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April 1, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 1, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Should Christians vote---2- Matt discusses the 1961 publication of -the 45 goals of communism.---3- What are the essential doctrines of the Christian faith---4- Which king was ruling during the time of Esther---5- How do you reconcile -faith without works is dead- -James 2-14- and verses like Ephesians 2-8-9---6- Do pastors have to accept pay---7- Can you explain limited atonement---8- How do you respond to someone who says that it was men who killed Ananias and Saphira---9- Doesn't John 14-14 support praying to Jesus-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why the last day of March, we were off yesterday unexpectedly because of the tech problem on their end just happened. We didn't realize at the last minute or two before the show we could get it fixed so the show yesterday and that kind of stuff happens. So there you don't want to be called. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you. Your questions long overdue. Give me a call on that number. I believe that Laura is the one who was getting the page on car where I can go when you are the heart homepage on Carmen going to mess look like that you can click on the link there and find the video. Watch me sit and share with a headset on things like that so there's that. That's about it. And also you can watch on Facebook is not that exciting.

Blackwood really as cool as the people that are in the chat trips out of them so praise God for that good people are there. All right for blinds going to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's just jump on the phones and the little from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome here.

You speak up is hard to hear you. It's hard to hear your knucklehead whatever you guys much better. Okay okay I out very loudly make my Quicken crap Jack. We were talking about when we both you and we want to know about Craig both pray and vote should be voting Christians should be voting. I should be doing and wonder why there hello well okay just send you. Yes, it just so happens, ladies and gentlemen I release an article today on Carmen called 45 goals of communism. Now big surprise. But with that is why we belong on the corm website because we do governmental stuff as well. I would suggest you go to carbureted/45 just for 45 to 5 and is hit enter. It'll forward you to the article. The reason I bring this up is because of the of Rudolf's question should we be voting yes we should. The 45 goals of communism were published in March of 261. It was called in the good communist and they were read in the Congressional Congressional record by Albert S.

Herlong on January 10, 1963 there. The stated means which communist Russia said would use to overthrow the United States. So should we vote or should we let the unbelievers and all this stuff happened is 45 things I just cannot go through a few of them what it says work but number 15 is to capture one or both of the political parties in the United States will Democrat party absolute is a captured by the leftist socialist agenda that's for sure yet control the schools that leftism and socialism is being taught in the US schools infiltrate the press will that's a fact. Again key controls of positions in radio, TV, motion pictures, obviously that's happening to the left is an escape promoted there all over the place. It's eliminate laws governing obscenity by calling them censorship break down cultural standards of morality but promoting pornography, obscenity and books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, TV. This is done in this was so, what was listed in 1961, is what I said and then put in the Congressional record elected 63 how about this one, number 26 present homosexuality degeneracy and promiscuity is normal, natural and healthy visitor things the communist group at and people out of Russia in the comments group said they wanted to end to implement in the United States and over to overthrow the United States is not infiltrate the church's replace revealed religion with social religion. This is happening. The social gospel is infiltrated discredit the Bible, emphasized the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a religious crutch covert attack religious truth. Why is that important because if you don't have the truth of God in your heart where you will then in power won't take bribes or won't put stuff on a laptop. I won't lie about things or discredit the FBI, which is one of the ones number 35 discredit eventually dismantle the FBI discredit the American Constitution by calling it an adequate old-fashioned unstuck the Constitution is actually under attack depth. I can go on and on and on and on.

Three. One.

Discredit the family as an institution encourage promiscuity and easy divorce is more if we Christians don't vote, then the unbelievers will rule over us. So here's a question. Do you want unbelievers to tell you what is right and wrong. Do you want on first to pass laws promoting the killing of the unborn, promoting homosexuality is normal. Promoting transgender tourism. The blurring of the lines between male and female, and also more and more as this stupid leftist Sandy. When DeSantis put in the bill to not have sexuality taught to kindergartens agent first second 3rd°.

Your students did not have that taught and then the left calls it, don't say gay which they misrepresent tell you folks, there's a cultural war going on. We Christians are going to find ourselves under the social guillotine if we don't step up now and put a stop to all this, ungodliness and destruction of arc of our economy and our social structure and our churches on the tell you the first things that happened as a Christian is going to get the church together where the social gospel get rid of women pastors and elders, homosexuality is not alternate lifestyle*standing on the truth of God's word start uniting start moving start promoting, as was going to happen. The passages are preaching Biblical theology and stuff stop preaching mention of humanistic theological principle developed us in the blundered like locations are pretty okay all because what you said you are on a all right we should leave voting absolutely yes if a Christian does not vote, then don't blame anybody for the problems with no one picked it now, thing that happened to this again. Keep them Yes they can know and understand the enemy wants the Christians to feel helpless.

No, not that this is a great example. But pop in my mind, the movie gladiator and they had the scene where the people were in the arena and and the horses in the glow of the charioteers around them were supposed to kill the people inside the arena United States. In the movie gladiator and Russell Crowe don't reheat them together, and they fought and they want here's the thing, is it just an illustration. If you believe your powerless you'll sit and do nothing. If the Christians believe there powerless and just wait. Get raptures out. Don't worry about it then. That's exactly what the enemy of the gospel wants the Christians should be marching in the streets and protesting all over the place and filing lawsuits when the discriminated against against the Christians need to do this and stop sitting on their hands and using Jesus himself as an excuse to do nothing now okay all right we can change this country.

The Christians can change the country if the Christian start praying. The first thing that has to happen is that the Christians have to ask God to expose their own sin. Personally what's sin of my committing. Teach me how to repent of it. You go in the church as you pray for the pastors and the elders that that they was her preaching Biblical theology. Recently I was in a church where the pastor read Scripture and exegete it.

Very little of it and then preached a long sermon without a historical redemptive verse by verse. What is it actually say I've seen this happen so many times were gimmicks are used that the district stood at what I've been to so many churches are in so many sermons where it's a gimmick, and it's an agenda that's forced upon the Scripture. I think the pastors audit sit back and say what is the word of God say what does it say what is this verse say how do we limit what it says in the Christian life and point to the exit door to say folks feel free to leave in the middle of the sermon were preaching to equip the Christians not comfort the lost because I do recall to do as pastors is to equip the Christians for the work of ministry.

That's the job of the pastor and teacher. The elder know too many people are preaching a namby-pamby humanistic comfort everybody theology because things are getting bad.

Hey picked pick up the cross and go follow Jesus.

Get out there off your ears and go do something.

You start with yourself. You didn't go into the church to make sure the church is doing right and you got into siding on her hold up signs and you go protesting you go say no, no, no. Christians ought to be organize a winner not organized. No no no you I was in a chat room today this is this disconnect of really upsets me is in a chat room list with the gym working out and someone set a Muslim comes in is Jesus love everybody in this person that is at all yet Jesus loves everyone what and why would he send me to hell for being a model if he loves me. I like wait a minute. I'm thinking though.

Jesus doesn't let everybody back at the Scriptures I got innocent. The first premise was inaccurate. The does not say that God loves everybody because the Bible says in Psalm 55 that God hates all who do iniquity, and the person. This is female get on as woman got on and said that that was my Calvinist interpretation.

I said no it's not I just quoted Scripture to what was happening as she was actually imposing their meaning and idea of the blunter black location server Jesus on Scripture and then saying no, it's not true. Even though I just quoted the word of God. This kind of thing needs to stop in the Christian church where when the Scriptures are red, they have to be reinterpreted or contradict with other scriptures in order to make it say something to make you more comfortable because Jesus loves everybody. The blunter black location server dude dressed in a woman's nightgown getting bored or hard asking permission for you to let a man know not how it is the king we have the sovereign Lord, and he told us going into all the world and make disciples of all nations. We should be getting off arrears going doing it.

I believe that if Christian start behaving like that start picking up their cross daily start working together meeting at church is a what can we do to change our society actually come up with stuff and they go and do what needs to be done on a regular basis continually and don't think it's gonna take a week or two is going to year. Christians need to start stop being so shortsighted. Stop starting Long's cited work together pick up their cross and follow after Jesus on a daily basis. We can change this world and if we don't we let the unbelievers ruled and you're going to destroy us to go to tell us what we have to say in the churches and in our home's and then will be too late for the Christians there already silencing conservatives on the media, which is a point in working against the Constitution is people are Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. There doing this or the Christians doing sitting in her hand, looking up at the sky and say to do anything raptures coming. What a shame.

Go ahead and on the okay thank you okay route of goblet you folks discussed above, says male you know what it was Christian Christian disunited and throws a folks driven lines 877-2076] the caller why call 77077 charismatic slave Orlando on there.

We got hello Orlando I don't hear anything. Maybe tech problem, but one old let's go to Dave from Kansas City. Dave are you there yeah I'm here right day. What you gonna Matt what you just said that last part way, almost word for word what Wilson said it rules reformers really and he wrote that Nike yeah all made word for word and eat it. Another Idaho pastor you yeah he's not four hours, yet you really a solid. I don't agree totally with him but that's okay. Maybe I have not been enlightened, but I solid it is. I don't agree with you totally, but you know how you heretic wow how that knowledge aside at 99.9 that's pretty good that's better than what my life says art okay I know I my white make me a sandwich that all other but that other what I wanted wanted you know I posted a thing about Jesus is the thought brought on my Facebook page and I got in.

I have friends on Facebook that one of the girl that got confirm with me in the UCLA chart like another friend of mine that is Roman Catholic, the light, another friend of mine who is in the I'm trying to reach out to all these people and find it you know in a witness to them, but hope I don't know where the essentials lie in okay and I can tell you if you know me, yes I do as I do. If you go to Klarman look at the central doctrines of the Christian faith you'll see an article that's listed there and also look up the doctrine grid go to Carmel now is carpet and type in doctrine and table doctrine tables and it'll give you another form of it will I know I just list what essentials are out of Scripture. Not that I think it is put your Jesus, as for example unless you believe that I am you'll die in your sin. That's an essential know because he said it is when you get a believer. That is an essential journey.

24 so he's got in flesh is roast but that you know if our faith is Jesus not risen. Our faith is in vain for this 50 14th so that's a big essential salvation is by grace alone through faith alone enters different verses for that.

But you go to Galatians 3 in Galatians 5124. If you enter an action is a warning. If you go for Mr. your lost in the gospel with that gate with delegate onlookers and Catholic defense is what you say. When I think that's an excellent session ELCA UCLA Brett right and so anorexic that's all right. The ELCA is pretty liberal, pretty bad, let off the piece on USA's pretty bad Presbyterian Church units that you the Lotta bad denominations out there who don't. You don't hold over to God.

It Was Proper Pl. in Christ and his proper Lordship and so they compromised what they want to. Even with a Lutheran Church in America.

I grew up in literature UCLA E ELCA, but you ELCA, but I was told that I was day because I was baptized and I don't burn the 12-year-old Knight went through the confession of faith.

I was able to take me know. I know I'm saying it that make it a call. Basically you teaching a false gospel that God is possible, and are teaching is occult and wanted but I suppose I've taught in yells ELCA church is a very good one in Southern California, but there are bad ones to a little denominations going south is like the Baptist denominations going south, adopting the social gospel. Yeah, I know how that is true. So here, let me just jump to the thinker just tell you what to say to them you hear something I ask Catholics I ask Eastern Orthodox. I ask all these people who want to add works to salvation, and it's pretty effective also look do you believe Jesus is God in flesh Nelson yes dosing of all authority in heaven and earth yes does he forgive sins say yes if you pray to Jesus and asked Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins, will he forgive you follow the steps in interest. That's a guess. Well if you if you say yes and do you need your baptism. Do you need your communion. You need your Eucharist. You need your traditions. You need your church because Jesus has come to me at 1127.

He didn't say go to church instead gets saved in a church and say baptisms for salvation and say all these things so you could do that and that's one of the things I've done is to point people straight to Jesus.

They they need Jesus. I need a spanking church with all its stupid traditions and things get in the way between Jesus and them. They need Jesus.

I know I said that on an hour and 1/2 conversation with my friend in the old church that I grew up in clinic called them heretic because they believed in.

You know all the gay stuff and I have Jesus in that church anymore and they called me up that I believe in you know John 316 that the map leaving your and and yet he's at 32nd° Mason right what is people but… Liens and all that yet because they don't know the word of God because the passerine not Dale in their jobs out there that their ladders, we were told that the word of God was just made up like Andy Stanley theology was Mitt made up by old people, and that you yes you like music yours for that. What is secure for that. It's really simple. Just get a buddy and you go talk to the person teaches that he gets down on his hands and knees behind you that the guy the heretic he puts more the guys back seat. I this not being born again and not it's frustrating to me. I know what the truth is I know what the mind that scratches the decreases the want to do it there to stink and lay. I'll see your lazy I know I will point you And Eastern Orthodox are closer to the truth than they are. But you know that he still is not. Why are you still in there. I because it's comfortable and have a lead.

I have a rude awakening the day of judgment, card crisis, as it says Jesus is Matthew 1038 he says he says and who does not take his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me and I rattle cages vinyl get asked to speak hardly ever at places because all talk like this.

Also, look, you gotta get off your rear purse how to go do.

You can't just sit there uncomfortable go on a Sunday morning church thing and say this document Christianity was gone the world and that was good again restaurant get served Kaman can do all this to go button and hold up signs and talk to people to do something all right make our family will only hurt you or buddy. God bless you folks the lines except 72072276 right back after the mass Y call 77077 landlord of their all right there you go, buddy. All right, Mr. before we got what's up you remember talking about a week ago or so when you told me to call back when you found the answer about that were talked about after okay and remember no and I'm out with Jean was a look that has to restless out that I did. I looked up that in article you I looked it up and how was the answer. I've been so busy between two different names for the same king. I believe that's what it is when certain kind of name for something I can never take it put this in my notes did look it up.

Okay Berliner about it, but something real quick. After Sherwood got yet don't defer to call earlier today when you talk about all the think they will boot if we don't vote, you yeah that US passport started a new gender thing they X that is live very battle very slowly and they did. Now they have female, male and you can be whatever you want, and what happens when a Christian says I don't recognize transgender this or that I recommend. Then there going to be penalized and come after you yesterday, Chris as they do now. I'll just have to lay low, even lower than I have been my whole Christian life elected stayaway be more comfortable.

My whole Christian life I think are getting worse, not everybody have a that's right, and do more and to yeah we can't sit ironing flatback. They have a good day. Got right to see Trina from Ohio Trina welcome, and now it a click at work where I on any work area. I think back on lately.

Click on the shredders in question with which a question that the network driving. I don't have on my feet and this is good when it's hot you ready to listen when okay this is what the context is hurting. James 214 what use is it my brother know someone says he has faith that he has no words can that faith save him. What faith is he talking about goes on explains of a brother or sister is without clothing on the daily food and one of them says go in peace but doesn't help. What use is that faith without works is dead but some and we will send you have faith, I have work, show me your faith without works out for you my faith by my works so this called the horizontal seat if you say you believe in God but there's no change in your life is nothing there that is a false faith.

That's why it says faith that works is dead. A true faith has works but doesn't mean the works save you. It means that the true faith is with regeneration and you can do stuff because you behave based on what you believe you don't behave based on what you don't believe so people behave based on what their belief what they hope to and so true faith will have works.

This is why Christians if they have true faith in Christ should be uniting and working against the fall of our country and the world.

They have true faith with faith without works is dead. Okay this is same kind of a thing, but this is what's going on here. That's all it is okay okay I am thinking nothing like I work Confederate.

I don't want to make sure that I'm dying every day tell you, let me tell you to this what Romans 45 says I need to tell you this is good understand to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. No works because your works are filthy.

My works are filthy sent about different X if you can trim the sweet if he's not on this says justified before God by faith without any works because we can't do anything to make yourself right with God. So we believe in him true and that's what Romans four is talking about true faith before God. Just because you forgot James to was talking about justification for people you show me your faith. I'll show you mine is will be setting up and studying.

James 218.

So you say by faith alone in Christ alone and not by faith and baptism, not by faith and sacraments, not by faith, and anything by faith alone is why Jesus is, what is the one who does not work but believes there's works and belief and so you remove works is faith alone. That's what the verse is saying right there rooms were five okay okay okay you're welcome. Trina complex, okay it hopes sorry that you welcome. Sorry Trina, all right, let's get the cold from North Carolina called welcome you here all good. I'm glad you got it. I have been in debate you other fellows in the I don't have to take it you want to, but it's okay to take to live right in that I am. I'm young, life after I work at. After all there and that do not get where he is our our new really want you to take it really duplicity they force not right in the commute tax problem within you could say okay whatever you do have a you could say where the heart is good sake you court to tell him whatever you give me I'm going to write a check and ties that write back to the church to do that and that is that if you get it going on right right and I and, far believe that if any of this, like me, and I would much credited up my got a part of the got there you go you free not take it free to take it to pastors was worthy of the pastor to be able to be sustained out of his lyrics but he doesn't need it.

Don't take it, why take a why bother you.

There's no biblical, no biblical admonitions as a pastor must take a salary okay now what about you that is out of date explained exactly limited at all, but I don't like is the teaching that Jesus only legally bore the sins of the elect. You do not bear the sins of everybody not pay for their sins, because sin is a legal debt because Jesus is our father in heaven forgive us our sins forgive us our debts, he equated those Michael six 1211 for so that Jesus equated so that legal debt in Colossians 214. He can Jesus cancel the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross source and this cancel if he paid the sin debt for everybody and nobody can go to hell because ascendant is next accessed people will stand say we got accepted. No you don't, because it's that the validity of Christ's work is not made efficacious by you. It's efficacious by the fact of what he did not do what you do and so if he did actually remove the sin debt for whatever live then God can send a boy to help if you like the person on day of judgment. Setting twice in the mail for good to know sin of my account right yes will not about it might me that not full-fledged manager on the learned how I it's only this is with the position is the position.

As you know, if you don't live in. Okay that's fine but if that's the position right okay God let your brother and one of you do.

May God bless you. All right folks for the lines you call 877-207-2276 difficult matters like why call 77077 charismatic slave Matt Brennan who value the article that I forgot your morning first John chapter 5 leaving that guy well what it would've made in killed and I fire what what what what if it wasn't what it wasn't God killed on the spot.

How you respond, you want want to rewrite what God's word said yeah I take you point there because you like. I think it might've been the people from Venus who did it. Oh, because Argie not united with what it says what it doesn't say then hate me. It was plutonium's healthful toenails. That's right because it went back in time with onions plutonium is used it as a covert weapon with Coburg and killed so it the illustration is when people abandon the text for what it says and then they say let's go the opposite of what it says and was entertained.

I don't entertain it because to save this with the text says White Eagle concrete with what God says, I met with my aunt Gelman. I'm realizing that one white God word it and I did him a thing that I finally after eight years of being on earth realizing that I really need is and what God would mean to get this straight. You mean you kinda dumb and stupid to talk you always try to figure out how the child is life, I felt like I'm pulling Mike's report done both are doing or I look your your children actually briefly yesterday called in about a friend of mine who got Kenneth order ripped off 400 bucks that somebody help remove a demon that bothering Shane. The more monies and I told him he said I think you need to get a hold of Matt Winick that you think your last name it.

It really is not change your last name because it is too cool. I learned the paved pay for this running as a kid you know atenolol okay, now that I've been cool that's right that's right reverence… Also good use of action for evaluation. So your 68. I am 68 I am I am I am your I'm just so excited about think the been happening lately. There's a friend of mine who would slowly killing himself with alcohol and he happened to walk by the other thing that I can't look you in the eyes but I'm telling you right now I'm taking the I'm taking the hold off of you talking to me about God stuff you think talking about God.

Okay wow not listed a blow me away. Either want to hear about God no you a thing of fine but if higher power or those that have already dealt with the addiction and I think that that you know II think a good time. Okay hello well because you messed with the higher power the higher power. It's how we have articles on on on alcoholics anonymous anonymous. No Christian pastor to lie what it is. His church is been used while teaches all cases him and bad stuff is not the sound I was surprise my buddy ECT told me this might not have the kidney.

He showed me to the like are you kidding I did notice and yeah it keeps you in bondage.

For one thing, you're always alcoholic. You're always in this.

You always need to be going to what they tell you all so is there hope for me in the fact that I was sitting on my front porch drinking beer, reading a book. Yeah I think that's cloud yet it's a go to Carmody to read some articles on the books? Also I will and I donate I go with you and I get along until already I and our wives are very yeah is left so is your wife is as stressed-out as unfortunate as my my wife is very because she told me she married me for the entertainment in which he felt me that totally ruin the moment for flight gear that it had you don't know what that doesn't do for me when I tell her she babies my abs and their God. So that will they like. I go there so I looked, but my wife died say to her. Hey hon, my still entertaining. She looks of you is one way to put it so that probably the person that I talked to. When I dialed the wrong number. I don't know you have the office number and her name is Annika and she's a she's a sweet elixir for taste. Eventually good to learn that panel for an old goat bank. If you don't actually have a great day you two got less buddy I okay is cracking me up.

All right folks are going to be called have five open lines 877-207-2276 okay you know at the beginning of the show. I was talking about the 45 do this we get back to the 45 things the communist states, but since Ed read some more of them could nobody waiting right now going to be with him and read some stuff that in the 40's when they said the 60s to do a basket. Do you think these things hearken place I was reading some of the articles about these list causes literal common list.

It's all over the Internet. She could still 45 goals of of communism and you'll find.

I just copied one of the list from someplace because her author like all copies of the same place are original from someplace and that some people with their due going on and they they actually they comments.

This happened on this date need a lot of research. I didn't do that but check this out.

There's another one. Discredit the American founding fathers presented the selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the common man. That's certainly the case it's happening now about belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history the ground. It was only a minor part of the big picture give more emphasis to run Russian history since economist took over about that support any socialist movement to give centralized control over to any part of the culture, education, society, eight social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics. The work is give all of that over to the socialized system of the government to control it.

It says it is so happening okay infiltrating gain control of big business Google we only get all these these leftist proponents inside of corporations pushing the woke in the Odyssey.

It's ridiculous. Let's see about the emphasize the need to raise children away from the net influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks, retard retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents, it suited his heart sank that child abuse. I've heard this is child abuse to teach a child Christianity I've heard this more and more is common folks internationalize the Panama Canal. That's had a habit repeal the company the Conley reservation so that he was cannot prevent the world court from seizing jurisdiction over domestic problems.

In other words, with the with thing is to get rid of your own sovereignty have the sovereign to the world court tell with the Americans can and can't do.

These are all the think it's so bad it is so bad. This was having her country Christians.

I'm telling you. I keep telling you got a wakeup wakeup. Let's get to Markham, Charlotte, North Carolina Mark welcome you are on the year. A right angle Internet when you get adequate okay you remember I got a call and add you eat the Bible they that at that we can write you and I and I thought and I will and I was thanking you talk about thinking the John with the new job 14 that mean a thing that is you know whatever you don't. Working will start dumping will they be leave me work that I've been all sold later work in these he would do and then called mouth. I go to the father. Whatever you ask in my name that I will do at the bottom. I did the glorified.

If you had a in my name I will do that. Verse 14 1414 if you fan, you can pray to me, there yes you ask me anything in my name I will do it. Yes. Also, just so you know, for example in Psalm 116 for this is the call upon the name of Yahweh and on the cyst I called upon the name of Yahweh.

I go Yahweh, I beseech you save my life.

So this is a prayer to call upon the name of Yahweh's prayer. That phrase occurs all over the Old Testament call upon the name of Yahweh, but is translated the Greek call upon the name of the Lord is that phrase means. And so that phrase in Greek is applied to Jesus in first confuse one to all who everywhere call upon the name of the Lord Jesus, so that phrase which was worse Federation prayer is applied to Jesus. Oh yes, you can pray okay okay yeah about that yet. I think Van is saying no to get the you know, pray to God are with Lord. I get the new right that you can yeah you can bring into okay.

Jesus ask anything in my name on the John 1414 the call upon the name of the Lord Jesus first confuse one to absolutely convinced Christ is God in flesh that out but I would think it would go that you know you like… Okay with you. God would. You can do everything that God can do anything you man that I heard you say yeah that thing you liked yet you can give thing you can't give me that the day pickup fell solidly for what he said the program was I now think of something through 11 John 850 60. But yeah, okay, about 11 division spans a given was that Johnny got me oh that's YOU call back tomorrow okay okay alright I got less and Martin from Virginia the whole police called back to say it's really you okay Mark for the time of the Lord bless you Bible study tonight. You another program powered by the Truth Network

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