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April 22, 2022 5:59 pm

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April 22, 2022 5:59 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What is biblical and not biblical about Seventh Day Adventists---2- What is Easter Monday---3- Are there people who can interpret dreams---4- Is there a separate power in the name of Jesus verses the blood of Jesus---5- Is it wrong to rebuke the devil---6- Can you define prayer---7- Where was Jesus for the three days after he died- Was he in hell---8- What is the oil in the parable of the 10 virgins-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought a lot more why Grimes is called responding to your questions Matt slick Andrew estimates would live to recall four lines 877207276 I got a nice window open assignment like to hear that that's online and I guess you people driver was looking all over the place. So there you go for that. I release some more stuff on the new apostolic Reformation today and just doing research some one thing I like to do is just research word patterns and I do that in order to learn what God has said through certain words and certain things and then I write articles where use those concepts I've learned, and that's what I'm doing is writing some articles on three articles on profits. Word studies on different forms were profit and a good enough and then I would do it on apostles and I want to get those released then I'll start researching some other stuff. Probably start doing individual research on individual authors inside the NAR writing more articles and I have been trying desperately working.

I spent hours last night trying to work on the video. Got the house to do video study videos is fine except for one thing, the lighting, I can't get the lighting to work right. It is really been tough so I was up last night watching videos of this letter.

I guess I'll try and stuff like that but I'll take a look at it, but you will get it start converting a lot of these things to to go to another converting about the articles to video register can open up the article and and just talk to the Word studies mainly physical thing about doing also is just doing some videos right tell stories.

Stories of things that five have happened in my life, my days in the cult of various things I've told people stories over varying contexts and they have said you want to put those on fit.

We tell them what happened. So I think I'll do that to about that okay for the lines we want to give me a call 877-207-2276 discussed the bus coming from Dayton, Ohio will welcome it on here always good talk with Michael once again I have a question on seven day Adventist mom Ellen White. I guess he is the cofounder map and I can take your answer alter what like what is biblical about Seventh-day Adventist and what is not biblical. And how should someone who is searching for an organization that teaches all things Christianity.

What should they know about Seventh-day Adventist I would stay with the cemetery fence absolutely stick with and the reason the reason the reason is because I teach aberrant theology in several areas.

Some of it will salute really won't matter. In some things with a do affirm in the good side is the Trinity. Jesus Christ has always existed a hopeless rich person, etc. they affirmed the victories at and to salvation by grace. They affirmed baptism by immersion, that's fine you believe it or future 1000 year reign of Christ is no big deal, that's fine too.

They deny the doctrine of predestination, which is foolish because the Bible says God contestants me so anyone who rejects that is just as it whacked the deny sprinkling a bite baptismal sprinkling that's that's within orthodoxy of the baptism they develop in his with what is a problem, they deny the immortality of the soul and there's problems with that ramifications to that doesn't make him non-Christian. But it's this: isolationism I've written hundred and 82 articles on the election is well so I started quite well in this resume or tell her the soul and things like that.

And so it's there the wrong and annihilation of the soap is a false position and they deny the turnout.

Each analogy of hellfire the city of the cannot have any alcohol Knights you know if you have been wondering about this one is just them. Even though the Proverbs 31 six says give strong drink of the Meadows Pershing in one of the monies in distress and stuff like that. Not here's where we get some dangerous stuff they teach our sins are ultimately placed on Satan and that's LG 13 controversy page 4 2245. She says that and know our sins are not placed on Satan that's. They were sailors going cry with legs or right first 22 24 divorce in his body in a car on the cross and thus in Corinthians 521, he became sin of 1/2 that we teach that Jesus was the Old Testament Michael the Archangel, now that's the route on one of the ones that are clear that I was yeah the wrong but what they teach is that not that Jesus as Michael the Archangel was a created being, but that Michael the Archangel is eternal. The second person of the Trinity who met Jesus or the word is manifested as Michael the Archangel Angel just means messenger so they're wrong about that, but they're not denying the tonality of the word it when you understand with her actually teaching, so there it wrong, but their teaching. They're not denying the tonality of the word, so that's good. They teach worship once this must be done Saturday and some of them teach that true Christians worship on Saturday. If you don't worship on Saturday not a true Christian love. That's what becomes cultic and we get a little more is more stuff in October 22, 1844 Jesus entered the second and last phase of his atoning work when October 22, 1944 one October 22, 1844 so 22nd or 2222 is $0.44 October 22, 1844 so Jesus entered the last work in the 22nd so know that was finished on the cross to 1930 so they are extremely wrong there dinners was called the investigative judgment the fate of all people be decided based on the event that if in the future. That's very problematic. It's cultic because it tends to teach the idea that their salvation is based on this judgment that looks at the whole of your life not talk to some STA who have denied that I talked I've read STA material they affirm it. So when I say is sound groups within the STA or Christian on the Christian side and some are not. Okay NAT is very teach that Jesus is in heaven carrying out the mediatorial work in the sanctuary in heaven. Now that's a theological thing is worth discussing my time here and LG white, the founder of the ST movement was a messenger from God gifted with the spirit of death is and LG white plagiarized nurse is well-documented. She plagiarized store.

That means she stole some nozzles writing a cleaner for so okay so my recommendation is you stay with the STA their legalistic and the lead singer all not Christian, but I would say that there aberrant and just stay away from the simple. Now, okay now what I'd recommend you do if you what I wanted decent churches go to Carmen look up the article. What to look for in a church hit enter and it comes out and use it. You see the article what things would look for the church and it'll give you a list of stuff. It's worth looking at like five or 10 minutes to go through but this is you know when you want to find a church you spent hours, months, years in such worth spending a little time for awesome okay Regulus were I'd greatly appreciate your help. Okay God bless the goblins. God bless you have a good day you two of us. Okay.

All right. Forgive me call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and that even give me a call and offer guidelines. All right, let's get online with Janet from North Carolina, Janet, welcome you and you make your election quick question, but Easter I had Monday off from work because of Easter Monday but I just don't know much about what Easter Monday. You know what you can help me out with that. Sure, it's the Monday that follows the Sunday of Easter. That's it. So Christ is already resurrected rose on Sunday, which is why we celebrate church on Sundays is called the Lord's day.

We don't do it on Saturday because of that reason that's that's how this would happen in the early church, and so Monday is just write the following Monday. The next day so special about it. No real biblical thing about that Easter Monday or will there is, in the sense that after the day he rose the next day the first day of the week or the second in a week you define those days of minutes. It's indirectly mentioned but nothing like it's Easter Monday something special. It's nothing like that in the WONDERING electric day off and Easter Monday night for about about Easter Monday. Well it's like I think is like the third Thanksgiving you know if it happens in a Friday sometime to get a Thursday Friday off so that you get the phone on Monday off so there's nothing in the Scriptures that tells us to follow that particular day or to have any celebration on that day. There is nothing in the scrum process to celebrate the Sunday either suite with a celebrated Saturday as Passover and or frighten Thursday or Friday obligate mixed up as Passover, when Jesus was crucified as a new unit say how long these in the gravediggers and discussions on nevertheless. So Sundays, a day he rose from the dead and the Scriptures talk about worshiping on the first day of the week.

I would actually worship on Sunday. So some okay worship on Saturday unnecessarily. But that what bank information, no problem and that you have a great evening and out pocket later. God bless.

Okay bye-bye they socially have white lines 5 applies when you call 877-207-2276.

Since this topic just came up about worshiping on site Sundays at a Saturday. The STA worship on Saturday with I would do just for a minute or two or three is explain why worship on Sunday and the reason is because the Bible gives us the freedom to worship on any day that Romans 14 526 and Colossians 2 1617 this is therefore look no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival which is yearly or a new moon is monthly or a Sabbath day with his weekly things which are mere shadows was to come in next 20 verse seven on the first day of the week that Sunday, the first day of the week when we were gathered together to break that bread, Paul began talking to them in today to depart the next day and he prolonged his message until midnight.

So it looks like he's preaching on the first week with Sunday enforcement in 61 through two now concerning the collection of the sentences I direct the church to glacier do it on the first day of week, so preaching and no tithing. It looks like something then there's relation 110 the Lord's day Sunday to live through the lines give a call 877207277 Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave, welcome back. 77 Courtney welcome doing all right you got out there today through a we get a lot of our topic.

Unlike America like that guy you name thanks to our group and I like how I get done and I was thinking and I think that coded green expert at our really crazy and I wanted to green and all okay). The fee green and it was not actually a dream guy that that with godlike getting her telling her the fact that though the sick, and they have second essay say that such a violent violent sin is a demonstration of God's desire to be intimate with you and that kind of a context he's sick if I was in a Bible study he came on and on and he is some woman said this of you to be very concerned for my sheet. No change, be not counseled, but the news we talk to her and then he were to say all that means, although I'd say I'd say excuse me, you need to not say that and I would tackle in front of everybody I said that that's ridiculous is not how God operates. It's not what's going on. You have no right to say that what your qualifications you know it. That consent makes me mad because too many women are right or dyskinesia. David you easily review and in branch repentance. Now here's the thing what people are wanting to do is have their ears tickled, and so the bring in a dream expert in a dream expert will tell you whatever he thinks I could pretty 10 to be a dream expert by coming into a group.

Tell me your dream till interpreting okay and then I just start making stuff up and you could do in such a way with the fitness ambiguity that it would work, and since I saw his body language I'd be watching the body language of each individual that I was interpreted the dream to see if I was on track are not on track. No, you need to needs to be addressed on the phone get me on the phone on the speakerphone in your prayer group to be very polite and the sake I'm sorry has not how God works when it does say next to 17 and 18. The God works to know people have visions and dreams.

These are godly things in the interpretation of dreams are left up to the Holy Spirit who works through people and dream interpretation occurs in the Old Testament that's under the inspiration of the divine writers who then say this is how it was because the people work lent by God. Furthermore, I would assess an individual who, since agreeing to interpret. I would ask other questions to see what he knows, doctrinally, because I'll tell you I would almost guarantee you pretty much guarantee 99% 95% that he will not have other doctrines down very well.

He won't know stuff that he's going to be into the positive confession movement. Name and claimant blab it and grab it probably is the the NAR and the idiocy of that. This kind of stuff make me mad because what it does is it brings women into bondage when you have someone who's a dream interpreter.

They then have power over you because now you need to go to that person to learn what your secrets are that you are are dealing with in your own private dreamworld so that this means that women have to open up, it's very easy to manipulate and bring people in the control like that I could I could demonstrated in a group. I could sake I'm going to demonstrate this. I'm going to show this to you right now. Someone give me a dream or make one up and tell me and I will show you how to reinterpret while I'm watching your body language while I'm doing this to get you to I would do it and demonstrated chase after five visits I think you see how because people are not trained. They don't know instead of holding the word of God up in the air as exists is the final authority want their ears tickled and they say get some guy into a prayer group prayer group to tell us what dreams mean. And then he says something like that and that a great sin of horrible sin is how God indicated he wants intimacy with you as a moral Bible says we had you had tell you what the Scripture says okay.

My prayer now getting her out and out sat now.

Email me you really this guy's name. Okay. If you have a website that is associated with this email at and Alta. I'll check them out.

This kind of stuff makes me mad. It does my spirit Holy Spirit very uncomfortable and make you comfortable in the fact that the women in their were agreeing with it just demonstrates that they don't have discernment so they don't have discernment now if they're listening to me so little in the you know if your group or whatever is listening or offended. Sorry, but I'm not sorry because that's what the truth is, and we need to be taught the truth and I know truth sometimes is difficult, it steps on your toes doesn't care about your feelings. But this man is my opinion, is not intended to be a deceiver but he is not a good teacher and he needs to be corrected and rebuked.

I would love to have a discussion with him and and generally bring you Scripture okay intimacy with Christ is mostly right back after these messages. 772072276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave 02 there Courtney arrived literally to versus actually one of them is out of the context not out of context but it's from the context of second Timothy chapter 3, which show boat which begins verse one but realize this, in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, unruly, hateful gossips holding to a form of godliness. They will be denied its power avoid such matters.

These four among them are those who enter into households and captivate week women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses. Second Timothy 36 and it says the next verse, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth so noticing this just women it meant to. This is specific and it is talking about this case were week women were weighed down by Sanskrit women are often more emotional and demand and carry things differently than men doing nothing is better or worse is just different and so men can pray upon the weaknesses emotional weaknesses of women and is very easy to manipulate women in the context of a prayer circle prayer time in the home. Home is safe with other women safe in prayer safe and someone comes in who looks authoritative and teaches so this is a problem and you are wise to check them out very wise. Your husband married a good woman. I prayer group in out unit actually don't think there might yeah I like the group is glade about praying for the country and think that yeah note that I only want to run things. I can count that I would like is my spiritual spiritual Tourette's kicks and sometimes a bit irritated with his Christian church that harms others remember him as I got a reverser but remember I'm dead serious. I could arrange or you can register me a phone call speakerphone put in the room with ladies they can fire questions that we can talk about this a very gentle okay it's because they need that's okay and I am very gentle but just this kind of stuff when guys get in there do 00. That's it. Were supposed to protect the ladies not hurt them and not put them into bondage like that. Alright so intimacy with Jesus or it was with God. Actually, the Bible says God is faithful, to whom you called into fellowship with his son Christ Jesus first preteens on nine were called into relationship with Jesus is not God the father who who we have fellowship with the we do, but it's the specifically the person of Christ was one of us, our high priest or mediator and this is who we have that fellowship with and so that's what we need to look to first of all, in Scripture and seek fellowship with the Lord Jesus and seek him, that was supposed to happen. That's it gives little off on the topic, but that's astutely pointed him but again, I'm serious. You contact me at and you said you Bible study, prayer group, dream analysis in the title for Matt slick, whatever is good, we have different people who answer emails you put it to Matt slick check to do that next day or two or three. I even check our emails because we have so many and then we have a guy who actually wants we call goes here. The emails are talking about. So we do this right okay alright I Courtney I called to Josh from Ohio hi Josh, welcome your on your grade. Doing a live by God's grace men. Thank you sir. Question your character Mark Howard in the power of the name of what what different you know that I've heard people say you know the plead the blood and I don't see that in Scripture.

I do say do see where it says: name of the Lord is in reference to Christ first contains one, two, and asked 221 and things like that and then we have in acts where where is that when you're casting out demons in the name of Jesus OMS right. In fact, in and ask for 10 it says that by the name of Jesus the Nazarene to be crucified by this name. This man stands before you. So the powers in the name of Jesus. Now that you be careful that we don't try and say a phrase in the name of Jesus and then you attach that to something as though the phrase has power and you can direct that power. That's sorcery. That's not what people do they do that in the positive confession churches a lot so I forget where that word is maybe a settlement and there'll show me the text chat, but it's in acts one their casting out demons.

The demon settled we know Paul, we don't know you were always right right exactly and try to find them looking on Kyler to have the rep the references and so I can say were just solidified it acts 19 is you X 19 thank you very much lonely person. I got a lot to learn.

Still, and said I wasn't expecting this word is and the ways in the power Jesus so that work even unbelievers truly feel. If you cannot save views that there is power in the name of Jesus. It is true now to complete the blood that means the sacrifice blood of Christ that cleanses us the plead the blood hi I just I just don't don't do that is look at the name of Jesus I rebuke this or you know I don't talk just to the devil, either because he will save them on talking to you this to me until you name it. Jesus probably don't do that. That's it that's printed you to the devil you know to never do that or not, will work on our block to help people without their product on the when I'm in prayer about prayer and pack.

I want or all not letting him know you are my foundation in thinking that the fertile well that's a prayer prayer by both fine for part is not for you know open prayer deals with addressing prayer scripts, prayer deals with addressing those in the spiritual realm going on beyond is what it is.

So we pray to Jesus because he is God. The idea prayer means that this is unfortunate. The Catholics pray to Mary, which is a heresy is false.

Understand what is with her saying is that millions of people can speak to her in prayer and she can understand all of them simultaneously means in silence, prayer, and spoken perks when anybody is praying. It should be to God and God alone. If you think that the enemy is there about you, whatever and in and mess all around, I see the thing to do is say Jesus and in your name.

Geez, I asked that you would rebuke the enemy powers in Christ you don't want to get in the habit or teach anyone else to address personally the evil one because then they can get into the habit of talking to lump well so Jesus even even Michael the Archangel said to to Satan, the Lord rebuke you to make sure where there that prayer will help direct God. If you define it that way that if you define it that way. Then when you talk to say to you, not praying you talk it will still break me right back folks after these messages we work through this after the break Matt slick. Why call 77077 charismatic slave still there.

Okay so and set up by definition you gave before the break, and you would be pregnant. Devil just you just be talking to Dr. when I do not wear white will your grade out that I often I doubt that will that prayer not know what what what the see us good to see earlier but you know we got sidetracked. That's okay when talking the spiritual realm, etc. that that's prayer. But if if lessee hypothetically you're doing something and you and others.

You see there's this demonic.

Whatever the devil you whatever right in front of you is visible then you talk to it. You're not praying to it.

Now you're just talking to it directly, the way you talk to someone in the same room with you. We were seeing. Prayer is a could be silent or spoken in the silent or spoken aspect of prayer is aimed at directed to those aberrant groups. Those who passed on, should only be to God. But when an entity is manifested in person.

It is not a silent thought. Your giving, which is part of what prayer can be tested direct communication so that case you directly address the name of Jesus, you need to leave you know things like that so that we can identify their prayer.

You have prayer also honoring her so yes it is I am okay hundred. I don't like telling him what example all know if I if I'm going to work and out right. If I'm diabetic work.somebody will larger so she's told you things all you know how to I got you to God that I got what I wore. The bikers right I am. You can't type through that… Is a lot here we could talk a lot because it's that was fulfilled in Matthew chapter 8 verse 16 or 17 structure healed not at the cross before he went to the cross and so the healing deals with spiritual aspects don't think it means that you have to have physical healing. It can, but it not necessarily so. This is another issue but no, I didn't prayer before, and were all of a sudden out of nowhere, I mean the most vile. Whatever boom just right there. What was and so I don't know exactly what it is I don't need the help of the devil to think bad things and be bad, but generally I do. I conclude it was a spiritual influence going on and I don't go into it at that point I just say Lord Jesus, would you please rebuke whatever that is, etc. I always go to my Lord. He's the one with the power and authority.

I knew the only time I would ever directed demonic force directly is manifested in front because it was a demon in a person because it's a direct manifestation right front of either so don't tell people to be talking to the devil okay don't don't. Lessee is right there in a manifest date manifested form is Internet talking, not praying, this is rebuke him in Jesus name. So now if if there was a was a demonic manifestation front of me, I would say to some effect. You know is exactly I would say that six in the name of Jesus I proclaim his blood, his crucifixion is that the resurrection be gone thing. Okay, read the mail arrived, they would has a good conversation. I believe we will you to back of less all right actually like that conversation, Mike. Let's get the truck from Burlington someplace where you fought, North Carolina North Carolina okay last night, Michael Sherman and Christ when he died on the cross.

Three days he was in our life. Would that be correct to say you know like where it's one of them is one of the series is that he visited there that he was there the whole time because Ephesians chapter 4 starting verse eight talked about meeting captive a host of captives as he ascended on high, exactly, but it doesn't seem to be the case that he remained in one place only, but that he went to heaven maybe, and in Hades. Maybe the bowels of the earth and proclaim the truth, transported people in Safeco 03B: a is also LI yeah yeah the holding place well and that you're so great yeah that's right well I'm okay okay that was the church.

I know believe this book by the devil as heresy and those people need to be soundly rebuked and water balloon thrown at the pastor while he's up in the pulpit preach the stupidity.

There's no viewing iron in the old days that that's me is a serious heresy because Jesus said it is finished on the cross and these flaming heretics are teaching that Jesus went to hell and finished the atonement at the hands of the devil, and the demonic forces, naturally enough, the atonement and that is heresy. And those are false teachers. They need to be rebuking to be out of the pulpit to be defrocked and maybe tarred and feathered. Maybe yeah what you are great and I appreciate it very much and pray over your minutes. You all and that's not what nice three race that's different payment was different regardless thank you all all right, this get on to this or that scholarly outlets see Charles Washington.

Charles welcome Charles hit the button Charlie Ron either. Are you doing all right sir, we got them which my question. I got little deeper into reading the Bible on a daily morning about about the terrible burden in the five I went and waited right without the loyal in the five to add the oil in my question is, is that were representative of it may be that in that case, the parables are difficult understand sometimes but could my curiosity is after the parable or at the parable I declared to the five tried to come back in Orkney. I never knew you because they didn't have oil and so they were not invited to the wedding fee with her invited generically but they didn't have the oil of the whole oil represent the Holy Spirit, which is some evidence that the Scriptures then we can make the case conservatively that they were without salvation because I whispered and Wells were believed, levers that great, so that's what it looks like the to heaven to be compared to 10 virgins who took their lamps. This is Matthew 25 when out to meet the bridegroom. Will Jesus is the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were prudent and that was a foolish took their lamps. The took no oil with them. I was delaying I got drowsy began to sleep and of the foolish said to the prudent give us some your oil, your Lance prudent said no not be enough for us, for you to go instead dealers buy for yourself mother out bridegroom came in what it looks like is going on here is this issue for the bride and this is coming for his bride that you need to be prepared and be ready doesn't mean you earn your salvation through your works, you keep yourself right with God by your work.

Something like that. But to be in preparation because those who are ready will always wait and be there, but those who are not ready will go prepare for themselves something to go make themselves ready for the bridegroom and so therefore they aren't there… You know there's parables are generally meant to illustrate one basic idea and so the issue here, I believe, is eschatological and return of Christ. The judgment day and all of that, you better be ready to better be ready because when that day comes you to be in trouble if you don't, you're not ready with Christ and have what's necessary in this case were presentation of the oil is probably the presence of the Holy Spirit and/or take it to the issue of salvation as well.

I just want you know I respect your opinion, a lot of the yeah well thanks. Just something the text later. The virgins also came saying Lord will open up for us in your church leader said you I do not know you, and these are not saved, etc. that's interesting. I just saw that he 2512, because if you subtract three you nugget with me. I never knew you, and when. And God says I don't know you mean you're not saved is that I do not know you, and they were not believers, and he says, be alert you not know the day nor the hour.

Be ready.

Don't be Casual. Don't be lackadaisical about these issues don't do that as we saying and they said what animals will put it off and put it off and then when it's time to late good way for me now eschatological deal salvation and judgment about J appreciate.

We welcome welcome anything else with that lesson medically going thing else my okay thank you Conan and thanks for listing would appreciate thank you okay alright well let's see that nobody else waiting we got Sentinel 23 seconds left in the show. Just want to say thank you to all of listening and just to remind you that we stay on the year by your support and assess very often.

I really don't. I don't like doing it. But the thing is that if you like what you hear. You want to hear more to do with so pray for us and maybe consider supporting us and you could just go to Carmen Turk/donate. Therefore, Truth and talk to. There's the music for the Lord bless you gracefully back on the air tomorrow and I hope you have a great God bless powered by the Truth Network

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