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March 4, 2022 6:42 am

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March 4, 2022 6:42 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Can I lose my salvation---2- Who did Daniel see in his vision in 10-4- It sounds like the description of Jesus in Revelation 1.--3- I struggle with wrong thoughts about God. Does this mean I'm not saved---4- I feel led to go to seminary but my wife is a couple of years from retirement. Should I wait---5- Is it a sin to smoke or drink-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online for you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why show a picture looks.

So on March 2, 2022.

A good good yesterday poodle Dr. appointment thing will be due and then Luke Wayne was going to the show and he had a computer issue just what happens.

Not a big deal and nobody's working out.

Hopefully better know was also going to recall all you do is dial 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. Give me a call. We have talked to open lines.

If you're new to the show. What we do here is answer questions or try to answer questions on topics and all kinds of stuff. I was just discussing evolution with somebody 1215 minutes ago in their chat system venue, so I'd like to look to the last letter was teaching on Roman Catholicism on clubhouse was just on the discord discussing those certain aspects of evolution in the problems of house and now maybe get into here with the callers how I really enjoy being able to buy God's grace attempt to answer questions competently. My son I always do like talking I was trying so praise God for the opportunity to be able to represent him and hopefully everything will go fine all right what we just don't listen to the skin on the phone here with Michelle from Missouri. Michelle welcome you here, it's okay Colleen I have been really afraid I grew Torah church nightmare.

I outline clearly about my faith in Christ burning. I have 19 shots. I believe I had a new beginning huge thing happening in my marriage but shortly after that had Church of Christ family that started really pushing wrong. I took a stronghold in my mind and I watched your teaching. I ate I feel like I I think similarly to you with the questions that you ask and get your thought process that the very thing that he needed anything I was wrestling with no fear of what what if it could get here in Iraq over a year and I was really scared I was putting faith in fact I can baptize. Also I was trying out playing against five and I was really worried that that might be happening and I was afraid I had started out with my faith in Christ. Now with the Galatians 54 following a lady being tempted by my faith and I just can get peace about that.

Finally, they just a few weeks ago, like the Lord.

I woke up one day and I at wrestling an inner struggle with today. They are in you and started terrified that I felt from Christ. I left the space.

All the verses about putting his hand to the plow nothing for her hand in the book of Hebrews, the and I started out with faith in Christ alone and cut off. Galatians what can I ask you some questions can so have you trusted in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins's believe that I and then I out into the time. Do you right now the best of your ability to trust in Jesus, my ability I have a lot of fear that I to the death of my ability and I know nothing about how graduate I know all so it's okay. It's okay.

You're struggling and I understand okay so you've looked to Jesus and then the stupid cult called the church of Christ comes along and like Satan sows the seeds of doubt in your heart and your mind ceremonies which and baby with the ceremony thinking you had to do that now you realize you have Galatians on every part of me screamed wanted to know what was wrong if I went right so what you did was you did not get baptized in their sense for salvation.

Good for you and trusted in the sky on a company without baptism because I was baptized in the Torah church that had Catholic a were you baptized in the father-son Holy Spirit it with Nick that their money that they get okay and the nobody put you under the most you got put yourself under speaking. Next, you okay I tell you what it's all it's okay.

It's okay to solve a few problems even tended to try get baptized, and things haven't worked out right now. Do you little church right now.

Now after I left church I I thought I had funky you are in the process of maybe trying to find a church happen, as we did not want to get me. I have been in town that weekend so was this Black Hebrew Israelites church group Torah okay okay so what I would recommend you do. Maybe Charlie, please listen could put in the link for a fun the good church but also they were to go to find you. To find a good church in your area and just Google could baptized okay effect here.

There's a thing is your husband listening but a chance is okay he can baptize you laugh 23. One time that he will tell you what you see, I can give you a lot of theological argumentation for the blue.

The baptisms went through by asking more questions you just note this is to make sure it's taking care of you have to worry about it.

Your husband is a Christian. He can baptize you to do it in the bathtub, you can do the Jacuzzi to pool in the ocean river door and you don't have to be a ordained ministry to do that. Nothing in Scripture says so. So you know what you guys can do is you talk to me and call me at the office here and we can talk and you whatever and you guys can just do your thing, you pray and make sure that your heart right before God and that you recognize your salvation in Christ alone.

But you do and that you're not so sure about the baptism of the past.

You just want to get it right.

That's what you're trying to do before God, to be honest with regard and right before God and then he could just say you don't it is you got through this. Just like I know baptize you in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit and dunking this fine. I prefer dunking evenly believe in sprinkling and pouring about. I just like talking. I think it's just cooler with the total part you don't like that so get over the water. And guess what your baptized. If I was at your house and you had your bathtub theory.

Her husband was there. Of course, and dressed appropriately, I baptize you the exact same way with the same formula the same the same thing but it's just as valid. Okay William what I really like what they think I will not only okay so I asked if you trusted in Jesus right. You said you have you trusted he's God in flesh right you died in the trust should you putting any faith or hope in anything you do in order to get right with God. The correct year that I got you so you know, baptism is not necessary for salvation right right okay so you cover your husband baptize you find a church I church elders to vector okay and then what you can do what's right. You can do as you understand that you are justified by faith, your faith is in Christ, faith is only as good as you put it. You know he's God in flesh.the crossroad flipped you trust in him that if you do that if understand something Jesus is ask and will be given to you seek and you will find docket will be open.

This is Matthew 77 okay as long for everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds in the boondocks will be opened what you're doing is asking God for salvation you're asking him for his presence. Forgiveness you're asking him and he asks to be given to him what man is there among you when his son asks for a loaf bread, will give him a stone just really says that because the way the cook bread back that look like some flat stones around yes refinish love you mistake Willie seagull leaders of a long skinny fish. It looks like snake FAQ out yes for look bread.

The biggest don't you ask for fish is you snake you saying if you ask him. He gives it to you asking for some time, little jerk, not about you look at the one with okay Jesus said in Matthew 630, Matthew six and John 637 to 40 all the father give me will come to me and the one who comes to me. I certainly will not cast out. Fred come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him was sent me this is the will of him who sent me that all he has given me. I lose nothing razor on the last day. This is the will of my father, everyone who beholds the son and believes in him will have eternal life, and I myself will raise him up on the last day. So the ones he raises up on the last day are those who believe in him and were given to him who he says he will not lose as we said, you will lose none only ask you this, can Jesus lose any broker can Jesus lose any know what I would get if you were, you wouldn't be worried if you were, you wouldn't confess Jesus is truthfully the natural man cannot receive the things of God for the fullest.

Prescriptions 214 and you are obviously in my mind, my estimate, my understanding of your obviously saved you love the Lord and you just confused because of what the false teachers of you can dismiss them and lean on Jesus. He said he'll lose you as you were given a hold on all the hard ball all the time to hit the wrong button I just a water show.

Please call back.

My apologies if I messed up on that one. Why 77071. Every now and then I will just click the wrong button after right next to each other on my monitor and one is for hold one air was rock, which for hold and so if your listing show please call back with just just be a doofus and I said in the chat room that was a complete doofus for doing that which comes to use emphasis on complete verify it so you ready to please call back listening. I hope you are that that kind of issue she's going to. It's a normal thing that people go through and they wonder and the solution is to not look to themselves but to look to Christ not to look to their failures and the perfection of their own thoughts because I'll never find sufficiency there but always look to the work of Christ, who is complete and sufficient always look to Jesus what he said as he said the will of the fathers of Jesus lose none.

Jesus Failed to do the will of the father so therefore Jesus won't lose any and anyone who has truly trusted in Christ is saved. Some probably wonder what I really done this was something only you can answer and it's a question I really deliver my thinking. I really done this well here's the thing. Our hearts betray us, and I have a saying I'm talking to God and I get in the sloop of really thinking this might really repent and really this enough to think maybe my thinking I am. I'm really not thinking if I can say that in my heart. And God might hear me that I might convince them of the effort because it might really do listen. It just does have this thing I said I just stop. But I say my heart betrays me betrays me. Then I just looked Christ slipped trust best of my ability.

The best of my understanding. I distrust I know he stuck a fake me out to something other than what I ask of redemption in him, so this will be if understand these doubts arise when we start looking at ourselves more than God say don't examine yourself. When we look at ourselves so much that we negate the truth of what Christ said that he will give a good gift to us.

If we ask him for salvation and that he won't loose us that we can trust what he said that we needed to all right through the logical you would call 877-207-2276 Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the court about annual or 1010 chapter 10 yeah Daniel for me would have it for you about out the grab that found that light, Jesus from the gravelly, but the prince of Persia with you and you think that the way Daniel Michael, the present veins of the and when I read that greater light worked on no way they could be about. The Lord is not going to know who is he saying on the 24th day of the first month while I was by the bank, the great river that is the Tigris I was in my eyes and looked, and behold, there was a certain man dressed in linen whose waste was guarded by belt of pure gold who follows his body was like a barrel like barrel BRYL is a stone's face had the appearance of lightning, his eyes like the flaming torches, his arms and the feet like the gleam of polished bronze and the sound of his words, like that of a triple click that word tumult like a roaring triple Neu Daniel alone saw the vision while the men who were there with me did not see the vision. Nevertheless, a great dread fell upon them of the runway to hide themselves was left alone saw this great vision and no strength was left to me you're asking who was it that he saw will correctly.

In Revelation, but because it that Michael and no income below look of the law would need no ankle. I don't know who it was the vision and the thing about visions as they often use very symbolic imagery to represent something else like Nebuchadnezzar statue of the gold and the silver and the bronze and the clay mixed with iron of the feet. With this means it so here we have another instance of a vision that's occurring so I haven't looked at this a long time so I really can't tell you too much about it except to say I don't know exactly what it represents. Your right, there are similarities with the visions of Christ described in Revelation, but it doesn't mean that it is him. So what we have to do is just look and say what could it be a representation of Christ and not be Christ as a vision could be representation of something else and then what we have to do what we would have to do is read the immediate context before-and-after and see if those phrases are used within the book of Daniel and see how their use of the we can then determine more accurately, what's with the current doubt is as you fell right asleep on his face. The ground is like well you know I'm glancing at some commentaries while on talking here, looking around and I don't really see much of what they have to say except to say that no attempt is made to identify who that is. That's up it's okay to say about okay okay bless all right, let's get on the air with Jaden from Idaho. Jaden welcome welcome to one of the greatest union will only you have the same problem concerning Mike Gilkey… God did want to tell you what they come from inside your own sinfulness and flesh and it could even be helped along by demonic forces, but we don't know exactly how or what weird thing on your butt.

We don't need demonic forces. The thing bad things do stupid things because that's what we are down.

Here's a question right now, why would God love us anyway.

Even though he knows all about us. If you thought about yeah it's a good question know I'm quite a bit older than you are right and I could tell you, I've thought a lot more bad things that you have.

You still say you break the hold on right and it will come back and talk through the line 77657707 Jake Weaver met because we both live here Idaho. We have younger all right will good, so am you say, I thought a lot about things. I remember a specific time in my life when bad thoughts about God, which is rise up where you coming from what's going on right now you well walk at all. Guitar is what I did. I took this and I just rebuked Jesus and just as it does go on with my life.

I learned some well drink increasing back in because that's because your center since it you were the same as what you have to do is just rest on the word of God's rebuke that MoveOn become the rebuke to the argument for anything that would be unforgivable. No, because your Christian love the a lot better now you're just struggling right now a lot of on three 2030 good about this Christ Philippians 4628 be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, and lovely, whatever is of good repute.

If there's any excellence of anything worthy of praise.

Things to train your mind. The Bible actually says transformed by the renewing of your mind, it does. Did you know that Castro must try to plan out a lot lately.

Good you're just your experiencing Christianity in your experiencing the difficulties of walking properly.

Welcome to the right.

You're okay.

All right. Don't worry about it got stuck in the reject you.

Jesus is mad at you be he saved you, knowing everything about you and he selects okay just like your dad, mom and you could be really a jerk right to them doesn't mean they love you, doesn't mean they're going to give up on you right in God's infinitely more like that okay right you that help little back okay you think about black and white. Well then you just turn to Jesus again.

Lord I just trust you distrusting matter what you do is trust is a trust you matter what I think about. Why do I just trust you not perfect. I trust you Lord, my heart is yours. My hope is in you just just do that you move forward okay all time right got blustery are all right folks through the logical call 877-207-2276 Harry from Richmond, Virginia. Welcome. Thank you, Matt – it is alone, first time caller and will do a little something here wanted to know – and see what you thought been married about 30 years and I recently I decided with a little coaxing from the Lord to go to seminary and excited about that.

Now here's my challenge that I can ask which one was that which Concordia in St. Louis on your Lutheran. The author LC MS what is yes sir LC MS what about that was actually about my the second part of my question, but the first part of my question was my wife at one time I had some really challenging problems with my career and whatnot and and she was very she done very well.

The work we both worked our old time I wear empty-nesters now and the challenge with that is what her job. She is very close to being, you know, to retiring but we move right away you where worried that's gonna be really affect your career in a retirement that is that simple thinking along those lines is community Scripture to back that are or just curious what your thoughts were about. Well, what comes to mind is that you two need to make a decision together with you to do.

How far out as it before she retires and gets retirement coming up only a couple year so probably she could be fully vested and like three years four years. She won't give all that up so that would be about, well it seemed like it simple for me to even think about that Samantha, whatever does not imply consent. Not a good idea to put that part whatever is not of faith is sin is are you LC MS I am I am I came to the church after a long term with another church that went okay so your LC MS I which would LC miss college and okay and we talked with all that Concordia Tech I went to Concordia actually called transcoder by which Concordia University in Irvine, California right up my my bachelors degree so you know, small world, there will talk about better, not better seminaries and things like that they will give you Lisa was back then they offered it to me, but I'm not. I'm not Lutheran and reformed. And so it was.

They said that they would give me free tuition to seminary if I would agree to go into ministry and LC MS that that still standing there with you but there's also the audit is it is okay so one thing I would think about considering if I were you. Just consider it is so doing distance learning for a while until she can get that full vesting and then you have that security of income coming that it's a good thing, particularly considering how the economy is going and how the left is moving us toward socialism and stuff like that. Now, on the other hand, I'm not saying don't don't go messing don't move to St. Louis sent you two have to decide what to do. Five.

Suggestion for you call attendance chart and will what it is is +10-10 and you say of value like that for moving is a plus.


Hers is a -7. Let's say that conduct an average of 001 at that square foot tens charges will my wife and I did decide where to move to. And if we should move when we decide what to do from Southern California and we end up in Idaho but long story short, the we did the vertical line for all the cities and the horizontal was all the good conditions like rent, food, whatever was and we just put the plus and minus and and that really helped us if we added up all the numbers afterwards.

It really helped us to be able to decide where our interests were and what the.

The advantages were to different areas. We couldn't see it from from 30 feet up because we just inhabit that ability to to weigh all of the information simultaneously and see it all at once. What this was, is a method for putting numeric values on on certain aspects of decision-making and it works for us. It was great we decide which city to move to long story short, we invoice these values came up twice of every diversity we considered the peer and went so this is a need to consider soap giving up. For example, giving up vesting in two years. She might put -10. You might put -8. That would be a -9 or you might say zero to be negative. She puts -5 he put it on the two or three or whatever it is, if you say moving to the seminaries a positive 10 meat is definitely a positive to go serve God.

The Lord is calling you to do that you have to answer the call.

If you believe he is so you need to do it prayerfully with the council of elders and things like that. And so, with the overall counsel is it was 10 years out to get some of the vesting of the whatever the two years that that's you know you reach out and touch that almost and then you don't want to put monetary gain insecurity over serving the Lord. So this is just no way to win this with easily focus through philosophy calling 720765707772072276 Harry from Richmond is still there. I like it all right so did a bunch of information. It probably didn't help at all. Actually did it actually affirmed because we done a lot of introspection, a lot of prayer and we have done as pros and cons of what I call command I got. I was just concerned because if she does, you can transfer to another job out there. It'll just be a lesser man, it'll be a it'll be at a lesser grading and intellect. Anyway, she's a little bit younger than me. I want to respect that, but but she did she follow me she's on board and I would meet with the know with the with the board here in both of us are being interviewed by think is pretty cool. This, but so gaga got answer the call come in. You know God told me in no uncertain terms. This is what you want that happen and you do it almost quite literally yes absolutely. Absolutely. Just one other question I like to ask of you have heard you talk about you know a lot we we agree allotment of the Catholic Church. My father-in-law was Roman Catholic and my wife was to and I we just went through a really difficult bearing him because of the applicant was really difficult. Martin Luther obviously was a Catholic. And no, so I'll just curious.

A lot changed between the Reformation and the Catholic Church are just curious if you had any insight, having especially having gone Lutheran Cemetery seminary because material is just as enough Presbyterian seminary little Lutheran college. Okay okay okay you have any insight you think I should think that you can think of to pray about.

I've never heard you talk about the Lutheran Church. I definitely okay. Lutheranism teaches that you can lose your salvation and I died, but believe Jesus speaks against it doesn't teach you can lose it easily and it does also teach sacerdotal kind of a system. You should maybe know what that is but where the sacraments are means of grace. And then there's the issue that shopper apparat which is mother doing it is done where in the LC MS mode practical theology classes in college at the LVS LC must motivate baptism. I have no problem with baptism, Presbyterian, but not for salvation but they say the babies actually saved in that process and I just don't see that in Scripture and so there's some issues there that is a reformed five pointer I would naturally take umbrage with this office are not Christians. I learned a great deal of theology and benefit from the likes of Rod Rosenblatt, who was bigwig back in their theological circles and others so God's calling you to go to the LC MS, college, and you will him like a some advice for you what to do to prepare for it if you shouldn't have. Start studying Greek and Hebrew. Now start studying Greek and Hebrew. Now that's the reason why I didn't do the remote because they do not want you doing the remote classes in a remote track. They don't teach you the Greek and Hebrew.

They only do that to Matt for the M.Div. you doing M.Div.

I am okay start studying Greek and Hebrew. Now just get book start your own clergy alphabets learn terracing learn to clinicians learn paradigms you need it. I'd also recommend you get a computer with a speech program Dragon NaturallySpeaking so that you want to type everything you can speak out at the right paper after paper after paper paper want to seminary within the first four days by the within the first week we only went from Tuesday to Friday.

By Friday we were translating Hebrew that fast and didn't have a speech program then, but I would've used it because I had also been like 45 2025 page papers that were assigned not to mention basically 500 pages 2000 pages to read so you learn your theology, learn it well and start prepping him Greek Greek because if you been married 30 years are probably your 50s unassuming right I am late. Okay so unfortunately you're nearly 50s. Your your frontal lobes are not as pristine as they were back in your younger you got that right. And so you can see these young things around you. Just parsing circles around you are right in parsing you know what is the verb a me present active indicative first person singular nasty stuff like this in Greek.


And with the first of the top and Hebrew, a what's the paradigm structure how to do this is just different. I learned in seminary that no one ever spoke Greek in the Old Testament and back those days they didn't they're different that was not possible invented Greek to kill people and destroy their brains in the future. They made it up this planet will do that when the verb nouns can be changed in the form 24 different ways.

Case gender number start setting up now you need and start thinking there is a pleasure talking. The real blessing will continue listening outlet let you go for the next call. They need you goblets but are all right. Let's get to Alberta from Georgia Hale Borough welcome year on year with the Chris you think about smoking spirit right, but then I got so far, yell out everybody grace. You and I like why not fit among them what they got me a Christian or not smoking will be don't that's the question regarding Matt that that's the issue you want. You don't want to be sold in the world so comfortable that people can't tell that your your Christian so is it a sin to smoke a cigar I believe. So sin to have a beer. I don't believe so is it a sin to go to a bar. I don't believe so should you do those things well, what's the reason for them.

If you go to a bar. What's the reason is it to hang out with her blood shoot pool is a good reason, is a good environment to the people there cousins. Where are you cussing and swearing and I can't tell that it's sinful. Are you going there for the purpose of witnessing that looking for people to witness to let possibility that might make okay just reasons we don't blessing every detail has to be understood right now but these are the general kind of thing you gotta ask. I recommended biting order bars personally, but what about what I would say that the long. In fact, when it meant that they were equal exactly so in SSA exactly right. You do not want to have any appearance of evil.

That's why you note, you are not to drive the car with a woman is not my wife. I don't want to know any guests over our house is a female with my wife not here.

You don't I won't do those kind of things and so if you can get a you know a cigar and a beer and not coming out of a bar and someone sees you doing that where they can conclude what you can't be responsible conclusions when you are responsible for. Now you will hear, and so therefore you got a careful so you don't want to stumble anybody through your freedom and that's so great why every drink. Why all great great great gladly has are meant to manage why I made wine animated you hoping to me you made wine animated mature he created wine and six water pots and John to and he's the creator and the world was created in six days and so God did things in order and the bridge maturity and the thing the animals were already there and evolve noses were there all set so the wind that he created was mature wine is called wine. Furthermore, Proverbs 31 six it says this give strong drink to him who is perishing and wanting to him whose life is better for the Bible tells us to actually drink as a form of medicine that's what it says. Proverbs 31, six people are surprised by that.

So is Jesus cannot be making grape juice at the wedding. Of course not. They didn't do that at weddings.

They had wine. Jesus created wine, and he's gonna drink the supper and then used wine. It wasn't great juice had alcohol in it was low level alcohol. The reason was because low-level alcohol kept water from going bad refrigerators is okay and that's what they did.

It is always like that you make got a lot of what I got away and you are currently culture barbaric, but I think a great thing straight straight great dog drink barbaric while I'm telling you a part water or computers or a part computers was the Bible say give strong drink to him is perishing and wanted him whose life is better.

Proverbs 31 six so Jesus says to do that you Old Testament and the and that wine is this not grape juice that was instructed to give his Jesus could be just making grape juice and just drink a great juice course not. Okay, nothing wrong with having Saleh are alcohol or rectal been alcoholic…… I moderation inside Laura are buddy got blessed our life all right is good to Marta from Charlotte, North Carolina Marta welcome year on the air all I I know how all that will that way you know that they children nation with it women I know they have no back if I we don't know what angels can or cannot do exhaustively, but we do know that they can appear as people and we can't tell the difference that that is that's a fact because this is me for entertained angels okay inserts were suffers entertained its fineness. Hebrews 13 to do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this. Some have entertained angels without knowing it. Now think about this hospitality to strangers means you vitamin your house you feed them. You take care of them. You wash their feet. You give oil for their head that it meant in that culture and what the writer of Hebrews, a sailor and some people didn't even know that there were actually angels, which means they have full-blown hair they can sweat and everything and they were distinguishable. So this is what I was telling us that he was 13 to so what we know is that the moment time is definitely back tomorrow okay and early what is a Sabbath day that you come back tomorrow.

We'll talk more about that everybody hope you had a great time listening. Bless you another program powered by the Truth Network

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