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May 12, 2022 5:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 12, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses his NAR research.--2- What do you know and think about the website -he gets you----3- Should we as parents bring up transgender issues with our children---4- Does Christ have two wills---5- How can we tell if someone is a false teacher---6- What is the difference between the rapture and the tribulation---7- Can someone believe in predestination and also be Arminian-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought alive you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches are called to respond to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick right will live by rules that slick today is supposed to make 2022 adjusters want medical all you have to do was dialing 772072276 and we can talk there's nobody waiting right now. So, if you will be the first one now is your time is your chance. All right, so I'm continuing to do some research through the new apostolic Reformation and for me is becoming quite interesting and the going through a book. Final quest by Rick Joyner and he's been around for decades and what I'll tell you some of the stuff that these guys are teaching is incredible and you just sent.

With Charlie before the show that the rejoinder final quest book here that this case a claim to get visions from God and a trancelike state and he actually talked to Paul the apostle and Jesus and then he's reciting in the book the things that he used.

He was told and you know this is this is insanity. The casual means by which these things are conveyed. I just don't buy into it.

He has made numerous prophecies in other books and get revelations from God and talks about the religious spirit that's out there which I can only assume that means that deals with people who don't agree with. In Christianity, and here's a quote is really interesting.

He says that quote it as I continued walking away from the judgment seat. What now is at the judgment seat of this vision thing is people say was an allegory know it's not actually wrote in this book that says that he wanted to rip to convey them as an accurate form, not by allegory, like the Pilgrim's progress. But this is what he actually said occurred seems to. This is one of the guys and I'm trying to find documentation on smart things you said once I get documented. Then I'll be able to talk about that and if it's true, it will be run profound for now I'll tell you so much her.

She's a little time and I could usually prayers going to say this, I was talking to Charlie before the show 12 or so years ago I bought three cameras and this video work and current head of problems we can stop that you worked there for a couple of up figures were really working on a note that Luke went and I really just talked about it before the show to the necessity getting video going got these old cameras and I've probably spent six or eight weeks. Not every day but every third day forth a couple hours to four hours for weeks and weeks trying just to get the lighting right. I have limited space to work on and it's been extremely difficult and is been more than one occasion when I wanted to take the cameras out in the desert and go skeet shooting with and to my shotgun, the love of the air and couple ammo.

Well, it took me weeks to get the video lighting was was to happen.

We have all cameras you have to get it to really work. The conditions very precisely because of new cameras are flopper forgiving capable is this technology is all right.

So I got most of it pretty good and I showed some people in the chat room after the show yesterday.

Video one gives him thumbs up and looks pretty good that it was pretty good deal.

The lighting is a all right so I spent some time doing a video so that I can work with it. The whole bit. I get it into my system on the computer. I put that in there and now the audio is working and so oh delightful times. So now, for some reason the Audi was a coming through. I did troubleshooting for another couple of hours working on that I can't get the audio to quite work right.

I can get the cameras to pick up through the boom mic at six or 8 feet away but then it sound like it six or 8 feet away. You want good sound and I did lapel mic did this I did. Why does he tell Mike I did that doesn't seem to want to pick up cell is not her vision in my mind of taking my shotgun cameras out in the desert answering love in the air. Actually, I prefer if I could record you is to take a flamethrower with and then deal with them that way as well. This is been the frustration I've been going on for weeks and weeks with these scammers will surpass your private you know what you work with what you got and it's been extremely difficult so I'm just telling you this because it helps me to vent just a little. My wife comes in and you. After that I just discovered the audio is not working in active replace cables and she comes if you talk to me she's looking at Mrs. Susie.

Okay there lesson. Now the audio doesn't work. She goes okay I'll talk you later. She just smiles and walks out. She knows so well. Frustration of frustrations. It's really tough, but that's what it is that's what it is more to get this done all Taylor's roadblocks all the was like Sisyphus trying to push a rock up a hill all the time, but this way goes when your one-man team of value on the on video so it takes a lot of patience and working to going there you go. I feel much better now. You can pray for me to praise my patients in the success of the video work there. I feel so much better. Let's get to Teresa from Charlotte, North Carolina Teresa, welcome you on here.

I sure have a heart warming. Suffering you… Though I think I not a but it looks like bank to get seated today. All right, maybe read some more money out how her that I played with any political viewpoint like uniting about how to better vetting process, but the church of the people they partner with deal you now our you can connect and decay of court and I worry if though the word and it does that mean that because he understands and is valid vent that it the same now that it undermines the truth of the man or you know the what the word bad about things like homosexuality, or can't stand her anything about air or and thank you for showing it to me because literally while you're talking. I went to the site was not repeated again because if it's bad out of this or not, and so's room is nicely done and I don't.

It is a chat option. Let's see, and so I'm looking through stuff on the do's research on checking out and I put on my plate. Another thing to do that.

My plate is in diameter and it's about 40 feet high of things to do so. Oh yeah, I've got a lot to do but I'm looking at it to become so about she's about know that the very bottom of the page and check them out. So I sorted a chat with him and that literally right now I'm seek literally on the radio show right now.

Want to know about you, okay. Do you have the soup. Do you have a statement of faith okay and we'll see what happens. So I'm doing that, you know, go not left-wing or right-wing they say okay but two tabs open diverse group of people 501(c)(3) and okay so I don't see chat now connect text for prayer read about Jesus you're not going to come up so I know are out our you and me greatly. Let's run thank you that's right so he's taken back the silly types. Okay. Our mission is to create opportunities for people across the US to take a fresh look at the real Jesus and consider his radical teachings and claims document the Bible we want to be open and approachable to everyone. So if one feels comfortable asking questions including the difficult ones will watch this okay. Does Jesus have two natures divine and… Sued divine and human… Right now.

Okay. And the field is historical figure who doesn't relate to them.

The modern is experienced every human frailty and vulnerability is for everyone his answers. Like most pressing problems understands you this, do all this keep working with a girlish show. It's so this will have to do I have to multitask and so often during the brakes I'm working on articles and reading guide handle on another screen. I'm reading through the books and doing stuff like that. Oh yeah, it's important this are out all like that. Now you know I'm very well thank you.

And you know what is good. She says Jesus is a part of the solution. If a person who screws he was a man hundreds like your life is a man right now.

Okay, so, so, but will see. I could, but could do is watch this okay what if you want you can call into my radio show. Right now we could talk and see 72072276, he wrote sorry I don't understand what you're asking why I'm asking if Jesus is both God and man right now in heaven right typing something out of the will to move on. Do you know this is live, no thank you. We are a chat service. Got a call service okay stand. Okay, so there you go about that. If they don't even know if he's a man right always typing going to be just like a man right now is very very bad to keep talking questions stuff like that. See that's what he says will get you going here this is where the drummer from Oak there's a break that's good timing. Anyway, I arrived okay.

Folks therefore the lines will give me a call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770776 pairs mats like back to the show.

Everyone call for lines 87720776 and so the guys are all contact so I was just re-texting her to break with the guy with whoever is hosting about that one websites and some of the email of the sea, ask questions and talk all right for Vermont like us at 877-207-2276 was good to Courtney from Ohio and Courtney welcome around here. I got it all got something that sounds intelligent, like I'm competent and I remember everything and I'm straining how to do that because remember that statistic from what what was this about maybe get a little bit swamped so not use the word before because I will bring all yeah member that will I talk to about that hello yeah you know I did my spiritual Tourette's was coming.

That guy really yes I did you send to okay and not sure what day exec I'm looking at right seek.

We have the wood down to hundred 89 in the account. That's good okay okay yeah you actually called all right so I tell you what, because I'm looking through all of them. I don't know where it is because it didn't people get into the account if you consider to be if you can, but even right now and I will watch the screen and then I move it to a place reckon you know then take a look at it didn't and do that I forget my log video stuff and one worth researching online with this guy and will you don't think my wife, and of fighting off bears and alligators leaving so you just little bit little bit little bit.

That's right okay so sure about before you know you know we don't deal with a lot of that going back and now that are little girl but her mom like transgender now really crazy theater in my you think you little girl think it better not say anything I would really need more information is hellishly publishing okay yeah I think young.

Unless you're going to first or second grade and then the one brainwashed by the leftist intelligentsia who were just out to destroy you force it on people I wouldn't let me that if she starts asking questions research unit. It may be certain a clue and that she becoming aware then you know it might be time to talk about it. But one thing she could do was just prepare her body occasionally at the dinner table have a Bible study any Genesis. For example: God made them male and female in your talking about. Good God is. You bring up anything other than just laying the foundation of truth.

There then, and also that there are lots of people who rebel against God's truth and you need your husband need to prepare for how you talk about because it's going to come up and as our world becomes more is a factor.

All the mom Mary it's in your face there.

Emboldened by the weakness of the conservatives and the Christians.

That's the principle I depends if you're sitting right next to me and do that so can you please refrain until you please keep in mind it's just it's just too much.

This is a public setting and there's children here and if they were to know you just a bigot. That's a key defined biggie for me.

I'll say that I thought I might see some like I'm not someone you want to mess with what comes of this stuff okay because I want to shut them down and said look you please please give my child is here.

I don't want my child to be exposed so that that's why mask right because of your chief you had somehow you two had a child here and I was talking to my wife saying hey you know what lesbianism is wrong. Would you want your child to hear that know well the same way works this way could show respect and you and the others are even doing what you're doing. You're just flaunting it. Hopefully I get right. We need to talk to them and tell them you can't let him keep getting away with everything so big you're so tolerant. Yeah, whatever. You know what I don't care your atonement go away. You know, it just doesn't bother me. I'm so used to being assaulted verbally and insulted you done yet. So it was one of the digital a while back a few days ago actually literally set up to see a chat room is in oculus and the virtual-reality was talking to some people and asked about evolution and social talk about this one, I just came unglued and did not want me to say anything and would interrupt. It was rude. We just and I said hey could you say could you do me a favor if you look behind you, you know, just you know we are behind you stupidly observe the left side. Look behind you ice when the diapers are full.

It was fun for me. It was fun, yet all of the guys is being he was being whacked and so Charlie's plight of the Most the time but sometimes you just gotta stand up and say enough and I'll tell you now is now's the time and it's been past time for us to stand up say nothing of recording okay five open lines wide open. Give me a call 877207 mass Y call 770776\right will back to the show everybody okay so I'm laughing because during a break before so you hang the picture up 11 for a video camera. We simulcast this on YouTube and Facebook and twitter and him was a picture that's been on the ground on purpose for months and months and theirs are the why do you picture up so I hung it up and help forcing. Finally, note that even need a level so I'm thinking something one day on the ground one day off the ground. See how many people were OCD does have conniption fit slump were having fun. Okay, if you want to give McCall three open lines 877-207-2276 look at the bright from North Carolina. Brian welcome here will unroll nothing just doing radio with the other guy for you about that program you are on.

I believe you hold the view that Christ had always been under the impression on was like that. The header.yes my syllogism is heresy because it deals with you taking as a mentor modifies autism now die syllogism explained from people who are like what the heck is he saying so from the Greeks, the level II will to have a will, the desire or want to will okay so theology is very logical and what we understand is that the trinities is three distinct simultaneous persons. The word is who became flesh and dwelt among us. And so Jesus by logical necessity has two natures is called hypostatic union clock is 29 first Timothy 2525 through eight. I give you universes with think hearing noises in the background but okay got noises better. The way okay and so by necessity the human nature has to have a will.

Otherwise is not human. The person of the word has devil will otherwise doesn't have personhood. These two become one in the person of Christ and what that means is in hypostatic union is one person. This is significant. One person with two natures each of those natures must have a will and that's called die syllogism DI to die syllogism right that's the Orthodox position now. How were those two wills manifested their manifested as one person with one will and this is a paradox. It's a mystery how is it possible that Jesus has. Who says I am thirsty I'll be with you always. The I is singularity, but gets missed necessarily in the person are two distinct natures which requires a will for each die syllogism so therefore we say here's each nature has a will.

But the, the expression of the that combination so to speak is expressed in the single person of Christ, who is by logical necessity one person who has one will so each of the wills is expressed as the one will in Christ democracy alternates go back and forth. We just don't know how it works but that's what it is okay thank you that Nella makes a little bit of that doctrine called the commuter clock you in your monotone that this means the communication of the properties so here. This isn't important as well. So with the person of Christ. His divine nature and human nature. Logically, the divine nature has to have attributes the widest is divine event divine attribute in the human nature has deaf human attributes know the divine natures everywhere that human nature is not the divine nature knows all things that human nature does not will how they come together again. I don't know I don't have to know Bible doesn't tell us how. But we do recognize it. Jesus says things like I am thirsty. Now that's absolutely without a doubt the attribute or the property of the human nature. Yet Jesus says I'll be with you always, even to the end of your 2019 20. So he's claiming to be with everyone always everywhere.

That's it. The claim of divine attribution, divine property with notice use the same person represented by the word.

I I will be with you always. I am thirsty. The same person said both. So what we conclude is that the attributes of both natures are ascribed to the single person so Jesus had the attribution of ubiquity everywhere in this as well as location right there in the human person he could, therefore, could be tempted and not fall so the communication of the properties is important. For that reason. Plus, this only when Jesus died. The cross only the human nature died because it's not possible for the divine nature to die because by definition it is not a biological function can die will than if only the human nature died then house a sacrifice of divine value. We don't want to get into the error called Nestorianism. Basically what Nestorianism says is that in the one body of Christ are to persons as a divine person, and a human person and the alternate back and forth in communication that's wrong is just bad wrong and so when we look at this issue of how, then, is the sacrifice of divine value if owned.

Technically, only the human nature died, then what we do as a back up and we look at Christ we say he is one person is one person with two natures. I am thirsty I'll be with you always.

Yet it's the person who died on the cross and therefore the person has divine quality divine attributes and so therefore the sacrifices of divine value. In addition, we perceive the divine through the human so we could if we were back there we could watch Jesus walk on water. The divine attributes we could watch Jesus erasable from the dead. What we would be doing is observing the divine through the expression of the human. So what we say is that the divine attributes are expressed through the human particulars with who human nature were Jesus walked on water as a man. That's the human nature and the divine nature working, so to speak together in the single person of Christ. Likewise, the single person of Christ went to the cross and died and so that even though the physical death can only be attributed logically to the, the, the human nature, yet the representation of the divine attributes are in the expression of that man Christ Jesus, who died on the cross. Therefore, the sacrifices of the point value okay yeah that will apply.

We know that God knows all things that that the day in our know some of the father except at that's a wedding feast idiom that is used on people don't understand that. So the father that you miss for the bricks of continue with this until the break. So when a wedding feast. The father of the bride, the father the son would arrange wedding and then the feast had to be fixed with year-long engagement and the relative had to prepare themselves to be able to travel 10 2030 4050 miles inside of Israel to go to the wedding had to know what day that was so during that time to the groom was obligated. According to the custom to build a room addition on to the home that he was going to go get the bride and come back to so use to build a room, build a mansion is Jesus says I go to prepare a place for you to come back for you and so the friends of the bridegroom would say hey when is when you go getter and he take no man knows the day nor the hour but the father alone. It was an idiomatic expression showing this the respect given to the father as the head of the house that he would then say now and then they would go with the trumpeters and with the feast being ready in order to get the bride and then they would come back with the trumpets and the trumpeters in the event somebody as it came back to the house to have that wedding and it wouldn't of the brick right chamber for consummation and things like that. So when he says no maneuverability hour. It's an expression out of the wedding feast that culture is me didn't know John 2117 work Peter says you know all things I don't deny okay. There's a lot of information okay but okay. Ryan got blessed with two of the minds what you may call eight 772-072-2760 right back Matt slick. Why call 770-7276\after the show was good to José from Texas welcoming on here and yes I can. But where video regarding Trinity and I wanted video of the calendar and what your current state that you mentioned that women bring you the heretic is a false teacher all future okay thought out loud find a wonder that you did know that you the cord.

How can a Christian learn the third amended by the Bible. John Wilbur reversed the spirit so how do you know you are something like, a you know a Christian a beginner again. You started to questions that you cut yourself off on the question so you won't switch a question that you keep your question.

What no effort needed for future not by reading Scripture knowing what the Bible teaches doctrinally, so Branham denied the doctrine of the Trinity and required salvation in Jesus name only, which is false and he said he was God spokesman on earth and sorted teaching other things so you can trust them as it is a true teacher know he does miracles right people said his miracles will or some evidence that not really because some people done research and follow-up on healings and things and a lot of times it wasn't the case. So there's that is not to say he didn't listen.

He did it solicit meanies of God because in Matthew 722 and 23. Many will say to me, and that they Lord Lord we not prophesy in your name perform many miracles cast out demons in Jesus, get good with me. Never knew you. So how do we tell of some is legit or not by who the professor want to profess then you gotta be careful.

Even then, because they could just say the right thing. It's difficult.

This is why even for me who's very well trained in this difficulty sometimes finding the truth from error with some people so like for example ring through Rick Joyner's books and NAR guy and a lot of what he says is really good.

Seriously really good stuff.

And yet there's some difficulties and some other things he says and without some theological understanding, you won't recognize, and so I'm leaving that vague right now because of recent documentation there two or three, but this is it, which would just take discernment does take discernment does take time and that's how you get to know what you learn in a study were okay. It's hard to wonder if they do signs wonders say go to church. This case is a prophet of God and an apostle of God and what to say. Pretty stinking convincing miracle occurs at his hand for her health. Okay does it mean a person from God, not because of me as a mean person is not from God doesn't mean that you are so you are the charismatic gifts for today. I believe they are on the apostles and prophets.

To date, that's another topic because New Testament talks about profits. I believe the apostles or for that time only, and is no present apostles and with the prophets. That's different because the Bible talks about telling us pulses seek prophecy seek that you can prophesy first with his 14 one. That's what he says unless you want to say all that stopped with the pollution of the canon. Another topic, bubble bath, but if we believe the charismatic gifts are still for today and that the candidate is not the dividing line of Judah chronologically, then we should be praying for prophecy, but that's a very difficult thing to do. So how do you know it's a true prophet are not well written through their material or say well, so not to make mistakes or prophecies away, Deuteronomy 18 says you can't make prophecy mistakes.

If you're from God so you really have to know stuff you have to deal with these things and it's tough in another thought, get on my soapbox about this, but there you go. It takes a lot of study okay I you got blessed. I too all right. Let's get to Jason from Utah Jason welcome you are on here.

I want different rapture and ablation.

Yet if you can blame the problem when it's a good thing on cc between different the tribulation is a supposedly a period of time of seven years in the great tribulation is the second half of the seven years where the antichrist will then manifest himself. The rapture is the event that were Christ returns and then people are transformed and prickly when I up to meet them in the clouds and it happens either before ablation, tribulation, or the end of the tribulation court different views okay okay very much very much hard right goblins. All right, let's get to Alberta from George Alberto welcome Buddy on the air agreement, Matt. Great question. I 44 thick walnut of the one preacher you know you don't get any of that birth that God said that there is not… I but God never that there is no other person all the time when I was went up and got what the man with the person so okay with you? I like to get my question it bail 44 never quite got that there's no other person or persons what your question yet that did not. My question got God never said no… A person or estate question, I just yell his comment on the verse and you are right okay you are right, for God's is on the first and the last is no God besides me when a want this person goes here to say see there's only one God, the Trinitarian say you have course of the verses were useful for teaching, was what is bringing up for because a lot of times I'll go there thinking that the Trinity teaches three separate gods.

That's not what we teach was illegal, and therefore we reaffirm monotheism. So what's your problem why you teaching what you going here for you always had to find out what the reason is it going to particular verse. What are they saying you got this is a is only one God and God is a Trinity only one being who is the Trinity.

That's right, we can agree with them now is on the Trinity with verses and talk about Trinity or not. Trinity just talks about God we agree God is only one God. So there you go. I take anything else you want to look at what I think they gain organic so I like walking through it.

Show the Mike was always defending love. I would like a datum to be disguised under the public debate absolutely yeah absolutely because he recapped all well. So what's good for me. I got 18,000 things I do and the problem is all you know somebody will seriously email somebody a minute for me to check my email. See responses. I just am that busy and not whining, complaining, you know what was make it to sync you know ministries is going full blow fullbore and a busy schedule and sometimes destructible, and we get to work on. Figure out a way to get things you'll a more efficient suddenly when as many mistakes with dental it's a good problem are great work, try money, and I think the comment I like okay alright let's get to Kerry from Boise, Idaho. I think I know the scary carry welcoming on the air you for taking my call and wondering because they believe they affirm the doctrine of predestination, which is the famous saying election Burbank close out the lien is more Arminian than Calvin and at the same time that are not moronic their conflict there or is not understand they don't understand the nuances of the doctrines and so they've not gone further down the theological road to connect the dots.

A lot of times their minions say about predestination is that I just heard it yesterday in a room. I was listening to God knows what choices you're going to make and based on those choices of you receiving him or not, and predestined you and that's biblical position that would be favoritism, it would be violating or risking by letting God's acidity and his knowledge in various things and making got reactionary. They just don't have a thought these things through and I work with them.

People regularly to say well it doesn't work because what you're saying is that God knows what they're doing and his choices are based on what to do. How, then, is God sovereign, because that makes got reactionary and not sovereign, now is a quick way of saying I unpack it with sore minions don't generally with a do as they reject the idea of God's absolute sovereignty over all things and will sit with your predestined you don't have free will.

But I think that's not true that's literally a vertiginous last night with a guy and I said does Jesus have free will. Yes is Jesus predestined from the foundation of the world due to the father says that that one client caught them off guard and what I did was I went to John 519 Jesus is truly truly city the sun could do nothing of himself unless it's something to the father doing. And then I went to John 530 where he says I can do nothing of my own initiative as I hear, I judge, my judgment is just, he says that I seek the will of him who sent me, so I said not Jesus can only do what he said the father could know had him to do right yes did Jesus have free will. Yes, that was eternally predestined and ordained by God. Right yes therefore human free will are free will and for this free will in general is compatible with God sovereign decrease in his working predestination. There's a proof all right. Thank you that you are not for a while. All right, no problem. I will goblins so you don't want nothing to do folks as I deal with a lot of particulars in theological discussions and is what I do is not with us, and because I'm in apologetics all the time and discussing these things and so I really enjoy getting down that deep into issues and into things I enjoy it. I find I learned a lot when I do that just conveying there was some of those truths that are you go okay but other times will let you know that we stay on nearby your support.

Please consider supporting us. Just go to CRM.O RG/donate and you can just five dollars a month for recurring donation really helps a lot to live foundation of sold me the Lord bless you and by his grace back on her. Tomorrow I will talk to them. Have a great another program powered by the Truth Network

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