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November 15, 2021 2:00 pm

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November 15, 2021 2:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses word of faith teachings.--2- Was Dec. 25 originally a pagan festival---3- When was Christ really born---4- Does Calvinism deny free will---5- Is lordship salvation biblical---6- A caller wanted to further discuss Christmas.--7- A caller had a question about an incident, wondering if it could be demonic activity.--8- I'm struggling with apathy in my faith. What can I do-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the amount of the listed apologetics and research what is found alive. More you have questions about Bible doctrine. As a matter slick why Grimes is called responding to your questions and welcome to the show if you want to give me a call. All you do is delete 772072276 chemical wide-open lines right now so will you go okay all right now see working on the article encoded. No big deal question I'm asking is is is the left.

Using this as a means of control and influence lotto is musing out loud thinking.

Nevertheless okay look, if you want to call me. We will talk about theology. We talk about Mormonism, jewels, witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam. All you have to do is give me a call. Love to hear from love to talk about all of this and a black so again the numbers 877-207-2276 right now some hundred minute colors I like to take a little bit of time and talk about things that I like. I just think fun and interesting and I would do that right now looks very good. Okay good there's Charlie Charlie's in all right and so someone mentioned it yesterday early before we talked about some of the faith, teachers, and you might hear me say on the radio. Sometimes gutter false teachers, and I don't say that lightly him to say for sensationalistic fact I don't say because I don't know if you're teaching. I certainly don't say because I don't what the Scriptures teach. I know what the Scriptures teach about studying the Bible teaching on for 41 years and doing radio for 17 have written like nine books, and I am very serious about theology and I watch and I will pay attention to what these peaceful teachers are doing something and so the other day I read about Charles Reach What Kenneth Copeland Size Because Kenneth Copeland Is Well Known, and He Teaches Us to Sever Six and He Does Know If He's Repented of These Is Good News to Public Months Are Used To Teach This and That Was Wrong and It Will Be Good but I've Never Heard Any Way Shape or Form of Him Ever Repenting of Saying Things like This You Don't Think Earth Was First. Do You Ha Sick Was on. He Says so This Is All Copies. A Copy of Home Is a Copy of the Mother Planet Where God Lives. He Made a Little One Just like the His and Put Us on It. So God Lives in the Planet This Because Google Was Teaching and Check This out God's Body and His Body. Adam and God's Body Were Exactly the Same Size of God's Reasoning for Creating Adam Was His Desire to Reproduce Himself He Was Not Subordinate to God, Even Adam Is As Much like God As You Could Get Just the Same As Jesus, Adam in the Garden Being Was God Manifest in the Flesh Folks. Ms. Tanya, That Is the Terracing It's It's Just Sick. Adam Was Made in the Image of God He Was As Much Female As He Was Male. This Is It Just All I Can Say Is This Is Stupidity. It's Not Just Idiocy People Get up There on the Stage and They Don't Know What They're Doing.

They They Think They're Theologically Astute and They Get This So-Called Words from God and in the Herzing Once Stupid Thing after Another and People Just Swoon and Send in Money to the Look. God Had No Avenue of Lasting Faith Are Moving in the Earth.

He Had to Have a Covenant with Somebody He Had to Be Invited. In Other Words, We Couldn't Come. God Is on the outside Looking in and Order to Have Any Say so in the Earth. He's Gonna Have To Be in Agreement with a Man Here and I but This One Little Bit of the Callers. He Says I Was Shocked When I Found out Who the Biggest Failure in the Bible Actually Is the Biggest One Is God's Wicked Scope and Site. The Biggest Failures.I Mean, He Lost His Top Ranking Most Anointed Angel. If the First Man Ever Created the First Woman Ever Created the Whole Earth and All the Fullness Therein. The Third of the Angels. At Least That's a Big Loss Man Now. The Reason You Don't Think of God As a Failure.

Is He Never Said He's a Failure and You're Not a Failure till You Say You're One Is Part of the Levitt Grab Stuff That Your Words Are Containers of Power and yet to Say Things Because Your Words Create Reality Is What This Is Heresy and Why Is It That Such a Heretic Can Be so Popular in America. This Question Because a Christian Churches Week the Christian Churches Anemic the Christian Church As a Whole Is Not Standing on Truth by Saying the Word of God Extended Sensationalism, and If It Makes You Feel Good. It's about like That Can Say Stuff Out Of Sight of the Bible I Just Trust What They Say. That's How It Works Us We Should Do. Anyway, News Is How Does Four Lines Going to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276. Let's Get to Gary from Utah Gary Welcome Here You Go Matt Doing Alright Man Hanged Anybody. We Got Good with Some of the Protocols of the Later Lots on a Couple Questions or If I Get a Friend of Mine Who Either. I've Been Witnessing to Him at His Job That He Think He Is Actually the Deck. She Then Died the Night It Is Ever Raven or Talking yet. She Asked the Question and I Don't Have All the Answers. The Court Thought One of the Yeah like to Parker. He Felt Okay and I Heard about That Myself Something about Were December 25 Is Not Actually Excellent Official Date of Christ's Birth and on the Bible and He Would Tell Me about the Pagan. Supposedly, We Christians Have Borrowed from the Ortega Was a That There Pension from with the Pagans Originally Were Used in the 25th Works or Their Paganism or Their Whatever Was Their Festival That They Were Supposed Be Doing and He Says Why Did the Christian We Take That Away and Still a Holiday in a Fight, Never Heard That When You Get Back to You by: Don't Answer Them Biblically. The Answer Is That It Was That the Backrest Is 20 Fifths Is Solstice in Europe and It Was the Day Is a Day before the Day after.

I Think When the Winter Days Started Getting Shorter and so They Would Have Celebrations of the Pagans Would Get Involved with This. It Was Well Entrenched for the Roman Catholic Church and You Can Win Early on, Tried to Get Them to Not Celebrate Pagan Holidays and so They Couldn't Get Him to Stop What They Did Was They Said Let's Adopt That Day. Just As a Day to Celebrate Christ's Birth Didn't Believe in It and I'm Good with Catholicism but the Catholic Church in the Never Said That Know That Status Is the Actual Date Is Morning I Met and so They Just Adopted That so That the Pagans Start Worshiping on That They Worship in Christ Was a Does It Was Designed to Sanctify That Day and and Stop the Paganism Involved in It That's That's What the Reason with Us Why the Abatement from You Guys Think of Things You Face As a Next of the Phone.

What Would You Say That the List for Them but Think If I Look for That Party to Sanctify Me to Set Apart Use so There They Did. The Idea Was to Adopt That Day and Cover It with Goodness Because the Bad People Celebrate Badness on That Day Supposedly Celebrate Christ on That Date Was Covered with What's Good That Was the Idea of Okay Okay I Get It.

We Know the Actual Date on the Bible and When Christ Will Want to Go Right Now Is Probably in Early April, Late March Early April. There Someone I Read an Article Once We Went to the Days and Took the Logical Representation of Something in the Birth of Africa. What's Been a Long Time Admitting Argument for It Being in the Spring Kind of Time and the Status of the 25th Closer to} Her yet Is What Makes Sense That His Birth and His Death Would Be Similar. It Doesn't Really Matter. Right Is Matter What Day He's Born on This Matter What Color He Is As a Matter How Tall He Gets It.

What Matters Is That He Died on the Cross from the Dead, They Can Ask Your Body Is Intelligence to Know Which Is the Early Cures Trying to Sanctify the Pagan Holiday at the Couldn't above Wipeout so They Started Celebrating Something Good and It Took Me to Turn It into Something Good. That Was the Motivation That Was That Was a Motivation. So MSN I Want to Know. Alright, I Prepared Matt and I Went Home on Seven Anybody Waiting. So He's an Atheist Right, You Can Ask Them Questions You Can Ask Him a Serious Question, What Is His Ultimate Source of Truth Fairly My House Because If Something Is Going to Be Ultimate Winners, Nothing beyond It and That the Reason This Is up Now Is Because If He Doesn't Have an Ultimate Source of Truth That Is Truth Is, Is of Subjective and Is Relative Its It Can Fade.

It Can Change and so You Can Ask in This Essay Is so Why Then Would You Adopt Atheism If It Means That Truth Doesn't Have Any Ultimate Foundation, Even That Which Also Means Racism Has No Ultimate Foundation in Truth Yeah What Our Work to Stay Close to the Phone Using Closer the Phone You Mentioned about When You Talk about Morality. But You Can Moral Morality… My Work Are Ultimate Morality God Right You Can Say It Is the Question and Answer the Question Sake You Write Morals Atheist Can Be Moral, Not a Problem but Can They Justify Morality so the You Know You Can Say with His Murder Wrong and Ask Him Why Is It Wrong to Hurt Somebody. Why Is Hurting Somebody Wrong. They Don't Want That Some Morality Is Based on What You Want. Don't Want What Someone Wants to Be Heard and You Go on Short Essay Questions and Basically Atheist Will Find That They Don't Have Any Grounding It Ultimately Become Something That Subjective, That Things Are for Themselves Going out You Know What 10 Live One of the Hero and Often You and I Wanted to Be Dockets but Signal Not Known Well Enough, but I Would Did Nothing to Bathe Him on the Reality and Truth. Great Thing about That and I Could I Would Know Me Is Don't Think Is Good Work, but That I Would. I Read His Book the God Delusion, and It Was Written. Yeah, at Such a Low Level of Expertise That If It Was a Masters Thesis, He Would Not of Passed Seriously, It Was That Bad Boy Read through It and in His Attack on Christian Theology and Christian Understanding Was to in My Opinion He Never Talk to a Christian in Interstellar Christian Theology Was Attacking Things That Wasn't What We Believe It Was That That in the Office.

Don't Know They Don't Know.

So It Does Have a Current He's Dead or Live. I Don't Know How to Pitch, As I Just Knew It Okay Yeah I Forgot You Only Thing I Agree with You One of the Being against the Tyrant Tyrannical Draconian Laws Are Where I'm Totally with You on Your the Blandon Administration yet Though. If I Do Get by with You on That. I Am on Site I Was Fight against Bullying Is Having a Government That Other Guy Hey Folks Right Back after the Line, Only 77760 Mass like Why Call 77077 Pairs Nicely Back to the Show with Your with Your Cabinet Right Kinds and Is Not and I Count This Does Not Deny Free Will Know Doesn't Never Listen Attack on Different People Don't Agree with It and Because the Calvinism Teaches Publicly That God Predestines That He Doesn't Really Want in Heaven and Earth.

Daniel 435 and They Say That Means You Have Free Will of God's in Control That Much. It Just It's It's Faulty Logic Is False Witness. It's Not Accurate Video by Our God, and the Great Day That Willfully Correct That.

And That Means That Young Cousin That Teach That You Look I Had a Masters of Divinity from the Calvinist Seminarian Defending Calvinism for 30 Years and We Don't Deny Free Will Never Have Insisted It to Some Misnomer and on A Lot Of People Who Don't like God's Sovereignty Will Attack and Misrepresent the Position Opposing Position. We Teach That God Is Sovereign Even over Our Free Will and That We Teach Jesus Had Free Will Is God, and Flash, and yet He Could Only Do What He Saw the Father Doomed John 519 John 530 We Teach Was Called Compatible List Free Will That Human Free Will Is Compatible with God's Sovereign Decrease and Libertarian Free Will so That No That Our Freedom Is Not Compatible with God's Sovereignty.

That's Just Right Away.

That's Heresy. God Works All Things after the Counsel of His Wealth.

Even Your Free Will Choices Meet the Arguments over It. So It's the It's the, the Antagonists Who Misrepresent That Position. The Attack Will Be Don't Teach Okay Okay Quickly about Those That That Her Video and the Long Finishing You Lately.

I Do Understand When with Those Who Can't. What about Not What Media Promptly Form Wiki about. They Say That Noise Should Salvation so They Basically Say That InterCon Note That They Should Make Sure That They like You Babe Morning Know or Know Christ, so Can We Think about That Person That Sufficiently Spiritual Enough Tell You Again Then I Didn't Get Dad and I Think Landlord Later on Will Flow Fervently Then Okay Dog Diggity Do You Still Think Your Hardly Wait.

You Harshly Understand Sometimes and so I'm Sorry but It Just Is That It Is a Know I Love You Beth You Call A Lot and I'm off but Sometimes Is Difficult and That Okay so Here's the Thing. The Lordship Salvation Alright so Lordship Salvation Has Different Proponents and Different Aspects to It.

If Something Were to Say That You Can't Be a Christian Unless Jesus Is Lord of All Your of Your Life. Less Is Not Biblical. We Don't Make Jesus Lord of Our Lives and in the Process. That's How We Get Saved Because That Would Be Works Righteousness, but We Ought to Have Jesus Be Lord of Our Lives As a Sign of the Truth of Who God Is in Our Lives Is Manifested so That Is It.

This Argument Gets a Little More Nuanced on Both Sides and It's Worth Addicted a Good Discussion on the Panel about It Because Some People Are Teaching You Lordship Salvation Is True That Are Teaching Now.

It's Not so Interested in a 100 Lord.

Oh Yeah, I'm Not Sure Which One Exactly Is Prudence and Perform Theology.

I've Heard Different Views on Salvation. When I Teach People Is That You Don't Make Jesus Lord of Your Life. He Is Lord of Your Life. If There's an Area in Your Life, or He's Not Ruling and Raining so to Speak.Submitting to Him Is Because You Have More Work to Do As a Christian You Can't Submit to Him Unless You Regenerate You Not to Be Submitting to Him and and Not Be Regenerate Unless Your Saved to Your Saved but Your Salvation Is Not Dependent on How You Can Submit to Christ. Your Salvation Depends on What Christ Has Done, Not What You Do and so the Manifestation of God's Work in You Is Rot or Is Displayed in the Fact of You Seeking to Be More like Jesus. And This Is What Lordship Salvation. Ultimately This Is about Is What I Want Has To Be What You Try to Be More like Christ. Yes, Less Because Your Saved You Know It about This Area of Your Life Say Tithing Say Movie Watching Sadie Cigarette Smoking Where It Might Be Is Jesus Lord in Those Areas Where Now I'm Working on Some People to Lead a Christian Now That It's Not True. So It Just Means He's Got Every Good Work on That Kind of Thing Right. We Believe in Salvation by Grace, Not by Theological Submission Where I Can't Really Hear What You and Guide That They Won't Note What Every Way Getting Bone of All Known at All Is Natural Essential Yeah It's a It's Just a Phone. If Works Righteousness That's Creeping in and and Just Because Reform Doesn't Mean You Can't Make Mistakes. Also Write Okay but If God Bless Man Some All Right It's Alberta from Georgia Hey Folks, If You Want to Give Me a Call. All You Do Is Dial 877-207-2276 Robert from Ohio and Welcome Your near You Doing Fine Confinement. We Got the Are You There Yes I I'm Better. About from You All and Things That about Quickly Okay There's A Lot That I Do Quickly and I'll Keep It Minimal As Much Think We Should Ask Ourselves What Does God Say about Christmas One Thing We Should Ask Will Hold the Question Then It Wanted to Do This but You Come on You Guys Are Teaching an Essay Better Something I Just Want to Show Something and Then Again You Have You Make It Sound Still Disabled, Would Want to Say a Sentence or Two When I Hear Okay I Will Write an Answer by the Way How to Get a Break to Get a Break from There. That's Okay Hold on You Folks to Open Lines 877076577077 Average in the Chat Room in the Bright Light, Good People There Which Reminds Me, If You Want to Join Us in the on That All You Do Is Go to the Karma Webpage

On the Right-Hand Side to See the That's Look like like to Go to That Section of the Page and You Can Watch and Also We Do Recommend That You Go to Odyssey to Be Moving Everything the Odyssey Will Be Can't Be Censored and so If You Want to Go to Odyssey or DYS EE Sign up for an Account and Just Do a Search for Karma and Follow Us. That's All We Would Love That, and Hopefully This Will so Legal Right to Open Get to Open Lines 877-207-2276 Was Québec to Robert from Ohio. Robert Welcome Okay I Think You're Great People about the Topic about God from Utah 11. God Say about Birthday and People's Piggyback That Goad People in the Right Direction to Find Any Demand Program in the Bible That Celebrated the Birthday Okay I'm Going to Try Everything We Should Celebrate.

Registers Should Not See. I Finished My Question. Are You Saying That We Should Not Celebrate Christmas and Birthdays.

I Believe, Not Bible Study I Done Early and That I Know That and I'm Willing to Be Corrected. But I've Not Found One to Show Different Chapter 3. That Is a Great One Just Steady within the First Nine or so Question so I Just Ask You Saying That It's Would Be Sinful to Celebrate Your Birthday, I Believe, Will Then If It's Sinful, You'd Have To Find Something in Scripture That You Could Disable Celebrating a Birthday Is a Sin. So My Book Is Ending up Next Month so If My Wife Gets Mad Card You Know. Happy Birthday Love Them Etc. Etc. She Celebrate My Birthday and Just so You Know My Favorite Thing for Birthdays Favorite Thing Is on the Birthday Cake Made by My Daughters. That's What I Want Because of Her Younger They Were When They Were Little Girls. They May Be Birthday Cake and Dropped It When They're Delivering It to Me. They Put It Back Together. The Candles Were All Kind of Catty Want This to Cake Was Broken up and They Patched It Back Together Delivered to Me and It Was the Best Cake Ever Had My Life My Daughters Made and so Was in Every Sense. That's Definitely Not. That's It. Holland's I Want My Cake for Mike My I Got Another Living on Their Own and Live in the Area and Hopefully Will Come Back over and Make Me a Cake I Did Last Year.

Is It Sinful for Them to Do That Celebrate Will I Think We Are like the Earth or Don't You Think That Scripture Should Tell Her Let Me Ask You Problems the Way That a Man Thing Right in His Own Eyes, but There Is a Way That Lead to Death, and That Could Apply Your Reasoning to so in Scripture Would Say That We Cannot yet Officially Something Is Good for That to Say That It Sinful for My Daughter's School Make Me Cake Because I Love You My Birthday. Okay Chapter 3 like I Was Saying about You Know the First, Nine, 10, 12 Versus Treatment. Nothing in There Where You Says Let the Daily Prayers Wherein It Was. I Was Born in the Night in Which It Was That an Old Can See Said That Day Be Darkness Symbolic Then Let Not Libeling, What What What What What Will Church You Go to Church like I've Been Kicked out for Preaching the Gospel, and It Has Had I Asked What Church Do You Go Don Which Church I Don't Belong Denomination You Going to Ensure Nasty Bloated Nomination Message Church to Go to. I Fellowship Where I See. Don't Go to Church Is Just Curious What You Believe You Believe That Jesus Christ Is God in Flesh Okay and Is Duly the Trinity That One God in Three Distinct Simultaneous Persons and I Answer the I Was Never Really in Church One Night My Knee. I Pray the Prayer in the Name of Jesus Next Day.

Woke up, I Didn't Know That Whosoever Shall Call out on the Name of an Apostle Masking on Fiberglass so I Believe the Bible Anything Everything and Move on. The Look As If You Want My Questions and I Okay to Ask You a Question. Do You Affirm the Doctrine of the Trinity, One God in Three Distinct Simultaneous Persons Is a Yes or No. Do You Affirm That That Salvation Is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone, No Works, No Baptism, but Faith in Christ. What He Did and That Enough Is That Alone Is Enough to Save Us. I Think the Reason You Guys and Robert.

Robert the Reason I'm Asking You Is Because When You Went to Joe and You Started Reading into the Text.

What It Doesn't Say Immediately Is of What You Don't Know How to Exegete Scripture Properly When You Go Is a Darkness Means Sensitive Having Santa David's Birth, What You Did Was Uniting This Pictures Fit What You Wanted. The Effect Is Not in Scripture That Says It's Sinful for the Celebrate Ron and Nate Got You Go. So throughout My Phone Number If You Want to Call Me Back Just Honest, It Says They're in a Ecclesiastes 7. Want a Good Name Is Better Than Good Ointment on the Day of One's Death Is Better Than the Day of One's Birth. Where Is It Safe to Send to Celebrate Your Birthday Will You Know the Little Group on One Line. Instead Show That's Approved under God. The Work Is Likely I Got Wares at Say Sinful. Show Me the Verse That Says It Sinful University Well You Know Why Not Start Running? I Argue the One That I Lived Alone and I Love You Share What I've Learned and Was Found Often Is My Quest, I Don't Believe I Think You're Getting Some Good Answer Question and Wrapped It.

Scripture Does Say That a Wise Man Will Listen to the End and I Was Also Sent to the Responsible Thing with My Show Because I'm the One Who's the Teacher to Make Sure That Your I Preaching Something or Teachings of That's False and Will Influence People to Know Sure That Question You Move along Right I We Have Three Open Lines. If You Want to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276 Marie from Richmond Virginia. Glad You Call so We Got Home Marie Are You There Sometime You Have a Problem Line You Guys Hear Me Okay Yes There You Go. Okay Good Right Here Mike I'm in My Car from My Family and Actually Archive of a Fact I Called and We Are Talking about Flying across the Room Hitting Cherries and the Other Carrier and on a Couple Other Things to Do in You'd Mentioned That There Was a Potential for Portal and so I Immediately Made an Appointment with My Character and We Talked like Two Hours Today about All of That As We're Talking We We Came out, I Realized That There Was Witchcraft on My Father's Actually Titled Witchcraft. And so We Prayed in the Internet and It Might Pastor in His Life and Are Going to Get Together and Pray, and Then I'm Going to Get but the Elders like You'd Suggest That He Right to the House. I'd Recommend Knights the Annoying Accounts Going All Your Rooms Okay.

I Think Lamp I Have an Answer. I Haven't Hacked I Live with My Dad and My Stepfather, and Right Now I'm to Pray with Think I Would Crane so That Now You're Right. We Don't Need All That Matter, You Can Just Had I Told You in the House. You Could Also Do This to Just Have a Note the Front Door.

That Kind of a Thing and Just Go to the House without Disturbing Your Father-In-Law and Her Support with Charts but You Don't. Without That Dang Intrusive and Selective. I like the Idea of Going to the House and Doing This Because If There's Any Attachment It's Not I Can Say They Hear in a Fleet Is to Resist Something about Going for Second Occasion, My God, Every Arab Folk 277 Van Slyke Why Call 77077 Charismatic Slave. All Right, Marie You Go through A Lot Going Further Commercial. Oh Okay so Okay so We Had Witchcraft on Her Side and Your Pastors with You and Stuff That Is Awesome As Is Her Weird Arm.

I Forgot about It A Lot American.

I Remember When I Was a Little Girl like Maybe like Lachlan Karen Maybe (Five Where My Dad Would Have My Cabin to Mail Come over and They Would Read the Bible and Every Time Either Fingerless Affair with Mansion David K. Hale and His Name and Mama Told Me Away from It All. Yeah Mama Would Pull Me Away from You and I Get Paid When I Was Eight Years Old and Never Forget It Would Cure. Dang, I Don't Know How You Describe That and I Honestly Think That That Situation, Save Me from the Whole Not Stuff That I Could Have Had a Faith and I Want to Tell Me They Can They Tell Me You're Kidding. On the Next Page. I Think I'm like You Know I Went. It Was Beautiful. This Really Be Saved at Age God Is Very Powerful and Quite Capable of Communicating His Grace to Us at Different Ages and in My Collection Says in Psalm 2290 Did Maybe Believe What Mother's Breast so We Can Be Saved at a Very Young Age and John The Baptist Left in the Womb When Jesus Wound up Trying to Bring Okay so All Right Now.

I Do Question for Your Usage of the Relations Correct.

You Said Your Father or Your Father-In-Law Was One Witchcraft. Who Was That It Would My Biological Father and Basically When My Parent Divorce Basically Did Connor Disregarded My Fifth or Can I Act Straight Affect That. Do You Do You Explain FND You Worship the Devil and He Sat There for Second and He Looked at Me That I Worked at Anything Emulate My Thought What If You Asked Me If I Worship the Devil. I Jump Olivia and I Found That Respondent Yeah and so the Man Take Care Of Your Stick Your Stepfather Yeah and Have To Wait so Are There Any Little Children in the House Now.

I Have There Been a Little Children in the House the past Few Months. Now Okay Okay Sometimes There's a Relationship We Don't Know Why but Some Time with Children in the House. Things Are More Active Young Children Don't Know Why but This Is Research I Did Years Ago.

That Was One of the Things on My Neck. There I Learned Important and They Tell Me They Were Very Close to My Mom Who Died Two Months before Had and They Told Me That They Feel Grandma in the House Okay I Have Got to Tell You Something Because I Just Are Members When You Said That I'm a Good Friend Have Known from Umpteen Years.

She's Probably Listening Today Named David If He Wants to Call up and Explain It Better Than Me. That's Fine, but He Told Me Today That He Was He's Doing Work Isn't Involved in It. Bible College and Him. He Said I Wish He Could Face If You Call and If He's There Call Update Will Put You on but He Said That I Said Something That Was Exactly What He Needed to Hear. Six of These Reading the Text and Then It Was like Really Bizarre Because It Was Just Just Exactly What He Said and Then He Goes and That Woman Called up When a Heart Transplant Center. When I Was Reading You Need a New Heart and She's Going to Go Away so Ministered to the Actual Name I Pray to God I'm like Hello Bad Well Right Right You Call Me When I Had Breakfast and the Doctor Was Questioning after Why in God Told Me Straight in My Head and Heart Because I Want Though so Many Things That Happen to Breast Cancer but I Mean an Active Them like a Couple Years Show, Telling Everybody, but It Is Been Fell off a Minute and I'm so Glad That That That I Could Minister to At Least One Person and I Appreciate That a Whole Lot yet He's a Great Guy Loves the Lord and He Supports the Ministry in Dublin for Many Many Years with the Roommates and Was Telling Me This Today and End up Get a Kick Out Of It Because of the Way It Has To Be Something He Has To Say to Get Even Better, but You Get the Just, You Know God Was Claiming Things and We Were Talking about How Yeah Those Coincidences and Were Left but He Said in New Heart and Then You Said That I Get a New Heart What It Outlives to Coincidentally for Him at the Time so I Praise God for That.

But How Perfectly Here. Yes and Why Does He Use a Little. Why Does He Use up Rex like Us, You Know Are Narrow and Narrow Amazing and I Have God for That Which I Have Asked Burgers. I'm on the Broken Vessel.

My Wife Has Very Serious Health Issues As Well. She Had Open Heart Surgery and Multiple Surgeries, and God Uses Her and You Know It Is Nearly Interesting.

God Uses the Weak Things of the World. To Glorify and I Look Forward I like It Hard and I like the Nonurgent Baby for That You Have Eric Berger Really Sorry about Your Life, and an Agreement with You That She Will Heal, but I Need to Be like Peter San Matt, Now Now When You Said That I Would like Oh I Love You Because I Work with Them and He Cared on the Background and I Get to Watch Them Grow up and I Get to See How Even More Often They Are Done, I'm in My Car I Hear You in the Car Most of the Time I'm in My Car Trying Not to Drop off the Right, but Clapping for It since I Practice I've Been Wanting Bennett's Hoping to Be Able to Tell You That People Think You Know I Say Just Use Your Strengths for God. User Weaknesses Forgot Get Them to Him Because Everything Has Strengths and Weaknesses and with Me That They Don't like the One Asked Burgers Really Is.

It's a Social Q Deficiency Generally Enters There's Variations of It and so I Compensated by Learning Body Language and Tonal Inflection to Pay Attention to and That's How I This Is What I Do and so People Can't Tell Unless They've Been around People Are Trained a Little Bit Then the Pickup Stuff It. Wait a Minute You Got the and and Stuff like Michael Yeah That's Okay and I Told a Friend of Mine and Though I Understand You This Ring around and When I Told a Friend a Friend Wanted Known for Years As a Dude I Just Got Diagnosed with That Burgers and He Said Mancos Look Brief. Burgers Are Better Never Forgot That Was He's Quick so Anyway. Praise God, You Know, I'm Glad You're Doing Well and and You Don't. After the They Come and Pray and Stuff and You Pray with Him and Hopefully the Prison House. I Think That's That.

Psychologically, Mostly Spiritually Important. I Can't Find the Scripture Says I Have To Do That but I Do Know That the Instruments in the Temple Were Were Sanctified and Anointed, and I Think There's Something Similar That We Can Say That Carries over the New Testament Because in Our Bodies We Are Anointed. This First John 227 and so I Think It We Can Make the Case That Anointing of the of Your Dwelling Place Is Good and Never Once We Had a Couple We Knew and They Divorced. He's the One Who Actually Blew It. Without a Doubt She Was Just Wonderful, Wonderful Christian Woman Lords Take Care Of Her. But during This Time of Separation and Divorce and This Happened Several of Us in Some of the Elders of the Church Took a Regular Wing and One of the Things We Did. We Helped Her out As a Prism As Men Should, in Which She Asked Me to to Anoint the Apartments That She Was Going up the Ice. I'd Love to Write and I Come over and We Prayed through That That Apartment and I Never Will Forget It Because It Had Felt Right. Just Get and Proper and Was a Blessing and I Think It's a Good Idea and I've Had Instances Here in the House Were My Children When They Were Living Here so the Sourcing Things Were Happening See a Figure in the House and Other Odds and Ends and You Could Verify It but You Know Okay Whatever and so II Had My Wife Take Them out for Dinner and Then I Spent about an Hour Going through the Entire House Anointing Everything Everywhere, Praying out Loud and the Need to Never Complain Anymore so My Are Part of Them about That As Well. You Is Not an Absolute This Thing I Didn't Do Something about It. That's Cool and Neat Just Isn't As Nice Okay Well What about Something like That) and I Hear People Talk about That, Unlike Little Long Island Medium Format.

They Burn and Fractured.

I'm Thinking I Don't Don't Don't Do Sense and Things like That to Get Rid of Evil Spirits That That's All Cultic. Okay Okay Yeah Our Prayer Is to the Lord and the Anointing Is Something Done in the Temple, and upon People and so Okay and Then in the Jew to Jewish Households. They Would Had See the Law on Their the Doorpost of Entering in the Rough, Kiss It or Touch It Is Not in It Which Is a Symbol of God's Presence in the Home and so I'm I Believe It's a Nice Good Thing That Is Necessary to Pray through the House, Anoint the House. I Think the Father Should Do It. If He's There Husband to Do It Right or Is Not the the Wife without Them on This Point and the Elders Involved Who I Think Is a Good Idea Okay Okay Thank You You're Welcome Marie and Let You Doing When Will Let Us Know How to Go Incline Okay You Two All Right Okay Folks, Let's Get to Kim from Rural North Carolina Whom We Lost Luskin over to Nick from Iowa, a Nick Welcome You Doing Fine.

Doing Fun, We Got Know on My My Walk Right. Everything Was Going along Perfectly Fine and I Were like I Was 30 to Really Grow and I Feel like A Lot Of the Weight of the World. It Really Been on Every Directly. We Have Noted That Really Been Read My Bible As Much Tonight. I Haven't Been to the Lord. First, My Life, I Don't Feel like I'm Empty Old and I Don't Know. I Don't Know What to Do and Normal to Have New Christian Work Yesterday I Got It Then. I Mean Everything. Like Everything Is Going Wrong but a Really Urban Area Really Blue Area like I Know That Everything Going against My Faith in My Everything and It's Just Really I Just like Losing My Grip on Everything. I Don't Know What Really Even Doing Try to Pray and Act like My Prayers Are Almost Lonely Now with Times and Just Didn't Click Tomorrow to Talk More about It. I Recommend CPR K CPR Consists Pre-Read and Confess Your Sins, Pray the Lord Read His Word to Feel about His Obedience about Talking about This Tomorrow. Thank You Folks Are about That. I Hope the Lord Tonight That Is Free.

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