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November 15, 2021 5:43 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 15, 2021 5:43 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt reads through some humorous hate mail CARM has received.--2- What are things that Jesus did that made him a good -fisher of men----3- How can we emulate Christ- What specific things---4- Is there such a thing as a carnal Christian- Will they still be saved but just lose reward in heaven- How does this relate to eternal security- -1 Corinthians 3---5- A caller wanted to debate Matt's position on the hypostatic union.--6- What do Lutherans believe about baptismal regeneration-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Why is it apologetic to research what is Autoblog you have questions about Bible doctrine that maps what why Grimes is called responding to your questions and my Friday so one and I hope you have a good list of good callers we have nobody waiting right now if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276. All right there you go down there okay well alright so you don't think about likable things here. One of them is something I haven't done for a long time we have hate mail love and hate mail and I used to read love and hate mail stuff like that though some people actually tell him how they miss it so because fries are sometimes slow. What I thought I would do just go in. Maybe do some mail and it already curricula because I saw this would like to do this a little of the builders can read through some stuff and well this will have to tell you of it ceased kick out of it okay. Sorry for those of you don't know what's going on here. This is so Christian apologetics show and we have to question so you want to give McCall we talk about the everyday spiritual from a Christian perspective so that sounds entertaining, then please give us a call.

By the way, I'm supposedly on discord tonight doing in a M a ask me anything and people's lineup – the questions I answered questions with a lot of atheist giving and agnostics Catholics.

So all kind of people Muslims we talk about all kinds of stuff to do that for an hour tonight if you want to join in all you do.

So while is link up yet but you gotta go to Wakonda Road/calendar and I'll put the link up there tonight, so check it out there willing to go to sign up for an account and go to the server. We let in enlistment things like that. Alright so here we go after this a long time somebody real that I hate mail I love it and I think is fun.

So I really see there's somebody sent me a link and I watch a little bit of it and I could actually get a kick out of it.

There's this guy and he he he hates certain people is a Christian guy apparently and in a certain point in the video.

You could listen to him explain why I'm a jerk, had he loves me and with James White and calls me names of things like this, Dr. Jean, Kim, and it's just it's kind of funny that he calls me a jerk. You know I'm a jerk. Okay, that's what he says so you cannot have that, all right, and others that say well met you start you show with a lie lie after lie about facts.

I won't even look at your documentation, you poor thing was those lies roll off your tongue like you been practicing it for years. Wow I love this stuff. I like a kick out of it. So if you want to give McCall by the way folks 877-207-2276 if I would like to know that he was on. He says there's one problem you don't sound believable you stammer you try to fill the blanks between what actually happened and what you want your followers to believe you select. You are lying and people aren't dumb so people will believe you, but not but many won't social people and the ones who see through your lies will question what else your lying to them about I get a kick out of that I think is fun and so exited with another, and let's see okay right now with this one. Lexi, I've been a fan of the site for a long time to visit the site today to get clarification with the Bible says about abortion specifically to date, blah, came across a society, where's the insult okay I guess, is not a good dismissed Mr. Denham. This categorizes trying a lawyer.

Good luck taking the mark of the beast, thanks to Gates Fauci, etc. in order take this trip.

I'm sure the vaccine will be even more Jean altering by then. Just think how you been you how much you will enabled enrichment of Satan's minions, and how many people you will be leading down to hell for eternity. Is this really worth a few moments of pleasure. The idol of hedonism looms large in today's world. This is in response to going to Israel cancel the trip because of all the covert stuff we go to Israel and I got consulted for that.

All right, let's try this one we never hear you share the gospel of Jesus Christ. All you do is promote a political agenda.

I'm tired of telling you this truth of this truth. You talk with a leftist and their agendas. If that was the gospel of Jesus Christ. I do not talk about the left's agendas. If it's the gospel. While that's news to me everyday. I compare with people say what the Bible to what the Bible says most of the trash you discuss is not biblical. All man I love that. I guess that's why put scriptural time and people: they look at this verse currently are going to go there is so see it's obvious that you are an educated man bring people to Christ although socialism and counterculture is gibberish. Most of the supporters must be political right" of this when Lexi how about this one. Let's see, I'm praying for you Mr. slick's.

I'm praying for the loss to stumble across this site now that you got. Now that's a good insult or anything insult me. That's a good way to start off I could give that grade. Nothing so far is about an seven or eight you really get in there. I'm praying for you Mr. slick as I'm praying for the loss to stumble across us lights. The site you too good right there directed to rely to get to it. If you are an example of Christ love would you want who would want to be like you, join you, it is people like you who are responsible for the decline of faith among the young.

You reek hate and I discern the fall. Satan himself is governing your website and you are willing puppet.

May God have mercy on your soul. Do not use one word of my sins and nothing that is of the will be polluted by you in your efforts to settle a soul spell. I mean come on you is pretty tough like a kick out of it okay. Luckily Nicole 87720722768 what you guys think in the chat select this email tell me they won't start. 28. Milligan, so I am going to get okay alright let's see I enjoy watching on you to. I find it hilarious that your discussion on discord that your discussion on discord that are available and debates between you and Malpass Delahunt, etc. where you constantly try deflecting tactics okay. I am positive good positive now more than ever that you will chart is willingly woefully incorrect.

These are just these are some people don't write well. These are very intelligent people who point out obvious problems with the arguments. The biggest is tag with the simpler you begging the question of great proof for God, you, you are clearly a intellectually dishonest snake oil salesman was very heavy, narcissistic personality all man like pretty good I think is good. All right Outlook folks if you want to give me a call.

Want to give me a call 87720722761 here and give McCall and we can talk okay. Got five of the line so that I become 1/3. Talk to you point a finger at you. I heard of a pastor, Arnold Murray is the best I've learned a lot from him better. He's a he's wacko there is no rapture.

Of course there is. But you will find the Bible all yes you will. It's in first Thessalonians 416 agenda five are still as I've learned about the antichrist and a lot of other true things.

Her her HR matrix reject God's word. He reached chapter by chapter verse by verse.

If you are a real Christian, you wouldn't know not to judge God is the judge. Pastor Murray is awesome. You should be ashamed of yourself for bashing him when you are but seems to me you're the one people should stay with.

From there he got a stop at the passion, merciful teacher. I have documentation on the website so you go see one more. Lexi will get the caller to come in that she is a prophet called upon by the most holy father in these last days.

I'm here to tell you all this is good.

This is a prophet guys names Larry Larry, the prophet as a prophet, called upon by the most holy father in his last days. I'm here to tell you that the words coming out of your mouth are not of the Holy Spirit, but by an egotistical posterior braggart lover of self revival are fully that's possible. Wow, all man. It is good okay the comfort of your mouth that of the Holy Spirit, but by an egotistical posterior braggart lover of sulfur filer and bully the other people could insult me as well that that's good. Okay where is the love that is so special to the father's Holy Spirit. You're only showing people what you know and how smart you are, which is not of the father, his spirit, his son, you bring about chaos while and cause confusion and try to make the born-again Christian doubt his faith. Salvation wow this is of the evil one and all the characteristics that you have showed me mentioned earlier in the letter is destined to be cast into the lake of fire. You need to get on the ground and begged the father for forgiveness of such waywardness. You exhibit halfway through the callers I am baptized by the Lord for the father's Holy Spirit. I asked the father to please help me say the right words to you so you will listen not to me but what the spirit is trying to say to you how the skies using profit.

Okay and I truly feel you have not the Spirit, nor have you been born again you are using on mortal mind talking of spiritual things you cannot discharge virtual links but thinks it's usually you cannot discern spiritual thinks if you are not of the father spirit. Pray for the father to forgive you and get back your feet again on your feet again doing what is doing what he is wanting you to do for him not met slick, peace be unto you forever and always. Okay Larry will give his last book is a prophet. Apparently, and all man I love the stuff, or a trip allotted want to give me a call 877-207-2276 all rights Dylan from Ohio. Welcome your on the elevator not. I appreciate your reading them mail dialectic that I do enjoy listening to you on my way home from work. Okay that you really like the hate mail.

Let's read the complement that you get some time and I'm sure you get the to right yeah I get a lot of them but not as fun as the hate mail mail is very enjoyable and I have the love mail. I've hundred 92 thank you's and when I was reading was about 125 of them so we got admit what's up there. My question yeah so being a fisher of men was something that is great about our so what are three things that you sure Jesus did made him a good fisher of men with three things he did that. They did a good fishers of men. I'll tell you, I will hold off for good break. Let's see past all right they folks. We have silver lines 8772072277577077 pairs nicely back when Dylan Dylan from Ohio you still there right so you want me to answer the question what three traits of Jesus made him a good fisherman right right there to encourage future. It's a problem it's a problem because there is no standard by which we can hold Jesus to to say that he is a good fisherman is like saying this Jesus was God in flesh, here are the three things we know about. This is why he's good. That would mean then that Jesus was God in flesh. The subject was standard that is not based in his own nature is essence.

The reason Jesus is a good fisher of men comes down to one ultimate think because he's God in flesh. And all the properties that emanate out of his ass. And that is nature. Those are the things of the parts of which we then observe and out of his goodness, which is his nature, he told the truth he performed miracles. He died for us and I did all the things necessary etc. etc. okay. Should your after that more than three I'm not okay. What is the thing that I can work on or your listeners work to follow you sure 03 things we should work on.

Okay, so I will and that different question. So what we do to emulate Christ is Jesus is God in flesh was humble.

He taught he served. He died, he performed miracles. Okay, these are the kinds of things that he did and were to emulate him. Much as we can argue their progress.

Okay, you got anything else take care not, I'm headed to the barbershop railing outside the glass event on target. All you your window cleaner somewhat a window cleaner. I had that job for a while. Clean Windows. I enjoyed it was fun and I'm not a window, and I'm going to get my haircut I work at Amazon with you to clean the inside window and outside the window that's inside of the vessel.

Okay, now my knee again the vessel, but I can plan to continue to live and I appreciate it all right. Good God bless Dylan I was doing to him with three open lines.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to José from Texas welcome you on here God is going well, okay at your and you thought about the Cardinal, Christian doctrine and I will know know know a bit more about it and maybe I get you bill how to work the birds though as dark yet I okay I think and talk about which first the go-ahead. I'll be art artbut not because of their day being on on a carnal again when they go to heaven.

I'm glad you cared.

But don't get that reward in that little bit how the carnal Christian faith even though though any lengthy they live that will in Christian life. It's a tough one to kinda get through because what he's talking about and for students. Our brethren could not speak to us a spiritual man but as men of flesh as to infants in Christ I gave you milk to drink and not solid food, for you, for you were not able to receive it. Indeed, even now you're not even able, for you are still fleshly for since it is there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly and are you not walking like mere men, and then he goes on to say on the call on the Paulus and what he's doing is he's talking to the to the Corinthians that we can assume in the Corinthian church. There were really believers and they were really people who were not believers who were just going there checking things out who might be false converts. So when he talks of how often will say you guys need to repent and people say see that these are Christians in their going to help you know he's talking to a group, but he does say is I gave you milk and you're not able to receive it says you're still fleshly because why because of jealousy and strife for this in the context he's talking about. So can Christians have jealousy and strife interest yes they can can Christians make mistakes can neatly walk in the flesh, to some degree, not not saying they're out there murdering and stealing and all that stuff that's all they're doing in and they get a ghetto heaven. That's not what were talking about, but you can have Christians in a group who were just not acting like supposed to be acting you know and and I've seen it in groups and places where Christians get gossipy and talk about other people. Let's fleshly it is really not Christianized but it does mean that they need to repent of those kinds of sins and follow Christ.

He says you're not fleshly and are you not walking like mere men he saying if you're a Christian. Let's see it start acting like it don't gossip, don't be used have strife and jealousy at he said she said lack of humility don't look to others as you identify with in the 90's got me thinking because some people say I am of the Pope on the Catholic model Peter and this is fleshly notable to follow Christ, so that kinda stuff okay okay you have the equipment that meets another question what. Go I'm not sure I'm not of the low donate to the myth, anything that will get you off on the required believe that all you need not look I believe a person be saved accorded the you cried with obviousness and you can file by negative certain that a Christian can and met up with that in a carnal state but still be say and and that the question will it in the Christian is billed at the given example right standing anything on it.

For example, what if that party they and because of the security they had had their milk they believe in, cried but I get it, let me help you. Okay right so the initial eternal security is whether or not we can lose their salvation on Jesus says in John 637 to 40 speaks of the all of the father gives him he will not cast out because the will of the father that he not lose John 637 just can't lose it so that you get back talk about this and how it relates to folks trivializing call 877207577077 away from YouTube over the Odyssey bugs to work out their old DYS EE you want to check it out. It's growing and I would ask that you go to to sign up his login sign-up drill easy and then search for karma see ARM and just follow us here on current and overgrown and that's good. And so to be using it because it's a format where the negative sense are you being Christians and stuff for reprint were preparing for possible situation where the left. The liberals of demand tolerance and will penalize you if you're not tolerant everybody thought her intolerably demanding tolerance. And so, if you will comply to kick us off and one of things are concerned, but also is is a financial stuff and what the left in their power to be able to turn off your accounts and things like the socks were moving stuff over to safer areas so that you continue ministering to people and that one of the ways were doing that is Odyssey old DYS go check it out if you want, and love that and also one last thing before get back to the caller is that I'm doing Petri on videos as the economy is affecting all kinds of people and including the the finances at Carmen. I'll let you know that this is a way to support this ministry make me in particular because I have not had a raise in this ministry, and five or six years maybe seven.

I don't remember suspense. I didn't worry about anymore is the cost of living goes up. Of course you know it so it's not good. So if you're interested in supporting when I do go to Petri on PT RTO selective Petri slick and you can help up center for little bit and that's about that when help as well. Alright José from Texas. Welcome your back on the okay you there alright so Jesus said before the break of Tonya.

He says that the will the father is that of all that he's given been given by the father that Jesus was none.

Jesus isn't gonna lose any because that's the will the father of people sometimes say that you lose yourself but that's not what the issue is about is between the father and the son. This is the will of the father that all that he's given me.

I will lose none but raise it up on the last day the will of the fathers of all who were given to the son is that you will resurrect them and all who believe in your son will be resurrected so ever believes that means you are a believer. At one point you'll become an unbeliever. Your believer not get any exegesis, but now alright so can a Christian sin and absolute answers will yes now is okay to send. It is not okay to say that I'm not advocating soon.

I'm not saying that so we can sin all they want, and only got do bad and evil things and it still fine. That's not what I'm saying but we understand our salvation is not depend upon our works, even though their false religious systems that teach that it is like faith and your works gets you saved.

That's a false doctrine.

If you don't get your salvation by your works. You don't lose it by your works. So what we do with a Christian than who let's say starts slipping blessings really regenerate and he starts sliding and he starts doing little more bad stuff and that he might be where he should be aware condition.

The Holy Spirit is wrong and he just continues to do anyway will then if this continues and continues. One of the things that God might do with that individual is Kellum's if you take that you find this kind of thing in prescriptions five and it also acts chapter 5 where people who were supposed to be serving God were executed by God will in the next five they were in first Corinthians 5 us of positive gets the one who was putting some sexual sin delivers deliver them over to the destruction of his flesh, so this'll be saved the day of judgment.

So a lot of Christians don't realize that God takes our walk with him seriously. This is why when I talk to people about the coming Christians.

I say look, you need to trust in Christ, which is true you to turn from your sins, which is true you to believe and receive the gift of salvation.

A crisis given Astro. I warned them that if you do this you understand something, because God is real and he lived in you. He's going to change you can work on Iraq and leave you as you are to God will take US you are, but won't leave you?

He'll work through you and that you had to be willing to be shaped when I first became a Christian. Nobody told me what I should have to go through and I'm telling you the stuff I've been through and maybe you to others. After listening, it's just incredible.

Some of the stuff you gone through and as for sanctification, and development. Sure you can relate. So with those of us in that situation who would then turn our backs on God and walk in sin. We know better. God may very well take you out and so this is the concern so that helps any and your answer better and you you advocate. I like that it yeah and it all depends how a person saying something in the context or setting and so you can save better. One day, and not so good the other day and things like that. And I've done that many times of preaching and teaching this and come out right. That happens.

But we are secure in Christ, and we can't lose our salvation, but is not an excuse to sin, and if people do start treating it as an excuse to Sandor Dickinson anyway then God will discipline them and this is just part of what it means to be a Christian. So we need to take it very seriously. This is why I said I talk to people about the coming Christians.

I warned him better count the cost The cosmos getting into.

Don't give Jesus try for two weeks and see if life gets better and you go for goes back to you.

Try try Jesus you commit your life to Christ as your as he will be your Lord and he will live in you start working on and it's not fun.

Sometimes it's not. But other times it's wonderful it's it's reality. Amen brother. I will be talking.

God bless what alright folks for open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is Kateri from Montréal. Terry welcoming on the air. I thank you very much think that fidelity gave challenge you on your understanding that your position on the incarnation, I think you all that classical Orthodox position that everything with hypostatic union yet. I believe that heresy small, can I define fine with hypostatic union is that you think is heresy to keep it simple delimiter you believe that the Messiah do this quite slowly with honor at Pune. Our human nature fully human nature. In a fully divine that I good enough yet, except I would say he had then and he still does now is now. Yes he's a man right now just two distinct natures I have to guess that I would have bet okay and I believe that Eric and I actually found you on the debate that bond standing for two ministry. I don't know if he contacted you but I'm debated somebody else. I wanted to debate you wanted that.

I think you are no more popular, but I give you one example of why the Dorothy your position is that the messiahs will be managed fully divine on earth. I would even want to spend at that today I have begun.

Therefore, relegating eye at Temple faith size. So basically that would, if you would apply found that it are your understanding of the incarnation on Devon.

That would mean his eternal nature with low, though I've known John 118 FNP is begotten from the bosom of the father that you hold on land with respect and trimmed the polite, you don't understand. You don't understand eternal nature begotten son what it means you get your five okay okay only ask you to affirm or do you deny the doctrine of the Trinity. I don't use the work I put in quotation I like what the Godhead get out in front of me try that someone do you deny or affirm that the God is one being who has three simultaneous and distinct persons of father-son Holy Spirit I believe.

I believe that one being okay so the word is divine right okay in your Bible.

Ephesians 10341 and the right back after his best faith 720-765-7707 Ephesians 1414. Use that your from understanding and correct me if I'm wrong. You're thinking that begotten means that there's a temporality with Christ. That's not possible if these divine I want to make sure you method it that way. Don't argue a point that I never made it on when he think that you'd only begotten son within the book of the father that show that he is by God from eternity.

Micah 52 okay there is nature E of eternal youth from the very nature of the father.

I'm bringing you that in that show that the Messiah is begotten that day which means Temple relegated the Temple faith within the eye and fell. If your fitting embodiment of Messiah is begotten today. I would also relegated eternal nature of the temple which is a contradiction. I'm good. My position is the incarnation is that the… Defendant with Bill and having acted on 313. While the projected light and at the end of that light over the body prepared as per Psalms 40 per think that this would okay live in heaven while he was under that he was fully man on at the end of the protection of that light, so that if Jesus all the was Jesus also divine monitors knowing what it okay man at the okay about so you're the heretic's check that about them and you haven't responded on hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold, when you quote versus you know we always like to look at them in context and what your knowing is you need to finish home you still there we listen and I'll talk okay so this is today have begotten you.

That's from written Psalm about 2000 years before Christ. So how then is he begotten at 2000 year of your thousand BC for that one. There okay yes Psalm to your some triangular noise in the background. There Psalm to do our part Psalm two was written about a thousand BC it says right then today I got you. So what is this almost mean when he says today. A thousand BC that he begotten son.

What does that mean that prophetic think I may have happened by so is prophetic to good the problem so that prophetic. When Jesus is born right back. I saved every earthly that well let your incorrect the deafness in their initial so that's that. You're correct sure that arrests will mask so you're telling me then that Jesus was not God in flesh right he would not fully divine honor okay little me asking the question I'm asking that human nature died right on the cross that they yes so how is it that the sacrifice was a divine value fully the human nature died because he got, he humbled and felt that having the fact that he humbled himself, not something that takes away from the days of my prerogative to hold on so humility doesn't make you divine.

So slip into five through eight are talking about the gnosis but the thing is I'm asking you how. If only his human nature died how the sacrifice of divine value. If only the human divine because the fact that he humbled and felt that it take away from is from eternity. So then Jesus is God in the flesh on the cross right. I think I made myself clear from the very beginning. You're not that man on earth okay lobby. And hold on hold on okay on the cross is your method it that I'm trying to explain no you're confused on your own position because there's inconsistency in and I'm trying to show you are trying to show you know what I'm talking really does work to just jump right in.

Okay so okay so Jesus was not divine by his by this person right direct, then why would Jesus honor. Why would Jesus say that I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth when he was on earth because he delaying the method that comes from having nice as I says on. I he says I will be with you and since Jesus just will be with you always write how is it possible if he's not God in flesh is just a man house and he can be with everybody always everywhere possible way that would have hyper human nature.

Obviously I made it clear from John 313, which says that the Son of Man did in heaven. While the on earth he was still in heaven. I've used that line, it is not a that addresses I had finished my statement that I will you know what they think about that from the very beginning that stop stop stop stand and if it's not, as I knew I prepared for okay okay you can tell that there are people like this. They don't listen. They only want to talk and they don't really know how to engage in a real dialogue and one of the evidence. As you can see his Alaska question and the question is ignored and they go to something else and then they repeat what they state like I get that I respond to it asking the question ignored and they go on to John 313, which is a Jesus was in heaven and on earth at the same time with John 313 says is, no one has ascended into heaven, but he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man, Jesus has descended from this the hat from heaven. This is a demonstration of his deity is what is the verse doesn't say with this guy says it says. There Terry Terry okay because you can answer. I think you there buddy okay trike. I clicked the wrong button. Sorry about that. So when you call diverse diverse of the say what you said no geez.

Another argument quoted a copy.

If you want me to read it back and read every know I was reading it to you on the NES. Now, no one has a new view located on 42nd… Stop, stop, no one has ascended into heaven, but he who descended from heaven. Son of Man is the NTSB I'm reading it.

Okay, that no man had extended up to heaven, but he came down from heaven, even defense of man is while being a man on earth again. My think about that will benefit okay you okay so I just hung up on you folks. This is, it's a certain mentality certain attitude that is not conducive to good discussion. We make this statement, and then continues to go.

I call it verbal carpet bombing and he's not listening is not interacting. He only wants to teach and there are several areas that he doesn't understand I'm trying to work with him slowly impatiently, and what he did was he was reading out of looks like the King James version. This is he who is in heaven is not in the NASB version at all and I'm going list. Check other versus other versions to see what's going on but that's right it's not there and it's only in the King James version that is there and then we have what's called an issue of textual variation and so he's going out of the King James and the Dewey Raines uses the same thing so when we have this is one of the things that talk about when we have a discrepancy in manuscript tree evidence then that becomes an issue.

He says who is in heaven, which I would not have a problem with a theologically either, but is not really what the text is saying the sky apparently is not teachable and that's a problem. Let's get to Nana from North Carolina and welcome your on here it would, and that your name Nana says, but not not yet not of it in AA and NA Nigerian name oh cool like that.

So we gonna okay so thank you for taking my call for one and my question is basically regarding the Lutheranism not sure I'm tied to you. Okay, as far as I've been learning this year. Basically, I've been understand that they have like a whole different system of filter reality then we Calvinists do, so I'm trying to understand with the baptismal regeneration in the possibility of falling away from the faith that they believe in house theory error is. Is there materiality believe it's a serious error.

And just so you know, I have amassed me and I have a bachelors degree from a Lutheran college I took all of the theology classes from that Lutheran college and then I'm going to Presbyterian seminary, so they do teach the idea that in baptism, say for example, an infant can be saved by the baptism I deny that they also teach that you can lose your salvation.

Though it's very difficult is not just you do a couple bad things.

You lost your salvation. It is that you have to willingly reject and continue to reject what Christ has done for you and then you can lose it so that's her position. I don't believe either one is true, and I remember taking the theology classes at Christ College, Irvine at the time and that it changed into Concordia University in Irvine, California and I were talking but I was able to teach what are you telling me that you get saved in your baptism of the tape and I remember is the best of my memory. It was well yes, but there was a button to it and I could never nail down exactly what that but was and so for the most part they do affirm nothing is wrong. Okay well that that's all very helpful.

I guess I know some people who will hold to the Lutheran founding theology or they are Lutheran and I'm wondering you know how to's that relate to how to compare with the Galatian heresy where I guess it wasn't the Galatian heresy will of the Judaizers were teaching. Why do you see any parallels between those are because in this I do know that you Judaizers were so you have to get circumcise in order to be saved. That was what was needed to do, but the Lutherans don't teach you how to be baptized in order to be saved. They teach that the best I can remember. I graduated in 1987.

So from there.

So it's been a while but taught that baptism upon particularly in an infant state confers salvation upon that child and that they are in that state of salvation by the fact of the baptism of the covenant that God has bestowed, guaranteeing them a place in heaven was kind of a participation or salvation, but it's interesting and the position is my time among you very much Douglas.

I have not a photo at a time and am hooked on our little/gallon questions that I have a great weekend.

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