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March 28, 2022 8:49 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 28, 2022 8:49 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Why do we need to ask for forgiveness of our sins daily if Christ paid for it on the cross- If you don't confess something before you die, will you go to hell---2- Are there two raptures---3- Matt discusses a news article stating that the pope will be consecrating Russia and Ukraine to -the immaculate heart of Mary.---4- A former LDS shared their story of leaving the Mormon faith and how CARM helped with that.--5- Why are some people teaching that Jesus returned in 70 AD- Where are they getting that from---6- Does God speak through dreams---7- Matt further discusses Catholicism and Mary.--8- What's the argument against being born homosexual---9- If I pray to the Father, am I still praying to Christ---10- What do you think about Summit Church and its stand on homosexuality---11- Is there any correlation between Matthew 19-5 and Jude 7 and the word -flesh----12- How old is the earth-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more you will have a good time.

Good day today so far, no big deal, but if you want to call Isabel 877207227 search I want to hear from you.

Now I'm planning Thursday and Friday.

We are the studio traveling to Salt Lake City from Idaho. That's a plan, but don't raise up in Europe is a medical stuff with people and things, but did just get down there and go to the Hindu festival.

So Friday night and everything about if I do good other two resurgent Willa would have a someplace of people are interested in joining.

All people listen. We can know someone to set it up like Laura had a place it's not too noisy to say he'll be in a certain place a certain time with anybody who shows up shows up before that's right just a plan so that if I'm on the air Thursday Friday here then you know didn't work supplants me to come down Thursday and Friday down there do some stuff go to the Hindu festival Saturday and Sunday drive back on Monday. Go schedule a look through the lines give me call 877-207-2276 is good to Alberto from George Alberto welcome your your your you all are said to take care of so why ask forgiveness for that which is already forgiven as a logical thing but experientially thing in a relationship thing. It's just good to confess our sins of the Lord answered please cleanse me and that's what I do say Lord and I'm sorry.

Please forgive me. I technically know it's only take care of on the cross. I just go through this because it's relationship is fellowship its intimacy with my Lord. It's confession and I think it's good note technically like to do it. I don't believe so, but on the other hand, yeah, you know, it's like my wife I might have a problem or an argument or something. I know her love for me is to fade because of that, but still wanted to go say sorry and whatever it might be because it's just good for fellowship. It's good for intimacy is good for relationship. I think it's a good thing to argue their fully committed by the yeah yeah yeah the theological term for that is abject stupidity.

It's just abject stupidity. It's idiocy stupendous lameness you have futile confess every sin and then you die without confessing good health so the words your salvation is dependent on how good you are and how you confess everything but what if they don't remember all your sins.

What if you you don't you go to confess the sin and you can forget about it and all you just forget to then you don't confess all I'm sorry got to go to hell now it's it yeah it's just absolute stupidity for people to say that there amateur theologians who should not be allowed to preach or teach okay right but to make a lot of noise back there around around but God bless hey folks for the lines. If you want to give me a call to do was dial 877-207-2276.

Let's see how you pronounce your name all from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph somebody I won't mention who knew Keith didn't put up the whole word there think so and I know they get what somebody one morning that America is in biblical, we can become anything on Saturday Jan Mark scale from understanding the she said that they are to wrap it to the rafters and the you know I believe were to go through the tribulation. I would just say good like very strong opinion I would debate these guys on publicly know there's not too rafters is only one dispensational position that does this kind of stuff when defense when I believe this to be a soft error. I just leads to more errors under the idea to raptures is just on biblical is not true, just not there is only one of Christian strong Christians. You know how you you you put out a challenge for FEMA want or the rapture will go right. You see the rapture pretty mid post is all debatable and it's not. There's nothing not let nothing in the Scripture specifically says something like it does with wooden pastors and elders, which is the elder must be a man of one woman, husband of one wife to be male and it's clear. And Paul says he's giving instruction of the household of God was talking about this so women pastors and elders are just rejecting God's word rejecting at least that sexual God's heart and soul. Say it again. As I've said so many times the past, if anyone, pastor wants to debate me on it from Scripture. Be glad to come out here church we can have it filmed third on the web will debate it does the Bible support women pastors and elders that be the topic and as I've been offering this debate topic for another radio 17 years not one single challenger has or not one person is ever taken me up on what you think that yes you think I'm on homely stations here on the East Coast and you know that there people here this you know the people drive along going and you cannot be right back in one pastors you good with all the stuff go talk to that woman Patrick is to confessors is not enough to waste my time really. First Peter 315 commanded give an answer to everyone who would ask. I'm asking. I will fly out there than the East Coast and you know how I'll go up and down the coast to preach and teach and I'll do it all have debates more in one place. I don't care glad to do it, but it won't have because they don't want to use the word of God. In that respect because it does not support her mistake there. The rebellion against God, and I would say it to them through rebellion. Okay you left but God bless hey folks are going to give me a call you to do is dial 877-207-2276 now Cameron a friend of mine called me and he same did you hear about this thing and so I haven't had much on it.

Check it out for the radio show and he sent me a link to my phone which I got looking at and the article had to do with the Pope. Mary some stuff I haven't rented some and got a little bit of its here is no conflict right now it says here's what you need to know about consecration of Russia and Ukraine by Pope Francis and and this is what is really interesting is Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the immaculate heart of Mary later this month.

How will cut to the immaculate heart of Mary, and I say this this is just idolatry effect in this article looking at Catholic news there's a picture of for Pope Francis for the statue of the icon the idol of Mary. This that will probably end up doing is reading you the the quotes from Fatima with this apparition stated in your purse is clearly not really her from what it says. So it's really interesting committing to the Sacred Heart of Mary not to Jesus.

Of course, not Jesus. Now I speak to you met with what is the immaculate heart of Mary anyway and I've got to research this, what is the immaculate heart of Mary and I try to research was before I can really never get a good answer. So do that again they'll write an article on it was the sound of it is so special. Let's see. So I relate just gets me don't my immaculate heart will be a refuge in ways that lead you to God. I goodness this is Anna Mary and Dr._researching just just all are talking here wow just horrible LOL research after the break. You'll get to market for theological to give a call 877-207-2276 Austin from Utah. I often walk up and running her finger shirt on.

I just wanted to call and I found 15 years ago when I was serving as an LDS missionary. I try to email you and try to effectually collect and teach you about what you very graciously emailed back and forth for a while, you probably don't, but not great. You showed me what a steppingstone for me to believe you come to Christ, so I made about a year ago that left the church, so I wanted to thank you for that improve the viewing for really showing you got grace when I really needed some good you praise God for that. You know he's so good and the is give him all the glory that is so good to hear this tickled what was it that brought you out it was just a bunch of things, or is anyone thin it was the final last strong if you want to say you are having a number of both right like you probably thought not formal and will all be different or even why somebody with right so I left the church before I became a Christian laughed at us better while being lost.

I left all of Abraham. Logic brought the all the but it wasn't until probably about a year after I left the God really drew me back to him and eventually into a relationship with.

That's awesome to hear Jan just tickles tickled to know that God's grace. You have a small part of his gracious movement and saving you where are you in Utah, just her. If you let me ask. I would and we hiked okay. Not too far here about 1/2 hour 40 minutes south of the Spanish Fork in my right know about how far north of Fairport half hour south of Salt Lake. Okay okay yet another few times or have it all down there but if you hold, please do not that's okay okay folks, we write back after these messages we have lines 877-0776 max Y7707 logical technical folks 772-072-2762 Nancy California welcome here on filing.

I keep hearing from a couple of teachers that Christ came back in I reached that where are they getting that from NY. There's a division and crackerjack candy, popcorn things within the theology section and then they get it out of the crackerjack box that's that's one yet in the risks where men pointed out well it's it's they want to say that Jesus return to the work and the armies of Rome to destroy Jerusalem, the same 70 A.D. this colorful preacher was the preacher was. But here's the thing that that refutes it actually refutes this is what to ask 19 through 11.

This is when Jesus ascended into heaven. Okay he said in the haven't been there us and after he said these things, he was lifted up, while the disciples were looking on, and a cloud received him out of their sight.

So what I'm going to conclude is that he was lifted up, they were looking on in a cloud received him looking up a cloud and as they were gazing intently to the sky while he was going behold to men like clothing stood beside them.

So now these people are looking up into the sky where the cloud was and they said men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky. I think I'm reading this book in the sky.

The club was were Jesus went to this Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched going to heaven. That's how it's going come back it stuck.

It's just that so I talked to somebody about this recently this well you see the word skyward this work that might not start. It's just too plain to clear another quite you just did know I mean it is not a question. Go ahead and dream and carry where I like II woke up Mike at 34 in the morning like that robotic type of person and where they had white light going down like Army with God and then not allowing us to go into the street and you think that got to the nurturing. Yes, that seal warning.

Well I don't know what your particular instance but I just can't speak about how to look, don't know the next chapter to it says that in the last days, your young men will dream dreams, etc. and the Celebes to dream dreams and visions. Things like that and it says we are in the last day so I have no problem with that. No visit from him. I don't know but you'd have to have it confirmed and things like that. I do know that Muslims are having visions and dreams of Jesus and throughout the Middle East and converting by the thousands.

I know that's happening. Can I can God speak to us and visions, dreams, today has Christians. I don't see why not.

Now is it the case that happen all the time.

I don't know but doctrinally speaking, I don't see a problem with how like to know the different you are from God like you don't like.

So what you do not you get biblically speaking. Obviously what you do and you get what you do is going to okay so what you do is you pray and ask God to confirm or not confirm to increase the issue burden desire: I'm hearing some weird noises. What is that behind what is he doing some of my phone with you like that okay okay weird weird Swanson was chewing, but the rate and so you have to get to you in prayer about it to see if the Lord is speaking to you to see. You don't want to scoff at on your own you want talk to people who are spiritual you trust and see if they can pray to and see because God is really do think that if these can be communicating to anybody in a vision or dream as it says in next to 17. It shall be the last days, God settle pour forth my spirit and all mankind and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams even about my bond slays both men and women will pour forth my spirit, and they shall prophesy, and so the Bible says were the last days so I'm forced by biblical scripture to say that this is still possible but doesn't mean what you had happened is from God, second is in theater from this and you have to check everything with Scripture and you pray through it. You wait on it.

You talk if you think it is you talk to somebody else. Maybe pastor and elder, and thus affect your welcome so much where are you in California this year from Kelly to live there for a long time.

I was curious central yes in Southern California for 30 years or so, so really you. I County horse County Riverside County LA County of San Diego County elliptical all this so no big deal, but I will. God bless appreciated. I you to okay we have five open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 so looking at this immaculate heart of Mary stuff and during the break, and it's clearly idolatry link explain something about what idolatry is that I have to teaching a bit of theology. To do this so there with me if you would think God has certain properties characteristics that belong to him alone and then there characteristics that come from God that we can participate in. The ones that are from him alone or such things as omniscience is all knowledge on the sapiens.

He is all wisdom. We don't have all knowledge, and we don't have all wisdom, so we cannot partake in God is eternal in the past and in the future, but we don't have that eternal past nature continue on with you but we don't have eternal nature, and he has a quality called a CFT which is his eternal independence, but we are dependent on him sooner certain characteristic is a belong to God and belong to God alone enters characteristics of belong to God that we can share in he thinks we think he loves.

We can love. He's rational to be rational. So these are the communicable attributes of God. Alright so those attributes that belong to God alone called the incommunicable attributes in IN incommunicable attributes that cannot be communicated to us. We can participate in one of the attributes that God has his omnipresence, and because of that he's everywhere now, there's a ramifications of this and come back to you like this is important to have the right back after these messages, please call 77 mass Y call 77077 welcome back to the show. So as I was now since God himself is everywhere, then that means he is in our hearts, we cannot share in this omnipresence of God. But Mary somehow can Mary is able to understand here.

All of our prayers simultaneously. This implies the presence of her heart in us are reminded in us, but generally the Catholic say no she's not present in her heart but she can hear all of our hearts. All of our thoughts.

It is spoken and thought simultaneously in different languages of the world. The last thing that means that they have to say that she is fed the information by God and that she can comprehend all this. Once this is one of the attributes of God omniscience, knowing all of this simultaneously. She can do this simultaneously and know the intention of the people's hearts and she can answer this is idolatry. These are the characteristics of God belong to God alone and are giving them to a created thing. Therefore, the Roman Catholic Church promotes full-scale idolatry, unrepentant, sinful, shameful, blasphemous idolatry.

That's what it does with Mary got a call. Or maybe I'll talk more about the apparitions that this so-called Mary said which is just past captures the true let's get to Daniel from Raleigh hey Daniel, welcome you.

Amen. Are you doing all right hanging in there so we got yeah the quick question though I have a friend that you know Christianity and the Bible and started reading it and you not autumn about God's goodness and that you know why he is a loving God. He is also very and this person is a supporter of you without you community as they they had asked me though.

If God is so loving a good how can you been in a homosexual. Your people to hell at all like what the Bible says that you know I called it an abomination object demanded you with woman and by birth unit men were meant to be with men were dormant and felt a part of the point of well studies show that men and women have hormonal imbalances that can trigger them to be. You know homosexual to basically they were making the claim that Oracle affect it with you with you and I both know it through.

However, I do want to give them in opinionated answer.

I wanted to give it a point to the Bible and they look at what is about this, but I kinda didn't know what a look, here's what I generally do see something like let me ask you question him to get to this point I want to ask you something is lying. A sin negative say yell okay so is it possible for someone to be born with a chemical imbalance in the brain that presupposes predisposes them to line my don't think I'm not how you know if people want to say there held high sexual there born with a certain propensity can people be born with the propensity to lie to lost to conflict right well is it okay if you're born with it propensity to live. Therefore, because I'm that's when born.

Therefore, it's okay is that the logic of dozer know if you're born with the propensity be selfish is being selfish. Okay, if you're born with the propensity to be a lustful is that okay know when once homosexuality could get a pass from yeah I guess they were trying to make the point of saying that all or liking or you have a man with born like men.

We know that spiritual that set them on a net against what you know the Lord, then forget you said for all right I didn't know how to approach that you out of the day they made really a sensitive topic you're only like that when you know the one I don't care about was step on her toes. Who cares. I don't want to leave them that they had came from Mormonism and there you know yet. I highly want to display them away from the Bible, I hear you, but you don't safe your understanding cautious and and wise and I'm certainly agree with that but the content sure everyone offend the homosexual community LGBT Q all that ABC stuff because of my defendants a lot they are offensive to us, and yet it's okay for them to be offensive to us. We can have our opinions all your offending me for a while and so right say to people who were to defend homosexuality any claim to be Christians. Sue if one thing if you defend sin.

I can call you a brother or sister in Christ because you are not obeying the revelation of Christ. The revelation of God and from your perspective, if you want to say that there born that way. And that means anyone who is born with any tendency it's okay if there born with a tendency to be attracted to children set okay and one do all that stuff.

Is that okay ask that's there. It is called minor attracted persons their second set of pedophilia and a changing the words and so there born with that tendency by the homosexual really ridiculous logic and that they have to approve of it yet it's it's okay. Just for they don't think these things through one of the reasons people don't think these things through is because schools dumbed down most of the population no critical thinking plenty of indoctrination it's a propaganda mill. The secular schools I don't trust him. And I really appreciate how you did know how to do it, but now you know whatever they bring up the study. I'll definitely say, what you do because the propensity for Tina to let make it right that antedated your choice to make a will is is is is okay. Have fun was born the propensity to be know and I may get effectively very careful on public Christian radio, but you could ask him about that with the children thing but a block and this is okay to consider there born that way.

Is that okay well now this difficult, why just way they were born right so their own logic sinks her own boat. Okay thank you I really appreciate this. God bless. All right, let's get to jump right into the Martin Virginia hey Martin welcome on their I met Kate effective ministry about all your previous color. I didn't get to catch the first article that I I I caught a response about the tenancy and thought your nail you like the Anda dear II think we do need to, I mean really put on kid gloves will gust in a split. Sometimes family members love one of the but you know what we don't want to force them away from loving relationship with ourselves and we don't you pick something that I have to deal with it with family members and") gift talk and you can't hit are quite mad if you if you talk science with some things that you know there is no gate.

You know, I look on you showing the manner studying all that think they look look all but that the point genetically when that now he is like the so much that certainly there are you expressions that you might have a tendency taking a risk might be… Also somewhat social direction that caused the belief in, and you know how it is no related you as a loving Christian and I don't. Christ came in Christ, look at all the right moment.

They've been and and and obviously no more right is hard to get that method.

Obviously I do not care Christlike at the heart you like you're right there is a note from Brad again about the new eight did I forget which one more note that okay that they want to be in your face and and destructive of everything that they thought they stopped. Here's the thing is the atheists I love talking atheist because I make assertions all the time. The see you Christians are wrong for condemning LGBT QI say so to get the straight so you tell me I'm wrong.

It's a moral thing correct. So what is it that is a universal moral truth that you are in touch with that says right you had a house euro value you can put your value want me please tell me how that works in the can't write right you have to have a grounding accrued or are right and wrong and that virgins are right, but it is say folks if you want to give me a call while you 776. Be right back. That why call 770772 all right hanging in there when you wanted. I wondered you are speaking, there are no unknowns invited me to speak but I will be done at the going to put notes going down for the Hindu festival in Spanish Fork. I think it is on a Saturday, Sunday, that's the goal. I plan to come down probably Thursday spent a day of affordability work and hang out with him and then to the we can think back on Monday when word Spanish Fork is worse with their I don't know never been there. Maybe if Luke was a call professing to get on the earpiece listing he could explain, but I find out talk more tomorrow. We caught three recon have my camera with me that my hat on, because it will be sunny, and the goal is to just see what happens. In witness and share the faith and just learn and I will never know why but I like to comment on the verge of March. The figure bringing up for some it got up there I never could understand. I know the Good, but to me it's like you said you the way the truth and life looking for the father except by land earth, but I pray to anybody but Jesus, I don't get it. I brought that up to look at me like, well, you know it, looking as she interceded during the first the miracle of Jesus you know with that with why you interceded with which you asked when she asked Jesus to help if you look at the response was a very nice light know it was empty with the woman through so it's like I don't know why I would ask the Virgin Mary or any of the six for that matter Jesus that is the way. In fact, I'm wondering that when I when you pray our father Barton Kevin. I'm not sure I'm not praying to Jesus when I'm doing that because I slept go through just to get to the father so you're good at that point we are praying to the father.

The person of the father of Jesus and the father separate persons in the dark of the Trinity, but you going through Christ always can you are going through Christ. All right you know he's a mediator is the only way to get to the father going through hell he could pray to him, to the spirit to the father to God. Whatever it we don't understand how it all works but that's it. I know why people pray to Mary, it's simple because their idolaters simple. That's why I just I make you're right. But you source yeah so I asked at all time. I II do the same thing have lots of questions for the Catholics they don't and they always point to Mary point to the priesthood point to the church is not coming to Christ.

The authority of salvation is found in the church and you gotta go to Mary got it with the sacrament Psalm of the church. The church effect on the radio show that here in your area. I listen to Catholic radio ever known that they say come home to the church music Jesus know it's come home to the church all the Mormons your church to all false religions point to an authority structure besides Christ then they use Jesus to bear witness of that authority structure is either new profit new prophetess or new church in the use Jesus to validate that even though Jesus has come to me now you got it with authority, the Mormon church authority.

The Catholic Church authority the Orthodox Church where you get your authority Matt. It's is ridiculous cowardice. Like you I hope something to get all Bob felt that, you know, like your little yet you know it all comes out of your own data anyway. So like I just pray to Mary Noah's idolatry. No is idolatry Catholic Church promotes massive sinful idolatry right okay Mel you Spanish Fork Spanish Fork obligatorily Hindu festival of limits in Spanish Fork, so I plan to be done or Saturday. Sunday is the plan will see what happens okay are a plus. Okay, let's get to see Dave from Raleigh, North Carolina. They welcome. You're running here and enjoy your presentation. To go there with a gentleman who called him and was about Dr. Greer about sexuality. It was like oh can handle 100 were you ever able to research Dr. Graham in the summit church and understanding in this area.

I can't say yes.

I can't say no because usually what I'll do is research something that same evening and then I don't find something quickly. I attended 100 project then I kind of forget about things so I can see I did or did, but I don't remember but I guess what I might have an asset to I tend to do it. I just do a lot of stuff.

In fact, during the break.

I'm writing an article on car literally and then when I'm done I got you patriotic naughty this too many irons in the fire yes and that because that's just how it has to be in the world of slick okay so if you notice my amplified when I did research that after that and found that there possible confusions about that sermon back in January 2019, but he was most definitely saying that it is and can separate you from God. Good for him. His gun like that good so not having Reagan's work was and I got George a couple of times, with friend of mine invited me over the brink of bankruptcy and to my knowledge. Dr. Greer is a regular teacher the Bible. God doesn't.

He doesn't say it while I went through the summit church doctrinal state that faith is only one thing I would. I would prefer they reworded where Jesus if it's the same church could decide summit church in that area is that he paid the penalty for sin and some of the Bible says as he bore our sins, penalty of this it is his minor difference but could be significant. Depending on some other stuff but other than that, but I believe immersion is baptism as his refinement facility. Good church and within pastors and elders right well I like that I just I'm enjoying I'm doing. I don't do it every night. But when I do live certainly being rewarded and challenged about some of things that I have thought about like I hope that we are relational rapture need to know that so I'm not prepared for the trade of iron to be begot of the long way. I'm with you, pray for free. Prepare for post fluid exactly the regular exactly what route you take care and keep that to goblins things all right is get to Joseph from north Carolina Joseph welcome here that I would doing the Greek word there.

I will let out wondering if you thought there was a correlate being that unite by you of the work like that one life and viewed one step in strength. Glad you think those correlate one be a positive for the other being negative is Edward Starks and Betty 19 fives which socks are flash I'm assuming is the same thing. Jude 7 which's strange flesh which is also Starks wordsmith you been in context so it looks like what's happening in Jude 7 is the issue of the fallen angels having relations with women producing home definitely and in Matthew 19. Five.

It's completely different context of marriage.

Okay right but in.

One cabinet that they the other 34 doing this well in the been the right, you are actually correct. I just saw that when a minister, but that's about time tomorrow and so strange flesh that you prefer that strange flesh probably is the homosexual stuff going on for a great day that night, maybe not that about one it might not be restricted only to homosexuality might include beast utility rise but Eric was a question yeah I was wondering if you thought that though that was you think the author was implying calling back that unite five S.I did hear the part so they were too muffled. Referring back to what oh I was wondering if you thought that all therapeutic with bring back the night in 501 no one believes different different contexts right right Douglas. Okay, let's get less color. Joseph from Texas Joseph, welcome you near iMac gone. It's going it's going to got out I call you on that thing that dear how old all of the earth you hold the view of the earth being older than 4.5 billion you settled. Notably, the settled, I don't know how old it is. I don't believe us millions of years old. I don't earn it. 6000 years old. According to dedicate again and now you only get that number. The issue with that.

I have no problem with that, but there's an issue is we don't know how long Adam was alive before the fall. The implication seems to be pretty quickly but is not necessitated by that so I don't know how old the earth. This I don't believe us millions of years old daughter have a problem with that being 10 15,000 years old 2033 problem with it but I wouldn't dinette the consultant pump quite young and there's even others Gerard that the listener theory necessitates a very old earth. There are a lot of problems in the dating methods, evolutionary theory, geography, geology excused. There is a lot of horrid, a lot of the okay I know will you a fan of life. I think he ate love your baby thank you God bless right a wrong time and Doug about 30 seconds left.

I think nobody waiting online. So I got graceful back on their tomorrow. I do plan to be done in the Salt Lake City area Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Pacifica set up a little dinner someplace on a Friday.

If my friend Laura will be so kind as to arrange a place of the stock to noisy and if you guys know the place. Maybe fun and hopefully it'll work my schedule allows.

All right, haters, and using the Lord bless you all and I hope Grady their program powered by the Truth Network

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