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December 1, 2021 4:54 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 1, 2021 4:54 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How does being bivocational work- Can you miss a Sunday because of something at your business---2- Am I supposed to know if I'm elect---3- Why should I believe Christianity---4- How did David know it was okay for him to eat the bread from the temple---5- A caller wanted to continue a discussion regarding the KJV.--6- When do you think time began---7- Have you heard of something called the hall of souls-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is found alive you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances call to respond to your questions at 877 Matt slick's Valley 772072276.guess what.

So I had some debate lately on oneness and their coming up the woodwork and the so I don't know how I got a Facebook page and there are some pretty insulting and condescending oneness people and are not at all with more one thing little better so tonight at 8 PM Eastern time have an impromptu discussion with some oneness people extremely are broadcasted to the karma select that and I'll put the links and stuff up on the karma/calendar/calendar half hour or so before the 50 minute before the show before and just let you know if you want to participate watch it will be unfaithful to be on YouTube and getting here into stream yard. We have discussions and hopefully they will be obstreperous to be obstreperous now do we know the folks go check out the auto seal DYS deliver stuff over there. The powers that be at YouTube, but since Russ and so we be doing is gaining more people over there and similar platforms will be doing stuff so to register and do a search for karma and you can sign up and you'll follow us. Usually I think I have Odyssey on the show. All right, one of the line 877-207-2276. Let's get them from Ohio. I welcome your afternoon okay by God's grace is ongoing.

I've got a question for you, sir learned who was called into the ministry called to be a pastor several years ago but had a yearning for a small business and so he remaining staff are all unpaid but yet stipend okay there's a worship leader in children's director and then he himself and they take a small stipend from the tithes and offerings and I'm just wondering I know Paul was a tent maker when he met with Crystal and Moquila, who also tentmakers are not facts. Chapter 8 if I remember right, my question is Matt is I know it's okay to be by vocational winds are present when you miss a Sunday morning teaching you know, a regular church service to your small business. If your pastor, but there are exceptions. Well, okay. The idea is that there are exceptions. I mean Say that there's a small town and you know that the pastor is by vocational consider 30 people, 40 people in the congregation small town okay and let's say you know he's got a business entity uses Nestl pays his bills with, and we got a backup elder that can preach, let's just say that he's been preaching for five months. No problem, and all of a sudden there's an emergency at his business and he has to take care of it actually problem with that and have the over substituting in and preach just like it is for sick and all the sons going to the hospital.

Sorry folks particular this there are exceptions in his loan is not a habit all the time. It is not getting intrinsic have enough time for this book. Would you help out things like that and was a bit going on. I love this man is such a great man, but a bit he just started this business and that's not his. His his income and obviously it's not from the stipend that the church argument is actually God that you got a really good job in a got a job so I guess it would be a he's got a dream which is the third thing and it getting a little bit income, as it starts in on this one okay.

He's a pastor he's also the works for the state and than he has his dream job that he just now started in on this wondering wow that's a lot yet is spent for some people that's too much for some people it's not too much some people work better got fresher I work better under pressure so people don't and you know I would just say that you do is watch it and see you to see how he's doing. Is it detracting from the issue pastoring and that would be the criteria Matt what what would be that criteria say you're detracting from from the past. Let's say his sermons is that if spending is normal amount of time was spent 1/2 hour in a sermon and I could see that happening once or twice because life is life. Okay. But if it becomes a habit. And there's something else going on.

The incident with the elders and I need to talk about the goals currently got know you could route well right now there if I remember right, there are two Deacon there and then there's the director of the children's area was clear and that there is it's like a plant the meeting and then the nonchurch and vendors alike now the elders not that not that I'm aware of but I know that the church is being source sponsored by an overarching church.

I do know that okay will list the contribution size.

This is a good idea to raise up another man or two with navigation who can step up to preaching should not be too young to immature or new believers.

Of course, but they got to teach doctrine and refute error had to be the greatest preachers in the world because the over there with her to hear the word of God X executed so we just depending on situations. I think the lease Robidoux is is I sit down with him and talking in a loving way is to mutter using and if you were not getting dump you if you say gasket will be too much what we do to help you wanted to split the preaching up 50% with somebody else or whatever might be an end to see her sniffing you while I wandered out this scene is a congregation was 500 people.

It's best. Okay then not to have another job because he could be supported full-time. The ministry is first to the 517 talks about that idea is that you're so much to do with the pastor there's counseling. There are things that he won't tell you that he's doing because he's dissected this deceptive, but because these counseling people to can't really tell you much about it except you get a counseling session known for privacy reasons.

So, no logical negation requires more time for smaller congregation doesn't necessarily steel is a great area. I know this man loves the Lord he loves people is a very outgoing guy and I've been to a small business and he just dreaming map when serving people and at the servicemen and it's like man I thought I immediately started praying for Mike Ward if his heart is for the business. Having have 100% of the business once again and got it you got a pretty large family. The father of many nations up you will see that many many children wonderful guy. 18 wonderful wife I love his wife and I'm thinking he's coming off along with his day job.

The pastorate and now the house that's a good question, Jos made the light made 40 young enough to handle stuff so just because praying and just different in and see how the watch of the protocol on Abdallah stop a run never stopped loving and also coordinate either either one that he got.

I just want to see you 100% expression for you know the past but because he according to Scripture he's called to shepherd those that calm and art in his flock and I'm thinking how much time does the demand have between way coming going to sleep and so that that would be my concern, but you have to do the small small church plant their meeting enough in a small venue that they rent is not a church building so just just to keep up with him and just she was going okay well okay thanks for your help metal as well as mentor Seth thanks a lot appreciate that your to goblins. All right, last collected. Let's get to Tom from Virginia, all hit the loaded question about, what about all I notice a lot of report on the website on.

Currently I'm just really struggling trying to understand salvation and everything home in multiple know from lack or all of those that worked on everything but your concern need to know your elect of the Bible does teach election and is a common question that people ask when they oppose God's election, even the Bible teaches it you know if your elect and in a trying and put doubt in and people asked me that question is just a look God grants a belief with its 129 and I believe God grants repentance second to the 225 and I've repented I'm born again out of my own will.

John 113. I know I have eternal life.

First John 513 so you can know you have eternal I know this because I trusted in Christ because everything in me really sick will zoom to six. How do you know you really the one I go look, I'm just telling you where I met all right. I'm trusting God at his word and that's that's it so you know what they want to do little hate God's sovereignty and they do even within Christian circles and was thrown sovereignty they will mock and challenge election predestination are clearly taught in Scripture Ephesians 145. For example, okay those repentant like another all annual for one, think about all it is. Continual look if you were to move into my house for a week is how long it would take me to realize that Matt slick, the radio guy is in a constant state of repentance.

It probably take you two minutes getting looked are always always in a state of repentance. We are always in a state of I can do that right that better Lord. I didn't love my wife and show patience tingling neighbor as well. Lord, teach me how to follow your love that this is a form of repentance and these witnesses always got go on in her life always just is.

And don't think you like or gradual struggling to fill struggling but then everything one that you do. I'm glad you do in the sense that dead men struggle against sin. I'm glad you're struggling against it because it shows in your life in Christ. I'm not glad you're struggling with it because it sin in your life once you sign of life on hold for the break room will talk about Japanese messages, please, Matt slick, why call 770-7276 pairs.

Matt slick arrived. We hold out right there. Make sure that I will make sure you're okay Christ, all rent out a little like a really bright light in the apartment, father and heart's suggestion for you and that is to have a regular time of prayer each day. That's just your own, where even if it's just one minute. It doesn't matter but you begin your knees praying you say or need help with this trust for it even if you don't have victory Right away. You keep writing, keep doing this because it's a it's an act of faith and trust in your Lord you depend on him and you'll find other things will come to you as well assist okay my love. How do you all overcome the word, while word that I don't have control over it. But I'm still worried about the low point, but I don't know. Were electorally generated like they believe in God and what hurt but if you know like they probably knew the regular you know the document and believing the flow heart will not save my doctrine saved by Christ and his work in us and I have family member who I doubted that person's salvation is my own mother and on her deathbed she was dying of renal failure in a few days to live and I talked to her.

She's a churchgoer It was real sanctified in some areas and worried, so I remember talking to her mom death is coming and you okay with the Lord and she looked at him. She said she was going. Matthew is Matthew I trusted in him, trusted as left it at that and went and talked to a pastor who married my mom and my dad and we talked about this because he knew the issues as well as I did, and he told me something I never forgot. He said that God can save people in different levels of sanctification, sometimes able to still have victory over certain things. This immunoassay salvation is dependent on our commitment to Christ her confession of Christ. But how well we do and that is okay to send the missing that. But if we don't do it well we do well. Neither one has a bearing on whether or not we are saved or remain saved because our salvation is dependent upon what Christ has done since God grants us faith look at 129 the faith that he grants us a sufficient synchronous justifies leader resting behind that we are not so busy worrying about in my saved in my this might in my that now you can say Lord I'm saved man should have a long wait for it to be like. Please help me and ask for and you pray you trust Newco okay so you do. My brother are out of the Army come back anytime okay this is a tough stuff. These data me some good words okay all right he felt was good to Nathan from Utah Nathan welcoming on the air of high okay I'm putting up well though I was on yesterday about why will mask you do believe in truth. Yeah but I don't think that human being can understand objective. Well this one anytime so you but you do leader such thing as truth is Matthew obligated to follow what is true, were obligated all understanding of what I would say. Understanding this is what is true because her weekly self deceived. I would say that we should we should follow that which is true whether we can find that truth is not an issue with degree. So far okay yeah then adjusted is you agreed that there's objective truth. Okay you okay so well. Objective truth is something that is true is not depend upon your existence. Your reality etc. so there are universal truths that are out there. Would you agree right so you say were obligated not agree with you that were obligated to follow truth is an obligation to buy moral issue.

Yeah, then you're saying we have a moral obligation to follow objective truth right which means you recognize garlic and understand gender Senate would you agree with me then that in order to know the truth is only know an absolute truth with is as if an infinitely knowledgeable being revealed to you and you grant that that is certainly a possibility, but infinitely knowledgeable being grant that understanding that he would say something like on the with the truth. Alecto becomes the father but by me.

Jesus Christ, God, and flushed on 14 six so he's God in flesh. He knows all things for John 320 and therefore whatever he would say would be true, objectively true, it's a universal truth standard. So when he says on with the truth of life. Logically speaking, that would be something we should trust right if it's true, I know how how do we establish the infinite knowledge of the big question we will establish something that is illogical to non sequitur establishes infinite knowledge week don't have enough knowledge to establish his infinite knowledge, it would be self revelation of the white light without being in question. We don't have enough knowledge to that which is not you. You said you don't have enough knowledge.

I do right knowledge is from God himself because it's the only way for him for us to encounter God as if he self revelatory. We can Clement of the celestial eights kingdom of heaven of the fourth dimension will account so his resolve revolution, what would you agree then that his self revelation would be to save and special yeah but I don't I don't how I'm being like felt would be able to be verified by person.

We can only understand what we are able to stand through the length of being the will to what you're saying is that you had adverted verification method. Have you verified the verification method is been truly assisted verified okay. I mean it. Human beings I. Biological faculty unit. System and balance that with your bare thought about how effective are you happy result, I am not socially right back after these messages to Nathan conversations he stated it was you Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic slave.

We have a chat room. Actually, people also and we have discussions and fun fun.

Sometimes I shouldn't read with a say because it makes me laugh right when the break comes so passively quickly discovered. We are perspectives coming from you an atheist or agnostic or what no I met with very high about God, but I an open line and yourself, and on the radio about when I got a call see the right ancestors and their gods. Okay, so what will I decided your polytheist okay which is logically possible polytheist Don Bartlett tell you what polytheist doesn't work and give the quick answer here in this because truth is, is absolute and is ubiquitous. You have said already. For example, you ought to follow truth because more will that asserts then that you are establishing universal moral truth, that's just an issue of morality, psychic spent quite a bit. But there's also the issue of rationality. The laws of logic law identity law of non-contradiction logically middle all proper inference. These are the basics by which we hold rational discourse and the universal principles that are not dependent upon space and time.

Therefore, the transcendent, but they are abstractions. They require mind so it is a polytheistic system which mind and the polytheistic system is the ultimate mind you have the answer to that. So when you're probably yeah you both sort of redefine what divinity me with not understanding the path of knowledge. Not that you are gifted not understand divinity all power all knowledge. So singing. These guys are not all-powerful, and there is no ultimate right I is is I will be the one, and that that gave them the noble Carl so there is an ultimate single being, whose ultimate right and he can be no good. How do you know if you can't be don't how it on as a single being was the ultimate well because it would be an illogical concurrent for going on around the world like incisor outliers legal nine rental and lending electric want for anything illogical in front of you talk about universals. The universal truths of large laws of logic can't be housed on more okay. The Canton house in multiple minds that can only be from a single ultimate that you said is single ultimate that you can't know the ultimate so how do you know there's a single ultimate. I like that though an polemic that allow me to correct okay. We understand that people get caught but I said what I said earlier about when I talk about something that people need follow.

I I met only that the thing along understanding of what is subjective because we can only proceed yet everything all present in the subject and the finger establish a community so I subjective is an absolute truth that MARLA perception is subjective than an absolute truth that all perception of object. I mean I got not as a self statement. So let's go to something more absolute.

Okay to do a show you that you are inconsistent in your worldview answers logical problems and coherent procedures you have in your system so looking at the question because I can be completely how I get really the death.

I love the stuff a lot of people who were listening don't have any idea what talk about Vanessa question leave you with the Jesus Christ rose from the dead know when when I don't think that it possible but I read a lot of literature of the Bible readily critical of the Bible and you know I read along that you have a lot of this bunk and that you read any of the counter evidence to that you objective are you looking for something. This will show your possessions are now so Jesus was written by the eyewitnesses right we bring out wide white because they look at acts the book of acts. The book of acts was written around 60 little bit earlier A.D. because it does not contain the death of Peter and Paul which occurred around 6280 and so the logical so that it does that it was written before the intricacies because already had Recorded the death of Stephen next seven, so the book of acts is a historical marker is M, not backward or not is not a non sequitur or you reported that, for example, but not talk about them.

Thomas asked what we talked about like a little bit of acts. The book of acts containing that you're inferring that Nathan mentioned that he had in The document that he had been Nathan. Jesus prophesied the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem astute hurriedly important event is not yet hundred is recorded on the book of acts, why be written from the perspective of people living on okay so another words it doesn't matter what I say you're going to find a way to deny this is why no, not SNL.

Yes, it is what I say you're finding a reason to deny it. I can give you the evidence and you give me irrational responses you're going to say subjective experience trumps the eyewitness accounts of Scripture. Jesus rose out to let let let I tried to locate it but I don't believe I pulled up a time. Nathan Nathan Nathan run the radio here so much time to do this.

I the book of acts does not contain the death of Peter and Paul and nor does it contain the destruction of Jerusalem. Is it logical to infer that this this is because they hadn't happened yet. When it was written no okay were done okay were done talking okay because you and your dusting logical and if you not to be logical then is even is a possibility that there's no point continuing with someone I have not because he is rational and that we move on, let's get to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome on the air okay. Gave the okay three cancel not law how to set you know it's a good question.

I'm not exactly sure what the answer is, but I believe it is of the do with the switching of the bread that there was a time when it was supposed to be switch on. I think on a weekly basis that he could either eat that bread or that there was no other bread he was doing the work of the Lord that was consecrated for him to be of the do that.

Nichols of the two answers that I would go with and work through those okay okay thank you okay you're welcome but gutless. All right, let's get to the left.

Next longest is Mark from Virginia and Mark welcome you and Virginia. I'm really North Carolina.

Okay, okay, I am working working out with anyway you need palpable okay and not just as you were hanging out all we were finished. Something about the King James version you told me how accurate measure of the Muster America that was wrong with her. KJ, my grandfather met me. I'm 55 years old out and that's all we lead at all. We believe that all we do church. It was something wrong with the king well on the King James is a great Bible as long as you know, textual variants and issues that are associated with it. You can teach through it and work through it. There are some issues only because the King James which was done in 1611, which people don't use today use the original team chained to use a modified version of the King James and the call.

13. James original, but it's not. So the original King James difficulty even read so anyway they will be done with manuscripts that I think were the six, 700, the oldest, and since the King James has been translated. They found even older manuscripts and there are some textual variants here and there, and so the newer translations have some advantages in that they have access to older manuscripts doesn't mean that it just because older to submit is always better, but generally that's the rule generally. The other advantage to the newer translations is they don't have the words. The thou in the that's important. I hold on folks, we have children like you call me 720-7277 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling back to the show. We have two lines actually all right.

Mark still there. Alright so I think that these valves don't speak in these if you want to relate to people Jesus when he became one of us spoke normal language of the place and time where he was at and that these in the house or two, three, 400 years old and when you go to someone you speak like that to Scripture. It's it's in my opinion it's a cause for a disruption of the flow of the conversation. Remember this was young I was using the King James. I quoted some of this we sing these endows for and instantly I realized this is a problem and I switch Bibles ASAP. For that reason alone to build a witness to people that which is another thing what it was. The Bible and I didn't write it down, but I'm not appearing in my mother. There are also issues with the King James, for example, in my opinion it badly mistranslated. Romans 518 badly yeah yeah what you told me that it's because you only taught there which author explains. Sometimes it takes five minutes to explain what actually going on in the Greek there and Romans 516 through 20 roughly these verses are incredibly deep and most people don't dive into them, but it didn't miss mistranslated. Romans 518 but there are also issues with the detective go to, for example, you can go to oh, King James version only and you can see lots of articles written by Luke 21 of our staff writers is a great guy and he did a great job on this and I'm looking what is articles right now missions in the King James version and for example, in Jude 25 in the NASB as to the only God our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord. In the King James assessed to the only wise God our Savior be glory and majesty, so admits Jesus our Lord. Similarly, attacks that the King James only people do with the matter translations omit certain things will really King James omit certain things to have a double standard in the middle want to do that I'm doing. Here's another one is JBL 12 is only one log giver and judge the one who is able to save and to destroy the King James is usually one log log giver was able to save and destroy wisely as a cadet the better manuscripts because interceptors corrupted to know we have a problem because what the King James only people do with her think this is the true version. I actually had King James only people tell me that the King James version in English is inspired and that is more inspired in the Greek New Testament, that amount of ridiculous. Yeah I'll never our association and we been a big help as they go out for 100 years and in our articles of faith that we can only read the eighth and conduct Sunday school everything from looking to lead to a someone who is a great constructor. Can he use the Greek New Testament and it was about ascetics really can't do it. King James.

Now you're getting into. Weird. Legalism is pierced like this in the King James of one more important versus John 1414 if ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it, but NASB says if you ask me anything in my name I will do it well.

If you ask me anything that that's a attestation of his dignity because you're talking to him and praying to him, but the in the King James says if you shall ask anything in my name means that divine Cici we could pick and choose if you want easy.

King James met him in what many NASB one hey yesterday, yes I like it because it's more literal in the Greek and as an apologist. I want to be able to do this as literal understanding is the Greeks possible because I need to have that guilt you wouldn't. You wouldn't need that you're not an apologist that level it's no big deal, but if you want to use the King James use the King James that's fine if you were conduct lame knocking:Sarai is not other translations they think shouldn't do that. You're just elevating the King James and in a good debates on some knowledgeable on this could destroy King James only advocates and and there are versus where this theology is actually altered by with the King James S and in and not a good way. Romans 518 is one of them so you're the Motorola okay now you have to compare the NASB in the King James the NASB is the correct translation. The King James is not an we can do is go study them. If you want call me back another time and I'll explain why. Take me about three minutes. A right to become familiar with and I'll tell you is not seen the King James a horrible translation. Not at all. God is use it mightily and so okay utility going back there while the ago you back about my gorgeous girl, nice guy, but I do remember I write the document so your bird will learn well and that I talk a lot so you can readily live on the Gynecol is late. Alright buddy I bless all right, let's get to Chuck from North Carolina talk welcome your running hey Matt, I don't like taking my call. Matt Lloyd, you really that you want here. I and you believe that time began on a Tuesday. That's a joke.

I have no idea. I because we have to define what time is it because we have defining something he can we discuss it very well and there still some debates even within multiple science circles over time really is so I can answer the question did have a beginning or did not have a beginning, because it's time playgrounds essence and that as he exists and time is defined that includes his essence or is time to find that excludes because it excludes God's essence is only led to the physical world that in that case we take time began when the physical universe began build up inside to find like I thought I would think.

But if God exists eternally without time. How is it possible we don't know so but yet God does things. Yeah, and doing things implies time, time is often described as a sequence of events passes from one point to point movement discerning.

It takes duration to supply to God what is God in a non-moving mental and spiritual state from eternity without any cognition when visiting the Mickey sense well. If you have cognition, then it implies the idea of time to sequence within hello God how cognition, banking, yes, but how could God have cognition if he knows all things eternally enters into Trinitarian nonunion.

It's least it just gets complicated and I can make it really complicated and I cannot. The other side saying to begin the did you want right yeah one long real quick okay up real quick. You leave that day's material faith is in materials and abstractions concept that occurs inside of us we can't wait to take a picture of it, etc. okay okay my thinking about lurking off of only 50.

Okay, call a note from Buddy: Chuck, all right, it's good to see Steve from Judah, Utah you still there down there right now. We got buddy about believe that it all goal or that a understand the whole of sleeves that God's souls with the heck is that there is something that I heard her but were there the hall goal by 3 PM. Looking at the okay gotcha I'm reading a little bit of synopsis on it.

Okay so will you go first 20 1545 and believe it is fixing his words turn.

The first is spiritual.

See okay the second is physical geriatric freshman 1546 or however the spiritual is not first with the natural and the spiritual know the context you're talking with the resurrection of the body, the spiritual daily record method body is not first with the natural. There is nothing in Scripture that suggests that there was a preexistence of souls.

There's nothing in there for out I don't know are there thought notes, no orbit. But I prefer What people thought about all goal of well and like a lot of the board were all we have a lot of people don't know what theology is. Catholics and Protestants included, especially Mormons. The idea preexistence souls is is not biblical and theological because you have this project. This thought came over. I read a little bit about ancient Israel. I know not biblical theology negates the idea preexistence souls and even with morning, talk with Jeremiah 15. Explain the issue here is that if something is existing then what wise existing who created it is the creator multi or singular other multiple gods out there creating the net bringing them into existence from from where it is preexistence souls were brought those souls in the distance. What brought that thing the beginner of those souls into existence.

It goes back under some serious problems with this kind of logic with the only area that makes sense of the state is one God brought us into existence and the revelation of Scripture teaches us that it occurs in in the Bible with with birth with conception now is adamant that is okay will get nobody.

Okay sorry about that. Hey folks, well, show by God's grace will back on the air on must have a great night. One is that if I get a better/calendar another program powered by the Truth Network

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