want to say, baptism is necessary in order to be forgiven of your sins. There isn't that hard to do generally want to go to John six Siu John 33 through eight were Jesus as he was he born with water and the spirit is he that means baptism notes on baptism and it does not necessitate water baptism, and if it did. If it did then. What baptism would be talking about Trinitarian baptism but John the Baptist baptism.

Furthermore, in write-in verse 10 Jesus says to to Nicodemus he says are the great abilities and your teacher of Israel and you understand these things will that means then that he supposed to already know from what the Old Testament says your teacher visual. You do not understand these things he's referring to the responsibility of Nicodemus was a Pharisee to be able to know the Old Testament and you're a teacher of Israel useful to know this means it's found in the Old Testament.

And this is what really throws not where is it that what was Jesus referring to in the Old Testament about water and being born and spirit, and birth. Where is it they don't want to do it not thought in this term, and sometimes, however, some will say was I but Ezekiel is a sprinkle clean water on you, you will be made clean of cleanse you from the filthiness from all your idols think that seems to be what Jesus is referring to is a you-I think so. Ezekiel 3625 36.506. Notice what it says he will sprinkle clean water from knobs immersed and not be immersed. That really opens up a bag here, something else is a throw at you. Okay when ever you see in the Old Testament when ever you see that the Holy Spirit is being sent as keys to be poured. The Holy Spirit is to be poured. It's all over the Old Testament and I believe this developer have memorized, but I do. I can tell you to go to asked Joel 228 when he says he will pour forth his spirit that's quoted in acts 217 these last days.

A prophecy of the spirit being poured forth.

Also, when you go to asked 1044 to 48. It says that the Holy Spirit fell upon those who been listening the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also verse 45.

So the Holy Spirit is poured.

That's what it means.

That's how he comes by being part of how the Bible talks about it now when you go to acts 15 and they say baptism must mean immersion. John immersed with water. He baptized with water, but you'll be baptize of the Holy Spirit is the inverse of the Holy Spirit.

That's not what it means. The only way the baptism with the Holy Spirit can occur as it is by pouring that's what it means. So it is hard to argue well and also I believe Jesus was sprinkled according to the law. The Old Testament law and phone numbers 87 and that's another topic. There's so much and I love talking to these guys. See if you can get a minimum room and get me on speakerphone with them and this conversation where you are on a boat or grandpa grandma by getting you are on the Bible actually become black liquid with them, probably grab email you about the I have a girl you have a great call Wednesday and the word meant Bob and wanted to get a ticket out. Think about it in the comment and make a recommendation that that are needed to be what I would do is just email me and and have me take a look. Know and see if I can know because I know a lot of a lot of stuff with you or get you to get you guys get on Wednesday I'll be teaching tomorrow night on Catholicism on clubhouse and we talk about that but heck, I'm totally open to joining and people studies on a phone situation or video or whatever and they could fire questions and help ground people. I would love to do that old place great good beer tomorrow night or if I don't notify Brown 7 o'clock my time so 9 o'clock Eastern time, probably about that time, say okay but goblins meant all right, let's get on the phone with anonymous Salt Lake City Christians being lazy. Let's get to Marine from Ohio Marine welcome here.

Are you oh so you little meth to slightly aggravated with a little bit of obstreperous disconnect. Austin came here around the whole voting. My thoughts are. I don't I don't trust the other. However, need to stand up and be counted and let her know I are about that we do not care for the current ration practice devotes most to be in November. Well been part as a matter by Howard about his two years when the president is voted for all the sudden the dam start winning all over the place now. Then I would proofing me of absolute corruption and invincible need to be done.

Absolute corruption, but by voting we let people know that we are out there and didn't care. I think they think that they are good that most people are just offloading that not the case. There's so many more people are aware of what's going on and not happy about it make if they don't know and you know it is probably not the election. All the key I don't have that much faith in the Republican Party each time Democrat and the current.

The current admin ration there their awful and they need they need to now having people again.

I mean they're going to keep on pushing and if we actively do not think are definitely in change. What happens if the county more than a balance stuff balance.

Then we don't is too late to third complete control. They would love us to go to this matter.

List with them want to do their afraid of their already or already complete control. Okay.

And the longer they stay all Margaret need to to reverse that, even if it were past the point of reversing it.

It still time and are and say that I first completely disagree with all of your policy and what you are doing you little mind if we disagree because of this to their capital passing laws now are they talking a lot about working our opinion threatening and threatening to polish off to the ministry of Andrew lot like the January stick and my kids are right so they can come and get me. You know if there is nothing I've got that much to me that that I'm getting along with with what's coming to think like that what's happening now that you know once I'm making errors, not without it we would at least try to get the house that once it's done cleaning results were at a time as there's the office tomorrow is you folks that we go hope you enjoyed that. I know that eventually bless you by his grace that tomorrow hopefully canceled another program powered by the Truth Network

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