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November 22, 2021 5:50 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 22, 2021 5:50 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt opens the show by reading a little -hate mail- and other interesting and amusing letters he has received.--2- Why do you call yourself a Calvinist---2- Where do the different denominations come from---3- Where in the Bible does it say we are to be called Christians---4- Is it wrong to take pride in the knowledge of the gospel---5- If faith is given to us, how are we to persuade people of the gospel---6- What are the essentials of Christianity---7- What does the Bible say about tarot cards and hypnotism---8- Doesn't Calvinists teach that God randomly just picks certain people---9- When was Jesus actually born---10- Is it essential for a Christian to believe the Trinity-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is log on questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 McCall, as usual, all you do is dial 87720722761 her friend to give me a call right our right minds.

All right now let's see let's see look sweet stuff to do the last minute will call last minute stuff all right and we got nobody waiting right now is what I think I might do was due to did last week. And people like that they enjoyed it. And the thing about reading some hate mail I enjoy years ago and so I just enjoy it.

I could kick out of it. I like it when people insult me laughing. Just think about it because I find this all to be rather benign in the every good but to anyway so let's see if he would do that will wait for a call or two to come in because I like that. Let's see, here's here's good at this and get what all right, good luck taking the mark of the beast sinks the gates vouchers that are in order take this trip.

All that was old, actually one and we did not do analysis on Netflix never capital never hear you sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. All you do is promote a political agenda on target telling you this is you, this truth you talk about the leftist agenda as if it was the gospel of Jesus Christ know that's not true.

You know, it just never going to let the super get another one. Where is the gospel of Jesus Christ. No one should support this abortion of the ministry. So that's what someone said about a car that's pretty good that that's an order to cut insult before you get out of it.

Let's see your smugness, your pride, your sense of superiority. Your waste of the time of the Lord has given you, and that was so I wrote back is interesting from a previous email and praying for you Mr. slick's and praying for the loss to stumble across the site. If you are an example of Christ love to be like you. It is people like you are responsible for the decline of faith among our young you, Rick hate, and I discern evil. Satan himself is governing your website and you you are a willing puppet. May God have mercy in your soul.

Do not put this on the radio okay but some of its words were so this is, but he knew no one here to see and see all man I love stuff like this, I do. I could kick out of it really made me mad that you try to denounce the Catholic Church as I do this false, they are not Christians. I say if you don't believe in effect. If you believe an official Roman Catholic theology, not a Christian peacekeepers on exit. He chances are you will see, Satan yes you that Victor and I tried to be the one pelt to no avail. You deny that baptism is needed for salvation.

That's correct, and other stupid comments you make match you and your multimillion dollar corporation is just that wow that's I have never had car be called a multimillion dollar corporation that would be nice if it was true. I'd like it then I could pay Charlie. What is worth you know know five or six dollars a month you know it would be.

He's laughing so multimillion dollar corporation as you make a lot of money preaching at different gospel. While I do. I do know that I do do have to admit, we don't have many that will come listen to you to a good Bible study.

Okay. That's because people have blinders on.

The only see what's in front of them. They see they see you with all your lies in front of me.

I enjoy this. They hear you twist scriptures and they fall for it to.

The only thing that is just here is that we have a chance to make heaven. You don't. What does that this was interesting because the guy complains that I not Catholicism. Then he condemns me hypocritical but you think this is going. What is Bible say about people like you republish 2218 19 and cast out down so that keep playing your game and on judgment day you'll be close to say to heck Satan may even let you stoke the fire so Matt, it is worth all is it worth all the money you make now to forsake Kevin or Matt you will die someday, then you'll be judged. Maybe God will send his son back before you die you are are you prepared not written really well so that was that's pretty good… I like that would one more look at the colors let's see see about what okay will read that one. Let's see Mary Merry Christmas and get out of Israel you blood drinking Christian vampires. Wow, that's awesome is really going wow that's going to like that are… He will more accurately shorten this email is for the wise" and ignorant Matt slick. I believe as Christians.

He was wrongfully criticizing Catholics and judging them from facts that Mr. slick does not know, and isn't capable of knowing thank you very much. You would think the degree would have taught him something, but he stuck that I can't say what he says there. I do not care if you don't take my words into consideration, but you do need to know that what all what y'all are doing is wrong and what this organization is prompt promoting is wrong and I hope God's mercy on you for all for being the Christians y'all swear to be, by the way, I'm a Christian. I go to Catholic Church a place to worship our one and only God, you make me sick and hurts to see the denominations of Christianity fighting against each other fight the other religions not your only work well too bad. I was pretty good on the catheter, not Christians, if they hold to official Catholic theology. That's it is my position that I will not back down on that because a look of the church is is false and I do say that I tried why because it is all right ahead of the fellow that a white male so the really good that was okay. Wasn't too bad. All right, let's go to the callers 877-207-2276 Ron from Ohio hey Ron, welcome you on the air like a nearly scary. Okay, yes I can. Okay. All right. Matt married talk you this evening talking those comments that you just read most people are judging you, and were not the judge, so you know that not right so anyway okay. My question is why do you label yourself a Calvinist, and where did the different denominations come from. I lay my I don't like the term Calvinist. This is a simple way of saying it was a whole to Reformation theology and then had to explain with that is sometimes Calvinist people know it's a simple simple short quick ways that I thought okay and so where the nominations come from nominations come from people who see things differently in the body from the nonessentials and what they do is they unite in groups that are different.

Sometimes the separation is is warranted because there are times when people like to say deny that Jesus Christ is God in flesh or say that women can be pastors and elders or things like that is tied to separate when they will repent from their false teachings. So sometimes you have these denominations little separate on that reason. That's a good reason, but sometimes they they suffer for different reasons and that's not good. It's a shame is an embarrassment on the apostate denominations because of okay I call myself a believer in Jesus.

I do not call myself a Christian because I feel that if you label people that will breed division like that you don't count a Baptist opposed to another denomination. They're going to get division against each other.

The state. While this is not right.

And that's right. So what I do is I like to call myself a believer in Jesus, God, and don't label myself as a Christian I was in the Bible does it say that Jesus says we are to be called Christians say Jesus said were to be called Christians. Apparently your point is to say that I think they called on holdup. It also doesn't say that we are us possible to drive cars either, but it does say in acts 1126 it says and when he found that he brought him to Antioch and for the entire year. They met with the church and taught considerable numbers of the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch and then Paul says yes and why does my calling Christians want to call the Christians when the Greeks that were called with a good question is good question first called Christians and then then in acts 26, 28 says a Greco reply to Paul in short time you persuade me to become a Christian.

Okay and I shall use are you saying it's wrong to be called a Christian because Paul Peter says, but if anyone suffers as a Christian. He's not to be ashamed, but is to glorify God and his name is Peter 416 so is it okay to be cultivated here are accepting that they were being labeled as Christians, we don't know okay okay so do you know are you familiar with the pride of knowledge of the gospel being just as bad as like the pride of life is invalid because New York yes I see a God doesn't like pride okay right so you pride yourself in the knowledge of the gospel of how you got all this research and how you build your education up according to the gospel.

You are being proud. Okay a person that you like people in general. Okay, okay, they're getting pride into the guy doesn't like pride, so I want to warn people out there when I click late. This is your radio show. Okay, you come on a search of what they'll be warned against my show. Okay God put me here for reason.

Okay, careful of what you're saying is that now the thing is it's okay to be called a Christian and you're right there's pride everywhere all kinds of people.

The funny thing about pride like humility. It's hard to see it in yourself and others can recognize.

So nevertheless, so it's okay to be called a Christian. The word Christian occurs three times in the Bible and the New Testament. Acts 1126 2628 and 5416 so could be called a Christian and when you call yourself a believer so is that not a labor leader, your believer settling you have a believer, I believe, okay, I believe, and I have both sound off her head, not on rhyme from the doctrine of the Trinity yet okay Trinitarian good okay and I I'm not a II don't I don't believe in the Catholic way. I don't think it's correct but you know you they likely on a couple of subjects but that's the pride of pride of the gospel pride of knowledge of the gospel. That's the one that I'm you know I'm I'm kind of thing have designated that one you mean. Should someone say you're not set should ask well okay you should. They say that he hated on something you have is my ex-lover should there's a break. Okay they folks want to give you all. After calling 77207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling back lines 8776 and remind you moving over tour to odysseys can take a while to let people know and if you want to.

If you if you want to join up over there. All you gotta do is go to oh DYS and sign up that looked just with search for Carmen CRM and you can sign up and moving stuff over there so right. Let's get to Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina what's up Chuck and Matt Haydon. Thank you for taking my call and Matt, I want to say first book I am proud of you in a godly way dedication of your life to the Lord, and of your knowledge. I can try to argue with you too much. I'm not reform, I love your show and I love you brother your appreciate that this last answer and I mean it I mean and I think God is one person who likes me proud in a godly way route and got it when nothing wrong with okay my question is I was going into my handy dandy wealth and Yaro in man look for me and I gave him the gospel of and he gave me attractive high-quality business card as well.

Hebrew word Hebrew. I can't remember all of you out but I lost the part very well made with little business Park and on the front it had the eight on the bottom had 80 around it okay and eight and a with a circle around it and I can't remember all that with that type of thing and you know what I'm curious. Okay then I thought that that was that the bomb part of that was like to wear like rounded off at the end like they were open rope not much different color on the back. It had a menorah center had custom Hebrew word light, you know, paper, letter, but it did not have much that you could read English in our district. I never find a cannot honestly out standing in the sun is out know I have and maybe some of her listers of hers that not being right your yeah I one more question is did okay okay Matt Matt okay faith is a gift of God. Yes, I know that by act and I cannot deny that by day. I believe acts 315 is the truth.

John 316 okay now act 14 date and if you try to persuade people to believe that God just okay now this may be a very good point. I do not want anybody to be viewed about their physical as God is my witness. Okay, so faith given to okay no limit. Second Corinthians 43 maybe when that might of the gospel is thrown into the heart. Now that they will say the faith, the ability to believe given to what God grants to be believe it's 129. I believe in God's eyes.

2029. He grants us repentance 2nd to 25 yet at the same time were called to give an answer to everyone who would ask first Peter 315 about the call to preach that gospel to go out there and make disciples of all nations. The 20 18th 20 so were called to do these things so how does it work, how does it work that's all that God ordains God grants faith, things like that and what were called to do was try persuade people so does our effort at persuasion make a difference and I have to say yes makes a difference, but I don't know how it makes a difference. I can't connect this writer docs from eternity. I just I don't know it worked out in the next find a good you on is the government and and and I said if you barely yes that's true. As I say the people God predestines us… Predestines us because after the Bible teaches it flat-out teaches Ephesians 145 but right apparently the more we preach, the more people apparently are predestined so there's this interaction between us and God.

In time, and is just beyond me. I just don't know. I tried to solve it or think through the drawing. I know can't do it right infinity Bergman studied it for five year like that and gave up and get it if you try to figure it out your mind yeah and and in no ways of God are so fairly good, but I you gunning our neighbors the Bible and native.

I yes and by trying to solve things like this you learn about other things. Even if we can't solve how it works — name and praise the Lord okay got you know and I'm not trying to cut younger thoughts and when okay I'm not you like well like I'm I you is George Whitfield reform.

Maybe it will your specular book America Lafayette he would like he was America's greatest evangelist Billy Billy Graham, but you're quick to targeted all yes and he in the 1800s would preach to sometimes 20,000 people at a time. No amplification name and how was he what he was able to do that. They don't know but the stories are consistent that he would preach and people could hear them very for what he had this yeah could carry and probably there was little as they were smart about where they would preach and teach things like that but hey you righties are formed and he was a great event changed beautifully of Monte Carlo electric. Yes is that I know and John Ike. I am now. I want to say years ago in the Navy I read the almost Christian by two Spanish man and the girl and they became convicted, the almost Christian by Wesley thought I ordered a couple coffee and I've read it but I have to say and you I love John Wesley Frank Stansberry were in the early like my aunt that everybody up the water resource sprang up at church and I go to church, Methodist or not the end of the well. I just hope that okay but not okay. But he's a lovely manage your lot better Christian than I will ever be in evening have I don't think that that I write you back electrician appreciate the truck so this stuff keep listening to Colin okay for Matt Wright Boulevard and complements the folks for the lines of what he may call 877-207-2276 now have five wide-open lines of what you call 877-207-2276 let's call her, talk about tarot cards is beginning call 77207 mass Y call 770776 is Matt slick and will let you know that I'll be off for Wednesday Thursday Friday next week at Thanksgiving stuff so will be on live Monday Tuesday back on that next week to Thursday Friday for Thanksgiving and stuff like all right, let's get to James or North Carolina. James welcome with the top of the images material Cargill talked about that after that with you to go ahead and mount technical sure what I was basically going about it that I not the most educated person, but I am a believer and I and only I hear a lot of talk on till doctrine. Not like it, so would ask you what the doctors arcuate with you.

How would you describe that live written article on disbursing and I'll tell you, but also with the orbital table so that you said I think should go to the article and read because I break up essentials and was called primary and secondary essentials.

The primary essentials are those essentials that the Scriptures declare with a warning, etc. Jesus has for example unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins as John 824 so obviousness and essential refuse the IM and then for first is 1514 and 70. If Christ be not raised. Our faith is in vain. So there's another one that the that Jesus rose from the dead, and they go on like this is if you like this and if you go to Carmen and you look up. Let's see doctrine and read the doctrine table.

I think it is, and what I've done is list of them out there. You can check it out bubble to support and so the those two I mentioned are right there but also that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone, and we find that many places in Scripture.

Romans 328 form 45 but in Galatians 51 through four. It says in there that if anybody adds anything you don't have salvation severed from Christ and Netflix goes on in Galatians chapter 5. So that's unessential.

Primary is a warning and the that pseudo-so he's got it man and just got a man goes in the dead salvation by grace and the gospel is a death bill resurrection of Christ. Because if you have a different gospel your cursed escalation 29. If we, or an angel from heaven, should preach a gospel contrary to what he preached. You let him be accursed.

So the Gospels is a primary essentials is only one God and all existence all placed all time. Exodus 20 verse three, Isaiah 4310 in order versus regards social visits. Judgment upon you for denying that he's only true God, and you born again without a born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God and asked John three so three through eight. So these are what I call the primaries, the secondaries are essentials that are not stated as being essential for example the Trinity. Nothing in the Bible says that you have to believe in one God in three distinct simultaneous persons in order to be a Christian you should because that's what the truth is, but it it's an essential but I call it a secondary because there's no statement is addressed with it, stating you have to affirm that sectors of the other things, Jesus is born of the Virgin Mary is also what I call on secondary essential nothing.

The Bible says if you denied the virgin birth to Your Christian or your faith is in vain or whatever to Daniel diner sent the say that but is difficult to justify the two natures of Christ for the virgin birth and John 1416. This is only way to God the father clearly says that but it doesn't say there's any punishment for not affirming that just chases the fact I called a secondary essential so their actual essentials acts great-looking of those apparent secondary groupings make sense and I appreciate you bring it on like that.

I have like artificial college.

He looked up at the objectivity of the Christ of the son of the living God, the one and only way to heaven. I died on the cross resurrected for more than… Just kinda curious about how you breakdown it, but I've never heard the primary breakdown at basic information like you got left and I met Douglas. Okay that's my division is what I've done and the divisiveness that way is not wrong is not right is just as how I see it in Scripture. The primaries are those things that are stated specifically in Scripture that cannot be denied, and you and you must affirm, but the other sex.

The secondary essentials don't have that kind of requirement to it is not stated as being essential that there are derived out of the primaries and with that way. Okay, that is helpful. All right want to begin the phones with let's see the brine from Minnesota.

Brian welcome keep forgetting to the tarot card they'll do that next.

Hopefully okay bright welcome you on here all on the further they got everything prescribed with my question of the bowl.

Calvin is basically the hardest thing for me to grasp what they there's a thousand people randomly picked and have you raise your kids.

It doesn't matter how you raise your kids or anything like God. The that's sorry I can't grasp I'm with you I can't grasp it and I deny it I denying that God randomly picks the boat out how to work that God works predestines that he picks according to his will.

She has knowledge and reasons that we do not. There is no randomness with God. Randomness means there's no reason for it. Just a random, and that would be a saying to Calvinists and listen with intelligent never say that God is random but he has his reasons he works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111.

This means election predestination. It means everything in the Bible teaches election predestination. It teaches it in but he denies it is just a nice Scripture is with my process. So how does he do it while we don't know, but it's not random because nothing with God is random or care.

That's right.

There's nothing good in us, that would merit salvation. Would you agree I agree that we all way that the way that I started reading the Bible.

After three months all but full-blown revolution that all my problems divided were a result of not obeying God all day through. So are you making Dr. just curious reneging doctrine of experience or Scripture know all that is how I how I got you how I got opened up, start reading and through on what work okay. Then it became so do you think that God was working on you and calling you speaking to you that way like I will come to work 33 will just back the original question God is not. He always has a reason for what he does and why he does what he does. He doesn't tell us what those reasons are, but he's the one in control. He's the one who sovereign were not, it's never random guy just doesn't go any money.

Mo doesn't have okay been a gospel by God and he wanted it on a rant. Yeah that's right. And but we can do something because if you're saved, you can pray and ask God to save others, and the prayers of Rex Mandeville met with God. James five talks about we just don't know how it all works just don't know.

And so is on reforms and I believe in an election, predestination, and yet I evangelize is much as possible. People say let's inconsistent know they don't understand reformed theology is not inconsistent with Paul the apostle taught election predestination.

He said that God grants, we believe, and grants repentance. He said this and yet he was very evangelistic people to put two and two together and so they misrepresents some of the things of God in the Scriptures because a lot of people they want is just easy theology. Easy stuff that does make sense. You know kindergarten level Ist grade level. They don't want to get the deeper things partially or by their reardrive narrative that will, of course, Bible says it is true. I know I'll be able to draw near to God. Jesus is the one a whole different okay for folks to open lines 877-0776 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic sling back there alright so did it answer the question sufficiently for God. We are on their Primerica.

You have God that the little computer. Well, Jesus says you cannot come to be drives. John 644 John 665 pieces you cannot come to Christ to Christmas been granted to you from the father. So is his draw near to God, who is he talking to because this is what's always in important is when he speaking you always have to know the context draw near to God.

In Hebrews is used is talking about those who are always already believers, and he does this and he was more than one place speaks there and also it says in James Joyner to godchildren your you cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify heart, you double minded. He's being a generic talent draw near. Draw near to God. Go do that. It's a command just like God says everyone everywhere should repent X 1730 because it's what you ought to do.

You should do it and so do it. That's the command but God is the one who grants us those good things and their ugliness will be getting the gray area we just work. How does God work in the drawing, and our actions are wills.

The knowledge of God prayers of believers for unbelievers house at work. We just don't know. So what we do. Sometimes you just said well this is this is is that I believe in both not contradictory, but that is how it is for contract goblet. Alright, so it hypnotism and tarot cards. I hypnotism may or may not be good. Depending on how it's done, and with the purpose of it is.

There are a lot of Christians to say don't do it because it's opening a minute. The demonic stuff on what is necessary the case, I think that there are times when you can do that. I ISA self hypnotize I was younger when I would study and I'm just going to an altered state kind of super in-depth study for hours like that can't anymore but come over. But what is that kind of fun of altered state. That's the question that needs to be discussed etc. tarot cards stay with their badger evil. No Christian should ever be mixed up with some tarot cards are a door to the cult stick with them all right. It's good to polyp how black welcome here will hello I heard a couple time, but think of the program.

Birthday is not the 20 Christmas Day.

That's correct, and that was the first time I ever heard at you know when it is no know it's probably the spring. I think I've heard the spring. I've heard April of heard September different scholars have proposed different things.

Looking into the Bible for hints about it but I don't know the day I just don't know. And the live tiles that are different.

Yeah, it was just like what and I I never heard that before. Nothing.

And then it went, but wanted to begin with. For now, is now the Catholic Church that adopted that day in order to turn a pagan holiday December 25 to good down. That was the idea because it was the winter solstice and so Saturnalia which is a pagan idea of worship of fun celebration on the day when the of the winter when the days are getting longer. Saturnalia, which we get on sigh and get it be the day Saturday so just will I was and it was an attempt to sanctify something that was bad. And that's what became of some 25th will traditionally celebrate, but we don't know exactly okay. Thank you and I love your program. I lift until it every day. At that go to work, I I didn't think your thank you for doing man I love to hear that because you know what an idea like your finger on it got so many things that maybe I can't get ordinarily now like a lot of the questions the way you answer them. How you do think I'm just thankful for you. Thank you so much will you got yes yeah, right now you pretty much kind of answer my question and I appreciate it and have asked thankful thank giving it back. Rights listed to José from Texas José was on the lawn is no young man, we know the answer friend. By the way they wanted to call and I believe that it is not is monitoring.

The question yet needed in their potential for a Christian to believe objectivity and I would say the card I I am. I believe it. But anyway so you have my best friend and will not go. I cannot answer that question without early in my disparity, way, it is not I want to have that with and with God for nomadic ways that you make any not that everything… Here's the was a nice way to big feel really good about his heresy. So it's hard to to say some nice way to do it, but as a mentor, then we can say things and so just tell him lovingly, patiently, as kindly as possible. The truth is in a non-Christian system denies a true living God because of his oneness and that he requires baptism for salvation in the name of Jesus that you can lose your salvation and you gotta keep it by being good and so this is non-Christian theology and he's denying I got 21 I think that you have you know that that issue that I need to give me that.

I love that I've been a long way to establish data by using occult I have a lot of information on Carmen on oneness theology baptism issues in the doctrine of the Trinity.

I'll be in another debate on it on Tuesday night next week but there are is a lot of truth to the doctor the Trinity were oneness just deny certain errors of Scripture, the Trinitarian's don't deny the. The idea of God's oneness in the fatherly true living God in Scripture say first visit was six or John 17 three things they bring up in all address the but they don't address the other ones that I bring up the ignore them the dismissal. This is a problem because they are brainwashed in their cult system, deny the truth of God and that what the ramifications of this is who who that is, the person of Christ, who was a perpetrator has only diverse but you might want to look at. Just remember I talked to him about this is John 638 John 638 Jesus says, for I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him that sent me so that's Jesus talking but Jesus says he can do from heaven not to do his own will write but will the one who sent it, so we sent him from heaven and a bottle record the father sent what has to be there with him to be sent. Explain the word merit following a fall that monopoly well on on paper they are because they're denying the true incarnation and the kind of hint toward was called the story this in a sometimes I'll say that the flesh of Jesus was praying to the spirit is out there in the rise. At present I and so that means the denial of the true incarnation in hypostatic union and so this is where it gets into problems because of anything I get more complicated talking about the nature of the properties of both nature describe the single person how the attribution of both perceived through the human and how there is a sacrifice of divine value and so these are questions that's I like to address with oneness people they don't understand how to deal with all this. Okay thank you and all I get back. It did to Douglas all right is good. Let's call her and that would be Tommy from Utah hey Tommy welcoming on the hello yes I can clear swig okay little idea I drive a truck for a living and I am a little hard to hear you but I got called a comment about it on the talk about the I thought the whole idea of Christian a bail for you, so ironic, if not even a Christian to have a bath really on the people who are the haters or for me after he had been yeah because they think you hate mail and it's like okay I will. I was at PayPal I level L elixir low and I'm not a giant in knowledge and as I've only been thought been like seven years, but that little David but God had it at me with something like he gave me amazing amazing man that this type of entity give me insight to his word that an understanding of his word that is the only explanation is that God's spirit is within me, and he told many things that I would not ever know with the amount of time I have been at the Christian anthology class, which are to go to yeah what the Catholic Church in the complicated without yes okay Catholic Church is the most are pretty good. Yet we say God tells you things and stuff I wanted. I also want to hear with this out of the word of God were to God's primary, and that this is what you're looking to primarily the word of God for truth, not now, I guess, but I hope that's really my whole point is that one people are telling you that they are heretical or whatever are we to be like the brand works but the research we have a yes we do. We have a responsibility ourselves if there anything I examine anything and you have discernment. Pray for discernment to make these the true and then I need to tell what is true and what's not true. And beyond that I'm I'm to study in the book of acts right now and there is the all that oversight over all. We stated over and over and over about the unity of the church and to love you, Heather could be. So I guess I really have a hard time understanding how people that occurs in a 3040 50 years and they treat other Christians the way they do anything like non-Christian I'm I'm with you. That's right with you guys. I was there. We are out of time.

I have a great weekend everyone got grace and another program powered by the Truth Network

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