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January 26, 2022 7:03 pm

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January 26, 2022 7:03 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Does the pre-tribulation rapture have any basis in the Bible---2- A return caller from yesterday's show wanted to continue the conversation of logic and how-if we can know truth apart from God.--3- What is meant by Christians -going through the tribulation----4- Is Jesus God in flesh now or does that mean only when he was on the earth- Is He flesh like you and I are---5- What does it mean to -work out your salvation.---6- What exactly should I call Jesus- What is his correct name-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 broadcasters and wound up going to be called to do was dialing 772072276.

The room you become what a blog right now. Alright so let's see, I'm working on something stuff for the website. I spent some time not be able to figure it out yet.

It's been some time trying to get the web link to the new URL for the YouTube feed going down to Mickey Mouse a little bit so we don't have the official setup going. But if you go to the carburetor website bought the right hand side you will see the link, therefore, for farm radio stuff and it will all you do is click on that and will give you a link is click on commit and go watch a show and participates with the people who talk it says wash of the show Tuesday with 25 click on quickly.

You are really open up and you can you can join us. What good people in the room who like to know the Chapman conference actually. So if you're participated not just give us a call or just go there on condo/what radio will do it but actually just go to the car website CAR and the right hand side will see the carburetor's click on that little ticket to the link. Click on the YouTube that is all right there something else about my book Of what it is that's all rights when we just jump on the call to schedule Rudolph North Carolina Rudolph welcome you were on the air calling back again about Rapp that they written you and that you need fit right. Part about being taken out and all that you think that through about the rest being agree with you about one thing and feel let the word that he was going for agreeing that the rapture of the church you when Philadelphia would promise to be saved from Lake and from that church from the world you need right now.

No system in my opinion, it was a pastor position. I just don't think that that is a good exegetical position to hold because the pre-rapture preacher Lucia rapture people who were godly love the Lord. That's fine. I just disagree with them and I think of the verses that they used to cite it when you look in the context of necessitate their position. I think you may read in the text. I hope they're right.

I really do believe that they read in the text of signature not there to look at the error of pretrip leisure rapture the Bible doesn't talk about us being excluded from the judgment that's coming upon the earth. The Christians routinely go through it. Even with Noah's Ark that they were in the tribulation.

They were in the judgment of God upon the unbelievers they had to go through it, but they were protected inside the ark, which represented ultimately Christ and so the Bible says that were pointed also to suffer.

Furthermore, the idea: the idea of pretrip leisure rapture is somewhat what I've heard laughed at by a lot of Christians in Third World countries and when I mean laughed at, not in a mocking sense like people are stupid but the idea that the Christians in comfortable America are going to escape tribulation the chocolate that because they are undergoing tribulation. They are undergoing heavy persecution.

In fact, one of our missionaries that we have in Nigeria is pastor was murdered by Muslims.

Just a few days ago.

They have Muslims going into Nigeria on motorcycles with AK-47 shooting of Christians in villages destroying life killing and so this is their normal with how to deal with, and so could you imagine saying all way the church could get rapture out before the problems hit us with what you talking about you, you crazy you and this is his world like grandma Monica, I that what about you will all your mission you ever wrapped it out before they go and have all the facts are actually very I don't.

He was his name but he had to flee his house and he and his wife and kids had run out the back door because the Muslims are after him and the reason the wrapper is because he's distributing an article that I wrote you Christians have the right of self-defense, and I wrote this article didn't good research yes and tens of thousands of the copies are being distributed in Nigeria among the Christians.

Now and they know that he's the one who started it. The distribution, so the came after him and he has to get a move and pitifully back in the house source damages… So hey don't worry when get rapture out before it's bad really. And so not that make something right or wrong but the idea of pretrip elation rapture in my opinion is pretty consistent with the comfortable American lifestyle. We haven't known the war on our shores.

We've had incredible prosperity and so real to us. Persecution is when someone yells at us at a stop sign less persecution. I don't question bumper sticker my car so I persecuted that void stuff and so we get out of this before comes in.

I think it's one of the rationales.

It is very, very weak and the something is biblical consistency in Scripture, we are sorry for the delay got only at the foot you I hope you're correct.

I hope your true I do that I would be willing to have a public debate on it. It only under the condition that it was polite and it wasn't the syphilis to give different points in the audience could decide what they think is better because I do hope that that position is correct.

I just don't see it is been correct and I think the escapist mortality is done a lot of damage to the Christian faith. Here, in the attitude of the Christians.

If you need need to be prepared for going through tribulation need to learn how to fight against the tyranny that's rising up and it is Christians were being marginalized and we Christians you to stand up and not wait for some pretrip elation rapture is if you realize new belief to go through it that the Bible doesn't say when escape all the mortgages are preparing and getting ready in and uniting and how do we resist the antichrist and the coming of the, the The Fall system that's look at the paragraph you have a right not about our red brother, what's up. Okay what is going to come okay with little lock-in. But a call back again. We have three open lines that everybody will give me a call 877-207-2276 Anthony from Virginia.

Welcome your on near yesterday I had to run earlier but your explaining how all knowledge must be rooted in the presupposition that the Christian friend hearing got a bit yes even as a Christian I find that a highly false statement based on pure logic, but would you could plan to continue that lately like the me like based on pure logic wrong see when you say based on pure logic what you're saying is that you understand logic purely and completely. And that's why it's wrong and you don't say why drunk siding anything in logic is statement: you're the guy who I remember correctly you don't even believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh and died. The cross rose from the dead right about willing to attain the nation by again at another subject, I just want people to know that you're not a true believer you're arguing from a non-biblical unregenerate perspective. So unbelievers cannot ground their knowledge, their logic or their morality outside the Christian Trinitarian view, they can try to but they can't always have weaknesses in their arguments is no ultimate standard and grounded okay so how did you wait let's go back. An example of mathematics.

Why does one need to presuppose a bit of the Christian friend hearing God to know basic mathematical truth with no logical okay for that again you're not listening. I told you yesterday, you're not listening to what I'm saying to you, let me say it again I am not saying they can't understand basic math or basic logic, even as an atheist.

I'll tell you again, they can do that they are able to do that okay to don't say that I'm can't they can.

What I'm saying is they have no ultimate justification or grounding for their position. They can believe certain things that happen to be correct, but they can't ground those beliefs in their system of thought, they can they can they can conceptualize the idea that if they put two objects with two other objects you and I'm not what you do me a favor when you do me a favor, okay just right hand right hand and when you put your face vertical on the something around and I and Anthony Anthony want you do stick your right hand put vertical from your face. Can you do that for me really fast. I did it look at ways a ground Anthony stop. I want you to take your right hand put vertical in front of your face. Okay now could you look to your left, right now, can you slap you upside the head. Okay you think that's such you don't listen to it. You that you Anthony on mute you if you don't stop to tell you you don't listen to what I say. So many times the unbelievers like you here with they want to hear. Don't listen. Unbelievers cannot give any ultimate grounding for what they hold to regarding the laws of logic, mathematics, morality, or existence. They have no right side.

Anyway, I disagree no term in this, that, beyond which nothing exists. Pick one little topic and I'll show you yeah I agree with that statement can it grounded on their observations of reality and what is identity Anthony what is reality and what are they assuming because her assuming the laws of logic when they identify things around them slippery sedans in the laws of white lot identity what grounds the right to have a lot identity. If they states because they observe it that are begging the question you to say that their senses see it but they don't see the laws of logic that include them. So apart from epistemological issues dealing with the idea of learning through your senses you dumb rationalism and what version and how the don't understand the issue right back after that I call 770727 charismatic slave. There's a difference between using something and grounding or justifying they can say 2+2 = 4. But you don't understand enough of the issues to be able to argue about it. I mean that politely, but it's true they can understand the concept of two as well as addition and summation. But what they're doing is begging the question, how do they recognize the universality of the number two and totality summation how to recognize it. What justifies the universal of two nests in their worldview. These are the kinds of questions they can't answer the just war, they can know they can't know the chemical they offered along our knowing that the rational mind it when it distinguishes humans from the animal that we have a rational mind what the rational mind doesn't generate concept based on observation there is no need to justify anything beyond that of Oregon. With this you don't listen. What is the concept of two come from Carmine so you're the one in my and I'm the one who invented the idea of Tunis know I so that something we as genera watch we develop in our mind watch you get you not listening.

We don't start Tunis in her mind so therefore it's not of our minds is is not based on our minds around thinking if is not yours or mine is not in anybody's what is which human being. Deposit to contact Anthony which human being mind is it that Tunis has its origin in my e-book unit are that that concept.

There is nothing what is contrary to the ground of Eli is why is the concept universal that it grounded in our in our mental construct on the list.

You don't listen you can't listen your worldview is so bad you can't think through the difficult questions because you don't know enough about the philosophical issues to be able to answer competently.

I'm telling you this because it's like 1/3 or fourth conversation you keep making the same mistakes to I kinda went listen Tunis is not dependent upon our minds because that would mean that Tunis is a property the physical world and we observe it and conclude it, but when you do that you presuppose the idea of the lot, identity, non-contradiction excluded middle proper inference and various laws that you presuppose the issue is how do you ground the. The actuality of those laws. They just preach other district are true bells were clipped, wait a minute you get a sitter to because her true if you say that Ike is a God is true because God is true, why what must be in place in order for those concepts to be there must be in place in order for Tunis to be there.

That's the question I'm can't answer only online answer I mind mind answer the mind mind okay so is the mind universal human mind is not aligned in a cave full hot. It is the human mind is not universal, then how do you have the participation of Tunis being universally accurate about different particular minds have to be universal and had to be aligned so that in your mind.

One person's mind doesn't like to listen agree the two is to someone else does, which was correct. The person who believe them to because our mind so that it ornery. So then what your so-called conform to reality. So now to is part of reality is a truth that day that based on observation of the of the universal you observe and I were to what he observed to know you don't well when you think you object your mind generate a concept called to do that. It abstracts the sign has a abilities, you're saying that Tunis is generated in human minds and so when human minds disagree was correct. I mean there is a very than external reality about the alcoholically mock debates are now saying that Tunis has its own existence. Apartment human minds and external reality, not debate that Plato had always in a platonic idea here. Did you hear your toes cracking is your stubbing your toes against the hard corners of truth and logic. These are the questions I ask atheist, they can't answer them if they were just to to work through them with me and I asked the questions.

All it happens it always does the same thing.

They end up going in circles. The reason they go in circles is because their worldview is incomplete and they begged the question and they can't justify begging the question then I come back to me and said that you begged the question you're right I do my worldview can account for begging the questions.

Yours can't the atheist world lab is insufficient and incapable of answering the difficult and grounding the difficult questions. This is why your question Anthony. Listen, this is why so many atheists have come up with so many different and contradictory philosophical ideas trying to make sense of actuality they contradict each other all over the place because they don't have a grounding in the Trinitarian God yet one more minute madman. How do you know what you read in the Bible is true, except that you and your I died and you hear the preaching through your ear. We have to be able to use our sensory perception. You can't even trust the Bible without seeing and hearing.

It preached or how you just disregard perfect human perception and rationality of logic that I did that a lot. Listen again. I didn't dismiss them. I said, they're not the proper places to ground these issues so you have to ground your understand the Bible on your credit him.

Anthony, you don't listen to what I say you don't think these things through clearly.

You need to study a lot, but you keep saying that I don't understand. I don't know.

I know I am listening to you I'm telling you you're wrong.

No you listen but you don't hear you're not messing up. Listen to me you don't understand the issues which is demonstrated by the fact that you continue to make the same logic errors and pointing them out to you and I when you give me a reason I should. I undermined each one that you go to and then you go back and you circle back to the same mistakes that you hear or know what you're doing Anthony I'm trying to tell you your entire organ to move on because always can do is argue Mila from North Carolina.

Well, I hi okay yeah I can get a lot deeper with the guy I can have done this for me. I did not doubt him.

Thing will we create weekly April that currently and we can break that will commit right. Those are all subjective creations but the laws of logic. As an example, are not subjective they are objectifying are not depend upon our minds will they have existence.

So we asked the unbelievers what must be in place in order for the universal qualities to exist. They can write that phone line 777 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back back to me but I hope every state online actual regressing. Pilgrim Martin software that are right yeah what my weekend that my book yet we create the ring on and we can't think at that And batted the problem. They don't want to keep that job. They think it will update the event that that galaxy, but it galaxy is not only what that ballot one at any time. My you what you meant about how I do believe that the and not by my point, but with me way we will pay at eight they die they didn't go up now, but that I like that I think you got the bill. I went day that we always thought that the we talking about a tribulation. I mean seven your jubilation. Where the antichrist is present.

McGrath not to go through that, because they say that it's a judgment of God upon people and God doesn't judge his people so therefore not going through it, but they don't understand that God judged the earth and the flood and the Christians and the believers were still there present to salt LIKES and it's all spent how to spin a certain actuality. If you go to Matthew 24 until people go to Matthew 24 and is read. When Jesus says I most people don't do this, read the tag is that if believing what your pastor says nothing look like better flyers and their great men. I'm just saying come on, you read what it says. And because Jesus in Matthew 24, 21 there be great tribulation, such as not occurred since the beginning of the world work will K sets up pretty bad and no flesh will be saved. Says it is not shortened places. But immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun be darkened little documents like the startled fall from the sky, etc., and the Son of Man will appear in the sky and the tribes of the earth will mourn his and he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet and the gather together his elect from the four winds. So that's the rapture, the gathering of the elect is after the tribulation right there. There's no double take where you take one at one time was a little over-the-top.

It's just not in Scripture.

So you know I dismissed 24 retail people only know my exact time of the tribulation at that date, then thought that they don't believe that I am concerned about if we go through with the preacher Lucian people can find your faith shaken because her spooler faith in pre-tribulation, and I hope it doesn't happen is one of the concerns archetype and I thought my flesh so that you okay you very well, you got a long people wait for someone to get to the know how to back okay okay thank you all right is good to Martin for Virginia Martin welcome here. I met a picnic for all three ministry. I love the stories of having a lot of personal stories you thought just come across before and flush with great thought that why did you hold power, and personal stories of people like what you got, you know what I can do a lot a lot more than just that I got that previous color and either Andrew and just cannot not called a few times before I got hung up but one rebutted at the on one topic that people disagree but you don't act like I still am drawn into into this situation but you did mention something that I want to get more clarity on and you had talked about Jesus Christ our Savior. As God in flesh but did you mean that in got in flesh when Jesus was on the right or got in flesh right now. Both currently health.

Yes, he's got in flesh then is God in flesh now glorified resurrected body with holes in his wrists's feet to his back tripped (plucked out that that's who Jesus is. Right now you forever will remain that way right right alarming yet naturally see that I know Scripture does, test testified that but not in flesh, like you and I yes it's in flesh, like you and I are flesh using complete total human being when he's walking on the earth. He had to eat, sleep, you sweat it with the bathroom.

She had to walk places and that very body. He died in the holes in it is resurrected. It's the very same body is just a glorified body yet but but but that's not like you are not right is not cannot it is like you what I got. When arms lay but when a glorified just like you, I mean you and me and I'm not Anything on you and I were both going to have a doctor's visit. Maybe even at that that will probably get a haircut but but Jesus our Savior glorified in his glorified body probably won't write right so that is not understand logically the physical aspect that will not occur in glorified situation in the sickness.

No more death. That's the glorified body is, but it's the same thing that my Mac. I got his kingdom that that will come, he is God in flesh and then and now he has two distinct natures a divine nature and human nature. Right now right, but not like us not like to see. Here's a problem like yes it is like us. If you were to stand here, he'd have two arms, two legs, nose, mouth, hair everything I slept. That's like us. Okay, these as well. Horrifying to write it in that aspect.

I agree with you: but in Africa get cavities. I got it I sorry said that is not though sick. This is not happen, but he sees that God is not like ours. I do not know the word like way too nondescript and too broad. I'm just saying that's why he began to fix. He has a body of flesh and bones human. He's a male but has holes his body is holes in his body. That's how is resurrected to glorified body will have one of the guy okay and we will be like in the resurrected sense later on right now is a human nature to divine nature deferred will be that way.

That's it right now. I agree with all that I know you and I have a glorified body but right you got for that they were through his free will and God's great meal. He had a short and even at great to his father, yet the God yes studio and NML was great.that was salvation right there on the cross chemistry me but I I met a I just want take a little.

I just want to point out that it is not like us. It is like outside is like yes it is bars glorified when I called just go to first convince 15 starting in verse 35 is our reading, first convince rebels what disturbing the fruit first for this.

15. Note that it's in their first cadets and 53.after okay Matt okay talk you later.

All right, let's get to progressing children from port foretelling Oregon. I think Keith must build a younger and amen are you tonight, I don't only have a lot of questions. Glad to hear that you're doing a great job.

I appreciate I saw myself and a couple others join clubhouse recently really, really hoping to get you into our our club always forming Bible chat. I'd love to send you a link but your presence there would be much appreciated. I just wanted to quickly say hello and extend the invite to you what you want if you email you okay go hey folks, through the open lines of colleagues of seven says the mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling back in six back to wrestling Pilgrim or buddy either. Yes sir I am I got my email you the okay on my phone right now what is it no search for always reforming Bible chat. The club should pop right up reforming Bible chat hundred 29 members I was younger I okay I joined the bus they will try tonight about that you you to be on the night I'll be on looking forward to it, is praise got warmer.

People rest would come in and answer questions and stuff and places. This will bring glory to God so and I would love the opportunity to look help out a little treat and a lot of well we we would love your presence, and we do get a lot of people in their and you know Black Hebrew Israelites Muslim them and there's a lot of different types of communication that the death was about to have fellowship with everybody so you emailed me that's good, all for two sounds good sounds good at. Thanks God bless all right is get to Mitchell from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mitchell, and I don't all right. Hang in there buddy.

We got a question on Philippians 212 whenever it and work out your salvation with fear and trembling verifications do we want to know about my network without God and I drag I did anything to contact with at work out your salvation is his work it out. It's your salvation. Majority possess it without your salvation so Yorty possess it. So manifested.

Let's see it okay because those who assess so then, my beloved, just as you've always obeyed, not as in my presence only now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling for his God was at work in you both to will and to work for his good pleasure was God working in and through you in the salvation that you have.

He's working so you to bring it out to juke manifested show the people. That's always going on think that verse is interesting because when you go to when I went to kingdom holes drilled with his kingdom called back in the day and I'm going in one of them and they had this plaque on one of the walls of hardware that he could see it and it said work out your salvation and had Philippians 212 and I like I've been going just ripped it out of context work out with they mean by it is you do good works to get your salvation, and maintain yeah that's what that's what I was was impossible, but yet I thought about that right that's correct because we have to weigh it with other scriptures to work it out to manifested and that's what's going on to the Greek word is Sec. got some goods of my okay and it means to bring out about to accomplish to carry out a task until it is finished.

That's what it means. Looking at the lexicon work to do. Practice of actions to work up make an end of vanquish budget as it was called a large semantic domain so it cannot mean that we earn salvation by nothing we do, because the Bible says and I go to get on your reference book 328 Romans 41 through five rooms, 51, Galatians 216 to 21, etc. clearly teach that salvation is without any works for this Mix. What I hear. What I do fear and trembling part with your troubling see the fear and trembling part deals with the issue of of adoration and reverence to the holy God because the phrase fear and trembling occurs also in segmenting 715. His affection abounds all the more toward you as he remembers the obedience of you all this talk about Titus is you all how you received him with fear and trembling, so fear and trembling was it mean fear and trembling so hard to do a little search on the Bible program right now this fear and trembling.

I put in quotes. I can see how the phrases use and believe it or not, it occurs, nine times so but the woman but the woman fearing and trembling aware when it happened to her nestlings healed 77 1540 read Ephesians 65 slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh with fear and trembling. Philippians 212 is work will only looking at and Hebrews 1211' 1221 so so terrible was the psychomotor said I'm full of fear and trembling. It has many different meanings of concurrent context generally will we fear the Lord. It's in all AWP it's it's art. That's a reference in it at that and this is also an admonition to take your faith seriously. Jesus says, pick up your cross daily.

If you don't do this you not worthy of me.

What is so when you have received him, you know the salvation you have that says clickers to 12 work at all these things you do skimming with fear and trembling, with a reverential attitude because you are in the presence of the infinitely holy God and the salvation he has wrought in you, you better take it very seriously.

As you manifested before people. That's what's going on there. It cannot be fear and trembling to get your salvation, because Romans four, five, for example, says what it does not work but believes in him justifies ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness.

No work necessary. If that's it. That's one of many verses if salvation will depend upon her works as a heretical Roman Catholic Church in Eastern Orthodox Church and Mormons drugs with results. Each than they would teach dealt with fear and trembling.

Make your salvation real. You have to earn your salvation is when are afraid because he might not make it electronic scripture clearly okay thanks for the clarification of what you hear about it and may God bless. All right thank you I get okay you two all right, let's agree to a lunch should give his name right to Yaro that your name from Charlotte Avenue. I like at this and I say how you pronounce it and Kiera. That's nice. It is for my wife's name is Wesley was a neat French night night so I cannot do my lesson slick so I grew up in a paying tens of people's names, and I like Kiera. That's nice right opt out okay since we got along fine without that what actually are him. I will you find me and educate me that we don't actually call now about her people now coming back actually fell. I'm trying to extract that timeframe.

I think the right name correctly. Now think that yes you lower the Shirley help you out with that so my name Matthew in Greek is myth that yes in Spanish is McDaniel, which is correct is correct in English class when called right and if I were going to go sit out live in a Mexico and it was to Uncle Sam cement me and Elizabeth Dale and sacredness what your name is in my name is Matt Matthew McDaniel I'd saved in their language because out that makes sense now.

Just so you know the word Jesus in the Bible occurs 914 times in the New Testament in the Greek is a new test was within Greek right and so what I did was I can do it right now.

I just did it on the computer have a really nice computer program and Greek words have number values assigned to them for lexicons or dictionaries and I stick in a distant have to be 2424 and so I just do a search for 2424 and it occurs 914 times in 874 versus in the entire New Testament. Okay, now the word Jesus in Greek is spelled EO to Sigma omicron salon Sigma Jesus. This is how we would pronounce it in modern pronunciation of the Greek letters Jesus EA Jesus.

Now the Greek don't have a J sound, but we say Jesus don't find anything and in the New Testament says call Jesus Yeshua does not occur.

It does not occur at all. Now we go. I think it's Matthew 121. That's if I remember this correctly. Yes, so the conception of and birth of Jesus to the births. Verse 18 the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows what his mother had been betrothed to Joseph, their husband, etc., in and of the Lord appeared to him to Joseph in a dream, saying, Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife or the child who's been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit, she shall, she will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. Jesus would pronounce it in English is not Yeshua, it's right there is is EA Jesus that had Greek Greek in college and seminary few years of and I'm quite rusty at it but I can read that and so easy. And that's what census so they still say they will that Matthew was, for example, Matthew was written in Aramaic was the evidence for that and then they give me these resides with get done sick, even if it's true then why is it that God ordained the Greek New Testament to be written in the word Jesus be used all over the New Testament by Paul the apostle by Peter and the others. Why is it written that way. Greek they don't have an answer why his name is really Yeshua. It's really you call and that by his true name. Otherwise, you're not praying to the true living God. So call the sacred name movement and its cultic seat to what's my name McDaniel or Matthew which one right, but when I speak Spanish to people in Israel.

My name is a safe I say they'll seek you to submit a letter this but the glasses meant Matthew speak in English is Matthew and so to get me in the Lord means they are now. Here's another thing so like the word I'm looking ordinary in Greek. It's muddy, but that's Mary Wolf.

I guess you can call her name or Joseph in Greek is EA's oath a safe and how about David in Greek. I'm looking at it sent David Dow leave so wait a minute, why do they pick Jesus as the only name you have to pronounce exactly their way and then ignore how the other ones are pronounced their inconsistent because they're in a call its cultic so you can say Jesus. He knows you're talking to. All right, that's really I you know what your photos were of time. The Lord bless you find his grace.

Lord willing. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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