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November 16, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 16, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- If Jesus is fully human, how did he escape total depravity---2- What is the best way you've found to explain the concept of faith---3- Could mental illness be a sign of a reprobate mind---4- How can all three persons of the Trinity be omnipresent---5- What is the name of the Father---6- Do you know anything about the Rh negative blood and the controversy about it---7- What was Jesus' religion---8- How can someone know if they are saved-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is log on questions about Bible doctrine is a max what rents is called to respond to your questions at 877 real name, are you all right, we have five of them wanted wanted to call 877-072-2761 open monthly medical and you know last week just to do what I felt reading some hate mail and up curious to know if you liked it or not, you heard that stuff people to get kick out of it.

So let me know what you hear that and if you want to watch the show. All you have to do is go to See down on the homepage and right hand side scroll down to the mess look like a picture might be mugged or click on that black area and go to and watch it in there. I am watching right now, and we also recommend a click tell you if you can go to Odyssey because the powers be added to YouTube are restricting submissive I'm doing and talk about cold didn't like that can't can't do that you can't talk about: even though I document everything and got a look at this and so we are moving by God's grace over to Odyssey and the were just asking that if what you would do is go there and sign up. This is happening before signing up. Praise God, and is increasing every day. Thank you for all of you for doing that just go there log and do a search for Carmen and you can follow us and then also the goes out there. You can check it out right pretty breezy and accuracy is never going up everyday, praise God. All right, we have three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to. Let's see Winfield from North Carolina went welcome here.

How are you I'm doing well by God's grace we got what quick question hopefully okay if you human had total deprived because his his parentage is not by human fatherhood which is important because sin entered the world through one at one man, Adam, and that is Romans 512.

Even though Adam and when the garden she sin first. But sin in the world through Adam and is Romans 512 so she had the representative authority and those who are in him died. Romans 519 it says in there it says 519 so that one man's disobedience the many were made sinners, but because Jesus was not a direct descendent of Adam in that biological sense and that of the Gaudio representation.

He did not inherit a sinful nature.

Virgin birth by the Holy Spirit. That's it. Dr. pretty slick and quick, cool lighting all right bed okay but everything else okay alright alright I'm less a function going to give me a call. We have four open lines 8 772-072-2760 we got let's get to Bryce from Salt Lake City Bryce welcome you on the air.

I was wondering what would you love it is the best way that what you plan a people a lot of time believed that in basically no believing something without evidence or their putting their fingers in their here and there. No believing it, believing something that a lot of baggage around where they many ideas of a just wondering what your son – or would you just go to with the Bible says about faith and is an example of that's when Jesus appeared to Thomas this is John 2027 2027 and he said to Thomas reach here with your finger and see my hands and reach here your hand and put it into my side and do not be unbelieving, but believe so that the word faith in the word believe in Greek of the same work just us PIS TOS and so he saying don't be unbelieving, but be believing anything to Thomas. Look at the evidence right there.

I believe faith is not just some blind belief. It is putting trust in the fact of the reality that is around us and that God works through. So when people say that is blind faith.

No, that's not what biblical faith is okay okay Wayne.

When the Bible for things like even your fate can get a person must apply God grants to be believe regrets we have flicked faith in Philippians 129 but we actually do the believing. This is difficult a lot of people trying to knock people but they're not theologically logically very astute for the most part and that's not not get insane or stupid is not it is a lot of this I had to learn over the years and find out that God grants that we have faith yet. We are also responsible for our faith and is a mystery to God grants it to us it were the ones who actually do the believing in a responsible and it so they both work together right to grants. We believe the commands of you believe you thought a lot. Think about the others. It has to do with when we get into discussions like this and I talked about this sometime what people do is get uppity and they said we don't need to learn all this highfalutin stuff while not if you don't study it and not if you don't deal with it.

But if you deal with it like an apologist like IM or others. You need to know these concepts such as the decree to prescriptive permissive will of God.

His ordination by direct and indirect means which would have direct causation and then proximate causation and efficient causation. These are aspects of logic, logical deduction and thought regarding the issues of believing and actions on God part of God's part in our responsibility and a lot of people say we don't need to learn the kind of stuff because it's dumb.

No, it's not. We have had to is a Christian body through the centuries, we've had to learn how to deal with varying attacks and sometimes of the attacks are sophisticated, so here's an example of something Jesus they we say is God in flesh will some critics will say, for example, how is it then that Jesus has two natures as you Christians say divine nature and the human nature can the divine essence, a divine nature, actually Diana Crossley is well know what it then only the Jesus only the human part died right you look at how the sacrifice of divine value. This is a question and I can answer it and will hurt a second, but this is a question of what you do if you have a pastor of a church raising this question, or false teacher of a church or a non-Christian church raising this question to the people and the people think.

That's right, it doesn't make sense to say he has two natures because it will not let him died. So this is a's the kind of a sophisticated argument, but it has effect on people and people can be led away from the faith, and so did I get an answer well is to nature.

That's called a hypostatic union in the one person or two distinct natures but the attributes of both natures are ascribed to a single person that's called the communication of the properties that the doctrine, the communication of the properties or Latin what they call it the Kennecott to enjoy multiple and it's a theological observation. The one person Jesus said I am thirsty I will be with you always, even in the earth, so the first case is claiming humanity – which of enemy humanity in the second case, the same person as claimant hatcheries of divinity.

So we see all so that humanity and the divinity in the one person we perceive the divine to the human we see Jesus walk on water were saying the divine action through the human action so therefore we perceive the work of the divine through the human and we see that Jesus died on the cross and we know that since he said I know it is finished and he finished the work of the father that came to do when he died that therefore the sacrifice of divine value in order to understand this doctrine and an answer yet another commuter car to idiom autumn and the hypostatic union as well as some aspect of the Trinity and so people come along. Is it you don't need all that doctrine. Yes, you do. Yes, you do a letter dealing with stuff okay so ignorance is not an excuse so okay so that's that's how it works right.

All right, I'd be think I agree very important. The predominant LDS religion kind of promote a feeling right. And I'm good and people come out of that and make it back what they did, they want nothing to do with it right. And though it's hard to part they know faith is not bad actually fit you been taught that your whole life right very difficult to make the clarification. It is and that's why Satan he works in Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses and Roman Catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy and Islam to get people to put their faith in their own faith or put their faith in their own feelings or put their faith in the authority of the organization. Church profit above them and then when those things fail their faith fail. So therefore they reject all of it that's pretty common, and they don't realize that what Satan is done is trick them into not putting faith in the true Christ, but in circumstances, feelings, and false teachings. And so the name of the bathwater.

Yet, this is why I actually write I teach doctrine.

I teach doctrine because Christians did note and when I preach. I usually am preached a long time I missing it, but usually inserts 30 seconds to a minute of doctrine depending on the topic and the text on preaching and people routinely say they appreciate that this aspect of doctrine like folks on the teacher now for about one minute. Was called a hypostatic union. This is why Jesus said this over here love a lot. I teach it to them or the verses. You can check it out. That questions after the sermon come up and we'll talk about it some more people over the years, but man it is awesome. No one ever does that say I know right yeah so here you thought latter-day of the Christian general in the church may want no part of it when they come out and then when you win when actually take time to Pearson real Christian doctrine solid biblical foundation. It's like oh I didn't know there was that much here and take them off guard, but right it's hard to even get up the back.

You can consider it very difficult when you know I'm only five hours like this all looks down there as I drive down and just do Q&A for a couple of hours want to ask questions right, you will thank you.

Hi rise. God bless say folks through open mind what you call 707577077 charismatic slave everyone left about 20 after the hours want to give me a call through open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jeanette from Durham, North Carolina Jeanette welcome mat.

I regarding your inquiry on the question in regard to a very quick question to help out really quick and there went through it okay right at Brentwood and me in my great great sister in the Lord one number that we were talking last night was want to know good mental illness or the outside of a reprobate mind okay yes, this again is a great question. I went down is an article article on his account okay absolutely because God gives them over to the depravities are hard. In my Drive mind visa God has judged them, even them over and the context of it in Romans 126. I believe it is and let's see 28 just as I did not see fit. God acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, reprobate mind, to do those things which are not proper being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, full of envy, murder, strife to seek malice, gossips, landers, haters of God, insulin, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil.

This will be its appearance without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful that's that's mental illness, absolutely. So then this ominous I take this opportunity because a reprobate mind exists in the far left and also people in the far right as well, in that they do what I think what is evil is good and what is good is evil there full of unrighteousness.

This is a judgment upon them, and it's whacked to think that Christians are evil people, which is increasing more and more I made on an article on out-of-court about on carbureted in our network. I cannot help but thinking why I like it.

I had a partner quite thorough and it is really quick but going back to David coming out now what liking God did not keel that Malachi King, acting as an ADR ease and layout when he was nailed a profit on it to chill out everything because he disobeyed God. I think this is a reason I'm reading it I think of the agreement was a reason he wanted to get something or something and it came back to haunt people later.

These disobeyed God's will is disobeyed and intellect and when I was thinking about the dog collar prior to you dimmer train apologetic dear all public yet it apologetic what would you just say it. They have an apologist of knowledge is intelligent, okay, I'm a nerve of politics did apologist and it is apologetics so someone who practices at apologetics is an apologist. I do it full time oncologist to defend the Christian faith establishment things like okay and genetic is her many excerpt Herman hermeneutic correctly okay that's a hermeneutics is the science of properly understanding literature and its context and its meaning something like that's applied to Scripture. It means to understand properly what the Bible teaches in certain areas and is varying principles so I have an article how to understand Scripture on Carmen.

I take the ticket commonly held verse or section of verses 02 men in the field one is taken, one is left and how everybody says it's the rapture and it's not rapture rapture occurs, but that's not it, and I use that text and I show how look at the context look at the parallel verses and you see is not the rapture. It's about the wicked being taken and so use it as an example, and a lot of people have written me and said they read through that article how to interpret the were convinced that verses aren't about the rapture happens a lot. So hermeneutics is a process of understanding what something means. But looking at its text, context related text words, culture, things like that. I love that yet. I learned on a carved up or you get the yes up okay and you are like that guy I know you say would you like, you okay okay well I'm darned thank you you're welcome and God bless you call and Jeanette all right I will thank you all right hey we have for open lines do want to give me a call 87720722761 remind you go to O DY sign-up search for Carmen and then just follow for the car videos I have thought radio shows channel but not really following that one and I have met slick channel which would you be using these things later on. His Odyssey develops and we move forward that we I know that YouTube is better. I know it's bigger but YouTube is also run by some semi-intolerant people… And work removing stuff over to a place that will not be I will not exercise censorship on the freedom of expression and freedom of speech and Smith going over there right folks for open lines 877-207-2276 only because of you call it, so talk to Alberto welcome on arrogant buddy yeah good evening Max Lake might okay if I would say that the father. You got me pregnant Jesus on eternal son is on the present the active. No. At this spirit has season. He taught me pregnant. On the pregnant, then die and if it. After all, all on the parenthesis. How can they coexist in the in the faith of a company threatened because they didn't look allowed each other once I'm there on their own spirit as these terms because you don't use them. Clearly, you can end up in confusion and so to say.

Each has a spirit is difficult because what is it mean to have a spirit, the Holy Spirit is to be called that the Holy Spirit and is also reference as though the spirit of Christ. There's a spirit of the father and so these are all terms of intra-Trinitarian relationship so has understand that the Trinity is one being in three distinct simultaneous coeternal persons personhood means self-awareness awareness of others things like, and so that's what God is how we perceive God is through his revelation found in Scripture and what he does is he reveals himself in the Bible is three distinct simultaneous person is what it does is what we do as we say God is three distinct simultaneous persons in the nature of God is that he is on the present is everywhere all the time. Psalm 19 lines for McCall 07.

Don't forget to go to Odyssey life sign-up search for Carmen.

Why call 77077 Stiller hello everybody.

So that's on the ground upon which of the nature of the Trinity go-ahead.

Okay now I have to ball quickly in the competent spirit, Romans chapter 8 verse nine. It would not cry than that. So we do as you're mixing two different verses that that are different categories.

Okay what you mean about that you have a cry.

Yet buddy in heaven and I was barely on earth though Holy Spirit with an abutment with the quite ongoing. But all three members of the Godhead dwelt into Alice as well as three father on close as the sun and Moses Holy Spirit indwells us right S&H of the Trinity fall yet and after that one variable). Thank will delete the Trinity is him mystery a paradox is not illogical but it is there. What we see in Scripture is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons or God himself what he does is possessed by his nature of his essence. His divinity is intellect with the in the commercial that I heard unifier, it doesn't look for heat it is hot by its nature, this is how it is first hot by nature God is omnipresent by nature just what he is and when we perceive God we perceive him in three ways. One, through creation, one through the Scriptures and the other through Christ. So it's that the Trinitarian revelation, the Trinity of Revelation creation Scripture Jesus creation is is is sufficient to let us know that God exists. Scripture is sufficient to tell us what God wants and Jesus is sufficient to tell us what God is and so we look at him that way and through that in the whole of Scripture revelation, we conclude that the one God in three distinct simultaneous persons how this works in the Godhead. I don't know this will Scripture teaches us how it is and that's how we perceive it and teach about what is one God, but all three are indwelling us the letters.

A doctor was called the divine simplicity that God is a single thing. So if you were to have a carbon sphere or a sphere made of steel. His feet sphere made of iron.

It doesn't matter just sitting at a table sphere made up last. Let us do this like a sphere about 2 foot diameter of pure glass just sitting in your table is one thing, just oneness of God is he's one thing like that is not three-part to take 1/3 of the amount that's the asked Jesus 1/3 out. That's the father.

1/3 abdominal you can't take parts out. It just one thing divine simplicity and in that divine simplicity is of the members of the Godhead intra-dwelt each other is called the Pyrrhic recess. The indwelling of the personhood of each person in the other.

Their creases of mutual indwelling. When we see when we understand this, we understand, and in the revelation of Scripture one God, one thing when being who manifests to us in three distinct simultaneous persons okay okay I never never land it like one lab anchored near no I never heard of going through a thorough. Most people would most people are not studying at this at this level and that this does not mean being better than them is not that not studying enough pastors have so much to do and they they rise to the level of the need they don't need to answer questions like this.

I do nest why most pastors don't teach like this because they don't need to know that that deeply there counseling somebody's working on committees or you don't. Doing various things, preparing sermons and is not knocking them at all. That's what they're called to do so.

That's why most pastors just don't teach that stuff they haven't cited it at that level I'm kind of impeccable overcome the denominational billing when you challenge them about certain question… Trinity.

They vehicle great mutiny but I think I got everything after that or the knowledge you now that happened sometimes like planning I would really say is normative as a most pastors do a really good job in most pastors are very competent in the word and godly honor the Lord want to serve him by serving the congregation. Your loving, forgiving their sacrificial and they're just wonderful. Most of them are agile and because of an apologist, so when I preach, I insert some of my expertise in that area and are not prepped to do that. That's not a complaint it's not knocking them.

It's just I do that because I can do that and it's nice to do.

I think more pastors ought to do that here and there, insert doctrinal statements in and explain something document.

I think it's a good grounding for for people and that's a thank you by God… Awaiting their guidelines you want right okay but he got us was Alberto from Georgia let's go have fertilized want to give me a call for wide-open lines for you. 877-207-2276 Kent from Durham North Carolina can't welcome it on here. I doing fine how are you doing what you want God God they want to name God. God is not a title about that betrayed about that all the holy question Bob say what you question with name of the father. There is no nabob US to question two. There is no name of the feller specifically that's given okay there you go.

Company shall be word says the father's name is Simeon Scripture was at the father has a name. His name is winners would verses that you know I said show me the verbiage.

It will show me the verse where it says the father, the name of the father is in the father's name is S show that to me in Scripture, it so you don't have it in Scripture was not there got taken out for taken of the Catholic Church. Did you realize that have you realize we have biblical manuscripts for the Catholic Church was ever there and that the Old Testament Masoretic text, the Septuagint, etc. all of it says the statement with the very same thing the Catholic Church could not have taken out all of the references throughout history that continue to be rediscovered of the debt that no sense whatsoever, Kent.

It's just not accurate but about the impact in the name of the Falbo in the Holy Spirit of God is not a name of a good night well developing Elohim is not a name. It's just the Hebrew word God… It is not a title.

His like all deliver would be a title with his word.

God there, and so God tells us what his name is when Moses says behold I'm going to the sons of Israel. I will send them the God of your fathers has sent me to you how they may say what is his name what shall I say to them, God said to Moses, I am who I am and he said thus you shall say to the sons of Israel. I am has sent me to you. So that's the name of God is. I am you accept that you reject that you what, no no no no no no no picnic liquid did you accept it or do you okay with so that I can count. So when God answers a question what's his name. He says I am. That's what God says his name is I am right actual name is you well that is yes, I'd have to say this, Kent. You do not have all your theological cause in the litter box here. I know you gobble and you get so are you on the sacred name movements with the church is it that you go to the group will act out and get him out of the creek and allow you could be. I asked Jane I asked you what you heard of mice which church you go to Catelli. Please follow along as Christianity on the low Christianity could no longer log in. I asked you what church you go to hell. I will move along all right hey folks, we have for the life you call me 77 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave segment, and I find out there and look for car and you can sign up to follow was ruling over the Odyssey mentioning it periodically.

We do have father's dominant and there even work today since the show Prescott artist get to Susan from Indiana Switzerland merely hearing your bait from Indiana yet. If yes you are on the air. Yes, I called to ask about Rh negative blood and controversy get attached to that and do you have any knowledge about the controversy with Let's group well never having heard of that were studied before during the break. As I saw that want to talk about that. I wanted a little bit of reading on. That's about it and it's interesting that the study some more, but that I don't know why I know what what's up with that. Well I got I it's been overwhelming for me to get. I didn't know that I get it now and I'm really found out more about it. Everything at 16 years of age that it makes life dangerous in my life. I think Henry can make that have been very uncomfortable when I was young.

The doctor demanded I give a hysterectomy and tell you now. Like if she was young endowment. What will then result what we found out that she filled the and it was because of this rare black.

No one told me that I have a very rare. There rare blood type with not only the RA scoop special or that it I have a special enzyme at the time you need to integrate the group without the unique and I'm uniquely been my doctor at Fagg and I needed to be careful on April 1, 2019. He said, but cultivated none that my life would be in danger because of my blood that the country you're in database and he's not.

I'm not very Christian and you can hear is very concerned.

You have to be concerned on your safety now and I've had for you know terrible things happening. Then a friend who she got in the ceiling on that were not a cloud that she text me the day pain I just fell your blood is you in the bloodline of Jesus. Maybe that's why you have that people literally people and tried to kill me literally people try to kill me recently and I don't get any help from law enforcement and because she text me back and then Manhattan California Navy seal, he killed both the children at 10 miles. I have a question about this guideline about that sure what that plan trying my my first time with everything well-versed. I got home I got maybe he can tell me what is that certain churches and individuals that are in their churches who had to have this, now that make an little bit of the target P&L for uncomfortable and I will get what ever it is I know better.

I strongly believe that conception comes from God just taken my birth and not whenever my blood is no better than anyone else. Okay, I'm concerned they still like that shirt spin. You do go to church right well and Kelvin, and I packed my car to charge up in Lake but I'm not hopeful to hold a lot going on there. Yes, find out, incidentally, to continue to listen to me. You'll find out a lot to say about all is not good, but you need to go to a good church and I would not recommend the Church and find a good Protestant shirt and couldn't talk to the elders about various issues in the church, but you also leaving contact with your doctor about all these things and just what you can do you do with the doctor, so I'm not qualified. I am just a theologian.

Okay, now I understand that acumen on people are telling people that had like a dog for the public that we are alien for not working in my name and let you move along the That's is way off base and the you know that were not so in a move that was going continue on here. Let's get to John from Winston-Salem North Carolina. John welcome her on the air right doing that I give them a call and I bowed birth yahoo define okay okay what would Jesus religion before you with that John the Baptist tracked Jewish Jewish deadly thing you know when he baptized the rocketry began right and will know Christianity is a result of his death, burial and resurrection. I would say that this Christian church for less, depending on a few things more or less began at Pentecost annexed to the Holy Spirit came down upon people. There's a debate about that we define things can okay everything out great okay okay okay okay in the first job was thick at the five that verse 7884 there are three that bear record in heaven bought the word and the Holy Ghost, and the three outline eight and there are three that bear quit. In the water in the hood and the three Greek and one now my hoisting that you lied to the pastors or years after I heard in church or you they refer to the at the Trinity: M.and.Holy Spirit because it is not the end. I don't basically the way it is and about you in pain, longingly greatly. Do you mean in this verse is the same father-son Holy Spirit right right yeah there's there are manuscript differences with this particular verse is called the, Jahan EM you're talking and it's it's it's of the controversial different manuscripts have in some don't.

That's all that's going on, and so some will speak of it and some won't, and cycles on Elliott manuscripts pacing out they will understand when they say now all alone in the book that way you know that we preaching the truth and four years all I've heard the Trinity. Like I heard you talking true right.

I'm not that I'm not I'm not noted in anything I just want to know why they don't reach the way that it is in the Bible way most people today follow along. Most pastors I've ever encountered. Do teach which of the Bible to go verse by verse. The Bible most excellent know you fan when I athlete will affect a lot of people vacating right so that brain your attention because rapidly shoplifted the anything to be explained if this really anything, why not you know they don't. I'm not really sure what you're asking exactly, but I have an idea what you think about writing an email to us at we have people who answer emails were pretty good, and if you get stuck. I help out, but you could ask this question and try asking it different ways and then we can maybe respond to maybe write an article about not exactly sure what you're asking and I think that if you write it down. It probably would help when I'm out of field on the right the ship.

But what I'm asking you what you been referring to the Trinity at and hold what it doesn't say this in the Bible. What at and I'm not as insane. What does it say the true that if I may quote the Trinity is what is funds in the spirit of these were Trinity craving right right okay file. The reason that it doesn't need to use were Trinity. It doesn't use the word atheist, but it says the fool is hardest. So there is no God. Psalm 14 one.

So it knows the concept the doctor the trinities arrived at systematically.

You don't need a single verse were single word in order for to be true. Okay, okay, just like actually the word monotheism means is only one God knowledge.

This is all place all time. The word monotheism does not occur in the Bible. The concepts taught in Isaiah 43, 44, 45 so we just use those words to summarize the concepts taught in Scripture that's all, but not a about update. In other words, about not not not really saying it but it make a note like subliminal messaging upward is not subliminal message, it's the theologians of the sentries who examine God's word and have written down in an deducted deduced I should say what the Scriptures actually say that that's a good website and read up on the Trinity. For example, is a lot of articles there.

Trinity and on the ARM if and that's with headhunter was already eight alien visitors 48 million.

Okay thank you all right appreciate you welcome God bless. All right, let's get to Ella from Utah hello welcome you here on I can have them running away now it's saving a one of the simple ways to die and go to heaven but is probably not what your help. Okay, if this is so's I think it was a little more convenient in this life.

John 513 is it's as easy to written, so you may know you have eternal life. Finished two main things to look at.

One is orthodoxy and what is worth the proxy orthodoxy is the confirmation and acceptance of the belief and affirmation of the truth things of Scripture and the other one is there's a changed life worth the proxy but we do so we say we know him don't keep his commandments. Truth is not in us were liars stress first John 24 so as Christians we were not perfect, but we try love God, which I love our neighbor. We go to church with the word we pray.

We try to be honest, but those are the things that save us. They don't keep us saved, but they just are reflections of what is inside of us and so were saved. We know by but the truth of God's word and and in what is Ashley's is not gotten the planet.

Things like that were out at times when talking so fast you come back tomorrow without having some you welcome so much all right yes I would love to just answer questions in a church is the Lord, by the way, there's the music that go worthless back on there tomorrow. Powered by the Truth Network

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