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December 6, 2021 5:22 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 6, 2021 5:22 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt announces the continued move to Odysee instead of Youtube.--2- Matt announces the matching funds drive through the end of this year.--3- Matt discusses the constitution and the impact of Christianity on its writing.--4- Do you think the Philistines knew not to touch the ark or how to transport it---5- What does the Bible say about cremation---6- When will we receive our glorified bodies---7- A caller wanted to continue the conversation about separation of church and state.--8- How old do you think the earth is---9- Who is the figure mentioned in Joshua 5-12-15---10- Is it ok to leave a church, due to inappropriate behavior of the leadership, without telling them-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 8773 Matt slick was matched with live. If you are interested give me a call real waterlogged 877207276 what you would call me to talk you have a question on the Bible, theology of rationality logic evolution you oppose all kinds of stuff we talk about the show here and I've enjoyed.

So, hey, no big deal, but next month I'll be on I will have been on the air 17 years of full-time five days a week in our day, 17 years doing radio with a long time (make 20 years later, it if you want to call 877-207-2276 would let you know about a few things. One of them is we are moving a lot of stuff over the

It's like YouTube, except this is called Odyssey and if you go there OD you can sign up there and once you do all you have to do is is just look for CRM and you can follow us. We have videos that are going up at 1100 videos of been uploaded right now and the stuff like that will be using it a lot more later, and I'm teaching myself all kind of stuff on video, lighting, camerawork go kind of stuff are some videos will be doing working on. One minute seminary dialogues and teaching courses and things like that so I get a lot of stuff and working on enjoying it. It's a lot of work but that's okay to do a good thing for the kingdom of God. All right now also all blank in the on coming up there he goes nonchalant. I wonder how many people beyond it when I talk about yawning. What about that all right, so also we are doing in matching funds drive for the month of December so it really does help us and I know that the economy is so is tough is getting tougher. I think it's going to get tougher between you and the Lord if you're able to support us, please consider that if you were to sign up for anything new on Carmen whenever you sign up for will be matched so as to save you. You could you be $25 will that will automatically become 50 and let's say you do five dollars a month for Reno for 12 months with $60 and that we automatically add that 60 that 60 that's how it works.

My young, my wife is one who keeps all the books on that. She's quite good at it and I like soap generate there you go to don't have anybody waiting so 772072276 and the yet been says so in the text room watching to be with Perkins on baptismal regeneration last night was very informative. Thank you in getting those cut discussions.

As I'm sure it helps many of us who come in contact with people believe that yes I do more debates on baptismal regeneration and the nature of baptism and what kind of baptism. I believe that Christ was sprinkled. Believe it or not, and I can select the Scripture, and I believe it was mount logical right now drivers what, what, never heard that before. Well, call me if it's a big kid explain will see an interim report debated a mess last night soon with heat debated. You can tell as Joanne evident in all right now sometime on Fridays when there's nobody calling all do hate mail I would do have a call coming in so I do have some hate mail I like reading it and so this one here at my feet. Interesting to read actual get into something like that will see this guy says of an offense under site for a long time to visit the site today to get some verification of the Bible says about abortion specifically, the debate on bubble bath and with my faith. Faith, the truth in the Bible renewed a decided to poke around a little bit related articles can across a new society, as I don't like it. I don't see why a swastika was displayed next to the paragraph about Nazis okay but you're plaintiff like wow could you illustrate what were talking about.

That's what the article itself seems like whining about people. The political views are opposed to the authors, no that's not it will people say things like, what does it have to do with Christian apologetics. Wow, everything falls under the purview of Christ's authority and Christ's sovereignty so biblical apologetics means having a biblical view of governments on some sexuality on trade on all moral issues and everything. That's what it has to do with where the sound of the teaching will strike in Scripture. This country was founded on the idea of separation of church and state that under site society development know the country was not founded on the idea of separation of church and state units in fortunate people say things like that because they are ignorant about that and set separation of church and state is not found in the Constitution or the preamble or declaration of independence or in the Bill of Rights.

It's not there. It occurred later in a letter from 500 Franklin forgot what it is the idea that the estate can't tell how can establish a religion and then tell people what religion they have to fall into that was how how it was originally used but I can very easily show instances."

From the early foundation of the fathers of the church on electric letters with the fathers of the Constitution and what is it they said because a lot of them were saying things like that. The Constitution can only be run properly on in a Christian nation. There are lots of logical automotive support right now. Let's see Frisco's request for the fathers. Let's see blooper quotes Monica some stuff on this is about the think the Christian aspect enable good looks and I article going to Britain, find some, but one of the things logical do not know is that the constitutions of the individual states in the early formation of our country. Many of them required that if you're to hold office yet to be Christian and there's reasons for that because they wanted the people to hold truth above all things and not be compromised through bribes and or whatever they wanted to say an established idea of godly people, godly people who would follow with the with the constitutions after saying okay here. Got something of John Quincy Adams six present United States. The highest glory of the American Revolution was this it connected one indissoluble bond the principles of the community this right, it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity, the day of the declaration they the American people were bound by the laws of God which they all and by the laws of the gospel which they nearly all acknowledges rules of conduct. That's what he said on July 4, 1821 John Quincy Adams, a six present United States and he also said our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.

Let's see about this Samuel Adams.

He said the right of freedom being a gift of the Aum of Almighty God. It is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave and the John Adams also said let's see them revere nothing but religion, morality, liberty, religion and virtue are the only foundations not only Republicanism, and all three governments, but of social felicity under all governments and all combinations of human society so that you when people tell me that the separation of church and state.

They just don't understand history, all they've done done is brought into the leftist agenda and the leftist agenda in schools is rewriting history because they don't want that kind information to be taught. He says Skynet is will is a female and we have freedom of religion which include secular atheist on religion want the article suggested only Christian should have religious freedom and religion dollars. Notwithstanding this can defend the rights and effect of the needy unique puts in parentheses LGBT Q people and people of color. Some of the most afflicted and needy, but your article seems urgent suggest they are part of the problem. No, not people of color but LGBT Q is a problem and it is sinful and they are not a minority that is regarded and protected.

They need to repent of their sin is remove the ruthless and defend the orphan rich power. Conservative Republicans are ruthless, reproving it, you know I get tired of ignorance and antirepublican folks get tired of ignorance when people to swallow the leftist agenda. They don't check they don't know what you're doing. You can't think though of my paper bag in the right stuff like this so it's it's bad it's been described as know he's doing and it's really unfortunate Sean that so that you both of you already folks Rippon was going to be call 877-207-2276. Let's get the Rudolph from North Carolina coming from Raleigh North letter locomotive not on here hello oh, but don't that was okay now you okay David. And when they will be locked up wrong about the follow up and it got any killed yeah you remember you have the name in the I understand is they weren't touching at the work they can. You can hold it with the rods of the woods that were for carrying and so they they said away from it, but they could move around when they wanted to go so that the happened you know you think that the new not well you know when we touching someone dies, you can clue when pretty quickly. Don't touch it again is your right yeah okay Patrick is how the wonder I thought all gone live. Hold the phone or in I was wonder how IDD will vary in the law and have it ready for long time. I am rusty on it, but it's possible the presence of God had left it. That's one possibility for looking research to see but just because one is a picture of Goliath holding at this Vanessa case advocacy Scripture navies as is the case, but is the number right now, but it was the it was a very important thing and the only one to be touched with the priests in Israel.

And the reason is because the priests were a type and representation of Christ because of the priestly work of Christ as high priest at the ordinal Keswick. He was six 2725 so they could touch it because they work plans ceremonially as priests and therefore could touch it, but those who want serve only cleansed and were not an officer present could not got zapped okay. Think about it. Okay.

May God bless all right for open minded and want to give me a call 877-207-2276 will loose from Charlotte North Carolina executive okay we got this I can.

I have a mate that so I don't know what I was doing the time to the first question to the person you want to know what the Bible when others break to go to the breaking folks formalize 877-207-2276 max Y call 770771 of the cremation. I is nothing the Bible says about mechanic on the comedic cremated. It doesn't matter if people die in fires or bodies are consumed Enforce fires they have been overrun by lava and volcanoes and superheated gas blasts are fried people have died in oceans or bodies consumed by great depths eaten by fish.

The people who've died and varied discs slowly decay etc. do all kind of different ways of the human body can disintegrate and so God is certainly quite capable of reconstituting the body of an individual not a problem that is, I have you turned up max I can hardly understand your sorry that we you can do because the fire that I'm not understanding a word but it's okay to be cremated.

It's okay is not a sin right below your cremated good cremated. You don't don't okay doesn't matter right now.

Yes I can let that raptor that got to know that they modified them just for you knowing yes the resurrection. The Kurds at the return of Christ.

Now this is what gets eschatological he interesting. Now some people say that the rapture which occurs before the tribulation period is when the first resurrection occurs. Many may not be the case but nevertheless when Jesus returns. She returns with people and they are the ones it looks like will be resurrected first and then we who are alive are majorly caught up together to meet him will be transformed. At that time twiddling but I that seems to be the order of how things are going to go all out and made no problem. Okay. We got it worked out.

God bless.

Okay folks, we have nobody waiting to happen. Sometimes on Friday if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 since I was talking about the issue of government and Christianity read some stuff here that a lot of people just don't know is the case so this is. Let's see who said this. James Madison said this is the fourth president of the civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any relit national religion be established, that's with the idea of separation of church and state means that no national religion will be established. That's what it means with the people today have done is say that you can't have any religious involvement in government, which is that's not what the founding fathers stalked or believed at all, but the secularists today didn't care about history, it will care about context. Don't compare compare. I do care about what they wanted to say. I remember a few years ago when we had here in Boise, Idaho for about two or three years in a row. I was involved in the prayer national prayer date would get up on the court steps were that the Capital steps and upright and microphone holder to be hundreds of people down there with different pastors with prayer and saw it. I've done a few times and I was praying once down below the steps and across the street was a small group apparently of atheists with the signs and one of the signs that separation of church and state. And so after our prayer time and effort it was dismissed. I walk across the street to talk to one of them and when I snuffled if she had to sign separation of church and state and II*would think that means, and she said we can't have any religious influence on on the government that's what separation of church and state means is it are you familiar with the word originated from an art is in the Constitution. She didn't know is it in the preamble, no is not in any official documents. I said so, that's not where it's from and yet that's what you assert. So what you don't want is for the church to influence the government right that separation of church and state, and she said that's correct.

I said well I got a question for you is it okay for the government to influence the church and I'll tell you it was obvious she had never thought of that before because I still remember her face snow that the shock on her face as she realized that she was being a hypocrite because if the idea of separation of church and state means that the church can't influence the state sheet absolutely knows that the state is telling the church.

What can and can't do and that is a violation of the principle which she was adhering to. She was shocked. I said you never thought about that before he had you and she's looking at me should know to say I said here's the thing I said why you haven't thought about this.

You and your friends here doing this and you're not even thought about the origin of the statement what it means and you only see it one way, you'll see it both ways and she's yes you well you know you to think about that us as you think about this. We have the right to pray we have the right to seek our Lord is as you have the right to to hold up assignment and and do what you want, but you're the one who's advocating that we can't prayerfully influence the state and promote things like integrity and honesty and things like that. And yet you don't have any problem with state tell the church what it can and can't do. This is why the hypocrisy and let's just say this point you want talk to me.

This is often the case with people. I found two don't know how to think these things through. Don't they do not think them through and so Thomas Jefferson said, I consider the government of the United States the federal government as interdicted by the Constitution from intermingling with religious institutions, their doctrine to splinter exercises but is not exactly with the Constitution.

What with the people doing now saying to the pastors what you can and cannot say for the pulpit. I was looking at some of the persecution issues. I did a video on this patriarch and I quoted some of the stuff in that have new pastor in Canada and what happened there is at the state was telling him that he had to come into the pulpit and give certain statements that the government was requiring from the pulpit when he would talk about current events covet whatever it was, but you have to say these things and he said nope and right, and rightfully so, should say no is a thing with your pastor and the government says is what interest you say what is true. Folks, we got five of the land. He recalled 0776. We live call 77077772072276. Please give me a call.

We can talk all right, Matt from North Carolina) into the show and you are referring to.

Thomas Jefferson was the one that wrote a letter to the Dan Barry battle netiquette. They were concerned about band the heavenly state. Dr. Charles because in Europe whatever country that you lived in that state sponsored the church and you know they didn't want government. Here he was right that the church, therapist, and misused by the secularists today who want to destroy everything religious rewrite history and pushing secularism, humanism and socialism. And I totally agree with that but as a believer myself. I personally responsibility for dropping the ball at a believer in Jesus Christ.

As far as the church not doing what I let it get as far to try to push it that way will say I'll take we all have some feeling of guilt that we as Christians become very comfortable and the blood.

Her black location server.

Jesus is the one who's been pre-rapture pretrip rapturous on the problems and one America so worry about persecution and things like that and so white really worry about much of anything What a church will get go to dinner afterwards and so forcefully. This kind of thing is that is there to understand what it means to be made a disciple of Christ, got in the all nations make disciples of all people that were to call called to do as Christians, and Christians are not taught this very much there. Talk about the comfort stuff and so let's get to don't get back to the rituals of the of the gospel internal repentance. External repentance is like that and start preaching and teaching the word of God and we haven't been doing that and so because of that our country is decaying right and I think he is gracious not to give it definitely a wake-up call. Absolutely. At that big guy didn't get any words that mean the calendar they will work so I tried recalled to do were called to make disciples of all nations that's were called to do.

Every Christian has a responsibility and with that men's regulation is recognition what it means is that we do it according to the gifting's and the placements that we have whatever station were out of your student means you you prepare for work through your education that when the time arises, you can go out in the world earn money tides do an honest job for the kingdom of God. This, everything has to be handled that way, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, from the Christian there is no separation of Christ from all areas of life. He is the absolute all areas, government, medicine, child-rearing, eating everything. And Christians need to submit all things to his Lordship, absolutely me and when I again I perfectly take responsibility not to have nested because the church I grew up in, and it was you know you don't have any business being in politics and you know you are just praying that Pat got me to go and let what you do while you're waiting for him to come back or you to get and so it figures that you know you can visit only turning 65 here really quickly and that's just retirement age and all that. Nope, rear tire may slow down the getting older but heck, I have more time ever to serve God. There is no retirement in the kingdom of God that that's another Western concept of stars retirement that David Jeremiah is a prime example of that. He said it did that doggy that worked on it though until one where the other ego thing Emery comes back that's over here. There were called to be the church and I do enjoy listening to your show and think that they know the answer to it all and God bless you and I'll call and got another project.

God bless have a sheet of a we have for lines. Give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Charlie from North Carolina try to welcome your on-air. I doubt I would have about you. I need to make it because I'm just bombarded with this stuff with that guy you know they are so many of you: stuff like that. I just don't reconcile that I need to make the dates rocks largely by the fossils that are in them in the deed to fossil rocks that are in them. And this means is a circular thing and there's a sum of an arbitrary dating starting point now. If so, the scientist named here.

I'm sending's is not true these with agonist respond to generally is. They have recommended him hello and get noise in back and that there are different dating methods and that they will use these to date rocks and things like that. One of the things is interesting is that a carbon-12 is found only in organic material. Org ischemic is found in the creek myself. It's found in organic material organisms allow.

He's a squirrel is an example of squirrels eating he does whatever he does and then he dies. And let's say he falls down the ground and then there's a snow and he gets a very displeased, so to speak fossilized frozen means. That's because the half-life of a carbon-12. For example, is 5730 years and so I think that's that weirdest thing is what is, and so it is right, carbon-12, and always will just make make sure that Tuckerman 12,030 years attract and so that means that night of the math, but after I think is 93,000 years. There should be no carbon left in any in that squirrel is an example in any biological material that's older, has died within 100,000 years and more should have no carbon-12 left in it because of the carbon-12 decay just how it works in science it or finding carbon-12 in diamonds and coal shells and I miss most ignorance of years, and the pressure coal shells millions of years under pressure to form coal and finding carbon-12 which means are less than a thousand years old which we the dating methodologies are problematic and there's all kinds documentation of all kind of things are problematic. The dating methods and one of them is supposed straight fossils that music trees are vertically fossilized things like 600 million years of rock strata so that you bulldozing side of mountains and the sea of fossilized Creek. Through all these layers of rocks and like well that happened 600 million years of rock layers is a single tree through all of them would proves it is that's on the flood issue proves so there's that. And then here's. For example, this is where things are quotes of his principles isotope geology, second edition, and is this place a scene to recent lava dated less than 1.6 billion years old from its position in the rock layers so the rock there to save 1.6 million years old, but it has been dated to 773 million years old. Using the rubidium strontium dating method will intimate. How's that possible it's it's wrong.

The dating method is wrong right upper Miocene to placing a lava has dated which was dated from 5 to 9 million years old.

I potassium argon dating and dated to 31 to 39 million years old. Using rubidium strontium dating method which is right K's lava dated strict SI graphically in the place seemed to hello scene policy initiative that is from lesson 5.3 million years old gave rubidium strontium dated ages of 570 million years and 870 million years so I know all of these kind of things.

Why is it that these dating methods gift radically different dates the same material but this does the cash that huge lot of doubts on the reliability the end of the dating methods and does so dumb it down from a real quick.

I'll go to go about what the Bible said yes sleep without fear of cost, possibly possibly then I would agree with you I II don't convinced the earth is only 6000 years old, but I have no problem forbidding 6000.

I suspect it might be as old as 20,000 years but not much more.

I don't know how long and I don't located at 820 the beginning when I would again break the hold on to say let's get to the break we have through lines 877076 max Y call 77077 word of God Bible. It certainly that is always a period of time between events is the number that will can understand the question because there's always a period of time between events biblically, logically, experientially so understand with the question is no.

I just got up there to bring out that so that's an event as per the time between then be talking to you so I will not not like the flood yeah yeah you say in 20 20,008 we read it we know is we get back to 20,006.

I don't know how long the earth was in place before he fell before God created the Garden of Eden. That's what I'm saying is I don't know how long that was. I don't believe this is very old little. I just think the evidence supports it and we certainly do not involve that's for sure, but I don't have any problem from from Adam to now being roughly 6000 years of this monumental problem.

Okay, okay. God bless what you are right there with you North Carolina for the lines going to be call the last segments on this wonderful Friday 20 be call 877-207-2276 Laura hello how are you hungry when the meeting the men about our 20 minute you never let me in the room.

I went to go really see seems to be looking mainly so we are reading this morning. I like going out and my morning. My doctor walked by and then I actually think in Joshua 513 PI think That the Lord will meet e.g. that the lack of Christoph and he is a manifestation of Christ in the Old Testament. A theophany is a manifestation of God and they can be interchangeable because God wasn't unapproachable like to no man has seen or can see. First Timothy 616 in the context of talking with the father. Jesus says in John 646 that no one's ever seen the father. Andrew John 118 says no mincing got any time.

If the receiving God in the Old Testament in the in Leviticus 6213, which is God spoke further, the Moses and said to him I am Yahweh, and I appeared to Abram, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty. We have these apparent contradictions. But they're not. We understand the doctrine of the Trinity.

We understand that the Old Testament was where the pre-incarnate Christ. The word was being manifested not incarnate of the manifested and so then we could have no problem with that soft within all of that.

Some people think that the capital the host of the Lord was an angel that represented God because it somehow times how it works in the Bible, and other times you will think other commentators think it might've been pre-incarnate Christ. I don't know which one it was computer now. I will get though. Therefore, an angel, yet it seems not an angel is simply because I'm one of the reasons is because in verse 15.

Remove your sandals from your feet for your standing on holy ground and us the same thing that happened Moses was in in the burning bush annexes three so it certainly looks like it was the pre-incarnate Christ. However, just to be fair that there are instances of the end of the Lord appearing in the Old Testament where it does not seem to be pre-incarnate Christ, an angelic messenger as a created being who has that Association and its holiness because of his is a representation that the possibilities would commentators and theologians talk about this to bring up these kinds of things. So I lean towards.

It was a pre-incarnate Christ some leaning that way. Like Dr. Ward) primary ball or not I should not collect on colony trying to register slow sometimes abilities more email for your call. Because nobody's waiting but Doug, you know that's what it is and I think this also I write articles I say will here's a view here's a view I lean this way because of this, but make up your own mind and that's how I go trying to abuse very possible slick yeah now I hear that an idea rely on your I know it out. That's right, you should do. That's exactly I have another class.

I think I meet you where going to still know one thing Chelsea girl and her either opening and 11 good. We were talking about where, when Jericho was built back after Jericho fell and Joshua had told a network that cursed is you bail and firstborn. You have a lot of the firstborn farm in the foundation and the lock of the turn Pliny the date confirmed in first right 34 and it happened.

Now in their will. That that really did happen with this is a did you know when I is not written by P to research all felt very early.

I think that verify the Bible. I have articles on this earth. There are archaeological demonstrations of the truth of the word of God.

In fact it's much Jericho.

I just gotta say this is to brag, but I've literally been to Jericho and stood on the walls and walked around and inside and everything was great fire and one time I don't recall seeing that because is been covered with over 3000 years of of dust and sediment things like that but will restore the walls and an archaeologist with us and is very very very knowledgeable.

He said here's the water standing in the walls. We couldn't recognize it and he showed his down his look here. The brick patterns.

Here's this here's that.

So just amounting to see how the mound goes around like this that's good as the wall it fell and he was described. There is and then they showed us an area of excavation with her digging down various alert layers and there were very settlements and pots at different levels that could be stated been observed in end of so as rule the privilege to be able to go there and see that but I don't remember anything but the burning somebody also went with us that day saw that remembers up that I don't know all of the thing I'll ever get Earl, and I think that they have brought their towns and back in time that I haven't seen the Dead Sea Scrolls, but I have been in Kumon cave one where they discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls without any and have also drink what I drink water out of the well and John-John for Jacob's well merit while drinking and I very well trained and filled in the building I the Dead Sea and had a good time been to Bethlehem. It's neat and almost also been to all seven churches of the book of Revelation, the geographical know how allow you to try get another trip going but probably will never happen because the coated vaccine estoppel requirement of the government to recover from imposing on people so and what your paper's papers.

No thanks. Trista Kobe Dixie at the end of that happening now. Maybe God will miraculously there you go my wife to go but she probably wouldn't be able to go because of her health issues. The universe was good around stuff. A lot of people want to go with wheelchairs and things like that so anyway. No fairy medical all felt wanting no in your life email asked about her writing up for the cold I asked questions and I walk in the house of the school and at the dock she throw something at me and you know so knowing this one combined with hey honey and she was in the inoculation. I still don't sneak up on me. We talk about making noise.

Recommend making noise and I can't win. So I faced keep away from her because she said to me she so me.

I don't do anything wrong with you man maybe is why she so mean but I am so wonderful. She looked at me. So you are lucky to have their eye on the radio it was you, not listening to so you call Larry by Matt who all right. Let's go to Jennifer from North Carolina welcoming Rainier Jennifer Peter Lucia Jennifer, yes I cannot hear you. Go ahead. My collar all good while it will blindly hold it for sure you could leave it in the Scripture says you to tell the clergy what you're doing and stuff clergy possibilities to teach sound doctrine. If you're not doing that and you want to leave. Tell them what you're leaving, I just recommend that because the elders need to be held accountable as well. Well then that you know he could talk to them.

The site this with you.

She was the first good elder to listen to that and it's important because elders and pastors are supposed to be above reproach. And if they're doing something at solicitor wrong or whatever it is it needs to be addressed and you can do it you're not clergy and even as a woman all you often have great insights all right you don't know about that Jennifer North Carolina case from you talk on Monday with what is the role of the pastor very important. You have good Lord bless you by his grace back on here on Monday, other program powered by the Truth Network

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