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May 12, 2022 5:00 pm

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May 12, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What do you think Christ meant in Luke 18-8 about finding faith on the earth---2- Is Revelation 3-10 a good verse for the pre-trib rapture position---3- What does Paul mean in Ephesians 2-7 by ages---4- What do think in Proverbs 8 about wisdom being personified as a woman---5- What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit---6- If the mark of the beast is fully implemented, would it be ok for Christians to commit suicide to not have to take it---7- Can you explain Hebrews 5-8-9- How was Jesus made perfect-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why rent is called responding to your questions and write a book of everybody having a good day today suits May 11, 2022.

Listen much look like if you want to give me a call. All you could do was garlic 772072276 and we can talk with African lines want to hear from you a call and I'll look to tomorrow night will be teaching on the dock of the Trinity and continuing in my advanced stuff on the Trinity and believe it or not, there's a lot there a lot of people just don't know how deep the doctrine of the Trinity can go and how it has ramifications in other areas. In fact, having said that, I've already begun similar paragraph of color paragraph on the person of Christ.

So my paragraph on the Trinity's 500 words on the paragraph on Jesus on developing so I am working on stuff try to make it so that people can learn about who a father-son Holy Spirit is any particular issue of who Christ will be probably the same thing with the Holy Spirit. I think these things are foundational and I want to be able to communicate the truth of God's word to people that you will receive that you know it is coming from. Not me with a learning learning from God because of his work right now African lines which give me call 877-207-2276 so if you're interested in the Trinity study.

All you have to do right now you all you do is go to. Let's see think the second Bible study that doesn't Bible-study stuff and the disconnect of the word thing to fix that. Anyway, if you go to calendar, Bible study, work/calendar it'll work and you can see what I do. I put the links stuff up there each night stuff so laugh was on the fifth and tomorrow's 12th. I'll put up the biweekly lesson with the Lincoln holding you to watch it and you can also check out the notes because the Bible study notes are listed there and they are what I teach out of modifying Amari think about adding something called impossibility of God which didn't cover because it starts to cover – I probably will end up doing that sometime anyway so because the topic as well.

Good stuff is a lot of good stuff right there you go all your dues give me a call 877207227 success get to Bob from California hi Bob. Welcome your near finger" sure what you question it would look a teammate, we pray and create on your what you think that Chris meant by that statement you just helped me realize he gets healthy by reminding me of that verse because I'm going to be dealing with you, but I'm to be dealing with the new apostolic reformations of post-millennial view, and post-colonialism, teaches their vision get better average be wonderful in this verse implies the contrary with the Son of Man, will he find faith on the earth because I believe that when Christ comes back is can be because things are getting really bad and somewhat pessimistic on the millennialist to teach us something called the press cryptology left my position. People don't want to hear that they want here to be victorious over this could be fine.

It will get rapture in the Gospels in the winter it is good to great, so this right here looking teenagers. A good good versus when the Son of Man talk about returning will he find faith on the earth is a question he doesn't answer the question.

The question could be answered yes and no because one set of course, is to be faith. People didn't believe the believers but I think what he's talking about actions but take a look at this list to assist the Greek find faith comfortably find faith, obtain the face and piston who interested so literally it says will you find the face because we don't hear little bit hold on a look at some of parallel passages and other scriptures we find face that's the ESV King James find faith.

The new King James find faith. The RSV find faith in daily be the belief will he find faith so it's good the definite article the word the is not translated into the English, but the literal words are the faith, but this necessarily means the faith.

I think it's interesting every ticket. Literally, we find the faith implication is that he's doubting that the true Christian faith will be extent on the on the earth is not to say there will be no believers because I stuck it to happen because the gates of hell inoperable against church.

I think what is talking about here, in my opinion, is the apostasy and that is also prophesied by Paul in second Thessalonians 2 and is in its effect. The day the Lord will come, but no one any way deceive you will not come unless the apostasy comes first, so the apostasy is part of the issue here, and I believe that you get me thinking out loud. I believe that what's going on is on his Jesus is telling us that when he returns. Basically, this cannot be much belief left true belief really believers, but overall is given the risk of the apostasy of the Christian church which I believe my position so that's what I think is pretty pessimistic.

I know goes mad again on the radio talk and stuff it down. Want to hear them drizzling alike.

But this is all the more reason to be grounded in her face because the processes can become a physical is already occurring one of the ways I believe it may very well becoming is in the context of the new apostolic Reformation, the more I study it. Be very careful before I say stop because a lot of people spoken heavily against it and a lot of people are speaking for it.

And what I've done is reserve judgment till I research through it and the more I'm researching the less favorable it looks. There's problems and so I think that the NAR new apostolic Reformation may very well be part of the apostasy along with Damon claimant Glavine Gravatt stuff as part of the apostasy of the Protestant Reformation stuff anyway.

That's why things going on. Luke 18 eight implication is your depressing though is your thought about it all. What's the word Col. Wunderlich earth with Christ coming back to it yeah and you know and so look at me.

To be truthful.

You know you well you know the relational lyrical about it on quite a you know I actually wrote something on the Information I Release It Now or so Ago, an Article on Rick Joyner Did Research on Him Spent A Few Days Researching Quotes and Stuff I Found out He Denies That Jesus Is a Man Right Now Which Is Very Serious Heresy, but the Lease and Receiving Communication from God and All Entrances Which Is Dangerous and so along with That the Basically the Universal Opinion in the NAR Is a Thing Try to Get Better so This Is Nobody Waiting a Real Disc Talk about This a Little Bit More Because in Matthew 24. It Says, As He Was Sitting on the Mount of Olives, the Disciples Came to Him Privately, Saying, Tell Us, When Will These Things Happen and What Will Be the Sign of Your Coming and the End of Your of the Age. So What You're Asking Is What's Gonna Be There, What, What's the Sign of Your Return and the End of the Ages Only to Ages This Age and Age to Come.

I Teach on This Site If It Is to Get into the Course on Depressed Otology and Jesus Answered and Said, See to It That No One Misleads You for Many Will Come in My Name, Saying on the Christ. So in Verse Five He Says to Be False Christ Will Rise in Verse Six He Says, Wars and Rumors of Wars and Verse Seven Nations Will Rise against Nation Were Sitting on a Rock on the 7-Eleven past Hundred Years. Usually the Birth Pangs of the Beginning. These Are Only the Signs of Stuff They Will Deliver You over the Tribulation and Kill You. You Be Hated by All Nations. At That Time Many Will Fall Away. That's Apostasy Betray One Another, Many False Prophets Will Arise and Mislead Many. Verse 11 Matthew 24 Verse 12 Says Lawlessness Will Increase in Multiples, Lovable, Cold and Then It Says the Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Be Priests of the Whole World's Testimony Donations That Meet the Things to Get Worse.

The Gospel Can Be Preached in Music and Be Faithful People the Guys Can Retain and Preach the Gospel and Then He Says When You See the Abomination of Desolation, Spoken about Some Say That Happened with Antioch As Epiphanies of the Daniel and Some Said It Happened in 70 A.D. When I Have the Problem with but There's More to It. This Is Working on the House Top. Don't Go down in the Field Don't Look Back or Those Were Pregnant. I Pray That Your Flight Will Be during the Winter or the Sabbath, Which Implies That He Talked to the Jews.

Specifically, Could Be Split Speaking Mainly to the Jewish Nation from His Giving There's Counter Arguments Positions within This Interpretation.

But, He Says, Then of the Great Tribulation, Such As Not Occurred since the Beginning of the World until Now, Unless Those Days Because Short No Life Will Then Save Know When I See That Verse 22 I Think of What God Said to Adam the Day That You Do This You Will Die in the Dying. You Will Die Is What It Literally Says in the Hebrew and so I Think That in Adam Will All Die for Screen Is 1522, Romans 518 and That the Outcome of Man's Sin Is Death and of Christ Doesn't Come Back. The One We Left Because He Said Less Those Days Be Cut Short As Return of Christ.

I Think No Life to Be Saved but for the Sake of the Elect Those Days Will Be Cut Short, and He Says It False Christ and False Prophets Will Arise and so Show Great Signs and Wonders to Mislead, If Possible, Even the Elect and He Was on the Says for Just As the Lightning Comes from the East to the West and Flashes There so Will the Coming the Son Of Man Be.

Wherever the Corpse Is There the Vultures Will Gather Is a Very Significant Statement, but Never I'll Skip That for Now That He Says but Immediately after the Jubilation of Those Days the Sun Be Darkened and Will Not Give Its Light, Etc., and the Post Will Say That That's Just a Judgment Talk Is Not Literal Okay Whatever We Get into That and Noticed That Then the Side of My Son Of Man Will Come in the Sky.

Son Of Man Coming in a Cloud of the Sky with Great Power and Glory and You Will Send Forth His Angels with a Great Trumpet and Gather That Nasty Gathering of the Elect, Which Happens at the End of the Age Which Is Preceded by the Gathering of the Wicked. That's What Matthew 13 Jesus Says so.

The Great Trumpet Center for Specialty 4/16 Gender Fibers to Talk about That for the Way He Returns the Great Trumpet, the Elector Gathered Raised but That's Preceded the Court in Matthew 13, by the Resurrection Declaration Movement of the Transfiguration Act Affect Something Right Word. The Gathering of the Wicked. That's Right Word Out Of the Kingdom. So I See All This Is Being Rather Depressing.

I Think Christians Are Not A Lot for Bob Hold of Every You Want to Back You Go Hey Folks, We Have for the Bottles That We Get Back You Want to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276 Will Be Right Back, Matt Slick, Why Call 77077 Charismatic Slave, Although I Would Walk Back to the Show Going to Call You for Lines 877-207-2276 Disc CFO Bob Stover Bobby Solar Here.

All Right, so 40 Depressing Stuff That I Present Is Not What You're Going through. The Main Thing You I Think It's True. I Wish It Weren't so Nauseating about That. Something This Is Particularly the Relinquishment of Laura Curious to Know You Mentioned about the Club You Believed the Electronic Payment Driven Trumpet in Relation to the Seven Trumpets the Last One Would Be the Seventh with Switch Be Last Territory. They Are Looking at about the Same Way like so the Last Trumpet Is When the Debt Increased Christ to Write Raised. That's the Rapture. Some People Think There's Two Raptures to Comings of Christ to One and 1/2 Because It Comes down in the Clouds Meets People and Goes Back but That's Not There's Nothing As Gifford Says He Comes Back Partially.

It's Always the One Return of Christ. That's Always How It Spoken and What's Interesting Is That Jesus Read the Bible Teaches Us That There's Two Ages This Age, the Age to Come.

In This Age Blasphemy Will Not Be Forgiven. We Marion Given in Marriage, Power and Superiority of of God. In This Age, There's the Present Evil Age in the Present Age We Get Hundred Times As Much, Etc. and in the Age to Come. Blasphemy Is Not Forgiven, We Receive Eternal Life. No Marriage in the Age to Come in so There Are Differences of Ages. There's This Age, the Age to Come Will That's the Case What Happens at the End of This Age. You Find out That What Happened at the End of This Age Is That the Wicked Are Gathered in the Judgment of the Wicked Occurs and the Elect Are Gathered and the Harvest Occurs. And Jesus Returns in the Rapture Occurs and When I Show People This It Shakes Him up Because They're so Used To the Good Message and so Far to Illustrate This, Let's Say There's Two Churches on the Same Cross Street and Different Sides of the Street on the Corner There Is Hers to Basically Identical Churches and Have Marquee out Front in Baltimore Preaching Both Pastors Are Teaching a Series on on the End Times Return of Christ and Then One of Them Says, Be Prepared for How Bad It's Going to Get Any Other One Says, Be Prepared for How Good It's Gonna Get.

Which One Would People Want to Flock to Hear One Flock to That Which Makes Them Feel Good and Comfortable and so I Believe That This Kind of Thing Has a Natural Effect and That People Will Want to Gravitate and Will Gravitate Towards Those Messages That Suit Them. When I Bring the Stuff up and I Quote Scriptures. Not Many People Follow through with It and Really Study It Because It Can Be Depressing and That Is This and so You Know What It Says in Matthew 13, Which Is Really Interesting. Matthew 13 €30 a Week.

The Tears and He Said He Would Term up Is Has No Verse 30 Allow Both the Growth until the Harvest, and in the Time of the Harvest. I'll Save the Reapers First Gather up the Tares, and Bind Them in Bundles to Burn Them to Gather the Wheat in My Barn.

If the Gathering of the Wheat Is the Rapture. If That's the Case, Then the Then What Precedes It Is the Gathering of the Wicked. That's Logically Necessary. If That's the Case Will Then What Is That Due To People's Eschatological Views It'll Mess It up at the House. When They Asked Jesus What Can You Interpret This Key. Tell Us What This Means and He Says in Verse 40 Just 10 Verses Later, Just As the Tares Are Gathered up and with and Burned with Fire Social Would Be at the End of the Age, so He Saying It's at the End of the Age, Then This Is a Son Of Man Will Send Forth His Angels Will Gather Out Of His Kingdom All Stumbling Blocks, and Those Commit Lawlessness, Throw Them in the Furnace of Fire. So This Means That the Judgment of the Wicked Occurs at the End of the Age Which Precedes the Gathering of the Christians. And When I Saw This in Scripture Years Ago. I Didn't Talk about It for about Two Years Because I Can't Be Done Once See Us What Was Going on Got Me Wrong I'm Wrong or Missing Because I Don't Read about This Anyplace I Don't Hear about This Anyplace and I'm Not so Bold As to Say Hey I Figured out No One Else Did That Eric so I Just Kept Quiet and Kept Looking at It and Finally a Couple Years Ago. Actually the Radio I Said Well This Is What I Hold to Kind of Slipped out One Day so Because You're the Verses and so Now I've Met More Who Hold This Position As Well and That's Why so This Is Not a Popular Position and Which Church Would You Cope to on the Corner and I'll Get so That's That's Where It Is. I Think You Are Right, It Makes Me Appreciate Your Catalog That You Be Patient with the Work. All Right God Bless. All Right, Having Said All of That. I Hope People Calling It Going. You Can't Be Right. And This Is Why I Love It When It Happens Because I Get to Learn the Let's Just See. I Think It's a Carry from North Carolina Carry Welcome You Are on the Year Doing All Right, Hanging in There Man What He Got What He Matthew 1330 Really Hurting You. I Think That I Think Will Help You, Says Right before You Asked Me before Yesterday a Question for You. Do You Dare Mention This in the Bible Belt or Do You Have To Make Sure Every Tracksuit All the Good Sneakers. If You Say You Get Out Of There Now. I Think Your Time, Dr. Reality and Benjamin a Copy for Me at the Body of Christ Need to Hear Because If Not Precedent before Person before, but Never Happened before More Bold Now That I Have. I Live in I Could Talk Because I Got Even More Negativity That Can Attach to All This, but Having Said All of That Now the Pilot Depressed Cataldo When He Got What Okay for Me out All the Drama You're One Scripture Becky Wrap on the Surface That Reflects and I Personally Have My Love Partner the Spot That the Art How Do You Well. I Agree with You. It's the Best Verse That They've Got for Preacher Ablation Rapture.

The Problem Is, Is Written in a Very Symbolic Book Method That Makes It Invalid Because You You Have Kept Much of the Word of My Perseverance Will Keep You from the Hour Testing Is Spot Which Come on the Whole World. The Phrase Whole World Is Often Used in the Bible, Not to Mean Every Nation in the Planet with the Whole Known World Right Then and There That a Training Area Breaks All Voluntary Writeback Folks after These Messages Are Three of the Lines of Joy Do They Call Disagree.

Let This Talk 877-207-2276. Why Call 77077 Back to the Show on the Air Carrier Still There Were All Right Just to Do It during a Break. I Did a Search for the Phrase Whole World Occurs in the NTSB 14Χ2 in the Old Testament, and 12 in the New Testament Try Things Interesting. 12 and the Majority Them. They Speak of the Alternation Groups and All the People, Groups, and in Romans 18 I Think It Is. It Says That the Gospel Is Being Preached throughout the Whole World and That's the Place Where We Can Then Understand That Part of the Means of Part with It Means Is the Local Area That Would Make Sense. In Revelation 310 Because It It It It Could Mean This Limited Area Is a Reference to the Whole World. The Tribulation. Obviously the Other Training Area of Roman Empire. That's One Possibility and and It's Makes Sense Because It Says You Have and Is about to Come upon the Whole World Will That If It Means Right Away. It Couldn't Be All Be like Australia and China and Things like That the Philippines Would Mean That Is Just Apply Their so I Think the One of the Possibilities It's It's It's a Limited Group Talk about the, the Roman Empire and There Was a Great Problem That Came in Particular in 70 A.D. That Doesn't Mean That. Then, in This Case That Those People in Philadelphia Escaped Actual Persecution Because He Says You Get the Word Else. I Will Also Keep You from the Hour of Testing, That Doesn't Mean That They Didn't Go through It. It Doesn't Mean I Discrete Doesn't Mean That They Did Not Go through It Because It Can Mean They Go through It. During the Period and Are Delivered from the Tough Persecution That Will Occur during the Period Just As Noah.

He Was in the Destruction of the World and He Was Brought Safely through It. Delete Certain Varying Ways of Looking at This, Not to Try to Make It Fit My Position but Which One Is the Right One. It's Tough to Understand Exactly the Preacher Rivers Would Love This Because It They Think It Made the Tribulation.

But It Doesn't Say That This Is an Hour of Testing, Not Ablation.

So, It Wouldn't Work.

The Object of Think for Me… Deputy Walking with Father Agreed to Verses 14 to 15.

I Think It Is Well Also Brother Maybe Make A Lot Of No Pre-I Believe That the Believer in I Believe Five or Northport the End of the Dirt That Your Will, You Have like Don't Have a Name and I Think Christ Is Addressing the Church of Every Age at First for Their End of the Other Problem That I Cannot Gain Okay so Need a Grafting from Philadelphia. What about Bernie What about the Other Rapture Part of What the All Right for Me. I Thought You Would like There I Because I Think the Key and Profit Brother. I Think If You Look at 32, Adam Killed His Brother Cain yet. Don't Build What You Wanted to Kill Moses Was Preserved, but How Many Thousands of Hundreds Hundreds or about the Boys Were Brought up the Nile River and You See That Profit All the Way through the Whole Draft and Even the Same Thing with Grafting Pray to the Father. Father Keep Them That I Don't I Don't, I Don't Have To Take Them on the World but to Keep Them from the Evil Everybody but John Was Right That They Try to Pull down the Oil Failed the Bear That I Think the First Year Right through It. The Exact Offer of Our Faith. For Me That I Look at Red like That Make Sense. It's a Tough Passage to Tough Passage, but There's A Lot There and Were Looking at and You Yeah I'm with You so That I Got Believe Realized You Not Walk Right What Coming Back to the Underground Church and That of Nero on the Reason We Burned down the City Rome to Blame the Christians That Fight Back, Neck, According Three. What Comes Back Worldwide Hatred of You and Will Be Betrayed and All That like That. I Love You Brother That Look at It. Appreciate Everything You Do Good Work in Pray for You Will Appreciate, and Certainly Do Need to Because There's A Lot Going on Here and We Need Prayer for It.

Here's a Bizarre Little Something and I Just Get Those out. I Been Working for Months Trying to Get the Video to Work Lighting and Issues in the Room. I Get to Work with Her to Do Videos Finally Got It to Work in the Very Next Day the Sound Goes Out Of Camera Stuff after Work on That Is Just Bizarre and so I Always Need Prayer Because Some of the Front Lines and Is Always Extra Tax and Things like That Is Extremely Frustrating Brother and I Think There Are Referred to the Family Court and They Don't Want the Word out There If They Remember and I Would Rather Not Praise God for His Guidance and Kudos on the Incredibly Good Accurate Exegetical Issues That You Got There regarding Maximum Skip Sums up Okay Then You Two Goblins All Right. There Is a Interesting Conversation Was Good to Denny from North Carolina.

Danny Will Go Home You Are on Year by Dr. All Right Hang in Internet. We Got Buddy I like to Call the Go about the Two Ages, Actually Started Fixed through a Phase in Chapter 2 and Verse Seven.

Paul Said That in the Ages to Come. Now That Talk about Future Returning Order That like the Period of Time. Right Now Just yet. Everything Is Coming, Always Different Ages and Coming Is Not an Eschatological, Combination of the Conflict This Age and the Age to Come, Because the Phrase This Engine Needs to Come Designates to Specific Ages.

This One and the One to Come. It's a Broader Sense, but in the Ephesians 2827 in These Ages Can't Negate That It Is like You Can't Have Only Two Ages in the Age to Come Last to Me Is Not Forgiven. We Have Eternal Life. There's No Marriage That's the Eternal State. So You Can't Be in Age after That so I Know about This Because I Talked to Universalists Who Talk about Your Judge to This Agent and Annie Is 21 Eon and All the Stuff Anyway so What Are Doing What He's Doing Here Just Talking Generically.

Politically the Ages to Come in All the Times and Ethics. Everything Is Happening the Con. This Is What's Going on.

He Might Show the Surpassing Riches. That's What's Going on, Not the Designation of the Couplet This Age on the Age, Which Is Different. Okay I Read What Guidelines Okay Alright Let's Get to Megan from Indiana Welcoming on Here Management Megan You There Hello Hello Megan, You Are on the High Got I Got Oh Is in Proverbs 8 Is Just the Just Parse Personification of Being Feminine. That's All. No Big Deal. Good Stuff. Wisdom Lift up Her Inner Voice and Says You Know Things like That. This Great Is One of the Reasons I Think I Put It in There Was Because of Job's Witnesses and Some Cults Say That Wisdom Is the Pre-Incarnate Christ Deleted Beginning in the Creation Is with God Beginning to Test Jesus Momentum in the Watch Refer to the Feminine. I Think It's One of the Reasons God Allow That to Occur like That. That's Almost Personification of Wisdom Sure Sure We Got This. What Is That to the Holy Spirit to Question.

Well, There's a Break. So If You Hold on I Will Give You What I Think Is the Answer to 1 to 2 Minutes to Explain It. You'll See Why Foundation for C Okay Alright Okay Will Be Right Back after These Messages I Want You to One State to the Break of Less Mass Y Call 77077 Charismatic Slave There so This May Not Sound Related, but It Is Jesus Says in Matthew 315 at the Baptism, His Baptism, He Says He Needs to Fulfill All Righteousness Fulfill Many of the Old Testament. What the Old Testament Was He Fulfilling Most Probably Was Requirements in Order to Enter the Priesthood Because According to Hebrews 620 and 725.

He Is a High Priest after the Order More Catholic. So in Order to Enter in the Priesthood.

Several Things Were in Place Are Necessary. One of Them Was a Verbal Blessing That One Was Sprinkled with Water. Another Was an Anointing of the Whole of of with Oil. That Anointing Represents the Holy Spirit. Now Is Your Noise Going on in the Background or Some Now All Okay. Do That and so I Told You so. The Thing Is That the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

It Looks like That He Was Doing His Miracles by the Power of the Holy Spirit Came upon Him Because It Was until after His Baptism That the Miracle Started and so Something Can I Lean This Way Than When It Talks about a Blast with Holy Spirit. Matthew 12 2232, the Pharisees, the Jews Are Accusing Jesus of Casting out Demons by the Power of the Devil, and He Says Blasphemy Is Holy Spirit Will Not Be Forgiven. So It Looks like Jesus Was Doing His Miracles by the Power the Holy Spirit and That's What He Was Proclaiming upon Them. This Will Not Be Forgiven. You're Saying That the Very Nature of God Is His Evil and That Can't Be Forgiven and so That's the Context That Was Going on Equitably. It Is Okay Is That of a Theology Tour There but That Is Necessary to Make It Make Sense Go Hallway Makes Sense.

So Okay Okay Good Alright I Yeah You Welcome God Bless and Have Fun with Kids or I Will See You for Those of You May Not Know I to Say This Every Now and Then. I Have Asperger's and I Did Have Trouble Sounds and and so Ask about the Sound behind Him.

And If That's What It Is Scheduled to Deal with It, but It's This Is What It Is to Go through Things and That Means God Using a Broken Vessel Listening a Broken Vessel.

As for Sherry, My Wife Saying I Don't Need Broken. So Let's Get on the Phone Here with David from Texas Dave Welcome You on Here Father. The Thought You Realized Israelite in Battle with Somebody Out Of Pagan Idol in A Port on the Battlefield in the and Instead of Going in Your Pagan Enemies. Some of Them Would Fall on Their Sword and Wondered about the Market-Based Payment System Is Voluntarily Going Right Now in Sweden for Anybody Wants You Use a Microchip. I Guess Our Hand Using Other Countries, Mexico Uses It for Government Workers to Enter Government Buildings. As Far As the Christian Is What It's All out Full-Blown, and That's Really the Only Form of Payment System. There Is One. Would It Be Permissible to Commit Suicide Cannot Take Market-Based Bonds. Yet I Can't Answer Because Suicide Is a Tricky Topic. It Occurs in the Bible and yet It's Not Contempt Is Not, and Thus They Send in Their You Know It Doesn't Say Things like That There Are.

Just As and They Fell Their Sword so Okay Does That Mean It's a Neutral Issue Now Is That Now Thou Shalt Not Murder What Is Murder the Unlawful Taking of Life by Taking Her Own Life. This Is Complicated and so I Can't Say to Commit Suicide in That Situation Is Wrong. I Can't Say It's Right. I Just Can't Center and so with Me. You Know A Lot Of People That Would Say Although It's Deathly Wrong. He Can Do It All Okay Maybe It Is.

I Would Just Say Please I'm Open to Being Instructed and Corrected.

Please Show It to Ms. Scripture and the Best They Could Do Would Be Thou Shall Not Murder Itself. Murder and I Think It Would Be a Pretty Good Argument and yet We Have the Self Suicide in the Old Testament Is Not Said to Be Sinful.

So Then Now It's Because of That I Say I Can't Say for Sure Now Given That Situation. If They Say You Have Taken a Margarita Force It on You.

It Is a Good Ticket Voluntarily and You Refuse and You Slowly Starve to Death As a Form of Suicide but Is Not Really What If They Say When It Comes Your House When a Force You to Take It.

Then What You Do You Flee I Thought I Would Just Flee Get Out Of There and Just Hope I Can Survive on the Street Someplace, You Know, but I Think What You Do in a Jail Cell Is Only a Common Way to Force Her to Say I Don't Know Every Situation. I Don't Know You Can Do and so I Say You Know What We Can Ask His Questions, but There's No Easy Answer, and I Think God to Be Very Gracious Those Who Willingly Take It in Order to Survive the Market-Based That's a Problem with Those Who Post Let's Say Were Forced to Take It and Refuse to Utilize Well You Have Alzheimer's or Something Your Bare Living or Something like That You Sort by God Would Most People and I Think You're Right. You Know It. But What If You like to Have Alzheimer's and Entered the Foursomes Do It Then. I'm Not Even Aware They Do It When You Tell A Lot Know You're in the Hospital in a Coma and They Do This to You so We Need to Gracious. That's Right, You Have To Err the Site of Grace.

I Think Those Who Take the Mark Are Doing It with Full Knowledge and Support of Who Ultimately Is the Antichrist That Is It for Sure.

So, like with Lots Why with Lots Wife Looked Good at Sodom Seattle Logging in Her Heart Report That Market. The Support That System More Than Just Accepting out and He Supported and except Him, That Antichrist Figure As a Pseudo-Messiah Deliver and I Can't Tell You I Can See the Left and the Wacko Leftists Doing This Is Saying We Got to Submit to a New Coming Government and the So-And-So Who You Know and You Know, If You Don't Accept Is That Just Means You're Racist in Your You're the Greatest Threat to Humanity. You Know the Left As Discussed Use Loan at Hundred Percent of Their You Might Not so Critical I Website That Was Worldwide It. Anyway, Talk to People All around the World.

It Was, It Was Shocking How When I Mentioned Well at All Worried about You Know That You Market-Based Combined Excel with It. They Wouldn't Even Well on Number One Ladies Rosa Murray and Worship Are Not Sure Very Few People Are Worried about It. I've Begun the Openings Yesterday Is Not Worried about It in the Philippines. You Can Survive out There in the Jungle. There Are Ways to Survive off of What You Not Here in the Here Where I Live in a Cul-De-Sac.

You Know It's so This Is Different Situations and It's It's Complicated.

So, Okay, but All Right Very Much All Right Okay That's Dave from Texas. Let's Get on the Phone with Kevin from Tennessee Kevin Welcome Neuron Here and That Quite Bad That Their Fiber, 998 As Well Learn and That Analogy Made Perfect Is a Tough One to Answer Because There's Some Theology behind Potential Answers Having Been Made Perfect or Been Made As Size Is Totally Odious. It Needs to to Bring to Perfection or Completion from That We Call We See Teleology As a Study of Design and Because There's an Ultimate Goal in the Design.

It Just the Phraseology and That's the Word That Is Used There for Coming over Here and so We Look at It We Start Considering That We Go Okay Is Made Perfect and It Is from Neglect Great to Yellow, Which Is the Verb Form Telling Us Which Is Perfect or and or Completion to Have Been Made Perfect, Having Been Made Complete, Having Done What Was Necessary.

It Could Mean That He Went through and in His Resurrected Glorified State. And in That He Became to All Those Who Obey Him. The Source of Eternal Salvation. So That's a Little Problematic Because He's a Source of Eternal Salvation in the Crucifixion, but That's Also Problematic Because He's a Source of Salvation in His Incarnation, so This Gets to Be Difficult. We Know That Jesus Has Two Distinct Simultaneous Natures, a Divine Nature and Human Nature. So How Can You Be Made Perfect, We Could Imply That the Perfection Might Relate to the Human Aspect of What You Will Begin to Careful Ethical Nestorian Which Is to Persons in the Body of Christ for the Human Only Been Perfected, but That Will Be Problematic for Nestorian Reasons That We Can Get the Committee Connie Winterbottom to Get the Properties of Both Nature Describe the Single Person and Therefore the Person Could Experience a Type of Perfection in His Human Nature Actually Described to Him What It Is Quickly Distinct.

It's Not Easy to Answer. This Is Not so I Think What It Generally Means Is That She Learned Obedience Being under the Law He Did with the Father Wanted. And in This He Suffered and Having Made Perfect in the Completion of His Work. He Became to All Those the Source of Eternal Salvation, and the Sacrificial System Is Decibel Resurrection. All of That Is the Telling Us the Complete Work and Work of All That He Came to Do and He Is a Became to All Those Who Obey Him. The Source of Eternal Salvation, and That Would Make Sense Written to Hebrews the Hebrew People Would Understand the Severity and Necessity of the Law under Which Christ Was Made. Galatians 44 and in That and Submission of the Father Became the Source of Eternal Salvation to All. Which Would You Get It Why He Was Suffered He Learned Obedience Because He Really Was under the Law That Would Appeal to the Jewish Mind and Then at the Same Time Talking about Jesus Being the Source of Eternal Salvation. And Then He Goes on the Very Next Verse Be Designated by God As a High Priest Accorded the Order of Melchizedek. So Now He's Talking the Jews about the Priesthood Order and the Source of Eternal Salvation Because They Look As a Priesthood Offered of Sacrifice in the Holy of Holies Once a Year, Which Was the Means by Which the Forgiven. So All This Ties Together in That Context.

In the Jewish Mind I Think Was Going on There Is Is Talking about the Aspect of Christ According to the Law Completing What Was Necessary and in That Is the Source of Eternal Salvation, and the Jews Would Get That Okay Okay Thank You Very Much All Right – but All Right This Time He Got Just a Little Time Nancy from Virginia Going over to Get You in Time We Got to See to the Music of High All the People of Altar Sure Go to First Thessalonians 416, 410, 416 S. Processes for 60 to Keep Reading and Mark Not Mark but Matthew 1330 Start Reading Their Right and You Can Also Go to First Produce 1535 to 45. And the Vultures Is at the End of Luke 17 Is Also Found in Matthew 24 Okay Check That out Because I Have a Debt Collector.

Marla Thought about Boy Eliphaz Our Lord Bless You I Hope You Have a Great Evening and by History. Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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