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December 7, 2021 5:34 pm

Matt Slick Live

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December 7, 2021 5:34 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Exodus 4-11 says that it is God who makes people blind. So, when Jesus heals the blind man in John 9, is he just undoing what he himself did---2- Does God ordain all things that come to pass, including evil---3- I am filled with anger and sin no matter what I do and I feel like God hates me. What do I do---4- Do you believe in the oneness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is a lot you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why rent is called responding to your questions right had a great weekend. How was your weekend. What was interesting was good at some theological discussions on discord with some obstreperous people are against God's sovereignty that was interesting. Let's see what else. Not about about it. Actually, into the gym try to get in shape. I gotta get in shape turning 65. You're pretty quickly. Just trying to get to the place were I wake up in the morning. Got a bit. I don't go maybe. You will or by age ago. We told her like that anyway. Hey, looking to open lines 877-207-2276.

I'm just let you guys know this is important that we are having in the month sale and of months.

I think end of month matching funds drive. That's what it is. If you want to support this ministry. Please consider doing that all you do is go to combat/donate whatever you donate will be doubled. So if you donate $100.

It will become an other hundred dollars just like that or whatever you do you know if you sign up for five dollars a month just to help us out then that five-month-olds month is total for next year and that is matched. That's how it works so well, if it is good to combat drug/donates it really does help and I just let you know I don't ask about this very often.

I don't I don't mentioned fundraising and stuff like that.

I just don't like doing it, but that's in spite of all the people who say the reason I do this is to get money. I get accusations like that. The reason you do you with the money and doesn't really what I wish I had known that the snow is not like we do have fun missionaries in Nigeria and Malawi in Africa and we have one in Columbia. We have one in Turkey.

We have one in Brazil and far as the missionary in Nigeria goes as names Moses and I went ask that you would pray for him.

The Nigerian Christians are being slaughtered by the Muslims and their coming in the muscles coming in at night with motorcycles with guns going in and the shooting of villages and killing Christians because her Christians.

This is really happening. You don't hear about this on the news because the leftist news doesn't care about Christians being killed, but sorting for 10 reports. If you go to Christian it mentions it as well that it is happening and Moses will tell me about it and were having to move because there's so apparently the Muslims want to kill him. And the reason is because he's been going to preach the gospel and spreading out an article that I wrote that we have the right of self-defense and that Christians in Nigeria are reading that article. Let's think for to be produced by the thousands, and their defending themselves in the Muslims don't like it is Muslims like the idea of Christians is doing nothing. They go in and slaughter room, and now that the Christians are to fight back. We have the right of self-defense. Folks, let it evil. Don't know that a lot of Christians don't know that of the right of self-defense and even the obligation to defend the help helpless and we put in week we don't have the right of of revenge for you have right of self-defense lobule don't know that article on it anyway. So that's happening. Pray for him as Moses in Nigeria and in the Nigerian Christians all right you go awry the script to okay it was good to Nathan from Utah Nathan welcoming on the air doing all right so we got good about the Nigerian lot.

I know a lot of black United States Nigeria and their evil are all very wonderful people at all. What about my girl lawyer like that at the very smart, very elegant, but very bright go home right now, but the Muslim out at the big problem so I'm glad I met Pick that up now there's a lot of people here and there having a lot of trouble That on the belt anyway, my letter that no, I do you know you did. It's okay.

I just all at our ductwork. Okay, I don't like it I can find that my lack of backup material okay looking forward to seeing will scanning so not having a lot of plus we have people who go into that again, and you answer them. So if they might've moved another folder should have a look. But anyway, who had arrived to send against him to get her to okay sending stage a lot better. I will find it like five times that way just just send it once because I'm looking at the account out.

Not only is it communal or move to folder Lincoln okay I'm I'm I'm actually driving right now so I will not again all back in its outlook is what it is because I have a question about it what it is what is okay no I mean it. You are at any of you You know that I got you at Babel religion. There's a lot of material in there like that. I mean I got to get it. I mulled on Mark. There right right is good you to think like this was Nathan. Let's get to Kim for muscular akimbo community near me.

Okay buddy you what's on them McCoy, only that in John now want to go now ;-). He created where there right. He the mean young what I'm doing. Got going. You could only the blind. Well, it looks like that because God does things her reason, a lot of people are not familiar with Exodus 411 which I'm very familiar with no leak over little bit for people who are listening and what it says is the context. Moses does not want to go talk to Pharaoh and God is sending him in verse 10 Moses and the Lord please, Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither recently nor in time past nor since you have spoken to your servant for items of slow speech and slow of tongue. The Lord said to him, this verse 11, who is made man's mouth or who makes the mute or deaf, or sane or blind, is it not I the Lord that shocks a lot of people because what I'll do.

And I'm talking to the positive confession is to say that God always wants everyone to be healthy and wealthy as I will quote that without them knowing I'm quoting it in the refocusing on a project that I didn't realize including the exact word of God. So in that context. God certainly has the right to make people blind.

That's what he chooses to do. Ever he wants people say they would never do that. That's what he says right there Nexus 411 you deal with it now. In John nine Jesus healing now does it mean then that God directly made that person blind. Not necessarily God can certainly do that, according Nexus 411 but there's also the natural consequence of sin running in the world with one of the effects of sin is blindness. For example, the effects of sin the world in perfection and failure so we don't know.

In the case of John nine if it was God's direct hand or if it was just something God allowed to occur because the nature of the fall in the world of accents living in a corset jaws because it Nexus 411 he saying he directly does that, but it doesn't say he did directly do it in John nine because in thin excess 411. He makes people blind and deaf. It doesn't say he makes every person who is blind or deaf blind and deaf.

It's a simple logic in John nine. It doesn't say that God is one who did that.

There we know that sin has a deleterious effect biologically in the world. God can certainly make someone to find, but he doesn't have to do that sin can work its way into creation and result in blindness that God can heal that as well. Okay, it is possible the joint as possible.

But to do the thing is like us didn't say didn't didn't say he did so, what we thought or an article on this. I'd be saying something like, here is the logical possibilities for both of those verses and how we combine them and we just work through the combination of them. We gotta be careful that we don't make assumptions a safe will in John nine. Give me that he actually did that. You may summon blind and even if he did so he can make summon blind and he will why not for for the glory of God. The problem, so there's nothing the problem there in any way.

Okay, okay, I thank you awry.

Men, guardrails all right. God bless Kim Keiko: okay, let's get to Anthony from Virginia Anthony welcome. Yes, I can hear you sound good so what are you I want you about the Westminster confession of faith and are you familiar with that and how you feel about it. I like to ask confession of faith to see if you know that again yes unfamiliar with the West Mr. confession of faith. You you believe it an accurate summation of the Christian faith or the biblical or do you disagree with anything and it has been a long time since I've gone through its and I think it leans towards sensationalism, which I don't. But for the most part I think is a very good representation of the vocal theology in chapter 3 of the Westminster confession of faith. I'm not looking at it, but it is something along the lines before the creation of the universe gotten foreordained everything that comes the path you think that through. Yes not mean that God ordained evil evil comes the path to Deming, God has ordained that to happen. Yes, God your well three shocking line because here stating that you're playing that God is the author of evil.

You said two different words, author, and foreordained.

So if you can understand. I know this is what you're going to that's why Saying no yes just waiting for you to get through it because people often make the mistake of thinking that got for dating.

Something means he's directly the author and because of it, you can directly ordain and indirectly ordain anything that occurs occurs because God has ordained it. Now the Bible says in Ephesians 111 that God works all things after the counsel of his will.

That's Ephesians 111.

Do you agree with that, that God works all things after the counsel of his will to believe that I believe God has a well by humans. Although every well known Internet listening does God work all things after the counsel of his will. If I just have a will. No no no you not listening. Is this often have grasp the theological perspective hold on it every day. Looking back on after that and I'll show you something is hold on. But you're right, they focus really blind to get back to you. Call 77776 Matt slick. Why call 770-7276 charismatic/welcome show.

We have three open line 20 may call 877-207-2276 chemicals get back on the air here with Anthony.

Are you still there but I'm here okay now do is read a verse to you. I want you to.

If you don't mind, just to pay attention to what it actually says not what you think it says would actually says this is Ephesians 111. Also we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to his purpose who works all things after the counsel of his will. Okay so the question is does he work all things after the counsel of his will with your answer to work all things. I mean nine or family if he has a little ball visible. First of all, I read you the Scripture, and that you have to agree with the Scripture and then we asked that question. Do you agree that God works all things after the counsel of his will. I don't know because I don't know is never what you think it means when it says God works everything after the counsel of his own will. Everything is worked. After what he considers and does he think it means you think God guesses you think God looks into the future to see what people do in reaction to what they can and do you think people's for yearlings. God doesn't know what's going to happen and I think it could mean I think God has created the universe and he has a will and he work according to that will but nevertheless there are other circumstances to consider where things may not happen according to his will. Will says he works all things after the counsel of his will slowly ask you, do you think God would predestined anything bad to occur. You think God would death and dad what I would.

I do not believe Guy would predestined in people engaging in collectivity now okay number to reach you to verses this is acts four 2728.

For truly, in this city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel to do that means the ones were doing this Herod Pontius Pilate Gentile peoples of Israel to do whatever your handed your purpose predestined to occur. So, read again for truly in the city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus. That means if there against Jesus there automatically and sin. There were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate along the Gentiles.

The peoples of Israel could do whatever your handed your purpose predestined to occur. So these people were gathered against Jesus by God's predestined purpose definite sense. I hardly am not really were that Bertha had to contact the new thing in writing it in an act that was written by Luke, but who is speaking in that in that instant will look you are perfect, perfectly entitled to go look at it in context and you should have no problem with that, but what it says is clearly what it says it say something that you and a lot of other people don't mean this in a derogatory sense but a lot of people just been taught that Jesus is the blonde hair blue white Caucasian surfer dude dressed in a woman's nightgown and at extending the door to heart asking permission for you and your wisdom, let him in. It's not biblical and logical deny the idea that God will ordained evil to occur and what I'm within a also to understand what ordain means his ordination does not necessitate direct causation.

If God knows so much could do something evil and he permits it, that is a form of ordination because nothing can occur without the will of God without the counsel of God with regard directly brings it about by his own hand or indirectly rings at about by allowing it to occur. Either one is in ordination of God, and that's what that means. Actually, I disagree with a lot of what you get that if I got one quick question on no Nazi was.

It was a wiggly wait, wait, I'm giving you the biblical theology of giving you the theological position. I'm telling you what this means there's direct causation and indirect causation of God. God directly says, let there be light, and it occurs and yet he put Adam and Eve in the garden, knowing that they would sin to limit did God not know Adam and Eve organization was his eyes down, that he may have known unknown, but I'm not.

I wouldn't say that he caused them to do that now. Okay, you're not listening. I mean, in respect what you're not listening. Okay you give what you're doing is reacting. You're not listening. God directly causes things like like, let there be light. The universe came into existence. He caused the garden to exist. Where was he directly made Adam and Eve and put them in the garden with me so far, giving problem with that yet. You do have a route that no I don't have a problem now that did God know that Adam was going to choose to rebel against him.

He probably did which English was he probably did. I don't know what God you're serving, but apparently is not the God of Scripture because Scripture no hold on a sec, the God of Scripture knows all things, and he knows all things that are potential as well as actual because he knows everything there is not a lie. He probably knew that's not the God of Scripture is not the God of the property and some people question whether God knows what we are going to do if we truly have libertarian free will also allow the USS open theists and their basically heretical in that view and I've written about your union. Yes, it is my very educated opinion. I've debated them and I've written a lot on it. Open theism reduces God's sovereignty and majesty at the expense of human wisdom and sovereignty. You will find a Scripture to libertarianism doesn't work because it's based in part on counterfactual which is the idea that people can do certain things in different situations.

According to free will, but that would mean that their free will choices are outside the ordination of God then you get outside the realm of the true nature of who God is and what you do when you start reducing God. The Christian God, and pretty soon you're no longer serving the Christian God, you're serving something else. The Christian God knows all things. From all eternity. There is no increase of God's knowledge there is no change in God's knowledge there is no condition in which God does not know what libertarian and I agree with libertarianism, with libertarian creatures would would not do any good if you did, if literature does was true. He knows all potentials of what people do and he still brings it into existence that they would do this and he's the one indirectly permitting and causing these things to occur. So you need to study the issue what's called direct causation and indirect causation. I'm stuck telling you you don't know about these things you don't know also about the creative will and prescriptive, will you also don't know. I really what you prescriptive will of God.

Well let me just say it okay to do it so you don't. You also need to study what is called ultimate causation, proximate causation, and vision all the thing apparently you don't because Lance is a fine one of the more you will call you a photo you have three open lines of the folks that 7207 mass Y call 77077 there is that you know these terms was efficient causation. I will write again for coming out and we'll go on for five minute about I don't know what I'm talking about. And as my radioman is never to show you don't live well this ego okay will you I will hear the saying, I don't appreciate when I make a statement and then you talk for 10 minutes and fell and habited just what you decide to stand in your wasting time so go ahead make your statement.

I well God. God could ordain that people have free will and they operate according to the problem with the first on the Westminster confession of faith that it would concocted by Calvin concocted was in the pejorative term. What would you think free will is the ability to choose between two alternative paths or or option that at a given moment and according to include good, good and bad does okay so your humanist because God can choose to do the good or bad County so devilishly thought I have not gone your your system. The reformed theology rose in a whole bunch of presuppositions about the nature of God is me ask you there. Not explicitly but Anthony Anthony look you to set free will means you can choose between and do good and evil, but that excludes God so you don't basic definition of God's nature, but on human nature that humanism can have a strong conclusion of a bad starting point to mask in your view of open theism does God learn what unit I let let's go back to that point, I glad I would does your God will not know God, I did not learn.

Now, okay, can you guys make mistakes now is your God know exactly what every creature is going to do and every free will, libertarian, even situation in all places all times.

All events, no I don't know we not also got this doesn't know all things so that when it occurs. That means he's learning okay so you are inconsiderate.

I got it on and let you know that all things as they are due to having the great humanity with you to this country for yourself. You said God knows all things, and he said he doesn't know all things. So which is all things as they are by God for question for you. Did Jesus bear our sins in his body and the cross it now you're changing but entirely different subject. Geez, I will show you where your theology really runs amok. Did Jesus bear our sins in his body and the cross there. You know the process. First Peter 224 keyboard, we are his body and the cross do believe he bore our sins in his body. The cross in a manner of thinking needed in a manner of speaking, so the Bible says he bore our sins in his body and the cross you say in a manner of speaking, so your God doesn't know all things he grows in his understanding and you don't even know if Jesus bore our sins in his body. The cross in open theism is her heresy okay. It's a heresy that your believing the false teaching you lead to a false God. So your teaching says you don't even know if Jesus bore our sins in his body the cross.

Here's a question.

If God only knows the present exhaustively is open theism says then how would he know what sins in the future to impute to anybody since it had occurred. According people free will choices Howdy no I get any kind of theological after their much deeper abide people at you and you dismiss it. This look, I'm trying to show you that you believe something false. I want others to understand, you believe something falls folks would open theism says is that God only knows the present exhaustively not the future. If that's the case, how would he know which sins of the future people to impute to Christ, so that Christ could bear those cents a quart libertarian free will and open theism of God does not know everything God has to grow in his understanding. He has to find out what's going to happen. So then how could he know what sins in the future anybody would commit in order to impute them to Christ on the cross. You see how what happens when you have a false God, you get to a false atonement and this guy needs to repent flat out if you have any questions about open theism go to my website theism. Check it out. That's good to great for Charlotte, North Carolina. Ralph welcoming on your aim at.

Thanks for having me on your show, call it because I I am looking for a long time and.

I really do enjoy a lot of the that I'm struggling right now I'm starving because I mentioned that there are some people that God that would yield God predestined the good faith and III believe and I believe that Sandy and I think didn't write.

And then there's got admin God. Note the there are people that God hate and can be. I guy got it get this out. I feel like God hates me and and in the industrywide. I think that I'm not showing the spirit if I going to Galatians 5 it talks about how now the works of the flesh are evident that show morality, impurity, mutuality that the banker I I am still at that art. I know I know I love the out years old and I have been hired.

I've been going with the banker and our sexual immorality a bit.

It's been off and on. I feel like I've been full in late work and and then I I just right back into it and I'm just tired out and I'm not showing the spirit. I'm not showing you like.

I'm not showing kind not showing not show goodness, faithfulness, self control, make the banker I don't have Bill control storming I mean how do I now I know that the Lord doesn't hate me how I know that I'm not that I'm not and I'm basically him from now. I do ask you some questions to her to do believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh you believe he died in the cross, you believe that he bore sin in his body on the cross. You believe he rose from the dead after three days I yeah I believe it either live now any anti-and you believe I just don't know about all I got into believing and start okay and you believe that your declared righteous by faith.

Anything you do, by faith in Christ.

I believe that I just thought I wanted the swing want to say to you is I would call you my brother in Christ, I would call you a brother in Christ who's got sin in his life that beats him and we consume and hurts, and God is still loved you and still chosen to save you and allowed you to struggle for years and you failed so many times and yet return of the cross right but you go back to the crash all the time.

I feel like I'm coming back every time it ever is a failure. We will and when you're at the cross with your face to the ground.

You will dare look up to it. Just look to your side you'll see me there with you because there are things that your listing I have been guilty of an extent some and still struggling with, not sexual morality but there are some other things that I have to deal with and not condition myself in the sink. We have problems. Your salvation is not dependent on how good your help you fail within your faith in Christ. Here's an odd thing. I want you to think about, talk with us and working bricks coming up in a bit here you are a man struggling and you feel my singer sin is okay.

I'm not saying that to repent.

But right you go to the cross and that glorifies God. Every time that you admit your sin and you go to him you say please help me and then you get, we could you fall and you go to the cross again what you're doing is you're admitting your weakness. Every single time and you're going to the cross. Every single time you're appealing to Christ. Every single time in us by faith that glorifies the right back up his messages. Please select live call 77077 charismatic figure now you want to. Galatians 519 through 23 date of the flesh are of which are immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, outburst of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you this as I have forewarned you that those who practice such things will not inherit the king of God right you get your thinking. But I practice some of them so I can't be going to heaven, I feel like if I feel like like when I'm reading off of the ESPN it says I guess that that those who do such things not inherit the king God in the next verse 22.

Anything is that I wouldn't when you mentioned earlier about repent.

I feel like like every time that I met i.e. I declare repent it on like I like more direct and I want to repent like at what point in my for it like that. They're going okay I'm repenting and on and on.

Still doing the things on it and I'm not producing the fruit of the spirit is you don't produce the fruit.

No Christians. It's the fruit of the spirit right right I forgot I want to get back to something you went to the ESV is fine, but the Greek word there for do is prop possible means to practice to do with habitually continued kind of a sense that's what I did. What about if I do something or what I do such like they do in habitually.

What if I am doing a bi guy at all and that there I'm good for a week or two or even three, but I go back on the Internet would net be considered practicing yeah and that sensor but what is really meant in the context could look at the deeds of the flesh Randy that this is you know is this you immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, unity, strife, jealousy, helpers of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, and being drunkenness, carousing that you mean I just I have impure thought you and I'm not a fits of anger that there have me on those I lost my temper last night on a discussion forum.

I shouldn't have. Okay, next thing Probably got them in the their okay so I don't think I got drunk how the guy got drunk and lived there, which he asserted in the theater think I got better sorcery with good things.

So you reminding me you will me after people I know what he's talking about here working to the flesh of those who practice in the not regenerate those of the ones who are not led by the spirit those of the ones were not saved you the reason you certainly appeal be saved to me is because you're alive and working. If you put a weight on a dead person.

The person doesn't feel the weight you put away on a live person. He feels it you're feeling the weight of your sin upon you because your life in Christ. Note as far as before, the spirit goes it's not nine fruits, one of the Greek's car because it's a singular. The fruit car cost of the spirit is it's one fruit in Greek love, joy, peace, patience, cost is what God works in us now look are you loving perfectly, but are you loving many times. I love my wives allotment.

Okay, do you have joy of what sometimes will of others. If you have joy joy. I yeah I like it comes and goes around like a semi-complaining that would have been Dickerson

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