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April 15, 2022 7:47 pm

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April 15, 2022 7:47 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt has a debate on 04-14-22 on the topic of libertarian free will verses compatibilist free will.--2- Is there a difference between lust and simply attracted to the opposite sex.--3- Can you explain the three end times views---4- Is there a kind of Christian that will be protected during the tribulation- -Revelation 3-.--5- Can you explain Luke 16-19-31- What does it mean by the places where Lazarus and the rich man went after death---6- A caller wanted to further discuss the pre-trib rapture, as she is a proponent.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions. Six. Now let's see, that's a good debate tomorrow night.

For information on the current calendar calendars carbon report/calendar claim that there will be debating the libertarian free will versus compatibles free will and the light of God's sovereign ordination and determine call so we discussing that and there you go. For me it's going to be just the discussing all kind of stuff teaching on Roman Catholicism likely down continue my research and the new apostolic Reformation and I been reading a book on it that's approved by Lord of the NAR leaders and it's just soulful heresy. In fact it is so New Age that I actually on earth notebook I had for 25 years or so on no New Age doesn't want to conventions collected information. I have no right to me so I'll be going through that comparing with a safe this NAR book with the New Age movement of doing home we had a caller that we lost a caller so we have five open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 and will is this what he think this quote here.

You guys can listen to lists what he thinkest everything is energy at the foundational level of existence and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency.

Everything that exists could be thought of as some sort of wave with its own resident vibrational frequency so that you think that I think it's interesting that's out of this NAR book is that if it would fit perfectly.

My New Age research.

See, the only the only difference between the various types of electromagnetic radiation is the amount of energy found in the photons, the whole realm of energy and vibrations that we can't see with your eyes are here with our peers. Could it be that God has given us other ways to sense the unseen and unheard, and also touchup dolphins have the broadest range of hearings and people are healed around dolphins so there into that may you know if liquid tell you there are callings out there for people. Dr. lawyer mechanic no apologist is a delay although you all the people you know in a room, room and table you save in the interview is decide which which professional want to go into the doctor says you got a really to learn all kinds of the human body and specialize in this devilish like a little constable and specialize in this or that you get to the apologist's well you have to understand philosophy, biblical theology, you have to understand logic you have to be able to deal with people's nonsensical stuff. Divide the truth of Scripture from the error of all kinds of theological, philosophical systems, etc. etc. and it will never and because unlike the other professions, this doesn't just add a little bit each year always adds everything all the time and basically drowning so that's kind of how I can you quit because you know heresies just don't stop and I've been working on. All I could go on line, but there you go, the apologist's work is never done all right, but give me a call 877-207-2276 Mark Mark welcome here from Florida walking on the air.

I met a question that typically based three. Finding a way to discern between loss and just simply being attracted to you.know that was there eligible call back at nine not just Dallas circuit is now is what that differentiation is but lust generally defined is something that we don't want to be involved with is an incident intense to save physical desire and aware where you go beyond what country because it might be children, cars, and selected discuss it where the intention is taken too far in the realm of imagination and desire you know if there's a pretty woman out there and she have to be attractive. You notice that that's fine. It's okay.

Praise God just to go much further than that. It's I think you think you shouldn't be that kind of lust is of course sinful right that I find myself turning ahead being a head turner at time thing about you my my doing something wrong here in our minds. I beat myself up for the I try not to go to meditate on it and that's right, draw the line I don't know if I'm doing the right thing by doing that, but I don't. I told myself that meditating on that is where I start getting down down that path. But what am I wrong about that will just intentions and things like that. This is a difficult thing you know if if you're out there is not a mall. For example, you see, really attractive woman and you notice okay okay I don't see a problem with that.

You don't want to dwell on it go any further than that.

When I was in seminary professor made a statement you said what you do when this kind of thing happens… Say for some biologically unknown reason that your attractions look more strong. Okay that point he said he prays and uses Lord protect her from my lust and the lust of others and I never thought a good, really.

I'm thinking that actually really help. That's a good idea. Appreciate that now and in the case of somebody you know looking for a spouse is not obviously unnatural physical attraction usually and yeah and may fall into lusting after that. Wednesday they must act enlightening and general okay in general and gentle man or woman attractively got back you, it cannot be construed as log war or just lusting without initial attraction biblical attraction well if you just met him you don't can't love them. In that sense, but you don't.

We men are that way, were very visual, so we might notice women in that way and did nothing wrong with thing attracted to a woman as long as she's not married to somebody else in your married etc. etc. didn't go too far, but if you're looking for dates and the possible marriage partner.

Then you notice that you don't then from the very beginning. You should but you should let me put it this way.

One of the jobs of the husband is to guard his wife and to guard her sexually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and a lot of women may think that you not chauvinistic whatever go away, but is one of our jobs. What we do and so… Say you're dating a woman and she want to come over to your place and is just you two alone, what you do you say well you know I don't feel comfortable with because we would be alone and I be compromising your integrity and mine as well.

And if there's a better way for us to do this is working out you don't miss meet in public or to have friends over and I understand somehow driving a car together your loan. I understand. But the idea here is that we want to present to the women. The idea of guardianship even before way before you get married. And of course you never do anything physically inappropriate and you guard her that way. As I teach what I do marriage counseling and the couple is messing around.

I'll say say to the to the female girl you trust this guy you and yet you have full ground. They trust a man with a Christian. Here you trust him with your dignity and with Your Honor, but he's already lead you astray.

This kind of man you want to marry. They're not used to hearing stuff like that.

It's shocking and the guy sitting right there that is many times couples and all turned to Samantha. I'll say the same thing you want to trust yourself with this woman who's willing to compromise the purity of God is is requiring of marriage that NASA question is it if you're not to be faithful before marriage to be faithful after I asked is tough.

Good. We men need to have it. It is good and it's true that I have a lot more to say. When I'm an American counseling can't contact premarital counseling want to do their wedding and there's a lot more but these are the points. Some of the things that will bring up and the men in particular have got to guard woman with and don't compromise them to be to legalistic I understand it I there certain situations but you would be his is his guarding of her as possible. And she needs, even if it's inconvenient.

If she says she realizes that you're a good trustworthy man that your guarding her.

Even before you get married.

How much more unity after and this is the idea that some legalistic weird way, but as far as I'm saying all this to you because it's practice for you practice for you right now.

How are you going to guard her. Even with you with your own intentions.

I and so example of guarding failing to guard with that, the adamant guarding that are needed regarding her in the garden of Eden.

He had hoped to hell and guard you failed little money. Of example of that occurred on people not guarding.

There's plenty of examples and feeding their own lusts, winners, emotional, conceptual or physical. And you know it it's it's sinful and men need to understand what they're called to be. As Christian men. And so I have buds, you know friends and their married and we all all of us men of in a lesser degree. We guard each other's wives was watching out for each other's wives. Do not over doing it but I mean you know if if my friends with my wife either at interest location because you know I had to go play golf.

Went and I had to go in a few hundred feet away.

Automatically he knows he's the one responsible right there at how we are is how it is the same thing happens on all guard his wife sending happens and he knows my friends know I'll go down swinging to protect as well as my own life course. This is the attitude that I have of my friends have. This is a lot of men have this attitude we go ahead and have it in our hearts as well as her hands, and that means when you see a woman in the mall and you guard her from your own must pray Lord my lust that I have thought a lot good. God bless. Alrighty, folks were out of that when there's a break and give a call if I would like 877-207-2276. I want you to give McCall will be right back, Matt slick, why call 770776 charismatic slave to the show if you want to give McCall if open line 87720722761 are that's gonna align with the bus coming from Ohio. He welcomed here. Here you will biblically buy what I mean by that matter. Give me Bible records is the three ethical obstacle standing cremated hello there.

In the yeah yeah what I can give you on the med because it's very uncommon view, but the pre-tribulation rapture can give you the verses that you use outside text. If you want. That would be great and I'm driving maps on want to go ahead and hang out with you on the radio. Okay, sounds good.

Are that about all right so pretrip rapture that stick a common view that outs before the tribulation. At the beginning of the tribulation. Seven years that the church are the Christians of enraptured and generally speaking, the verses that they use are such things include two-minute if you want to take and what is left anatomy 24, 37, it says for the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. Just as in those days before the flood they were eating, drinking there and giving in marriage to David Noah and the ark. Not understand until the flood came and took them all away and this is to it'll be in the field would've taken on his left and that's so commonly used as pretrip elation. Rapture means that the tribulation comes at the coming of the Lord to middle be in the field was taken was left well is not about the rapture and we read context to find that it's not. It's the wicked who were taken to verify that when Matthew or stimulus. 17.

In Luke 17, it talks about the same things is becoming a sentimental be days of Noah. They were eating, drinking Moehring to David Noah and the ark of the flood came and destroyed them all. So once were destroyed are the ones were eating, drinking, Moehring, and Matthew 24 once were eating, drinking, Moehring, are the ones were taken two-minute field is taken at the context and so that's not a good verse for that C with a try. I see that they do is look at the book of Revelation and say I Rutherford think that's a revelation to her for the church is not mentioned, which I don't agree with the church as much in the 24 elders of the church by five you at least answer the make of view out of this war they will talk about how I see how Locke was taken out of Sodom and Gomorrah and so before the destruction client came, he was got away from. So when the wrath of God comes then we Christians are to be taken out of that course that's not what happened there because Locke was in the midst of the destruction was all around him. He went through. It was preserved through at and I lets in the diverse that they use a lot as a verse out of way out of context and its first Thessalonians 5. Nine for God is not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation to the Lord Jesus Christ.Either AAA shepherds wrath of God.

Sometimes it put them introverts will use this as a the second half of the tribulation period is when the wrath of God is coming and so some hold that position for the bursa could be used for that, but says for God is not destined us for wrath is for the word wrath is the they say is the will of the tradition. But it's not all you gotta do is read for God is not destined us for wrath salvation. So what's the wrath it's damnation isn't out of deafness or damage but for salvation.

That's what's going on in my opinion there a lot of people who hold to pretrip elation, rapture, and I'm not knocking you do my saying all your you not that smart like not saying that I'm just saying that I don't see it in Scripture. I don't see it as he works is working to escape anything I think about this throughout history Christians have gone through all kinds of persecutions so is it suddenly the case that we Christians here in America were the ones working with escape. All this wrath and we enraptured out it's it's a sentiment that is very common in my opinion not well substantiated in Scripture. At best it substantiated through inference at his inference, nothing.

I know of in Scripture says were going to escape God's severe tribulation. Nothing I know. Maybe it's there. I just don't know. So what about post trip rapture position I hold to and I hope I'm wrong.

I really do but check this out when he limited 24 0123 they asked Jesus because he was teaching his hotels.

When will these things happen. The destruction of the temple and will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age. So Jesus goes on and he Matthew 24.

He answers the question, but he talks a lot about various things and many will fall away, lawlessness will increase.

You see the abomination of desolation. Verse 15 book of Daniel the prophet delivers on the housetop to go don't get his things from the field don't turn back and says it goes on like that is is less those days because short, no life would be saved. A member what Jesus is doing is asked answering the question he came out of the temple and the disciples asked him whether these things could be the destruction return your return, etc. he's answering this question you keep this in mind and then he goes on says that those days because short flesh will be left verse 24 of Matthew 24. He says false Christ from false prophets will arise and deceive many.

And this is a lighting comes in the East and the West not check this out, but immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light of the stars will follow up with the sky fall from the sky. The powers of the heavens be shaken and then the Son of Man will appear in the sky and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn for they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud in the sky of power and glory and will send forth his angels with a great trumpet and they will gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other. So when are the elect gathered after the tribulation.

This is Matthew 24, 29 to 31 is what it says right there because after the tribulation of those days will send forth his angels, and okay so people. Some people say will know know know what happens is are two returns of Christ, kind of like maybe 1 1/2 he returns and kinda didn't come all the way just before tribulation. He grabs people and then their niche ablation. People get saved and that he returns he sends forth his angels with a great trumpet this with a little say there's two returns are.

There's nothing in Scripture about two returns, or half of the return. There's nothing like that in Scripture, but they'll say that when you first hustled his 416 for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel with the trumpet and the dead in Christ will rise first. That's the rapture with the trumpet get back on what you make. All five of the line 77207276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave continue on with this little bit will get to the callers so as I was reading in first Thessalonians 4 talks about the trumpet when Christ returns and with the great trumpet then assess the trumpet of God. The dead in Christ will rise first and we were live and remain because of the gutter to meet them in the clouds so to seek meet up in the clouds because the Bible says in acts 19 through 11, there's the single return of Christ.

That's how he's going to return. You don't find in Scripture. Any place where it says she kind of halfway returns.

That's a complete invention. The Scriptures don't teach I'm sorry there isn't anything in the cloud to go meet them up there. Kinda comes that little bit that's credulous referee goes back up. It's just not there is not there in Scripture. People tell you that you don't preach ablation renters true and he kinda comes out of the heavens little bit and then equip me to leverage it. We go back up to be with them were to say that in Scripture never sets that, but we say one more thing.

This is what's irritating to a lot of people. I start seeing what is going on here because you know the parable of the week.

The tears of the week are the Christians of tears of the unbelievers.

Okay. And so the harvest is is that the end of the age limit read something this is essentially terribly, terribly, says no you much of the wheat also allow Matthew 1330 allow both to grow together until the harvest in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather with tears and bind them in bundles and gather the wheat at the barn. So who's the first ones gathered at the harvest less than the wicked first gather the tears this what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 when you have Matthew 1340. He interprets the parable that you gave the dots for the enemy virtually nine who sold them as a double. The harvest is the end of the age. Reapers are angels. Verse 40. So, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels and he will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks in all those committed lawlessness and thrown into the furnace of fire so that means. Wait a minute. That means the wicked are in his kingdom and it's the wheat is can we fix the tears which the time of the harvest, which are gathered first and then the wheat are gathered into the barn right this is what's going on in people say will that's the rapture like I have no problem with it being the rapture because it happened at the end of the age and yet Matthew 24, 29, two 2231 after the tribulation you'll see these things is what is says in the trumpet together some together. Matthew 24. Luke 17 treatment in the field. That's the wicked were taken in. They asked Jesus where they take it even answers the question at the end of Luke 17 with the body is the vultures gather. Twitter taken to an end.

Matthew 13 we see that the wicked ones are taken first and you go to for specialties for 16 to get her fibers to you'll find out very simply that the with the trumpet of God. The dead in Christ rise when he comes back in the clouds. There's no double return of Christ for 1 1/2 returns is only one and the order seems to be the wicked are taken first out of the kingdom of God there taken the place of destruction and new heavens and a worker made of stuff like that so that's the quick and slick version of that that was interesting. Let's get on the phones with Will from Charlotte North Carolina will welcome you. Are you alright man given a quick lesson on something. You read that really have a question for sure what I've heard you think or what you spend the day that you know you believe that your product three.

Rapture right. I don't believe in a pretrip rapture is my opinion and I hope I don't want any back a lot of. I don't want to go through it but prepare to write and isn't there a place in the further book in the test method for that.

If you are high Christian billet Christian that it will be protected during the tribulation will that's in I don't know well outside of Revelation. Three.

I know that you're talking about.

I've been there a good accuracy the ruins of Philadelphia to brag but I can so what in their is that disabled deposition of natural then there good clear that there two things you can do about it. And not to not to deny Christ name and to obey his commandments straight you to not deny him and obey his commandments in order to do what in order to build up you have to not deny him and keep his commandments to my Christian grandma ever given you have to bake yet obey them to become a Christian be a Christian loan out at about 5 AM to have action during the tribulation moves so then you're saying if you're being Christ commandments, like loving God loving your neighbor and everything in between. Then the antichrist will get you and you be fine and that you don't deny that night and you don't and I think McCurdy like during sugar like you show me where that's in the text of Revelation 3 that is says that it's regarding the tribulation.

I will email it the hope that Shirley okay about going back but I thought about NOBODY will hear that they're going to have to go through the tribulation, except the people beheaded during the tribulation.


So you're saying they're not really good Christians that I thing that the one or another my relay warrant labor there, but I'm there is perfect those people labor to go through the tribulation again. It will harm as long as they do not deny God's name and will all of his commandments or by okay so that that's what you're saying and so I don't see that as being biblical because Christians are beheaded during the tribulation. There's a great persecution by all. That's why that's why this is a run on my healing.

But you're not I'm not buying that you have to be a Philadelphia Christian Christmas. I wouldn't say Philadelphia Christian just a Christian now know it is a safe know this is a Philadelphia Christian say that this is the church of Philadelphia, so it says will Philadelphia you can.

Be careful you hold on hold and then he started this right and you had to miss about Sardis Christians fight Tyra Christians Pergamum Christians. Now we have seven different categories of Christians now.

I don't think I don't like are typically mentioned in the work group dropped off but he said you said there was a Philadelphia Christian Weldon also has related lunacy in Christian Sardis Christian Messiah Tyra Christians Pergamum Smyrna Ephesus Christians so now you get can you go through those and tells what kind of Christians another seven kinds Christians. Apparently if you're being consistent. But I'm only going to get back with you about that. It is a little bit more okay I get a good idea if I come up that I can have the right front of the public. Tomorrow sounds good, interesting, and I was going to be consistent then you get her to go to the seven churches, and find it difficult to Christians while that your perspective okay all right carton interesting will all right that's that's interesting call. Let's get to José from Texas. Welcome year on year is again in 1931 that yes they that be okay called 80 and that's why the risk that the labyrinth in the book of Abraham, so I will break okay and so will you do this afterwards because it's a well asked questions for you folks. After these messages reopen lines 877-207-2276) Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show this is to put back on here with José. Are you still there. Our okay so you want to meet with David cut explained what the theories are about that yet.

Sure the general idea is what I lean towards. Also, is that before the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Those who died in hope of the Messiah and were faithful to God, went to when they died. They went to Abraham's bosom just a holding place of paradise.

A good place and those who were wicked went to Hades very uncomfortable very bad and so when Jesus talked about this in Luke 1619 to 31 is talking about it and some people call the parable is not a parable of Lazarus and the rich man's actual man natural individual name. They talk about this showing there's a life and death after after all his life after death is that when you go to Ephesians 4 we look at verse eight. Therefore, it says when he ascended on high, he led captive a host of captive and he gave gifts to men. So one of the things of this verse is used for is consideration of the issue was husky when he ascended on high, he led captive a host of captives. Ephesians 48 to something.

Might be a reference to Jesus when he said send in the habit and that he took people from paradise. Abraham's bosom into heaven with a now along those lines. It says in first Peter 319 when he was he was died, and says he's made alive in the spirit in which he also went made proclamation of the spirits now in prison and so some think that that first Peter first Peter 319 might be related to Ephesians 48 that he looks like this possibly I lean towards this moment in time.

The skill that when Jesus died, he went to in the afterlife. He went to paradise went to maybe also Hades and proclaimed not preach the gospel so people could repent and believe, but informed them proclaimed what the truth was, and then ascended into heaven with the people died in faith, and then was resurrected.

So that's the general theory must come when I heard so there you go, then sets with description, there's book I gave those references, there's a good know that there is some evidence for it. Is it conclusive I wouldn't say is conclusive, but Rico now not a believer when the believer's life. They look great. That's right now illustrating you the Lord. Second Corinthians 58 to be the bodies be home with the Lord.

We will be with him. Okay that they think I anybody plus all right for the lines. If you want to give me a call 87720722762 Alberto Georgia hail girl and you have a lot of get a lot of wind in the background or message you better go ahead and why not play with Lulu and using a lot of different things are okay usually interesting about you not complaining I'm saying Alberto's you call up and I know that when you do you get to be asking questions laptop people's behavior, how come they people. How come this item that's really interesting puts you know so you know why people's inner work in progress. The because their work in progress. I outline you all well.

Yet, they shouldn't use it as a cop and I thank you.

Yes I do know all okay well okay about that you save your work in progress.

Look at the devils working on that's right you sure that the web app now. Why should they use the term Christian is themselves that that you understand what it says in acts 26, 28, Agrippa replied to Paul in short time you persuade me to become a Christian. Paul said, I would wish God they will you long time that you'd all be as I am, so you didn't have a problem. People been called Christians didn't let you first called Christians in Antioch, acts 1127 two, by whom the decision says the disciples were first called Christians in Nantucket is is I who labeled switchover that labeled its gangland scripture and Scriptures are called Christians is how we did it ourselves. No big deal.

Okay okay well you will not come out yet, but you see now that would yell but what time it is been called a Christian it's okay to be called Christian because it just means we follow Christ, the true living God in Christ, we have to follow when and about your for the phrase in a work in progress. Christians are all works when people use the phrase as you know is a you a way of getting out from an examination that's progress, right no time you said that that that the movie yeah yes I have my new center same address and leave. There's an inconsistency. A lot of times people's profession interactions right II get that that does happen and you Christians need to walk appropriately as they serve the Lord Jesus Christ should be. A lot of people are still baby Christians after 20 years ago because churches are losing milk, not teaching good theology and good issues regarding deep safe patient will not many a lot of noise Becker what he went out at a car plan, I'm not by not RMN rankings later okay okay okay so we have no place is interesting. You know he calls when I was here mainly in Boise. There were some of the radio. Many bushes a few years ago there were just regular that would call and there were some interesting callers. In fact, I remember this huggers of the it's interesting that happened is that it would call up I was in several stations not because I am now, but several stations in Boise, AM/FM, and out in Pocatello and on Salt Lake at a time and on and so people call off and nasty stuff and so I tried not to let people know I was reformed my theology and then we have regular callers who would want to argue with me constantly. We even had people around if one person or more literature on the cars at this rate, radio station against what I was teaching and that you know I got a kick out of it because it was so badly written and then people started complaining that Steve shouldn't have money or he's teaching God predestined people read the first word says it.

And that's right, but it would complain and so we got the existing for a while but any rate, so interesting callers.

I got stories I distorted customers with the original "let's get to Bonnie from Greensboro, North Carolina, body welcome, but you're on here.

I got yes I like Nikon. First Thessalonians 110 that's just semi-jump.

Damnation is not about tribulation damnation. Yes, that's not damnation. Also, because it says there uses so were not appointed to wrath, but salvation.

The juxtaposition God uses a term wrath in reference to a damnation that would make the wrath of God. What he'll have mistaken little thing that the board wrath missed preach needs tribulation. It does not rent well, there you go now. Now that's better versus better versus now that's a wrath that that is coming and we seek to be careful because the word wrath can have what we call a semantic domain you can have a range of meanings in different contexts and so when people say that Lakota varies versus Anil say look this may be able to tribulation. Look at the context to see it doesn't say that.

Well, not translated now so Calibri Enoch was transcript yes he was before the flood, but no one in his family went through the flood, they were delivered at the tribulation.

Israel know what no actually the ark is Jesus and is represents Christ the door. The father will get comforted by okay we will know what we may be going just preaching Weldon so you saying that that that the ark was only for Israel represent only judgment or selfish friend Elder, but there's a there's no call back tomorrow. Talk to the sound of the more interesting okay define the runtimes are like a call back tomorrow Bonnie okay for folks that was interesting like that. This agreement go to the Scripture, see what it says and I like that so to the Lord bless you by his grace tomorrow they will talk to them. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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