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December 25, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 25, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Aren't the Church and Israel separate- Doesn't that point to a pre-trib rapture---2- How do current Leftist social and political movements connect to Christian eschatology---3- Should our prayer be addressed to a specific person of the Trinity---4- What does predestination mean---5- Have you ever thought about running for public office---6- How do you know you are saved-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more you back. I was off on Friday. I forgot I have a doctors appointment. No big deal though, so that we just didn't want to come in today and guess what I'll be announcing this will be offered two weeks I will after today show to get a couple weeks off. It's open other people through your station to me at all that stuff. I'll be back on the air live on force of January 4 and beyond for that week and then I'm taking a scheduled week off and have Luke Wayne to do so for me. Luke works with those who been working with for about five, six, seven years now, you write some of the articles he does a lot of good stuff and he's good guy so well even though people's ideas, but he's listening to his wife listening to anyway will be ongoing. He writes a lot of stuff is a great guy is great guy and he's not as obstreperous as I was irritating as I though.

That's a fault in him. Obviously, because of the standard of obstreperous this week means boisterously recalcitrant to stop and let you guys know that all right for open lines 877-207-2276. Will you also know that we're doing an end of year's fund drive.

So if you want help us out folks all you do is go to Carl Edwards CRM.O are and you can sign up there to help us out, because whatever you donate will be matched. So if you donate $10 a month and that extra $10 or that will be doubled to 20.

That's how that's going to happen if you do a one-time gift say $25, then it becomes another 25 because 5550 so that's what's happening there. So will you go to see our.O are you in the right side but on the bottom of the page left main menu. It'll say donate towards good karma room/donate that'll help as well. So remember, under the off from tomorrow the rest of the year and we just arrange that today the registration certificate. I want to make sure it is easy for Bertie to take time off without being forced through the radio because I am and I think that's about it. I think right there so your you may call 877-207-2276. All right, all right, let's go to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome your on here yet. The reason why the church not answer it because the and you will like different but God really with five Jacob that what we know you yeah I don't see that in Scripture you to say that the dismiss the case. Jacobs trouble.

So the church and is wrong to same so therefore record be here that just statements. It doesn't mean that's the case.

One of things I think is interesting as I was listening to some eschatological studies going doing a study here in a while but take the picture to take the people of North Korea and of Iran. They are presently being jailed, murdered and tortured for their faith.

If we were to transport some of those over here. We had a magic wand booth are here in the and we had interpreters like to talk to than we said you know what it was to get the tribulation. They look at essence, are you crazy they're going to the tribulation. They're going to something that is horrible. They are experiencing the very thing that the Christian say I wouldn't escape the convenient Christianity of North America with its remote control everything in its escapist theology that we are privileged and were not to be forced to have to run to the hills, or if we believe in state. We believe will be jailed and tortured and starved to death. But these people are experiencing it now so I get a little bit uppity about the idea of the, the comfort Christianity appreciably from rapture theology that the Christian church ever North America is going to avoid all the difficulty because God laughs so much to blocker black Caucasian surfer Jesus. Jesus loves us so let's go through that. But this is not a scriptural position and so you're right but God great that you want to try it well with the one I never heard that the fourth. It's so in my opinion it's pretty weak just like a little bit irritated and I mean in a friendly way. Let's little irritated with the people who know this will work escape because God loves us so much that we got the worry about it and I just I just things I I do it's 90 horrible thank you you welcome brother I got bless you needed, that's for sure. I'll be working to put thanks public health hopes are about that hateful to want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 we have five open line so if you want to give McCall now would be the time.

Remember to be off from tomorrow onto the force back on 4 January to get some time off. Also if you have question. You have a comment now is the time right now. So since he talked about that and also something also been on my mind which I think that coincided and swing to do is is is go over what I call depressed apology eschatology is a sign of the end time is inserted in times and depression, depressed apology you got it now want to say something here because what's happening in America. It is not good and it is pretty bad so what I'm thinking is that I think okay I think about doing something here. Think about doing a video on an eschatological position that I have held to for quite a while and it's worth a read something to drink and so to read something I've been working on for can find it.

It's hard out here you go. I think his word is you got it so so as you know the world that were in is becoming more socialistic and Marxist. Now the Bible talks about the right to own land, and the leftists want to take it away from us the right of self protection. The leftists want to take that away from us, the light of the right to do with your land as you desire. The leftists want to get away from us in capitalism. A lot of people are not aware of this but capitalism is based on the principles and capitalism unfortunately has been denigrated as being an evil. This is what socialism and Marxism does it communism. It says capitalism is just evil and that the cure is communism were everybody's equal equity for all. No one has to own any private anything on what is not fair for everybody else.

The government then becomes a distributor of your wealth, your work, your product, and in capitalism. If a company is not doing well because they haven't met the market need and they die out. Take for example Blockbuster and I start my wife makes rent blockbuster takes for those of you who are young that you don't know if that is what you want to the store and got a tape and you as a movie and you and you would rent for a day or two we come home and put your VCR and you'd watch a movie and you take it that you don't like red box up with the VHS tape and so basically Netflix came along and because of that blockbuster, not a business is a good or bad, it's fine. It's good not because people lose their jobs with because that's what technology does the horse and buggy whip makers in the buggy makers without business why because cars came cars create more jobs as economy increases, so we don't want to bolster and lift up a an economic aspect and have the government bail it out.

This communism because it and communism the government make sure that all the businesses work equally and fairly. Even if they do a bad job and they should fail or when the car companies here in America were getting buildup of the government, never thinking note, you should let him fail because they're not doing what needs to be done.

They're not rising to the level being efficient and they have failed in their work and they should go out of business and do whatever is good to be don't know, but that the government then bailed him out of the government's got a hand in that private enterprise and all the banks and so the banks were failing because of their bad work. Now the government bills amount of deafness got his hands in the in that this is the rise of socialism and communism.

Now along with this, you can't have any absolutes because absolute truths and absolute morals go hand-in-hand. If you have those in their principles that we must stick with. We can't have that in a communist system because it both at the ultimate in communism is the state or the government. It is what guides you and controls you and it is the one and the thing in the entity that gives you rights and can take them away if you believe in a sovereign God, then God gives you the rights and will stand against the tyranny of socialism, communism, Marxism, so in society in order for communism to work in socialism. The work ambiguity needs to occur. So to gain control a a United minority can thwart and overcome this United disorganized majority, and one of the things that they do is they cause division and cause problems among the majority and they sat them against each other so they will say you are a bigot you are hateful you don't approve of women's rights or homosexuality rights, abortion rights like these assign the word rights to everything and if you disagree you're against people's rights so they play this game because there are no absolutes with them and in the process.

Criminals become heroes and heroes become criminals.

They use anarchy to break down and promote equity and diversity because the government has come in and rescue us because of the problems that it's causing to the new government new construction direction is socialism.

Hence the great reset and making children independent of parents is one of the things it needs to be accomplished the vaccines. As you may have heard more and more children are being vaccinated against the parents will and with her also doing is lowering the educational standards and are not teaching financial responsibility, nor the teaching of critical thinking in the schools were teaching socialist awoke agenda and so with this the left.

Remember, has no universal moral support ultimate judge will answer you have to break with this talk about 7207 mass like why call 707 back to the show the colors coming and we finish this part, this is something of written read it, you have to go through and polish it but to the left. There are no universal morals or an ultimate judge to whom they will answer. Truth is not absolute. It is not something beyond them are greater for them. On the contrary, it is based on them. It is utilitarian and therefore subservient to their ideology to them. Truth depends on their goals, especially if they are in power, therefore truth must be defined according to their agenda, but since truth is not absolute and transcend the goal is not absolute or transcendent is shaped along materially based needs which are ultimately temporal and self-serving. So the ends justify the means. Because the gold is the ultimate, not transcendent truth. That means the left. This means then that the left can create lies, use lies, accuse, and operate in the penumbra of half-truths that would achieve their goals in a society that is absolutes.

As part of its worldview.

The left must blur the lines that distinguish truth from error. So, sexuality, gender, marriage borders, language rights, self protection, property rights, all must be blurred so that absolutes and universal truths can no longer be a foundation upon which are societies based this is what I've been working on and this is true and is more to this this was going on.

The reason I bring this up is because of what Jesus said the things that Jesus said would be the end times and hear some of the things he said to be false Christ's or false prophets and war, but also persecution of the faithful to document this rapture thing getting out to be a general apostasy of the Christian church is growing cold and is not focusing on the things of Christ, the disciple make, but on how big the pantries are and how nice the cars are lawlessness will increase. As love grows cold and of course will be earthquakes, famines, plagues, and he says is also to be an increase in selfishness without the increase in the love of money and pleasure and and the increase of arrogance, disobedience, and things like that. The name of God will be marked to be an increase in knowledge and a rise in spiritism and spiritism is looking for spiritual truths in your inner self and things like that marriage will decay to be false teachings arising out of either.

So much of that in the Christian church I can name some things that most churches are teaching that are false and they don't want to hear. They don't want to hear the gospel will be preached to the whole world to be signs in the heavens and things like that is good be an abuse of the destruction of the earth and its resources.

They had a crisis guy comes via mark of the beast.

Now I just saw video about the people getting their chips, their vaccine chips embedded in the right hands. That scares me because now as it says in Revelation 13 sitting find it quickly.

If the callers of incessant relation 1316 he causes all the small and the great the rich and the poor and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark and I say that the covert thing is the mark of not saying that I don't believe it is, but the right hand of the four head to what you have to produce or yield to be tested for temperatures. I can't help but wonder for being conditioned and some people have to sound the warning, and I'm doing that and I need to also develop something on what we can do to resist this I will tell you one thing sort of prayer.

Alright, let's get to Ian from Florida E unwelcome. You're on here think that my call had a quick question out. Maybe you could point of the Scripture get men fight on our group would have a little discussion recently about prayer were talking about our weather.

Prayer should be addressed to the big member of the Trinity. If the person of the Trinity, or, or limited, and no looking through Scripture.

Typically, we had a question about should we pray to the Holy Spirit as the planet you might bill the land that sure if you the last verse of second Corinthians 1314 the fellowship is with the father son and Holy Spirit. You can't have fellowship with something not spending time with the communicating we obviously pray the father our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Matthew 611 but also there's a phrase in the Old Testament where the phrase is called upon the name of the Lord. Recall the name of Yahweh action. The Hebrew that's in Psalm 116 for Zechariah 13 nine to call upon the name of of of Yahweh without the Hebrew was translated into the Greek was called the Septuagint.

Around 70 list of scholars to disrupt 222 BC so that phrase call upon the name of Yahweh, which occurs in many places in the Old Testament was translated by the Hebrews into the Greek, the same Greek use in the New Testament, the Greek phrase call upon the name of the Lord. Now that means in that phrase. For example, in Psalm 116 for I called upon the name of Yahweh are called pulling the Lord of Lord of the seeps he saved my life. So that's a prayer it's one of the aspects peroration worship. The phrase call upon the name of Yahweh, which in the Greek is call upon the name of the Lord, which is applied to Jesus first contains 12 with all who in every place call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Lord and hours. That phrase carries with it the ability pray.

So yes, we can pray to Jesus right there in Scripture perspectives 12.

We can pray the father-son Holy Spirit. I just pray to God sometimes but whenever I pray I generally almost always printed to Jesus. The reason is I want people to understand that they can pray to Christ because the cults don't pray to Jesus the Christ through Jesus, but never to him as is done in the Bible because they don't have the true Christ.

That's why do that publicly. Okay, yeah, what about that help. I appreciate it in your questions got that's all for today. Thank you operator your megalopolis, but okay. All right. Hey, let's go to Nelson for but still no signal to me on the mat outlets are thinking deliberately thinking over right 65, oh man, I'm sold about buddy 30 thick all you young and see all my friends are early that age are in your 40s or 30s want to hang around with, is also immature, but I just thought home with event like what about the meeting. The great Destin MP that the Navy and before you at the click of liquid like money to make one atheist forgot your brand. And the more he more. He was running different things to think that but not like different cult that flowed over and all he finally open up a an envelope that was given the year fired J is right back folks after these messages.

776 max Y07 you a heads up after today I will be off the rest of the year from the radio and and I'll be back on the air for the fourth for the rest of that week, then taking a week off would have Luke Wayne works with us he's going to do the radio for week and get him up to speed on that so that once 1/4.

He does week of radio negative cigarette so way. By the way thanks to all of you who have already given for the thing for the end of your drive.

I really want to thank you. My wife is the one who takes care of that information. Just tell me who what when where what she does say that one about who what when where what she does say it's coming in and that people are are are donating. That's what to say thank you.

Now I want to do is get people's first names, and I asked her about that to give me a list of just first names I don't want to do the first and last name because I want your glory be for the Lord and not here and there, you'll know. Maybe you already know you hear me say thank you really do appreciate the fact that you have supported us so much. Thank you for all you already are doing that as well. As though who's those of you who are increasing anything in getting to the new for the matching year end of matching funds.

End of your drive.

I just want to say thank you and remember that it'll be for the last day of this month and so you can if you want to apply snail mail mail is an envelope and lungs postmarked on the 31st.

That's fine.

Maybe it they hereafter become bitter sense of how the post office could think of it like that's okay, but to the end of the year as were doing and whatever you donate will be matched so the addresses of the few boxes at the bottom of the page on karma and efforts in helping us out. All you do is go to carve the Lord see in all the information you need is right there so thank you very much for all of you who are supporting have supported will support really do appreciate that support. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield back to buddy okay so get the money you are searching for God give them a whole bunch of faith Bible tape year he was going through things than it is often one and yet happen to be the book of yet and that Apple informs everything. Click than the on another one will benefit you got another that we that's been a good point that you are or the board with the predestined for him to open the envelope that ethics envelope yes because God works all things after the counsel of his will for gelato is lazy. Look, I used to know a guy you might be having. Remember this in years, but you just remind me of it is this guy.

He's a BBF in height in the in junior high and I became a Christian.

We talked but he said once that was a Bible on his bed in his room. Someone had put it there and he took it and threw it across the room and it fell open and he went over later just glanced at it and read whatever was. He told me because I read that whatever it was, a kite now now now I says it echoed in his heart and his mind for days.

He couldn't get out of his bow and he broke the became a Christian disciple. Praise God.

No known at the beach or to get even with you, and we laughed and grown up quite a bit but solicit at exit. God uses those things, even the throwing of the Bible. The leaving of an envelope. People think sometimes that God is some mostly capable gentleman who doesn't want to finally have free will.

This really nobody to do so he can assist in the it's up to you but this is not the God of Scripture and understand the greatness of the God of Scripture.

He simultaneously comprehends the location of every electronic the entire universe comprehended while you talk about us. This is him and so even an envelope that falls in into between two seats and isn't picked up for two months is by God's ordination, he can do it by his direct will or is in direct will, but he works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111.

This means that nothing occurs in the universe that he's not involved with some way, either directly or indirectly, nothing can occur misplaced permission. So the heretics have come up with things like open theism, and I think Dylan is Ms. is in the camp a little bit as bad what is bad and that God's recent knowledge is restricted in order to substantiate man's freedom is always the case that when you elevate man's freedom. You Lord God is like so many units of sovereignty out there hundred years of sovereignty and don'ts of God, getting 100, we want 10 and he can have 90 that's how it is with most Christians today and some in the cults it reversed its 8020 we witness hours so I'm reformed theology to hundred him and zero us in Arminianism. It's 95 him five us, or maybe 2%, so okay thank you Margaret. You look at oh yeah ship, all right got this okay.

All right. The ship on Derrida Moore from North Carolina welcoming on the roadway. The day I not like you show idea.

I know a video and you know me know no catalogs as a got mold on it.

I your Facebook guy that made this anyway and driving at going staying alive ago about the got deleted them really ugly with this thing you ever note know, I know I'm late thinking about running for public open like a USA made like that you thought about and the reason I thought about it is because my last name is slick and what a better name for a politician is to be great I love to be in public office, but it would never happen when I don't feel called to that to. I am so conservative and vocal that I would say exactly what I say and any opponents I would call him out on the carpet and say you don't uphold the Constitution United States euro socialist thought a Marxist and no one should vote for you. I would say stuff like that in public debates and course would like that and I don't a lot of corruption in politics and surprisingly believed the voting system so that I would never make it.

You know you and they would love to have someone like me on your to go to my website and I become accused of being homophobic. I did choose a race as you halibut it with good accuse me of that of the narrow minded, bigoted, antiquated, and I would just say them. I won't have public debates on this white supremacy so that's that's also guilty right wing ripening white supremacy racist bigot homophobe. There you go. That's what I be labeled. That's right.

And I would just want to make your December debate T-shirt with a top target on to say here I am, folks ready, let's go yell out, they would think it reminds me of listen is a list little debates there pointed understand like certain aspects of finance and how the government works and things like that estimate.

But I'll tell you I can sure pick up on the logic mistakes that people make and when I was in the bay was somebody had opponents is on TV and I asked the question they stole this and let me ask a different question that I'd answer the ask exact same question again is like. Please don't dodge at this time. This is an old man, they would not like me at all. They would not like you.

You. That's right you get even more. I like to show at doing what you're going and that will sink you think summer bruschetta but got blessed. Okay all right okay for Valencia McCall 877-207-2276. Remember after today I'll be off till I generally fourth right so you want to call now's the time. We have a lot of fun reruns for the next couple weeks let's get the brine from Minnesota right welcoming on the air all the questionable salvation like holding all your shared my testimony going through Minnesota can challenge knowledge and there I never read the Bible for an asteroid reading, praying and asking questions like Fremont Stadium Revelation is a good question.

My colleagues 707577077 up 772072276 also want to say thank you to Joel from St. Petersburg, Florida, William from. I hope you get this right. The peer Wisconsin John from Boise, Idaho that is stored from Brandon Marilyn.

You guys have supported lunacy. Thank you very much and because it will be on the rest of the month. I will give you listening other names, but I think you all of you for for that we have a gentleman, a Christian guy who loves the Lord and each year he helps us out this way, and he does a matching fund, strife, and so it just as you pray for him for his success because he's a businessman and he's done well by the Lord and the Lord some of I have a course and stuff like that and also to let you know that I'll be off the air live from tomorrow on the rest of the year to back on January 4 and I will have the records things like that.

Just let me know a vacation time. Let's get to Brian from Minnesota okay right you still there but it also sold my soul about this. And like my my situation was. Started leaving after three months of that I had like Revelation is everything and they know all my problems in life will result of not obeying God like every time I went to jail. I once remarked in or near somebody else and their passion to start reading. And an old man and that's one of the cam like real estate attorney life as how I how I got sued if that makes sense yeah so are you wondering now is your savior not so sure. So there's an article, so I want Iran with the ministry out on street evangelism two nights a week for a long time that I got married and should apartment their Illyrian mud pulled back from their and I don't think that I'm not saved now but you know for sure that you are better want to ask you questions know what direction you're going. So like you know if somebody say you will. Different levels of knowing, but generally what we do we to conclude that someone is saved as we look at their their orthodoxy and in with the proxy there with the confess what they do are they confessing Jesus Christ as Lord God in flashes per second verse of the Trinity died in the cross rose from the dead, justification by faith alone in Christ alone, not by baptism and anything not by sacramentally think of my faith in Christ alone. The essentials of the faith they profess these things. That's one of the things that okay will praise God and also what we call ortho proxy what they do.

The practice practice and so are they living a Christian life. Now this is where it gets a little bit tough because we could have someone who's living a Christian life like Bob and Frank to two guys, Bob is doing very well. He doesn't have any addictions yet he fails every now that is a normal human being, but basically he's got everything going he's not addicted to porn or alcohol is not in debts.

I didn't have outbursts of anger, he's got children's wife with his his beautiful nice gray sandwiches. Everything is going great for everything's fine and I didn't have any struggles go to church and he ties okay and so he's not doing anything bad in his doing was right.

We have Frank Frank confesses everything right, but he struggles he falls every now and then in certain areas.

He is failing of it maybe is a outbursts of anger. Maybe you left out August the best of them. Every now and that's it once every couple of months or something and he gets drunk when he shouldn't. And you can ask again. I didn't get what we say.

Which one of them saved the lives not know if both are saved from over singing because the struggle against sin is a sign of salvation, the confession of sin.

Nobody's perfect and I'm not saying it's okay to struggle with various things and don't worry about it.

Mrs. okay am I saying that I'm saying that even for someone who struggles and fails but they go back to the cross. That's ortho proxy doing what's right in that there confessing their sins before God there warring with them their failing.

Sometimes he does fail and and I don't I don't ever 20 fingers of people do that because there but the grace of God go II looking to save my brother. Okay help you. And that's what I want to do is help people through those thick stuff and I got it all down to what I've got some experience of stuff I want to help you and so when someone says they say they often wonder to say because of their works.

Their belief they understand they know what they believe, but they don't see the corresponding relationship of works and faith method works save you, but that the doing good is not is where they needed to be and so they wonder if there saved and the problem here is that what they're doing is basing their salvation. In part, upon their works now son that is the case, but some people is not the case in that they say no. If not, I works, but shouldn't be doing better and because of that, they wonder an answer to the question will should not be doing better. The answer is the if someone were to ask me Matt looking to do all the stuff you do all this. You look you be doing better in your all you got that right there samaras I'm struggling with I Geico do a lot better.

And so we ought to realize were the same boats that were justified by faith and work kept by faith By God's grace absolutely short our government right and so I don't we.

Nonpolice malls like right now.

Like all of our police force constitutional laws like illegal board clinic and try to stop child sacrifices.

The police are going on doors in the cage is somebody also noted in the Stockholm will be lifted higher than like it seems to me like our government everybody should be a lessee that they're totally tyrannical going crazy a lot of sand totally but they are getting worse and coded in our mandates being used to clean out from those ranks in various areas. Those who don't want to comply with the mandates so the conservatives are being kicked out. So the police force is being concentrated into those who will just march in lockstep with the jackboots.

That's the problem in our military or military officer to a veteran a while back who said that he had to leave because he said conservative officers are being replaced by liberal ones and it was happening for years and years and years.

There's a long term strategy to undermine our forces that enforce our laws and things like that.

And now look was happening. The stupid guy in office. The branded administration who says everyone's got to be mandated to focus the finest thing I can't believe we did it would have to be mandated to be vaccinated, and yet he opens the borders to let illegals commit the hypocrisy and so this is what we have. We don't have absolutes that it doesn't matter about truth anybody in so-called power can do whatever they want and if we don't handle back her clinical absolutely yes this is what Biden is the White House says and it's on speeches, remarks by Pres. Biden. After meeting with members of the covert, 19 response team.

He said this on December 16 quote, but I want to send a direct message to the American people.

Due to the steps we've taken on the Cron has not spread as fast as it would've otherwise done and it's happening in Europe but it's here now and it's spreading and is going to increase for unvaccinated. We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. If your unvaccinated for themselves, their families and the hospitals they'll soon overwhelm. This is what he said when an 80 I just read all the good of what the website the just was talking about and sold but then we have the pundits we have left us who are could tackle as I'm hoping that conservative news will track when I'm hurting you do it we could conservatives would be standing at the fighting with the churches and pastors got a breach of the stuff in the pulpit to my local police will know everybody outside tribal Lord nobody wants to go against our police. Police constantly. There are a lot of good cops out there are all-important unconstitutional laws will likely allow some are some who thinks like no one would stop us from stop abortions that links us… We need to stop by prayer first week.

This is how it works, it will no no no.

It's what is repentance begins with the household of God. It's the church God has sent the church to the world to become the salt of the earth, and to be the light of the gospel and what is happened is the church has bought into leftist theology of escapist mentality of succumbing to the idea been called names are being said there intolerant and not standing up for righteousness, and being united in denominations or against each other and they don't want to go door-to-door.

They don't want to evangelize. They don't want to support ministries hardly at all that go out and do what needs to be done. The church is basically weak because it's not submitting itself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Repentance must begin the household of God when it does goggles are blessing the nation because he wants the people whom he has redeemed to start acting like people who are redeemed and not be acting like the people of the world who don't care about spiritual things.

As is the case. Unfortunately, with so many Christians will overlap better. God bless. I'm trying to fight Alyssa all right, it's good to just jump right onto Gary from Utah hey Gary, welcome you on the air that you don't know where I've been hanging in there. We got what they look, I know the and I'm sure I know that so I will try to be quicker. I just got done sending you a video I went to, I would. I had to do it the right way because Africa couldn't but I took that out. Just put and trivial, the prosthetic kind by Dr. David Jeremiah and he doesn't know to get expert and eschatology and you get some downtime were descended to insula,.org, oh, I didn't to me than you do.

That way, as I got this Dragon will get it okay all right okay you talked about how the antichrist revealed until after the rapture he got going for rapture. I'd like to see things like your watch. I know logically and then you have information you might not even be aware okay the part of European coalition yes their stuff going on. There's a lot of stuff going but yet since I know you work okay okay thank you thank you recommend I bless you already folks there you go look I will be off the air until January 4 and will be doing the recordings I want to continue and ask. You would have a recording going on during the vacation time.

Please consider Bless less.

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