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December 2, 2021 11:10 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 2, 2021 11:10 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- My son professed Christ at 10 but is not acting like a Christian now. Is he saved---2- Matt discusses repentance and the Christian's remaining in sin.--3. How do I know if I'm living in sin---4- How do you deal with someone who is questioning the authorship of the Bible---5- What is an empiricist---6- How do you understand parables---7- When we are present with the Lord, what will owe be- What form will our spirits take---8- What do you think about eternal subordination-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online for you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why are you doing out there. We met slick and I hope you have a good time and want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 that the listeners here with a video watchers.

I got a little behind schedule. Here, more doing something there to go so the sounds of the working fine for you to call after 787772276 and we have four blind you will you guys know that the end of each year. What we do is so we let people know that we stand here by your donations. If you are supporting the show is going to comment on/donate see If by any chance you're the field. This is the first time you tune down in your hearing me you understand something about radio 17 years, I do not ask for donations very often at all. Maybe once a month on the average, one day want it couple times I just don't like doing it, but at the end of the year, we can procedurally do that, we try get the matching funds than going again will see about that, but we do all you know that you stay on your miter support asking and so if you are interested in supporting us.

Just go to Condor. See and/donate also will be the petri on videos I plan to do one tonight and I'm really rethinking how to do a lot of insulting to be doing is trying to different effects different things will see you know an enemy's innocence and feedback from one of the ways you guys out there can support so be personally because it helps us help. I've not had a raise six seekers six years I think is been with the karmic ministry. Now this is how it is. We've given raises to others a the complaining just how it is and what were trying to make ends meet. You know when you get older and medical bills. In life we want to support his slick Venus giving a patriotic PAT RTO I do videos. We have a few supporters there and is coming very useful okay and see what else is there can think of nothing else right now for open lines 87720722762 Ray from what welcome way here. I know not everybody that calls upon the name of Lori Phil and Brenda have Roman and 13 for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be say counteract my my non-was 25 years ago in about 10 years old at the time we are talking about heaven and he wanted to go to have it so I pulled the car over real quick and had talked and we pray he he is angry young man. A lot of that do to me in my wayward life for a while which I am on track and doing well. I don't know what I mean all of the stuff of the little children to come month of the Lord. I don't know what to think about his salvation and how they handle that okay there's usually salvation with people we look at two things orthodoxy. The proxy orthodoxies right confession and we will ask you, does he confess the true living God that he's a sinner confess that Jesus Christ got flushed, etc. the proxy if someone says that they know God following him with your life is different now they say they follow Christ with their fornicating sailor, following Christ, and they do little white lies constantly, then this is evidence that are not saved this so we have understand that Jesus says what the Bible says if you say you know him. We do not keep his commandments of truth is not in you and your liar. There's a lot of people out there were so perceived significant with little bitty things or whatever it is, Gotto understand. Okay, so you have to ask yourself that you know your son is he showing the fruit of salvation.

And, you know, if you say no is not what is probably not saved, not just also know I got a note couple daughters who same thing in the youth to profess Christ and now there is absolutely no way that you I'd calm Christian. My other daughter have lived three is a definite Christian, but two of them have just wayward and we train them. My wife and I train them know not regiment get up at oh dark 30 and do push-ups, but you know we brought them up in the house of the of the Lord and gave them the gospel and try to live that we were perfect, especially in the two of the just doing things wanted to New Age another. Once into atheism. Now going back for the Jainism Deism, atheism is also, I would consider saved say they made a false professions and the face of judgment of God. We pray for them. My wife and I pray for him every night will almost every single night night I'm going 9% of the time.

We pray for and as we do seven members out there with both backfilling don't remember it, and I've heard you mention that some people are they ignorant and I guess I just don't know it very concerning problem and not saved.

Yeah, you can't see processing crisis as Savior. Is he living allow not will then don't alternately say nowhere and consider him an unbeliever and then what you do is you.

You will pray for his salvation. And when you know if you use is on. It was interesting because I can kind of relate. I didn't know I had asked burgers until lentils 10 years ago or so everyone and not knowing that you know there were some problems in the family because I didn't understand some things and I could relate to them and now I get it. So what time I went in to talk to my girls and on and and all three of them were present. My wife had open heart surgery and I said look at some apologize for some the things I did stupid and wrong is earlier in simple and is there an end to my girls would like to add nuts okay you know we will have issues.

Thank you very much. We love you, etc. the other one did not like it at all that they react. Kids react differently what you have to do is do which right before God. You do what's right before God and then God is the one who opens her heart.

God is the one who calls them so you do what's right. You pray and ask God to save them.

My wife and I have prayed for the salvation of our children hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times and we continue to pray and trust what you have to do already think you're welcome. That was a great debate.

I listened with great which debate online every day. While it without open open as I got last night. Yeah yeah oh yeah yeah was when is the first guy was rather extrapolates very rude and condescending sweetie over to him and then we had a really good discussion. I actually like Jerry Hayes one you got me. We get along just tell you that we get along fine close in age but got I don't consider him to be a true believer and he is exerting to be a true believer, but we we say that of each other.

We don't run insulting was a list. We believe our theological perspectives and and so we have fly conversations and then there was a Walter I think we have the guy from Japan and I watched his video at this Japanese guy at the end is video. He's a parent about. He's a very talented salute player of some sort in Japanese style or something. He's really good at any rate. See, I was a good discussion last night and think about having another one.

Or do stuff like almost angry at time you New Orleans S life have asked me. A lot of people come on and the same thing over and over and over again. I don't II understand it because I'm born again but Dominic. Some people just don't just don't don't let you know what I want to do actually see this today as I like to sit with. So for example Jerry Hayes just asking questions and not to trap them to say what's the ultimate standard was the ultimate select one of the guy that were the guys are talking all you know who was he was saying that personhood only occurs when there's an incarnation which is arbitrary and unfounded and guiltless with his ultimate is that definition and so anyway it was good.

I enjoy this all night brother, YouTube and goblets, but all right our IT folks wide open line so you may call 877-207-2276 now to talk about this a little bit. The issue of salvation and I know that a lot of people listening. I've been doing radio now in January and will be 17 years radio five days a week and so you know, thousands of hours thousands of calls and things like that and I know that there people who were driving right now. Today is December 1 two, 20, 21, and for me is for 14 Eastern time at 614 and are driving right now.

Down the road and I know that there are people who can't let anyone else know that you're listening to me more minstrels with assistance like that and I do know that is under 2K on it and others don't care whatever but sometimes when I speak I visualize a person driving in a car listening and I want to speak to those people who do that and the issue here of salvation. I know that there are a lot of people who think their saved and they are trying to be good and they confessed Christ, but they aren't walking with Christ and there people who are in that situation who I suspect our false conference and I want to do is speak to those people.

If you think you might be one of them. Listen, and if you don't get too afraid to the channels of something else but salvation is a very serious thing. You cannot confess Christ and then live as though you have not confessed Christ. You can't confess crisis, Savior, and then abide in fornication, or living with someone you're not married to talk about your brother or your sister the kind of thing live in was some of the opposite sex. You're not married to, and not is not family, etc. and engaging A not good stuff there. People I know who say well, Jesus knows I love that person. It's okay. No, it's okay. It's sinful rebellion, and I need to. Every now and then address people to talk about this that you need to repent may be gonna kill you. You go to first produce five for that and ask of five also where people who confess Christ, and were believing did things that were ungodly and were judged for and the lines 8772077657707.

It's it's an important thing eternities long time to be wrong. If you recruit claim to be a Christian in your living in fornication you are practicing watching pornography.

You are lying to suit yourself to save yourself for trouble you are stealing at work you are doing things like this and you think that it's okay because Jesus can forgive all of your sins and it'll be fine. Couldn't get away with that stuff in your self deceived and there is an issue of repentance that is mandatory for Christians repentance doesn't get us saved. But it is a demonstration of the regenerative work of God within us. Repentance means to turn away to turn from sin. How shall we who have died to sin still live in it. Room 6123 talks about this, we are obligated as Christians to follow the Lord and we are not to dissipate in the deeds of darkness and deeds of evil. I think that the church needs as a whole to start preaching repentance a little more in churches and from the pulpit that the call to holiness is something that we as Christians are required to do first Peter 116 boxes be holy, for I am holy. So he is requiring of us a holiness and righteousness before is let me say this again. I know I've talked to Christians. They claim to be Christians who were living in fornication and they think it's okay because I we love each other and are not married to me just tell you that you that's great sin and what God does with such great sinners who are hypocritical and who are bringing shame upon the name of Christ by confessing Christ as Savior and living as though he's not the Savior, God often deals with them in two ways. One is by the hardness of the heart, so that the unbeliever becomes the so-called believer in sin become the slave of his own sin or her own sin in his heart and mind are hard so that they do not believe what is necessary and walking with Christ and the other thing that happens is God kills him.

I was very serious thing to talk about. This is not something you can hear very often, but if you go to action for and I five and Isis if Ira were killed because they lied to the Holy Spirit.

They said that they had sold the land and sold all of it would help The portion back so they lied to God and got killed and in first Corinthians 5. There was a man who is having intimate relations with his father's wife, new life that way because the children of the car and so it was illicit impulses deliver such a one over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh to understand this is a serious thing the Christian church here in America so comfortable that we can get up and not have to worry about persecution not have to worry you will exchanging squiggly more, but not to worry about so many things and yet Christians like to employ Jesus as a safety net in their life because they realize are not perfect they have sin and they die they want to go to heaven. In the meantime to live like they're in hell and such hypocrisy needs to stop now. I didn't come on here today to talk about this. It just popped into my mind and sometimes it was. I asked God and is Charlie and I pray before the show every everyday reprieve before the show and run the show and the background on the video feed and on. So we pray that God would give wisdom and I asked specific for wisdom and direction. Sometimes it out of the popped in my head that talk about it and I know that affects people as one telling people this repentance begins in the household of God. If you want this world to change is good to start with you with your repentance is good to go into the church preachers. The teacher start to preach and teach repentance as well as good theology and not works righteousness and are baptized to be saved and stuff like this and we need to have that true doctrine within the realm of orthodoxy being taught so that the name of Christ is not brought to shame, and the truth of who God is, can be manifested in our lives. This is a miserable importance. And so I can talk about more than a little more so if you give a call forth in lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to the ship went on to the dog from the judge. Welcome near.

Are you all right thing and we got what he thought the question are working. My question for you right what you talk about a few unique do you think it gives earmarks of a Christian and I try to live the best life I can read it, don't always happen that way and I'm on Jacob worked the people it right here in but don't make mistakes. What you think about that situation that's different.

See when we like saved. Let's say for example that my wife and I get an argument, and I'm unrighteous in my my my sadness with her this is not saved. But what if it I were to go odds are committing adultery is go ahead and do that know that's a serious issue because the arrival but purposeful planned rebellion against God, perp, and in a in a serious area know we do we get unrighteously angry with somebody because you blow it you slip that's different.

There are degrees of sin people direct their mark. So, if you're struggling and you make mistakes and you do know you just get stupid sometime you know I certainly my we do stupid things, and like when I say that for you.

Knowing what I ask about forgiveness, about our dog to bury it on faith will Say that's a yeah I go to bed confessing's.

I check myself. It's right and it's you about that Laura, Dr. Galarraga referred to you last night. I'm not your carpet out. It was very dry gabbing when he can't talk about it your interpretation that never get her my skin bed. I like you. You speak in your speaker the will of God, the Bible outsmarted for the day. Let anybody that all city buybacks confession to be a prophet. They should be restricted anyway II get you know you thought about Amanda. Amanda knows a little road usually lacking directly 30 way and not the out debate about that. Yeah, yeah, we should be respectful to another blitz is certainly the thing is that as I was reading is quoting the Scripture to him and read this if it is, he was rebelling against God. I tried like I've got less votes for the line 772-0276 we live. Call 770778 family member who will will have a viable and without writing out they know your like the light not validating the Bible. What's your answer not act so that if if the answer is is you know you code Romans 518 and they say was a Jesus or Paul what your answer why after that, we think the Bible all no no no no no no learning on what's what your answer did Jesus say it did Paul say what your answer to that which answer well it's gonna support your answer. But no, no, no. I met him try to teach you. So when someone asked you a question you understand something if they ask the question "out of Romans, Paul, and they say will who wrote that Paul or Jesus what your answer. What answer it's impolite how I know my want.

I want you to learn to help out. Okay Charlie right so what you say when when you code a verse from policy does that Paul or Jesus would what your answer. I normally know all you say is Paul. Paul wrote it that you get. This is a thing is going to be straight with people who will say thanks BX interim directly their condition shot out at just answered that's right it was the right Paul said and then you can ask questions. Is that a problem will and those around. I was and then out where we start to apply for the van like, but hearing alone. Can you handle Jeff just trying to help you so you need to memorize a verse which is acts 915 60 section catching ninth 15 Jesus said, go for he is Paul is a chosen instrument of mine to bear my name before Gentiles and kings of the sons of Israel. Now that's a critical verse. Acts 915 people say was a Paul or Jesus is a Paul wrote that you know whatever it is that you're quoting at Ephesians or Romans and as a seat now can present what Whitman Jesus said that Paul is a chosen instrument of him to bear his name before the Gentiles, so you doubting Jesus now see thanks I made that argument, not out to her to think that if you do not argue with someone who doesn't agree with you and ask a direct question, give a direct answer. If you can because you don't answer the question directly. Truthfully, why should they believe you if you say that they think what you quoted general was 518 that's Paul and he said well you see what it was, was a partner, not just like I'm asking you, you will give me the answer is a problem. I don't worry about okay I get on my underlying my question when they start actually what the authority of Scripture and how you would argue the authority of Scripture is many a better way to migrate yet written by Paul to go people and locked the work permit and context is important. I understand all the like don't believe that buyer is understand something my sheep hear my voice. The following John 10 2728 talk.

Jesus talks about this if are not believers you can't convince them that they need to submit to the word of God because first with his 214 says they cannot understand or receive the things of God. We cannot now.

I believe that what you do when people tell me you know I don't believe the word is his authority for believe that this or that are a couple cats find you that your choice that I know that Isaiah 5511 says that God's word will not come back empty, without accomplishing what he desires.

Michael descriptors anyway and I told him what is with the word of God sets. I use the phrase the word of God.

Is it a look over. Never over and I keep saying it to the word of God says this or the guts is that the Bible say that Jesus said Paul the apostle called by Jesus said this is if you are denying it all in and I took to you and then you'll face God of the object. So I liked up outnumbered kind of backing away and I don't want art the conversation, but it people I love and not something that it worry. Try this try this. Ask him what your ultimate authority of truth because if they say well it's society. There's all kind of problems with that of its themselves, their intuition is problems with that.

So what you can point out is will look we as Christians, and hear the voice of God in the word that written God inspired and I respect you as a non-Christian understand that, except if you have a source of truth, then, is it an ultimate standard and how do you justify that its ultimate music you can't that is it just your own preferences in your own arbitrary desires and is that a safe place to be okay, or driven by feeling. I feel like a great year like an hard strike. I say the saying facts don't care about your feelings. I think truth doesn't care about your feelings and centering so that is true and so don't be so worried about answering questions directly. Just interim directly because on his discussion with this guy.

He couldn't answer that one guy I could trust him. After that, no one Genesis 126 is God said, let us make man in our image as a discovery for loops of the plural, he wouldn't answer the question didn't fit his narrative. That's a problem.

Answer thank you everybody good you to bless right. Let's see if we can get on this color here. We have followed seek couple discipline to break 877-207-2276 Martin from Virginia. Welcome cubicle, pointing out that the best of your ministry body. I'm coming from your area. I grew up in your area so I know it was so I guy I was born in Idaho but I grew up in Iraq, North Eastern Oregon. I don't follow way over there all year on the delays I read what I grew up but I grew up by healthy Canyon in Northeast Arkansas, crows now on, I'm not too far from you.well I landed going to try to get out there who everyone well thought out." Question that car yesterday and yell that chemist uptake like a whole whole discussion, debate, type and it's not like we can handle over phone you refer to that caller is and I couldn't I couldn't hear it because I believe that intellectual easiest discussion with okay yes you said are you a company and and I couldn't get what it was because I died in Zrich and Harris instead. Are you eighth arsonist empiricist interested in what an embarrassment. Empiricism is a philosophical position that you learn truth by observation and detection to your senses okay gotcha perfect. Thank you so much on the net follow up more on that.

I've got some money at me not, I am in discussions with Java. When LBS never and and several flavors of a few that I didn't care. It furthers empiricism and realism. Rationalism is the view that knowledge is gained through the rational and deductive thought processes of the mind to observe that's sensory but the ultimate standard of truth, becomes the rational mind where empiricism said got a letter centered is your senses. But the problem with both of those is that such things and ration rationalism means that my particular understanding and intellectual ability, but is not a ubiquitous requirement or transcendental necessity into writer and sensory. How do you know your senses are actually accurately representing actuality, these are things that right and center for the subjective yet very subjective, and I will out human but that night like I liked him on the check out remnant somebody will you mention one more thing that I think this rapist like 1/4 prime minister, you mentioned it because there's a great harbor Hartford after the break is good, they vote right that Kathy's messages. Please state the heartbreak kid. His man's leg.

Why call 7707 alignment Martin from Harper, that's okay.

I haven't quite caller: on May time they they know the reference I think it mad that nobody knows the time nor place when his second coming will come and oftentimes you you refer to. I think in March or April, you said what that is. What that means letting even yesterday at the wedding, but nowhere in Scripture, can I find that that is what that refers correct. You know what okay so I so I'm I'm curious that it obviously at the pack show sometimes we don't add to Scripture correctly think and I know that you have very highly down by your historical knowledge are loose virtually by by you here, you know, the parable of the unrighteous. Stewart was praised by Jesus the unrighteous to remember.

He he's basically stealing.

And then he lies and Jesus praises him right you familiar with that right right you know you can't understand it. If you don't know the culture I cannot talk yet that that architectural yes that's right. You have to understand it's a cultural thing and when units in the culture.

It all makes perfect sense and so the wedding feast was a cultural thing back then the Samara good Samaritan is a culturally based a parable because the man who was naked and unconscious cannot then be identified by his speech or his clothing.

So this is cultural. And so we have to understand that all right where I written culture and so there's nothing wrong with living a cultural thing. When Jesus says the man who Jesus ask me back up your Jesus sight to the blind man. He said I see trees of man walking about his trees right you know what that means is a cultural thing. I apologize what was that when a man walked by what a man would regain his sight and he said I see men walking about as trees. Okay, it's a cultural thing you will understand it if you don't understand the culture and what is from his people who would go walk into the hills and twigs and branches and put them in a gigantic bundle that it would crawl underneath that bundle and lifted up, and he would walk it back in the town.

They look like trees, walking on legs. That's what he was sent. This is culturally nothing wrong with looking at culture will note in any right to exploit that obviously the right authors of the Bible Scripture.

It is all contact me.

I like you delve into Revelation, it is of their experiment, so that that's okay okay I just want a little more clarification on that. I just I just found out now unscriptural but I know that you have a you everybody does have a few up with a free and what history revealed all sent saying I will give the Scripture the final authority and everything addresses but it's not written in a vacuum is written in a culture so in acts 17. For example, when Paul goes to Minnesota hundred times. I can't believe I forgot at Mars Hill and he talks he's talking about the culture of the time, and what they believe in with the view of these dealing with the culture is a lot of cultural things are there.

And that's just how it is the degree prescript is 11 when women are to have her hair covered her covered. Was it me is cultural so we have to have culture understand detail the interim Scripture sometimes nothing wrong with that description on how I grew right now I think might bite perceptive the income will come from somewhere on the future.

They come from your creation of of the yacht collar stacking up. So thank you very much Breitbart God Leslie, all right, let's get to Jean from Ohio aging welcome your grandma about are you doing doing all right. By God's incredible grace sorting commander that child. I got off on a high level reading know the one thing I would want to be clear on my point is from the body present with the Lord okay Christian guy automatically entered into heaven and want warmer and I haven't made it easy. There is octahedral and poly drawn or rounded polyhedra okay regular. There it was making a joke. It's either acute or pyramid what form is in knowing octahedral in the Valley drawn around polyhedra was little to no spirit right out of your water.

We okay so when we die we will be with the Lord and were absent in the binary home with the Lord.

Security is a five in summer spiritual form. We don't know what that is wielded isn't 2439 Jesus Esper does not have flesh and bones as you see I have a way that and then will be reunited with their bodies and resurrection in the Koran forever. So good regarding that. I walk around up there you're up there. The Lord got their gods up in the next day when our mind on what would be up there and blankly them in human form. We would be an IB spiritual rights will be read at the resurrection.

That's when would you United corrected it will be interesting state and I'm you I can understand why would God want to put in this body is give you a perfected body glorified body because I'm I'm looking at you know you know how to know so now I know I'm glad you said that because when the Lord okay when the Lord reappeared on the earth and walk among the people for 40 days and he laughed. He went to heaven. Okay so I understand what you're saying. I think it's going to be awesome to but did not, that you said who are you and they couldn't recognize name even though he was Jesus in Luke 24 that's there. And the reason it specifically says because her eyes will be held from seeing him strong and think it specifically solitaire which verse puts in Luke 24+ get. Don't forget that Jesus was beaten around the face and your act was ripped open.

He retained the crucifixion was because after the resurrection. He told Thomas to next 2025 to 28 said put your hand in my side. Your your finger into my hand. So he retained the fiction wounds so it looks like. He also retained the beating the beating up on my legs and me. Not very well recognized him. Plus, it's all right not be held and noticed when this just for fun notice when a recognized underwriter open every broke bread. If you know the car you'll know that a man like that would've worn long sleeves, not insured like we where but a robe that extended down to the hands and then by Greg Bridge that a rip and tear. The risk to become open and expose the Hansson riser is just conjecture but think about okay so my brother, God bless you and your program and I level it meant to you and the people question, then, it was my wife like list list and You understand women better year in a row and the owner. Why do I do I have a book called Honolulu and windmilling by being inducted. I have a chapter called girl logic in their it's in there you go on the web. You can find a book on Amazon how to woo and when women by being obnoxious jerk and no research necessary because I understand and I talked about the bewildered filter that women have filter and the mothering instinct Jean and doubts when that happens, with a going together boy I thought I would tell people the Lord giveth life. Take away teachers the Lord all the way. That is great. The Lord do with the click of the way.

All right. Okay, that will God bless excellent okay well it's a real book that's out there to.

I wrote that you get a free on Kindle. I think sometimes it said, but it's always nice and selected by the copy and I deliver the cash out of it because the company can speak schedule a serious question Roger from North Carolina. Roger welcome here. I would doing all right is chocolate about the guy saying it was very good so we got out of looking at what global comment on debate before heaven in the statement come up as do the termite board to the father what your thoughts on that yet called eternal subordination is also an incorrect eternal subordination, not subordination. This because one is good one is bad subordination.

This is a it says that Jesus is a lesser thing focus.

Okay so here's the thing it says in Ephesians 14 that he chose us in him before the foundation of the world.

So the that he appears with the father because we know from John 637 240 that the father gave to the son, the, the call a group called the all all the father gives you will come to Exeter given by the father chosen in Christ, which means there has to be an internal eat and eat eternal actuality of the father the son because they were chosen in Christ. Now some will say that the in Christ is a future thing that God knew in and in an incarnation. It makes no sense. Okay, because it says he chose us in him choosing is the actual of election for salvation chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world.

That's what it was occurred occurring to be using this later for against oneness people because it's really important. So in that sense there's an eternal relationship between the father and son in the what we would call a relation of sending and being sent and the one in whom the elect are elected okay make sense kind of thing that was brought up like as in a currently have the roles of always been the same that yes, it would been subordinate to the father.

Yes, because the nature of God is unchangeable. That's called immutability and the plans of God are not sequential from eternity because God knows all things eternally in all things totally so there isn't a place where time in the mind of God that he has to make a decision is always no time. I have of goblins great? The great hope you had a great bless you and by his grace back tomorrow night tree on another program powered by the Truth Network

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