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March 2, 2022 4:00 am

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March 2, 2022 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate-mail.--2- If salvation by faith alone was not believed before the Reformation, then does that mean there was a 1500 year apostasy---3- Can nonbelievers do good work---4- Why were there blood sacrifices in the Old Testament---5- Would a testimony of a child's salvation be valid for them to join the church---6- What are the best Scriptures to show someone that women pastors are not right---7- Do you think the new world order will be satanic-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more why and what you can call as usual will go do was dial 877207227 search I want to hear from you to make all rights and problem one thing over there and do that you hate mail today because I was rooting through some of it so we do hit Mills on Friday sometime. So if it sounds good. You sound like Milton to do what you give a call around five open lines 877-207-2276. All rights and for those of you might renew the show. This is a Christian apologetic show. We do is answer questions on the Bible answer questions on no real theology, the Bible, Mormonism Joe's witnesses criticize unity behind Islam all kind of stuff will come to things that were sharing a room right now in clubhouse tech problems and I got that taken care of. And here we go so all right now. Okay you call 877-207-2276 on Fridays. On Fridays you like to read my email and other people enjoy the they tell me they like some people say they don't like, but mostly people like us when we do is some I am going to owe for my phone to do is to make milk as I enjoy it. I like it.

I get a kick out of it. People think they do is they hate what I do and they call me names, things like that. They say they didn't really are that good. Check this out. The Jehovah's Witnesses are everything that you do not wish to believe who would support the American government when it's politicians belong to the skull and Bones secret society. Have you ever heard of NW 04 chemtrail's you are a very ignorant organization or should I say evil baby got my God have mercy on your ignorant soul. How I guess this guy is an uber conspiratorial stuff like conspiracies. You know what I know a good conspiracy. I like conspiracies myself and there's one in particular that I like so much that I want to believe it.

Want to I can't make myself before I want to. Did you know that there are reptilian aliens interbreeding with Nazis in underground cities at the polls and when they get enough of halfbreed that they're going to reptilian ailing halfbreed Nazis. They're going to take over the world.

That's a good conspiracy theory you know that's critical yeah so levels, but that is all right. Let's see I get is known as doing see the skin of this will be here all right. Louise is a Taurean's ever watching, waiting consumed during considering your progress master is well pleased with your unyielding journey towards the glorious appearing that will unfold unto itself. I want to read this and I was like okay so is it is a Taurean's use of the people who don't have all the deposit the litter box.

Obviously greater tape isn't sticking there a quantum flux isn't just basic stuff and what assessment will will unfold unto itself. The kind of statements that get me to be to unfold unto itself. I don't know.

It's alive eat eat all the other people become weavings a Taurean swimming that I get only the matches and the glorious appearing light on what was agreed to unfold and tell yourself I have a different brainwave thinking distinguishing truth from error is your concern.

The book is an excellent measuring stick from which you measure your reality has you must understand human. You are made to be inhabited by two opposite spirits you are free to choose which one when you are ready we will reveal the three universal truths all hear the Artemis is reset when you're ready we will reveal the truth and any little thing are choices when you're ready, the snow, but know when you're ready will reveal right now it's just a tense problem between the end that part of the University don't have future presence in past tense verbs on the settlement. We will reveal the universal truth. The three universal truths number one sacred language, number two, yielding the water, yielding water what is yielding water is like oregano and energy drink.

You'll know you and I got a court of some yielding water what would happen is what makes me feel things like what I don't know yet. I can't figure it out, more yielding, then the number three dark energy of the Emperor's household will receive you and those who have taught to follow as for you, dear human cousin we interact accordingly to your ability to grasp the spiritual language that was taught to you from the book we did you full respect and is a Taurean affection with unfailing patients. We wait as he talked post-Galactic strip script PS post-Galactic strip. We are amused.

It you teach with humor as such I could clean your clock with simple logic.

I like the kind of stuff. All right, let's say you have another one.

If one studies microbiology to increase intelligence and understanding of it, then is there intelligence behind mechanics of nature who puts it, there Dawkins said human mind is susceptible to hallucination. If you argue that religion and God's human mind's imagination than theory of evolution is in fact a creation of mind as well, which is in Dawkins own words. Human mind is susceptible to hallucination what it says I just read it word for word to take a breath or net long sentence talking snakes, parrots, etc. did not come up with the third revolution as and we know it is an disputable both within are on same page. These many theism, then the difference between atheism and theism is attitude towards subjects talked about in this guy Dennis so-and-so stated, science is an art level below.

Yeah. Okay. Thank you for taking time to write a site all right. Let's try this one. Please review the disc. I like this one.

Please review the description of Christianity from The description uses Roman Catholicism as an example of Christianity in the description for the word obviously you must have your own warped description please stop spreading lies and falsehoods about the Catholic religion is the only religion that they expect the time of Christ. They happen to be the first Christians you must feel really empowered.

If you can redefine Christianity suit yourself for 2000 years of history. Any by the way we honor Mary and the Saints etc. you know Roman Catholicism is it apostate it is. It's just it's a tannic teach a false gospel to sleep things you don't go to work. Merriam-Webster dictionary for an accurate description of theological things and what you worked in the dictionary.

That's how I know your full lips sealed one more. Let's see, let's see who I I didn't know it was possible to hate anyone as much as I hate you about that is a good start. She felt to be delighted something is insulting.

That's how just you just get right to it.

A guy opposite will disc as United beat on the bush assist right in there. You gotta get in there can do that.

He continues, all you bloodsucking parasites think that it is okay to get unlimited amounts of free work out of people.

After you've taken the whatever dollars from your callused hands.

I can hardly keep up with the work I've got to do.

Now I don't need more work to do. I hate you I curse you, I considered my Christian duty to pray for your death. Wow only paid Christians are under the great commission. What because no work can be done without pay as much versus last year we paid over $10 billion of the clergy don't have a single salt each day. Last year we paid over $10 billion to clergy and we don't have a single soul to show for it. How you know I sheesh that's awesome. So we pay the money hungry soul to get us over this. That's what it's about. Get the money, and how many souls do you have related to the two that if I could put 6 million missionaries in the field for a year I could put 6 million missionaries in the field for your if I didn't have to something you something that is Microsoft. Do you really think that I'm going to offered to do free handy work around some stranger's house for what disguise you.

Some people in the right you the other cerebellum still tied behind her back. You know, in any walk of the show you in any right, something a little work. Let's see, I actually hate you and curse you, and again I curse you to the fires of hell me the demons in hell who already know your name Rick you limb from limb and rejoice in hearing your screens throughout eternity. All right, so that that's natural email to tell you something like of the callers.

Next, tell you something quick and slick. There are people who think like that and then they come find me and I got stories I got stories of people following threatening death. I got stories okay and it happens are some really loose cannons out there. Okay, here's a short one more. Whenever I look at this material and karma org I see pedantic, overly literalistic slanted apologetics that seems only to exist to support your bad theology, a huge and I do mean huge misrepresentation of the early church fathers. Thank you. It was good.

That's how you write an insult okay that's real Rick Graham really liked okay. I had my fun. Let's have some more fun. Let's get to Angel from Florida Angel welcome your on-air about the article about only open up or just try get the policy of the if you sporting a buddy though background I the only I got religion or religion or get that thing around my college campus at the moment they Catholic Grace involvement, though I do know I might've thought and there and learn a bit more about their doctrine and I got the question yesterday got was that I kind of like rubies, but though they Talk about the history of them and when they were talking about it all. I got the question got me his bona fides you consider that if you don't believe in it a damnable error where in the early church. Can we find it.

1500 Europe all you do happen so that I link them to your and what they have responded to me and that was they either founded some other of the writing of a healthy type of baptismal regeneration or that there were heretics in one form or the other. So I got my question would be how would you answer the question from a Roman Catholic asking if bona fides is a salvific birth order issue.

What was very 1500 Europe, all 50 from the early Roman Catholic Church. I say yes.

The author was apostasy Roman Catholic Church one S. started following.

Configure the didn't.

Also, so the Scripture so you that there's your answer now.

What was from okay.I usually come to me all the time with like all three. This is early church support our mission where the Europe, the distant any church before the 1500 when I got another thing another thing I'll say when I say stuff like that it was your doctrine, and in the early church of St. Paul. What's easy. It's in Matthew Mark Luke John acts Romans current installation sufficient networks found but I do have, incidentally," the early church fathers a safe church alone did you a link to the quotes on that yet. Okay.

So there it is.

Now what they'll do though sometimes they will lock you know those people may have said that they believe this. They also believe that in the point is this, all the church fathers do not agree so that's why the same thing. My hold on the back of the brightly of life 877207 why call 77077 Charismatic Way back to the show Angel. There all right so I particularly enjoy.

For some reason talking Catholicism but so that help at all yet worried about their and I like you be able to defend my position there that I might as well. There are many psychology. I my you don't mind we got a full full stack of calls much call back in line because I love talking about Catholicism. My favorite things effective think about doing some teaching is run Unitarianism or Catholicism tonight on the clubhouse, so listen all right man sounds good but call back okay okay I was Angel from Florida. Let's get to Mitchell from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mitchell welcome here.

I married on hanging in there. We got care nonbelievers do good work. No right. I like that on purpose.

People know what sticks do more know they cannot do good works because of that in order for something to be good it has to be done with the standard of God's character, not our own, is not our sincerity or standard of righteousness or feelings or a witch and her heart to make something good only works done for the glory of God to the blood of Christ by Senate as God is is the character in the standard of righteousness. Only then can it be considered good unbelievers don't have Christ they reject God. They never are doing anything for the glory of God. The motivation never is for God's glory. But ultimately, either for their own glory. Somebody else also met some people may say will maybe help somebody else that's altruistic is not good is it is and what merits in favor with God by what you do because you do something right for somebody else. But how do you know it's right.

You can only know if it's right. If you use God is the standard of what is right and if he's a standard of what is right than the standard itself is perfection of you perfectly completely and totally always in your heart completely, totally doing something right for somebody else by them. They say yes. How do you know how do you know the death of her own heart and we get on and on and on. There is just no way that a nonbeliever can do good works in Bible says in Romans 310, 11, 12. No one does good, not even want right okay everything on climate. I got like rock you look at that right so that now let's see if Charlie in the chat room was pleasing and there he put in the relationship between faith and works know Charlie, he will. He's a guy pilfered decades. He's a great guy and during the show inside of stream yard gets fed out to Facebook and YouTube. He often puts links and for the topic at were doing and so he puts it in that I could just tell you that's awfully panicking right now is looking.

I don't know of anything right now. Can we do can just go to Karma just-can we do good works, seek answers for you not I'm not that bad of a person he put in that.

That's a link so just check out okay. I don't you do end up less what right now is get to Bill from Raleigh, North Carolina, will we lost little about the second coming of Christ. Hope he didn't get captured every problem for me. Let's get to Emory from North Carolina Emory welcome your know doing all right what you will know why God and then the I'm sorry I link on the man, the Dragon early to light have blood sacrifices in the Old Testament because you because they were pointing ahead as a representation of the truth. Sacrifice of Jesus is God in flesh. That's why I was there, and ultimately those sacrifices could never cleanse anybody but they were done, demonstrate the severity of sin and the cost of sin right there is no knowing I'm going on on the show is made that that sure if I can understand you but the thing is that the reason we have bless our God is to have blood sacrifices in the Old Testament was because it was a foreshadowing of the true sacrifice of Christ is the most basic answer to foreshadowing the representation of the true sacrifice okay.

Alright. But already, regardless you two things all right going to call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Tiberias will from New Jersey. Amen. How are you think you click my call Tiberias man you know I think of when I sit here Tigers think of James T.

E. Having met for a long time in a long time. I'm sure Tiberias okay long as you don't walk around in a pompous attitude in a robe and I will worry no, not at all. Never good, so we got a question for you and that I was really ugly article here on back. What your thoughts were on children needing children in a young is meeting eight, nine, 10 years old who want to join the church when your thoughts on that. Would you expect the child to come floating Christ at at that age would you dissuade that and make it you know well the time children are different at different ages. I got three daughters and one of them say whether this for real read her first novel children's novel at the age of four wild the other one is in his 20s still has a red one. So there's a there's quite a difference. Okay course of the one who has a relative they could draw I could. She's a genius when she draws but the first one is the Jesus there's a subtle difference of eight years old is an example would one be ready know will not direct dependence is what I generally say to people is if a child wants to receive Christ. It's up to the parents really to to determine if they think is legitimate because a child you don't best known by the parents and apparently of course what Christian print. Of course with one of her child to receive Christ and truly believe will can Bob do it at eight and Frank can't do it eight truly possible. So just depends I would have to okay whatever problem with it effectively does give convincingly, notably that they really to understand and okay yeah okay very good thinking that I write a plus. Okay, let's get to Josť from North Carolina, Josť, would you looking at me again yet albeit a break. I can hold onto everybody all right they fellowship through the logical to give me a call 87776. You Y call 77077 Time out there and ready to give me a call to open lines 87772276 Josť back on here when you make it of great I'm having an in my area here in a long time at the church but have the three of them and each of the has had a woman at the pastor women are leaders there and I have been listening to the radio station all day long and that have come up a lot. I'm just because I've been on the road working all day. I am not sure where to find the Scripture and I get my adventure and you are not doing that when pastors are not biblical. I know that out there in the East Coast were lot of us were these radio waves go out to the people driving in or they just don't agree with me if you don't agree with me your flat out wrong. I want to read the Scriptures, and approved the word of God, but a little bit about what my plan right now say okay so that we can get this settled and once again his 17 years of doing radio will offer up a debate if someone wants to debate me on this issue publicly using Scripture. Let's do it not offer this debate's for 17 years off and on. Not a single person is taken me up on it and I'll tell you why because they know the Scripture say in the rebellion against the word of God.

And I'll tell them to their face or rebelling against what God why would I say that because certain rebelling against what he got to listen to me answer some questions are teaching.

Paul says in first Timothy 212 and 13.

I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over man but remained quiet for it was Adam who was first created and then the eighth to this what Paul says he does not allow a woman to exercise or to teach or exercise authority over man but remained quiet for was Adam who was first created and then Eve. Now explain a couple things so people say it means a particular woman, I do not allow a woman. It's a somewhat particular woman. He was being polite about than one offender that allow this one woman that's not the case because Paul repeatedly names names in the Scriptures that you don't protect you just Timothy and he has no problem naming names, and he has no problem calling people out the carpet condemning them by name. So this is the stenotic not a good excuse which is some woman is being polite about this doesn't work and assist with her to remain quiet. The word here in Greek is has Nokia. It is not the words to gobble SOP means keep it down. You're still speaking so there's a crowd of people you say hey can you be has Nokia and then they lower their volume and then there talking still. That's what has Nokia means means keep it down lower. Be silent but not completely silent so got all means no speech, no sound, that's not what is being spoken of here and he says for was Adam who was first created and then eat so he's tying this to the created order.

This what he says now now want to do is go to first Timothy chapter 3 I just read to you. First Timothy chapter 2 verses 12 and 13 now on the go to first Timothy three. This is just the next chapter over just the next chapter is a trustworthy statement. If any man aspires to the office of overseer. He is a fine work he desires to do an overseer must be above reproach.

The husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectful, hospitable, able to teach, not addicted to wine as a manages held household wealth is as a woman for this job.

No, not this is a man of one woman I husband of one wife noticed as he must manage his own household well keeping his children under control with all dignity. A man can't manage his own household. How we take care the Church of God and not a new convert so you will not become conceited, etc. you must be of good reputation and goes on and says deacons verse eight. Likewise, Beth must be men of dignity, not double tongued so deacons can be women process and you can be addicted to to wine or fond of sordid gain so people say, come on this ridiculous it goes on in verse 10 these men must also first be tested and let them serve as deacons if they're going reproach women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossip. He's talked about men and women in the church deacons verse 12 must be husbands of only one wife right now to reach you two verses 14 and 15.

I'm writing these things to you hoping to come to you before long, but in case I'm delighted the latest give me. I am writing so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar in support of truth, Paul the apostle is telling us specifically how things are to be done in the church deacons are to be husbands of one wife the Bishop. This could possibly overseer husband of one wife in first Timothy to not to have women not to have a teaching authority over men in the church. Now the grid Titus chapter 1 charting verse five. For this reason I left you in Crete is Paul talking to you and that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city, as I directed you, namely, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife has one for that job can't having children who believe not accused of dissipation rebellion for the overseer must be above reproach, etc. looks like what's happening here is that the overseer and the elder. One of the same, and elder is an overseer now want to do is go to first Timothy 517). The elders who rule well now tell you little bit give you little Greek lesson in Greek nouns have gender, masculine, feminine and neuter.

We don't really do that in English, but there are a few words that have gender embedded in them girl man woman boy daughter son. They have gender, by definition, in what they are.

Even though the wacko liberals today are trying to confuse all that but nevertheless, in Greek, it says elders expressed to Roy which is the masculine plural. The elders masculine plural. If you want to be neuter as a way to save neuter, but is not neuter here either male or female could just be whoever he doesn't. Paul says the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, specially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.

For now we know that the preacher is by definition an elder in the preacher pastor is supposed to be a male with the husband of one wife, a man and one woman hug on near me is good like us in the Greek now, one more thing. Ephesians 411 says this and he gave some as the apostles and bring this up is in the Greek sum as the apostles, and some as of the prophets, and some as the evangelists, and some as the pastors and teachers, the pastor, the teacher are similar for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building of the body of Christ. This is here for the equipping of the saints for the work of the service, so the pastor is to build up in the work of service, and for the unity of the faith success and we know from Titus and you can read for Timothy that they're supposed to be able to teach sound doctrine. This is Titus 19 holding fast to the faith of the word which is in accordance with the teaching so that he he will be able to both exhort in sound doctrine to refute those in cotton contradict so we have one pastor. She is not teaching sound doctrine. She is not refuting those who contradict.

She's in a place of rebellion. She's denying the clear teaching of of Paul the apostle who was called as a path to the Gentiles who gave us instruction. How were to be in the household of God, which is a church. He says the elders were also pastors in first Timothy 517. The pastors were also elders are to be according to our Titus 1527 and also first Timothy three man of one woman, husband of one wife, so can a woman be a pastor. No, so leave the church yet. I got a much trouble. Thank you very much for pointing that out. Like I said it been a while and I'm to thank thank thank any, do I need to get back I got to do something and I'm walking here is a horrible mess yes thank you and we get a break.

Another select talk to you till the break in the building afterwards. But I did my research I did a lot of research on this and I went through denominations and found out when they differ denominations a whole bunch when they adopted within pastors and also when they adopted: the sexual stuff 80% of the denominations that adopted within pastors within a generation maybe generation 1/2 adopted pro-homosexual movement is because in my opinion there subjecting the word of God and their feelings. I've had women tell me, pastor, and God called me, how do you know because I have the gifting because I feeling. I know it so I say follow your experience on the one to go okay.

They voted right back up his messages to line 677 go to woman for better church.

Leave it masculine. Why call 77077 charismatic slave and I firmly believe that when women step into the position to ordain by God for men than men are in rebellion against God as well when they permitted they supported and God is called us men to defend the truth and were to do that but with the attack on masculinity is so prevalent in our culture. No wonder women are stepping up to do men's job.

We men need to step up lovingly, patiently, with strength, dedication of the word of God and say no. I want to put up with a sly left up with this we need to rebuke the women pastors and elders as a accordance God's word. This is it. And if the women don't like it. Who cares. So what edition with a like what is words, the word of God say that's what the issue is. And so we need to be following God's word. That's what it is.

Men need to lead elementaries only really quickly and godly okay when Adam and Eve in the garden she send first she gave the fruit to Adam. They both hid themselves after they send the pre-incarnate Christ came to them and said to the man where are you, even though she send first he addressed the man this because the men are the ones who wrecked the captain of the ship if he put someone good in charge and he goes to sleep in a run aground the captains could be in trouble. The captain of the ship that you are his men as husbands is what you are in the church.

Your captains act like captains study the word of God and you lead at the women behind you. Don't want you to lead then leave them behind but you follow Jesus Christ. Let them follow the truth of who Christ is to let them lead by their emotions and their experiences and say I know that I was called to be a pastor.

How do you know that because I feel it because I have the gifting because people want that all of its in rebellion against the word of God was a Scripture say Scripture speak to the contrary. Their experience and their desires and the reason I was like this at the feet of the men. The reason women pastors exist because the men are doing their job.

They're not doing her job. We are not doing her job instead of the truth in a godly way and not fear where wives or girlfriends the ladies around shooting to say we lead with truth. I would tell you when you do make a lot of mistakes. Welcome to the club.

When you keep your eyes on Jesus, and as it says, as Paul the apostle says in first Corinthians 1613 to read it to you. Be on the alert stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

First Corinthians 1613 team check that out all right. Let's get to Angel from Florida Angel. Welcome around here again it going on that though. Just protecting which people going to be about about the life I've come to my great opera and their main objection to my feet about a Hebrews chapter 8 and build right through birth of a okay what happened to look up to loving the new covenant better than the old one and it would be there they were, they become believers old and I would be why they verse 11 that every everyone know the Lord for all will know the leaves of the greatest of them. They say that David all believers only. How can anything be in this instance, can the Lord's process. God granted the belief that is 129 in the Psalm 22, nine it says you'd make me believe what my mother's breast as would assess that they assume infants can't believe the God would grant that they believe is 129 where they go off setting it up.

A child can believe anything can believe those who will how do you know the can on syndicate account, I think, how do you know that your position is correct, you're the one asserting if you go to the Scriptures here but we have Scripture which says God grants of people believe lipids 129 and even it says you did that you believe what my mother's breast that Psalm 22, nine okay process you did make me trust when upon my mother's breasts and assess and so when they say these things. That's a problem. Don't assume that your position has any validity they are making the assumption of the text and second who is this for this is something I still have to work through. To be honest, this is all affected new covenant with whom with the house of Israel and ask who the house of Israel to the Gentiles. This is the covenant that God makes with the house of Israel. It says that in verse nine, eight and nine and 10. This is a Coverdell make with the house of Israel. So you think it's a Gentiles is at the house of Israel have them do some examination of what it is or strategic see if it fits the text okay then ask him also good or look like kind of denying God great power, but I think that the incredibly like what I be making an argument like intellectually at them to a certain level feeling good God great it would assume that's the position, but to see the thing is, can babies be saved with a die. Yes the thinking will be saved by Jesus right yeah so can you ask for incident? How then are they saying are the are you saying they were even confessing Christ and believe if you're going to heaven rescinds a different means of salvation for babies for people to think through what they're saying. I'm not saying that babies are granted this active intellectual acknowledgment in hypostatic union about Christ. Two natures on not saying that I don't know how it works. God doesn't tell us what you got.

Be aware that people will make these statements is assuming that her true will.

How do you know it's like some an atheist woman whose well-known atheist on national TV thing, ready a one-day discussion and she said all babies born atheists treatment saying that some people are trying to to know not all born atheists there. Assuming that she was correct and I said when she said that to me is that you know that you know the hearts and minds of all babies just bought melted. Another born atheists. How do you know not born believing in God is a learn how to be an atheist.

She had never had he would respond to her like that. She was flabbergasted.

You know to say don't assume that what they're saying is true and read what say that it does say there the house of Israel.

What is the house of Israel. This is why I'm having trouble with this this phrase. What it means in the context of the new covenant because I just haven't done the homework.

I can really study it because it says the house of Israel and yet it certainly implies that that you like it later.

The company talks but but Israel about about the Gentiles as well, but the phrase house of Israel occurs hundred and 51 times in the Bible. The NASB hundred 51 times, and so it house of Israel occurs so many times in the Old Testament Alden and in the New Testament unable to humbly time the big scroll scrolling, scrolling, scrolling down and find out where and how many one tooth 34566 times I don't. That's exactly acrobatic schooling pretty quickly about six times in says emetic tenses, but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 1524 Jesus as I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was not sent to the Gentiles the house of Israel is Israel.

He was not sent to us Gentiles people don't know that. Not just because of rockets with people.

But what he was not sent covenant to leave to us. He was sent covenant click to Israel. Israel rejected the Messiah broke the covenant. We were grafted in.

That's how it works and so in acts 236 therefore let all the house of Israel know for certain that God is made in both Lord and Christ talking to the Jews. Acts 742.

Stephen, this is quoting. It is not written to me is not to me that you offered victims and sacrifices 40 years in the wilderness, was it wasn't a house of Israel and then he was eight. I will effect a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah you asked them what is that mean in the context Gentiles.

She was six or right are going. Are they God bless.

All right, let's get to Doug from Indiana. They don't welcome you on here, anything sure I have a I have a question about your statement on one of your love letter you got about the little older global shift in the way I understand Bible is your that we are supposed to build the kingdom of God, which I think includes the whole earth, and I was wondering why some preachers I imagine this plays a satanic type way to go and I will follow you so no other sake, which I this in the New World order is synthetic oil. Some people do you even my mother.

You know, there are website satanic to you shortly be doing that and I'm fighting a NRA mom, you know you are you not know Mickey, but I was wondering if there's any real cures that Satan got control the world. Under this new will go over read all duplex speculation watermark well it does say the least relation 16. I think this is because all the world is that they cannot buy or sell to the antichrist is going to be in charge of a lot of stuff and yet relation 13. Sorry. And so we know that the antichrist is possessed by the devil, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or sell except one who has the mark, so the implication is that there is going to be a world wide control that he's going to have and that no one is able to buy or sell except you have that Mark which one is reminiscent of the ideas you cannot go into a store and participant. The shape of your vaccine passport must in the value yeah yeah yes the same thing, but it is a means of conditioning the people to just believe. Okay, will do my best work so I can breathe and eat and into everything ready with an integral you find in the antichrist of love. Okay I'm used to it. All the sign-up. This is what the concerns of all. So what will it follow up question will be, are we building the kingdom of God. What were doing and statement going to take it or are we helplessly build is entire we are actually in the name of God right now were in the kingdom of Christ.

People don't know that I think that it no know it can't be. But Jesus said in Matthew 12 2232. The Satan was bound already and he says in Mark 13 Matthew 13 that bees redo the whole chapter.

That's the wicked to be taken out of his kingdom, and the wicked are the ones taken before the Christians as a Christians art they say is taken before the millennium. If they say and they get the wicked are taken before the Christians according Jesus on words Matthew 1330 and he says will be taken out of his kingdom and his kingdom has to be now okay okay very much a lot okay can you be a Christian political absolutely yes you can call that money will talk about it. General curse of Ham money without whatever the Lord bless you this weekend.

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