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November 30, 2021 3:00 pm

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November 30, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt has an upcoming debate on Dec. 13th. The subject is limited atonement.--2- What happened to those who died before Jesus existed- The Gentiles---3- Does Mark 12-25 mean that all relationships will be null and void when we get to heaven---4- Why is it wrong to say -God told me...---5- What is meant by -this generation- in Matthew 24-34---6- Did God elect for salvation looking before or after the Fall---7- Are Genesis 1 and 2 talking about different events-creations-

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Why is why you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why Grimes is called responding to your questions that go off it. It is little suitable 29 2021 so we are live. If you want to call 772072276 we can wrap his cubicle all rights and if you're new to the show.

Not sure what's going on. This is a Christian apologetics await your question difficult questions and or debates in things like that.

In fact, have debates on Tuesday night with the with one this guy debates on the 13th with a guy who wants to discuss limited atonement so you know if you have any comments on the debate I had with Bishop Hayes on Tuesday. I thought he guy made a lot of mistakes. I did get some stuff know what you know I just just asking you know if you make comments about your friend not sure is listen and you think so. The way is there anybody out there who really knows video editing. Well, if you do want to help one little volunteer Michiko teaching me Sony Vegas site. I know stuff, but I did do some tricks or stuff sucks can ask is what you call to let me know hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. I flew down to Southern California and spent some time with the family. We had a good time.

So all the kids would also it was so 70° weather.

Blue skies Southern California whether I miss you there for decades.

I'm in Idaho like I don't like the light that the rain and this this thing called seasons. See, we're back in San Diego twice live, you know, we had winter on Tuesday and we were done was illegal. Get below 60. That kind of thing will separate Weatherall type.

So here it is weird concept called seasons actually have been through a whole bunch of now for the snow that comes your great so there you go. All right divorce they missed me. I think that there are people who are or maybe either stockers. They miss me or does love me and they miss me or they they need layman entertainment during the day and they miss me because it was so either one or combo of those I will will do all right. C4 lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Anthony from Virginia Anthony welcome during the year and I can't hear me yes I can guess I can be very giving but Michael according to reform theology. The only way a person can be a put their faith in Jesus Christ. Is that correct sacrificial atonement will all the people who born and lived in God before even favoring that they look all those people died in faith, in expectation of the hope of the Messiah to come. Just as it says in Romans four, three aces and Abraham believed God was reckoned in his righteousness, and it was Abraham way before Christ, and so he was counted as righteous because this belief and trust in God and so the same thing justified by faith before the time of Christ justify my faith after the Christ. All the Gentiles in all and you know the people around the world who are part of the Israelite action.

What about them like the Greeks them out Chinese and all the everyone will say is, since the Bible wasn't talk about it and there are different discussions that convoluted issue from different angles.

What I like to say is that God can certainly save anybody wants all of the world and he has ways of communicating that faith that trusted the truth to other people.

It can always still be through Jesus Christ, but I believe that there are there are hints of the gospel and most of the culture that God has not left people groups unaware, to some degree.

I don't know what degree that would be that I just I believe that God can certainly work through other cultures there.

There's a book called eternity in their hearts.

I forgot who the author talks about things like that different cultures and different times.

They have different things like a book called brooch go this guy.

He was so Christian he went down to Columbia.

I think South America and apparently was a prophecy any tribe a particular tribe that didn't know what my people work basically and so he went down there and had blonde hair blue eyes at the Bible. The prophecy was that there would be an white-haired man who would have the words of God on banana leaves.

That was a prophecy and he showed up with his Bible analytics book pages and they became Christians.

So there's there's things like that all the world so you know, God has is still with Jesus and that that creator somewhere.

Salvation possible outside of patent either. Would you agree with that, though it will air the net Abraham was justified without knowing who Christ was. But knowing of the work of God. He was justified by the faith that he had in the true living God.

At that time and so does God do that day you're talking about profit.

There there you know there are millions of people around the world who didn't know even though the Israelite think that they had and they weren't communicating with God and know anything about either thing I do.

I'm just curious if the if it's true that salvation can only come through faith in Jesus. I don't see what path there is for all the people, but the same time it seemed like it would be fair if they actually if they had some sort of man, but according other said when these are yeah I wouldn't be fair because that old do you have a universal standard of fairness in which you can say what… Be done. Well everyone should have the opportunity to shed the very least get that this should and it fiercest highways. Everyone is working at the fair system that would be what should be done.

She's unmasking a difficult question because what you're doing inadvertently is your saying that there is some standard to which God himself ought to obey where is the standard at your saying what God ought to do, how it ought to be fair for people in different parts of the world at different times. You have to answer that question because a lot of people will ask the question you have in this affair?

I don't ask but you gotta be careful what you do is not to accidentally subject got your personal preferences and feeling his use of them.

Same why think even on a human, low, and that everyone should be treated equally. If you create 1/5 them where you know there is everybody.

Should we could elevate your talk about salvation with God, so may be right.

You could tell me what universal moral system that you have a privileged access to well for them.

In my opinion. My opinion, I would be that if you have a good workout. Salvation only at a table by the by doing or think or believing act and you only give them opportunity to entire second if you made that because they were born in a different time.

Are given plate that excluded the people from having the opportunity to obtain this very important goal of eternal salvation. So you know with what I create laws means any of God created a system that didn't treat people fairly really something you say God is unfair. According to that according I'm not saying God is unfair. Everything according to that theory or or philosophical system uses a I'm trying to show you something here that I understand that there are issues you you got understand that you can't just say this is how things ought to be.

This is what is fair. You don't want fair is if you want fair then you go to hell and I would to if you want fairness in the thing is you who are you to answer back to the molder wanted to make me like this, but is not the potter have the right over the clay to make one length the same long one vessel for honorable use another for this is Romans 922 and 23 you're asking the same questions of Romans nine and asks, but it also answers the answer is who are you to say to God for you where you are standard. You can read the first couple three chapters of Job in Uganda really try and raise a complaint against God is where were you last couple three chapters. Also, where you who you know these are serious questions. I can imagine that there were God and create a world where entire segment of the site never even had a chance to obtain salvation and then another segment just because of their their local and temporal faith.

You know I think they they are given the opportunity, I think you know for this, so does not depend upon the man who wills the man who runs God was mercy.

The Scripture says to Pharaoh for this very purpose I raised you up to demonstrate my power in you and that my name, I can proclaim throughout the whole so he has mercy on whom he desires and he hardens whom he desires.

You'll say to me than for why does he still find fault for who resist as well. On the contrary, who you will quench his back to God. The thing molded will not save the molder wanted to make me like this will what is not the potter have a right over the clay to make the same lump one vessel for honorable use another for common use with God, all the will to demonstrate his wrath and to make his pain is a power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy which you prepared beforehand for glory doctors ready room for right you prepared to say. Are you prepared to say that according to the report for all the people went to Helen.

He never even were given at St. Roy Scripture, I just read your scriptures. You have a problem with the skill your instrument.

The Scriptures seem to confirm that that perspective okay and I would agree that Christian the Scriptures certainly seem to prove to affirm that perspective goods. That means you are understanding with the word of God says no and asked your question, what complaint, if you got against God.

Well, according to that that interpretation and I was a wench God is that God I just know they will. According to while Emily read one verse of the entire by saying I didn't read one verse I read 12345 or actually said was the heart of Isaiah 77 versus 234-5678 versus I read an idea now but that will tell you that I believe the guy makes makes everything, even the wicked for that day of destruction and stuff would you think if I told you that I have a question as well. I think this quote is a part of 16 for the Lord is made everything for its own purpose. Even the wicked for the day of evil is quoted to see her so you understand with the word of God says you don't like it and what you trying to do is submit the word of God to your preference. And I agree. I don't agree with that interpretation when you look at everything.

What interpretation I just read to you.

I understand that I when you say like you're right that the better answers than look at the Scriptures. Lines 877207276 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show.

All right give it another go by over guided job courses to be in their now is that I will always write you the interpretation you're providing you that there's all the people. It doesn't matter how they live their lives. You know that that lots of people who did the right thing. I will well and I like living emitted. We second did the right thing and then I have it. Are you Christian, yet church to go to what I haven't been to church and am in a bit to be completely honest, not in his earlier this year you aside from my family to go with them but I personally do not yet you believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh. Do you gladiator getting all you that you I just asking. I believe Jesus is God in flesh. I believe he had a divine affect with character certainly okay so it's Anthony. It sounds to me and I don't know yet carefully of his house to be like you said you don't go to church. You really don't understand who Christ as it seems. Maybe you do stop working at right and you're complaining against God's actions. There might be some issues here with your your need for God to be humble and trust him before you trust your own judgment. I'm actually not complaining you got a complaining again, and interpretation of God that I believe it incorrect what interpretation I just led you the average agent yet.

I read it to you house at interpreting if I just read you Scripture I read you Scripture you Collins rotation you like. I didn't interpret I just read it you don't like it so you're saying you don't like what God's word teaches you okay will print for you that God can have mercy on you want to have mercy but at the same time.

Maybe having mercy upon the people who live there live the right way and live there you have the right wakes so this is the thing that causes me to have problems with what you say and I much for the offense apparently understand that you don't sound like you understand what salvation is and has nothing to do with you live your life the right way has no bearing. Whatever is whatsoever your salvation.

None justified, not your interpretation. Of course, no, no, no Roman settler 588 Romans 452, the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's faith is counted as righteousness. When he does not work. Romans 328. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart for the works of the law. In Galatians 51 through five. If you were to go study that people want to be circumcised said that they were severed from the faith of God. They had fallen from grace because they were sick, to be justified by something that they do.

The Mattel you don't just don't don't just take less Matt slick's interpretation I've been doing this for 41 long years know what the Bible teaches material logically. This doctrine of salvation. If you disagree with this.

You're the one who's wrong okay love their people about setting it for longer than you and they disagree with your interpretation of what the problem the problem is that they don't agree with what Scripture says, does it not say, for example, that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. Romans 323 set eyes quoted it to you. Do you agree with that, the work of the law. I got the date that Everton would imply that faith and doing work work together. Are you Roman Catholic non-Irish Catholic, but I agree I like their system, then the cabin at this temperature will yeah because you but the reason is because you put yourself on the throne and not God. That's why you are the one who want to judge God and say what is fair. You have no right to do that you have no system or standard you go to the word of God. You can pick what you want, when I read you Scripture. You say you don't agree with it because my interpretation.

You have to repent because I just read it to you and you didn't hide the word of God, tell me ask you a question. If you were to die right now it not happen to me if you were here to face God he asked you why should I let you into heaven, but would you tell him that I would say that the God I you know I don't know. I don't believe in purity of faith. I believe in God will make a decision at the moment might you know that you just Seventh-day Adventist. I now on I I'm I'm a Christian I'm not not more.

I would not call you a Christian Christian sense of the evidence were Mormon or Jehovah's Witness you business groups are orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, they all add works to salvation. Are you being good enough to be saved is given a cell phone good enough for the infinitely holy God that that the God and got mail your knots, you can okay Anthony I don't think you know the gospel's to the Gospels, a death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. There's nothing rather than to there's nothing you've got to offer. Got me to the same here. Okay were both centers and God grants that we believe with this one. 29. He grants us repentance second Timothy 225 and you cannot come to Christ was granted to you for the father. John 665. You have to put your trust and faith in Christ alone, not Christ, and your sincerity and your ability and your righteousness and your whatever because what is leading you to his sinful judgment of God. You're denying the true and living God because you have your own idol in your idol as yourself how you think things are supposed to be not name calling him to think you understand you're gonna repent of this because you need to trust in Christ and Christ alone and be justified by Christ alone.

And Jesus says in John 638 through 40. This is all the will of the father gave him a come to him and those who come to any certain will not cast out for this is the little 10% think Jesus is that all these given me. I lose none if your salvation is dependent upon your ability and you could be lost. It is dependent upon Christ's, then you can't be lost. Jesus as well.others at tidelands. None Atlanta. I noticed you don't ever quote but versus getting out but God expect that to behave according to his well what the Bible is filled with such mirth that in the old and new, heavily Lico me like a baby. You know it's not you. You mean like the 10 Commandments with Jesus reiterated in the New Testament, except, well, it was Clement of Rome on a second on a sec and you mean like Jesus is the summation of the law which he quotes Deuteronomy 6 for in Matthew 2237. In Leviticus 1918 in Matthew 2239 which is love God and love your neighbor, respectively. Then he says in verse 40 that it's a summation of the law being that stuff like that. Her mother James I'll meet if 226 out is not just a bit faith alone is before people, not before God or about the forgets of first Peter 116 be holy, for I am holy will be perfect is your father in heaven is perfect. 9548 seat. I noticed things because I deal with cults all the time who don't understand like you that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone. All false religious systems add something. But here's the thing, I think you need to do.

I think you need to submit yourself to God.

You've not done your submitting God to yourself. Read IX starting in verse nine. Read Romans nine starting verse 952, 23, study it and call me back tomorrow okay Anthony seriously. I thought it with anything you'd seem to be the one who gives me ignoring what that God gives the command to live five. I say that is contrary guy will just pray for him salvation. Both 77207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave boy let's get to him on the air. A question of law Toyo 25 indicate that we honor now will be no go. Once we get to know what the verse says, for this I don't know for when they rise from the dead, marry, nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.

The context is always important because his talk of the Pharisee is to be the Sadducees, they did not believe in a resurrection so they were asking him well hey look a wife has seven husbands so whose wife is seeing the resurrection of Jesus is you don't understand the leader given in marriage or Mary so Signet is based on the sugar because marriage is ~~part and so the relationship you have a got married right now and with either what my wife and I dies first over the same time, then our marriage is then over so the marriage that was till death do you part one of us dies, then the other was no longer married. And when we go to heaven and ice we see each other active make reservations to go up to the higher level of heaven where she is because she had to put up with me and so I like this fear we will not be married and have okay but it's good to see his movie and any other not given you is to worship and serve the little yellow dust on the going to be with you wiping understanding relationship.

He honor of the context assessed there and they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven. The context of you saying in being like angels. This is not that don't get married. Okay, that's what the context is there. Okay so you will still be able to edit relationship knowing hurriedly well on this in relationship and that's marital privileges won't exist then, but we will know each other. I'm sure will know each other for eternity okay with. Thank you Hank sure the problem got less right now there's a guy in the chat room Mike minor: you want to call love and hugs on the air and have a discussion about the accusations. Let's get to Alberto from Georgia, but a welcome man draw near Lake quick, but the man God is not obligated to not have are starving we can think they get addressed… But I'm not well look like little when the preacher tells conjugated 70% with a hot living right wife is behind him to say that we may say behind on no what they live aboard the boat to come that night I preacher bliss rapture is not on no unpainted at the local come tonight.

You said what they behind because when I say blind that Rob would not know the Lord.

We traveled on why the romp and play at God's own. He said God I live in a lump, empathetic you say think I put recommendation you know you know when someone says God told me Bob Loblaw etc. let me tell you that that Liz is problematic. I've had two instances in my life just to where I believe that God actually spoke into my heart where there was kind of a conversation and just to in 41 years of ministry of essays is a 17 though and when I talk about them.

I talk about them cautiously because I believe there from God and were very important.

I don't I won't go to the congregation and preach six different gods only. Blah blah blah them to.

It's a casual kind of disrespect to God. God told me blah blah blah really, if God spoke to you. How is it affecting you if God spoke to you Howard how are you in relationship to the other people in Scripture. When God spoke to them when they're afraid when they are highly reverent because of of that in Scripture. Now we have these in my opinion, a lot of people are charlatans who do this messenger bag I was but Dulce got God told me last night. Blah blah blah is talking on God so that you do. This telemedicine locates all tell this casual conversation that they have with the infinite holy God of the universe as though it was her neighbor. So that's one model what what what what the other thing is 70%.

It's just ridiculous heart not a preacher before him dictation with you every time you know that the organization the church of God.

Thank you.

George and all, and affect the first bath when I was there.

You said it that God told him that it was a bondable look on it in the backpack look at them. He was so so I then admit I object to that allegation will defend the creatures of the mean… Me saying is that a pastor's long after that… Is something all tell them is wrong to tell him who's wrong and safe.

So let me get this straight. So when God speaks to you and you have no problem casually talking about it as those as a got other 70% is that how you're saying. The infinitely holy God speaks to this. What what happens to how you are why I went on to say I think is disrespectful. You never heard of Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland and the like, you know on stage, told me blah blah blah. He said what I was in the Lord and get you do this you if I hear the voice of God in my heart, my mind or even audibly. I'm to be on my knees I'm going to be affected. I'm going to be cautious with me up to make charlatans out there who don't have any problem elevating themselves in front of people and saying God told me only tell you that it has talking about It about time like they have another that you confirm to confirm. So what about faith but is always a dumper of Daniel good etiquette beacon so I can involve Rick.Young existing the pastor and then I'd love to be in a church like that is already down with a panel discussion with them and ask questions, and question one bodyguards between me and the congregation. But yeah because when people get so loyal to the pastor that sighed a form of idolatry because people to understand the pastor's a sinner just like everybody else and is in that place and he has a great deal of responsibility to speak and he should speak to the best of his ability. According to the word of God and you should not exceed what is written first confuse 64446 and that's what he should be doing okay and this evening to ask you for six brethren, I frequently applied to myself and Apollo's for your sake so that in us you may learn not to exceed what is written so that no one of you will become arrogant in behalf of one against the other.

God told me last night was talking to them you know about a roast that was gone because you got like a promo job. You tell me.yeah, you read what happens when the princes of God is on somebody in the Old Testament, they should be gone for me, for I am a man of unclean lips. We have a lot of charlatans in the Christian church today sent you. Now get back black twentysomething years like this for long time because people don't trust in God and like the first caller to put the word of God of their own personal preferences and are likely a graph… But not about wicked. Only nobody got that right. That's right, I met with the implicit overlook. All right, let's get the match from Tennessee Matt welcome you on here with Matt and nobody what a great name that anybody named Max Isley, humble, good-looking and intelligent so obviously there we are, and I let on about their theology myself. You are a good Christmas fool here and keep the faith of one.

One thing for my question.

That first caller I kept thinking of you doing I was led to that.

I will set it up. You have visited for a while but I get it all have to do it. I got a friend. I've been holiday and I know the many different viewpoint and myself. I'm an ongoing you're smart that you will break all right, but mostly right back after these messages. So stay tuned, Matt slick live call 770727 charismatic slave is run video here also said that had a week off but he didn't get your beauty sleep so incorrectly that is true. Certainly good to beauty sleep, that's for sure. All right, let's get to that from Tennessee hey Matt, welcome back your back on your what Mike was reading Matthew 24 and letting them concept and I came across the birth, but apparently I did read over button it caught me off guard.

I would be what you said about that though.

After talking about all the things that are going take life by both eat the Matthew 24 verse 34. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all the things take place. I know the creditor's view that that that talking about that generation of people and then you got people like Bertrand Russell that that this is one of the verses, the true Jesus with a liar. Could it didn't take life so happily understood what you think it needs five bit nation, on one of myself and I know you are I will take your I think it's reference to Christ because he says he says Santella slowly. When will these things happen to move the dissenter coming in the end of the age 24 verse three and a title perilous times verse 15 on glorious return. 29 triple fig tree in 32 I think just answer the questions generation the people and then what's the generation was at 40 years, is it doesn't mean Russell and borne on a particular day lives of you hundred three of the hundred years that generation will pass away, so I don't know, but he gets on his note that they know no one knows the day nor the hour etc. this wedding feast right issue, but that's right are said to be that's what I'm right weird bit out understand how light especially full credit will say that everything Artie happened like the return. Everything is absolutely clear at me but if it can't be the best thing going for the world the best we got off likely resumes is a medical but partial plagiarism is acceptable. Yeah, that weird thing but one final thing as my fellow thought up there. From that first in all probability alone that he was talking, have an issue with you know what the Bible I click that link that what is interesting is a lot of people don't understand, but especially the Universalist joke they like you know he died for all stand for all time for everyone in my response to that which usually get leader them to get speechless or they want to get more argumentative it will affect the K if he did that he literally propitiated everything a person can you ever lead us to think that we have to discuss one being that there would be no one in hell because he could appreciate everything into if he did feel thin people to hell after having propitiated. Now we have a moral problem God used for people to hell even the article 58 and say if Natalie can't mean I still say accept it and I tell them, but does nothing to accept the debts gone, he canceled it right propitiated it so do you accept it. The extent of the can't put two and two together and to get for victory put two and two together get 3 1/2 so you right down with you anyway hey I appreciate all you do know that there's a lot but I watched you that I my I hope eat that that every time the site that lets was that it is what it says you like a good lead. First, you have it you have a problem with me.

You have a problem with the word of God is right you submitted to God to his graduate now lately you have been doing to do at this time, but I've been doing it on online in the rehearsal safe. You don't all argue assembly like that sick to do if a quick favor look at here on the floor floor and your shoes.

There it says just when I'm checking to see the Bibles down there and got close. And that weird great work of a YouTube goblet are all right is good to let's get to Mark from Connecticut, Mark welcome around here all hey Matt, idyllic getting ranked we got the order of the divine decree with super lap, staring at them in Emperor lap buried at the final terms and then send loving innate on your viewpoint thing. I don't really hold to either one of them just so you know okay but what we talk about here we discussed this issue. Sue plus earn his deals with the issue before the fall. Does God elect people for salvation before the consideration of the fall and collapse Arianism would say that God elect people to salvation.

Looking into the fall and decides that and that's why disagree with both of them because I don't like the idea of God looking before or after. Since then it's not as simple as a speaker for the rate because God knows all things eternally. I think Sue plus earn his men for lapse Arianism hand to deal with the issue of time and knowledge. The way we relate to It Not Way, God does because of the super and in front deal with order in time and plus it also deals with logical order of which can come first. The logically is his election. Logically based upon looking into the fallen knowing all those in the fall. Of course it is or outside default will, of course, it is because God has an infinite number of of actual potentialities he can actualize. I chose to actualize one and so he actualized that which was known to him, and all knowledge of God is simultaneous and instantaneous so I don't see how he could liberate or cogitate in that area to then make a decision based upon things that that's that's that's a simple way of looking at is more competent in both those issues. I lean towards infra, but not because of temporal issue because of the logical, but I don't really know you want okay now what factual way and that will counterfactual's to those people don't know are those things that don't exist that could have existed, and God knows the do not factual.

Counterfactual's so Jesus said if you something tomorrow and seeing the miracles you've seen, they would have repented that the counterfactual and the reason counterfactual sick can exist is because exist in the knowledge in mind of God as a possible decree by which he would have brought them into existence under certain circumstances. So Jesus being God in flesh would know all counterfactual's as well as actualities, so that's just part of parcel of what God's knowledge base is all knowledge, whether actual or potential, eternally. Thank you very much. You have a wonderful day you too. God bless all right is good to Mark from Florida Mark welcome you on the air. Matt how you doing again I got a question about Genesis chapter 1 and jot subject to a friend of mine asked me that you present an idea to me, and I have a question about it to Bob concerning the six day when man was created in chapter 1, he pointed me to chapter Genesis chapter 2 and came up with the night while presented the idea say that there's a possibility of a man. Another man created on the seventh day because of the chronicle logical order will take Genesis 2 is just a recapitulation of perspective on Genesis chapter 1 all diets. It is a shortened version. Genesis 1 is brilliantly laid out.

It is actually brilliantly laid out and there are in fact I just as I was doing a picture and video couple nights ago asked that wasn't going over reverse my debates that I had on the 22nd 23rd with one the sky I stumbled on something like for example how genius on Genesis 1 is a guide to letter us make man in our image, according to our likeness. That's three plurals led us make man in our image, our likeness, and then verse 27 he created man in his own image, he created him male and female he created them.

Three singles singularities since we have book plurality singularity woven into these two verses is a Trinitarian sense to it is stuff like this is in the and Genesis 2 is just a recapitulation that's that's all that's just recapitulation of the flexor. Yeah, he pointed out though the after the creation of animal that there was man created that this is in particular Genesis chapter 2 and put a look. It looks like it was the seventh day, another man was created and I don't know where he got that idea from what I said a little. How was investigation. How is it that God rested on the seventh day.

If you created on the seventh day.

Thank you.

Okay And I also did a little research on this on my own. I came across the shepherds Chapel Armory potholders. I know you're familiar with them yet because I told is erroneous teachings.

There and they have a doctrinaire you have a doctor in teaching that the eighth, a man in the prefer to Genesis chapter 2 in particular Melissa save the people over shepherds Chapel accidentally do not have all the pause in the litter's I got a stand on a debate challenged with them and headed for F10 12 years and everything that I mention it nothing. Why is it they will debate anybody because you are wasting your time with the key nights are very judgmental or condemning the fact I can tell when someone emails me if there any astuteness of Russia letting the Canaanites that you cannot your friend of the serpent see a doctor that they got Ashoka the cold nights like this is actually very rude people very condemning judgmental right away because that to become a teacher and us with his Skype attracted that my friend friend told me that he said he got it from his father, and I knew his father watch them on TV and follow the newsletters for years and that validates it for me. Thank you and also in light of that, look at Genesis 41. The key nights theater is that other colors must stay here one more minute the Kenai theory is for those who don't know, top of the falls going to call the shepherds Chapel is that that Satan had relations physical relations with even produced cane and so he's demonic and the descendents of Cain call the key nights. So when this woman tougher than the committee night there to be very insulting. But here's what it says in Genesis for one another man had relations with his wife, Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to cane the Scriptures teach that the cane was a result of the relation between Adam and Eve, not Satan and Eve. But you know they didn't care about truth. They care about their agenda so that only bad bad news. Thank you for the Ohio that tomorrow all that tomorrow is the Utah golf folks that go there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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