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March 30, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 30, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about the color festival in Utah.--2- Matt talks about his experiences when trying to discuss with churches who have women pastors and elders.--3- Will America be around during the tribulation times---4- Is it acceptable to use humor while preaching---5- What do you think about David Jeremiah saying that Michael the archangel is God's equal---6- What exactly do the LDS mean by priesthood authority---7- Why do you prefer the NASB---8- Will Jesus still forgive me when I keep struggling with sexual immorality---9- Was R.C. Sproul a good teacher---10- Did the saints raised from the dead in Matthew 27-52 die again-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass like why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine back in the studio. Thanks Luc for filling informing time there.

Don't you know Salt Lake City.

For me it's down about your boy's gotta hope you want to give me a call five open lines only become author Dr. you will give me a call 877-207-2276.

Alright so I went down to the Salt Lake City in order to go to the Hindu festival festival colors and went untreated out and I stood in line.

A line with this. What is a big line to get to to get to his other venue and stuff like that window inside just outside his life and separating us from the ground where everything was happening and you just had people coming out with chalk colors all over them. It was pretty credible.

In a lot of ways and so I started to because I want to pass out literature knows a guy named Nick I do about Dick's a great guy. He was there. We hung out together in the dinner Saturday night. People showed up and they really are. You will know if you're listening way.

Vanessa showed up and some others did to Donnie. Alright, so back out there so soon after a couple hours and we had literature to pass out and the people were going into this this venue. There was nobody here just lying on the street moving on the side of the street just moving moving quickly step every five seconds. Kind of a thing and so what I ended up doing was walking up and down that line and tell a much look the minister and have a radio show here in area and the last people why they come into this thing with the various reasons are slow to talk about the radio show and so that's on the do and so some of the reasons that they gave me that the that the they gave what were things like I had nothing better to do. I wanted to inhale chalk so would make me come.

It looks like fun. I got the day off. All of these these reasons like this whole bunch of them and for one person said it will where you from and I said well you know about the Christian and I was mainly interested interested in finding out why the first book that I want to stress get conversations going to get the gospel out a few times and this one person so who are you here really, what would we go to church or whatever it is you're from us in the Christian which Christian I said one of the Scriptures like the Mormons and Job's witnesses and the Catholics and the this girl came unglued. She said you have no right to be so intolerant, so she was intolerant to me which I get a kick out of us. What a minute your ear, your intolerant your sick I can't be intolerant. That's intolerant of you and that you flip me off so was the great leftist response. You know about Chrissy and I did give the gospel out a few times and I tried to do that without being oppressive for you in the way of people's fun you want to do that. Two point course, so I do have some film of it will probably give us a little video leader about it on Carmen stuff, but it was interesting was interesting that they just did not care anything about truth and that's one thing I asked this innocent people responsible are you here positive different things. One of my sin was you know what I've asked people here now for an hour.

What's the reason you're coming here and there's one thing that nobody's mentioned that a single person has mentioned this and they said what's that this crowd is removing I'm walking sideways with them that you're going in this Hindu festival I said that one person here is ever said there looking for truth, not one it's always experience delays, but the experience was interesting and though so that's a little what is the truth. What an open door to the truth is Jesus Christ is God in flesh. I said, he's the one who died on the cross rose a dead three days later all man was a privilege built give that gospel message and I said, and all who trust in what he did, will not be judged in condemnation on the day of judgment. I said he rose the death for three days said nobody else was done that proves who he was, what he said was true. And you know what I was saying this to people walking sideways through weeds and there on the road and I'm back 10 feet slick, in which people can see and hear and I was just given that gospel.

I did that twice in about two hours is not a big deal. Being able to be out there supplicant. But what is the big deal is being able to give that gospel message, I'm privileged to have been able to do that so I was out there was interesting of the listings with the Mormons and try something interesting though in all seriousness I did this for the Mormon church is a bit a few Mormons who been rather difficult for the most part the Mormons are very polite. I've had instances were when Mormon want threatening. I will be up and his wife pulled him away and some of the Mormons came out and interceded another time and Mormons give me water in a given grade when I set up for the Mormon temples, Sonia was Mormonism I've had to Job's witnesses be nice to me and and the like atheists when I would go there if his convention for the most part they're nice but they're little more difficult.

Don't like their church were being invaded by a slimeball Christian like me, but that the times I've ever witnessed a pretty Christian church. I've gone to the Christians Christian church to instances here in the Boise Idaho area. Years ago I went and long story short with you.

Matthew 18 try to talk to the people who had women pastors women elders and they rejected the idea of talk to me.

It's okay for their church pass out literature for this one church and they they call the cops on happened once and another time I did this, the Christians were verbally abusive and I literally was walking up back walking backwards and I took Krav Maga and there's a stance you get into your hands in front of your hand your palms are open your fingers are not fists and you slide one from the grantor backing up and execute effect is grounded in case someone does something in solo I would never doing that backwards backwards house so I think you're getting worse.

The tension was getting worse because I was just kinda leave in a parking lot and Christians were approaching and the patch was yelling at me for challenging the issue of wooden pastors and elders know it's interesting is you know in those instances, I've been treated better by the unbelievers and the believers that have but that is not interesting is not to say that have been some unbelievers who been prevented but when you face the Christians you asked them to give me an answer for why you hold wooden pastors and elders and they don't do it. They refuse to do it when you say medical body of Christ what it says in Matthew 18 we threatening us, instead of doing what you're supposed to be doing biblically called cops or glide. I give you details not to get into it last.

But it was just interesting. So out there on Saturday I was out there for a while and passing out literature and I got to get not get the gospel but no one's interested and I cannot help but think about.

Second Thessalonians 2 sick. This leads to his work. Paul asked to write a correction to the Thessalonians, and they are concerned that the day the Lord has come, where Jesus Christ is already returned and he says something very interesting.

He says so he says let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not, most apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the destruction I've been thinking a lot about this versus second Thessalonians to three. The apostasy that means we are no back up here. We only know that Eastern orthodoxy is apostate regarding roman Catholicism is apostate. That's what this will also get them into Protestantism is left must apostate to I believe it is. There's a lot of false teachings of the Protestant church. We got to carefully throw stones.

So when I look at the unbelievers. I understand their apathy and care about truth is all about relativism. Whatever you want that one person, one woman out there us talking to so everyone I believe is true. I love that the soup will and what I believe is that what you believe is false.

Select correct. They don't know how to handle the logic see their own inconsistency when they say things like this when you present logic to them in evidence in the fold, and unfortunately that kind of thing is creeping to props as well.

Nevertheless, those my thoughts. That's what I was talking about. That's what happened out there this weekend and drove back yesterday got back last night, so you may call all you to do is dial 877-207-2276 must get to Jamaal from North Carolina small welcome you on the air look way good effect on the radio that meant big. I'm now going to slow is not so slick now you you call the good guy looked at the quick or that the work that out for a bit. America will not be around, and what you want to write. What is the prophesying that the medical not be around by America. They mean as a nation is going to be wiped off the face of the earth by nuclear attack. They mean a place to destroy America's immediate implodes from its own sinfulness and rebellion, God lets them have what they want and so they are no longer strong nation you mean by that geographically will still be here before so to be here. What I could get wrapped rather than a paragraph from that of all. So no much with anybody that they say here are talking about their gathering there gathering rabbit from the Bible. They grant will be Bob America and Europe in the Bible and that's a good way to me like you, or rapture, or have everybody live the good kind of think about this. What about Venezuela is the Bible jubilation about Iraq you know. So the question often reveals kind of a national narcissism is where America we deserve. Brian mentioned in the holy word of God, and that's why there are week as were that great, that's the idea. I kinda got so I would say that America is is mentioned in the Bible when it says every nation is gathered against Israel. So that CF currently sells good looks, behold, a great multitude which don't become everything that is where America stay on line to call you right back after the mass, like why 07 back to the show back on their Jamaal Huron law, but you're going.

The radio being married didn't really want to stock but again wanted your take on it. There are people should not be preaching with humor and thereafter the availability will do that… Outlaw red roofs that you want to get your take on it. That's ridiculous. Just it's okay and it's there's a list in the book of second Marana Colts. Thou shalt not use humor sitters of the human right. There you not believe that.

Have a good sense of humor and during the when I preach I pretty frequently will make something funny for the purpose of joking I don't do that. That's not at its if the program right. I can say something because I do have it in my preaching, becoming intense, but to the point and spiritually. I train a for spiritual depth and people are listening throughout bring them through something that's important. Come to the place of that cross and I'll see the point and is it's it's a bit of tension in a good way and will sometimes defending the circumstance you deliver humor to break that and continue with the flow and so you know it is okay to use humor as long as you're not about jokes. That's not what the thing is you can use something and anything in order to convey that message of truth. So you know I've been there preaching before were, for example have my green laser pointer which is really powerful and sold one time I need to preach in the Patras me preach on a certain topic. I needed to use slides, and that's fine.

You don't do taxes go to the Texas would assess what is says is pointing to various text up on the screen behind me with my laser pointer interested. By the way, these things are great for spotting planes at the airport and I continued on laughing. No, so it's just stuff like that little things like that and so you want to make effect.

I've been to sermons where the stories are the main thing or they talk forever or the bill to a sermon where they go through a text and take a single word and make a sermon out of a single word can be done in the right circumstances, but it seems to me if you can exegete Scripture exegete the Scriptures line by line, word by word. What is original, say, how's it paralleled what is this mean what you will contact how to relate to Christ etc. etc. so know there's there's different ways to to do stuff and preach okay okay YouTube, hurrah listed on the phone with Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina will welcome you on the air you get a day out.

Network Dr. David Jeremiah would grind it was thing about Angel and the devil and know that there would be a will not God equal. I know that he that you what it God equal what Michael R, where D well did he actually say you haven't heard the crack of the social side like that with enthusiasm. So maybe we could have somebody here listless – if there's a way to show a link rectangle. Check that out because if you said that that would be heresy.

Of course, but sometimes I tell you sometimes can understand people to say things that are just wrong because they say things that are stupid because it comes out wrong.

I've done that before the pulpit and Eagle said that happens books so I don't know.

I do not have to see it in and stuff is what interested but they butter my day and I mass someone who does new notebook people know that Michael is like God you hope and right to get Michael the Archangel is an angel tree accreted meeting and that is and as the SF of the Adventist like to say that that's actually precut to Christ that's refuted by Jude 9 Michael the Archangel, he disputed etc. and cross-reference act with the first phone is 416 where the Archangel comes down with the board that goes on so anyway yeah I would have to see the documentation on right.

See the documentation and see that's what he actually said okay you why haven't heard you know when people call me up just like I have the person is in, but I do know jerk David Jeremiah and I haven't heard that.

So if you have any documentation you can email it to me at Jeremy dropped the yeah you could do it like this, you can say here's this video go to the videos, an eight hour video I just delete the do that if the sake here's a video. For example, at 322 minutes and 33 second start there. You know that I can stuff like that.

Okay, it okay. All right. God bless.

Okay, let's get to José North Carolina young. You are welcome.

We got money. I yes I can. I do not exactly sure how but I heard that Mormon and I met and there pretty pink about priesthood authority that there there whole angle to get a great story, not on priesthood authority and bear testimony, but to me like from the pulpit Okies lost Julie, I'm sorry to say but this first off they have Levitical Aaronic priesthood subordinate to the Keswick priesthood and they just played. They have priesthood with the priest to get the authority to administer the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's supper to do other things basic is what they say except they don't realize that Jesus alone holds among Catholic priest. They don't have any priesthood authority a lot of churches, with all due lot false religious systems want to promote who has authority is always in the profits or the priest or their product prophetess or their church, their tradition with authorities always go rest with them is somehow some connected is not really in Christ, but they will use Christ to substantiate their authority over people and that's what's happening inside of Mormonism as well. Plan to have the support holding everything right. We have to apply what you call seven 772-2760 right back after I call 7707 back to the show José are either you or talk to some Mormons about this right, yeah I can record hopping around here right now will will need to tell you that there have two classes in their priesthood. Ironic and will Keswick and ironic is given the boys at 12 years old and the Iraq. The mill Keswick is when the rating so what is the you don't by any chance consider Mormonism Christian to you either. I don't know what they figure if I cannot name a lot they do mutate with Mormonism actually teaches. Okay, this is not made up and I haven't fully documented my website with a teach that God used to be a man on the planet that he became a God by following the laws and ordinances of that got on that planet. And then he exalted one of his wives to goddess hood. They came here and make this world and the preexistence they had relations and produce offspring and the offspring needed to well and have a human bodies so there was a decision in the preexistence where those spirits were born through relations between God and the goddess wife. They reborn her on on earth those and Satan had a plan and Jesus had a plan and the third of the spiritual with the Jesus plan and so there be mourning white skin bodies and 1/3 of the pre-spirits. Human spirits decided to go with Satan's plan that they would never be born human body still have the potential becoming a God, and the others who were less valiant cycles in their display your teaching in their defense of the truth than there occurs reborn in black skin bodies after you become a good Mormon you get a temple recommend to pay a full 10% tithe for income is good for the past years have you verified and you get a temple recommend only monies paid up you doing certain things your underwear and you going to the temple.

Your secret handshakes and hugs get a new name and hopefully that you've done enough. You can be exalted to become a god.

If your mail and have your own plan and start the process of so that's a very brief nutshell version with Mormonism is would you say that that's Christian on the five. I cannot introduce three separate gods become God's got it so it's no way is ever Christian is not Christian and slightest so you know, so here's a rule of thumb look at the church and stay way from churches with the word United for some reason.

95% of them are bad though. United reformed is okay but special exception. I know, and so just go with the Ocala Chapel Baptist Church and evangelical free and really basically safe and those okay okay another question, no I meant that by the late Cody writing CAR M.G I've written literally thousands of articles thousands. I knew my theology and I would do this for decades.

So I always incorporate theological precision biblical references rightly go very much every man and also in car you look at the article what to look for in a church that he could just go to the car and off site search engine type what to look for the church. You'll see an article that that list at which it was to check out.

Look forward to avoid okay right great thank you very much all right José call me back sometime.

The know-how goes all right you do that all right, let's get to Jennifer from Mount airy North Carolina welcome you, Jennifer hello, I did click the right button. I'm looking looking for you. That's okay to go ahead okay thank you okay thank you Lee and he right kind of wine compared or can you explain a happy and mild. Another thing one I like the NASB because it's more literally the Greek there other translations I think to better job in some areas of the testament that moat majority what I do is in the New Testament. I need so that's very accurate so the NASB is not perfect no no English translation is perfect but if I find it to be just superior my opinion to the other translations inside your comparisons and bars. I do a verse comparison with just my habit when I go to any Bible to say what about this about that. I go to Romans 518 and I look at it and see. As I look at this refers went black. For example, yesterday when trespass led to condemnation for all men. That's incorrect. And so you know it's just I look at that thing of note. Sorry, I know the translation is, a notice should be and I know why they did it to compromise so that's that the King James, for example, I look at it. It just it adds words just clearly not there in any species only when I know that is accurate and because it seemed the reason it is because 25, 30 years ago ever along Nicholas can't remember. I came a car across that verse, I happen to be written, NASB, and it didn't make any sense to me is certainly studying because what is of the English that didn't make sense in English, so I studied and because of that to be 2 to 3 weeks before I discovered what was going on and it the theology that's hidden in those verses that is you won't find in the ESV the King James or the NIV design is the verse that I can and has a big meeting execute in that city. At the example yesterday is no good, but prefer the NASB 30 okay I give you a freaking hearing where you are looking like according to point and that Errol got on and get 100 and 188 and nine.

Everything that collect really that's good with and if you get out of tight bands or whatever he can get down to three years pagan and you know he's listed in the right now to tell study you get it in your head when you get out that nothing is getting way between you and your relationship with Christ. Because you need him and it will be tough because it is tough. Make an array just I know I talked a lot a guys who are in and the Canales was tough, but with the rise on the Lord.

It works out just not easy. That's how it is not easy. It is not easy for me to give them what they had, they start to look in the mirror, calm man didn't get anything.

Then I got a chemical okay welcome so much for goblets. Okay, this get to Vicki from Raleigh, North Carolina Vicki, welcome, that I am talking about that part and people think that God gave now you know when you are like all the art Angel would be more like the optic counter counterpart okay will good. See you delegitimize a good guy so I saw always yes I will hear wrong and some pastors can speak to.

Did you. That is awesome as you are awesome you call it many times. You always have good stuff then you can give me in the chat room sometimes to know that that's okay. Well, if you will it out there is that does a good job at it help Laura Moore's great to have a lot of good women.

In effect, it's met Laura again over the weekend we had pizza stuff as I felt a lot better life is 877-206-5070, all right. It's good to Mike from Virginia Mike welcome around here call Sherman will probably crisis got in a God and from what I've read gives all sin, except for blasphemy in the Holy Ghost, which I've never done. I'm sure know how to do that and what the problem I have is a one of the main things I had was I was full but word I would almost hello delay and returning to muscle saved and for about seven years. I did real good that I'm a musician and all how I will destroy job money got tight and I had the club owners squares whatever so I went back on the road playing blues again and no, drugs Obama booze with the ladies with her again and I went right back to doing what I was doing before and I guess I was a dog going back to look at visual vomiting.

What I'm concerned about is Jesus to forgive me because it's been about four years and I've been straightened out pretty good. I'm really concerned that screwed up you completely screwed you absolutely owe you lucky guy didn't kill you will often thought of Jan figured he was yet lucky you report to take you home with you for gave because the funny thing is when he saved you, knowing everything about you.

You didn't even picked you because of some good thing and you because of some good thing in him. He knew what you he loves you and he saved you a know you can.

You knew your ministry let you repent. Yet again, is nothing but his mercy has walked with like you have your set up, going back down that way again. Good you better not because he felt you know better. You can't because Bible talks about people who do that God takes out is to protect them actually to help some just let you know that's a serious thing. The first contains five for that document in the Scriptures, but you know what a brother cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and how many of us have repented of sins and still dabble in those things different levels of sin and of course we all have those things we struggle with thirst, some of us who we got think we've gotten rid of me.

No problem under some of things that we deal with like a chain dragging behind us we hear it walk through our spiritual life. We know it's there. Sometimes, and so so much makes more noise when it's Rocky and return to it. Sometimes God loves us nothing. It's okay. We can understand. He left he's probably learned that salvation of a new I was doing wrong. You cannot get hours they widened it because you're stupid, you foolish person, a man I'm just I pointed you, but I got some fingers point back at me. I'm not condemning you in unlocking you on this thing is what it is. I know we have different units is the same formula different variables we have are things that this is a serious thing and it was four years ago.

You need to understand something Jesus loves you in spite of you.

He loves you even knowing who you are and what you did and he has forgiven you. You need to rest in the forgiveness the blood of because I like what you don't believe you believe how powerful he is powerful, a lot of God. A lot of times I just look around. Like many creative so you reverse. You know that I look at his words and not real like man I feel so bad like it's what I need to push through eight are you really go to forgive me opportunity for this time you really forgive me and I get asking the Mozilla ball. Vicki didn't you already forgiven to brother is already forgiven you.

You are suffering the consequences of your sin seek sin can be forgiven, but the effects of sin continue to babble while good good to know you better understand something you understands of the list.

Pretend the Jesus you know you and I walking right talk about this on the shore.

Some lake or the beach.

Whatever were the stock okay there's nobody around you and me is talking and all of a sudden the areas minutes him for some reason he's letting himself be seen for two stupid moron's and we were on her knees and he looks at you you think is going to condemn you or you think is only forgiven when you think it is we think of already forgiven out will be hesitant and it means he lost one Jesus is all of the father gives he will come to me and I'll come to that certain will not cast out.

He won't cast you out. You can't lose your salvation. Jesus as my she probably I give eternal life to them and they shall never perish.

John 10 2728 this is what the Bible says what Jesus your guilt like you read David and Bessie about allotment of the guy could screw up, get out, and I know that I don't give me no right but it I just read that I go screwed up. Maybe you murdered.

Yeah, you committed adultery and a form of well I won't say to repeat the you know and they and murder and so she's redeemed because the blood of Christ is greater than your sin, you have to trust in the blood of Christ. You have to trust what Christ did and look to him and take your eyes off of yourself, yet understand is time for you to let it go.

The enemy wants you to hold onto it. You have to understand that he saved you even though you don't deserve it and you can't understand why he would continue to love you because there is no stinking good reason, except I was a him you to trust in him, you have to receive completely in trust to get ask yourself do you trust in him completely, or do you not that's a question you got answer the Holy Ghost patient will look asking do you trust in him completely and totally, or do you not trust in him completely intolerant. No completely done. A dog got left.

Good good. Then you take the baggage that attached itself to you leave the you move forward. Youth understand something.

Jesus is forgiven you don't hold onto look back.

Look forward to him and just thank him for his forgiveness and talk to him and say I have no she would save me.

I'm such a wretch I deserve death that you love more good know I must. I'm not going to go back to get good I'm not going to go back again because I really thought it was local.

Well let it go. You feel like you let God make you feel really bad.

I know the story is mostly trust me when I went well all right I know it well, you're not alone in this, but you have to learn to trust in Christ and his greatness, which is greater then the evil of your own sin you have to understand that's the fact that the truth used to decide to trust in him beyond your ability to understand beyond your ability feel it, let it go. You let it go.

Don't hold onto it because God says I will remember their sins no more means he won't bring them up, folks. You need to let it go.

It's at the cross and it drifted down and that blood upon the ground, and was washed away. My brother, okay maybe come out there and get a finger at you and let you get on get your headlock have to write you I got you nothing monster cannot give you a talking to you.

Trust you call back in a week or two. Let me know how it's going. I arrived it was Mike Virginia Fauci to pray for him. A lot of people are bound either past sin and the guilt they know belongs to them and giving it up to Christ is sometimes hard to do because it's our nature to suffer.

Let's get the armor more waiver from North Carolina well in the way I found a way is very good yes yes definitely listen to our seats will definitely do it yet you and now I will you.

I do so this week's okay okay I expect goblins, but you can you list every teacher. Thanks. Appreciate okay this could let's call her José from Texas will say we got about a minute half we got you requested an adequate regarding back to open and many Bobby bank on the barre court that though my question people died again or are hot on that word serve as a guide again.

Yet they died again. They were only resuscitated they were not resurrected in the first contains $0.15 of research of the dead were part of the body. Okay, so they were recently better with six resuscitated their still in their their body. They died again all popularity we all think that that means no welt yes and no.

We don't know exactly good until list who wanted to says that many of the bodies of the saints would fall asleep were raised just me. The believers in Christ or those who died in the hope of the of the Messiah because they didn't know who Jesus was, because when he is dead when he died. They were resurrected so they had died already before in the Old Testament covenant so a lot of them were looking for the Messiah. They were saints, and are believers in holy people. In that sense, I thought it immaculate guilt. Okay Karen I go plus payment wins grapes great our fast, our tubeless on top just goes by so quickly, so we are out of time and if you want to give McCall he couldn't do tomorrow 87720722760, and by God's grace I give great evening folks, and by his grace will be back on the air tomorrow. You can give me best questions pray for the select go to the Lord blessed all right if there's music about it here. Powered by the Truth Network

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