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November 1, 2021 7:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 1, 2021 7:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his latest research into instances of oppression for not taking the vaccine.--2- A caller wanted to know if their understanding of 1 Peter 3-21 was accurate---3- Does John 6-50-51 mean transubstantiation---4- Can you explain Revelation 12-7---5- Did Naomi ever end up having any more children---6- I don't know how to deal with my roommates who say they are Christians but are always doing things that don't seem to live like a Christian should.--7- Where did the concepts of the three branches of our government come from-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is goals in responding to your questions at 877. You are cures with podcast date here from podcast results.

So, October 29, 2021 podcast literal okay now so that's it going to give me a call for open lines 877-207-2276 Acuna watch the show that big a deal, but David you know you want to see me sitting at the desk and and the participants in the room chatting and things like that is, the fun fun.

Thanks all you do is go to and other informational links to further it's good. We got good community there now to start with salt. That's always a good sign.

You know, certain shots that you could say they know you and the have a good time and fun and the community people so you, we have for open lines 877-207-2276 today. I've been working heavily on two articles simultaneously on the covert stuff and when I get there with us in a week or two covert thinkers working for about six weeks in a minute. Go back into theology because that's what I need, but I'm doing an article on the reports of oppression for over refusal to take of 19 vaccines and there's a lot of them and working article on that and also reports of side effects of you working on that and I'm also going to have a number one countries that have restricted the use of some code 19 vaccines and so I'm doing for these articles is because he not just a theologian you know the researcher to doing for decades.

So I know to do research on how to find stuff and I've been going through and just just finding new sources reading through articles and finding appropriate quotes and putting them up there to can see what's going on with the link when you click on it.

The article opens up to the original source and you go read it yourself and try to do is summarize information for people so that they can go and find what they need very quickly and that's what I want to do, so there's a lot of side effects immuno autoimmune inflammatory syndrome, cerebral sinus many accounts of death eye problems, heart problems, menstrual cycle problems merit myocarditis other symptoms, respiratory problems, single patient events is a list of those zoster virus and and things like this and leisure and there's more. And so I'm just giving a good list that is so you guys know I'm not against vaccines.

I'm for them. I want my children to get vaccine back laid against measles and smallpox and polio and things like that probably it. I just don't trust the value. The coded vaccines because the death rate associated with them is too high.

In fact, if you go to the karmic website. See and just ignore/coded or go to the secular issues on the left-hand side and look at the covert, there you'll see that I ran a report from the CDC.

This is their data not mine. I did what they said and this is where people going on the doctors going and the link up there for Ricoh and they go in and they report what they have seen the doctors going the report and it gets categorized so if you can't trust the CDC data will you living to do so. What I did was I was able to run a vaccine death comparison. So all the deaths from 1968 through the present of all vaccines excluding over 19 all of them combined excluding code 19 is 9183 deaths that's from 1968 to today and just the past two years of coded vaccines is been over 13,000 deaths. So that's that's a low estimate because I could do coded for all years and then exited like 17,000 to 14,000 are sick of your subject by just to the last three years between 1920 and 21 that's related to the vaccine because of vaccines were being tested and come out early and not 19 so this is what it is and if it's scaring me, and I have even seen a document where a guy says that he will get the vaccine of this company if they promise to because they're forcing him to take a medical thing in order to keep his job.

He says yeah and you agree then to the foot the bill for any side effects, harms, hospitalizations, or death and things like that, to find that and to reproduce it and put up on Corinth so well. Again, not against vaccines against the government pushing and mandating that but we put in our bodies and I problem with that and I do know the companies some of them require getting a flu shot and own my work at a hospital, you know, I had no problem getting a tetanus shot. It's fair to get exposed to stuff this is different in a region is different is because are so many associate associated deaths and adverse effects with these things. In fact, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Japan have restricted usage of Madrona and AstraZeneca vaccines while you do that and have to be coherent and on the news here. Well you know so Christmas it was all right focused on the phone on the phones on the finance right and let's get to Alexander for mobile, I welcome your on the air hello hello are you doing all right and hanging it. Would you buddy. You have been talking to somebody about all of the doctrine of baptismal regeneration and import them against that and how this verse shows up your you want and I believe a way that I interpret this. I've never heard anyone way, but I will be the fidelity to the original bill.

I will, I believe that when one day, not the removal of dirt from flash in first Peter 321.

A lot of people think that that we keep referring to your about me. I believe you are with the clarify what you meant by faith want you think that Dr. them.every your print out the felt left but even if God is a good conscience, and so back to the backlog. Getting a good conscience and conflict birth. 14. Seven. So what I believe that that this verse is talking about how about Dave from doing what is bad, doing what good fight Lander and we know what built the ark light up the blocking according the college application. Actually they use the word article off the flesh.

Birth WORKS so yes or cost have not heard that before and the commentaries of rent not heard any of the commentaries is not what I've seen either, but it's something to think about, but it is always a concern when you doing when it comes up with something all church history kind of thing so it does mean is not true though, but it's something that must be examined and so you're saying that is that that this was something preventing you from sinning. As I what you sent know I thought so what I believe. They are no heat clarify if there grant that the earth or a dash of Greek acute the work they yet but what I'd like that of being your eating you by getting constant and not getting back in verse 14 to 70 talking about you Christians get a good conscience.

Thank you. What is right and not what thought the baby and not leaving your I think not talking and you write that up and said it's me because of men's will examine that insidiously. I'd like to.

I believe that a lot of indications that show the conflict showed that's what it means. The microstation but I haven't been anyone really think about it.way for sure. Yeah, I will send it to me. I'm not I'm not leaning toward your interpretation but it's worse because sometimes people have a different view of something there seeing something in the text that may or may not be there and I want to check it out right here in this and on also hears me a lot of you will miss in first Peter 321 and that is when it says corresponding to that, baptism now saves you and it's corresponding to what well when you look in the previous text. The things in verse nine, it's when not in the construction of the ark in which a person's were brought safely through the water. Will the issue is what saved Noah. Well, it wasn't the water. It was the ark and the end of the ark by faith. And so this is corresponding to that, baptism now saves you use is not through the drop in the flesh, but appeal. I think what is talking about is because it doesn't say baptism here is water baptism because you can have different kinds baptism and the implication could be made that the bar sink in the water corresponding to that, baptism of baptismal each of the water, but not always be baptized in Holy Spirit rebaptized intra-and tribulation, but not unnecessarily. But anyway, I think the context kind of lean towards the idea of baptism is a possibility of water immersion or sprinkling or pouring. I think those are preventable in Scripture that's another topic altogether.

Like the, the, the eight people went into the ark of the ark represents Christ who says he's the door and was only one door in the ark and God closed it and so he entered in in the word Jesus in Greek is 888, and a good match.

When you add up the letters because letters are also numbers so 888 is Jesus Jesus and yet eight persons within the Arkansas people are circumcised on the eighth day. And Jesus raised on the eighth day which is the first day that week eight. As a an issue of new beginnings and knew this and knew that. And so it you know, most commentators I've read say that the baptism corresponds of the water. I just don't think that you get a sound because baptism can't relate to the destruction of of sinful people because it says it saves you what saved Noah was the ark, so I think Peter's response. Single baptism relates to the ark. You enter into it by faith and is not removal of dirt is not the issue. The water in the body, but the issue of faith, and that in that your saved is not the baptism that saves that's right things going on right think critically out that you what is not. You really think I okay okay very much for answering the phone call.

The big hope that these are highly intelligent. That's why good all right meth accomplice Alexander thinks a lot. All right, let's get to AC from Illinois. They see welcome Bureau here will not only I'm okay how you doing what you are hard to understand your hard to understand is try to get big nonstory Diane and okay and that if the argument is that there Greek key that will have to take a break. Okay hold on and check it out okay as we get a say about you right back after these messages we have two open lines all you do is call juveniles 8772076577077 charismatic 72072276 AC from Illinois. Welcome here about what about the Greek word John six what your heart understand quite quickly. I think I could know what verse that the look of the verse. If you say it just go really fast have time to look it up so she John six. What 50 John 650 all right and okay I'm looking at it not been later on for what it for the 8.50 wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. I need to take you Kinko's who forgot I had to look at things so you can build slower okay so he's my flesh. The word flesh is what you talk about in the Greek word that my life then I get what you said eat my flesh earth for three different words so which word is it that were talking about eat eat. The verb to eat. Okay troll gone okay okay trouble now so okay that now what both Eve, arguing that you find it. I met they were under the impression that literally like the child on June she has drug on arguing that Larry what this change of about the actual eating of the spec that it does mean or does not mean because your heart understand sorry for me does mere does not mean that is actually his blood and and flesh thing that God is changing word about it. Affording the notion that he that meeting life at the okay just tell you I'm having a real hard time understanding you.

I need this understand every single word others can understand better climate hearing loss have 80 dB ring in my ears so I have you turned up Max on my equipment. I can even turn you up any louder so missing a word or two say to say this again, I apologize, but that's what it is and if I don't understand what the argument is yet I can't respond to let understand to try one more time. Anything a bit louder. Anything word came on right when change change from the word again.

Okay, 51, and then you that you trust God okay argument that effective blanket eating flesh literally okay interesting okay gotcha thank you for saying it like that yeah so verse 51 troll gone okay. I get you okay forget, an introduction that it is actually getting his flesh okay and what you do is argue with the Greek because longtime people who think they know Greek don't know Greek and all say things and then with all due. Often they could say that to will the Greek word means this over there and that over here and therefore sweet means here and so I find this and really not as profitable to get through that now. His argument is interesting a look at it again later would have more time to think through it because I need to look at exactly how that each word is used theoretically in every instance of the New Testament.

So for example in 57.

The word eat.

This is an example a stroke on his 5176 and I can go into the Greek lexicon thing and I can find out that it occurs only six times and so I can look at every single instance and I could compare and cease our discussion of analysis. I need to do to check this argument out that it's it's interesting but here's the thing that's a lot of these guys miss you, you ask him are several questions you can say so Jesus instituted the supper and they want to say that is actually his flesh and blood is all asking questions. I did this literally three nights ago on an Internet chat system and I hurt when I asked the question everyone going on the background of low you have even thought about it and are several questions but I said to my my Catholic opponent Norton every polite conversation I said so, that's actually his flesh and blood. Jesus instituted when he was with the disciples right they said yes. Is it his sacrificed flesh and blood and he said yes I said will, how could it be that when he had been crucified yet real simple question that they have to get in some mystical stuff, but the response to their mystical stuff while God's outside of time.

What is that mean they don't know what it means what they're doing is grasping at straws and there's comebacks. Another thing is in Leviticus 1714, it says the Bible, God tells us do not drink the blood of any flesh, don't do it and so if they were still under Levitical law because the new covenants not instituted till Jesus died of Hebrews 915 16 if it's not instituted till he died and are still under Levitical law and Jesus would never be asking the disciples to actually drink blood so that look. Leviticus 1714 and so if you say that it was he was doing. It was only in reference to animal sacrifices want to come back with any sick oh so it is okay to drink human blood because it only reference to animals is that we are saying and have a problem. So there's that. And one more argument I give to them as I say is it not true that by definition a human being in his flesh is only one place at the time. Yes, but how could he have broken the bread and said it's actually his fleshly body and distributed around the room and if yet if you still a man you still a man and by definition of a medical get one place at a time. How's that possible and these are the questions to ask that you would pay but God all things are possible.

Well, you say well that's nice little no statement. I think it's also possible with God that he's allowed to be deceived by Satan when you're saying that.

So I guess it's true to his neck just because when they come back with us all things are possible. Therefore, that's what it is is not the case with are essentially doing is arguing from silence. It doesn't say what I wanted to say so I want to jump to a generic verse all things are possible and, therefore, that's what it means. It's a horrible way to do exegesis is a horrible way to look at the Bible. It is absolutely horrible.

Just don't do it that way and that's what they do these people in cults and in Catholicism, and they will continue to to misuse the word of God like this it it's horrible it is in the Roman Catholic Church as apostate teachers, a false gospel and teaches and promotes idolatry at the other argument that you brought up that that he did not correct and yet he fed up. They might like you just don't want so that he considered in light of monstrous was worshiped as body of Christ. They have an idol worship that they would call back okay because when you write so they function to open lines 87707227 sexually mad like why call 770727 okay Sgt. got distracted reference. Click a button with the robber from Iowa. Robert welcome back Aaron yes I can as I can.

What's up all right. It's your animal knowledge on Rafael Revelation chapter 12 like first that where reference to about Dragon and all you doubted they built in heaven and fallen Angel or are they at about want to get your will on out that is a difficult one to answer because I spoke with you the different senses in which we can understand Job 16 it says now there was a day when the sons of man submissive the myth sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them and the sons of God to be the Angels and so in Job is written well after the fall.

Certainly seem to imply that Satan can get into heaven in the presence of God. It implies that so were not sure when this occurs. Now in verse seven. Then it was a war in heaven, Michael and the Angels would you want to Dragon the Dragon and his angels waged war so Michael is the warrior angel Gabriel is the messenger Angel. That's just how it works at some rules and the Dragon apparently is Satan and his angels. The following fallen Angels. So there's a war is good. Looks like is going to happen to be a spiritual war. That's what I think so far. Okay, we don't think that war reference number there happened yet. I think it hasn't happened yet. This is my opinion. You see, I am not an expert on on eschatology or the book of Revelation and and yet it would it says here is 1260 days that looks like half of the tribulation. And so that's why some people think it's during the seven-year tribulation that this is what is going to happen. Which makes sense, your fingers, better support for that. There is it that it yeah I struggle with with okay what all is Lucifer still up in heaven with his fallen Angel all have they been Down there. Many of the day, but you know what yeah you are because you meant remembers about seven years ago I wrote a novel called the influence and in their forgotten. I have a description of the fall and from a distance were summoned watching it lights out near a glorified glory, delight, and some of these lights turn dark and they pay separated from the other ones is the symbol of the fall. Interesting.

I forgot about that, but because he said was a fall look like and that's what brought that back so we know that 1/3 of the angels fell with Satan and that he looked up from pride right so you know correlated no roaming around in our game and heaven right now. I wouldn't know. Some say that they can't be in the very place of heaven. Because the dwelling place of God. The can't be in because of his holiness, and some say that there in the lower heaven which is the realm of space and then some say that the lowest heaven is the clouds and the wind area. So at the very least at the demonic forces have access at least to where we are. So in this realm is called the third heaven or classical. The first heaven and the lower heaven and so so it looks like that is the case, it looks like it is the case, we just can't seem to rely on. Okay, so when I die and I entered heaven above and do it not. I do not believe so. I believe this on Isaiah but I hear you, and I think it's good to have on is that we just go straight to be with the presence of the Lord because the Bible says snacks fricatives to find a segment is 58 to be absent for the bodies be home with the Lord. And so we are to be home with the Lord Jesus, and I don't believe is a monotonic thing going on and there's a struggling. I don't think we see them at all. I think if they have access to have it is only when God summons them and commands that they work to come as soon as it seems to be the case in Job 16 but even when it says present themselves before the Lord. It doesn't say where that presentation was sweet and be careful and so there's some unanswerable questions that you can ask about this and begin to say well not sure there's a possibility to the possibility and then we move on from there based on the contact. Everything there that battled like: Lucifer having taken place or Lucifer tempted within the guard I think so then and of course obviously the whole war built there still thinking battled filling in. I think that acting out yet Satan does have access to the throne. I don't know. I wouldn't say that I wouldn't say that would save none of the character behavior. Be careful does he does he say we don't know if he does for sure, but there's a possibility under the certain conditions we have to qualify what we say because so many people don't do that and then doctors get made out of things are just the just opinions careful but you know what gathering or exactly where did it occur, we don't know if it was in heaven. We don't open the third heaven second first, it doesn't tell us was endless. The context like Bella tell you what kinds of questions you have to ask, and you can look at. Don't assume that we didn't redo no angel or president on earth. Yes, the sailor absolutely gathering good. Be honest. Good thing maybe.

I don't think so. Now that right buddy. I think it works thank you very much, Matt and Robert know from the call back anytime all right. Let's get to Charlie from North Carolina.

Charlie welcome you on their and I and a lot of it is was Ruth ordinate Naomi and not getting a lot of Jesus. Ruth was displacing the book of Ruth last night and so familiar with Matthew 15. This is Solomon was a father Boaz by Rahab. Boaz was a father bolded by Ruth and Obed was father Jesse. Jesse was a father, King David. So yeah right she's a molasses Naomi God) did he open it back up and in the end of the I haven't gotten there yet.

Social work through it, but you don't a lesson limb elect Naomi's husband and and for this to set aside and so far last yeah and but Ruth stayed and Ruth became you go to mobile.

She became a Jew and was is in the lineage of Jesus Is Matthew 15 proof of that. Okay right you to back out unless all right hey folks, you may call 877-207-2276 we have for open line so give me a call all right Logan from Burlington, North Carolina. Welcome, my God, I'm kind. All got quick question for sure. Near my family. They just completely live the Christian lifestyle really make you depressed is not living with them. Yes or and are they into big sin. This third drinkers on the request by God of everything heard about all of asking questions, don't go to church.

They do and so the drink is drinking. Jettison so getting drunk. On this we don't cause a lot of just doing things that are Christian in the Christian life. So right so you I know what you how to survive it to help the model got a bad light burned out run, but this is what you do you live as a light wherever you are all right. Hey votive mass 777-657-7077 charismatic slave going to continue on just lost her connector had phoned the things to do and were in a situation where we are shredded by unbelievers is is first of all to pray and ask God for strength to keep your eyes on him and not on your surrounding your circumstance. It's difficult but that's what you do and you also need to live as a light don't compromise. Be strong and you need to surround yourself with Christians to find Christian friend. You can talk to about it and be encouraged by and you need to read the word you need to be in that word and read and course go to church is just very common things.

If you look in your surroundings and say my Christianity depends on my surroundings Problem so when I was in different jobs. I would work as computer tech in different places and there were two situations where the unbelievers around me noticed after a while that is because and I didn't participate in bad jokes and off-color jokes. After a while they asked me and I told him because of the Christian participate in those things I didn't judge them. But the point is that the light shine and they noticed it as a comparative to their darkness anything on them. I told this is where I am and that was it and I noticed that their behavior changed slightly of big but I was around and so in a good way. So I'm missing these kinds of things are was needed and it's a 300 to pray for them. Be a light don't participate in their ungodliness surround yourselves with Christians go to church and read the word.

And yes, we had to do and stay strong and that you'll do okay.

All right for open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 we were right back Ray from Oak Ridge, North Carolina. Welcome hey Matt, thank you so much.

I thank them.

Thank you so much for what you do, you may yet break got me on. I am a public school teacher that learn how to kinda love your enemy not been trained out of the and I have a question for you here and it where the three branches of government come from. I've always been taught law of modesty. The Enlightenment, but I just wanted your view on this because it became very late in my career.

It actually comes from somewhere else and I trust you a lot and I want to use you as authority actually in a public school if I don't get arrested for that sorry the what you thought that the three branches get arrested for what yeah I just kidding, I don't think I directed Doug I hope I am but I'm hanging up in it now.

I love my enemy and they scan atheist high school system and you and I had at the history and the competition and that all talked about Montesquieu and lock, but I found out on from caregiver think the guys name it right away. He said Isaiah 3322 about the idea of the judge and the lawgiver in the King kind of like Congress. The lawgiver judge of the court in limiting the president and I have never had never heard that and I'm now right now I'm now teaching the cut, not just I want to tell the kids the real source that this is not the Enlightenment write the real source because all the way back to Isaiah 3322 91 during that it that what you would say about that. Well, I'm a theologian not a historian so I can't comment too much on it. However, I do know that you can go on the web and look up videos on the Puritans who founded this country and how they asked the ministers to go to the Scriptures and develop a form of government for the states yet and they went to the Scriptures and found these things in the Scriptures, and so directly forms of government are, I believe a response in parts to the issue of the knowledge of man's depravity because the Puritans were Calvinists and they believe Brian depravity of man and that there needed to be a means to counterbalance the depravity of man sinfulness the propensity to sin. And so what they discovered in the Scriptures among many things was the sewers. It looks in my notes yet, here we go, and I got him here, but I don't read all the verses but a representative form of government is that of Exodus 1821 to 22 so I got got a mic that represent a form of government, self-governance, private property rights. The principle of liberty and freedom capitalist principles witnessing fair trial self-defense and down and look at this.

Isaiah 3322 that's very interesting. Our judge, lawgiver and King.

That is, I don't know to what extent the pastors went through the Scriptures to find what they did but the people who wrote the Constitution were heavily influenced by Christianity and the secularists want to do is strip our country and its history of its right religious roots and I think was appropriate here. At this point is the novel 1984, which I recommend. People read that I do tell you that right got the sexuality and there in the movie does to with full frontal is everything like that much.

You know if you can find a plate speed through stuff. Whatever. I just wanted people, but something is said in the book and I think paraphrasing it, just very slightly but he who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past controls the future of your control. Now you can rewrite history and you can make it say whatever you want in order to control people for the future and that's with Karen on so we have liars, absolute liars and in the educational system and in our government and so we have a major problem.

I believe our coaches can fail on a pessimist I believe is going fail. I believe this could be great depression. I believe that shortages I leaders can be more more mayhem.

I guess that's my my position and hope I'm wrong. I'd love to be wrong but II know where I gravity is I know what's happening when you and if you've heard Biden, for example, in the absolute stupid data to the astounding stupidity of him and his is a Gestapo regime is that they want to now give hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegal aliens, families, and the stupidity so the governments was to be in checks and balances to stop this kind of assiduity but because the liberal right. All forms there's no checks and balances because now they're all acting out their total depravity, so there's no godliness so yeah that were going to fall on the side of the book of Judges everyone did what was right in their own eyes and then God punishes them for that and were getting the punishment we deserve in this country, Biden, Pelosi, Harris, Obama and Clinton.

I think like that and to I don't believe Trump was was a bad judgment.

I believe he was one of the last hopes. Believe it or not Cassondra I did redo some gun restrictions and very opinionated stuff you had a great issue is one other quick question sure that I will tell the kids that we talk about the great awakening and I will kind of delicate that were in the middle of the journey are still your part of the part of we the people in our elite going through a great awakening right now.

Are we becoming very secular like Europe great dark and you think it more.

The European secular yet that's what I fear we have first relative to my wife's side and have been over in France and them with had French people here is foreign exchange students. I can tell you that the attitude of moral looseness is entrenched in their culture and their family life.

It's nothing to live with somebody. It's nothing to do that I can talk about Germany. I can't talk about England have not been and will have relatives don't have any first hand experience I can say with the French side and it's very lax and I was over there. They had full frontal nudity commercials women what they they looked at me. They laugh at you because I was like are you kidding me. They laugh because I was so American. It's a show you how hard they are and so happening in our culture S always getting out of the sun in our culture in the 98 start to look like Europe, you will and moral relativism is increasing use Lord's name in vain all the time.

We have more and more movies that are soft on we have stuff that's coming out that that violence is on the is just part of what you do. Along the sexuality and think about this house your own reaction when you see an animal shot on screen you all my goodness that's horrible person shot is not a big deal because we been so hard tonight and so this is the kind of thing is happening to our people, and because it because secularism provide an end sticklers and provides an excuse not a good one. An excuse to be sinful to be your own God. Christianity is difficult because science Dowling the heart and hand to God.

And so it's a more difficult lifestyle, but it's about what.

But when the unbelievers are demonstrating their own eyes they turn against each other.

This are doing a portrait things in any to convert us with life and so this is what's happening. It's it. The unbelievers are we getting what we deserve as Christians in this country because I believe that the Christians have been sitting on her hands for too long not doing what needs be done right begun going door to door and living for the Lord and not gaining power and money and having these moron guys on TV with perfect hair saying I three jets now and all this stuff there. They're fleecing the body Christ unbelievers look at that notice hypocrisy and it just another reason not to believe that clean out our first well I really thank you thank you do it crated greatly but I do appreciate I licked you that every night I had for a long, that's good. I think a letter, not nerve calling ON one want to say how glad you are glad you're here is one more thing to think about, which is a strategic and apologetic approach in logic and truth. What's the ultimate standard of biblical truth with not difficult with the ultimate standard of of governmental righteousness is ascended to ask children you can talk with the ultimate stamina. There can't be two ultimate standards. You have to have some it's universally applicable to be morally correct, but it is not universally applicable to everybody that it's just arbitrary in the human system based upon human desires, but that can fail. Which is why that the founding fathers gave us a bill of rights that they said came from God that could not be removed right. That's the idea. Secularism removes it and says the state gives it to you and the state can take away and ask and you know you have socialism and then you turn into Venezuela exactly yeah I guess you don't get dragged my arrived and we had a time. God bless a a great weekend and I'm sorry Jodi Goodhue from Des Moines, Iowa call back Monday okay and I hope everybody will have a great gray as well by his grace back on the another program powered by the Truth Network

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