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October 29, 2021 5:53 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 29, 2021 5:53 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you think about everything going on in Africa---2- What is inspiration- Are certain translations infallible- Did the church decide which books are scripture- How do I deal with all these different translations and different words---3- I'm struggling with not feeling like my faith is real.--4- Why did John the Baptist send his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the Messiah- Didn't he have the Holy with in him- So didn't he know---5- Is our ability to believe in God a gift from God-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. We found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max what why branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick. Everyone welcome to the show Matt slick and hope that you will give me a call and we can talk. So we had an interesting day yesterday how life really goals what do you want to call to get a hold of me all you do is by leak 772-072-2765 open lines wide open. Please give me a call alright so I was to research a straight. I enjoy research.

I enjoy just sitting doing research and finding tools and collecting information putting together putting it up on corm and stuff like that. I really do that I get to study. Most people just don't give us any pastors of the study is much as I do not really like today. I did a few hours research on the church fathers on the idea so scriptural scriptural loans of final authority on some really interesting stuff I keep hearing from people credit discussion last night was Catholics that the church fathers agree in all in this area that are in this area and finding out they don't. So anyway, it's just it's interesting I'm doing research in that area also still doing research on covert cut to a day or two off because we really put a lot of information, a lot of effort into that and that's not a good Bible study.

Teaching online and just go to the current Facebook and current Facebook, Facebook, and watch it there if you want to go to the book of Ruth tonight so that should be interesting. So I think that's about it to open lines 87720722761. We get to see Mr. North hello you're on their there you go in law called North Carolina okay yeah looks like a producer of mistyped which is okay so we got what you were all their equipment to go before the blocky reported to thinking people about you. That possible.

It was to get your take on. I have no idea. So oh okay we do have connections in Malawi and Nigeria and so I can always ask we have a meeting tomorrow morning with a weekly meeting with these guys but if you were to send me the proper spelling of his name and maybe a website where is the church website I can do some research on and that's what we need to There are so many people all over the place, was lot of charlatans in Africa but there's good guys to so Scripture, no problem about email us at and check it out I think your government you to pick up less right like to feel the lines 877-207-2276, Mr. anonymous from Dayton Ohio. How are you doing this anonymous okay I think you I am trying to I've come across rather different view are the Bible, the ability of the Bible. The modern version and David Daniel get done a lot of research and conflict like you and I DVR any FB infallible. Let's talk about what this means. First, because a lot of people don't quite get it and wouldn't listen about inspiration first. Inspiration is his word occurs once inspired of God is 316. Ms. Dawson only occurs once in the entire Bible is in reference to the Scriptures. So what this means is that the Scriptures that the church recognizes the church does not give us the Bible to church recognizes the Scriptures so when John the apostle, for example, finished writing the gospel of John.

It didn't become Scripture. If the church decided it was it already was. It's the nature of inspiration of God's work through person so we call these original writings recalled in the autographs. That's just what are called in this discussion. I called the autographs so the autographs are in errant and inspired. There's nothing in them that is a bad or false or contradictory. Right now, what happens is the Bible gets copied and what we mean by that actually is the documents get copied with the thing about Hebrew in the Old Testament in Greek of the New Testament is that both in both list talk with the New Testament. For example, of the Greek letters are also numbers. So when you write a word you're also writing a set of numbers and so what they would do when they would copy out codices or pages.

It would copy left to right and line by line and they would copy exactly one letter at a time, not word any time in memory, but one letter at a time and so when they did this they would copy very carefully and then they would add up the numbers on those copy. The literature also numbers and they have to match with the original that they did not see was a guy sneezed and missed something or whatever it is, then, make the copy that had a slight error might be a single single letter word ha. In Greek the which is the word the is a single letter with the, over the top of it will record flake off or person could miss it in a people to get tired it doesn't happen very often because they would do these these checks.

Now what we have here are the result of this procedure is new testament along to be like 99.85% textual identical stuff and all the copies of 6000 different manuscripts very, very, very well-preserved now – a question when Jesus, for example, says I am in John 858 go Amy and he says the program was. I am literally in the Greek Eggo is the word I and Amy is I am. So now what we literally have in the Greek as I I am. That's what it literally says we don't talk like that in English we say I am, and that's fine. Now is an accurate translation.

Answers absolutely yes. Is it word for word exact. In this case, no dislike got in Spanish that are hunt like any for example, 78, 30 now.

Not now.

850 and God can't be right game now say that they flatter you as the Snowmass mainline and so the Greek and Hebrew word there is good to get to this point but translations okay because we translate with translate something for that's accurate and so would you do with the word like that which is to and Hebrew. Well what it means.

It occurs many times, but it talks about his persuade and deceive allure and large once silly three spacious open so what are they say that it listed. The decedent was like tempting God will. God can't be tempted right Bible say he's tempted well with illustration uses.

I have okay okay do you there. Yes, because it understand what's going on is that they were trying to deceive him, but it didn't work and they lied to him a lot that God says that is what many many listed well okay what about the only begotten God.

Okay hello little Donald.

One thing at a time.

The verse also says in Psalm 7836 and lied to him with their tongue so they lied to God they try to deceive God is what's going on, but it didn't work because he can't actually deceived, just as someone to say they tempt God but God can't be tempted this different senses in which temptation can be understood tried to tempt him, but he wasn't tempted internally try.

I know you I now what about the only begotten God the only begotten time in John 118 you got a problem there with you go to church you go to. I am can answer you and I like to cater my answers to this to the purses answer the question you go to church. Like I do. I cry. I was with a vapid okay okay I do believe that Jesus is God in flesh. Just curious. Okay, okay, sometimes atheist, for they do not calling you. That is a vixen, for they do that very thing. And if they think are deceptive and you are just I didn't ask, but there are was called textual variants. Okay penitential variance is no one's and got entitled begotten God in the butt of the father annually and some sick.

Begotten son, but the older manuscript will say says God and so, I'm not trying to be trying very critical and most people are not aware but it only begotten God that he wasn't God prior doesn't suggest having God create what doesn't suggest that all only begotten is a title of authority and position is transferable. Jacob and Esau had her title switched from Manas. I should say, when was the firstborn was not only begotten he will be have here is Monica Nace and it's a contraction of two words mono and did not only an begotten and when you contract them together only begotten you also get the word unique and so the word God here seems to be in the oldest manuscripts and because says I know you probably have no seminary apparently guided research question after question over dollars is no good Fuller is no holding that a break will you bring forth very liberal seminary.

The hold on him right back after the messages, folks, please stay tuned to open lines 877-0776 max Y call 770776.

Back to the show back to the synonymous solar will be sent from different Antioch, the modern version of that come through and ran fine.

Atticus said he ask your you doubting God's word will not not not not one that you hold you King James only person I understand it later product outline okay. I'm asking you King James only person with switched whole idea, ma'am.

I'm Vanessa question I'm asking. Are you King James only papers which means that the King James only true Bible in English.

Your position is a session is your position where it's not your position. You just tell me what you will affirm that the King James in the English is the only true English translation that's the question you say that has settled around now around now. Okay so this is what you're doing you get in in order to try and establish King James only ideology you are, no, no, no, no, not okay. I had to put you on hold because you're not letting me finish my sentences you're trying to dominate and I really don't appreciate that on the radio show. So ma'am, I would just ask that you be a little more patient and less difficult. Okay, are you there I'm here okay you had to ask you the same question several times and whenever I pass on this the same question several times.

I don't in the human heart about it that causes warning flex to soak what you did you know you get on your attacking what you're doing is attacking a textual variant lot and then the modern ones and you're going with King James Bloom ask you, do you read the original King James, do you review regarding all authority don't because the 6011 version you don't read and you know I am.

Do you know that it's altered since 1611 familiar change changes going on okay okay you homework assignment. If you'd like okay this is on a text that the King James Bible absolutely unequivocally gets wrong in his translation is Romans 518. What you did with the little miffed about this is you get interest in these questions and I to ask if you're an atheist is your attacking God's word and then use it with King. Yes you are, check attacking God's word is where the modern version seat I have but I say something and you ignore it and go to something else.

This is not what I'm trying to retry the defendant will then why don't you.

Why don't you answer my questions directly. Instead of pushing an agenda you say trying to defend God's word okay were done. If she continues to interrupt me like that. I just like to continue with that is too bad because we could had an interesting conversation but I don't have much patience with people just want to continue interrupt the schizo like rolling your light we lost Michael let's get to Oliver from Maine I Oliver welcome your my God, Matt, how are you I'm okay how are you, so I had a question about the struggles I've been going through with okay without I'll do my best to explain because I don't truly understand it but first, some reason, out of nowhere, doubt, have just been getting heart for the last four months you live. I've debated all long line of the others I never had a struggle with no answering questions. I stretching everything you know. Not everything they thought of nine but for some doubt your and their based off of. I don't thought I was wondering and he was given that I will ask you some questions here will diagnostic okay Jack, I have told you are on 21 and are you living on your own eye. School really can congratulations which is very good for you right is your wife a Christian okay and are you going to church can ask. I'm sorry I'm actually the church I got all okay well I asked what kind of church like AG Baptist.

You know the Baptist Church okay okay okay so the reason is asking the question is not to get too personal thoughts is to get us a little off here with me. All right. The male brain is not fully matured until about it at 25, Bing district, disregarding your resume to talk about something and don't just wait this female brains developed around fleet about 20 to 24 years old okay just witnessed and so a lot of times what happens is for no reason will start thinking things and that age and is like what I'm from. And I feel like feeling like this, but this makes sense. This is parts.

In part, in part, it's part of what happens with the male brain. There's also phenomena called see this happen to you usually have little late teens, and males. If it happens at all is called disassociation and it's when you kind of feel as though you're there, but not there at the same time that ever occurred to you.

Just curious. Well, something similar that I hate school I met quite a bit and I got my mocha and all so interesting was a threat than this started with.

I couldn't feel my faith okay and that it wanted okay okay good Y given you their information because I want you to understand that sometimes we are going through is is normal to talk with other stuff to sometimes just normal because were guys and were not fully, developmentally, don't play like I said they could still use it against okay right correct that my wife ever. What does she still think I follow carefully developed.

But that's another issue. So that's okay to break his good point and it will get into the spiritual aspect of it and not feeling your religions speak back right faithful to the right back after these messages, please state to mass Y. Call 770727 is Matt okay what about your buddy Oliver, are you still there okay alright so I do some background stuff. Just think about that can be helpful. Believe it or not, but here's something else feeling your faith is good and bad. If you're faith is dependent on your feelings than is not depend upon the resurrection of Christ and sometimes what God does is he allows us to go through a desert and when you view if you imagine walking into a desert. You got to your hats and your your backpack full of stuff.

You can change your walking across as long desert you get out not carrying much conjured exhausted and it's kinda like that when we enter spiritual desert.

God sometimes doesn't speak to us sometimes because of a change were going through in our bodies that happen for food, that we might have an allergy that's causing a certain things might be new stress might be your get married and I realize you got more motions a deal with than you realize. It all kind of stuff but sometimes it is a spiritual thing.

God let you alone for a while that happened to me for five years and I went to the desert for five years and when I came out of it. The only thing that was left that I was carrying was do I believe that Christ died in across rose from the dead or not an answer was yes I do and it was after that that I realized that my faith was too much based on experiences and not in my trust in who Jesus is and what he's done because of its and what he's done and who he is and doesn't matter how I feel doesn't matter where I am, then my faith is strong, and sometimes God will do that to us so that her faith gets purified, perfected and strengthened the was happening to you. Testing it is, but yeah, horrified me about what like it to a point where it quickly and agony like because of a spirit like I blow up till five is your why should like about this quote for the mobile go to the life well okay are you sleep yeah yeah, kinda okay are you think though if you cannot silly you can really have some effect on go. The man like that what had foundational group of Christianity and why it would be power of an online atheist, which I'm sure you know it. Arguments are like well known to have a lot out all going out with why and just like this one the argument, but not even argument the emotion of a bell and somebody like 100 pound gorilla my understand understand this also that there are demonic forces you should read my novel. The influence you get on Amazon when I talk about spiritual battles and things like this and novel, but sometimes when you deal with those were against the faith they can have an enduring effect on you because it's so negative and to encounter people who are very negative. There's a demonic attachment to it, and it can affect you the reason I asked if your wife knows about this is because you need to lean on her in certain areas of spiritual strength is what we have spouses and you're still the spiritual leader need to still be that sometimes life just have insights and abilities that we men just don't get and you could say him to pray with you when you pray for me and things like that. He's go talk to her voice and a lot of time when you voice something by voicing it your controlling it and it has no power, so to speak. Psychological thing. Lots of things about this.

Only once gone through this trust. I've where I've been really look at a lot of the people I know that the top right yet. If there's any point, I'm looking help me well retrying Matthew seven and Philippians 4 okay Matthew seven copies for and just read through those and see if they help you at all, but you have to start asking yourself what is your faith based on is it based on your feelings your experiences was based on resurrection of Christ, who died in across rose, the dead did he really) that are not that we have really get to because if he didn't rise the dead Christianity is false.

It is what it all all all but every sinner welcome to the club you be praying and all the sudden where that come from some bad thought and stuff like this you know it's just part of us and you could have to go. Sorry, but you have to go through it to get to the other side and you'll be strengthened through it. If you keep your eyes on Jesus, not resurrection did he rise from the dead. Yes he did. The eyewitnesses said so doesn't matter what you feel, but I'm not saying your feelings are important to not send just disregard them.

You need to address them to deal with it. I'm saying in comparison to the fact of the resurrection.

Your feelings don't have any bearing on that truth. You learn how to separate them you okay Michael sure that it's okay to struggle. It's okay to go through it. It's it's all right you do sound normal to me.

Seriously, I've been through it in order to have okay I will call back in a while. Tell me how you doing okay you got last folks reopen lines 877-207-2276 him from rural Hall North Carolina walking back in the air thinking.

Luke while quick back side and basically act him if people are the Messiah well for one thing is probably because of profits, not without glory to his own home verse that is what you gonna remember that John the Baptist was the Jesus cousin and so he knew it, grew up with them like like you're the one you don't like my brother and all of a sudden was, get on some super famous world. Whatever you set possible. I know you and so it's this kind of a thing, and is probably probably what was it might also have been that there are some serious but the crib that John was expecting something a little bit different as a lot of people were delivered from the oppression of Rome and they missed the truth of the Messiah that he was coming not as a warrior but as a suffering servant so it could be that as well. Out with you only. So he knew what his purpose even proclaim that she must sign you why Is because I know just because you get the Holy Spirit in you, doesn't mean you can have a doubts or get something wrong. The Holy Spirit was in him and commissioned him and drew him to do a certain thing.

It doesn't mean that he's without error does not mean everything he does is can be right.

And if you can understand everything is. He wasn't inspired like Jesus is and was and is so don't give him too much credit course was incredibly blessed is the greatest in the last prophet, but why would he not recognize one point, probably because it has on the do with in mice my belief or my suspicion. The issue of familiarity and also of an expectation of deliverance from the Roman oppression because he can remember because he was in jail and he was under duress doesn't mean that he's not can be affected by that.

So there okay thank you Matt couplets you can keep Q: all right. Hey let's give the phone with Kevin from upstate New York. Whatever the break will put them on hold will come back to him hey folks, we have three of the lines. Give me a call 770-7276 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave everybody. Welcome back to the show. We have two open lines 877072276. Let's get back on here with Kevin from upstate New York. Welcome back on here that I don't all right thing and at what he got. So I have a Christian buddy of mine that saving faith is a gift from God will go to the Institute for by grace you have been thinking… Right so I might want to be so patient.

If you think it's fake and your thought. Ephesians 28 sometimes understood to mean the faith of Christ, but just so you know, God grants that we believe Philippians 129 and in John 620 29 are believing is the work of God. So even our belief is something given to us by God.

Okay, you familiar with that okay no I thought all humanity at the ability to trust people trust in the long nope that's okay, I'll call the references once the first time through, but to unbelievers, a slave of sin. Romans 614 to 20.

He's a hater of God. He does not seek for God and does no good. Romans 310, 11, 12. He cannot receive spiritual things first Corinthians 214 E. Dennis trespasses and sins. Ephesians 21 is by nature child examination. Ephesians 23 starts this way we can deceitful Jeremiah 17 nine okay now how does someone like that who is a hater. God doesn't do any good doesn't seek for God is dead, and this sends a slave of sin and cannot receive spiritual things I was you freely choose God's can't be with me either. Hello, you okay can't write.

Furthermore, no small part altogether for you so just hold off. Furthermore, Jesus is cannot come to me unless it's granted to you from the father.

John 665. You cannot come to me list of the father draws you.

John 644 so is it up to the person's individual free will to be able to come to God.

Hope so met with if I be lifted up I will draw all men, Michael John 1232 and the reason he said that is because all men is not just the Jews as Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 1524. He might not sent to the hunting world. We only sent to Israel as a covenant covenant aspect. She would not let you know the theology yet.

I'm just giving it to you with the references in the put together okay and that this is new theology for a lot of people but I'm given your Scriptures. This is what often happens, I'll teach this people say no. It's wrong. I give the Scriptures and they look them up in a sick nope that's what it says. Ephesians 14 says, just as he left the father chose us all the elect in him as Christ before the foundation of the world God the father chose a life in Christ before the foundation of the world.

Furthermore, God grants that we believe clippings 129 he grants that we come to repentance 2nd to 225 he causes us to be born again. First Peter 13 and were born again, not of her own will. John 113 okay so Lily put this together for you, giving descriptors, I teases the people all the time and in the first on the here there like no way but they have to accept it.

Similarly, the Scriptures for this process and so here's the thing that whether you like it or not God grants the people believe they doesn't credit everybody and he works his will upon people whom he chooses that Romans 99 through 23 and so he says he has mercy on whom University's compassion is compassionate does not depend upon the man who will run to the point God was mercy much. Romans 914 and 60 leave the bed rock of this exactly what it is is interesting to bring the Scriptures and Calvinism.

Yeah, I'm not Armenian either you I'm a Calvinist.

Not that that means is right or wrong or anything, but this is why I hold the dockage of grace because of the scriptural C but here's the thing.

We cannot come to God on our own because were slaves of sin. This is why Jesus says you cannot come to me unless it's granted to the father. John six 6520 sent you can't unless God granted to you, people say will go to for my NASB S John 665 right in the great what I would've said in the Greek, though I can look it up right now. If you'd like to come every great great and so will look a lot people don't like this not.

I understand that that's that's how I was when I first viewed what I believe in predestination but I don't think you would. Okay, we can talk that sometime but word in Greek for grants is did to me, which means to grant or to give to put their facilities had right okay will go to sure, but here's the thing when it puts rest of it together for you. Apparently, the more we preach, the more people get saved. Apparently, the more we preach and teach the gospel to more people are elected by God for salvation.

I don't understand how that works but it does. We have to understand that we don't serve the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus dressed in a woman's nightgown setting the door of your heart, asking permission for you and your wisdom, let a man not with the Scriptures teach. I would have quoted you a Scripture, and over the years many many people have heard me teach this have been converted to it because it's a subscription and you have to understand that God chose us in him before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 14 would assess that he grants his repentance. Second, to all jet vector and so is very what God does as he calls us to himself and he grants that we come to him. She is not up to the unbelievers wisdom because the unbeliever is a slave of sin because what happens is your Christian in the Christian church.

There's too much of an idea that man is sovereign even over God. Man's wills the final determiner and it's not the case is what the Bible says I can read this read it to you with a we do receive Christ.

We receive Christ because God enables us to do it and we freely chose him. Explain that this is John 112 and 13 but as many as received him, to them he gave the right to be called children of God, even to those who believe in his name who were born, not of the blood nor the will of the flesh nor the will of man, but of God.

See talk about being born again and is not by Harwell but by the will of God.

What happens as he changes us, makes us born again because of the born-again first Peter one, three, and were freely able to choose God and we do so we should do receive Christ.

Would you trust Christ is real but we can't do it unless God grants these things to us, but that's okay. I do believe in free will, but my biggest problem with like the I guess we call hyper- Calvinism is that every generation preceding faith is faith, heresy know it's not here. She'll explain why regeneration must precede faith logically, not temporally from explain when when Calvinist talk like this. They often don't ask explain it well enough and explain what it is. Using illustration of a of a lightbulb. Let's say I turn off the light switch on and five seconds later the light comes on. So that's temporal priority.

The electricity is there five seconds before the light comes on.

This is an exactly how happy. But I want is no strict temporal priority means that one thing causes another.

Then later on there's an effect if regeneration precedes faith temporally and we have a regenerate person is not a believer and that's a problem if we say that faith procedure generation then you have a believer who is not regenerate for a period of time and that's a problem though the logical issue is this that regeneration precedes faith logically, not temporally, and the illustration again with a lightbulb when you flip a switch.

The electricity is in that lightbulb and when it's their life is also there light, electricity is the cause of the light.

It's not the case that likes the cause of the electricity so electricity is logically prior but are simultaneous, but is logically prior. Which means it must be in place in order for like to be there regeneration must be in place in order for belief to be there with her both simultaneous. That's what we mean by regeneration precedes faith is a logical procession that a temporal okay but open the mind of God knows everything will be wasn't so that's how I look at those will know it's not it's not because he looked to the future seek is good at picking because no one will electronic Scripture. It would also think you always know the look and I kind of always know this test are those people can at picking because it's just their sinfully enslaved free will that enables them to old Bible faith comes by hearing the word of God is a word, yes it is tonight at 1013.

Also, Romans 116 the gospel to power God talking about here is the issue of God, knowing the reason he knows this because he works all things after the counsel of his will. Nothing occurs without his permission about his sovereign decree and so the fact that we believe is because God grants that we have that ability. That's Philippians 1 $0.29 okay and will go it says for to you it is been granted for Christ's sake not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for his sake as would assess it is given to you. Granted, and the word is from is a Korean semi from we get Teresa similar is granted is given to yes given to you, grant you the right you have been discussing this for you right here yet. That's fine been given to you to believe right granted one of the ESV says.

Granted the King James is given the new King James is granted the RS visas granted I would stay with Mike and James if you want to serious study by the way, seriously favorite, you'll find and study that the King James will it's good good Bible. But if just to let you down and serious areas of theological examination. Romans 518 is one when I would suggest in this this'll be there so much here okay but Romans 518 the King James is wrongly translated very much so, but is correct in the NASB, and I can call you back sometime explain why and what it means in the theology attached Jesus. There's a lot of new stuff here and assist new that's okay. It's all right you gotta work through it right so good. Okay buddy time right okay folks, we are at a time of goblins and Chad Halloween. Okay Greg about John the Baptist tomorrow you call tomorrow. Great.

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