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April 13, 2022 7:59 pm

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April 13, 2022 7:59 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses the -New Apostolic Reformation- -NAR-.--2- A caller wanted an update on the Israel trip.--3- My LDS grandfather just died. How can I deal with him being in hell---4- Matt further discusses the LDS beliefs.--5- Do Zechariah 14-4 and the beginning of Revelation 10 describe the same event---6- Matt discusses the COVID vaccine.--7- When do we get our new bodies- Are we in spirit form before the rapture-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more you show me my flute would live and is dated 411 2022. If you want give me a call please do wall guard was dialing 772072276 only hear from you.

Jan is working just lurking around me, so I never get to take care of her little bit. Nobody people you know because I just you and your thinking on me on it in your yawn. I will okay so we have five lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 all rights guests what I've been working on working on the new apostolic Reformation. I have been going at it and see some books open some stuff I could tell you all my goodness, the new apostolic Reformation, the more I look into it.

Of course, the more dangerous it is a book I've been reading out written by two women in the NAR called the physics of heaven though so you know I been going through and reading some of the stuff and this woman says sought jury in 1999 during one of my quiet time with the Lord.

He mentioned the word sound, nothing more.

Just works out five I've always been suspicious. You know was talking to me. Yeah I was having a quiet time with God and he told me if you know that I need to go get dressed and go to the store agreement God told you something. Yeah so the infinite God of the universe just started talking to you without you now to the impression I does God well because it get irked by these kind of things when people meet God in the Bible. The Old Testament meant. I'll tell you there on her knees there interfaces to the crowd. These people so casually good. Are you not talking to God last night you told while and she goes on said it was like God was playing a game with me and I call this game the how badly do you want it game because it was like God was giving me a piece of the puzzle.

He wanted me to put together. And so in this book, but going through stuff was reading it late last night to look up to 30 the morning maybe three and so the Lord is ready to use sound, light and energy in ways we never dreamed of. This is reminiscent of the New Age philosophy and I've got some information for New Age] 25, 30 years ago I went to a couple of New Age conventions in Southern California and I gathered just a stack of literature from different New Age booths and sources and things like that and I three hole punched and I put it in the big three ring binder notebook and I still have it. Just out of the garage to do is go through and fan to some of the material and see if I can find things that relate to what you speak with the nursing for the new website information gone with this quote is interesting stuff, but according to McCall five open lines 877-207-2276.

By the way, tonight I'll be teaching on Roman Catholicism on clubhouse you would a clubhouse. I and download your phone and you can also download; club deck for your computer at least on the PC and I'll be in a room. The Roman Catholic doctrine of salvation is a biblical or something like that solicited a form of find the exact name. I'll be teaching at 9 PM Eastern time to go through a lot of stuff with the Roman Catholic Church teaches and expose what it is and is Roman Catholic doctrine Christian so that's with the top of the title is at 9 PM Eastern time going through and doing some of them to read a lot of stuff in the Catholic Church.

But that's just an FYI people want to know what I'm up to what I'm doing. So back to the NAR stuff right so these phrases in here the word from God. Here is a prophetic word the Lord gave me about the coming importance of sound. The Lord began showing me visions of what has this to come. The coming God sound God's sound. The sound, God is going to release the greatest revival.

The world is ever known, filled with people clamoring to know this magnificent God of hours and so reading through it and see there's something in here when I consider Bill Johnson present at rights that we can't just campground old truth, but should seek newly revealed truths for a generation that starts that Mormonism you know or Jehovah's Witnesses. We need new truth. The words the Bible is good, has a lot therefore also we need new truths and those new truths are obtained through our visions in our dreams and the apostles who will then tell you what God is wanting this is a formula for disaster. Absolute disaster. It really is and then nurses. People fear and then because we are exploring territory that some people fear is full of counterfeits. Jonathan Welton explained that Christians need not be afraid of being deceived by counterfeits which should realize that whenever we see a counterfeit. We should try and discover the real behind Wilson quotes again.

What this is. I couldn't believe I dreamed of psycho are you kidding me, and then because we are exploring territory that has some people fear that some evil fear is full of counterfeits. This guy name Jonathan Welton explains Christians not need to be afraid of being deceived by counterfeit benefits really, so we should not be worried about being deceived by counterfeits while instead, what we need to do is look in the most counterfeits to discover the real behind this urea stuff like this and and if these two women apparently wrote this book and this is with the quoted and I just dumbfounded by the heresy that is here it's flat out heresy and they have no problem with the problem with and it is so and get this you read this. This is good because slick were those of you what this book is just a precursor to the revelation of God is going to give us when he releases a new transforming sound in the first section. Ellen and I share our journey of discovery about signed sound light vibrations, energy and quantum physics. Bill Johnson writes that we can't just campground old truth that we should seek newly know if I was a New Age teaching New Age stuff done this before where what I did.

I've done back in 2020, 25 years ago this. The New Age was kind of up-and-coming and prominent. I was asked to speak a few times on the New Age different places and I did and I had this notebook. I mentioned what I would do is I would just randomly pick a page start reading and I would say that you want. The sound is noted to have the sound of his randomly say something, reread re-what was it is really sick us and I watch felt something to do is on the spot on the make stuff up and I would just say some like like caught in a context were talking about the quantum physics Revelation of how energy is displayed on that level is affected by her consciousness means of the sound that we utter will have that effect in the quantum realm is the main data just now. I made it up it would fit it perfectly. Inside, a new type of a new New Age philosophy but would also fit in this book that's a problem when you can make things up and you could make it sound with you, Ellen and I share our journey in this book. Sure our journey of discovery about sound, light, vibrations, energy and quantum physics. This is so typical of New Age new New Age speak how they talk man so it's a lot of problems or letter problems. I got to do with a lot of stuff in going to McCall. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 look at the Janet from Raleigh, North Carolina Janet, welcome your on here. Thank you a question. What happened to the trip.

If you guide my daughters of the yes we ended up not going because they were requiring covert vaccines.

I I will not take it. I don't trust all and so but if you go to the Karma homepage. We have now reintroduced the 2023 Israel trip and so we are going because Israel is no longer requiring a vexing sunset all overall allegory yeah every 20 to March 4, 2023 try and pay tribute craftwork this year right yes they sell it. I guess you have thoughts of Joel Kramer, Joel Kramer's awesome when Y went before Joel Kramer was there is a he lives in Israel correctly and he's an archaeologist and he took us on a trip we went to see Jericho see that the reorganization and on the webpage so we went and we stood on the following walls of Jericho stood on the lack and I was pointing us to look at that right there, look at this rhetoric, all it was awesome. So you with the reduces come visit ancient cities, mountains feels coastlines will help you read the Bible with fresh eyes see the house in Capernaum, where Peter lived that walk among the ruins of ancient Jericho. That's gonna be awesome. Visit the city were paws good travel for Felix and Festus, what your feet in the Jordan River traversed the cave filled wilderness were David took refuge from Saul.

I got a member that hides hike to the cavern where the first Dead Sea Scrolls were found. That means it can run cave one, we wouldn't ride a boat on the Sea of Galilee were Jesus calm the storm and a lot no vaccine required and receive a letter the trip. If you sent about the cost from $5500, though, if you get yourself in New Jersey and what you're New Jersey then everything is taken care of of from when you leave to a new land except for watches when you go out there and were driving on the bus and go different places. Despite her lunch so bitter that good and I'll tell you there good I could.

I went okay and it was my favorite things was some of the meals. I remember once they this table must been 6 feet long 7 feet long, 3 feet wide line of olives different kinds of olives.

I have no idea so I got all of some branded IDM on the bus and the it was great. It was just a lot of fun really want to look for some of it is here that I really liked about it was the people that we would you Americans right and it's of the bus together and talking and were just having fun was a blast from looking forward to the other nice aggressor is that photo hotels are great and I really liked also was the lunch is because we're these different places in one place I remember was just a mom-and-pop thing. It was basically nothing.

Wow. You know how there's a time event, get coffee and turkey was a fun experience anyway. Like to hear okay I for folks. I wanted want to give a call 87720776 McCall Matt Flynn why call 770772 the show want to give me a call 877276 all right when we get on phones with lots of right job.

See jobs. See if that right from Utah. Welcome JC my screens messed up so I decide is messed up so I can't read all the letters okay so was my wife says thank you believer okay so we got it now morning grandfather on the lot and father first and are my grandmother like real life within my kind family and no more than professional like really tough morning Dragon sound like really bad." Like going out and I'm struggling with where he and I not able to type her blanket and I get In time right now. I called and I like where Morley is here couple people at my grandparent, you know, Mike Alda being fired in morning my grandma and my grandpa, all that really had a grandparent in their 99th life right now.

You only tell you where he is biblically the stuff is likely okay and how there's only you. If they catch them out and then I go back to Atlanta where he knew my brother written written and no there's not before my grandpa died. You know them going to hell, and it really. My grandpa never really get the point in the upper you know to make it a point in his life like grandchildren all the way and that's all he ever wanted to talk about what to look for trying and I'm meant to kill him how and come get me like talking to you that I think I'll come get you know there's no one coming to get my grandpa though forever, you know, wondering what green green and really tangible and I keep in Mormonism you know better world thinks the remainder of the lien but we can explain it better day. JC wish real comforting words but all I can tell you is to treat a railroad company, the real world. Our company real comforting if he died believing in Mormonism officially forever. There is no I don't say that with pleasure.

I don't say it to be mean grief as a human being who has denied the true living God and is entered into eternity deny the true God your tears. Maybe your broken heart reach into the hearts of other Mormons as a here they put their faith in trusted Joseph Smith and the fact is a lot even cults to the doctor and he didn't like talking.

"Late he thought no world hardly believe that the world needed to know what they called me on the you know why more restoration. Any directory world needed a restoration and that the morning had a gallon and you'll get it.

I would like billion-dollar they're doing really well in the Bible asks why the wicked prosper. Just because something prospers is God.

The reason cults survive is those cults that do survive, survive and flourish because they have the right combination of events that occur if sufficient leadership sufficient following money that can come in and without the money the camps increase so they have to have a way of money to commit. This is what happens money money right that's right. And so Mormonism know it's like improve Mormonism's falls to the hundreds right now and is not an issue of an opinion.

It all comes down to you either believe the word of God, the Bible or you don't and it was Satan who first cast doubt on the word of God when he said that you did God really say this is the work of the enemy to say that the Bible is been corrupted that God's word is not been preserved.

NestlÚ eighth article, the Mormon church and so once someone believes that, then they'll believe something else that won't listen to God to listen to another Shepherd in the Bible. Here in first Timothy 616 and so you know, ladies and gentlemen I can read the Greek here. I can read it had Cretans college and seminary and are no textual variants. This is not a thing was added, manipulated, mistranslated its not the case. First Timothy 616 is speaking of God the father says, who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see in Joseph Smith said he saw God the father becomes out of the house, Joseph Smith contradicted the word of God. Therefore, Joseph Smith is false it is that fact is that truth is that simple. What I have done is proven old Mormonism falls some Mormons maybe say what they saw God in the Old Testament. Yes, that's correct. They did, but was never God the father. Jesus says in John 640 6D diminishing the father except the one talk about himself is from God. He has seen the father when they were seeing God. The Old Testament in Genesis chapter 3 axis XXIV nine through 11, 6213 you'll I want another with the product that they were at the conference. Letter writer. No, there's no much fighting right now it went in wanting people to pray. You their heavenly mother now more likely to drink late Mary now get not think exercising that got good night will bring. Okay JC so they voted for 77207227657707, only one wasn't a thing is that Jesus says 2424. The last statement falls Christ and false prophets will arise and deceive many perceived you might say will I know I'm not to see because the Holy Spirit bears witness of the truth really and how do you know you have the Holy Spirit know the spirit you have is the Holy Spirit in our dissent. The deception deceiving spirit.

How do you know what JosÚ would pray to God which God which God did you pray to the God of Mormonism, the God of the book of Mormon is Mormonism, the God of Mormonism came from their planet is a goddess wife. If that's the God you praying to is not the real God.

You can deception as an answer because in such a prayer.

What you're doing and overtly is committing sin by praying to a false God asking the false God to reveal truth to you and you get a deception you get a feeling because the spiritual battle this why gotchas have no other gods before me.

You'll say will wait a minute. We do have God the God of the Bible know you don't, the God of the Bible says from in Psalm 90, verse two, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. But in Mormonism, Elohim, the sky, the father used to be a man in the world you cannot be God from everlasting to everlasting and also not have been gotten from everlasting to everlasting because the God of Mormonism was not God, from everlasting to everlasting, but he became a God of the God of the Bible in Mormonism God is three separate gods. The Bible says is only one God. Isaiah 43, 44, 45, no and the people. Mormons tell me well you know the Bible says if you ask will give you the answer will. She says if you ask for wisdom will give you wisdom is a proper use of knowledge doesn't mean the get revelation knowledge.

It gives you gives you wisdom revelation of the truth of the book they take that first input five out of context and misapply it putting your faith in Joseph Smith who said that God the father appeared to him. Joseph Smith's son, and so if that's the case that Joseph Smith lied about that if it was hypothetically the case that he was lying.

Then Mormonism is false because this is what it says in no read to you. First Timothy 613 and I'll read it in the King James 13 1415 and $0.62. I give the charge in the sight of God, who quickened us all things that before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession that they'll keep this commandment without spot unreviewable until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which in his times he shall shoo who is the blessed and only potentate, the King of Kings and the Lord of lords who only have him or 12 immortality dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto whom no man hath seen or can see. So who dwells he has immortality, dwelling in the light that you can approach unto no man has seen or can see this is what it says about God the father, Joseph Smith said he saw God father, so you have to make a decision or you can believe Joseph Smith or are you going to believe the word of God. Joseph Smith incidentally was involved in the occult in the comments. He contacted the dead to the spirits of the dead water Mormons don't know that but it's true. It is true that he would do sorcery and do all kinds of mystical things are getting money Mormon church has polished the history and changed the history quite a bit polished and changed the book of Mormon is been altered.

Most Mormons have no clue what happens is they're told to trust the feeling that the church is true and that the restoration of the gospel occurred, except that there was no apostasy.

Mormonism says there was Jehovah's Witnesses think there was an apostasy. Christian science is there was an apostasy. Islam says there was an apostasy in each one. Claims to be the restoration of the truth.

Apostasy the spoken oath does occur it is spoken of his second Thessalonians 2 can understand it with his talk about is people saying the return of Christ is occurred and he says in verse three of second Thessalonians. Let no one in any way deceive you for the apostasy return of Christ that this will not occur until the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed of these are related together, apostasy, and the antichrist antichrist isn't here.

We still were aware of, and he certainly wasn't on the scene back in the 1830s, when Joseph Smith said oh God appeared to me with these golden plates and from them from family gave the book of Mormon which look more dusty would have Mormonism is another thing I get into that you understand folks Mormonism is not Christian teaches a false God I got to keep their planet was a goddess wife is about 6 feet tall. Yes, physical relations with his wife and have an expert, Joseph B. Brigham Young status of letting any other man do it. God did it with Mary to produce the body of Jesus. This is what he said to Journal of discourses on website document and Brigham Young said in Journal discourses .13, page 95. He says whatever he said in the pulpit was as good as Scripture does is drink.

Brigham Young said you sent so is Mormonism true notes not teach the false God false Christ because in Mormonism. There's a preexistence were all born brothers and sisters in the preexistence between God's goddess wife pay for their world and then we inhabit human bodies so that you become a good Mormon you go to the temple. I figure temple recommend that you learn the handshakes and hugs get your underwear get a new name and hopefully build become a God of your own planet.

This is Mormonism, but certainly not Christianity.

You see, Jesus says something really interesting. In John 1027 my sheep hear my voice, and they follow me. That's what he says they follow me, and it does not say that the follow anyone else that don't follow Jesus because Jesus is the true shepherd and so there are false shepherds out there and the false shepherds are the ones that the cults of the people of Mormonism and stuff. I followed as a metaphor to Jesus was speaking as a false shepherds come in.

This is my sheep follow me and Jesus says come to me and I'll give you rest. He didn't say your saved by grace through faith.

After all you can do from 75 2523. He didn't say is my 1032 says that if you deny yourself of all ungodliness and that is God's grace sufficient for you works works works works. See, that's not what Jesus taught. Jesus has come to me, not tell Mormons here if you're tired of the works.

You gotta do to be right with God and you don't know if you have that assurance you're having doubts. Not sure do what they did in the Bible.

They prayed to Jesus.

Jesus is asking anything in my name and I will do it. John 1414 and the church in Corinth, for example, called upon the name of the Lord Jesus to music prayed to Christ asked Jesus to reveal himself to you. Ask him to reveal the truth about the Bible is trustworthy, ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins asked Jesus to receive Jesus trust what Jesus did. Your works are good enough.

The work she doing Mormonism never to be good enough. You're trusting and when Joseph Smith invented in your works, your baptism, church attendance or tithing temple attendance and everything else. Hoping you can make it smell the scriptures teach for those who are hearing this is because God is calling you want you to come to him. Jesus you are a folks be right back after these messages get a break.

Please let why call 770-7120 recall for lines 877207 Daniel from the convergent and you're welcome. You're on here by God's grace. I'm doing okay. All right. Church all right law? Do we have talked about earlier. The return of the coming day of the Lord start the 14th chapter of the baccarat tire and specifically with think about the fourth verse about his feet standing on on the Mount of olives, feet spread kind of very similar to Revelation chapter term with the angel in the little scroll is the same thing you Revelation embeds baccarat Mold will it says this guy.

Revelation 6. This is the sky was like a scroll, so not sure what verse you're looking at in Revelation 10 Revelation chapter yeah which verse in Revelation 10 well, I was just beginning when it saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven and his right foot on the seat is less on the land and the seven peals of thunder and a voice from heaven saying seal these things off the angel muscle standing on the sea swore by him like this river created. I don't see anything in there that would lend me to the idea that it's the same event. Okay okay okay okay from malaria a lot but I was just wondering if it was talking about your printer. What I do during the breaks because I have the notes you know on the screen. What would you talk about so I went and I looked. I'm really totally cool Bible program log such as great, and it gives me cross-references and I always look for things like oculus. He is in Revelation and or aren't getting nothing. This manager there isn't any, but this traitorous different knowledge doesn't have any cross-references into Revelation has an okay home and have a cook and Mark but so like a black top and a completely different I'm not its elastic prophecy.

Okay, it is because it's return of Christ in a voice from heaven and the angel will this you and so them. Scanning through its you must prophesy good concerning the nations, nations, tongues, and kings, and the two witnesses come. The news given measured electronic gift and so this would certainly seem Revelation 1011 certainly is eschatological and service usually the case that the two witnesses are there. About this time when this happens, so what exactly was the timeline of all of this. What we know that you just return and Zechariah 14 for this prophesy.

They'll put his foot down what metal ball to crack open.

I heard a commentator once say that there was an earthquake fault) Mount of olives.

I guess you been to the metal balls and we walk through its and this is nice area and the trees and the trees are three-foot. Don't just diameter and are like 1800 years old or maybe even I do know is time to Christ, and so Mrs. was needed but what is roughly right so there's doubts.

And so I've heard it.

This is the case that the metabolically will crack open of the collision is quick for they think it might as it says and Zechariah 14 for in that day they his feet will stand on the Mount of olives, which is in front of Jerusalem on the east and the metabolic will be split in its middle from east to west by every large valley so that half of the mountain will move toward the north the other half towards the south that's interested because that means is going to be a huge movement of land and if it's can happen there amount of all of this can happen is and through Jerusalem, there's gonna be a lot of damage done so there's then there's the talk about Revelation about an earthquake, and it says in Revelation 11. For example, which is in the exchequer over in that hour. It was a great earthquake and 1/10 of the city fell. Could that be the issue of the okay might correlate Mort. Maybe not for my mad could be more yeah and you'll notice that this is this two witnesses who are killed, they were able to do some stuff people didn't like they were killed in the whole world rejoiced. This is verse 11 of Revelation 11, but after the three and half days the breath of life from God came to them and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell upon all those who were watching in their and they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, come up here. Then they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies watched them and in that hour there was a great earthquake and 1/10 of the city fell 7000 people were killed in the earthquake and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven. The sound was like a garment baccarat could be an enemy tell you I'm I am not an expert on on Revelation there.

Maybe the people who, despite starting and they study a lot because it was close map of the curriculum. That's fine not expert appreciate your show everything a friend of mine. I get three or four months around near the holidays called you about the covert thing and she ran a medical practice right here in Richmond name is Darlene not remember a lot of people who have not called it, and what I tell people is they can go to wonder the sea and just wondered if this it's this CDC website and the and what you can do then is see there's away from the reports. But if you just do/VA ERS.html. Then you can go to their skull. The centers of disease control, about the vaccine adverse event reporting system that's at the VA ERS is the vaccine adverse event reporting system so you can get data from the CDC website actually have an article on how to do this on Carmen go to/Copeland and you can read. And so, long story short, the all the thought, all the vaccines from the 1960s and up from all sicknesses. All the vaccines is been invented in order to help people. They help vaccines help. There are some side effects occasionally and so people suffer like I understand the overwhelming result is the great many people are helped, not against vaccines so all the vaccines combined excluding covert since 1960s there been like 9000 deaths reported to all the vaccines and I mean a lot of since the 60s rock and 60 years and all vaccines combined excluding covert there's been 9000 reported deaths associated with receiving the vaccine and the number of five deaths reported connected with the covert vaccine in just two years is 13,013 house just one faxing of covert pillow all form language combined and did not give me to take it I guess you didn't bring about that but she did a lot of good community answers that didn't kill by distracted driver hitting a car and just wanted for you to pray for her husband that all of all.

So we had a couple other debts of the last couple months.

The family of Robert Waller left behind his daughter like a granddaughter and Vinnie and Willie will see people who passed away, but about the covert stuff. I did a lot of research on its I would physically defend myself rather than pursue the covert vaccine.

Oh yes, she was very hot was really tragic and big part of our Bible God and pray that all those people affected by the comforted and thank you for your questions that you do. And one thing when you're talking you could you could turn the volume up on your output level on the radio because it just so kind, adds a lot about something.

This is my output think that it all can hear me better right now all is well. I'm on the telephone away from my radio you define over the telephone, but if I'm on the radio.

Notice that I do appreciate the legs could turn it up a little bit to others is others and said there have trouble hearing this, and caller system radio so I guess when things are mine you want to talk to engineers about that.

So I've heard that I do talk softly sometimes and my voice is deeper than most of Italy gets buried in road noise when you're on the radio.

Yeah have you talked quick but are not met you. God bless you a lot more than you know somebody appreciate calculator okay all right let's just jump over to Vicki from Raleigh, North Carolina. Vicki welcome you are on the site and I think I bring in my mind.

I think I will pick it anything I really framing my spirit raptor. Yes, very good profit right before he ever guide every nearby will you guys are talking about which two geysers, Elijah and Enoch and then there's a two witnesses of Revelation 11 semester was to write any.

There were knots in the netiquette. There weren't any.

When Jesus ascended to heaven talk of the first time right is under the heaven that that's the only one there is nobody went with them. Just him I okay well you know I got understand that there are times when II make my mistakes, that's for sure.

I don't have all the answers. I'm certainly open to be corrected, but I'm just not ever seen anything that I remember in Scripture.

This is when Jesus after his resurrection ascended to heaven after two people with okay all right it's all right I think you will pay folks well out of time with the Lord bless you by his grace back on their tonight of digital Catholicism on clubhouse from the clubhouse after my name find a goblets of 9 PM.

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