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April 7, 2022 8:01 pm

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April 7, 2022 8:01 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- How can you know how to see Scripture without your American mindset---2- What is the difference between the lake of fire and hell---3- Is the antichrist the government---4- What do you think about q-anon---5- What do you think about Christians who don't verbally witness---6- Do you think that a temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem---7- What do you think about Mark 16-12---8- What do you think about the current president of Ukraine-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive you have questions of our Bible doctrines max Y rises called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick I will be wanted Nicole talk about the number as usual is 877-207-2276 what you recall, we can blab those of you might be new to the shows a Christian apologetics show a book, basically a Bible answer kind of a thing were talk to be about an issue we talked about yesterday. Questions were trying to answer more talk about all kinds of stuff do all but everything is working for the past two days on some issues on on agnosticism. I've been working on an outline trying to show its incoherence to discover a small principal and the point about it is really making things flow well so work on things like that as well.

When I do some teaching Ashley today. We had a conversation with some people in parts of the world and about doing seminary level work and graduate-level work for students and things like that in apologetics about getting involved with that so that's good to praise God for all of that.

So he looks like he would call 877-207-2276 is good to Danny, Charlotte, North Carolina. Danny welcome you are is no radial is no longer government about biblical interpretation. Okay, whatever.

Found the Bible or York about how to take all the American you know land of looking at Scripture and put on like the Eastern view of how they would've you know received a take like a lot of Pollock letter no.

I read it and you know I got all the American stuff stuck in my mind what stuff you know like what you've heard preacher say about how they maybe pick you know certain verses.

Maybe you must get down to target.

You know, maybe if I start what you know in store: sure you are you as I get a book dealing with the customs and manners of the context customs and manners. You can just go look for Chris bookstore whenever it is. See customs and manners of the Bible. See illustrator reference enters and customs of the Bible and seeking we could not look so thick at restoring the parables what is helpful.

Also, don't be duped by the idea that some will say all you do is have a Western mindset. Don't be due by that kind of thing. The issue is worse. Bible say what we need to understand the context of its history and its cultural context. So for example, the prodigal son you know when the sun asked for the money from the father doubt in that culture is equivalent to asking for the father's death, because you do not get your hair to. So after father died. He sat I wanted now that's really an insult things like that better helpful. No one was all kinds of the Scriptures that if you look up the manners and customs of the times then you can just learn a great deal that'll help you a great deal going to the text. Letters is really really recommend that you will benefit greatly from it you will write. I will double my folks pharmacologically. To me a call 877-207-2276 Rudolph from Raleigh welcoming on the air.

We got there on what is it going so far. Hell is thrown into the lake of fire, and so there's different ideas of what hell is this a place of the dead to place the abode of the dead place of discomfort of my problems and then ultimately it is thrown in the lake of fire and that's in a cast on the outer darkness. And so that's that's what I friends that I've studied it, and it's not an easy thing to say all this is exactly what it is, but that's basically what is hell is a bad place and this would be cast in the lake of fire, and the whole thing is going to go to the outer darkness. So Death and Hades. They are that's aggressive verses for that to cast in the lake of fire incident revolution. If you 20. The beast sees the thrown alive into the lake of fire. Verse 14. Death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire so and they wonder is it's super literal or is a metaphorical because if you think about the lake of fire. That's an interesting phrase if you can imagine what it is that I've done that for a novel that I wrote called influence and was this particular scene where a guy with just say visited the place and I described it, so never very clearly how I described it, but there was a an edge like a edge of a lake in Meyer and group that the sky was kneeling in and he could feel the eyes, looking upon him.

The people who work in this lake of fire and the terror was upon him, etc. etc. it's in my novel the influence, and so to get out of that image and made it more literal or what was it literally and is it literal I don't know but it's there certainly seems to be an indication that it is okay is called, but it is called the second death over.

Thank you God bless our little from Raleigh we have again for the lines.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 lets us jump online with Marie Indiana hey Marie, welcome your on the air.

We got high. We got about 5011 and talked about right.

Actually the government what you well so the antichrist is said to be the one who opposes and the only way to see before it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called God or object of worship that he takes his seat in the temple of God bless second Thessalonians chapter 2, three and four. This is the man who opposes and also its entirety. Christ can find.

I got so I am goat my notes of my written article on this and went through and was sure some other stuff in there about this is is a human being is not just the government so so in Daniel seven versus eight and 21 what I was contemplating the horns behold another horn, a little one came upon them, and three of the first order pulled up on the roots of the Behold this man possessed eyes like the eyes of a man mouth during posts. I kept looking and was waging war with the saints and overpowering them no means a government the government waging so I wore the same flats that's the case of the governments are becoming warmer present of Christian but there's something else. Zechariah 1117 it seems to be in reference to him. Woe to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock. A sword will be on his arm and his right. I his arm will be totally withered and is right I will be blind.

So it looks like if you have an injury and he will probably homosexual. Daniel 1137 he will show no regard for the God of his fathers or the desire of women. So in Revelation 13 and the beast which I saw was like a leopard in his feet were like those of their mouth like the mouth of the line. The dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority. And I saw one of the heads as it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast knows what it says there and Revelation 13 three. It says that this person's fatal wound was healed well in Zechariah 1117 the worthless shepherd, a sword will be on his arm is right I will be withered is right I will be blind. And so it looks like it's a repeat what's going to happen. It's a prophecy of the bad guy, the spirit of the antichrist, so it looks like his company an actual individual.

I do not say it's it's a government system to think that your your friend needs to just be more discerning well alright right now with the way are now and I guess I can watch like that I don't write. I can't believe it. I like that you know that I reviewed the why can't you get that now I actually I am I right so the last sentence is quite follow.

So the using antichrist. Yeah, I actually yelled Lottie will hold that position to be blow by the devil himself great power and authority to bring people to the place of unity in the world of the church against the, the believers claim himself to be God. This is the antichrist, so not that a governmental system just don't see that as being a friend needs to do some more homework and like you said very well is go to the Scriptures of the Scriptures teach because people can put together videos and take things out of context. The Bible and make it same thing. We want you with any piece of literature you take things out of contract togetherness different sequence you can make almost anything, say anything so we don't have that with biblical revelation will do contextually as a whole Scripture not part of it all. I can't remember his name. You can't really put my name's release it or remember what my last thing when real last name. It's slick, you okay and that's where your age is my real name. That's what we call it that slick life is no problem.

Alright talked with cartoon character. We have five of the lines. What you call 877-072-2760 call back after I call 77077 sure I know you're not in will will what is cute to knock on the lawn to see some conspiracy theory politically and where there is a group of individuals who are to be careful because her children in cars listening group of of people involved in trafficking, etc. who are politically involved in running some things behind the scenes and things like this. And so that's the nice way of saying what everybody offers me a a.m. conspiracy theory to civil okay it's true it's true maybe it's not true. I just need the evidence. Let me weigh the evidence so please what you forgot evidence, I need to see that now Mattel you conspiracy theory that it will be called non-falsifiability no it's my favorite of all conspiracy theories. It's the these the theory that there are 2 billion aliens interbreeding with Nazis in underground cities at the polls and that when they get enough of population in surface and take over the earth and I love that theory that I think it's just awesome. Great job. Talk about an absurd ridiculous theory. There's there's a good example of something was also nonfalsifiable. You can't demonstrate it is true or false. That was in San Diego and Heaven's Gate cult with a killed themselves. They taught that Applegate taught that there was a beautiful and the other side of pillbox, and to kill themselves more to go be taken away by this this to you. If, on the other side of the comet is going to verify it so this is the problem with a lot of conspiracies non-verifiable conversion nonfalsifiable.

They can't be demonstrated to be false like you can't falsify the idea of a UFO. On the other side of pillbox, passing through how do you prove is not there is nonfalsifiable. How do you prove or disprove the idea cueing on so people will believe things because it fits a certain motif certain conspiracy think personally I believe that the election was stolen. I don't believe in the legitimacy of Biden. I don't believe it is my opinion I don't believe that our government is on our side.

I believe that there are people behind the scenes that are pulling strings and trying to undermine our autonomy and that are trying to bring this country to construction.

I believe that I will get a lot able to. I can't prove a single thing of it all I can do is look and say why do these things happen this way in the draw conclusion. Is it possible that I'm wrong that's possible.

I don't believe I am you look at Biden, for example, in the idiocy and the stupidity of his position and what he's done to this country. How is hurt everybody in this country about how could he possibly get in, especially when all the fraud occurred election leisure evidences is a proof I would say is proof why choose to believe what you choose to believe based on what I see but can I convince anybody else know what I try to know my could I be wrong. Absolutely it should not divide a family should not cause anybody to think sky's insane crack.

I just maybe it's my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong.

I don't know if I lean towards that's fine that's fine to do that there are people on right. I like it or not, spiritually know what you do you do when they say you have the spiritual discernment is certainly possible. If I don't have enough spiritual discernment. Maybe you do and I don't need to pray for me and ask God to open my heart and mind for that to be good and if you could also present some evidence to me that in the combination of your prayers and the facts. Maybe you welcome your position. Seek when you say something like that you're doing is asking them to demonstrate your positions true. A lot of times when people try to do that they can't give you some things just aren't connected, like for example there is documentation that there was a lot of fraud going on in the election with the presidential election. That's a fact prove visit prove that the whole election was stolen what doesn't believe it was that I do can I prove it now so it I can't prove it to anybody else. I don't have those facts and have all the documentation so I'm not can impose it on anybody else.

So you ought to if you don't believe it.

You don't have to discernment Eric and thing because they're saying they can see the truth. You can't cult still different direction. Yes it just you should research the new knocking. That's a good one to do a search that you conspiracy the on new knocking the alien connection in things like this and distorts he will know you know that I think dailies might be running everything you know just have fun. You really got no place is fun saying I do not need I tell you how to say properly rose unlucky on the Nike really got to get into it makes more sense and the so people are susceptible because they're susceptible to cults and false theologies because of emotional needs and usually is an intellectual deficiency. I don't mean an IQ, but I should say a knowledge deficiency.

What I should say I'm intellectual to think that you know in your mind. They don't have all the factually believe these things like, I'm so frustrated and want to comes along as an excuse to capitulate to conspiracy so that they know the welcome folks light up in life you call 87720776 right back after I call 77077772072276 call Alberto from Georgia Alberta. Welcome you on here hello hello yes you there yeah Matt question people who are Christians of the secret agent Christian and not Bob. What about your conduct and not mouthing anything but Jesus will context up in the context of me, Jesus talks about fleeing to the hills with the Antichrist comes when you persecuted for one city to another ice has a Mark 1314 says when you see the abomination of desolation standing where it should not be let the reader understand and those who are in Judea must flee the mountains so there running the Christians are hiding on on on on on my quest. I know I got you a question. I'm saying their different situations at different times. There are times when flee you don't display your Christian attitude because you can flee. There are Christians who are not under persecution who don't show their Christianity. That's a problem that I'm not about to witness the lower the member for years and the job site and number them another that the people doing to identify the other condo alone.

They should build a telling your Christian absolutely good but thank you that you open your mouth. That's when Apple publicly that on the people all man right but to me I got a copout not far for document persecution.

For now, thank you, when you start out lower education comes now as I now thank you you have a piece you will be people never be offensive to them will be peaceful and being in love you Noel okay, but what about hail you know the pictures you can talk about timid Christians who really don't display the Christianity very much on a regular basis.

Yeah yeah yeah, Latin Christian round will get a lot of Christians are just not bold don't have enough knowledge aren't sure what to do. What a loser jobs don't want to be ostracizing your friends and so they put those things before Christ want people to get their bowl only when a Christian all Macon with other nonbelievers happen to me when I was quite a lot of time, but the venue got out lower but I'm a little good it did not mockingly with the unbelievers or people all of my Catholic basically all of them so basic to talk about is Christians need to be able to demonstrate to Christians in normal circumstances, absolutely.

You know, so what I had numbness when I was a computer tech at Hewlett-Packard and I refer a company that was working as computer tech and when I first got there, he don't mix pastoring and I never preached. Well, not defendant. Never. I did eventually. But I never put my faith upon anybody I never even spoke about my faith. I just was what I was and it took like three months before people start coming up to be and say what is it about you that's different.

And so you see that the notice was a difference it was done on purpose.

I would not preach, but I would exemplify and I really did so. Lottie will sell this exemplify will say anything when my strategy was was like that, except when they would tell a bad joke. I would leave when they would because I would not and it came to the point were they then send her something different. I could see a difference and that's when I told Lana pastoring a seminary graduate, I love my Lord answers you guys asked me. That's why so you see, by that time they were. They wanted to know. There should be a difference in her behavior and her attitude between us and the unbelievers are never made them feel bad. I never went through preach and condemn them except my friends in know that your pagan during your weight.

You are going to Darkside you know and they would say that it was it was true, but he knew I was loving on them and joking around his weight on calling names as you can do that with your friends but that was the extent of it. But what happened was they started changing their behavior.

Whenever I was around. Not because a required but because they understood my position.

I would participate in that. And a lot of the guys would start voluntarily apologizing for you in the Lord's name in Vegas when I one thing I did stasis guys. What does bother me is when you sort they would sue you because that's that's one thing. And so they started to change. It took about a year now there's a time when you don't say anything, you just live it and that's certainly valid as well.

But during times when you can't go out with the guys in drinking and carousing, and things like that in your soul Christian and a cat toy difference between you and unbelievers. That's a problem.

So what you think it was like that right only all right then. If you are planning on saying I don't know now that I'm just a look on the better. Can you guys, I'm not.

I'm not better, just saved. I still make mistakes you'll see those but I just realized my Lord, it's what you say you said you better tell him you're not. You say Lord save me and that's a and you'll see me mess up but that's all that's a no bail. I know that my situation it would always mind their people were mocking him back and finally sold so well I don't know that I will hold what you do when people mock you okay what you do, you just just take it. Okay, you're right.

I got married you say, but use it on you say something to the effect of your right and I got some issues at work on.

Thank you for pointing them out, you move on and not to build a handle your humility before them before Christ. Okay, it's not hard working and what Jamaican people want to mocking what I think that that's a different issue with the Christians there will will that's another issue is a really Christians.

I don't know the situation is, but people mock you. There's ways to deal with it okay there right no all right thank you rail girl keep my lips are blessed. Hey folks if we can logically give McCall about two minutes from a break but until we have four lines 877-207-2276. That's got to Bruce from Salt Lake City Bruce welcome eight hey Matt, I'm right here on Christian radio references to eight prophets like to be built in Jerusalem.

I never hear anything. What can you tell us about that couple isn't really underway, or directing it and what's going to happen and it it's not built yet.

I've not heard of anything word. It is occurring, but there is the prophecy that the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem and the Antichrist will going and and you will click blasphemies in their so I do know that the Jews I've heard. Let's say that the Israel has trained priests and they have the implements ready for the rebuilding of the temple practices so they are acting under the off the Antichrist.

We are actually working on "M no okay no okay was probably going to have directing that Israel is like the government of Israel that if I hear you right. Israel, yes, the nation of Israel allow list. I've been to Israel been to Jerusalem seen the dome of the rock scene. The Wailing Wall I been there, been underground and seen a few things so there's room for the temple to be rebuilt probably happen on the singer Adina Silva will probably happen is to be rebuilt and that the Christ will facilitate either the rebuilding or the arrangement of of it or after it rebuilt so he will come into place of power and authority and the world will be up at peace for a while and then he will go into that very Temple and claim himself to be God and then it's going okay so you if the government is allowing it.

There they are allowing it, but there must be some person directing logically. This is a person might be the case you don't know if it is the case is government but hope to write back.

After these messages, please, till you call 877-207-2276 max Y call 77077 bruisers told her I am the question. I read it right work today.

Netanyahu may be making a comeback. That's what triggered the question so I thought what you know. Well anybody making a comeback and that's certainly possible, but as far as the rebuilding of the of the temple is critical to happen. Start understandable prophecies will to happen will see what happens when the in know is it one individual in charge of it.

That's possible. Oh would be the government behind that's possible to be a committee that's possible. Don't know but eventually especially rebuilt okay though I would like to make older couple Temple Bethel Temple shalom and I'm just trying to make detailed yes thank you okay with this, it is okay I watch it's all right Bruce I all right. We have broken lines which give McCall 772-0722. It's good to see Jos from Texas welcome young near all right by God's grace in writing and art well. One day the yesterday logging. Here's the thing. There are three main areas in the New Testament that architecturally significant that have variance. One is called the common Jahan in Fortune 573, to bear witness to the King James is not in later manuscripts with earlier manuscripts.

Later translations, there's the woman caught in adultery, in John chapter 8 it appears in different places and different manuscripts so there's some doubt about it for that. So I will preach out of the woman caught in adultery. I will preach out of that the common Jahan them. I just don't regarded as being authentic so I don't worry about it nor will I preach Mark 69 through 20. I refuse to preach out of that I don't recognize it as being authentic and there's three reasons for it. One is what you just letters for recent one is what you just cited. After that, he appeared in a different form.

That's not correct. Jesus did not appear in a different form. He appeared in the very same body.

He died in the prophesy.

John 219 to 21 and the first 2015 35 to 45. He he had the same wounds in his hands and his feet foursquare during the Christian crucifixion as well as after the resurrection was in his body. So this is prophets or typified in John 20 2028. So that's a problem. Different formidable for meta-more flat all the different form is a problem of Luke's R Mark 1616. Many people have said implies that baptism is part of salvation.

It's not a nexus. A lesser issue there you go there's two more reasons. One is that there are other endings of Mark at least two other endings that occur and they are not as well attested as this what we call the longer ending, but there are doubts about the reliability.

The longer ending.

But here's the thing that really bothers me is that in the Greek New Testament of the gospel of Mark. If you did take all of the verses in the gospel of Mark. All of the Greek words except for these last 11 verses starting to clear my throat is severe to list out all the words that occur in the gospel of Mark except 11 verses 30 go have a list and then you add in those last 11 verses suddenly are 17 new words that appear all of a sudden. 17 new Greek words appear.

I don't appear in the rest of the gospel appear right there and I member reading, a scholar who said nonmarket words used in a nonmarket sense and so so that's why I will preach out of it. I I don't believe in its authenticity. This is the biggest problem of the New Testament document reliability issues and is really not a big deal because we know what it is and the sentiment of this is true, so what probably happened is is what I suspect happened is a Codex is a good book pages and so they would write pages and also some scholars think it would happen is the final Codex page of of the original was lost and ascribe finished it from memory or what he thought what it was actually saying and this is why the style slightly different this error and it Mark 1612 okay great, you're more and more modern.

No, not that more modern is just that this scholar forgot where I read it, but it was 17 nonmarket words you said nonmarket sense that that's beyond my ability to us to discern what has to be a somebody else's scholar was saying that that's the understand and that word Mark. You are well yeah it is did not address the problem is it's just a problem. Okay, that's a test that you had terrace more faith after the Greek different. This was interesting is different in Greek, there is is that my drawing on the north. Well, it's hetero birthday and so there are two words in Greek for different there's all Lawson had terrace all loss means another of the same kind had terrace means another of the different kind, so these two words here different form a different of a different kind of form and so that's that's a problem and we could say that when it says he appeared as a different form that what it could be understood to mean in his resurrected form, but that's problematic if this is problematic to say but is a stretch.

Okay hetero morphing right around accomplishment. Okay. All right. Let's get to Don from Virginia Don welcome and thank you for being here now bumping your online video really happy to think that landed like don't worry everything today about the president. The land in Ukraine.

I had a really ugly thought. I am not a biblical revelation area scholar type and I don't really know that much about the prophet in revelation I have read it.

I'm just. What you're what your thoughts are.

So I thought on this president is that because I'm worried he can become so embittered because an inhabitant of the West that he could be that maybe maybe like an antichrist. Figure anything the Jewish background in relation to Russian the Gog and Magog, and in the Revelation and what your thoughts on that as many, L5 50 that antichrist. Maybe as a Middle Eastern not much you know that I'm not sure I will. I wouldn't worry about it, but I do know 65 had been around and seen a few local people say help here we go. This is the antichrist coming and students failed over and over and over. I sling ski is not a great guy. She he removed opposition forces. He's basically created martial law because of the invasion of other stuff is pretty corrupt right but he is being invaded from the force and I agree with that. That's a good thing sentiment all the answers to all that but I know for concealed things good and is he an elf of antichrist.

No, maybe a form of what type of sure this is cute and is a type of antichrist. Just as many people in our government are antichrists and in this sense does the Bible uses the term antichrist. Those who deny the father and son deny who they really truly give lip service quote Scripture when it suits them in any go on a violet got their hypocrisy, but so biblically speaking, prophetically speaking, I couldn't tell you. I don't believe that they are antichrist either one of them.

I just think it's a stupid thing going on and that the stupid leftist Democrat system in our country is using it to gain power and give her their opponents like this landing cute for gas prices rising, the stupidity of that is just not playing it not be a geopolitical is going on but I can't help but think that this document huge ideal. I now like going on till Christmas and in our in our life now is that spiritual things are happening as well, though you know it.

Yeah, I'm not what you thought about it and you can continue lifting everything up and and heavy prayer.

You know that if you know that the murderous going on over there terrible that I am. I think your time you will no problem at all, and that your listening appreciated. I think you you to goblet all right will you know we got about two minutes of the show to talk about some of the present situation over there. It's difficult to know what all the facts are. We have to rely on left-leaning media largely there are other sources of information out there and it just takes too much time to go to lease for me to find out what the truth is, and who says what the truth is that we know that cutin is invading and will Ukraine is a victim in the sense the thing I'm concerned about is how the geopolitical outcome will manifest because usually it's for the issue under control and in our own country.

We could see how the leftist media, which is the lapdog of the Democratic evil Democratic Party and Eichler all clearly say again it's an evil party people documentation of its history with it uses lies a great deal and they are using this I believe to gain more power. So you don't the leftist number one, you never let a good crisis go to waste. So what how is is prophetically made means.

This is the Bible says wars and rumors of wars had World War I. We've had World War II and is getting more wars to come will there be a World War III. I don't know if there's a World War III will antichrist rise up out of its and bring the earth to Pete. Maybe, maybe not. People conceal kind of things. I don't know. I do know this.

Jesus is my Lord, not to my circumstance of others with my Lord. I hope you. The Lord blessed by his graceful so everything another program powered by the Truth Network

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