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May 9, 2022 10:29 pm

Matt Slick Live

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May 9, 2022 10:29 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate-mail.--2- My pastor used to preach eternal security but is now preaching that you can lose your salvation. What should I do---3- Will there still be gender in heaven---4- A caller wanted to discuss a book related to COVID.--5- What is a gnostic and what do they believe---6- What does -name it and claim it- mean---7- Was Jesus always the Son of God- Eternally---8- Are the Word and the Son the same thing---9- What is Abraham's bosom-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the president's research was found alive on you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches monitor your questions at 877 Matt slick 87720.

I want to hear from you. Give me call who will and if I would like to know which wit right now note of Friday locally Friday having the weekends around the corner. I love weekends and will keep working but I do enjoy them anyway. The smart thing about it because people say because we can we think about what you attract what you didn't do was radial so anyway okay five open lines give a call 877-207-2276 now sometimes what I will do on on Fridays is all do hate mail I think that's what I enjoy hate mail people enjoy hate mail and I didn't do it there for a while but don't get so if that like so let's see boy look.

I have you read these okay.

Starts off the you are the definition of an awful person. I'm smiling so :-) I love this stuff. Okay, you want the definition of an awful person will break the dictionary right see Matt slick's awful person. Definition of you were the most ignorant stuck up person I've ever heard of. That's awesome that you consult somebody that's it.

You're the definition of an awful person. Your most ignorant stuck up for ever and Wow that's pretty impressive. Okay you force your beliefs on some fairy you force your beliefs on some fairy in the sky on everyone and discriminate against atheists and homosexuals.

Like so I force what I do I get people and then I give it a headlock.

Okay, believe it forces you to believe. It took a concept from my mind in the air that I played in their beards shut right in. I can't foresee my belief on you. Wow, it is that some fairy in the sky. I love this atheist will say you believe in fairies believe in fairies weight varies for your fairy in the sky what sky you talking about and now you leave this in fairies or those sites is a you know we don't believe in magic of magic sky daddy yet sort of things all status magic sky daddy and that's what you believe. I don't magic sky what that is but it's not what I have for and they accuse you and one for Wilder.

My favorite was the flying spaghetti monster that was actually something that a lot of the things that dudes are looking for a monster board was one time. Sky called the radio things to them many times on in a chat room so you know you live in the we affirm the flying spaghetti monster and has the same attributes as your God that I cope with what I say wait a minute. So you're saying the flying spaghetti monster yes so flying is related to the physical world right yes so he flies in this world but you say the same attributes of my God would think you would be flying to the outside world so and also how is spaghetti sentient so that you know it's it's a match which of God. So how is spaghetti which is part of the natural world. Also the thing to not part of the natural world is a and what makes you think that monster you guys believe in a flying spaghetti monster got got issues think it's the so I don't know how I was hopeful of it.

I think it will burn with you. Please take some time to read this. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brandon I spoke to favor Marilyn Pilate ballot initiative could easily collect gay marriage. I find it inconceivable inconceivable that you are elected official of Maryland state government. Obviously this guy does not have all his paws in the litter box.

Let's have a more nuclear, you see that God created himself home. No we don't say that God created himself, get this, this, with the person actually says you say that God created himself and has always existed and how how could you create yourself but you always existed. You know I would talk to an atheist and his excuse McCoy go over this a little bit you just postulated that's what I teach which is not what I teach. But now you have something being created.

It's also not been created happens as I work from your atheistic worldview watched the sky was on, but that means it would be possible for small molecules to create themselves in the fall from you. Maybe, just maybe, this person got his finger stuck in electric socket when he was younger and are some short circuits going on in the cerebral area could be you know that there's something not quite right up there because sock doesn't quite make sense. This guy was on, they, like God. Molecules like God could have created themselves. How you create yourself. You have to be active in attribute to build form an action that have an attribute, you have to have essence evanescence at the existence of buildings as you can have any of those you can perform an action in what they like God could have created themselves, which as small, simple molecules coming from nowhere and creating themselves makes more sense that a whole, all-powerful, all being capable of crating risk-weighted itself will you know this is this really interesting is that sometimes I'm just telling you they just don't know what they're talking about me that if I just insulting come on for you to criticize Christianity at least understand what it is you're talking about in our our view and they are at this get to anonymous from Utah. You don't have your allow burn planet Carol okay okay now I lovingly think my heart God works to him that you could preach that caring galley thinking and talking up that's okay, and ganglion.

Well, if you run the phone with me or anybody who says he can your salvation.

There's lots of things I could say one as well. Okay, what you gonna do to keep it. That's right. Ask we do to keep it so you know you say. Today was that now I am going with your whole heart galley and then maybe what you're talking about it Kirsten Atlanta making payment. First John 219 they went out from us because they were never of us if they had been of us, they would've remained: that's right. Here's the thing, I would. I would have to ask him many many times. Many say look, I'm sitting in my computer and I have my fingers on my keyboard and I got number one listed.

I'm waiting for you to tell me what is a list of some of the things you gotta do to keep yourself safe. I just want to know and conduct your sibling to continue to believe.

Okay, anything else you know it is depends whatever they say, and ask him doing those things when I'm trying all. So you're trying okay I get and then if they say its own. I had one guy sick will only just get keeps on believing that I say from ask a question, do you take credit for your believing Sculptra? This will to the wise one year, get your work from there you go.

That's right, just ask him what you do to keep it and it is he doing it. If he says he's trying, then he's not doing it by his own words.

He's condemned that that lie in bed that now married, emailing gander, sending more and more like he doesn't know what he's doing. He shouldn't be a teacher. Okay, yes.

So what he's doing is he's going to is a reference Galatians 328 there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor former hold on okay as was as if we are all one in Christ. This is talking about federal headship and salvation there's no differentiation for those of us who are in Christ. That's what's going on. Jesus is the firstborn from the dead of Colossians 115 through 17, it talks about this and according to the Scriptures of first contents 1535 to 45 that which is sown the body is that which is raised and also Jesus prophesied his own physical resurrection.

John 219 through 21.

This was temple three days I will raise it up when he rose from the dead. He's the firstborn is the first one born from the dead raised in the same body died in and they still recognized him as Jesus, the man furthermore in first Timothy 25 it says there is one mediator between man and God. The man Christ Jesus, so right now in heaven. Jesus is referred to as a man he is the model of our own resurrection. So therefore yes will still have our male-female bodies, but you have a functioning genitalia stuff necessity you know it can differ here but were suddenly male-female up there that's how it is okay this is my more clear than that yet, and once I was teaching stuff like this and is one thing after the lesson error. I tend to think the running.

If you're able to teach sound doctrine. Other areas because now the question is, is Jesus a man right now you ask his humanity says no it's not that he's teaching heresy very serious. I apparently left again and I'll tell I do want to talk with them over the phone, you discover few things in the them you don't pull pulpits is almost over this stuff was talk about the Scriptures and hopefully as a teachable man and is very good. Matt, okay, all right, let's get to the hall from Virginia and Pulsar look like there's a back on hold you back to you after this break have written lines. If you give me a call 772072276 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Matt slick back to the show. All right now is give it a shot here. But Paul from Virginia code 19 global rate but an old website, over and I was wondering if you had a chance to read it know I have been involved heavily in the new apostolic information research and some opening that book you talked about looking but to have it on page 175 and see we can find here.

Let's see go location. Once you go 75 all right.

From there okay there in the second paragraph it or we discussed how public health officials openly discuss it among themselves. The use of fear to have people do what they want to do that. Paragraph second paragraph of that all those debating planning covert bike table are also planning the back. The further they okay will hold another hold on hold and hold so you have a question or are I'm curious return to use this platform as a way to get something across the people. Well, I'm questioning all that there's no other expectation. Continue full speed. Despite the office and heading what full speed ahead.

It shot by the ominous research which spent 14 years right on through the way. Like 2020 switcher question what my question is, like they say that I think fourth paragraph. What is going on this thing okay I probably am certain that they are doing the right okay okay I'm waiting question. Well, I'm asking isn't the case of the code 19 in the back thing. Nothing voluntary about it and so that makes it bad okay so you not ask any question I keep asking for cotton waxing no no no I'm asking you to ask me a question in question is because I gave you the title. I understand I understand. I'm asking for question and the question is, what it I don't know enough about it to be able to tell you I don't think that they should force it on anybody. I don't think that they should penalize people who don't want to take it in and in hypocrisy say that woman has right to kill the unborn, my body, my choice and hypocrisy. I know that if you go to the CDC website and you to do a test run on surveyors that you can find out that there have been a lot of death related to the Kodak see this from their own website.

Wonder.see and then/vers.html.

But now I've done it, and do you agree with Dr. Greg. I don't know, but readily set for Kentucky right away because the book also contains all of okay let okay okay okay okay I gotcha. You see, but we do the show. Here's the ask a question. I try to answer it and sometimes you will do Mont Kaman and they want to use it as a platform to push something and I'm always reticent to do that though I do think is a lot of fraud and problems that have been perpetrated around this covert thing.

I don't know. I've written about 30 articles related to studies, but this particular thing I can comment on don't know right well labyrinth of the article on call you with the resource yet it's a vast topic and how to do stuff on just to the injections I CDC website because things don't know. I'm sorry, what do you think that the public I don't think can or can't. I'm just saying what the CDC reports from its own website, there is a subtle question, no true you have any knowledge around the World Health Organization outcome type of creek where the United States government would give health over to a world I don't know that if it's true, I need to know what I would like to know if you have any documentation you considered to inflict car network.quotation approves it. If there's any bills or anything in our government is so this is what's going to happen.

I simply need to document and I would be glad to talk about it on the air if it's documented because that would be a violation of the constitutional rights we have as Americans and I thank you, I think you are all right for open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to.

Let's see Levi Raleigh. Levi welcomed on their Levi, are you there still doing all right.

We got met one question. What exactly is anoxic and one of the elite and figure out how to deal with person Gnostic agonizing date to me.

We know to sleep CONS TIC Gnostic okay Gnostic like not Gnosticism is the teaching of knowledge diagnosis in the Greek to have knowledge.

The Gnostics are those people who claim to have special knowledge and special abilities and that truth and salvation. The whatever it is at this particular Gnostic might hold to can only be understood through the revelation of special knowledge that usually they have access to a nobody else Gnosticism is kinda like New Age there's relationships to it and that what you believe has an effect on the outer world and often Gnosticism there variations there is an ultimate being who created lesser beings and the lesser beings. The physical world is a physical world is sinful, but God is not a gap between them that there can't be a direct creative work between God and the created order so lesser or demigods were the ones that God used to create this world and that they will provide special knowledge through special liens and then when you have the special knowledge you can grow in understanding the true God. Gnosticism will hold your nonprofit. Therefore the lines both of you. I give you call 772-072-2760 right back Matt slick. Why call 770727 pairs Matt slick back to the show with Québec on here with Levi really so that's what Gnosticism is okay sure kind of vague to me. The guy out of irritable that I would even put this and the light next to what he said he knew more than about God than anybody else. Wow. Okay yeah Lauren lastly how I said that. So you know more than anybody else. I love meeting people and I do so you know more than anybody else who's ever lived right so you are the supreme knowledge holder of who God is with woman who knows more than you should. Asking questions into sensors and in Hilda's trip up while I appreciate it. Matt where are you flexing well into my life at that moment that I tell her blessing. She just teach us a lot of value exercises, rolling his eyes closing the eyelids slowly so it's good for is good for you because I exercises now. Thanks again. All right, brother.

God let it by Douglas hey we are for open lines which you may call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Nancy from Virginia Nancy. Well, you're near I think that's what I call and claimant. It means there in heresy what it means name and claimant means that you can as a Christian you can proclaim what you desire what you want and God will provide it because he bought you health and wealth and all you do is click name it I I claim right proclaim wealth and got guy will give it to you.

It's weird name it and cleared with a ripped Scriptures out of context to back it up. They is basically cultic.

It's basically cultic stuff okay and a lot of that stuff that goes on to try to find certain bit of information I've got on harm were I go through a lot of the positive confession teachers and the leg hold who was called name and claimant or I call it blab it and grab it is called positive confession and part of it is all cultic and that what you do is you claim certain things and you speak truth because by speaking truth, you can create reality.

So Charles's for example, says that faith is a substance John and benzene.

He said Jesus handled big money anymore.

Designer clothes and back to Charles Capps.

He said that God used words as containers to hold faith that they teach weird stuff can and want anymore. I sent Elga to imitate.

It's like a fact okay I'm talking to you. The fact of me talking to you is not independent in order for me to talk to you I to be in my office with my computer with my Internet connection while you're there. While we have a computer set up in between, on the Internet all these are facts that have to be in place for the fact of my conversation with you to exist try to say this. Facts are never independent and so truth values are never independent and errors are also never independent and Edwards are never alone when you have one error you're going to have others as well. So these heretics who takes the stuff also teach other things, like Paul Kraut said we are God's. Kenneth Copeland has taken a skill he says Adam was a god of this world, or you've heard of Joyce Meyer right to her. She's a heretic. She said Jesus stopped being the son of God.

She said that Jesus paid for since since in hell. She says if you don't believe Jesus would to help. You cannot be saved.

That's a false gospel.

So he teaches the name and claimant stuff to positive confession and she's a heretic. You cannot call her sister in Christ. Because of this she needs to repent of it.

She's a publicly retracted statement is the example of Joel O'Steen method Mormons are Christians, since Fred price, God can't do anything on earth unless we allow him to do it for me to just know it's one error after another because we have one error. You can have more so if God gave another planet, then Jesus Christ can't be the eternal true God, and you won't have a true sacrifice. You have heretical views on how to get saved and how your sins are forgiven if if you can create your reality by what you say then you have the power of God, and often those who hold that say that we could become little gods ourselves is right you welcome God bless. Sorry about that.

Hey we have for lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 José in Texas. You're on your identity, you arrive at God's grace hanging in there. We got all the library all the things that the only way that the the column. Note that you are pregnant, didn't need to be paternal and Bible called the log, wondering they got the log off God acquired let you buy their making would do that all would bad okay so let's let's talk a little bit of theology here should lay the foundation doesn't know how to answer the questions better. So God is a Trinity eternally a Trinity, and God has always known everything all the time doesn't grow or decrease in his knowledge, including that knowledge are his eternal decrees, the things which she has stated will occur and that they do occur, because he brings about like B like there's the there's the universe and stuff like that. Also there is the decree of the Word becoming flesh and redeeming the elect, the ones given by the father to the son. John 637 those were chosen increased in Christ by the father for the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 14 teaches this. So in that sense, the word call the son is eternal is eternally the son in that sense, because he is eternally in the state of the decree of being the one who will be the son. So we have his eternal son ship in that relationship make sense okay now bring you more often leave the oddball live bird good one. Often about. Bad. 28 are talking about, that God's law will return back to the father while Debbie rolled his notices saying that say he changed his role because his role is eternally decreed boxing. It's a simple logic issue yesterday to say even from one's perspective that God has or eternally ordained. This, then the role can't change because it's eternally decreed. So if they want to say one aspect of the role has altered will than they can say something like that so we can be careful what they say you can analyze what they say in their own words. So from the oneness position in Switzerland and waiting right now I can explain to you some problems inside of oneness. If you want. In some ways to witness to the right for the breaker so out. Oneness is a non-Christian cult. Okay, so when I go to first visiting 28 whole thing subjected 2720 as well as a break, but it doesn't get who he is and doesn't mean changes but it can mean a sense of function is finished by decree that's fits of the decree of God. So there's issues of logic that have the right back okay vote for for lines 877-207-2276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave still there. Alright alright so were timeout oneness and justly numbered a great deal on it in a debate a lot of oneness people over the years and so helpful? With and problems so got there questioningly to connect tackle something or what I called them out of the world got on the boat building those insectivore sexy Russell you yeah there there when I got mobbed with Mark there there that didn't give me that you benefit be identified. New you and I all you have got some way that you know that all card, father just wait. All I want… Deal with at work that quote that you know that law… Before the incarnate would be thought not that not before the birth, then why would Jesus say John 17 five thought again for the glory I had with you before the foundation of the world who speak you a great numbering that glad that what you are big on blogging… Other. This what you do is similarly sleepless on this. I will love the little block is whether done and then you say so if Jesus is only a man and not divine. Why would you say father, glorify me with the glory I had with you before the foundation of the world. John 17 five exact you asked the same question than the going to something else and you asked the same question was something else you ask the same question and it irritates reactor.

We don't want to hear.

It's just that that the issue is that verse. This is one of many that destroys their Sicilian error so you notice what I'll do is I'll say will John $0.75. Father, glorify me with the glory I had with you before the foundation of the world is John 17 five repeatedly address over and over and over and over and over again on the have at least a walkway that going to look it up as one of the things I do that never happened.40 where they're going to bother all very present. That fella we will come in and make our abode with him. How's that possible if he's only not divine how is it possible to do that. It's very good right Chapman we could do a disable John 1423 says that he, God, think of the father will come and make their vote in you house it possible.

In John 1420 3C do the same thing just use that verse and retro law before where I would have a lot of you have a lack of authors. I left the Eagle board community note you can contact Carlos and you can ask Carlos. He knows a lot of stuff and he's very good and connect with him he's awesome and I know a guy I just understood I like you know what my doctor this morning and he's got some stuff going on his life go to medical things mild like it was medical not just go together. And I also have a buddy in Los Angeles. Okay and I listen little venting and he knows how to talk about that list of Moodle and other groups of cults right up your ask the man was missing his whole name but you don't over national radio, but that's all right with the good guy. He's been to house here and we met in Achaea and Columbia years ago. He's a great guy and so was able to's video stuff with him and and use my broken Spanish. That was fun but he knows his stuff to.

So if you know him to connect ultimately but you got it trained up in your learning and his word is until you got what it takes you to get more toward the part of Gordon incarnate Word look actual part led nausea like they get when you get better well it depends.

Here's the key you the practice articulating very precise definitions and then you learn how to relate the definitions to each other so the word and the son are the same but yet they have difference how does one term relate to the other. You have to be able to articulate. So the word is God. John 11 became flesh will.

How then is he the son because he is the only begotten son within what is son ship me in relationship to the father.

Yet the Trinity has no gender why his father mentioned why does he have what he chose to become a male is because of federal headship and authoritative representation, and so the son ship it out on you. I'm teaching advanced Trinitarian settlement working up something for Christ as well, but I you been doing this from the Trinity.

For now for two weeks and I'm I'm starting to work on A call to subparagraph on Jesus radical to the hypostatic union communicatively mocked him, the eternal son ship decreased things like this testify as the verse thanks so this is the kind of stuff when you talk to people like that you need to know this is the fact need to know your theology even better. I just wanted right and so that's what I would do is believe everything I tell you my last name slick and you should should go to I should go and learn your definitions. That's what that's what you should take my advice and learn the theology and you have anybody you can practice with all that we actually we would talk about the subject that we will debate publicly, but we know here in his lumbar area and Maran impaired. And thank you blackberry and called menu called.the lobby might be a witness. It is a big one here all stupid and we have a actually my city my city. There's a list of the looks are now which is a surprise in Idaho but you and I got but they're violent and if nothing would be violent so you be careful with them. So I would never go by myself all that meant murder letter why you want, what about the bad and bad yuppies you just go to what you do as good of of Carmen/calendar okay because that is what right now dictate stuff and Sanford don't right now.

You'll see calendar. You'll see a list there and then last night I taught on the Bible study and you can go look at the notes and you couldn't see the video that I did and you can just click on the Bible study notes, and there's no 10 pages of notes and you can print them out and go through stuff. What you guys can do is go to the video list of the bitterly teaching both of those issues and you will see how, for example, the uniqueness of God is very deep.

I was an hour long discussion, the acidity of God he did last night.

Another hour long discussion just on that you okay I got it and are you back is good but RMS I think you okay us a little.

Okay. All right.

Let's get to Jamaal from working on a small welcoming on the air but you look at their doing okay by God's grace we got work to go about the got about them a call. Something about what you talk about a grand but it will go to Florida quite well want to call back America well it just seems to be a holding place that probably is no longer in effect and I say probably because it looks like Abraham's bosom was a place of holding for the good who died before the crucifixion of Christ atoning sacrifice, and he went to rest bosom of a good paradise place and it just called Abraham's bosom father Abraham a good place with good. Do you have practically killed our own court. I do. I don't know because I've written so many articles so many issues that I may have or may not have and I can't remember so that don't know. Look it up… I go to Carmen looking up a rest bosom on the go to Tooley and Augustine. Where did Jesus go free, died in the crossers. It'll be related to that and so yeah it's I have various references to it and have an article I don't think just specifically on Abraham's bosom. What is Abraham's bosom would be good article you click on no I do not is not much or ectopic, but maybe I'll write an article just as you said yes to question cool name of the day. I will look RMM club Leslie RI okay right now you know what Alberto from Georgia.

We are on the last minute. I name the phenotype enjoys preamble your stuff are you there jerk HAPPENED to get going because about a time anyway everybody will have a great weekend and it's one let you know that we do stay on the air by your support if you're so kind as to consider supporting this ministry, please go to see and hold information need to be right there you can help us out to me with it's five dollars a month is a recurring donation.

It helps us to be able to create a budget know we can do very helpful to consider that karma toward the I hope you have a great weekend.

The Lord bless you by his grace back on your another program powered by the Truth Network

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