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January 24, 2022 6:10 pm

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January 24, 2022 6:10 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller from yesterday's show wanted to continue the discussion of free will and the nature of God.--2- Matt reads hate mail.--3- Is the CSB a good translation---4- Why is it wrong for women to be pastors-

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Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances called and responded to your questions at 877-7276 Matt slick right welcome Matt slick from absolute live. 22 and to be, you know what is on something next month will be February 22, 2022. Yeah. So Trudy McCall we have four lines 877-207-2276, and though we may call for those of you who might be newbies.

Matt slick is my real name really works great for radio and so what if you're curious about what the show is a Christian hard-core Christian and I defend the Christian faith and teach theology at the seminary degree but a pastor and CRM.O RG and tackle things like Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, and you will follow the Colts evolution mathematical permeability as it relates to the abiogenesis issue all kinds of stuff we talk about everything but studying for a long time.

Don't know you have all the answers you so if you want to call and talk about whatever all you do is dial 877-207-2276 is Anthony from Virginia Anthony welcome you earlier. I call yesterday and we went window to gush about free will and we had a part where you said basically that God by nature cannot lie.

And then I remember argued that God can lie, but he doesn't mind if they calling you thought about what you said is when you admit I think I'm wrong and that you are right about that please God's QNX on the tractor. Why would you say you wrong. It's really important question and answers are important as well because I well I got up in a logical paradox about the nature of God.

My Irene. Let me tell you what I was reading God by nature is holy and that's important.

But I also have another quality which is on things he can do anything you desire anything you anything he desires, which made me question if he can't lie that he can't do anything so how can he be omnipotent is not explained why there are some things that are impossible even for God logically decode one. I just God cannot both exist and not exist, though, that means there are things that God technically can't get to know you admit good and fill it with kind of computing the thought about it and came around to think about that but glad to listen like little of the more all right because a lot of times critics of Christianity will save the Christian got to do anything they think that's not true.

See what they don't understand that the Christian God is limited to his own nature, he cannot live he cannot stop being God and be God. Again, he cannot stop having the attributes of the has which are part of this nature in his essence.

So God has a quality of holiness when people want to discuss the Christian God. I often have to tell them what the Christian God's perspective is remind me last night having a big discussion with the philosophy God loves philosophy as an atheist, and he was saying and I took a long time to understand what he was trying to say to you that because it was so convoluted my. But he said in order for mind to exist. It has to be able to contemplate externals like what you getting Unocal go with that for now and they said see that music Christian God can exist. I don't know don't know it was you just said that I should know it. No, I didn't know what you're getting at, and size of the Christian God thinks of things in his own mind and there was nothing external to him is the externality has no bearing on God's existence and he wouldn't accept this because he had a worldview that was not consistent with the Christian worldview. And I said if you cannot argue the Christian worldview. You have to know the Christian worldview. When you called up yesterday you were are trying to argue the Christian worldview. No disrespect meant, but you don't know the Christian world and is not just 20 think it it's like not come on, that this is what God really set this with the Bible actually says. And so in Titus one. Two. God cannot lie can't and you also mentioned the laws of logic that I viewed were thought about why the laws of logic exist. My logic itself exist today that would not correct know if God created them and that would mean there was a time when logic and truth and absolutes did not exist and so what we say is that God revealed his own thinking. Ecological processes because God is perfect and knows all things all the time that all of his thoughts are to be perfect, but the only way to know is perfection is in his self revelation.

We cannot say that there's a quality of logical paradigms that God must answer to that would mean that the logical paradigms are more ultimate than God, and that would not be the Christian God because the Christian God's ultimate and will be called the necessary preconditions for intelligibility so the laws of logic. For example, the law of identity. Something is what it is and is not what it is not the law of non-contradiction. Something cannot be both true and false at the same time same sense. Lots of foam excluded middle statements are true or false or law proper inference. If a equals B and B equals C than a equal seizure basic laws of logic, but they are abstractions that are universally true and they do not vary with her abstractions and it requires a mind and since their invariants and universal duplication is a universal invariant mind and so God will eat of it, skipping steps, but gods and is the necessary condition that makes the universality of the universals of the logical laws possible. They are a revelation of his essence and we recognize them, we discover them because they come from God and so there was never a time when they were not real because their part of God's nature which he reveals to us transcendental make sense yeah I I made a statement about nature of God that I beat on that little I do call back and collect the record but it really perplexing to me that you know God had you you hope it had. But God omnipotent yield to his appointment did it really kind of tricky paradox enough that I'm still thinking about it, but I believe that ultimately, let me explain.

One does not. One attribute of God is not yield to another.

I know you're just looking for words like a harp on you that one.

One word yield in the Christian theological perspective, there is a doctrine called divine simplicity.

This means that the nature of God in the Trinitarian since God is one simple thing God, he's one simple thing when doing simple, we don't mean he's not everywhere all the time we mean his nature is a simple thing just what he is.

It's one thing divine simplicity. He's not made up of parts and we would not all. We'd also say that he is not consisting of one part of holiness in another part of omniscience in another part of omnipotence and then we have to set those parts in harmony with the understand how those parts work with each other.

That's not the Christian perspective again. We say that all of them.

All of those Alpine use the word parts for now is not the right word, but all of those characteristics I should save God our part and parcel of his essence what you think a mystery, then incomprehensible, something we accept.

Of course, absolutely nothing wrong with it. People asked basic questions about God. Sometimes nothing will know God thinks is not told me in so what we see in Scripture is that God is eternal.

He knows all things. He's holy doesn't change, there's only one thing that he is. He says I am he just did the reveals himself and other mysteries.

Of course there are absolutely and in logical like a mistake of thinking. What is a mystery that means God can't be true that some will say that there's a paradox, the God. Got A troop with vitamin. Are you saying then that you must be able to comprehend the universal infinite being.

If you can comprehend the universal Bengals aspects then housing universal infinite and different than you is just subject, subject to your mind. That's not the God of Christianity so I could teach people with the Christian God's perspective, it is for the Christian perspective of who God is in life and I just don't know. And I'm not mad at him in a column name is. This is what the perspective is you need to understand.

In fact, if you want I can read to you a bit Congressional nobody waiting but if you are interested I could reach you a definition of the Christian God is absent or have been working on for a while. How could I guess you said sure I didn't hurt you.

Okay lets you think of my file up and I activated it.

Now I can find portico. It's on my desktop and got 18 windows will consult on their right; so do good unto the section. I have called God and define God.

So here we go.

Now I have to insert this one sentence into the paragraph.

But God is one is the one and only eat terminal supreme Trinitarian being who is the creator of heaven and earth, and of whom there is no one greater. He's the only God who is in all places at all time. There have been no gods before him, and there will be no gods after him.

He's the only uncreated necessary Trinitarian being make this more concise. But after working on the one and only uncreated necessary Trinitarian being eternally consisting of three types simultaneous distinct persons father-son Holy Spirit. The three-person share the same divine essence, this called the ontological Trinity but express different functions in creation. This called the economic Trinity. Neither person derives his substance from either or both of the others. The Trinity is not comprised of parts, but is of one simple rate is one simple divine being is called divine simplicity in the Trinity are unity and diversity which are equally basic and mutually dependent upon one another, last sentence take some time to unpack, but I can but nevertheless continue God is spiritual in nature, noncontingent, unchanging, transcendent and sovereign God has nothing against which he can be compared and defined. Therefore, he is self revealed in creation, Scripture and Jesus.

He is the ultimate source of all truths all actualities and all potentialities, goodness, mercy, love, holiness, etc. are revealed by him as an expression of his nature, therefore, that which is good is known by comparison to God's nature, which is holy and righteous. There is no condition in which the Christian God might exist or could not exist, since that would not be the God of the Bible, God's incommunicable attribute stresses transcendence in his communicable attribute stresses eminence and explain that to you later. Sometime he created the universe as well as people God is neither included in space nor absent from it.

Does whatever he pleases. All wisdom, knowledge, the holding of the things that people over life 770 mass Y call 77077 now have nobody waiting on my Lupita hate mail because people like email something to do on Fridays.

Got some good funds omitted so the number is 877-207-2276 to hear something. My article response to your article on homosexuality. Nothing makes me more sick than for you to say that they should not be put to death not be going to law only means that were no longer justified by the law and are not under the law curse of the law through from a bubble bath and the even considerable debate deserve death in verse 32. So this guy. He said he says that that homosexuals should be killed. I don't agree with that. I don't agree with that at all but were not under the old covenant, but the latest is a complaint and there's a lot that he is said and I'm not able to go through it all, but that was you it's interesting. So how about this one.

Let's see. Hey, I just want to comment on something that I found to be a bit baffling regarding the article you wrote is a response to atheists that claim there is no proof that God exists. You actually say that atheists cannot claim there is no proof for God because that would require them to know all things. Thus, he cannot logically say there is no proof for God's existence and at best only can say is, none of the theories given so far prove anything and that I Can't repeat what he said. He said something and then the call be Einstein before I heard of you whenever I saw the title theologian religion would come to mind now instead think of Outlook now thinks that you quite think of profession of this stuff I know what's wrong with me but I get a kick out of it is you remind me of this scarecrow for the Wizard of Oz. You need a break. All this is awesome. I also read the article it talks about dealing with the problem of creator God. You, you write an overly verbose and pedantic article on the end of which you give this a measure give my all atheists. What's that, after making me read all the you you give the same copout that Oakley atheists are wealthiest gift that God is by definition eternal. You know what I do find you to be a true bona fide more broad and that he said something to get read over the air so that I can help it.

I just can't help it. I get a kick out of it. I just love love that. Let's try this one of just read your article on the harms of gay marriage, you will elicit the re-interpret this your messed up in the head and I can't wait for the day that all of you burn in hell. Sorry an imaginary hell because I'm not as messed up in the head as you are having to re-read a few words about as as you are to believe in the make-believe stories written by man to put fear in people. I'm referencing the Bible for you Gary that either because they cook you idiot they can figure it out. Burn in hell you pitiful people picks you actually enjoy talking with people like that in real life and I enjoy talking with but wait a minute, wait a minute. So because of my position that I don't believe homosexuality is right now all of a sudden I'm worthy of going to the hell that you will believe in where you get your moral standard from what's ghetto what he so full of hate and condemnation challenge. I did not ask when I read 3/2 of work or read of Scripture was as God gives them over to a reprobate mind all telling you just gotta wait for the calm down the wind when you read this at the Bible talks about people like you. Given over to the depravity part of the might of believe a lie and then you know just gotta wait till you're done and then say that I love doing this after the block. Give me Elizabeth was a purpose.

Sorry, but I do give me some some irrational just just volcanic eruption of hatred and illogic and why I'm completely wrong and I'm a big, full of hate is guilty of whether teasing you.

And then when they're done I just pause for a few seconds I say you're wrong. That's all I say is that some off the other two minutes of the go why we got a lot out of it.

I after 23 but Soto or you don't used to reroute José you're still wrong.

It's called TweetDeck on I can't help but I know I like I like email and yes I just got issues that would people insult me online and stuff.

I get the biggest kick out of it. While I would have to disagree with you that Jesus is baptized in water. Someone says the river of Jordan scene was just a symbolic gesture that symbolized water as the metaphoric agent of the baptismal spirit. When you get this in the book of second Marana coals.

Jesus taught his disciples that the light within each one of them was the light of Christ the light of Christ.

This is New Age philosophy. Okay, you have the divine act within you.

You must getting through the divine consciousness will think they do pick them up go with this light was the light of the father within and still is today. This is common knowledge to anyone who knows the teaching of Jesus. When water is used as the baptismal process it metaphorically quenches the light within. Therefore is the definition of Antichrist against the light.

John suggests that he is doing this with water, but one will come later baptized with spirit fire question is where is the individual in question is question is where is that individual. The Gospel of Thomas, narrated by Jesus to tell you guys the sky does not have always bought the litter box.

I'm telling you, you know his ratchet slipping. He's using 5.W-2 41 he should be using 20. The Gospel of Thomas gives us the secret of the baptism process with the spirit of fire and Maggie's. It is amazing that all these years. As Jesus was murdered that the baptism water still exist, indicating that the antichrist is alive and well with those were baptized with water, so if you baptize with water. Now your antichrist.

While this is New Age claptrap.

You just knew which conference you know you sit there and listen. People get up there and are talking you know the Christ consciousness is the ethereal presence of divinely indwells you which is why your divine just get into the divine light you do that let you do is you sit and you face north while you sucking on a tootsie pop and then you do three clap his hands while you're saying the word, and that's what they do. It's it's not just guy but a New Age convention spent in his makeup is a go for this good so the preceding statement is backed by over six take decades. He says of esoteric document study and doesn't take any specific religion over another. In fact, religion is not a doctor to spiritual teaching that individuals like Jesus started out to teach. I would say to him, you're wrong. All right photos break after the break. 87720776 difficult matters like why call 077.

I welcome back to the show three of the line. Call 877072276.

What's good to from Des Moines, Iowa Brett, welcome your thank you for taking my comments are slick sure I I read a lot about Charles for getting good sermon and my wife got me the Spurgeon study Bible, which is pretty much a Bible with commentary by eminent Christian standard Bible, and I don't know that a good Bible to read from you repeating again but so far rejected by having read anything that was completely out of line. You know different well yeah it's it's I haven't heard anything bad about it and so it's fine. She's your loving wife is giving you a Bible she wants you to read with good notes. The notes are probably very good.

Spurgeon was very knowledgeable.

I would check the translations with the NASB, which I'm happy NASB new American new American Standard Bible. That's all I use. And that's the one that I think is more accurate release of the great and I'm not saying that Bibles aren't great, but I have one verse that I kind of judge Bibles by Romans 518 because of syndrome is alive. 18 yes, which says in the in the Christian standard Bible is excellent as one trespass there is condemnation for everyone, so also through one righteous act. There is justification leading to life for everyone, was not a good translation. I understand why they say it that way.

I understand what they're doing, not intending to be misleading, but because of what it actually says in the Greek people have to soften it because they don't understand geology during the translation process and so the any translators what they did was a want they said we don't care what what archaeologist was a Bible say and they translated it best as they could to the Greek.

And because of that you can learn more of the ESV people will civilly SV unit was really good which it is in all the ESV's a great Bible and I recommend people check it out. I don't agree with everything but it's okay to progressively argue with the Siena speed everything Bible in English is perfect. So to recommend is if you got King James already lingo the King James go with the CS B and get the NASB also and is comparable. And when you're curious why there little bit different go study you'll find truths that you know that I've done that with other Bible to compare the number, one that I really understood the game to live and had one that was terrible yet. I got got this when you said that Romans 518 that though the end of the one trespass there is condemnation for everyone, so also through one righteous act justification leading to life for everyone, just as through one man's obedience the many were made sinners, so also through one man's obedience the many will be made right and ask you to see what it really says is, as to one transgression condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness, justification of life to all men. And so what translations do is get too much into it is they will change the wording because what it literally says I do this quick. There's two sentences in verse 18 joined by conjunction even sell or so as to sentence a sentence be sentenced a says to one transgression condemnation to all men.

There is no verb, just as to one transgression condemnation to all men, even so as to conjunction to one act of righteousness, justification of life to all men, so sentence and since we are paralleled each one is speaking of one man and a result of the action of one man. So the first sentence, it's Adam resulted in condemnation to all and text actually says. Therefore, or even so, the one act of righteousness. You take the verb you transfer down from a debate. It is the same sentence. There resulted justification of life to all men, but that implies universalism so people in the translations have should have lessened. Universalism is false. But what they don't understand is the that God is using the word all in the sentence.

The single verse in two different senses just as he is using the phrase the many in two different senses a few verses before and after it's I teach on this verse.

I teach the theology right. Do it slowly think about a half-hour as I going to explain what's happening in the text, not only here but in other places in the theology that's behind it and why Paul said what he said. That way, and so I look at translations to see what are they doing with it are the interpolating are they trying to lessen what actually says are they sticking with originality. The text the NASB, in my opinion.

I'm no Greek scholar with my opinion, is the one that is most literal and that's what I want and could I wants to.

I want the actual truth, I would not have known if I was did not have the NASB back 30 years ago. Whatever was when I was starting that I would not have known and discovered some very interesting and important theology. If I'd been reading a different Bible because the NASB's was faithful to the Greek and the other ones in my opinion are not as as faithful and what I had I seen and what I understand I think I ingrained are readable over and over again research it. A lot of times going to your website.

If I don't understand the meaning I I don't want to get an English translated Bible that just haphazardly truck stop out to make a proper event when it is needed in and the finance looking at the CSV and Excel. It looks good and all, except that one of the it's like a pet peeve of mine to say that so they want to do is go to the city. But this go to Jude see what this with Jude for the month to month, Jude Arrigo Jude Jude. He signed my computer don't exactly want when I want to call names ticket. Jude description for O's all once only doing a corseted on the doofus. I blew that one.

Okay, so good.

It's good this. What does it's good assist for some people who were designated for this judgment on the go have come by, commenced by stealth. Their ungodly turning the grace of our God into sensuality and denying Jesus Christ our only Master and Lord, that's good, because the king gave us they are only Master and our Lord Jesus, and implies to like the father in this and this will write you this stuff like that. The King James did a great job but let's just say the King James has some things that need some improvement necessary. Well, I know there are no Bible better looking game, but became James what I read when I was a small child, but I think I somehow identify with the language that I feel more like I'm talking to God in my imagination of God spoke to me it would be even the dowels and that's just because I read the King James that you're not sure which version she had a really good English Bible and that I run across diverse very hard to understand you take her stop and read it to compare simplify things for me it's good to see you when something doesn't make sense in the King James go study it and then he asked me what doesn't make sense to me as big a study in the King James and the glue. The great yeah you know and you well. I really appreciate your show.

I listen to it for couple years now and I really appreciate you taking my call. A lot of time to have questioned him to call you but I figured out before I need before you come on in the afternoon so it will be in their company when I have the same question.

See while I really enjoy your show and thank you so much for what you do will praise God and praise God that he's he's Lord is standard so much to use someone like me so that that's good guy brought all that thing about so I know I'm way down there and I sit at regular if he's getting you summoning slick who's got Asperger's things are pretty bad out there, so that's what I said all right thank you very much I appreciate all) God Leslie got lucky.

Okay, let's get to Nancy from Virginia Nancy Buckham for about a minute for the break we got high. Email The wrong my all and saying that the women for not later in the hell about that. You cannot the brakes coming up and so only because back will do that and the preamble… Not I will explain a quick description of the cooking. The references in a minute. Explain why women are not supposed to be pastors. They're not supposed to be elders if they hardly River Valley right back folks after these messages, please why call 77077 back in a show.

Okay no maneuver given the biblical reason why women are not to be pastors and elders.

I want people to worry interested in this topic particular. If you are a woman pastor or woman older or your individual who affirms and supports the idea with pastors and elders.

I will say this confidently and I will publicly debate it with anybody.

Let's figure it out all the bait you you are in error and need to repent flat as the Bible does not allow it. I'm going to now prove it from Scripture. Paul says in first Timothy 212 and 13 that I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men would remain quiet. Fort was add them who was first created and then Eve now says he does not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority to remain quiet. The work quiet there in Greek is Kia SOP means keep it down it doesn't mean silence. Lexa Gato does so got was a Greek word absolute silence can't talk can do anything is the key.

It carries the meaning of you could be more quiet. You can mimic the quite happy. More quiet in the Greek that's what that means. So the idea is that they are not to be in the church setting. In this authority. Section teach or exercise authority over a man, but you make what they are to be to to do that. Fort was Adam was first created. It's not a cultural thing because Paul the apostle was tying it into the created order for it was Adam who was first created. That's what St. now that's first Timothy 212 and 13.

The next chapter and verse 15 says, but in case I'm delayed I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, so Paul is specifically giving instruction to the household of God. The Christian church and he says he does not allow a woman to teacher his authority and was first created.

I've had people say to me that this is opinion and then the arrogantly say their opinion is as good as Paul the apostle or the say just one particular woman on this one particular woman just a woman image just as one predicament where Zen and the text is not there. The reading into it and so if it's one particular woman he's writing a whole thing about this one woman not to do this and was first created this make any sense. I get in the quite a bit more but I won't. Furthermore I'm I read about at you because that was first created.

Paul does not allow this. At first Timothy 212 and 13 in first Timothy 315, which I already read was dealing with the issue of in the household of God in the earlier part of chapter 3 he says this verse one is a trustworthy statement.

If any man aspires to the office of overseers at the Greek word disc apostle, which we get the ship from is a fine work he desires to do an overseer okay Piscopo's Bishop must then be, must be above reproach. The husband of one wife fill the Piscopo off the bishop is to be a husband of one wife. In Greek it's on draw me us good night costs. Husband of one wife tempered prudent expense etc. when we go to Titus chapter 1 verse five pulse is for this reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order and remove what remains and appoint elders.

That's the word press blue terrace that literally express mutual avoidance of well Bruce, but it's it so the masculine form. Just as the word for overseer in Greek is masculine, appoint elders in every city, as I directed you, namely from man's above reproach, the husband of one wife. So in both cases the bishop and the elder are to be husband of one wife, a man of one woman.

A woman cannot fit that requirement cannot.

Furthermore, Paul says he does not allow this in the church and when you go to first Timothy 517. The elders who rule well the word elders, there is present due to Roy the ROI of the OI. The omicron Yalta ending in Greek is masculine plural that we have like nurses, which is found in plural or women, which is found in plural man, which is a masculine plural of man is masculine singular in Greek.

This kind of thing happens all over the place with nouns and so elders specifically said to be present due to Roy which is masculine plural nominative if the subject is in the stuffing. The elders who rule well or to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching the elders of the ones who do the preaching of the teaching so a woman is not to be in a place of teaching authority over men. First Timothy 212 and 13. The elder was a man of one woman or husband of one wife open can't fit that the elders are males who rule well there is much work hard at preaching and teaching this with the Bible says Paul in first Timothy 315 is giving instruction to how people behave in the household of God, so this would Paul the apostle site to say this again. If any of you out there are affirming women pastors and elders. You need to repent of your sinful attitude. If you attended church with woman pattern elder.

You need to leave that church because you can't trust them to get it right about other things. If they can't get it right about with this so clearly says the writer. If anybody wants to intubate me publicly in your church over this. I would be glad to do it, and for 17 years I've been making this offer periodically.

Nobody has ever taken me up on it. Not once.

I know that this the stations, mostly around on the East Coast or I would fly out to a person's church and debates in the body on the issue politely and lovingly from Scripture and I think it take me up on it know they never do. Why because they submit the word of God to their feelings to their error and to their cultural preferences and they are not putting the word of God. First, they need to repent and there's a reason for all this as well. It's good to mention this when Adam and Eve were in the garden she send first. Then Adam ate the fruit and then they had themselves and then the pre-incarnate Christ came into the garden came with them and's verse nine then the Lord God called the man and said where are you we commit. Why didn't he say 80 foot gun you got him to do this. Why did he say Adam and Eve, why did you do what you do that or do what is a call to them. No call to the man and said where are you.

So the pre-incarnate Christ addressed the man why because the man is a representation of the sentence the man has a federal headship of position, not the woman. So in Adam all die in Christ also made alive.

This is doctrine of federal headship. So what the people were doing were firmament pastors and elders are also filing Scripture, but also failing to understand federal headship and because of this I could connect the future dots to show how they would deny the atonement in the Senate would assume they are but I actually know how they can. One error leads another because they thicken.

Start saying no, the Adamic representation here is not what were talking about when Paul says it is loud because that was first created it wasn't about that is not him being smarter than even they get all the stuff within did Adam represent us and say no when and how did Christ represent us and so one error can lead theologically to other errors in this light so significant. Plus, mentor, so good at feeling and we try we make mistakes, but if you give man excuses to do nothing and to not rise up as godly men are supposed to do and fight unrighteousness and stand for the truth. And if women stand up and do what the men are supposed to be doing men become diaper Indians, way, way, and they don't want to assert their masculinity in the church and don't listen to this idiocy about cop toxic masculinity excessive first 20 1613 act like men the strong. The Scriptures tell us to act like men were to do this does not mean we demand wife make sandwiches bulimic butter sandwich my wife that we don't go around using our authority, our position in a mean way we stand for truthfully. No I'm not put up with this because it's untypical. That's what men are supposed to do.

I can talk about this a lot more this really sore subject for me as I see the point. By the way, one more thing a lot on this talk a lot about it. In my research I did my own research. I went to the differing websites of very good nominations. I took me weeks to do it. Tonight I discovered that 80% of the denominations that approve of women pastors and elders 80% within two generations start approving with homosexuality. Why is that) because Christ comes to the man first, not the woman, where are you, he addresses the man requires of the man is dedication and his strength and then it becomes this talk about the cycle talk with a woman's role in with the women need to do so little and talk about this which I could. The women's role needs to be to equip their men to go out and do and when they make mistakes. A woman's role is to support not to browbeat because of manner browbeat by their wives do not want to do anything and limit complaint is not doing anything. Women don't understand what it means respect her husband. Mostly few women I have ever experienced. No know what that really means, and so it takes both women have to know their place and men have to know their place and when that happens, many circuiting of the pulpit and strategic with love and patience and kindness as Emily Jesus Christ is not the place for women to do that okay. He mentioned 15 affirmative 1613 and says the only alert stand firm in the fact in the faith, act like men. The strong let all that you do be done in love. This is the instructions of the men stand firm in the faith be on the alert act like men, be strong what you do do when love is the instructions to men, but here's something women have to understand we mentor better than women. Most and most everything we commit better mechanics, better astronauts better weightlifters better extortionists better thieves.

We just try making it a point is that we excel in what we do is what we do and when men go out there to risk. Sometimes the women I've seen this will browbeat their husband and so you shouldn't on don't take a risk. Don't take a chance because the women want safety with a men want righteousness and missing is just that way between the there's emphasis in here and they have to work together moving forward for the glory of Jesus Christ. Not one thing set against the other.

Don't have time to go extinct, and expanded all make it more more work make more sense. But this is the basics.

I teach on this. Every now and then they deal right okay thank you think they got lucky. Okay God bless you with my buttons. All right hey Chuck. Sorry buddy running time. Whatever Joseph is saying the legend is a photo give a great weekend.

Bless you by his grace back on your Monday word letter, but their program powered by the Truth Network

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