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February 16, 2022 3:00 am

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February 16, 2022 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Where is heaven---2- If the Lord was with the Israelites, why couldn't they drive out the Canaanites that had iron chariots---3- What does it mean to be a -just- Christian---4- Is Daniel 12-1 about Jesus- Is Jesus Michael the Archangel---5- Could you read us some more hate mail---6- How should I address someone in my church who is following Word of Faith teachers---7- How should a Christian view the two-party system-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 770-7276 RUNAWAY reporting that "I had a great week and good belt on the Lord bless you, if you want to call you to do is dial 877-207-2276 we could talk. If you're new to the show Christian apologetic show or if you questions of all kinds of stuff.

Christianity, for and against the Bates teaching all kind of stuff. If you want to join us. All you gotta do is go to Condor/mumps, you also: but if you want to watch the shoulder for the linkup and little bit to do a government granted Thomas working on the project and up the linkup she can watch the show here in the next few minutes will do that on the current website.

So there you go there you go there to go alright so through the lines 877-207-2276 was good to William from Florida hey William.

Welcome you are on the year. Sure I knew Michael and John William Michael and Jean, how are you guys doing you do not do all right where will you is a good question and the answer is I don't know but it is not like his behind Jupiter or something like that. I never sent the son.

It's not like it's a different kind of a place and heaven is where God is and God is everywhere but not everywhere is heaven, but there's a special place that God resides in lives in like a house but is not a house.

It is the place we call that heaven and the Bible doesn't tell us where it is work. Anything about it other than it's his place where he is and who knows where it is but it's out there someplace.

It might be a different dimension. It can be an area who knows but we just don't know. I wish I could give up what their answer, but the Bible doesn't tell us. He does not like Greg in the car in drive and then you find it so I hooked God bless you already and I was like it when the kids: kids get involved.

In fact, I met a guy in store.

Once he reckoned as my voice was talking to somebody or something and he goes on love your show as well.

I was at the show here in the Boise area and we got talking and he said his sons to so that he said love the show and I said really what are their names and then tomorrow the next day. You know you make sugar listing. Others mention their names off the top of gifts out of nowhere to go to school. They would love that. And I said is what your text may delegate all or email me with the reactions work in so short of the next day I just talk in the show and the ice I just called another name tag with two guys names.

Thanks for watching the show.

Listen to the show the regular driving with her dad and he wrote he said there I bugged out and they were smiling and laughing and they just absolutely loved it. So I got a kick out of the love doing stuff like a lot of fun so I could hear her name on the radio. All right hey for open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Mitchell from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mitchell, welcome running all is going in and anybody we government got quick question 119. I know I'm not the last part… I couldn't care that shared an iron.

I did not really understand our II, the enemy of the Jews had iron weapons iron chariots are drawn by horses and they were very formidable and because of your advanced technology, the Jews could not drive them out. That'll back that is what it is and you know this is there the Lord was with Judah now in the Lord's within a minute, why could they drive out to the iron chariots… Though the thing is just because the Lord with you doesn't mean everything you do can work out the way you wanted to do he says the Lord was with them and then they were not able to drive out the church.

Could God have ever walked about of Corsica but is not saying that because they were God was with them. Therefore, they will always win this essay by K to be with them and then to their lack of faith or lack of trust in Christ and God. Then they could not do what God wanted to do even the all right. I arrived at God bless. All right, all right, all right. Hey folks, what you may call three open lines 87720722768. By the way, I just decided committed to going down to Utah on the last weekend of March because there's gonna be a Hindu festivals on the go down there either Thursday or Friday and come back probably Monday-ish and can be down there and stuff like that so I know sin is a Hindu festival in Luke Wayne. He works with this looking. He's the stilted formula on the radio.

Great guy. So be going down. Working with him. He'll be shown the ropes together because he's done this several times. I just haven't been down so far down so that I can get down and hang out with Bill McKeever and probably Eric Johnson. Also there to experts on Mormonism great folks maybe stay with Terry. Who knows, and that my wife said to go because I spent time with Jerry and so she left Terry and Terry's house and so I ice should be down there and with another friend going down there in the next few days and will let you know more about that. So there you go. Alright, now let's get to longest waiting is Joe from Greensboro, North Carolina. Joe welcome you on the air.

Matt, how are you on the all right.

I'm hanging in there and we got here. Well, just that question and definition of what just know that her mom found on the got to get that wealth to say that someone is just is to say that they are righteous.

According to the law and so all Christians are just in the reason this is because were justified to be just is also to be justified.

If you are justified. You are then just so justifies a legal declaration of righteousness at that is obtained by faith, we maintain that man is justified by faith apart the works of the law. Romans 328 and when he does not work but believes in justifies and godly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Romans 4539 says we have a righteousness that's not our own, a righteousness that comes from God.

So the righteousness the justice being in a state of justice, justification, being just a base for the same thing and it's by faith and only by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and what he's done that help yes very much right human is another reason that I'm just curious because lots of people asked that because her talking to people who deny justification by faith alone in Christ alone is curious. Now I just a hardback that term as a Christian. So I think you get back in the person there you have in common. Okay thank you Matt. I bless all right.

It was Joe from Greensboro North Carolina real for open lines. If you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial eight 772-072-2764 politely called Danny from North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina. We lost a question on starting a new Bible study what you call back let's talk about that guy run a Bible study on Thursdays and that by the way, as I my payment for such a Bible study here at the house and so I went in the web also on the current Facebook page and done because of tensions. I like tensions like Bible studies that are regimented to go through these three verses and in 20 minutes we can deviate now, like if we deviate we deviate fun and we have targeted deviate me to do a presentation on eschatology on end times and assume to do on Thursday coming up is due thing on the end times antichrist rapture millennium of middle to 24. Luke 17 Mark 13 father go through to wage aspect and show stuff and I guarantee you that if you pay attention and you listen, it will mess you up right that's good to good stuff messes you up.

My wife's mess people off site being irritating and not dissident going she says all right.

Hey, let's get to cougar from Idaho. Welcome you here. I don't want it W Daniel 12 113 Gb standing out in the end time and Michael a great print and over the people of Israel will end up wondering what your view is on earth and it better but you keep no test. The Jehovah's Witnesses is a non-Christian cult and they say that Michael the angel Michael stopped being an angel and became Jesus the man and then Jesus died in a tortured state across died on the on that steak and was never physically resurrected, but only rose as a spirit, and then he ascended to heaven and became Michael the Archangel again right they go to Daniel 12 one because they don't know what they're doing and they don't know what the Scriptures teach because it's occult and they just use this but is nothing in the text that says it's Jesus.

Nothing in the text that says it's exceeding divine, we know that there are places in the Old Testament where the pre-incarnate Christ manifests where he appeared. Genesis 7180 1X 24 nine 211 Exodus 62 with three number 12, six, or wait there places where God Almighty appears and then Jesus says in John 646. It was never the father was God Almighty was being seen, but was not God the father. So it's God Almighty, the son, and the iPAQ accident on a quite a bit. The J doves do think they ignore that kind of stuff.

And because of their false theology look for something to make it say that Jesus is Michael the Archangel, and that's what this verse to go to dinner 12 one and it doesn't support their idea at all. Furthermore, there's a problem trying use a little logic and illustrate this, you still with me yet direct, so if you have a tree and it's in your backyard and you have a wooden chair next to it is especially effective after the break is the tree the same thing as chair light is right that folks after these messages, please stay tuned to open lines 8772. Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show cougar.

Are you still here so the yes you still are you alright so I asked this question, is the chair the same thing as the tree was the know now if you took that tree and you cut it down and then you chopped it up and you make boards out of it and you made a chair.

Is that tree then that chair and the answer is no because a tree is something it is alive rooted in the ground has leaves etc. chair is not that we would say the quality of being a tree stopped and the quality of being a chair started. Therefore, there is no continuity and that this continuity issue if Michael the Archangel is an angel by nature, and he had to become a human being and Jehovah's Witness theology that he stopped being an angel and became a human, which means that Michael the Archangel ceased to exist because by definition, he's an angel, and angels, not a human being. That would mean then that God created this person is human person called Jesus. Furthermore, the Jehovah's Witness theology says that Jesus then died and etc. and was resurrected as a spirit sent back to heaven and then became Michael the Archangel will in order to do that. His humanity has to cease and Michael the Archangel begins, but there is no continuity before the first Michael dark Angel and the second one, the, the linear continuity between them is broken so all the second Michael the Archangel. This is a second Michael the Archangel, not the same as the first. Furthermore, it would mean that Jesus, the man ceased to exist as a man if that's the case, then we have no mediator in heaven. First Timothy 25 because there's 1 m the men, Christ Jesus to Jehovah's Witness theology is just an intro level audits many problems that Joe was with us. Theology just doesn't work there. Okay, yeah, yeah.

When I debate cults and stuff. I use a lot of logic and the reason I do is because the laws of logic which are universal principles exist because they are reflections of the universal mind of God. The Trinitarian God who is all places at all time and therefore we can think logically, like he can in the Bible says, let us reason together in Isaiah, God says, and Jean Paul in acts 1717. He said he reasoned with the width of the people of Mars Hill. We are to reason. The Bible says be transformed by the renewing of your mind. God wants us to think and so most people I debate teach the incompetent to argue with enemy the polite way are not used to a Christian using logic and so there quite unprepared for it and so these are some of the issues the issue of continuity problems that besides biblical ones shows the Joe's witnesses as a non-Christian cult religion. Okay, okay. All right. Anything else. What would be your date of that Michael, the great prince who stands guard of the salty people would arise, and that there be at times of distress, as it never occurs as a nation until them and the people responded book B rescued that I believe that's what it says that the season Jesus, the great prince who stands also to go to Jude 9 it says and that Michael the Archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him a railing accusation, but the Lord rebuke you yet Jesus called the Lord. In fact, the phrase Lord you know the call upon the name of the Lord is a phrase in the Old Testament call upon the name of Yahweh. That's the name of God, and that phrase call upon the name of Yahweh is translated by the Jews into the Greek took the phrase call upon the name of the Lord that's in the Septuagint, the Jews translated the Old Testament Hebrew into the New Testament Greek around 222 BC they took the phrase call upon the name of Jehovah or colony of Yahweh and took that phrase and translated it into the Greek phrase call upon the name of the Lord and Paul the apostle took that phrase call upon the name of the Lord applied it to Jesus when he said the church everywhere who calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus. He was calling Jesus Yahweh Almighty so he could not be Michael the Archangel, yet I think that everything all right, probably okay you got blessed. All right, that was cougar from the Idaho right here in Idaho and now we get to see Michael Michael from Raleigh, North Carolina Michael Rainier Matt yeah that's good to be near me and my wife have a little bit paid for the Monday blues and we are hoping that you could lift that the firing good. Hate mail what they would all do a look right now and let's see looking in my good to get to it.

Worse, there is love and hate mail hate mail and hence even pick one right with way too long about this. I see that you love Roman Catholicism under heresies.

This is puzzling is the RCC alone has from God Almighty God the right and duty to define and state what is and what isn't heresy only a minute and some extent because of its heretical pocket define what heresy is and how do we know terracing because of public scripture that no one else has argue the victims of the Protestant error. The belief that you have the right to separate from the one Catholic church of Christ and to defer from in matters of faith.

Yes, that's correct. The Roman Catholic Church is false. This is not a very good yarn operates whiny.

I think this goes in Michael mail the Tanakh as a Jewish but witness a big thing of the big event on the look Satan. Really there is no state and he is some made-up Christian creature to keep your kind in check to help us you burned and killed us.

What killed them all because I know this from which okay you Christians and your I can't read this workbook think you know everything because it is written by God?" Well, your God, didn't I can read that either. It was made of legends and myths you could assist person fallow your Jesus pockets. I can read that stuff all there's another one I talk to people who were so vitriolic and file and the date they dismount off. I just let them go on and I say is it possible for you to speak without being so insulting and full of hate used in the corporate level but just wait it anyway. That's what they do is are full of hate it when you judge us all the expletive time and supposedly if we are God's children and why treat us differently were humans, we have feelings I have Mike lost my family to you guys a hex on me anyway. No matter what you okay already and they folks, driven largely call 877 mass Y call 77077 had to do it. I had to look for little more hate mail you one read something else first quick and we have an article I didn't write this very good article by Rob Shoemaker, John Carmen and and what he did was he analyzed he got the three volume encyclopedia of wars from Philip and Axelrod, which chronicles 1763 wars that have been waived over the course of human history of those wars, the authors categorize 123 as being religious in nature, which is an astonishing really low 6.90% of all wars. However, when one subtracts out those of waged in the name of Islam at 66 of the percentages cut by more than half to 3.23%.

So that means less than 7% of all wars in history recorded history are of religiously related. Now, in light of that okay in light of that of the sky rights as a person who actually has a brain. I love that. So I guess he knows people who don't have brains. Apparently it is a person who actually has a brain.

I am deeply disappointed in your argument you honestly think there's like 700 wars in history and only a handful of them are caused by religion.

Yeah, that's what the statistics say from the people who did the research and all recorded wars throughout history and encyclopedia wars, yet it's a scholarly done. Yeah, that's why we would say yes but know this guy.

Don't forget this guy has a brain okay and so with his brain. He is saying that is not true. Did he do the research know if you read the book. No, but he and his brain are to tell us how it really yes because hey he said as a person actually has a brain which is implying that the author of the article didn't have a brain okay how about this instead. There are about 20 major wars in history, just the big ones, and so why we only have to go with just the big ones, and how does he clarify what is the big ones is he an author who does research know and why, because I think his brain is a sizable, while not he says if we were to look just like a big wars we see that in almost all of them.

Religion was either the reason for the war or just a very least one of the very significant side goals, I notice your article glosses over the Holocaust. My this guy could not think his way out of a wet paper back. It was upside down with the opening on the bottom and he's going to work. So the Holocaust was caused by Hitler, who was involved in the cult and hate to Jews and he was a socialist and I have the codes from Hitler, where he said he hated Christianity and Judaism and so it wasn't based on religion. This guy he's brain is what I will call DuFour Eagle as in this you do foil. He says you're not fooling anyone with your misleading numbers okay because you're not flowing in in one with a misleading numbers. Actually, you are a minute if you got a brain is a you're not fooling anyone that you actually want. Like the will which is your misleading the same stupid people who believe in religion with you, not at all man and Mr. brain here is now saying that Holocaust was religiously caused which was not and that he implies use modern others, and he's not done the homework and that anyone who believes the statistics and the facts are stupid people render Mr. Walnut brain here is trying to outthink us and I he's not doing it. Perhaps you should think about all the harm you're doing in the world will look good in the world. And guess what your stupid article of lies is in helping things. Sincerely yours okay so there you go. Hope that was satisfying for a little bit better quality level. I'll tell you. Unfortunately, the level of hate mail the quality of hate mail has progressed over the years become more inane and less less wacko.

I like Michael just minimally think clearly. All right, having had that bit of fun day you talk about is on the hay. My doormat doing alright man hang in there so we got you a question. I attend church and you bring a man also is a guy who goes to church here, and he's been attending the church and he believed in light baiting and no marks or allowing PBM in all this and he's been going to go to conventions where the whatever he tries like promise keepers they bill you know. But even in good standing with the church and I brought it to the attention of the elder brother Benson of the pastor. I remember what is attempting that you know you teaching false doctrine teaching false.

You listed all teachers should be done about here. Simon was done what I could do. They want to get very what next step well as you know you think you could do was get a van with blacked out windows and you get some your friends.

The masks are right and then you accidentally had.

He falls in your van and then he doesn't sleep for three days. Well you you will don't put on recordings of John only from the 1500 that one option. Your option is you go to Cunningham go to Carmen and you look up positive confession preachers and teachers list of heresies the positive confession preachers and teachers list of heresies and it will list some of the heresies that are being taught by these guys. Benny Hinn Adam has us was a super being. When God created him, which means he used to fly God's original plan is that Adam was to bring forth children out of her side plan for women that is how she was created with an opening her side. He says don't never say ever ever consider the Lord if it be your will. Don't follow such faith, destroying words and spoke of her mouth. He says when you say I'm a Christian, you're saying I am mushy got caught in Hebrew.

I'm a little Messiah walking on earth, but this got to earth, and touched a piece of dust and turned it into a God, a God okay are you a child of God then you are divine.

Are you child of God then you are not human. And one more by Benny Hinn the line sack of crud. I: L socks all you have the zero I know that is what else he said he says some when I stand in Christ. I am one with him united to him one spirit with him. I am not here me. I am not part of him. I am him.

The word has become a little God nearly when my hand touches someone. It's the hand of Jesus touching something so you take this information to the elders of the church and save this guy goes and he believes and affirms these things can he be in good standing. Now I would be glad to to go down there because I will I plan on going down there the end of March, an object, and I I preached in a church in Brigham city, I be glad to just stop by and have a meeting and talking go over these things and stuff get on help help his brother out and to get corrected and help the elders understand that this man is his preaching or believing in false things in these two helped along… Stuff right right know there's no church different plan as the Bible to hand them over to Satan would be buffeted, all while until your subject occurred to me bill you do is it we continue to put up with it unduly. Maybe we wait and say okay, maybe he's just got to come out of it like somebody woke be able to attend. That was a Mormon with their teachings and teach it and just wait for him to come out of it. Maybe he's just really lost. You know, here's the thing we have to do is find out what he believes. One of things I'd recommend I might have your is you print out this page without saying who says what. Just ask him what he thinks of various things to get married with these things don't say who it is like Kenneth Copeland saying that the earth is a copy of the mother planet and that heaven is a planet and don't you say I okay quit right and I'm sorry but I did that yet, that it was good to get this going to tell me about mozzarella men add that while you teaching you got a bookkeeping elected so you write ESI bit I went to YouTube on my phone. I showed him right there on my phone. Mark Carrillo saying that the God of this that and the other and then he told me you just ate them. That was the exact words. I hate them.

That's why I am doing this and that there's been times I have talked to him there's been times in human Bible study is like, you know through the line 707 mass like why call 77077 last six okay where were we know strongman so you already fronted him and he says you just take the right.


And when people say that to Satan is not an issue. I don't hate him. What you think about what they said right is with this in biblical you hold his feet to the fire because the skies emotionally committed to that if he does not repent of believing these false think this the thing you find out what he believes if he says or does great people. That's all he thinks he thinks are great that he's just willfully ignorant.

If you read to him some things that are simply heretical, and he affirms them at their heretical like a God is a it was a man mother planet's intermolecular Copeland says and things like that.

If he holds to those things adamant this antibody the same size as God's and things don't work and I'm a little God used Paul Crouch if he affirms these things, then he is disqualified for coming to the table and the elders need to know well you don't believe you know that you like they do feeling that many of so I told him I heard the slain in the spirit and all that and I fit slain in the spirit.

When he said that if we explained that movie is not going to get up have what it means anyway. Theology is different. This means slain is the sense of dying means that they have the overpowering movement of the Holy Spirit upon them. If you will fall down because are so overwhelmed. That's what it means you but you know just things like that and I you know if you have the gift of healing the you know somebody better let go of the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and the children of primary thought is that this is like it is a different issue.

The charismatic is a continuation because I know I have fun. For example, all the continuation of all the gifts but not in the sense of these wackos you know we have the gift of this, the gift of that rightness should you forget that you can find out where he's at what he believes if he believes that God can still use people to heal. What was the problem. There, but what is he mean that guys guys we know and that cannot you say you know they have the gift of their healers in the early apostles did not call me apostle, you probably know, this kind of idiocy, stuff like that right right right right I better make sure that I did that.

You know you have that gift. It is continually with you, and you can do it at any time.

Like the apostle did confirm the authenticity of the chart and of Christ and say you know I did go healers they would like it couldn't say anything.

You would just like angry at me and it was just getting really angry and silly as it came to abrupt stop. You know I would be willing with him if he's interested in polite conversation where oval where you coming down here out when and where will you be I plan so far. Lord willing to come to the last weekend of March and go down for the Hindu flight. I'll probably drive down Friday or might drive down Thursday and have the right to Brigham city and you know it's not a problem to stop there for a couple of hours and have a meeting and talking if that would help that guy if he's interested in discontinuing weight to Sandy, Utah Utah okay. So you say you began the march. You guys doing date like 2728 like that ends at the last the last two days I plan to be down there and that would be okay 26 and 27th Saturday in Sunday night. I'll be there day before the day after. Kind of a thing so incidentally people and and you Tona get together and meet at a restaurant just to talk and blabbing say hi before be fun right right you talk about it.

You as a Hindu festival of the debtor do some witnessing and some filming and you said, then I would be staying in Sandy this happens in American Fork, Spanish Fork expected this benchmarking book okay okay so you have a website and I'm sure you have it there only mentioning. I met thank you very much. I publicly talk you all right hey folks about you because all you do is dial 877-207-2276 got about nine minutes left and we have the four lines of you to call Devon from Devon looking on your house or our evening on it's going to make dinner for the privilege of being of the speak on the radio to people I and fungus carrier near. I think a conservative right so I'm just I'm just. All the political offer within the past two years but your opinion, how it Christians should view the two parties this and should a Christian heart with a party or does the physically the constitute we are a constitutional republic with my procedure. Don't democratic aspects of your Constitutional Republic people to look that up Republic Republic is the political system given system where the Bill of Rights and the Bill of Rights company violated and the Constitution gives us certain powers to the states and the federal government and limits as those said powers is what happening today is both groups are violating the constitutional requirements.

Rhino zero Republicans in name only in the leftist wacko. The Democrats who are trampling the Constitution over underfoot and the color democracy were not a democracy work constitutional Republic and they don't know this, there ignorant and full of lies and hypocrisy and so can trust and so Christian should not support anybody into a party. It is a should support anybody supports homosexuality or abortion, or transgender. As of this or that he should support and Christians need to run for office. They need to run for office stated to inundate the political scene and they need to run for office and need to get in and start putting in godly people who are knocking to be bought when I can do a compromise the truth and who will uphold the Constitution with the left doesn't care about that and the rhinos and the Republicans most of them I wouldn't trust them any further electric through a Democrat. Yeah, I definitely agree that consider myself a Republican because I don't like the left but then in recent years on like and maybe all this being neutral and I just consider myself conservative because I don't really like either. I cast on and I kind of died a little bit with Republican more than ideal.

Last but not just a constitutionalist. I believe in the Constitution. The Constitution is is an incredible document and it's a great document is been young people in it in the country.

Not perfect, or that a lot of inequities but the greatness of this is that it has provided the ability for people to raise themselves up to correct grievances in society and to move forward with what the enemy of the gospel wants is to use Marxism and socialism. These are two evils to control people to gain more power ultimately always to reduce the preaching of the gospel. So this is what's going on in a biblical form of government is definitely not socialist or communist and I go to the stuff on and so we Christians have the obligation to resist tyranny to resist the tyranny that's occurring in our government to the region something here we have nobody waiting right now. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impelled them to the separation reading as the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson. Between June 11 and June 28 in 1776.

He says we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are court created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, The Pursuit of Happyness, that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to those in to these ends is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as so them, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. That's our government is working against this principle is instituting draconian laws that are not necessary in regard to the covert thing and ladies and gentlemen I can show you how to go to the CDC website and how to run report from the CDC website and you can see with the of the coven vaccine. Death rates are for their own data what they say not what I say what they say. Why is it that the government is opening up the border to illegals and flying them all across the United States under the cover of darkness and then saying that we have to be vaccinated what's happening. Why is the government violating the law in order to get illegal people in who are not vaccinated, who may be infected and then say to the population you need to be vaccinated. Why the hypocrisy is only one of things when people do this kind of hypocritical thing. You can't trust them more. And if they are not trustworthy.

What else are they going to do that will work against the Constitution. This is something everybody has to think about, and especially Christians and Christians need to be involved in government have the obligation to be involved and protect the helpless and to institute godliness among the people and not that the ungodly secularists trample our constitutional rights underfoot slithered only very people don't know Christians have an obligation, even in government have an obligation to follow government we have an obligation to be as peaceful as possible but we also have the right of self-defense. We have the right to require of our government. Godliness to not promote longing and homosexuality and theft use of taxation in men folks for the Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow. Powered by the Truth Network

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