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November 13, 2021 1:10 am

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November 13, 2021 1:10 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his most recent article dealing with Covid.--2- How does Romans 13-1-5 relate to the Covid mandates---3- Why don't the transgender group just make their own leagues for competitions---4- What is a quick reason as to why someone should study apologetics- How is that different from a Bible study---5- Why aren't people standing up for our country---6- What does the word better mean in Philippians 2-3---7- A nurse practitioner wanted to further discuss masks.--8- Is it ever ok to flee---9- How long is a generation---10- Why can't women preach---11- What does Jesus mean in Matthew about plucking out our eye or cutting off your hand---12- What does it mean to bind or loosen something in heaven-

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Matt Slick Live!
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is why you have questions about Bible doctrine serves a map what why France is called responding to your questions at 877, live, and I hope you have a good time listening to what we talked about it all depends on you on the callers that you want your Nicole.

All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 Hondo for those of you who might return tuning and news… Show about 12 smokers yesterday and Christianity deals with all areas of life. Every single area and so we talk about everything and all kind of stuff, theology, politics to talk about because of course I'm trained in theology in the setting, apologetics of the fence. The Christian faith and things like that for about 41 years, so do that for quite a bit. All right now going to be called. We have three open lines 772-072-2760. If you have questions about wise or bad stuff happening in the world. Why does God allow this. Who is God, how do you know which God's true Christianity is true interest basics. I was like talking about this text and if you want to watch the show. All you do is go to the right hand side of the homepage.

You will see the link there for roof to watch it sit just click it and then you go over to the Odyssey thing and you watch there not a big deal that much so if you're interested, you can sign up for Odyssey. We want people to do that because were moving with YouTube because of its intolerance and were moving to units of the work you have freedom of speech is more guaranteed. So I say things like a literacy think about politics and I say that they think we should and shouldn't be doing that mainly talked about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That's who we talk about this with the whole issue is about is him as our Lord and King all right see breezy, pretty simple.

So if you want to call 877-207-2276.

Today I released an article and will go to the collar shirt a second. I release article and it's on, which is better natural immunity or vaccine immunity, and I quoted five sources from both sides.

That's all. And there is you can check them out and check the sources on your own. There's a counter information both sides and supporting his makeable site and I what I want to do is give people information so they make their own decisions that a quick and slick, breezy, all right, let's get on the phones here with CD that would be willful in the morning I will will welcome your on here I'm doing all right hanging in there more hanging in there, but I'm hanging so we got 13 135 and I want to know how that had the right thing with the we would lose $0.13 for those who don't knows where to submit to the governing authorities over us and that is correct. We are to do that we should do that and if we don't there's some problems. However, there is a limit to what were to submit to. We are not to submit two things in the government that are ungodly. If the government says everybody has to approve of homosexuality, we Christians will say no. If they say government says you get to kill your unborn, we say no, things like that.

Outcomes of the COBIT thing constitutionally Biden with a branded administration does not have the authority to the mandates fixings for its its office living shut down that statement that desire so do we have the right attitude to reject that absolute has a right. I'm saying that people should be informed about the vaccines and make the right decision at the Duke. When you do what you gotta do not say the only thing that relates to this is, I did a lot of research uncoated and there are lots of of counter a lot of evidence about side effects about adverse reactions and there's well over 850,000 that have been reported to the CDC, and of best. My research I can find the CDC 13,000 deaths of the card that is deathly vaccine related and all vaccines combined up to that point to a couple weeks ago we did my research all vaccines combined excluding the COBIT was only 9183 deaths, but COBIT had over 13,000 in just a year and 1/2 so you don't do we submit to the government. We wouldn't want as well me to say no I don't want to do this. It's a risk health risk not to take his health risk to take it in my opinion, so II have reticence to do it.

So if I don't want to do it to be under the guise two reasons. One self-defense I don't trust the vaccines to be that effective, and virtually side effects and aware of any other one is that use fetal tissue development and testing.

I don't want to benefit from the killing of the unborn, what are you so I don't want to you about that mandate you in the COBIT get there that think the employees of the city required to get the vaccine and private businesses that I understand how that right to build, so you get vaccinated against vaccines. When I worked in a hospital I had to have certain test done. I submitted them wholeheartedly that they were your tetanus shot and things like that which no problem, but as far as LA goes, people have the right to refuse and suffer the consequences.

Either way, they should not be shamed is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated that's not correct factors for Nick turning out more and more evidence to show that the real problem now is among the vaccinated. More and more they're the ones who are entering entering ending up in hospitals five quote here what you say. While some positive go ahead turn on…… Go shopping or anything without you that's that's amused is Nazi tactics.

You have your papers you can buy sell trade move do this is your papers. This is another reason I'm very very resistant to the whole thing is it's a socialist or communist totalitarian kind of rule to say to the citizenry that you can buy or sell unless you have a certain papers. The papers in this case are vaccination and there are reports that show that natural immunity is better longer-lasting than the COBIT vaccine. In fact, this is an move and you vision it is.

While it's impossible to know whether that's the case, the public health officials are grappling with the reality of an increasing number of fully vaccinated Americans coming down with overnight infections getting hospitalized and even dying of coronavirus that just a little quote I just put it is to what what the appetite, but there's lots of of the reason to be concerned. So here's a question. So I ask people time to say I need to get the vaccine.

I need to, that it is the right thing to do is patriotic. It's all the stuff was unblocked by the if the vaccine ethical thing is so bad with a have to shut down entire economies for which I have question because in each one and one flu virus that came through in 2009 was a 6.67% for the fatality rate but here with Cove is .27 why did they shut the economy down, then when it was worse. I didn't and you don't hear about the statistics because it doesn't serve the political length of my opinion, if the vaccine is so good and the COBIT is still bending and be careful about every gotta wear masks which are defective. Talk about that if you want, then why is it that the, the United States government is opening up the borders and letting thousands and thousands and thousands of illegals come in against the law and not requiring vaccinations and then sending them out in the middle of the night. I flexed different parts of the country so why are they requiring us to wear masks get vaccinated, get the open of the border to people who don't wear masks anarchic at vaccinated, and then spread it in the country to me is not an issue.

Health its initial political power is my opinion like all the back.

I don't know. I don't know I don't have any information on any documentation but I do know that Pfizer turn in all these companies adore the stuff that there there sales are in the billions now billions so you know, and they've skipped a lot of step tests or steps in order to get the vaccine put through naming article on that as well.

I skipped all kinds of trials and stuff and pushing it through and so me and I'm just this way. I just don't follow the crowd and I will make sure things are are kosher and I would do my research now for about 68 weeks a lot of COBIT research and I am I'm convinced that we don't need the masks that they really don't help cloth master. Only 3% effective the best surgical masks. Masks are about not about a 50% average effective and 95 master 95% effectiveness. We should beware if you wear anything once you wear a mask you touch it with your hands on the outside were adjusted not contaminated the outside and who knows what you put your hands onto InTouch because: report a virus can survive on the surface for you put your your master everything afterwards. People you think your your recovered because you have a mask and yet you could be spreading inadvertently. These are facts, so also they are cause anxiety because rashes and dysfunctional and oxygenation of the brain. Plus they can be breeding grounds for germs because you breeze moisture into the mask. They stay on for hours and hours within its breeding ground under perfectly warm environment for germs to be passed on supposed to change the masks periodically.

If you don't become breeding grounds and so people take a mask to wear in the inner pockets go to the store letters on the touching shopping carts adjusting their masks to hold that it's it's useless to do it.

My opinion, but I do say that my opinion, I will enter the general fast. I ran under it had thorough with competing white.

They make their own Thanksgiving for the likely mail can do that. The reason you can do that according the left is in your recognizing that there's male and female because they have their own group than the males if he was to be separated, they can have their own little trans group that would be admitting there's females and males we want to do that because then might and doesn't suit the, the lockstep propaganda stuff is going that girl got this amine going around that that guy is a trans dude and he's he said he thinks is a woman and he's in charge of all kinds of stuff I forgot his name and she's a woman but yet that black woman who won Virginia is somehow migration is the world's truth of God's work are buddy to go but right they folks we write back after these messages please take to 2276 max Y call 77077) date of birth mark with you. What would my quick pick be somebody who offer to apologetic like you have is a project because of its root.

First Peter 315 first Peter says Arnold read it to you quote it, but on the read what it says is this sanctify Christ as Lord in your heart, always being ready to make a defense that were defense in the Greek the public via always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you with gentleness and reference.

That's why the Bible tells us to a very good at anybody that would be five well apologetic's is a branch of Christian theology that deals with the defense and the establishment of the Christian faith. A Bible study goes through versus lucky Michael through the book of Ruth like I'm teaching the book of Ruth on Thursdays to go to the book of Ruth and just exegete what it's saying now apologetics would be why is Ruth in Scripture. What are the with the evidence of ruthless desperation of Ruth, etc. apologetics would deal with how to know God exists. That was the evidence for righteousness, for referred good for bad hygiene of the Bible is trustworthy, but Bible studies need to study the Bible let people already believe these things, and so generally generally apologetics for the unbeliever, but also for the believer.

For the defense of, and the establishment of the Christian faith. So what I'm doing now with you was apologetics was giving a reason in all and you do that in the Bible is wealth so all apologetics involves Bible study and all Bible study involves some apologetics that would go up, so would you say was quick and slick. I would click click right well hey get all of that works July the you to couplets all right quick and slick. For those of you might be new.

My last name is slick is not a radio name. It's my real name so you listen to Matt slick live works great radio does not get to Dion from Salt Lake City. The unwelcome year on year got back to them Bible Army here. It's not like you late late. Wrote every night 1959 your children's children will live under communism. You, you American girl, about know you want I accept, right but we will keep feeding you mom that socialism finally wake up and find you are already have communism. We will not have to fight you.

We will wait to hear economy, like overripe fruit into our hand and they will when you take away from those two are willing to work and give it to those who would not where our country is headed. I don't know why we don't have more people banding our country. We can hear why the concretely taken I our economy. Everything and where is our country.

Why don't we now like you, I'll tell you what I think okay I think it's because the men have been gutted and castrated and mentor free to stand up now masculinity's been under attack not to knock women, but is not the women generally speaking who push revolutions who push back against unrighteousness. It's men who do this.

Men go to war. Men stand up for truth men do this. My sing, advocating war here missing this is what we need need masculine strength, but masculinity back at night. I our country it's it's bad that I not Bible group captive all about melody people in the church where I you I know what you like… And people five and I got to conduct survey no chest but that's not accurate. He did not set aside his divinity. Okay, just so you know he is all I know, I know I didn't and that met him two or three that were not liking at better and my word about think of it better than felt better, another problem that really what that Greek word really made it's to be more important if the Greek word is I'm just not remembering reading it okay as think the Greek stuff it means to hold over to extend over something to be over prominent extend over generally and particularly with the genitive of person the fate of mentor forget all that stuff is super eminence equivalent in meeting to be superior in rank and dignity. Things like that so Cooper who pair means above greater than kind of stuff you know the hypersonic flight is even faster. So if that's what's going on so yeah better the right. I animate because I got to be right got to be right. I'm really trying to learn that lesson.

I kind of am no are humble you are right you call that K will all right it was the Salt Lake City line 772-0776 max Y call 77077 and then you can just type in the word car see ARM and you can follow us. We would ask real easy Odyssey Let's get to Darlene from Virginia Darling welcome. I'm doing fine grace. Thank you so so we got here. I work in the field of environmental health. Okay I want to clarify that about the math – a kind of think that but in your you would look at Cochran PHR review of literature where was I got lost. COC H. Cochran are AMP like where you care Cochran review of literature okay K and then go to start on. Therefore, you now in the flow of repertory direct and you will find 57,000 from 2009 including 81 and one Myrick on the 2016 and there is little or no evidence that wearing a base map that anything fire when I'm finding I'm doing pulmonary function test on people to clear them to wear around three people that where the man on a regular basis that lung function is diminishing up to 20% and not from breathing in urine and your heartbreaker. Your blood pressure goes up because your body is trying to defendant from the increased strength 95 really industrial and occupational environment function with a fortnight and and 81 at least 70% or above or you cannot bear respirator while okay question for you.

My wife had open-heart surgery and is one of the things I had to do was give her respiratory that little thing you you suck air through when it gets to the valve on yeah yeah okay so I can make it, but she can't, of course, will women lower respiratory keep capacity than male because you're just as big as muscular supplemental in light of that, does that mean then that women would have a rougher time with that wearing a mask or is a proportionally okay let me know, and now now now when you have a hard time breathing and I mean we finally got you watch these little people walk around Macon in the 18 95 had the one to come over from China and there there really plastered for their faith walk because they didn't read my my research is showing that with set up mask wearing nurse documentation website doing a lot of research on months, skin problems, sinusitis, headaches, fatigue, increase in stress will announce negative impact on immune resilience, reprove Fischbeck prevent the mirroring of facial expressions, potential leads to significant increase in social psychological stress, behavioral problems, we could immune system.

Anxiety and depression just from one article that says what and I was little thing you want really unpleasant from a viral what you want okay water FYI is no, not yet. I mean it. Don't know but on that you alcohol-based hand, if your hand they're not wet for one unit. You're not going thing you have the time.

Really nice ones and you rub together right now, dear one bill Karen and I one that right. Not my thought need life for minute if there or minute with the lifelong folly pretty quickly, but nobody wants it advocate, including myself, and I walking asleep and believing in strengthening your immune system so I go to the grocery store touch anything I can come home touch everything a cancer-causing allowed and visit my wife does and the defusing Frisbees and Frisbees be dinner from about 20 feet away.

After that was open look on the clicker and you're right documentation could you all right but I miss rectified it. Could you actually find a link if it's not too hard and I just email it to me at info@Carn because I will I hear what info information. This okay.

Have you ever been to the website.

I will.

I don't think I'm trying to be happy and not hat. I'll be happy to have been due on it, FYI, is not that yes on vitamin D3 levels up around 50 and you're doing 30 to 40 mg of think about a virus can't let anybody directed ox documentation is okay because I want it because I'm a theologian, not a trained doctor knows like to put a disclaimer on everything that I point is much as I can. Michael would research to documentation from official sources and the things I found out it was a strong this lesson I wanted but like frontline doctor there. I needed I'm coveting your information super don't mean you don't have it on not pass it on because people really need to know as I do that women don't need to be the fighter all meter and not and we need to fight again tyranny is it is tyranny is a previous call from from Chris. Jeff is true they are destroying us and the left is helping them and the branded administration is assisting in the downfall of our country and is yes and I was a mere dark body. Not but that you live in the Golan Heights.

Israel comes over and visit Canton, California, and I heard him say quite a while ago, but he fed them, the devil is very smart, but that the K think that the whole world now have been bethink the five putting forth your hand or your four head having a candidate take now is the mark of my day. I got the market. However, it had to gain defense to 5010 and listening to the voice of authority how you you have to take and I was thrown away like that is down and I may hear me repeat stuff like that because yes seven doing research for 41 years and I know what cult mentality is in control and control markers.

In my opinion.

Master control markers. We don't need them and we are being conditioned and this I can tell you eschatological things with watch out for. But I'll tell you it's good to get worse. It is coming at this time looking at how the gravel I know world. I believe truly, truly in my heart apart that the Lord is using it to separate the wheat from the chaff as I mean, I myself laugh my patient that my family member on I been on a banner on fear.

Are you following God. Are you going to follow the government now. I will all right.

God bless.

Please do all right hey folks, at the very thought of you may call 8770776577077 charismatic slave back to the show. The last segment to open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to and from Toledo Ohio can welcome your writing to Arthur by God's grace doing quite well.

So we got absolutely well were on the same page and I just thought maybe it would be a good thing to remember our dimension that all we really needed Psalms 91 God got our back. We don't need the vaccine and I'm okay with Matt wearing a mask and all that good stuff. And I've actually been a one world government, and for about 25 years I read a book called today noting new world order by Gary Allen. He was a Christian. He finished the book on his deathbed and he told how the government can't just come out and dictate whatever they want.

So what they have to do is create problems so they can come up with a solution and called management by Christ and actually before Obama got elected the second time I lived in Sylvania, Ohio, and they passed out. These movies called the dreams of my real father and Obama was being interviewed by news lady and she asked him a question.

Any idea that my Muslim religion. Then she goes. Don't you mean your Christian religion, and he goes oh yeah that's what I meant to say my Christian religion is your log life or you and then, and before he was elected the second time he signed on to the United Nations. He predicted the virus from Joe Biden is following in his footsteps. But you know it the best thing of God's bill on the throne, and even the wicked are servants of God, they did not know God save the evil for the last days until we really need is a bag of popcorn and we can fit back and watch the show. But Jesus did also say prepare and run to the hills and what is meaning by that is there's a time to sleep. The time to be aware and take action.

And I talking to Israel at that point, yes, but also so you know, the Christians also took that and in the 60s and 70s of the first century they were fleeing just based on that, and then it's also all right and was called particularism. The view is that it will also be the case later on. I'm with you and unchecking this book out signal to the New World order. It's only in paperback. I do everything on Kindle but maybe all ordered anyway and I checked it out is also the cold in route to global occupation that was like 30 years ago and that one was kind of scary. So for some stuff and are already think about Israel when they became a nation in 1948. The Bible says all prophecy will be smoke-filled before that generation passes away and that was like 7273 years ago and else talking to a gentleman earlier today any better generation is actually 100 years.

Is that true well generation Lee could be there. Generally solicited 40 also be 120 because that's how many days is the limit and so what is, is this generation will not pass away. Does it mean that those who were born May 14, 1948 when Israel became a nation it the day after that were born as part of the generation if that person lives. The hundred years old every 20 to 48 so it doesn't mean that I this is a question we don't have an exact answer, but I do know that the seventh.

It was Six-Day War was started when a guy forgot who's in the name of she was going to go through a certain gate that has been sealed and the legend around the Gators and Israel says that the next goes through will be the Messiah. 97 to break down and go through end of the Six-Day War started right there and there are stories about the Six-Day War were the ones I heard that just blew me away to Israeli soldiers were in the tank and they were about out of fuel or out of water radio wasn't working there looking for the enemy to surrender to the far behind enemy lines. They work in the arena surrender because at least a B survive you that they were well treated, but they have water and food, and they were looking for the enemy to survival in the chemical refill like 300 of of the enemy Arabs were all on their knees with her hands behind their heads and the weapons piled in another pile, and that they came over the hill and they looked currently with her seeing the drugs take over to some machinery and wired wired but so adjusted the frequency of the radios there and called in for reinforcements on on the enemy's machinery in them. The enemy wouldn't do anything. I just stayed there with her hands behind her head and then the Israelis came and captured them all.

And when they interviewed him and asked why they said because we heard the Army coming up over the hill and it was so big the sound of it was so huge that we knew we could not survive it. So we surrendered before you got here. It was one Eric stuff like that. I heard the mayor occurs one of the few places where Christians target their heads chopped off. That's right in Britain and and and Australia, but yes, of more Christians died for the faith in the 1900s in all of history combined what you think about when Jesus said if you got two coats fell on a bias toward some pretty sure he wouldn't want you taken a knife to a gunfight right right is not an amendment is Luke 2236 and the sword and are trying to take our guns away the guns away, we have the right of self-defense, but not right of of of vengeance. I wrote an article about errors is been distributed all over Nigeria right now that they have the right there to defend themselves against the tyranny of the of the Muslims do not extremist from true Muslims because of Islam teaches writing fiber sermon probably 15, 20 years ago back down if you take Chicago, LA and New York out of America. We would all right be a 3% of the gun violence in the entire world and that's where the strictest gun laws are all run by Democrats, and where the strictest gun laws are is where the highest crime rate is and Hitler basically said before you can take over a nation you have to disarm it, disarm it, and you need the children so that's why they started propaganda machines in order to get the children so they can have brownshirts.

The turn and people gather brainwashing among school there. Actually, I'm out of finger teaching them what the bank that's exactly correct.

I got a question for you to call as we get it. I can tomorrow that I got a real quick question for you. I got a sticker on the back my truck I got from church that Mohammed is dead and Jesus is alive and today was the first day I ever had somebody confront me about it and basically that it was wrong for me to not commodity else's religion and I just told the guy Jesus loves them in all and I know I've done my homework and he was 100 times. Yeah, I mean, you learn anything wrong with me having that on the back. No, I got all that Mohammed is dead.

Jesus is alive. No, Jesus rose the dead.

He was crucified. Even though service works. 157 says he was not crucified. Islam is a false religion. Mohammed was a full profit and put it on your on your own and stand for the truth. Okay fries I buddy up there or I may very well yet okay were at a time. The scope John from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

John welcoming on their. Thank you both you a strong call: no, no, I'm just under the weekly this one question. My first one is about everything. I think that without outliving my second question is listed as one of Oviedo still want to talk with your question about the women preachers, teachers, A. Bobbitt is not supposed to be. So I will write out about that do not allow one to teacher action is authority over men would require for Adam was first created.

Yeah it's it's I speak on this frequently that women are not to be pastors and elders go to that those verses.

First Timothy 517 I go to Titus 1527 in first Timothy three terrific three through eight and cross reference it was for two 315 and the issues here are that women are not to be pastors and teachers and elders over men in the church context and the fact that they are is just another example of apostasy in the Christian church. If you go to church as a holding pattern over. I know the people listen to me. I know they're out there in Carolinas and stuff like that listening right now if you go to church as a woman pattern elder. You need to stop any two of submit to the word of God, as does that elder over that woman because it's on biblical and I would be glad love to come on out there and had a public debate, discussion on take the time to church I'll fly out and will have a discussion. I will show you why it's wrong for me to be pastor and elder, and with the deleterious side effects ramifications are of it but to ferment okay with your next question. My next quick thank you been fighting with deity, but my neck question is if the cold. That government is making people take the thing about life and why they are offering money to get people to take the shot, and then, on top of that when I went to take my shot because I was working the video healthcare field. So I have to take the shot, to keep my job so when I would think shot. They wanted to charge my insurance quote they showing no my question you without it free and why they lie on television telling everybody that free when they charge nine showing the question there's inconsistencies all over the place. If covert is so dangerous. We can be vaccinated why they open the border letting illegals come in all over the place down vaccinated were being expect pond were being conned by our government and the leftist news media so I was gonna say it and I'm saying that were being conned to stand up and write it from right have your friend arrives and is a lot of people there jackboots think that's what the Nazis were there jackboots is just a phrase of me think they walk in lockstep with the status quo without real serious independent thinking they do with her told and go with her. Told okay I really hate it, I remember.

Thank you for having me. All right God bless is good to Larry from Dayton Ohio.

Larry welcoming on the air. I thank you should come.

Quick question the Bible. I know he did a lot of teaching in parables just what they teach a narrow valley here.

I think you and only your hand cut off her pocket teaching in regard to how to do actually need it. So, ask hyperbole, its exaggeration to use what he's doing is demonstrating that sin is so bad that we should have nothing to do with it. It's better to be maintained then to go interests in and enter into hell, pluck it out, but is nothing actually pluck it out, is that you think this is help what is hyperbole hyperbole and then quickly you mean when they say things that abound on the upper bound in heaven, or at least on earth and heaven. John 2023 and the Catholics is a lot to collect more about this because were almost at a time that has to do with authority the Christian to be able to proclaim what has already been bound, but it's in the perfect I think is perfect participle which meets the past action is completed with an ongoing action in the present and stuff completed a split that's pluperfect deep perfect 10 past action occurring in the past and is continuing in the present and so that these sins that you have given have been forgiven already going on and for whatever reason from Richmond. All right. Sorry about that. We are out of time with the Lord blessed by God's grace.

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