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March 22, 2022 12:00 am

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March 22, 2022 12:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What do you think about the Episcopal church---2- Are the timelines in Revelation 11 and Daniel 11-12 related---3- Who was the king during Esther's time---4- Was Jesus always submissive to the Father---5- Does the Bible actually teach a heavenly or spiritual language- -speaking in tongues---6- Can you explain Romans 11-25-26- What is the status of Israel---7- Does Jesus have two minds- One human and one divine---8- Does Jesus still have a human nature-will in His glorified state---9- Is the church still on the earth in Revelation 22-16- If so, doesn't that negate any pre-tribulation rapture view---10- Did Priscilla and Aquilla have a church in their home- Couldn't that mean Priscilla was a pastor---11- Does Revelation 11-7 support the amillennial view-

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Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why Max looked live if you want me call you to do was Darling 772072276 we have for this river, something we have 43 open lines of authority. Nicole was talking to somebody today. Today yesterday yesterday. That's what it was and they said that they would listen to watch you on the radio show. My wife and I okay and he said she said he does not look like his voice.

He said something about what you think of your blog on this or something.

I got a kick out of it made me laugh so there you go, just to assemble things to look at the McCall height.

If you're new to show what we do is talk about all kinds of things related to theology, the Bible, the truth of God's word and all of that because there's just so much to talk about so much stuff worth examining in the light of God's truth and the I do love impromptu debates and discussions and enjoy it.

And here we are doing radio so what you may call 877-207-2276.

All right, let's get to the phone. This good temperature from Tucson, Arizona. Richard welcome you don't think we got good you last week or we go about something, but I got a different question out about the Episcopal Anglican church and I think that I think that movement got started in England I want to know what you know about the Episcopal Church I stay way from its liberal it's just a little less essay and not a packet. Think like you women women elders and pastors on do they do that they do okay yeah because you and I ran out and longtime €71 a year, and 50 years that not by now you know you can either Episcopal and then on they can well come on, call Matthew what he knows about that movement.

Yeah that are different.

Let's say that different people within Episcopal movement as we had to do is find out exactly what this guy is believing because he may be believing some X okay but generally speaking, prescribing churches pretty well what what what you mean by live, they tend to connect with Scripture.

Well, they don't take it seriously as an know pastors and elders homosexuality is a sin, things like that and they don't tell from those things necessarily, though there are groups that tend to with subgroups within their people who do churches and pastors who do hold of those things but a lot of times the whole movement. This doesn't take into reprieve very careful about where he related a great thump my my my week that I think I think they were related. A little bit with with Will know what I my show might've had a might've had a common you know like incidents of the Jews will have a common what's the word I'm looking for darn it's a statement with the kind of work together and I think that's what you talk like and so is a work like my you you okay all right Matt, what you have your day, think goblet okay, let's get on the phone with the jury.

California jury will hear one quick working in revelations 11… 12 days in Daniel 1211 and 12 at 1290 and put them in 1335. They talked about the abomination of desolation that window that time line start and why is it an additional 75 days revelations. I don't know why there's additional of those days, but there's debatable on Windows when it starts and according Daniel nine times with different days in the years there is a prophecy to do it so much.

4445 BC thousand 800 days and things like that will want to get into the other areas of Daniel and Revelation talk about the days it looks like is talking the first half of the tribulation. And since we don't know for sure. So a premillennialist of hard-core dispensational premillennialist would be tenant would tend to look at those as relating to the first half, the tribulation where others of different views would see it, but not necessarily part of the true religion. Though some might is just difficult to nail because of different people's views on sale its entire. But remember my mother. One was cadmium agreement happier with our growing up they have to do it for 42 months after being in it would have come into quieter rights returned to end up in the kingdom thousand year reign and the trend 75 additional days included in the could you make the connection.

I can't but I don't. I personally affirm a literal 1000 years future and so that makes it even messier interpreted that the medically best left alone. Why don't know why think it's a mystery worth digging for will learn things and come up with ideas and then say I studied a whole bunch of not really sure that I learned some other stuff to him. He worked on about Yuko that's right that's right six dispensational is fall down and start throwing bananas as a result value of the building. I'm encouraged to appreciate the problem complex. All right, let's get to Orlando from High Point, North Carolina land, welcome here.

My mom all ready had been hearing have you what a Puritan letter MySpace airless coastlines birthday today to his will, because it helps me a lot here about my to my question deal with that big king there was beer when because some people call fate actuary or art that start date for next year which king is there. There we really have to focus Wanda gave the decree to rebuild the walls that the banking no doubt that what SLM Nebuchadnezzar and sinks.

There was with the issues of the service in Esther is might be another name for Nebuchadnezzar because that actually thought I said before, the previous caller. The decree I think it's in policy in this Esther to tenancy for the very dear Gartner 457 BC in the decree of 445 BC yes and no, I'm not sure which of those of the one line I would not Daniel nine all right on Wednesday. Again, first time it looked. It looks like of March 13 445 BC is the one which church to go to see what he BC, community Bible okay right. A lot of times the sum of the evidence will work on this and some other groups will kind of focus on issues I just kind of curious to see that now.

Okay, it's all right. It's after I read some of what you're trying to de-LRA. When I would do.

Okay, somebody is a note so I her service of the Persian King known in Greek history as Xerxes and talk about an extra four and investor Daniel nine. It's interesting that since there so is worth studying to see the event but I've been having trouble okay. I think the answer right lies that are different name to the same person written something like that. That's the correct thing is that I can work on the fact that two of them into the movement of the file that I have of questions that I like to answer and the open okay here we go, so we want to know who is King. I have service right yet. Okay okay I know okay okay right big man. God bless.

Okay, we thank you thank you thank you bye-bye all right help us by all right, let's get to Dave from Kansas City that you've welcomed on their yeah I will issue Esther night and I disagreed on something… I had always thought that Jesus was eternally submissive to the father and I took that from John Frank's book that I was reading. I know you studied under him and he said that was the minority view and it wasn't exactly correct which are not believe the eternal submission and this is the reason is is a simple issue of logic. The Trinity has always existed as the Trinity. It has always been that the second person of the Trinity would be sent by the father is always been. There was not a time when God, the Trinity, through eternity said hey I have an idea. Let's talk about a Trinitarian group and let's come up with a decision and that you know second person to be in submission is nothing like that since all knowledge of God is known eternally. Then the issue of the eternal submission of Christ is also eternal because the position in the sending has always been ordained to occur so therefore we would say eternal submission okay okay I like that yet. Lewis had once upon where he he said that Jesus's nail scarred hands were up morning Adam, so it was kinda neat. No natural Jesus delegate nail formed hands did not help form and Scott has enough appetite.

That's not true. It was God who created at many, but the Neil scars and the question is our evening scars in Christ body A Shaklee R exactly the thought that this is a technicality venison the sentiment. So the thing is, Adam was created in a specific time and place and Jesus was born thousands of years later, specifically in time. If you look at a chronologically. There is no way that Jesus help form Adam because Jesus did not come into existence until 2000 years ago Jesus being the union of the, the divine and human natures that union occurred 2000 years ago we call the union. Hypostatic union recall that Jesus that's what's going on there. Okay, that occurred that not when Adam was around, so it was not the Scott hand scarred the nail scarred hands at form Jesus because Jesus has occurred whereby you verify that you all right hey folks, we write that You call 877-2077 mass Y call 770770. Right where your man what's up doing that.

Click question that the Bible actually teach language, so glad they gone but determined, interpreted, but they buy and why did they become on about interpreted by the congregation you don't like shot pleasantness, state, and heavenly or spiritual language will surely questions the their different interpretations or understandings of the tongue is one is that it is actually the language that was not Hebrew and that he was speaking of other languages like Greek and Egyptian. The people were hearing the gospel of the truth of God's word. Another tongue so that's one of the possibilities.

One is that it was tongues is a spiritual movement of the Holy Spirit where a person speaks a language he does not know he or she does not know if that occurs disclosed with interpretation then there is the view that if you speak with the tongues of angels and prescriptive 13 one and so I believe that angels have a language of some sort, a way of communicating and so I think that that is a language as well. I just think that these are the three possibilities what I've seen of them, mostly the charismatics just go crazy legal wacko and they they fail to understand biblical propriety, they fail to submit to biblical requirements on interpretation, and in order so a lot of them just go crazy last okay I got the turkey and not need to put it apart and fell onto. Do that when I don't know if anything yet. I did that wasn't working a car and I was grounded. Writer got shot by a coil that happened not be back about 5 feet.

The dog never spoken so well. Thank you. All right big man that they're all right helplessly that my all right a folks with youth lines going to make all 87720722760 here for you call, let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, California Nelson welcome you only hear lines ordered.

I wanted like my fellow open the name there on Frederick.

It wasn't that long will McKay with an embedded recall that that's okay.

So what you questioned what what my question is about referring to that Roman 1125 and counting what you what you look at the question of what you believe that coming up with the guy up with the thing Burke that the thing up and birthed by the assignment.

Well, okay, you will their different views about what's good and what's with Israel and the church in a relationship. One is replacement theological position that says that the Christian church is completely replaced Israel dinner degrees of replacement complete and total replacement or just mostly replaced and that Israel isn't really done yet completely there's the view that I hold that is Israel is still a nation.

Of course, God is still faithful to them.

Of course, and that they will be raised up as a nation to work in the end times and there's going to be a mass conversion in Israel of believers become an evangelical that's a position I hold to visit me and I'm right but I hold that position and there are other positions not like that that are very good and others hold to the Christian camp open are not both very much. God bless. All right, when you call folks if lines 877-207-2276 is good to Matt from King North Carolina had a recall from King so welcoming on their great thanks God to be here Dykstra all you do, you never get all ask is your smart and intelligent good for you keep doing that are outside without a call that you just answering in regard to Kenya. Thank you. I swear dying Ezra for right that's billed 8H a SE you are US you are US is what I see okay what not currently looking at it I am right now. Yeah that's right because either you got that literally. I'm in the seminary at Southeastern Baptist right now and I literally just click an intern right now and it felt he didn't Xerxes are literally the same person wanted the person royal name, which is where where is there to use it is not the loyal Persian name and testify in person and I got on the other line is that you can tell about you going to tell the yeah yeah it's at the break started doing some research and I have some the articles King supers Catholics and the Greeks called him Xerxes which is a cool word Xerxes Xerxes so yeah it's that's what it is and is a relationship, though, something I had with Nebuchadnezzar, and the date has to do with this out of Ezra and Esther kept it in my cousin run out of work. Well, I don't I'm deftly not an expert idea to commit per minute to call me in about six weeks not be an expert after the final book right now. Get halfway there right select with the degree going for the M.Div. mass of the divinity. Okay, so how many that's great. If you have just curious because I reminisce a little bit Greek right. None yet none yet. I wish I have, but none yet.

Your first year that will second sort of in a coded break it up a little bit weirdly good.

Yeah is nice to seminary you and swing you live through you, into the Greek pool and you know you know what direction to go by the also in Hebrew, translating by the end of the first week. So while yeah that they think. I think they have eased up a little because they don't have people that many people drop out selling is yeah you sound like this bodies piled up at the door. The federal government, you may folks that His messages lines 877 mass Y call 7707 back to the show I met you when you will actually interact with you little bit about, but that you about hi and how exactly are they doing you notice how quickly my mind is so good is that because sometimes people and collect their different names list of your dissident yeah that is a little bit ago I was guided by the collar around, I am in that? Well, they did a night when Gary hey yet I interaction in the kick you off. I didn't act in time.

So I dumped him and the other guy but you arty down the left. Sorry about that. You will get the wheel now that I I would ask. It was actually my room and I just did not cleaning up, though I apologize about that. I've been I've been a ridicule. But I definitely got my my fair share of asthma are you experiencing any Unitarian oneness.

Yeah, which I am absolutely 100 and a Trinitarian side already condemn them before you come up preaching a false gospel and you know making it.

I told them that what they're doing is making God out to be a liar when they now say that Scripture says that the father is actually who is the son, and I youth an argument that you need a night before addressing someone else you know and John thick 638 that I came not to do my own will but the will of him that me and it would make a fence ability basically saying I cannot do my own will, but I will make you you Psalms not listen to that and it's very important to the students. The click view John 617 240 for those who don't know, and once people deny the Trinity's listers so I've used that fact that some are simply working on with that with one of the guys I think it was Hayes. I actually asked him on the incarnation when Jesus was speaking this he oscillate between human nature and divine nature. Speaking and that was one of the things I think Hayes was talking about. I try to get this of the other guys and they don't want to get to that level of discussion because it exposes their error a lot in. I love doing that.

If I can think about opening up tonight at each level study but opening up her room up there is a Trinity.

True or false, and then guys like you in there and others. You can have a moderate. So as long as faculty and that will be off. His back was a complete heretic like a loser guy, which is Hesiod a great got his multiethnic looking for talk about that likely more important topic than what my question was if you expound a little bit. Upon how Jesus in his two natures okay and I hear this that a lot and I can't remember which creed it comes from the operating from a human mind and a divine mind at the same time and I had talked to you about this a couple months ago but I didn't quite understand it where you are saying that there's actually and I want word that's right. I don't want to lightness represent you at all that he said it was like.

Some commentators he said he almost felt like 1/3 mind which is one mind up to nature as long as line is I don't know. It has those was called by skeletons and the terror of Monticello to so stiletto is the Greek word to will have a will to desire to want to will and so by logical necessity.

We have three persons of the Godhead than the second person has to have self-awareness be able to think and have a will will the human nature also has to have will otherwise is not human is means to be human. So Jesus has two natures. Logically, this names to wills. The will, in the divine nature. The will and the human nature. This is called by skeletons in theirs and and and it works with hypostatic union Oxbow Québec to explain, but there's in an era called model syllogism which teaches that there's only one will with a 22 natures are basically combined. Novices modify citizen wish to says that that the divine nature and human nature became 1/3 new thing, the Godman nature the combo nature and in that there be only one will. But that's wrong because then Jesus is neither divine nor human, but 1/3 new thing and that's very search problem get a lot of issues with.

So what we say in this issue of the thigh syllogism to wills with each nature. Jesus says I'll ask these oneness people's it was Jesus a person is walking on the earth with you personally have to say yes no sometimes they want to say no because they know as soon as they say yes, he's a person, to jump all over as I am because Jesus was a person and he still is a person. He's one person. He's not to persons and that's called Nestorianism where there are two persons in the one body of Christ Nestorianism as a heresy, because then we have problem with the incarnation, which measured on the cross and a denial of the skull.

The committee condominium option where the attributes of both nature are ascribed to the single person so the orthodox doctrine is the hypostatic union that in the one person of Christ are two distinct natures, but the two wills manifest and appear as one that they are manifested in one person and with one will, therefore, the one person will say I am thirsty and I am with you always, and he says I want you to come to be.

II cannot do my will him the setting he's talking is a person I oneness people have problems with this because I wanted to but that's what's going on there. So the hypostatic union is the correct doctrine one person has one will, but inside are two natures and they are attributed to the one person with one well how that works. I don't know that's a biblical revelation and only after that date on that you would agree that Jesus is now in his glorified statement. He retained his human nature. He still has the marks of the nail and like see how his wrists dug his hands.

I'm sorry is risky because the audible know that is says hands of the Bible, but actually it's his wrist because of the grief he didn't have a word for wrist and the wrist was considered part of the hand that movement. The vending area is where the nails will Psalms in his response pulse but it's a trivial point. What a good point, but now the glorified state that he still have where he has to will that still take that life in his glorified state and new will will be in the state called the hypostatic union forever. You have a question. I have nothing about this.

Also because he says in first Timothy 25 that there's one mediator between man and God. The man Christ Jesus. This is written after his ascension into heaven in Colossians 294 in him dwells all the fullness of deity in bodily form is also written after the ascension stated that Jesus is in bodily form is a man. Furthermore, in order to be a high priest yet to be a man in Jesus the high priest after the order my cousin Nick who lives forever and make intercession for super six 2725 S. is not a man right now we don't have a high priest of ivories were in trouble. So the physical resurrection of Christ demonstrates the proof that what Jesus said and did was correct but also is a manifestation of the continuing work of intercession that Christ will be doing on our behalf forever before God the father and member only. I don't want to take a phone call I made the movie off income you want about that but in Revelation 1 where it said that God, I'm driving. I can't read exactly, but it is worded where the revelation was given to him. The deed and though I don't know that mean why would why would you even if he is omniscient need you now receive a revelation from the father but I hope I don't say that back as I know that's used by heretics to question two.

Very good question and Zach is a good question and put it in my notes, there's a break right back folder. After these messages that Y call 77077 day and I just love to bring over to Bible study tonight going through Philippians 2 last half of it may begin conflict three tonight I'll be putting the link up on Facebook later on Facebook.

Just FYI. Alright, so tire you still there I will all right will the break was actually kinda convenient so what I did was I focused on some possible explanations for it. I came up with for the top of my head one I had help with a look at a commentary give me a clue want something and so I reworded it in and added something, but one copy with possible technologic possibility here is that it was given to Jesus before his ascension that have ramifications to it. That is the case, but that this text does not require that was given to him after his his ascension, though I think what implication this number two is so possible that the result of Jesus being a man and and and that's that lesser position that humbled state that there could be something related to that that's that's an idea to think critically satisfied with that possible that the designation of the greatness of Jesus in relation to God and God gave it to him and now I think there's truth in but here's the one I think really works.

It is a way of showing the continuing work of Jesus as mediator.

The father reveals himself through the son, and that in Jesus mediator work needed to ship work that the father gave the revelation to him who then mediated it, gave it to John and that's why things going on there. That's the best explanation I never way that really is that makes perfect and I think it's that last one is the better one and the yacht statement read in the commentary says the father reveals himself and his will in and by his son, that's true, and the test because he's the mediator and then I go to Matthew 1127. No one knows this father to the Senate, to whom the son will reveal him.

Jesus is at mediator for Timothy 25 and I think that's what's going on is his offices as mediator I think is with what's happening like okay okay man thank you Karen and God bless.

But they will see on on the cut eyes. I can't all right all right next longest wait in person is seen driving Pennsylvania right welcome here? What about your current career. The colonies I have got of the curious little thing that I've been dabbling in probably about three.

Dr. Dr. Logan Martin will live a job made mention of Revelation chapter 22 verse 16 and the verse reads I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright morning star. According to Walter Martin like they have not been reading commentaries on it that doing my own translation of it than the, the Jews doubled over the years, according to what USA business showing that the churches are still on the earth and most of the commentaries I think a direct translation that this is a little bit ambiguous. I'm not sure if it is or not to buy from there. That is indeed the case that after everything that is on the first 21 chapter the churches go on the earth.

It seems to me any sort of pre-mill laughter ideas literally destroyed by the think about that, since it might have. You obviously do not ruptured away a still on the earth after I would agree. You and I believe the rapture is concomitant with the arrival of the second coming of Christ and the do have is worth that some and that we can take in first, but this thing Jesus, have sent my angel to study these things for the churches for the churches if it's the seven churches.

That's interesting. I guess you been to the geographical locations of the seven churches, and so is better not churches.

They're not there as churches and on the root in the designer David Walter Martin, who I studied under for two years and what a privilege that what essay he said that to other churches.

The seven churches. Revelation were still there. So around the churches book Church of Christ the volume we were hurt on the art of article of your not good luck with that interlude that made Robert the beginning of the you know this is, after all, anything that it happened without the judgment that everything else that the Church of Christ, the body of Christ is still on the earth at this point in the end. Revelation chapter 22 and on and just like the type you and why you failed been dabbling out of about three. Dr. and I looking at different commentaries and I did not know that you would run across this or not the light of day.

It seems to me that if that is indeed the case, likely in my in my translating it and executing it.

I found it to be ambiguous whether or not Dom that you know the talk about testifying the thing to the charges, but what about the these charges are still on the earth are not without them and don't do not know if you have 11 has anything like that now happens that's interesting never even seen that like that or anybody asking that relationship to so yeah it's worth studying.

Make some notes on it is interesting because a lot of times the revolution for think it is the pre-trippers will say that the church is no longer mentioned that I disagree with that is 24 elders I believe as a church.

But here's is for the churches to the six for the church is one who meets the different ways of understanding it could be that is talk of the seven churches. At that time displeasing for the church and so with looking at checking out body like I will go to the other girl about the long dark time again that you provide me a call anytime soon. I think Lauren should interesting start interesting.

All right, let's get to get to Patrick in Charlotte North Carolina. Patrick welcome you on the air management Patrick. I called last night.

Okay, now I have a different question about women pastors okay Romans 16 325 Paul talks about filling in a chlorella by altered greed. Also the church that meets at their home warehouse. Do they have church at their house. Priscilla and the follow-up since then.

Would that made this fellow could've been a pastor know this meant that they mentor entering the house.

Just I had to fill in their very thought of Paula and ask 18 so they actually review with a cute dozen women cannot be pastors and elders in the church. It does not mean women can't be teachers, you know I was in seminary. We had a woman come in and do some teaching no problem at all, is not the same woman can teach any men anytime anyway not to be the position of authority. Spiritually, over many church that's about Bible teaches us to be in that place.

You could have a woman who is very knowledgeable and down to if I knew a woman who was very knowledgeable particular theological area knew more than me and say hey, teach me what is this explanation is questions I would have a problem attends no big deal.

This ministry after 12. Circular how that means he was associated in after prescription know again as they had church at the house right meets church as the master was okay time. Okay, it just says that they were at the house. She happened to be there to house doesn't mean she's a pastor and the Bible says pastors are to be elders who are male of the man of one wife. Okay, so she couldn't been right okay I guess. All right all right okay will move along the let's get to Mike for the Boeing Hwy., Mike welcome back. A patient was a revelation. Revelation 1100 is more than that you do benefit the Valeo King that now one of your… No not that big at Jewett associated with the seven year tribulation guy from the seventh is the subject tribulation.

I think it's deathly a reality is going to happen no problem but to this doesn't negate anything. It or support anything other than the safe, the two witnesses are going to be being there I think could have intercepted tribulation. I do believe for simulation. Daniel I is I didn't go ahead, try to get me, and Revelation 11 without right after they packed up but I'm back are there killed that that there killed by the beat that went out of… The millennial kingdom is that they found it be something that you would look at as the 40 millennial of them at this annual kingdom now. Yes, at this, the rapture rapture, but the tribulation would happy after the father wrapped right because it says Revelation 20.

The thousand years and figures of context and that he's bound not to deceive the nations anymore and Jesus said that Satan is already found in Matthew 12 is casting out demons. So what some of the millennialist will hold to is the idea that the thousand years is figurative because that's how it's used, and that at the beginning that time was bound was what Jesus said was the case and that he'll be let loose in order to make war not only with the two witnesses but also to help deceive the nations so that they come to war with each other. So some of millennialist's stand on the position that he has been released and that this is why were having the problems were having the work in the world now so it would support on the mat. I misread it gets out the first time understand the good stuff. I think Lana God bless this get the last caller need to rely and either to go okay since you got about one minute left the show and allotting for signal to literal thousand years.

While maybe it has is that the go to Revelation 20 and read. I saw an angel come down from heaven because literal, holding the key of the abyss is figurative and a great chain in his hand as figurative lay hold of the Dragon is figurative, the serpent of old, literal, who is the devil and Satan literal and value for thousand years. Literal and figurative. Don't just assume that it's literal. Don't assume it's not. But look at the text to see what is warranted by the context.

Furthermore, we do a study on thousand years. Just the phrase thousand years when days were thousand years a thousand years, but the dates of figurative usage and so when you look at stuff like and you okay know, maybe that's just the point you make of that. And for those who want to know where Satan was bound when Jesus said he was Artie bound Matthew Chapter 12 starting at verse 2222 through 32 Matthew 12 Jesus casting out demons, they said hey you're going, but upon the evil one who said no you find them first to do it binding the sense of the Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow. Powered by the Truth Network

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