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February 16, 2022 6:25 pm

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February 16, 2022 6:25 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Was Demas ever really saved- Did he lose his salvation- Was he just a wayward Christian---2- We're supposed to pray for our enemies. Does that include Satan---3- What does the Greek word -pharmakeia- mean and how does it apply today---4- My child is homosexual and wants to get -married.- What should I do---5- Why does Paul often say that he is not lying- Why would he need to say that---6- Why do you say that women can't be pastors-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by Matt Slick Live. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. If you want to sign up for The Quran is false. It's Surah 42, and I'm going to show where the Quran actually says things that are false, and it's demonstrably provable that it's false and things like that historical inaccuracies biological inaccuracies and things like this and so Because it says that if one thing in the Quran is false, then it's not from Allah I'm going to show that and show some other things and some problems with the theology And we're going to put I'll put this in a trifold track that's going to be shipped over there as well And they're going to distribute them. There's already a network of people in place who are going to be Secretly so to speak Distributing the information so the population can get it because if they're found out who's distributing it the Muslims are trying to kill them We you know people say that Islam is a religion of peace well It is actually it's a religion of peace a piece of your arm a piece of your leg it's an evil religions an antichrist religion and I'm sorry. That's what it is, and I'm saying so I say it publicly without any shame without any Any any Concerns for the issue of truth it is an evil religion And I'd be glad to talk about it any time to anyone anyway, so there you go Please pray for the people in Africa who are being slaughtered by the Muslims who? use the Quran to justify their killing surah 9 in particular Alright for open lines if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six once you give me a call and you can Get in line, and we can we can blab all right. Let's get to Alberto from Georgia, Alberta welcome You are on the air Yes, good evening, Matt slick good evening my question is on the 1st Timothy 4 10 about demons What he would he say for the first place or they see fall in the category of the second and third?

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Let's start over this again. What verse are you talking about? The 1st Timothy 4 10 okay, and what's your question? Mm-hmm what she really saved, or if you fall in the category on the God what we call wait wait Who? Demons demons demons demons deo demons this isn't about dimas This verse that's why I'm confused.

It's not about dimas. Oh Oh first what it says if you wanna go to dimas it's second Timothy 4 10 It says for dimas having love this present world has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica And I doesn't say he is or is not saved people can be saved to make some bad choices and Serve their flesh for a while they can be disciplined to come to repentance, so it doesn't say that But it says he loves his present world and deserted me the implication is He's not saved, but we can't say for absolute sure but most probably he's not So another word that this is what dimas category fall and like the parable of the soldiers in the second So oil in the third soil yes, you know with the weather was mm-hmm, but I'm going to cut a voice that he's fallen Yes, so where he first possible say forsaking him, but he never say forsaken the Lord or was it a permanent? tournament thing he forsake That kind of a thing yeah also Paul So it's not a permanent thing. He is a forsaken him, but Also Paul didn't follow up on him when he left Right so we don't know for sure if we turn we don't know later on during life, right? I don't know for sure, but if you love the world more than Jesus That's not a good sign that that is a sign that you are not saved You're not regenerate, but that's not to say that certain people who are Christians can't slide a little bit Unfortunately and love some of the things of the world and then come back to repentance And you know what I thinking you know this kind of a thing and that's we can unpack that quite a bit But for what it says here.

He says having love this present world. He deserted me well Does it mean he's not saying what about a Christian? What about what what what Christians attend church faithfully?

Basically, but yeah, it's hard. It's towards the love towards towards or towards the faith in the world still church faithfully and Sunday school and and the Bible study and feel his heart not He didn't say you praise me with your lips But your heart is away far from you can feel you serving them the world in your heart Yeah, we we need to urge and you're still you It's gonna say we just need this judge each situation Individually I don't like saying all people who go to church But have their heart in the some of the things of the world therefore. They're not Christians.

I don't say that Different people have different degrees of things you could have someone who? Has recently been converted is going to church, but still has a lot of worldly ideas You could have someone who is it has been a Christian for a long time And has had a great deal of stress and strain in his or her life And is becoming more and more concerned for the things of the world and doesn't mean they're not Christian so for an example We know that our country is is gonna probably collapse because of the way the economy is going the trillions of dollars in debt that we're under the invasion from our southern borders the Ridiculous stuff that the laws are being passed the the covert stuff the economy that's been damaged I mean these are all warning signs, and if we're concerned about things like that We should be we very excuse me. We very much should be concerned of the things of the world But what does it mean does it mean we were concerned with the things of the world, but not of God of course We should be concerned with both we live in the world what we're supposed to do is have Christ as the ultimate Concern the ultimate standard and that we are we live in a world We're not of the world, but we need to eat we need to work We need to pay our bills we need to be concerned with those things But Christ is the Lord over all of them, and that's how we need to have that attitude So you see it's just not an easy thing to say it all means this or all people that okay Can I ask you one quick quick question again sure we got nobody waiting so go ahead Okay, you know the Bible says pray for your enemies right yeah, you know those would especially diffuse me now It's not about so what about Satan. He's my enemy should I pray for him no no no no it We just have a favorite your enemy to those who persecute you he's talking about people not talking about the the enemy of the gospel Satan okay, you can never pray you to praying for him as a waste Alright, but you can pray to the Lord about him you pray to the Lord say Lord Would you please bind the evil one etcetera etcetera a lot of Christians make a huge mistake In their prayers, they'll start praying to Satan, and they'll address him I use it.

I'm telling you give me you this do that. You don't be praying to Satan That's a prayer, and it's to Satan don't do that People don't you know I hope people are driving down the road going I never thought of that What they should do is pray to Christ may the Lord rebuke you know and that's only You only address Satan and demonic forces if they're right there in front of you You're not praying to them in that content You're just talking to them, but even then you know I would say the Lord rebuke You could be gone for me evil one the name of Jesus. It's all about Christ. It's all about Jesus So whenever I pray about the enemy of the gospel in the demonic realm. I ask my Lord to Whatever it is send the angels or Lord do the battle or whatever it is that you do in the spiritual realm Lord I put my trust my faith in in you I ask you bind the evil one from So and so and so and so myself in the ministry Etc ok In fact well you know when there's a lot of times that we have group prayers And I'm not saying I prayed better than anybody else. I don't I know people who pray a lot better than me I'm not gifting that area, but I noticed that sometimes we get in a group prayers with people and I'm not mocking any of it. I mean it's praise God and I think sometimes they forget to address the issue of the demonic realm and So sometimes in a group prayer. I generally don't like to pray too much in public not that I'm embarrassed or whatever Yeah, it's just people praying. That's good. I'm more of a private prayer person, but anyway I'll sometimes add in and Lord Please address the evil one and his ways and bind him from you know whatever we're praying about etc And so I'll sometimes add that because I think it's something that needs to be covered in prayer not every single time But you need to be covered, okay Thank you for your wisdom and your knowledge What about wisdom I got some knowledge, but I don't about wisdom.

You know talk to my wife about stuff She doesn't listen to me doesn't think I'm that smart and and stuff my abs are gone She just puts up with me so I don't know if I'm wise you know she's wise cuz she married me cuz I'm that great Well, maybe she's not that wise she married me. I don't know all depends how you look at it. Okay, buddy All right, man. We'll say all right.

Thank you. All right Hey folks nobody waiting. We have a break coming up once you give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six we'll be right back. Please stay tuned It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick All right welcome back everybody.

I hope you're having a good time listening if you want to give me a call We have three open lines eight Seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Paul from Virginia Paul welcome you're on the air Thank you. I'd like to know if you are aware of the word pharmakeia in the Bible sorcery Trans okay, so sorcery so Do you have any ideas or any knowledge around what part? Pharmakeia would play in the time that we're in now. Yeah more and more There are 50 to 70 million people in spiritism which is a form of Sorcery sorcery at the Greek word pharmakeia Which it has to do with drug abuse altered states of consciousness contacting the other side the occult seances contacting the dead Witchcraft spells all this kind of stuff and Like I said it's 50 to 70 million Spiritists in the world there are there's a growing number of probably one or two hundred thousand witches in America right now That's on the rise as well. Now. This is important because Because when you the more people get involved with demonic things the larger the door opens and It's a kind of a general rule The occult often just needs a door and we don't mean a physical door But an entrance point and so for example a Ouija board is designed To get a person to be involved in occultic spiritistic Pharmakeia kind of stuff and so it becomes a door If you had one person doing a Ouija board in a house in an entire neighborhood of a hundred thousand people That's this is not like it's perfect and this isn't one-to-one, but I won't get the principle then It's a small little door, but what if a thousand people were doing it well This it's a thousand little doors so to speak or gradually It's more of one huge door demonic presence is enabled now I'm not saying it's exactly like this But this is a principle that when you turn to the occult and use the things of the occult Then that opens up connections to the occult back when I was Involved with an anti-satanist ministry We had this it was a really interesting situation where This guy who was the head of it He called me up, and he said look I need some help I'm going to meet someone at night in a parking lot And he's supposed to give me some occult paraphernalia like a wand Maybe sphere and some other things used in satanic practices and he says I want you to be in the parking lot and and you know 300 feet apart kind of a thing and face him and That I would flash the lights if any car came in from a wrong direction. This is what we actually did and So you know we watched and and this person never showed up but the point is that he was going to grab or get ahold of these instruments and Remove them because there can be demonic attachments to things to objects There can be demonic attachments to a household if they're involved in a cult like praying to a false God Like the God of Mormonism or the God of Jehovah's Witnesses or the God of Islam and so in these practices are more and more occult doors are opened and So how does pharmacists sorcery which they're not see these people are not trying to be into sorcery directly They just don't know they're involved with demonic things ultimately the God of Mormonism is demonic as his Jehovah's Witness as it's Islam And so they don't know this they don't believe it and yet They're praying to these false gods and so the demonic realm is Expanding this is why we have so much more deception why we have more so much more evil in the world an increase of evil of all kinds in the world and It intimidates Christians, and so what Christians largely?

Do is just want to hunker down on Sunday morning, and then they want to just relax They don't want to deal with stuff and then that further Means that there's a failure. I know I'm going into a lot here, but I'll say one thing Matthew 16 18 Jesus as I said a year Peter and upon this rock I'll build my church and the gates of Hades will not overpower it what a gates do gates don't do anything They sit there that means that we the Christians are knocking down those gates They won't overpower the kingdom of God all right so that means we are on the on the aggressive side that we're praying against we're speaking against we're defending the faith and Unfortunately too many people don't believe that and so they get intimidated as the rise of the occult in various forms and demonic stuff increases and it so long story short Absolutely yes, it's increasing in the world, and I haven't even gotten a second Thessalonians to yet to talk about that Which talks about what you're saying? Right and so let me ask one other thing in relation to that Would that translate in any kind of way or be connected to? You the absolute what appears to be absolute power of big pharma and How they're able to control the media Now big pharma is not into the occult at least. I don't believe in either people are I mean you know They're not out there having seances in their headquarters but You know and and pharmaceutical medicine, but they could be incredibly helpful but the thing is they're in they have such great power that we know that the pop the Politicians are who are more interested in money in power will bow that they're they're next to to them and receive kickbacks insider information and things like this and gain a great deal of money in power which has Obviously happened if you look at some of the records of the Pelosi and others And so yeah, they have more and more power.

They're gonna gain more and more power. I mean think about this The kovat stuff. I've studied kovat quite a bit I've written over 30 articles on it. For example, the cloth masks are 3% effective This is not me saying this.

This is what the statistics say the Surgical Mac masks are about 50% effective and if you touch them on the outside, they're contaminated And this is just it's not me, you know propaganda misinformation This is stuff you can verify by looking up on the web. It's not a big deal and I can take people I can show them how to go to the CDC website and take the CDC information and find out how many deaths are related to the kovat vaccines versus all other vaccines combined Versus all other vaccines combined from the CDC website This information is out there, but the news media doesn't want to promote it. Why?

Why is it the news media is failing to cover this kind of information and for example I'm just gonna I gotta say this Hillary Clinton that at which she needs to be jailed for what she's done and The evidence is coming out of how she paid people to infiltrate white house servers To get information against Trump and the news media isn't covering it Why not? You see there's corruption Everywhere the corruption will continue It will continue and it's going to lead only to one place if you want to hold on We can talk about that more. Hey folks. We have three open lines. Oh, man. I just actually hung up on it Hey call back. Okay. Sorry about that my bad and then we'd be right back eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six we right back It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's matt slick All right. Let's get back on the phone to Paul. Hey Paul. Sorry about that, buddy So they didn't pause or you know, hold I hit, you know, I knocked you out there.

Okay, so, where were we? Well, I'm just concerned because I Was previously injured by pharmaceuticals many many years ago. So I was very leery knowledgeable around The corruption and the greed within the pharmaceutical industry anyway, but I never thought what I'm seeing now with the end of what I feel like is a Corruption and a cover-up and and just yeah, it's probably very complicated That they're able to Day after day keep the narrative going when you have these people that are dying Or being severely injured or disabled by these shots and I'll admit it I was probably one of the better-informed consumers, but even I bought it hook line and sinker and I got the third shot in September and it's nearly killed me um, right and so it made me look a new at pharma Kia and the World Economic Forum power swap against foundation and How they're carrying out what to me appears to be a play Well, there's you know, there's a lot there you know, I do know that statistically the the vaccines have helped people and They have saved lives and that's a fact and I admit that but there's a It's also the case that they've killed a lot of people. In fact In if you go to the CD effect, if you go to forward slash kovat Forward slash kovat you'll see a list of articles and you can go through the articles and maybe I should write an article I did I actually wrote one I forgot which one and it tells you how to go through the CDC website to go where to go to do it and explains what you do and then you can run your own own numbers and So I've done that before many times and you know, let's you go to forward slash VAERS dot HTML and So I'm looking at it right now literally on one of my screens and I hit I accept because you have to accept us something and then I'm I'm doing this. I'm just live right now I'm doing this.

This is what it says and I'm gonna under the first thing organization table lay out layout. It's By a vaccine and then I'm doing all vaccines except Covid there's a way to do that You just hold down this right now live and I'm doing every single location every manufacturer all events Everything and I just hit go which I just now did and so what I'm doing right now Literally right now is running all of the events that have happened of all the vaccine users eight hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred ninety one Now what I'm going to do is go through and instead of saying all events. I'm going to just limit it to Death now what this is doing is It is running a test Running a search from the CDC website on how many deaths have occurred from all vaccines since roughly the nineteen sixties 9524 all vaccines except kovat. I'm looking at it right now 9524 now what I'm gonna do is go back in and do just kovat for the same The only thing different 9,000 was just was all vaccines except kovat the deaths related and now just kovat vaccine and 23,000 So I Just did this live just now on the CD website.

I can show how to do it on the screen I can share the screen for the video for people. It's easy to do Why is it the news isn't talking about this? It's it bothers me. That's my question That's my question because I even called my local the other day because they have what they call a news tip line And I'm watching the channel for many years and I called them and I just simply asked the person Why they weren't covering any of the adverse events. They were advertising a vaccine clinic and that's what prompted my call I wanted to see what they would say and I said Why are you not covering any of the adverse events that are taking place and they hung up in my face?

Yeah, they wouldn't need they wouldn't even say they just hung the phone up. That's right local So it's right And I have a real problem with that I have a very large concern as well as other people that I talk to locally people that I interact with that Are wondering like it's like some huge cover-up going on Well something's going on. I mean, why is it like that? Why does is You know, why is it the news media doesn't cover everything? It's you know, it's a wonder and you have to ask questions about it. You have to say what's going on and You know, I've long ago stopped trusting the news You know in well, I'd like to take one more thing before I go. There is a website called real not rare R-e-a-l-n-o-t-r-a-r-e dot-com real not rare dot-com Okay And I get one or two May email from them a day where people have been injured and I'm in Virginia and just the other day I got one from a 34 year old woman who was in perfect health And she was a business owner these people tell those tell their stories of how their lives were before They took these shots and then what's happened to them since and it's just really It's almost like you're in a catch-22 because as you stated apparently these shots have done some good But yeah, it appears that there's a lot of problems and they're unwilling Right to speak of the problems and so Well what I did I while we're talking I just ran through how to do this on the video and I did this maybe I'll do another video and stuff like this now. What'll probably happen is you know They're gonna penalize me or whatever, but here's the question.

Here's the thing What I did was go to the this is the CDC website, and I went through their information and their Reporting system and all I did was extract information from them and you watch I'll probably get penalized For doing that now. Why is that you're making noise buddy. You're making noise in the background making a lot of noise, okay? So why is it that? The news media can't do the same thing and say can I do something about it? That the news media can't do the same thing and say what's going on here? It has to do with money and power And so when you take God out of the equation people want money and power and that's what's happening that's what's happening and because of that we are in a lot of trouble and It says that the arrival of the Lord will not occur until certain things happen second Thessalonians 2 4 let no one in any way deceive you for it will not come unless the Apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness is revealed the apostasy means of falling away from the truth And now what's what's a commodity here in America today truth? It's a commodity it is something that can be shaped sold for the right amount of money You'll say this or won't say that what's presented and this is in a form of apostasy not just religious But also of the very nature of the fabric of truth itself in our world, and it is being Corrupted and you can see that the news media as a whole does not present all of the facts You've got to present all of it. I know my question is why is it they don't do this research the same research I did and I'm just a theologian, and I happen to know that there was a huge conference held by a Senator just a few days ago and They had experts with more degrees in a thermometer And they were talking about COVID and vaccines and various things and now the proof is is What what what hospital John Hopkins?

I think it was I'm not sure Did the study and release information the masks are basically useless useless and yet? They're still being promoted when the science comes out when the data comes out when the facts come out It's the agenda and you know that if the pharma can get people to stay scared and to get more and more boosters They'll get more billions of dollars And I did research on how much they make and it's in the billions of dollars and one last thing I have a friend who works in an ER emergency room, and I won't say where And I won't say his name But he took as you cuz he had to he had to take the shot and he did and he got sick He took a second one, and he says he his words were almost killed me. I think he's exaggerating But you could tell he was very he's I don't want to get do with this. He goes why take a third one. It's insane And he's trying to get out of it.

He goes. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do with it anymore It's ridiculous I mean because I wish I had not gotten the booster because it's made me bury you up in the hospital I had made the surgery I've been Doctor after doctor after doctor after doctor.

Oh, I'm sorry then learn how to do a surgery Oh, I'm sorry, but learn how to do a health cleansing diet and look into Periodic fasting, but hey look gotta go buddy. Okay, all right. Hey folks.

We have three open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six with right back, please stay tuned you It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's matt slick Welcome back everybody. It is the last segment of the show and you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero Seven two two seven six let's get to selena from North Carolina welcome you're on the air Hi my question I have a adult child and They're into things that Jackson and I've been praying basically since 2017 that every scripture meditating Fasting even though I mean, I don't see anything breaking that spirit Because they're getting married June 18 2022 and I spoke to my pastor everybody seems like nice a lot But I know what the word of God says God does not condone In Texas treatment, I'm trying to let me catch up you're saying so you have a child in the same-sex relationship They're going they're going to get married Yeah, I'm trying to put Okay, okay, okay, so they're going to get married and your pastor said what about it just curious She said just love them wait wait wait she My pastor is a woman okay, but when I approach my pastor okay hold on hold on first of all first of all She shouldn't be a pastor, and you should find another church because any church that would have a woman pastor is not following scripture Flat-out I can talk about that and I could demonstrate it from scripture. She's in rebellion against God all right I don't talk about that that often when it comes up.

I have to say it, and it's it. She's a false person She's a false teacher okay. She needs to repent And I'd be glad to come out there debate anybody on it do a seminar on it out there on the East Coast I don't care. I'd be willing to I've challenged people for 17 years on the radio to Take me up on this stuff. No one's ever taken me up on it. It's because biblically. I'm correct, and they're wrong But nevertheless what should you do?

Well believe me. I mean I'm in conversation with somebody Who has a child who is now trans? Transexual gone through the procedure and wants to marry another trans and in that relationship it'll be of the same sex So we'll give too many details and so what do you do my recommendation is this is my opinion? I say I would not attend any such Wedding because it would be lending approval to an ungodly and sinful Act In the scriptures I could praise because I am praying and meditating fast Everybody look at me like I'm wrong like you need to get rid of it, but no you're that you are right Adult is going to hell, and that is the abomination of God. That's right, but you are right You're right to pray and to fast and you keep praying to keep fasting I Remember hearing a story about I think it was a mom prayed for 27 years for her son to come to repentance oh 27 years and he did 27 years, so you know And I've got two daughters who are not walking with the Lord.

I pray for them every day and Our job is to be faithful to the Lord and to pray To not participate in the dark deeds of darkness and not approve of them And yet at the same time to love them and how to do that is very difficult It's very difficult to do that and to pray to the Lord And yet at the same time to love them and how to do that is very difficult. It is it's difficult But you need to find a different church. You need to find a different church.

Okay women pastors are very unbiblical, okay? So i'm just telling you All right, all right Okay, so my thing is Just keep reading any particular scripture or I could pray this I've been you know different things. I've been you know you're making noises in the background making noise in the background It's difficult to hear you. You're kind of you're a little bit muffled, so I'm straining to hear you um Hi, it's better because I had a former speaker. That's better.

Yeah, that's much better. Okay. It's much better and so you want scriptures for what to do about your your child to break that demonic spirit and lose lose them from that because man Hold on.

Hold on. Not everything not everything is because of a demonic spirit It's sometimes just because people choose to sin and rebel against god And so You certainly there's demonic influences going on what I would do is pray You never pray to the devil never prayed any demonic forces you always pray to the lord and ask the lord to bind them So do that and also ask the lord to open their heart and to convict their heart What I do is I pray to the lord, please speak into her my daughter's heart speak the truth of your wisdom and your love and Convict her of her sin so that she would come to a place of repentance and grant her that that's what I pray Okay I'm praying i'm praying basically there basically, uh, it's a scripture Act 26 18 that her eyes be open. I don't know what word I wear every day i've been Just reading the bible saying it but they should be consecrated and come to the face of god yeah, I love I love I love my child and just that When I try to talk it normally I hit on uh major Uh, constant confrontation. So I said lord just help me to hold my peace because right I didn't raise That child that way ever since she was they were born I mean, I always been in church. I went before I even conceived her I would say but I had her I had them baptized at a young age and they lay hands on them at an age and in the church because You take your kids to the altar And uh, but I think some things happened and I failed to see and I didn't think you know You you think it that particular or your children got the same man as you but you don't You see but you tell and they don't do as you tell Right, I I know trust me sports and they got caught up into things, you know I I understand and my heart goes out to you and you've got to continue to pray just as we I continue to pray my wife and I continue to pray a nightly basis for our children. They know that too And they come over our house or one of them who's lost comes over our house on a regular basis and we love them We love her a great deal. She knows that but she also knows we don't approve of certain things And that's just how it is and we get along fine And she knows you know As one daughter came to visit there was no condition in which we would let her and her boyfriend sleep in the same bed So that won't happen in our house And she she respects that and because it's our house And I did not they weren't mad.

This is what it is. So we need to stand for christ That's what we need to do. And if we compromise it because we love somebody then what kind of a message are we sending?

How much do we love our lord? Okay, so it's serious. Okay. All right. Why you keep praying. All right. Just keep praying.

All right And find a new church. God bless if you can. Yes, okay I can't give your name, but my name is taylor.

It's just what taylor taylor Okay, thank you. All right. God bless. God bless All right, and that's right folks.

You heard me right women pastors are unbiblical They're against scripture if you go to a church with a woman pastor, you need to leave She needs to be rebuked Jennifer from mount airy, north carolina. Don't think we've had anybody from mount airy, north carolina. Welcome here on the air Hello Hello Um, it's me. I have been calling Now about once a week for my boyfriend who is incarcerated. Oh, okay and his question Yeah, it's going to be a regular thing.

I believe that that's fine. That's fine on my days off of work Does he hear me when I say hi to him? Does he see you hear me when I say hi to him? Okay, good because i'm waving saying hi. We don't say his name and everything. But uh, hey, hey, bro You know i'm waving to you. He's grinning real big.

I'm sure he is. So praise god. Okay Okay, his question he gave me four scriptures Um where paul is um speaking or romans 9 1 the part that says I say the truth I lie not And galatians 1 20 now the things which I write unto you behold before god, I lie not um Another one first timothy 27. I speak the truth and lie not and the last one second prentience 11 31 The god and father of our lord jesus christ, which is blessed forevermore knoweth that I lie not his question is why does paul Feel like he has to say well, why does he say I lie not i'm not lying because he's not lying Because he's not lying. Is it just it's a jewish because he's not.

Yeah, it's a jewish thing. It's like i'm telling the truth. Come on You mean i'm not i'm not pulling your wig part of his personality Yeah We say the same thing, you know, and i'll say to my of course what I said to my wife i'll say Of course, i'm i'm of course I cleaned all the cat boxes three times yesterday, you know I say it like that. She knows i'm pulling her leg, you know And uh, I think for real For real, that's right. That's right. I'm telling you that real for real That's right.

I have some friends, you know, I say I say to them of course, you're really smart, you know And you know, they just you know, they would call me names but so we all kid around but what uh, you know It's a style. It's a person but in the jewish culture, you know, it also says by the by two witnesses is something Established he says i'm telling the truth. I am not lying I'm telling the truth.

I am not lying. It could be just a jewish kind of a way to say look i'm telling truth I'm not lying And we have that today Okay, you know and so in some, uh, you know people say you know what i'm saying, you know, or did you hear me? Uh, you know i'm telling the truth or truly truly truly i'm telling you.

What do you mean truly truly truly? I want you to say truly It's idiomatic and it's just what's going on Okay Um the one quick more question And but the lady before and you were talking about um Which I know uh women pastors are not biblical But what about a women a woman minister? wrong like That's wrong too bad a minister by definition is someone who's an authoritative position inside the church context Women are not to teach or exercise authority over men but remain silent for adam was first created first when first timothy 2 12 and 13 The very next chapter first timothy 3 15 paul says he's giving instruction on how we're to behave in the household of god In titus chapter 1 and in first timothy chapter 3 he talks about appointing elders in the church And if any elder is uh, mias gunaikas on there a man of one woman a woman a a a a man of one woman a husband of one An army is gunaikas actually what it says a man of one woman That's what the elder is supposed to be and it also says that the elder The elders are to receive a double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching the word elders in greek Is presbuteroi which is masculine plural so we don't have this in english. We except say actor actress Actors actresses, but in greek nouns, basically every single noun It has a masculine or feminine or a neuter construction and elders are spoken of in the masculine And it says they must be men And this has to do with the the authority issue federal headship and the whole bit I've done a lot of research on this and I know we're almost out of time But I formally challenge anybody out there on the east coast or in utah or in ohio Who thinks women pastors are right? We'll get you i'll fly out and we'll have a public Televised recorded whatever you want live on the internet debate on the issue using scripture Okay, okay. No one will take me up. All right, because they don't want to have to face what god says They can't they can't they can try It's it you can do it.

There's no male or female in christ, you know glasen 327 and I said did you hear that ripping the ripping sound of a verse out of its context being? Redundant so anyway Okay, okay, so there you go, thank you All right, my thoughts on less Oh, that's right. I remember that just Sorry, boy. We don't have enough time. Give me a call tomorrow. We'll talk about them Hey folks, may the lord bless you and by his grace back on here tomorrow, and we'll talk to you then So So another program powered by the truth network
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