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November 2, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 2, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is the third temple being rebuilt in Israel right now---2- Where do the giants of the Bible come from---3- Where do demons come from---4- What are UFOs---5- Is -accept Christ and do good works- a good summation of Christianity---6- Have you heard about what's going on in North Carolina- -The governor taking a stance against the LGBT movement----7- Why, particularly in the black church, are they not teaching about the real Jesus-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is golden responding to your questions at 877 back to the show November 1 which is an anniversary for rheumatoid about a girl.

I hope it was can have a good time.

I just did a lot of research on code and released a document just half-hour ago. Yours might be interested in you in finding out some is going on right so be quit noncollusion pretty soon… Go back to theology or stuff like that all the research that I've been doing but in the meantime, the folks wanted to call you to do was delete 772072276 and we can plan we can talk about what you want talk about and no Richard, I ran out of time. That's what it have legitimate shirt so everybody so you know, my wife says not, you got aware that shirts it so I have been and that I just ran out of time today. We ran out of time. At a minimum time to take my shirt just thinks Kennecott of the last minute so it's like for the people in their all right and accordingly, call 877-207-2276 imitate what happened.

Let's see I was 17 years old and I'm now 64 so years ago was that that was a 47 years ago a friend of mine, Dave and I were still friends were going to high school was in high school course. This really happened. The site is my anniversary often college other. On this day and we talk and I have to go. Remember the desert and everyone's got killed.

What happened so what were what walking or bikes in Winter Park, California. Going to high school and the people want to tell stories talented and aware of the left's outside going up over the hill, over the freeway overpass of the freeway on the left-hand side and into traffic and walking our bikes up the hill so we did every every day for three years and this guy cold comes up over the horizon of the of the overpass and slammed his brakes on us and just stopped just a few feet in front of us. Dave is in front of me.

This guy gets out of the van and slams the door and runs we was going on and he runs over to Dave and Dave's in front and grabs Dave by the shirt start screaming at him that he most that we said you guys almost killed me and up. What are you talking about and we concluded later that we think that something somehow a rock or something came off the top of the they overpass on the freeway and this guy you don't. We think of Mike that we don't know, but this guy was screaming at Dave and Doug to kill you guys and no this is back when I weighed 105 pounds and I knew I could beat this guy up and so I got my bike I turned around and went down the hill to to go find help with my got to catch me. I realized is that my body as I hit the brakes and I look back and Dave is across the Boulevard across the street is bikes laying on the inside there and the guy is in the van after me and I just bolted and went down this hill. I mean bolted standing on the petals and there was a trailer park right at the base of this is overpass and I just just careened in like 45° angle.

Just like by just hauling in there and this guy in his van. I could hear the tires on the pavement and then the gravel with gravel and he could hear it sliding and I mean close and so I knew he was going to get me so I jumped off the bike.

While it was writing I was going and just went to the left and I just bolted and that this guy comes around slides in his band gets out and is on foot after me and I hear him and he he was so close. At one point that my left shoe had a tear in it from where his foot hit my foot my shoe and it ripped and that's how close he was and as I was small I could change direction a lot.

So what I did was I changed direction and I was able to gain a couple of feet each time, and I could feel like he's just right behind me. I saw this field I can in this field.

I thought if I got in this field.

I fall down.

It's over. So I stayed in the trailer park area and I are you getting whatever he could to sky screaming at me to kill me and I realize I'm not in the last much longer. From all this dodging and I decided to bolt across a Boulevard and was a building there, and a lot of cars around just after six and 50 in the morning and the boys went to school early and I remember thinking okay to study people that help me and I bolted right across the Boulevard between traffic this guys on my tail and we got Eichmann across the street and I was able to get a car between him and me breathing hard as I can to catch my breath and he would go to one side to go to the other, no, and he kept trying to do this like it went by other cars, and then I see my friend Dave and he's he's there not near me buddies with this guy who's got a chefs outfit on white closed in on the hat and the sky got a big butcher knife and I think I get over there for my safety is and so I try to get over there for this guy cut me off.

Turns out the guy with the butcher knife didn't speak English. He was Spanish and the police later found out that he thought I was after him that my friend and so he was to protect my friend against me and this other guy. He feels all confusion.

Good thing I didn't get over there and so I'm just getting super exhausted discussion after me and I know that I'm lucky to make it much longer and I see an open door, and it's black and or scars not too far from it. I don't know. This building is, but I just decided I'm going in there and be people in there and I bolted into this door not knowing what was there for the trip over something slamming the something. Who know, I just went in and I've never had my eyes adjust so fast to tooth to the dark as that day and I ran in I saw that it was a bar we have drinks and there was no exit and run and semi-writers of theirs texts to three guys sitting at a bar and couple guys of the left and a bartender and I run back to the to the last wall and I just hit that I just get my back up against the wall and then I see this this the bad guy. He's he's there at the window at the door he sees me and the desserts walking towards me because I can't get out and I said that is a humongous guy just sitting like 6 feet from me.

I said I didn't do anything this guy trying to kill me. Help me until I said and right when at the bag.

I got to me this big man stood up and stood between the guy and me and said to be none of that in here, no fighting in here like the district help me, help me, super small, and this guy had to wait as the bad guy the way his opportunity and decided not to mess with this guy and so he left and the he says he is not you wait to find you. Who is this guy so I'm inside the bar for 15 or 20 minutes. I would go outside because nobody says a thing. No one called the cops know anything right and the so I didn't know this but David already called the police and they were already there. The guy with the blue van is gone and they can't find me. So to putting on APB that I was kidnapped so subsequent to go the I don't know this but up 20 minutes inside of this place in the dark and Mike and Dave. My friends tell me you have had an old radio that the ghost lookup for blue van and all the stuff and and so you compressed find appointment to stick my head out the door and walk.

I sell the cops everywhere and I walk over there goes there is and it off, so was safe and the police to report to the stems downtown. Everything and we got the survey report correct. So two weeks later my friend and I are at high school, for I had to go for orthodontia appointments. I wasn't there, and Dave called me up and I got home, so they caught the guy I said you're kidding they caught him yeah caught guy would dump downtown to the police station right now. So we go there and detective met me and Dave separated us and he said okay not to believe or not mattresses.

He's one of your is a senior in high school and should really okay and so he hands me the annual and he says the annual picture taken since he says the who is he knows he can identify had blonde long blonde hair done with shoulder and I looked and I don't see them because looking at it as your last time.

Look again very carefully because if you can identify me to let this guy go ice okay look carefully. I look carefully as I don't recognize a good look at education loan civil who is it the points of this guy was a friend of mine.

I know this guy using my trigonometry class is not is not him. He's a friend of mine. I said, eagerly protecting was a no I'm not a journey I'd tell if it was him, but is not him. I said it was somebody else in the same MO same van the whole bit. But it wasn't him and him.

I know for fact that I was an ally and so that would happen ever found out, and I call my friend today and say Dave remember 47 years ago so well there you go anniversary and I thought I would tell you because some people in the Czech Republic. What couple days ago.

So there you go. All right for open lines, but give me a call 877-207-2276 before plunging the call.

It's good to Rudolph.

This was a regular old type from North Carolina. Welcome your on-air gaming. Yes, I can okay I don't believe that. I think I know you would will… And out about the camp and that there was a good direction.

Bob Bob, we and I don't believe that because if there was a good that came about. You will probably people and it can't be that you know about, well, the second Temple was destroyed in the left side of his feet like that. Well, the first was was a threat. Second one was destroyed in 70 A.D. is correct. Thank you.

And so the third one. Some people say will be built so under the tribulation.

Or just prior to it. So I don't know you know that you heard anything about it about being what it is being funded right now I have heard that they have the ashes of the red heifer and that priests are being trained for Temple sacrifice procedures and that there are plans to rebuild the temple in the work.

The G. The archaeological site is right next to the dome a mosque and the dome of the mosque archaeologically is in the court of the Gentiles.

So there's the temple and the Gentiles. So the temple could theoretically hold on for folks like what you call 8776] Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave lines work 776. All right difficult okay and let's get back online with the Rudolph. All right, welcome. So third you your play your hurting checking it out.

I don't know. I don't see anything. What was it about. I don't know and they came up with that there would be feet is anchor live and never I don't know maybe I don't know okay on I don't know if you want to thank you for your help. But you know yesterday the third would be rare for me in on Annenberg yes no yes yeah okay okay you bring with her nailed his 95 theses on the Wittenberg door.

I have them reproduce you website and I would suggest people read up to 15 minutes, but it's worth reading this you will get everything in it, you change the history from you. You're welcome. God bless.

All right, all right through the lines 877-207-2276 Martin from Virginia.

Welcome back again so I think your first caller had mentioned something about the temple or the originals of the temple, so about three weeks ago. You want to send station. It is called the Truth Network and is a a Jewish show that on and they talk about Jewish prophet and they're talking about how so much of certain evidence that has finally shown up that very problem and so Jewish ladies mean an insect like a blog yet.

Yeah, like I think about it and make a bent harvesting that folded bread diet specific red died by temple law, only that guy could be what certain colors for them and gather. Not much that can wish on your computer, and we so you go to college if you have unique, unique red diaper third Temple begins. This is Israel, 365 now all you don't know yet. I just wanted to search Crimson wool and just found it from Trish website so or noon collects tiny insects that once a year produced a flame colored dye that was using the temple and never met this year, especially about that type of infected.

They rarely got much well really small things like the size of the P number again is that a better horse quite a bit.

You and interesting about that. I didn't know about that but I do know I have heard various things over the years the I believe that the temple has to be rebuilt by prophecy because the antichrist have to go in and offer sacrifice or abomination in their so I think it will happen, but also like I said earlier, the court of the Gentiles archaeologically is with the dome of the rock is found, and so the temple next to it. You imagine the tension, your intention up there right now you yeah there is.

So there you go right but I filled out an interesting stuff early times, and I appreciate that it know that so just another bit of information red dye that they need is being produced this. There's a video out if you get on YouTube.

I cannot remember what it is maybe a Charlie's in the room. He knows better than I did a detective and an atheist guy or something. They went and they took the camera and they followed the Exodus route to biblically lead us with literally drove walked. Don't force whatever it is, and the they found it looks like the the alternate was built they found it.

It's in Arabia and there's some interesting very interesting comments made by some of the villagers in the area this through these caves that are mentioned in the Bible that it he traveled by, and the locals called in the caves of Moses and then there's nothing to mount the could look down and you could see the 12 altars or something built around is one area, it all fits and they found the hilltops and that is a data picture from far-off in the. The thing look different like they've been turned upside down, dipped in chocolate and Internet exit up close search for the right will not hesitate to get it from the know know the what they did was necessary. Illegal if they got caught get up in trouble. So that's what I understand, so it's called the search for the real mount was its Mount Sinai and is really interesting, it's worth looking at. Watch the search for the real Mount Sinai prime video and it's worth looking at.

I recommend it because it's not just slumping bad these guys talk about that show the videos that show the stuff that show their visit, such work. I'll check that out tomorrow research. There are no get out and vote: out of Virginia governorship and young Kenneth yeah you what he's doing now is starting to talk about refunding the police and getting all the protection in these lying sacks of hypocrisy you know if I'll get it weeks of his talking out. Yeah, I can feel people to their hypocrites. Just get rid of. Yeah politician special Kaiser be… Well, you it's in which way the wind blowing us. The politicians do you look for people of character details is what I my position is a slight hold to the subject and the know these Democrats.

They say whatever they can say to get in office and they will they go against what they said they were to do in order to make things worse in the Republic folks out there. I'm all for term limits. But when you get like that are mentioned but today it like backward that he offered up his his opinion of the tremendous atrocity of of of a bailout bill how he said we need to do more and more what you think up.

We lost okay find out later okay right now. Oh you broke up for like 15 seconds all about that. It would just break my bones but as a folks, there's the brake lines 877-0776 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave to show to open lines 877-207-2276 can print the morning. I will welcome you on here hello yes it is. Good night… I thought I'd better throughout the giant and all of the human yes it would talking about your take on this earth. It it could be from a combination of an immortal fallen Angel because Angel is still Angel. Even if there following correct that did not gain or bond.Yanks do not you talk and in Genesis 6, but the fallen angels that had relations with women and produce the offspring called the Philippe correct and I was wondering I what if that's the origin of when and when he died. That is that why you meant To have it both were a decision appear at the event whenever they want general, they don't need a human host to be here and throughout. That's when the series is that when the flood came to destroy all the halfbreed that the released spirits are the demonic forces that want to be in having human bodies. This is serious but unofficial okay no there's no scripture to back that up so you yes there is if you Genesis chapter 6 it talks about the death of Lim and it says in verse nine that Noah was perfect in all his generations as talk about his ancestry.

So it certainly seems to be the case that that was the halfbreed situation. That was the position of the Jews withheld enough still help hold with the Christian church held up to about forgot how many years hundreds of years after Christ was crucified, but the church held that to and then we got ridiculed the then the satellite theory came in that it was just the men of renown. But I don't buy into it. Jesus is as it was a Davis of Nola social Butte again days of commencement of man. So it looks like the same kind of a thing of the going on again some interesting theories of come out of that as well. We don't know for sure.

We just know that there's some interesting theories ^ talk. I've heard of that, you know, bandit alien can be in all great demonic port is that yes they're trying to come back that I think I believe all that but I don't know that I don't know way to prove it. Either way, here's a thing mathematically.

Life can form by chance anyone in verse and that I can go through and explain it but has to do with the permeability of the deoxyribonucleic acid and the volunteers are going to DNA things like this in the mathematics against life by chance are just phenomenally impossible and with a suitable symbol hit if it's like 10 to 30,000 power one intent of $30,000. He is still a possibility with a number of proto-thought atoms in the universe is something like 10 to the 80th the entire universe attended 80th and the odds of certain enzymes coming together like 10 of the 20,000 power. It's is written same. It is not to happen and flourish forms.

So what are these things out there. Well it body will don't know this, but these are reports and go to Que K you can give reports their information about the abductions apparently log the abductees report that the so-called aliens teach theology and the theology is that reincarnation is true for all divine and Jesus is not God in flesh and only one Christian Christian woman ever been abducted and should get permission and when people cry out to Jesus in the middle there abductions. The deduction ends so got these at some of the fact that we do things, things well you know you got it just do what you can either think he is not right that it is some of the theories that are out there right okay buddy, I'll look at Gail sure arrived. Good stuff.

All right, let's get to call the airline and who we long for the lines if you want to give me a call 8772072276C for organizing a call focus go to Charlie okay is Charlie, my buddy Charlie a Chuck what's up yeah that's right neighbor is on March with me. He does the thought for Carmens great guy rely center 41 or so years and he's a guy read me the quote I got me started apologetics.

Anyway, go ahead.

All now that you told him that if you let me through next time so nothing anyway lame REICHSTAG on the topic of the worm you don't want one. Not Christ of quoted Psalm 22 in that bomb the person refers to himself as a worm. I am but a warm and the referring to the scarlet worm which is a female worm is a specialized form that later cakes and affixes yourself to a wooden surface on which she will die, and after that the young are born, and nursed in the wood of her body, and the young are resting by the scarlet crimson she gives off and that's what they would make the crimson die out. He compared himself to the crimson worm that gives up his life for his job and a lot of scholars have said that that state picture or an image of the peace we have through the blood of Christ in Colossians 1 2012 the very specialized worm that is mentioned in that Psalm and it's just interesting and fascinating. Sometimes know how it gives up its life earth junk on a piece of wood like that so you can submit information well I like Bob like that, especially when I found out about this from Henry Morris told me at that long time ago the morning when I got my defenders Bible study the Bible study Bible, signed by Henry.

He told me about that. He was in his 80s and commanded handshake was like a vice really cooking there was a story I never forgot.

And it's something that may need to dig in to see the lifecycle of the crimson worm where it actually also gives off a certain part of its lifecycle white as wool flakes that appeared like so though our skins are scarlet, yet they will be washed and then we will be white as snow. So there's there's a lot of pictures in the in the language that the art room friendly toward the Christian gospel.

I like it.

Good stuff. I'm glad you feel okay well I'll get back on it and do my job right buddy Douglas Smith that you okay right. That was a Charlie did good buddy Mike great guy. All right, let's get on lines with Roger from North Carolina. Roger welcome you on here and I would on that writing.

My question is, I've seen I got a friend. Actually, that he believed Christianity is pretty much right and do good work and that's pretty much that's probably think about it like Christian moralism. I get gleaming, etc. I should do good works that could be theologically very good to be theologically very badges depending on on what he means by those things well amine you know to be a Christian youth that Christ and the need to help others that fact that the whole Parker well in a sense that we trust in Christ and then we love God and love our neighbor and were to bring glory to God or not to lie or cheat or steal, and to love our neighbor and to love God means we can do the six so he's that's correct. So not sure what else is going on. You have a not so sure about it. So not sure what your so unsure about. Well met and the thing that is that you you are now in Christ and in the whole thing about being a Christian. It needed to help other and if you don't help other because you're not a Christian, more of our son. There's some truth to that, because Bible says if you say you know him and don't keep his commandments of truth is not in you and your lyre is first John 24 so if Christians were supposed to manifest her Christianity because our hearts are changed and so therefore we will of God. We will love our neighbor, and in so doing we fulfill the law so so the so far, no there's not really a problem if if this person is thinking that just received Christ do good works consider is an intellectual only venture that will be a problem because not just the next intellectual acceptance of Christ is an actual heartfelt trust in his sacrificial offering for our sins to the father and so that that's what it means and that we are born again and in born-again work were indwelt by God take up less than a full three or four of the line they call for 720777 mass Y call 7707 back to Bear Lake.

All sorted out. So there you go better and I'm on headphone thingy and like the wind situation that's all right something so how you doing I'm black and highly neither a man same more than I deserve. That sure I know that's right yet rates and I am enjoying your show. I used to come in much clearer that the left and to wait for the most part in the car although I will be lengthening online more often and only in the past few weeks.

On that day has gotten really rainy and really I don't know what the interference is that it is a shame because use the comment itself with the player now acknowledges all kind of interfering, you should email them them no go to the trust as well. Truth

He was just Truth Network like that. I was already on already online nickname without looking into your story and it can we break and I spelled that Mike China, you and your and yet so I went online and try to hear that they embody and when it being alive. You already will yeah you know it was disclosed that lots of stories affect everything about putting my video is telling them because Lynn tell people my stories nearly surprising to stories of that of of my car accident of death threats from Satanists the past. I got stories and I got some stories that that people would think they weren't real because of the coincidence is, but they are so oh yeah, and yet cannot follow you when you are you on your yes Matt slick YouTube because some doofus atheist a self-righteous guy says that I'm not allowed to talk about coded on not on the radio and what he will be talk and so he complaining and add blah blah blah. Yeah you and I finding all kinds of stuff about the job and I'll tell you, I want nothing to show all all will contact most definitely if I had slight look of confidence/COBIT and go through so the tables to the try make everything interesting and easy.

But I'll tell you that mean I was in highway lines start the country of Wales just a bit of fire over here.

Check this out to my third son not to met two thirds of hospitalizations in Wales are from people up with COBIT are people who've already been vaccinated, and yet we already know that amulet and from there is a lot of grant grants will minister you know people on YouTube trying to get the word out on different things that God has revealed them and yesterday and got the woman literally come far wet. I had all the research that I have been there when in the past year, and regard to coping and everything and here she talked about and how what they're trying to turn off that guy Jean and fight by doing these boosters and things like that they wanted to manage that God does actually that is silly. Some information on them. Will check it out. You never know.

I well and would not be in our Bible there that with the confirmation that wait for God, and it did just bought everything all understanding of everything that I on the research I got in regard to marrying yeah but anyway I digress, though everything for my call to follow the first arm of the Commack. Have you heard of RA on anything in regard to North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robin that he and against the LGBT community uses goods good for him recently.

So let me give you little background there tell that he he had been trying to get the children out of school library battle that was now give me your evil books right right and in regard to that you know the entrance Dan gender and all of that and bring lands that late and he and he is trying really well.

Even now I get trying to get the out of school and and he was he was on the local new one of the PDF affiliate here and he was speaking at a church and he he will breaking it down you talking about. Yeah, I don't care if only, if only to male and female.

There's nothing out you know any of the powerful video and you gotta gotta find that it decided to exit it in we have a huge folder of information that people been sending me stuff I've got 59 emails to go through just on that and that's just the sort. And then there's more to go. Time will you I'll let that email address again just info@carmencarroom.rg Karen ARM and Mary Christian apologetics research is had 147 million visitors working on for 26 years and that's where were met by living and what you have missionaries in Turkey and Africa and set to in South America so you check it out okay and looking for help with your blah no I am well we appreciate anybody was good to work with us has another theology very well in this country so there's reason okay what that brings me to my actual question break that way around my my question actually trying to understand or your your thought that wrestling with all the research knowledge that you have. I'm trying to understand and grasp why much Christian faith, especially in the black. The black church. It black community.

Why, why not an accepted the true and true man that walked the earth that was brown Nazareth in the Middle East.

What are the teaching about Jesus felt so a lot of a lot of people are like what I coming anyway and not about you even like no no no no not married to E LPN right now is Moses okay okay so and typically thinking Jane talked about our being an Ethiopian woman. And when I'm not of the Old Testament description how you have a question though what your question my question and I why why there that I know not that my why no why why that Christian just one thing to think that way, where shipping fees are Porsche MH G and not through identity. I responded that because I don't what various churches are teaching within the Christian community or the black community so I can make a comment. I do know that Jesus Christ is God in flesh is two distinct natures. The divine nature and human nature, and this union of natures occur 2000 years ago and he will forever be in that condition, and that state the cross for our sins in his body, roasted dead three days later the same body died in the was a glorified body and forever will be in that condition because he's our high priest after the order of Melchizedek is forever to make intercession for us. So that's who he is not the blonde hair blue application server Jesus do that I talk about on a regular so that you and people innovating out no inspirational Vitiello thing not because we all be in think we developed images of things are comfortable with why people like white people, black people like black people age and location, which is used to it and ends that are good or bad is just what it is and that was to beware of it and move forward through it. That's all. And so glamour may note that a I'm sorry I got I don't know. I have seen same various things over the years depictions but the thing is that you know it's just what it is and we just didn't realize it. Jesus is who he was.

Don't think of them as any color I don't. I just think of them as God in flesh and that's it.

I just leave it alone. Talk to him all right about bar sipping beer and John 424 whereon alignment that you know who else to do that. The pastor didn't know who he is and teach doctrine to teach doctrine of the Trinity hypostatic union committee cut you if you want to dictation justification. Propitiation election predestination to teach these things.

Thank you so much for your time and I was definitely thinking… Yeah, Kevin Hart, the last plan. I thought okay God bless. All right you all like I said about that folks is just remember good large website out there. is a site with people working on working on and headed up 26 years ago so check it out right.

See is a great deal of information on their list go to Fred for Minnesota. Fred welcoming on the air. Hi, I was up there on the debate last week about the anyway I began to question about Elohim and what I got from messianic users that it was God's world more than two but like I called Paul unity not like that histology where they're all fighting with each other but how Paul unity is individually different than the I called.

I like where this is call back tomorrow to talk about this. 641 talk tomorrow okay sorry about that day from Utah and Galway Bay folks is great effect on their another program powered by the Truth Network

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