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May 16, 2022 6:38 am

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May 16, 2022 6:38 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Doesn't John 1-14 mean that God isn't outside of space and time---2- How effective can Christians really be in politics---3- Matt discusses the history of the democratic party.--4- I think I had a vision but how do I know it was from God---5- How do we respond to the argument that Christians aren't supposed to judge and just to love everybody---6- What would have happened if Adam had not eaten the fruit after Eve did---7- What do you think about Voddie Baucham---8- Does John 12-40 pose a problem for Calvinism- And if God knows what everyone is going to do, then why would he ever need to harden someone's heart-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is about apologetics research was found alive born you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches called to respond to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick Robert welcome to show to be much look, and his minutes look like a typical and we can talk if I will belongings that number is 877-207-2276 all right busy day today good day though. Tonight's Bible study tonight.

I'll be teaching on the Trinitarian God be going to a series of in-depth series and I've already taught on the uniqueness of God. And then I taught on the acidity of God, and now tonight talk with the nature of God to spirituality Trinitarian this not comprise the parts will get into various things is communicable and commutable attributes and stuff like that so discussing topics inside of that topic and you can tune in if you want good young hello. Sorry about that wow is good.

John Hall yawning right now because of that, I'll be putting the information up on Cumberland/calendar could place 1/3 of tonight 15 minutes or so before we get started to look at half-hour or so and you can then tune in and watch, and if you want you can ask questions after the study, things like that. So there you go.

Alright alright alright I guess we just get right on the phone. The students get to Ryan from Pennsylvania. Ryan welcome you are on the air like all for inviting you to call John 114 the Word became a flashy block among you held a great future last few weeks several times got about parking space. The time is of the central claim of Christianity finger guards within actually don't say that he's outside of time regularly go when I say that is what I say is that God relates time differently than we do. If I did say he's outside of time, just a mistake. That's all this because what I tell Tristan's is don't say that God exists outside of time because we don't know how time and God relate to each other and we don't know what it means to be outside of time, so to say God is outside of time is basically a non sequitur so special people can alter the idea that gaga got a 13 time left the basement.I tell you, don't say it will don't say it well. Thank you for correctly that I appreciate got and I know that's what I thought you thought but I wasn't sure what I'm going where an agreement on you. I might've said it is a single slip sometimes but regularly I told him don't don't say he's outside attack glass people.

What is it me, don't say it also if I said a few days ago. It was a slip of the tongue metal not. Also, it got a bit redundant, not possible and are very got relationship at all. Got I'm not going to acclimate Christian. The creator came to his creation to redeem absolutely and you know it you not within space and time, and some way, then the redemption cannot possibly have no love for God alone. I know and like they got the bestů.Dejan resurrection was an illusion gaga about 5.this is a serious threat to Go to soon that Jesus only appeared to be incarnate annually wasn't despotism correct right now so you working that breaker got greatly.

I really do okay okay good. Got pleasantly all right, all right, as Ryan we have four lines. What you may call 877-207-2276 Jamaal from North Carolina. Welcome buddy. You are on the year. Click click moguls or man my my name sounds a bit better when you say it wouldn't be like okay so we got buddy got ugly but wanted to get the book on a little discussion about Christian politics one person would not or Christian agreement politics course or they pretty much in their warm also quick and had a feeling they they listen quite often start the thought: how effective Christian can be in politics and do you think the more the merrier. They can be very effective.

The more the merrier, get into politics.

Do not let the unbelievers who serve the enemy of the gospel. Don't let them be the ones who were in power telling us what we can and can't do same. Can't say while they're pushing homosexuality, lesbianism, gay, transgender is trying to indoctrinate our children pushing socialism, telling Ukraine, you have $40 billion will open the border of the subject of your board but not ours. We don't need the hypocrites there. We don't need the liars there. We don't need that supporting killing babies in the womb.

We do not need that the Christians think that they should not be involved in politics than they got that out of the book of second Marana cults because it is certainly not in the Bible.

They need to be involved in all think that Jesus Christ is Lord over all. We better be involved as it were not the unbelievers and rule us and we know what happens when unbelievers realistically did Nazi Germany. Look at Mount say tongue just look at North area. That's what happens is so the Christians go to realize that in this world and this American culture. We are blessed because the Christians are the ones who founded this country. The Christians are the ones who built most of this country and the Christians are the one who continue to work and there's want to oppose slavery. There was a gap where the KKK there. Once you start getting rid of all the bad stuff and the idiocy that the Democrats were doing and promoting throughout the history of this country so Christian to be involved in politics to be involved in media need to be involved in the news again be involved in medicine anything involving education absolutely you very well that would bear a pretty laid out but I got park is called the show, you know what I psyched say that Christians are you in a husband and wife husband male wife female under the Lordship of Jesus Christ should be one of the things he should be doing is having children, and specifically raising those children up properly homeschooled in order to get into politics to get into education to get into all areas of society, not to sit there and convert society to a Christian-based estimates the economic stuff, but to get the gospel out there and to be the lights in the world instead of hiding and waiting for the preacher ablation record, come to deliver us right yeah will be a lot work all the click you are good you got that right. And how many good men are doing anything you look at the Republican Party, Republican or Democrat.

Okay, I'm a constitutionalist and you look at the rhinos. These morons who don't vote properly. The Democrats are described party hundreds that have any Christian could be a Democrat.

I certainly just if you know them. The Democrats taught done.

I don't know how anybody could be a true Christian Democrat, much less in the public because there just are not to hide his bad man there.

They're not doing any better, and I'll tell you we Christians gotta get going. Gotta get going.

We can be set around as another hands and turn the other cheek. The blonder black occasions or for Jesus and take care of us after that ear, no disciples of all nations get out there that's what I say okay you just touch the cord you touched the court because it was parked in part it was had a talk with some of my wife and I met some were talking for coffee. We got talking and ended you know and others know I get on this topic about the failure of Christian men and in the world and in their homes and in the churches is a Christian men. Gotta get off your lazy rears and negative stop listening to the two listed say social pressure and a familiar prayer to do this don't do that.

Nothing. This is what Jesus said to Judas, called me to do to follow Jesus and the lives of Jesus. If I mess up is my responsibility will keep going forward. That's what the Christians minute need to do and I need to stop this, the man be pampered preacher and stuff like God one healthy and wealthy. He wants you to be nice and he want you all this and don't forget follow the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian server Jesus dress in woman's nightgown. You know he wouldn't hurt in route he wouldn't do anything you and we sit on her hand to do nothing while the world goes to hell in a hand basket and what the Christians are doing the same effort out here because we are having to do with have nothing to do with darkness.

Let the unbelievers rule us. Okay, your letter. You will call me up every now I am just you to come up and asked that question and give me gonna get out of my system. I feel better. You gave me the right brother and I wish we were neighbors I like you have a friend had all outgoing with everybody.

God bless. Okay yeah we have five open lines going give me a call 87720722760. What does the Bible say Jesus is Lord over all is he only Lord over Sunday morning when you drive and enter into the church's that were his Lordship begins or does it begin when you wake up or does it begin when you're Christian or does it begin when he rose from the wind as the Lordship of Christ take its place. He is Lord because he's God in flesh and all things need to be in submission to the truth of who Christ is and our obligation as Christians is not to sit idly by and let the world tell us what to do, that the world has its moral laws.

Think about what's happening abortion which is killed millions upon millions and millions of this is what the left. The secularists have pushed forward and now that Roe V Wade is on its way out were the leftists do threaten a threaten violence. They break federal law got the judges houses.

Whatever government do nothing about it. But if mom and dad given for the school board and say hey don't teach this woke idiocy. Then the feds come after him start investigating them. Yeah, that's right, we have a bad government. Bad leadership. One ally because the Christians aren't there. If you have God in your heart. Then he'll be moving your hands and he'll be forming your words if you don't have God in your heart. The vacuum of darkness will be the source of where your hands go and what your words say that's what's going to happen and when they get together in these people of darkness get together in the world is our ruling.

They hate the light.

That's what the Bible says they hate the light. They're going to do with the account to persecute that light, so I'm telling you up tell you again the persecution of the Christian church is going to increase at the hands of the unbelievers, this time Chris is past time for us to stand up and fight back law prayer send ourselves and our people into the world, not just on Sunday morning into the world everywhere. If I look at my /i/ call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770776 here's Matt's leg back after that diatribe, and more stuff in the Democratic Party right now about five open lines of you're interested give me call 877205 open lines now. Anybody can do this. All you have to do is just go and search history. The Democratic Party go search and you'll find stuff like this. In 1854 at the Democrats enforced the Kansas Nebraska act, which allowed the importing of slaves in the territories it was in 1854 that the Democrats did now and the Civil War. The Democrat side of the Confederates in order to retain the right to own slaves after the slaves were freed. The Democrats blocked many bills giving that were giving freed slaves more rights, including voting rights. They work the Democrats passed the Chinese exclusion act of 1882 which prevented Chinese immigrants from entering United States in 1864 the Republican party was birthed during the contentious contentious American presidential election in order to better resist the athleticism of the slaveowning Democrats in the South. There's more stuff.

1930 Democratic Pres. Andrew Jackson creates the Indian removal act that forced indigenous people to leave their homeland of the Trail of tears 1957, in a case of Scott versus Sanford. The court ruled that slaves aren't citizens, they are property. The seven justices voting in favor were Democrats. The two who dissented were Republicans 18 6011 slave states seceded from the union Democrats start the Civil War in 1863, Republican Pres. Abraham Lincoln signed the max of the mentioned to help with the Emancipation Proclamation into law in 1865, Republicans passed the 13th amendment to permanently outlaw slavery in 1865 the Confederate veterans founded the KKK to oppose Republican Party's integration of Blacks its first grand wizard was a Democrat name Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1860, Republicans passed the 15th amendment getting Blacks the rope of the yet, the right to vote no Democrats supported it in 1869 reconstruction ended.

Democrats reestablish white supremacy in the South with Jim Crow laws that legalized segregation in 1872. Republicans elected the first African-American senators and representatives.

In 1878, Republican Sen. Aaron Sgt. introduces the 19th amendment to give women the right to vote a Democrat-controlled Congress voted out at 1939 Democrat and KKK cover girl Margaret Sanger treated the Nigro project and Planned Parenthood to call the black population in the 1964 the publican controlled Congress passes a 1964 Civil Rights Act as an extension of Republicans 1957 and 1960 civil rights act Democratic senators filibustered the bill for record 75 days now you can understand something our country today the country today is ruled by Democrats, and they have run us economically into the ground.

They have opened the borders illegally.

They encourage violence.

They and their hypocrisy accuse others of doing what's wrong the very things they themselves are doing the accuse everyone else of racism when the history of the rural part own party from its inception is racist. Racist.

Racist. You cannot trust them. Not saying you can trust Republicans either. I got a lot of negative thing to say about them as well. You see the thing is fact or facts and you got a study and people need to not just have loyalty to a party, but a loyalty to Jesus Christ. Is he going to support and should you support any candidates that would approve of homosexuality in the schools. Transgender is him abortion.

These things are counter biblical, which are ungodly, which are against the will of God. And yet God is allowing it to occur in our country and the Christian should not be sitting idle. They should be standing up and saying no no and they should vote in, they should pray they should a petition and they have the right to assemble. They have the right to speak out and try to do the same thing and you know what they're hardly doing anything and it's the left doing all the stuff why is it that the Christians in the so-called Republicans are doing nothing, I don't get is wrong with who that is on the line.

There is no name but you're welcome. You're on the air.

Hello how you doing my doing all right, just a little bit of a rancher talk about stuff you might admit my okay I got gave the and now I call my calling that my baby and that illegal the how do I lick your I am getting it. Okay, now that's a good question. First of all, in acts 217 and 18 in the latest biblical verses here in next to 17 and it shall be the last days, God says I'll pour forth of my Spirit on all mankind in your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall see dreams or dream dreams. Even on my mind. Slaves will men and women. I will pour these I will in those days pour forth my Spirit and they shall prophesy all grant wonders in the sky both sides of the earth below.

In the New Testament we see prophecy and we also see from first.

That's first is 14 and we see in first 2014 one it says this pursuit love it desire earnestly spiritual gifts, especially may prophesy and also one last thing, prescriptive 17 says that that you taught the Corinthians, but to us because he is dressing to all who everywhere called upon the name of the Lord. Verse two that you're not lacking in any charismatic gift that's the Greek word charisma while you're waiting eagerly for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. All right, having said that, when you tell me you have a vision from God or dream from God. I don't automatically dismiss it because the Scriptures lay the foundation of such things are possible. Your question is the right question. How do you know it's from God wealth. One of things I would do is I would ask you to answer these questions, but these are the kinds of questions that need to be asked are you and send are you doing things that are you watching think you should be watching you know you and you sitting sitting sitting and are you believing in the dock of the Trinity. Jesus Christ is God in flesh justification by faith alone of the basics of the essentials of the Christian faith, to make sure that your have orthodoxy North the proxy and make sure you're not on drugs medicines about other stuff and then we start looking at these visions and dreams and compare the Scripture. And if it is from God, then if there's anything prophetic in it. Then you have to wait to see if it comes a patch of knowledge from God, if not from God, it won't come to pass and so this is the kind of thing we better do generically as we look at all of the stuff. Coincidently I'm studying the new apostolic Reformation. Some heavily involved in studying the these various issues and I have to say I am not convinced from Scripture that everything ceased. I'm convinced you're still around, but it doesn't mean everybody gets these things and so that's what we would do with you. To begin with.

Now I'm with you get a break. Hold on the right back okay but a photographic F's messages. Please stay tuned for mats like why call 770727 charismatic slave back on the phone. There is Martin there so there okay right so when I would do very was right down the dream vision and as best you can and then prayerfully ask God to confirm it. I would take it to the elders of your church see what they say and could Christian people and and see if this is something that truly is from God. Okay, thank you okay buddy yet arrived, Martin God bless buddy okay all right just because you know what people say. The subsite ceases.

I just don't see the Scripture. I see it continuing and I studied it well on the home I could be faithful to what I understand the Scripture says now could be wrong about enough. I am, I would ask that someone demonstrated from Scripture that's all I'm open to be corrected. The Simon from Norway. Simon welcome you on the air I breathe and my question to you. I related to my involvement in politics. The idea of all the public Norway a local level but right now we have no part of the Christian level speak up against these guy gay issues and at them during the man.abortion and so forth. My own party party third but anyway me and a few others who have political goals. We use our platform to speak out even on the national level.

So we get the authentic with the media and so forth and caving through the dock, but what we often hear is claim and I want quick and click adequate. They say that the Christians are supposed to judge and that was the love everybody respond to that. It does nothing, but we can judge and I first contents 215 the spiritual man makes spiritual judgments. It does not say with the love everybody the way they mean just love and do nothing. Just love and sit down. That's what they mean by love.

Don't judge don't get in the way don't do anything to love people is to tell the truth I'm going to love you by saying if you continue in that action. You're going to hell if you don't receive Christ going to hell to be loving means to tell the truth. Okay all that so Psalm 82, three through four.

Vindicate the weak and fatherless do justice to the afflicted and destitute.

Rescue the weak and needy, deliver them out of the hand of the wicked. Isaiah 117 learn to do good, seek justice, reprove the ruthless defend the orphan, plead for the widow is what it says to do Peter and acts 529 Peter said to the apostles after we must obey God rather than man in second Corinthians 1132 and 33 in Damascus, the F Narc under our tests. The king was regarded was guarding the city of Damascus in order to seize me and I was led down a basket through a window in the wall and so escaped his hands, and that means Paul escaped even though the government would have to get he didn't obey and submit to their unrighteousness. So what are we all obligated to do stand up against unrighteousness where ever it okay amen and if you write are parliaments out there. Norway will vote for you that I would go to the recording and got down your Scripture reference you gave and I'm greatly backed by your victory okay but before you go go to car. Look up the article.

Do Christians have the right of physical self-defense. We have the right not the obligation, and go down the summary points and what they can ignore number 10, which resist evildoers letter small in number or large as well as a bad government okay this of the Scripture listed there in that all right that my great help stand up for the surround of nothing. Oh yeah that's right yeah and it and we do and eventually I feel I feel the calling that when our politicians are speaking up the early we have local politicians that are Christian got five to give the national attention it needs. In light of God's work.

Amen brother amen and you'll be the only one there you be ridiculed, you'll be mocked, persecuted, and what you do is you stand there saying, Lord Jesus, it's for you that I'm doing this for you. I'm suffering for you but I'm being scorned and hated but it's fixed for you and it's a sacrifice, acceptable to God as a form of worship that with the attitude as you have as you move forward all right will do that and also of encouragement that me and a few other Facebook pages are are growing generically and give a lot of support from people actually Christian that that that really are thankful for us. Speaking up on the especially on these issues but but even you know this being clear on the gospel and in any area of politics and life in general thought. Also a great encouragement to a member for you over there and okay okay by me over so you have a right might have for me will be fun yeah will be a week we could do that and narrowly don't have any mandate.

Now that will love it there nor would it be fun.

All right, but he got close I okay like all right, let's good to Chuck from Burlington Carolina believe welcome.

What's up Chuck you there hello okay let's lose it all right. I guess he's not here were those problems it creeps up into the technical stuff if I'm on hold. Assuming it to Brian from rolling working on Brian.

Welcome are either your email whatsoever to God and I don't not what you went easy came in the early bill had and she rebuked her that she would immediately sandwiches enough that that that's not the things being comical yet well Cigna going to her as well. So there is no record of that in rebuking her and is not recorded as.

As such, instead he joined her and so he, you know, he rebelled against God, and it is a what if God had what if you rebuked within what kind rebuked the kind of comic book in a statement to what degree was intentional and we can answer the kind of question so what what like well, that was one from and I'm not. Maybe he did. Maybe.

Maybe he did and she said well yeah but you know it's good for what wisdom is all okay for who knows, we can't argue from what it doesn't say we argument what does say so assisted mental alertness already meant God bless right okay let's see now, let's get to Amore arm of Maury Amore from the North Carolina welcome your near last call it. You see that I die I will go because of the man my name I think is awesome everything I've heard from this guy is good. He is also made me about a year ago, the carpeting good will. We need more men like him. We need more men like you know is what you're doing well and what you're doing you to the goblet they should call and appreciated. All right, those wide-open lines would give me a call 8772 right back to golf mats like why call 770776. Here is Matt's leg.

All right. Look back to the show.

722 Chuck really are my RML you yet here you well about our government and the white really down you and your break all the knowledge the right thing and all it the right thing going with the violent you know on the black awful the people behave according to what they believe people get what they're not doing on the news. The conservatives are not getting to the heart of the issue. Why are the leftists doing this what's in them. You behave according what you believe they hate the Constitution they hate what America stands for. They don't seek the life and protection of the week they are politicized haters of good, they do not believe in America as a country and its validity with the Constitution if they did. Lord, if they did it close the border and they would, for example, and they would not say it's okay to go out and break federal law and protest, and judges house in order to get them to sway their decision. This is this is persecution.

It's chaos is wrong. It's other people who think of people behave base with a believe, so they don't believe in the truth.

The Constitution their anti-Americans yeah yeah ordering may bring your dog run the revival.

Lori Fellini, we need a revival we needed huge when needed big but the problem is are too many false teachers out there that would sweep in through revival and ride that wave and deceive many. Is a problem, but we need good teaching out there and the revival needs to begin in the pulpits in the hearts of the pastors and the elders. The men who would preach and teach you to teach Christo centric historical redemptive work justification by faith without compromise.

I met yeah like Mark Bartlett, Lord by faith. Yet they are trying. That's his right. Yeah, something I hope to God I try to get back out every day, clear out and pray you know God would open our heart and and I can't like the market. They both let him know why library we need all the right to get out get out.thank you again, to get they and you're right all the other protect you know the government there but left heart proof your right proof. They don't care is they do not enforce the laws when it doesn't going right favor, but they will goes in their favor. And then they break the laws when it when they want. The reason order to bring a lawyer at the South is to dilute our country with socialist so they can stay out power. The Democratic Party is evil there like I got friend man vote Democrat for the right guy at the you are therefore important that make you responsible know you are talking about you now just that all your right like fire people to do it did. Even motivated need to start raising up people and getting into politics is could take a generation or two to turn things around and we need to be in for the long done but can be done and needs to do it idle for far too long. The Christians have not been doing what they need to be doing in society, we are commanded to do the thing is if they startle paying Christ by making disciples of all nations and is going out into all areas. They start obeying Christ will open doors because he wants them to.

If they obey him. Things somehow work out when they disobeyed down by being idle that we get what we've got it all. You say what your equipment telling please on Alan Keyes is present yeah how it gave you long time is brilliant. He was critical right right you correct that all right, but on what we can do right.

That's what I'm doing. I'm pushing against the pushing of the rock uphill all the time. That's okay to be stronger read the okay. All right for the lines 877207222 Lake will help welcome earlier. Gomer Goldman. We had a question in regards to John 1240 okay I personally am performed like one perspective on that, but it could be from non-Calvinist perspective that think to be overt like to go to you through total depravity.

Say something along the lines of if men are already hard.

Why would God have to blind arrived so much. My question is Calvinist try to answer this question, I've never never heard it like great board answered very well and at the same time. Have you ever heard a non-Calvinist really answer the question as to if God already knows what people would do in all circumstances and why would he ever have to intervene to harden anybody so I guess got a question I would have you ever actually. Well, listen to the context. Jesus said to them for little while longer. The light is among you walk while you have the lights in the darkness will not overtake you, he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes. While you have the light believe in the light so that you may become sons of light.

So that's what is telling people to do and it's an imperative.

Believe do this now. Here's a quality would go to ask about the word of God is God commands something doesn't occur in answers yes if he commands it with intention, yes it does know what he says.

Here's what he says Jesus was God's as well. You have light believe in the light for same, while under this condition. Your beliefs so that you may become sons of light these things Jesus spoke and he went away and he hid himself from them, though he performs only signed before them. They were not believing in him.

This was to fulfill the word of Isaiah the prophet spoke the Lord with believe the report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed. For this reason they could not believe.

For Isaiah said, is blinded arising harden the hearts of the would not see with their eyes in the context of Jesus Christ right there who's God in flesh speaking.

He has that quality attribute of proclaiming and when it occurs or he said it occurs because he speaks God so he speaks in parables.

Mark 410 to 12 so they will not believe because he tell you what you do these things, but he's hiding it from them because they're not elect simple and why would the Armenians are sitting here and I think religion to this diminishing the cirrhosis of the man's free will. When, and why they prayed like Calvinists, Lord, change their hearts if it's up to the human free will.

Why would he ask God to change your heart set on Arminian prayer. Furthermore, if they want to say it's up to just her free will to their ability okay and he was able to harden the hearts if you're Calvinist, you don't need to say. The guard had heart. Why not total depravity does not mean the hearts can be hardened more than it does not mean that God doesn't want it hard because he does do it in order to accomplish another goal that their hardness will bring about maybe even the crucifixion of Christ is a greater plan.

Do you think that in that contract. It is alluding to a secondary hardening or is it gets credit for viewing of the hardening already been in that person from birth or the fact that he did not reveal it to not be hardened. God did to the action of hardening them. It can be a judgment upon them. You see, there could be different degrees of punishment and different degrees of hardening God could hard a little when someone is born the hearts are already deceived and they are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23. And God has to intervene because Jesus is you cannot come to me.

Listen been granted you for the father. So God hardening people's hearts is a fulfillment of the Old Testament that is the action of God to bring judgment upon them for their sin. They are getting what they deserve and it's a present day judgment, not just a future one.

We see this also taught by Paul in Romans 124 and following in the chapter. For this reason God and into judgments upon them. Give them over to the depravity so they will believe a lie etc. the judgment occurs in real time in the present as well is in the future God is hardening them because he's judging them and also in that hardening.

They will bring about through his permissive and his permissive will and also through the man I forget word efficient causation and proximate and to proximate causation can bring them to the place of of doing what he wants.

Ultimately to bring something else about that. He wanted his sovereign plan and people some hundred rebels a God would never do that he would never use people like that to do something is wrong or bring them with call proximate causation. Not that he's efficient because the direct cause of their sin, but that he brings a circumstance to bear by which they would then do that which is wrong and there still the ones held responsible and asked for 2728 it says for this truly the city were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, with individuals along with the Gentiles and the peoples of visual pleasure, people groups to do whatever your handed your purpose predestined to occur. So God predestined that disease do what they did. Yet, it says, and asked to 23 this man Jesus delivered over by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to a cross by the hands of godless men and put them to death.

So it's foreordained, but there want to were responsible.

The whole point of trying to make is that God can judicially harden someone right now because it's the it's what he wants to accomplish, to bring certain other acts and things into fruition by which his greater plan is brought into to bear with one of the possibilities. Okay, okay, sure we get along, but wanted you struggle for which you may be more interpret that were at the artwork that left day right right right now what they would open the right date, would that be kind of a contract of like if he had revealed to them that they would be rather hard to get a better translation and is please what he wanted you in the New Testament examination. This is so that they would not see with their eyes. That's the reason the hardening so they would not and we go to other person exited to be 254, 10 to 12 other stuff theologically, but what is it okay already. But hey, God blessed by his grace back on there tomorrow.

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