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February 28, 2022 6:25 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 28, 2022 6:25 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Does the Bible ever say that Jesus laughed or was happy---2- What do you know about JD Greer---3- Is it okay for a Christian to get a vasectomy---4- To what degree do I have to -deny myself and take up my cross- in order to determine that I am a child of God---5- What does the Bible mean by -wives tales----6- Why did King James bar Puritans from being involved in the KJV---7- What are your thoughts on the divine decree---8- How do we write God's word on our hearts---9- Does God have to experience love to be complete---10- Does Genesis 1 teach a flat earth---11- Who are the angels in Revelation 9-14-15-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

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Live today's date is 2222. Live on Facebook at C-A-R-M dot O-R-G You know, so we just we're trying new things trying to reach out That's what I do. All right, for those of you who might be new to the show.

My real name is Matt slick It's not a radio name. And if you want to give me a call all you have to do is dial eight seven seven two zero Seven two two seven six we discussed the Bible politics evolution atheism Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Christian Science unity Baha'i Islam Roman Catholicism Islam, let's see. What else I say, um UFOs are all kind of stuff and I love discussing theology Logic evidence for Christ and things like that. I do a patreon video series Where I just did one is about a half hour ago. I'm going through a series on apologetics I what I do and I develop notes. I have notes and all kinds of stuff my apologetics outline thing is 65 pages that's 65 pages of notes and my one on Roman Catholicism's 185 I think reformed theology is like about a hundred and Doing things on science and evolution.

That's around I don't know actually 30 or 40 pages on that one So I just do outlines and so I'm teaching through my outline on apologetics on my patreon and you go to patreon forward slash Matt slick and you can check that out if you want to help out if You do great if you don't that's fine, too. All right, having said all that Why don't we just jump on on the calls and let's get to Calvin from Raleigh, North Carolina. Calvin.

Welcome. You're on the air Okay, so my question Matt is that I know that in the Bible it says that God was I mean not God Christ Was sad and he had cried for his friend when his friend died Yeah, and also he was angry when those people were selling in his father's home in his father's house. Um, So he had went in and he broke up everything. But where does it say that he was happy? Where does it say that he actually laughed? Doesn't I don't know of any place in Scripture that says that Jesus laughed Or was was particularly joyful now something as a back of my mind comes up about the issue of Of revelation, I'm wondering in the issue of rejoicing. Let's see Because rejoicing with those who rejoice Romans, but what about revelation?

Something the back of my head Says there's something about that now. We know that people on the earth will rejoice And they'll celebrate so Rejoice Oh heavens. I guess that's poetry rejoice over her Oh heaven you saints apostles and prophets And this rejoice be glad Yeah, that's really interesting and you know lately You've got me thinking because lately what I've been doing is working on an attack on Unitarianism single person godhood problems and the lack of the ability to show full personhood and so I focus on the issue of love God is love for John 4 8 and being able to Exemplify what love is in the attribution of personhood now. Here's a question though if That's the case does God Does he laugh in the Trinitarian Communion does he have joy?

In that I think it is and so I think that might also be a necessary qualification for personhood since we're made in the image of God Genesis 1 26 So I'm not exactly sure how to answer the question you got me thinking I'm thinking out loud While I'm kind of thinking through it, but there's got to be something there. Maybe someone knows something. I don't know Maybe they'll reverse they could write it in the chat text or they could call me and say hey, what about this verse?

But I've not seen it Okay Now But but here's something though. I just did think of something though Because a marriage is a time of joy And there's going to be a marriage feast of the Lamb married to the Lamb and in Revelation 19 talks about this So maybe in that there would be the implication of the joy of the Lord in that sense maybe Okay Yeah, you know I'm thinking out loud you got me wondering about it so I don't see any instances of joy of the Ooh, hey look at this. This is Nehemiah 8 10 Then he said go eat of the fat drink of the sweet sweet Yeah, sweet and send portions to him who has nothing prepared for this day is holier to your Lord Do not be grieved for the joy of the Lord is your strength the joy of the Lord Does that mean the Lord's joy or the joy in knowing God? so Good question. Yeah, I'm looking while we're talking look at this, and then we have Look at this. This is interesting first Thessalonians 1 5 You also became imitators of us and of the Lord having received the word and much tribulation with the joy of the Holy Spirit Yeah might be a good one First Thessalonians 1 6 now you got me thinking about a man off. They start doing some thinking and research on that one as well All right, thank you, man Alright Okay, God bless, buddy Hey folks for open lines if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Let's get to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina Welcome you're on the air Yes, sir.

How you doing? Um yeah? I was just listening to what you're just talking about in Psalms I think these Tom's one or Psalms two it says he who's this and heaven's last I mean if you give me last in first, that's right Yeah, this one says Yeah, it says Psalm 2 for he who sits in heaven's laughs the Lord scoffs at them, so that's a laugh Yeah, it's a it's a personification of God's scornful Laughing and mocking kind of a sense at them, but yeah Yeah, I think I might do an article on this this interesting question Okay My question was about I was listening to the radio and Do you know anything about JD Greer? And you know I'm a church because they said you don't know but keep talking like I look him up J D and then G R E E R I Don't know his last name, but he's passed up the summit church, okay? Yeah, I found this website He's looks like he's in his 40s pastor author theologian summit church.

Yep, all right So what's your question? He says something? He says something I heard that he says something negative about own sexuality when it pertains to a We should respond Homosexuals to the church, but I don't know I don't know anymore wait wait I'm not sure I'm understanding you know he can properly hopefully he condemns Homosexuality as a sin is that what you're saying. I did do that right didn't come I didn't is that The comment it sounded like he said that it. We should I don't know not not I don't know it sounds like he said that we shouldn't Like condemn sex on the whole sexual body.

Oh, I'm not sure well. I tell you what Since since you're not sure and since we're talking about a person Publicly, and you're not sure if he did or did not we've got to be careful that we're not spreading something That's not true So I tell you what you do go research where you think he said that and then contact me at info at calm dot org and say here is where it is and Then you can demonstrate that because we want to make sure we don't say I thought I heard this I wasn't sure and say something publicly about somebody and then inadvertently start a rumor, so we've got to be careful Yes, sir. That's that's why I was calling as you because I think it's anybody knew you would know I Don't know you know I can bluff my way through a few things But you know as far as wisdom goes I can bluff my way through that But I tell you what what you should do is is research them and you can send me the research Because I have a section I've been working on lately On carm called preachers and teachers, and I just released one on Andy Stanley And I'm working on another person right now, and we'll be releasing information So just you know are they good they bad what to watch out for the good person and the moment not just looking for bad People you know like Joel Osteen the flaming heretic But there are a lot of good preachers out there, too And so people ask me and I generally will grease the wheel that squeaks So they'll say hey this guy's got a problem, and then they send me information. I do an analysis So usually it looks like I'm just trying to find heresies in people's lives and then expose them That's not the goal the goal is to be informative, but both good and bad So you know if you find some good stuff about him and other things Send it to me, and I can check it out.

Maybe try to think if he's good. I'll go hey this guy's great All right, okay, you said? calm info what info at calm org Alright, okay, and what I always look for like sure I'm looking on his website right now I'm looking for a statement of faith, which I haven't found and I'm looking for staff Which I haven't found and the reason I want to do the statement of faith is because I want to make sure that it's legit and Staff I want to know if they have women pastors and elders because if they do then you know I'd say stay away from The church, but I don't know if he does or doesn't just checking this learning trying to figure it out So you know He looks pretty good so far all right Okay, all right. Thank you. All right.

Well. God bless God bless all right All right, hey folks three open lines want to give me a call before the break eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Danny from Charlotte, North Carolina Danny welcome you are on the air Hey Okay, I got a question about Christians and birth control, okay No, my wife and I just had our our fourth son Berea three of the first she had a prefection and this past time her uterus almost ruptured, okay? And she'd want me to get a a vasectomy and for I was one if you had any any kind of you know scriptural reference for getting one or not getting one The Bible doesn't say to or not to just it's just not part of the Christian biblical conversation but I Can do this okay this I'm gonna stretch this just a little bit, but you go to first Corinthians chapter 7 and In there it talks about not getting married piece some people think that means Paul says don't get married But people don't understand he says in this present distress That's what he's talking about in verse 26 I think that it's good in the view of the present distress that it's good for men to remain as he is not get married Because there's a persecution going on so what he's saying there in of loose sense here is don't get married have kids in this situation And that's not birth control, but it is in a very loose sense All right now some people say birth control is sinful. I do not agree with that at all We got a break coming up, so I'll see how far I get into this so I have also been fixed so to speak and The reason is because my wife's next pregnancy probably would have killed her She has this is for real She has a very rare problem, and she's suffering more and more and if we go back to break I'll explain a little more and why and what and let me talk about okay, so hold on buddy, okay?

Hey folks we write back after these messages three open lines if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six you It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's matt slick But welcome back to the show if you wanna give me a call we have three open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two two Two seven six let's get back on the line with Danny Danny. You still there yes All right, so as I was saying You know real situation here my wife has a very very rare and very serious condition And she had four pregnancies four births. We lost one after birth. We had she had a miscarriage Also, so If I did not You know take care of my end of things her to speak she probably could you know a complete abstinence or She probably would have died and incidentally. Yeah, this is just it. Let me just say this generically So when they're in the procedure The anesthesia only worked on one side And I finished it without anesthesia And the reason and it was I wouldn't a shock and passed out but any rate the reason is because um You know she went through incredible pain giving birth, and I needed to stay there and finish to protect her And so it's a protection thing you're protecting your wife in this way, and it's a good thing You know here's another scenario.

Let's just say that the branded administration It declares war and all the Christians particularly people like myself and and for some reason because you talk to me now you and I are In a concentration camp okay reeducation camp Well you wouldn't want to have children in there now would you So there are times and it's strategic on when to have children for the glory of God. That's why I were to have them and And but if it's going to cost you your wife or her health then take preventative measures, so she's not injured Okay, all right. Yeah. I mean that that's very helpful. You know Yeah, I'm very familiar with it.

Yep That's right. We want to be we definitely be biblical in every sense You know of the word, but you know that's you know why you say it's kind of a gray area Right now the Roman Catholics will tell you it's a mortal sin Oh, not a world a good venial sin It is if you take any contraceptive, but it's like come on You know if your wife gets pregnant could kill her what do you watch you're not being smart about it? So come on, and it happens all right Okay, all right, buddy. Thank you for you your faithfulness to the word appreciate it by God's grace all right Danny God bless man, okay All right, hey folks if you want to give me a call we have four open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six give me a call. Don't make me come out there. Give me a call Let's talk to Alberto from Georgia. He'll burn a welcome if you're on the air Yeah, good evening. I'm a slick good evening.

My question is What degree or? Consistency do I have to deny myself and careful carry my cross in order to determine that? I'm a truly a child of God You don't determine if you're a truly a child of God by what you do You determine that by your faith and trust in Lord Jesus Christ It's not based on what you do What you do is based or the result of the regenerative work in you the fact that you do good works And want to do good works in the name of Jesus Christ, but not for salvation, but because it's a fruit Then that is a sign of Regeneration in you and in dwelling of God, but you don't do in any way shape or form any works in order to demonstrate Or to God that you're a Christian or to keep yourself right or anything like that So to pick up your cross daily is different for different people. That's why I said to pick up your cross follow after him Well for me that might be different than you now. I'm in the Bible a lot I'm debating and teaching a lot. So, you know spend time in the word. I do it automatically Well, maybe for you Do you know you don't do that and so denying to pick up your cross after him might involve something different? And people are different So you don't have to worry about any specifics comparative thing or here's the five things that you do or don't do You deny yourself in your own selfishness Your own sinfulness and you follow the Lord Jesus Christ and be willing to go to the cross with him if need be That's what's going on there Okay Okay. Okay. Thank you All right, man.

You know, you called many times now. You certainly saw a believer to me You're not worried about your own salvation. Now. Are you? No, no, no, no, no, no the Bible says that you're you're saved by grace through faith and you're not kept and you're kept by God's power and the Bible says that there's What you are a Christ and I understand that no security doctor in the past course I didn't know that because I've been at the Catholic Church, but now I was when I Said I hearing about the top in general security If I'm Pentecostal Church pastor told me that was a heresy, but then I feel if I'm not find out but what matter here Yeah General security is not a heresy.

It's Jesus taught in John 6 37 through 40 and It's a heresy to say you keep your salvation by being good or abiding by the law or not doing bad things We don't want to go to that Good for you, buddy. All right, Alberto. All right. I'm good. Okay. Thank you. All right. God bless Okay. Hey, let's get on phones with Mary from Richmond, Virginia. We just lost Follow up on the birth control stuff, you know, ladies if you'd like to call up and talk about that, please do I'd love to talk about that from the perspective of women in that situation I would I'd like to hear that.

All right, let's get to Emery from Charlotte, North Carolina Emery. Welcome You are on the air How you doing doing? All right, hang on in there. So what do you got buddy? Yeah.

Well, what about all says about why sales? wives tales Gossip, and you know gossip things not founded in fact and truth just avoid them Okay Are you there is a portal? A void support now avoid wives tales. Yes. All right So just avoid avoid them Now they're not saying I'm not saying that some things that are these old wisdom sayings aren't good some of them are but generally speaking wives tales are just statements or beliefs or superstitions and things like that folklore So you don't have to worry about it.

All right Why are you asking? Okay My house a few weeks ago flying around me and always heard of the bird flew in your house somebody gonna die No, that's a loop. That's a load of junk. Okay, right So what bird flies your house you would you and it means I'm gonna bird flies around your house It means a bird was flying around in your house That's what it means It's gonna happen.

It's gonna happen. I've been in you know, Costco there's birds flying around so It's because it's a big building and doors open What they fly in what happens when there's centipedes in your house or spiders in your house or ants in your house Does that mean you know, let's centipede it enters your house There's a hundred legs on their centipede. So sent to a hundred that means you live to a hundred years old. It's a wives tale, right?

Yeah, it can make it up. So just don't put any credence in that put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ Not in wives tailed tales like this. Oh bird flew in your window means you're gonna die soon. It's just stupidity It is Okay And my winner You're doing a good job keep working well by God's grace man, thanks a lot. All right. All right Okay Hey, we have three open lines want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six We'll get back after the break with Russell. I've got something in the King James might be interesting Hey folks, we'll be right back.

Please. Stay tuned eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six three open lines Give me a call. We'll be right back You It's Matt slick live I'm taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick All right, buddy. I'm chuckling. I shouldn't read the text to the chatroom We're making stupid wives tales up now, and I made it one up, you know happy as the wife You know, if you make your husband a sandwich, you know, you'll be happy something like that until the ladies Commenting and so we're having fun. No sandwiches tonight We have a lot of fun in the chat room if you want to join us on that all you gotta do is go to Facebook Karm org carm orgy check it out. You can join in a lot of fun. All right, let's get to Russell from Asheboro, North Carolina.

Welcome you are on the air Hey, it's been a long time Matt, but I'm still listening to you. That's because you're smart and intelligent and good That's a good well My boss might disagree with that. But anyway I the question that hey, I don't want to take up a lot of time I've got a DVD is how we got the King James Bob And they say it in the DVD that King James didn't want any Catholics or any Puritans That were hollering.

Let's go to America. That was the two groups He didn't long on the board or anything to do with the translation I was wondering I kind of feel like I know why the Catholics The Puritans I'm kind of do you know anything about? Why he felt that way?

I don't know if he did, you know, I just haven't heard that so I can't say this true or not true. I Just don't you know You know, that's what the DVDs And oh, okay. Well, you know, you know if that's what it is, I mean I could I could See that because the Roman Catholic Church is so stinking bad And a lot of the Protestants were leaving for America and there were Calvinists trying to escape religious persecution But also because they want to establish a Christian nation here And so I can see you know I could see that coming from there the state religion instead of a relationship with Christ state religion stuff and You know anybody on there who you know thinks about going to America is a good thing So, you know, I don't know. Yeah, that's news to me Yeah, you know St. Jerome, there was the Latin Vulgate yep, which You know there was that then what was the bishops Bible they mentioned that right the bishops Bible is from 1568 and Let's see The Vulgate I'm still researching that literally. I've been working on an article Going through the various manuscript trees codex of Alexandrinus Vaticanus Sydney Atticus, Texas Receptus and Why the King James why so many people say the King James is the best one, but it's not I'm going through p45 p46 p47 that those are papyri and I'm developing a table. I'm looking at it I just happen to have it open while you're talking about this and there's a bishops Bible done in 1568 and the Coverdale Bible Bible 1535 Geneva Bible 1560. So these are done Texas Receptus was developed by Erasmus But you know, so I don't know about the King James guy.

I just that's news to me. Maybe if Luke is listening Luke Wayne that he could maybe you know, she did a lot of research on the King James He might know what he can call up and get him on here. He can answer the question. Okay? Yeah, well it was a very interesting You know, and I didn't know that King James was not English.

He was Scottish Oh, I didn't know that either that really flew to me cuz you know England the Scotland they thought each other. Yes You know and of course You know You know, of course we know about the Irish and English thing which it's I think there's kind of doubt ain't it? You know, I don't know about all that but if you had another question we can tackle it or question Otherwise, we got callers waiting to move along. But uh, okay Okay, well well anyway, I appreciate it and I'll do some more digging and you keep on Doing what you doing, man. I love you, man Thank you, buddy. Appreciate it, man. Thanks.

Yeah, I'll tell you like, okay All right. Hey now we have two open lines eight seven seven two zero Seven two two seven six pastor Brett from Buffalo, New York. Welcome. You're on the air. Hey, man Hey, thanks, man. Thanks for taking the call. Listen, I've been watching your program for quite some time I know that the Lord's called me to an online counseling program and I'm thankful I'm thankful for your program because you've been a good example of how I'm going to operate. So Yeah, man, Lord's blessed Lord. That's not good. I think Yeah, you look into a guy in the radio named slick.

I don't know It's a good thing there Matt. Yeah. So listen, I have a I have a question I I have my theology and and you know, but I'm always open to Learn, I mean the greatest teacher is the one that can always be taught and I'll never forget those words, but The divine decree, okay, you hear it from popular theologians of today Specifically, dr. James white and I I really wanted to challenge him lovingly about that um, but your your thoughts on the divine decree first knowing that I lean more towards the The permissive will of God as opposed to God Doing evil no, no, no, no, no, no, no James. Why would I say no, I know James you he would not say that that God does evil. No, I might be missing a Misinterpreting him. I just recently heard him talking about this on another approach He talks about it quite often and I'll tell you what, you know, if there's a quote Seriously, if there's a quote you've got where he says God performs evil.

I want to hear it, you know, I'll contact Oh, no, no. No, I don't know. I I've never heard him say that no This is a guy in any way shape or form to say anything bad about James.

No, not at all Um, Mike might just my simple question is that is what happens is with this? Doctrine of the divine decree that I've heard and everything I've heard about it is that it allows young believers to think that God does do both and That God is guilty of doing both and the question always is well, how can God judge? fairly if he made Me do evil.

He didn't make you do evil did not Let's wait. This is where people need to study a little bit of theology and this often comes up So there's the will of God you've talked about the permissive. Well, but that also is Related to what's called the prescriptive as well as a decorative The decreed of will of God is the ultimate will let there be light, you know, the universe existed the prescriptive Will of God is thou shalt not lie That he prescribes moral behavior.

His permissive. Well is to allow you to lie freely All right, so that's what the issue of the will but there's something else In the issue of causation because people make a mistake of thinking because God decrees something that he's forcing it And that's not the case So we have breaks coming up and I'm going to talk to you about this will continue after the break, too But we have to understand three levels here ultimate Proximate and then efficient Causation, okay, okay ultimate Proximate like approximate but it's not a progress without the letter a ultimate proximate and efficient So you have to understand something. This is this is where the solution lies So ultimate causation is God by his own hand brought something to bear So by his own his own creative hand, he created the universe by his own Creative hand he did this now also He created the solar systems. He created the The earth the planets the Garden of Eden and he did this. He's the one who directly did this.

He put The chair the trees in the garden. He did this. Yes Now Adam and Eve really chose to sin. That was a question of mine for years. Yeah.

Okay, so We'll work it down here. So Adam and Eve freely chose to sin. God did not make them sin.

They freely chose but God's what we call. He's the proximate cause what that means. He Allowed certain circumstances to come to bear he created the the garden He created the devil well didn't bring him the devil, but he created Lucifer who then rebelled of his own free will you know? Ezekiel 38 does a 14 he rebelled of his own free will yeah Okay became evil and God allowed him to enter into the garden So this is what we call proximate work. It's proximate or next to the issue of Adam and Eve rebelling and sitting of their own free will So God is the ultimate cause in the sense that everything exists because God made it He's the proximate cause of their sin, but he's not the efficient cause approximate cause means the things are in place the efficient cause is The efficient cause is Adam freely chose of his own free will to eat the fruit He chose to rebel. God didn't make him do it. Adam chose to do it of his own action So he's the efficient cause of his own sin.

God did not make him do that God is the ultimate proximate but not the efficient cause now. There you go. We've got a break. So hold on We'll get more after the break. Okay Okay, yep. Hey folks be right back after these messages, please.

Stay tuned It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's matt slick All right, everybody welcome back to the last segment of the show. Let's get back with pastor brett pastor brett You're on the air. Hey, yeah Um, so, uh, yeah, so listen, I like I said, uh, i'm i'm open and I remain teachable I've been preaching and teaching for over 31 years and you know I have to be teachable because i'm i've been called a a calvinist in times past and i've been you know Told that uh, oh i'm one of those, you know reformed guys and you know, yeah Well, my doctrine is you know reformed and and i'm thankful for the truth of god's word. I didn't learn it My testimony is similar to that of pastor jeff durbin's I didn't learn Anything that I learned from anyone in particular, uh until just about 10 years ago when I read my first First reformed book which was systematic theology by wayne grudem and I said I said, you know I said man that dude stole my notes, man. Yeah, he's great. That's where he stole my notes. It was great Yeah, it was awesome.

So, you know, i'm thankful. Um, I I listened to um pastor james white, uh in a recent debate He did with um A young man, uh working for bill craig william lane craig. What's the kid's name? Looks like looks like a baby james white. Um Okay, i'm stratton tim stratton.

Yeah, and uh, he you know, james white and tim stratton We're going at back and forth and and uh, you know, james was really patient with the young man James is a good guy. He knows his stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I I know Do you have another question though because we got people waiting we got the guests lined up So I do I do so I just want to ask you.

Okay, so do you then? You you do agree then that god does not Make evil, but that he allows it It is part of his sovereign plan efeasians 1 11. He works all things after the council of his will He is not the author of evil in that evil.

It doesn't exist and then god directly creates it That does not happen right but the circumstances which allow its existence are god's work He allows it to work and so he is what's called the proximate cause not the efficient cause Okay, indeed. So let's yeah, very well said. Thank you brother. God's best to you I pray uh his blessing upon your ministry and uh, yeah I'll be uh watching as always and uh praying for you brother. God bless you matt.

Thank you very much, sir God bless breath. All right. Bye. God bless. All right Yep, find out good.

Oh, that's good call. Let's get to frank from utah. Hey frank.

Welcome. You're on the air right on frank frank Maybe doesn't know he's on here right now. Hey frank. I'll give you another five seconds. I'll put you on hold and frank Okay, he's on hold. Let's go to bob from utah. Hey bob. Welcome.

You're on the air Oh, thank you. I have a question. I was wondering why it's so important in old testament times for people to have The word of the lord written upon their hearts and why isn't it? It seems so it doesn't seem very important to people nowadays to have it written upon their heart. Should we be right having the lord's Word written upon our hearts and uh, do you do it?

How do you do it? Or do you know anybody that doesn't? I'm, just curious to know a little bit more about how this is about writing god's word on their heart Yeah, now you're going to be careful when you say it doesn't seem to be as important because it's a subjective experience that you're saying But it might be the case, but nevertheless To have the lord the word of god written on your heart means that you know it you've memorized it It's part of you. It's on you in you. That's what it means you're written on your heart Okay, so how do you do that read his word memorize it think about it discuss it teach it Contemplate on it so that it is true like Like colossians four five and six is something that speaks to me because it's a verse about being gentle to unbelievers A lot of people don't know about it and it's a verse that's written on my heart Conduct yourself with wisdom toward outsiders making the most of the opportunity that your speech always be with grace You know season with salt so it that speaks to me. It's on my heart So it that speaks to me. It's on my heart It's part of what I am how I think Okay, that's what it means written on your heart.

Okay? I like the memorized part that was good You know memorizing is good. I I have a lot of scriptures memorized a lot of addresses memorized because I what I do for a living You know i'm going to give the information out there on the radio, but this is good, you know to to for people to memorize and they should I knew they wrote it on their doorpost so they could see it every day It's one of five. Yeah to encourage more people to take the word of god and Put it on a piece of paper and put it on the front door.

So when they walk out the front door They would that's right have more written on their heart Well, it's also good to memorize just memorize the scriptures and understand it So that you can turn to it in your mind in your heart your memory quickly Okay, that's written on your heart understand what it's good to be okay, buddy. All right All right, let's get to next longest waiting person is patrick from texas patrick. Well welcome you're on the air Welcome welcome brother matt. Um, I have a question for you.

First of all, I appreciate you allowing me on the air. Um, I listened to your clubhouse speech yesterday and you were talking about perichoresis and lots of things i'm familiar with and Lots of things i'm familiar with and divine simplicity Uh the thing now correct me if i'm wrong But I don't know if you propose the theory that god had to experience love and fellowship in order to be the ultimate and fully No, understand that no, no, no, no, no that that's a heresy That would mean then that there's a deficiency in god was he asked which he has to complete Like another experience, okay Right, that's why I was going to ask you if if you were appealing to molanism right there with no no no molanism's false No, no, no Right. That's what I believe as well. Yeah molanism discusses the issue of counterfactuals that god knows all potentialities And then chooses a universe based on what he knows exhaustively about potential, uh, actions Um possibly done by people in different circumstances And this means seems reactionary right but god is loved by nature first John 4 8 in the in the inter-trinitarian communion In the perichoresis inter-dueling of the of the members of the godhead There is that continuing aspect of of love there is no deficiency in it.

There is no necessity of god having to Do something else or have something else be actualized in order for him to complete a part of his own essence Part of his own essence, okay Okay, yeah, I just got confused because I thought you had said he had to experience it to be the ultimate But thank you for clearing that up. Maybe I did if I said those words that I misspoke But you know because people misspeak. No, well, that's why I came to you All right Okay. Well good.

I'm glad you did it cleared up. All right. Well, god bless man All right Now let's get back to frank from utah.

Frank. Are you there? Yes, I am.

All right, ma'am Okay, because we had to put you on hold there before what do you got buddy? Yes, i've been running across some christians, uh I think that the earth is flat and i'm like and i think where do you see that? Oh, it's in genesis one and I'm a born-again christian. I've read through the bible especially genesis and I and I just don't see that where they're getting that conclusion of a flat earth It's not in yeah, it's not there the flat earth idea isn't just not there in genesis. These are people who have um an agenda that they impose upon the scriptures And they get it out of the word mainly the word firmament rakia in hebrew And the firmament is a dome That they say exists as a hard thing Generally, most of them say that in which the moon and stars and stuff are embedded Some say that the moon and the sun are underneath this dome And that it's a what's that like a round disc The earth is but then, you know, just take them to isaiah 11 12 What talks about the four corners of the earth as you go test one, two, three Hello, well, we got somebody saying test Maybe somebody just jumped in there They're doing tests on the equipment. Anyway, um Um, so the four corners, okay, so if they want to say the earth is round and say hey It says four corners if they want to say the four corners say the earth is the circle of the earth to go with that Because you know, they they're arbitrary what they do, okay Okay, I was just you know, making sure I wasn't missing something and all the years i've been reading it Well, you could go to my website i've written an article on uh, what is the flat earth theory and uh, I talk about problems like eclipses and the issue of the sun existing Equidistant from yeah, you had to see it. They're gonna and and then the parallax effect and other things The the flat earth stuff is such a distraction a waste of time and christians shouldn't be involved with it They're just they're taking people away from the preaching the teaching of the gospel For this the stupidity, okay Yeah Okay, thank you All right, man. God bless All right, let's jump over to jennifer from mount airy north carolina. Welcome. You're on the air Hello matt, um, it's jennifer and i'll call i'm calling for my boyfriend and He has a yeah, he's incarcerated I do You probably remember hearing from me before but his um, there's a group of them Um, several of the guys that listen to you every time you're on there and uh, I wonder He wanted me to tell you that it's more than just him Weaving to him all of them.

Hey guys, they're waving out there and if I was out there with you I'd be giving you a hug. Should we talk building bible study and be fellowshipping? All right for real Yeah, all right cool And the question this evening is revelation 9 14 and 15. Okay one sent the sixth angel to the trumpet released the four angels who were bound at the great River euphrates and the four angels who had been prepared for the hour and a day the month and the year were released So that they would kill a third of mankind, okay The question is who are these angels and where they cast out and put there for that reason I don't know who they are other than what's what's revealed here that there are angels who do the bidding of god They are held In a place right now where they can't do that and it you know, it's at the euphrates river. I have I believe that there are actual angels at the the uh At the uh, the euphrates river it's in part due to the issue where the To the issue where the garden of eden is but anyway And the four angels who have been prepared for the hour and a day the month and the year were released This is prophetic and they'll kill them a third of mankind so The preterists would have a problem with this. How was a third of mankind killed? uh in the past but uh given Certain evil governments and and things with viruses and stuff. You never know what's coming True Yeah Who knows? I do know This is makes people nervous that there are diseases that if they got out would decimate mankind And for some stupid reason people are working with them to see what they can do if these things get out And just as the chinese virus, you know the covid thing from wuhan lab Uh, it's obvious that they were manipulating stuff and that's a mild form One guy who's an expert in this told me once he said there's stuff there if it got out Now the world wouldn't would it would take centuries centuries to recover if people survived wow Yeah, there's stuff. The only thing we do know is that god will not flood the earth again.

That's right Yeah, but we are being flooded with leftist whack-o-morons, but yeah, okay, exactly Yeah, all right. All right. Okay. Thank you.

Matt. All right. Well, you're welcome. Okay All right. We'll talk to you later. Okay All right.

We are out of time. We don't have time to gary from utah on Anne graham lot that's interesting and matt on baptism by immersion. Oh I love talking baptism call back tomorrow and we'll talk about that and uh And i'm gonna just throw out a little little fun thing here.

I believe jesus was sprinkled at his baptism. I do Call me up and say what explain that one and i'll show it to you from scripture. Okay, and we'll see what you guys think All right. Hey folks. We're right back back. We're not right back back tomorrow by god's grace. Have a great day everyone God bless. Talk to you later Another program powered by the truth network
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