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October 29, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 29, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- I have a friend who is into conspiracy theories and secret underground societies. How should I handle him---2- So many Christians say they don't have the gift of evangelism, so they don't regularly share. Is that right-acceptable---3- What rights do illegal immigrants have when they come into the country---4- Have you heard of the conspiracy of giant robots being built---5- Is there any biblical backing for people seeing things right before they die- Like angels or past loved ones---6- A paramedic wanted to comment on deathbed experiences.

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max like why look good listening but no colored weight right knows what you call for 877-207-2276 right see if you want to watch the show. All you do is go to and links right there. Let's see, let's see what's so well to check out something on the website are really some articles yesterday on on Carmen and the uncoated stuff and blah tell you all interesting stuff. Interesting stuff in the trouble with one of the articles of format properly.

Even though I am. I do wish that certain work in fictional.

I think you normally do have the right will get that going and I hope your friend is looking to call 87772276. I want to hear from you and a lot going on in our government and it is kind of odd because I politician or I will study politics and stuff like I'm a theologian and yet this stuff is so come up more and more memory goes, it's fictional Charlie and I opened up and did some of you that you work it give you some access to that she can do that to okay now for the lines 87720722761 tell you I started today working on an outline on the covert vaccines and everything.

This is what I do.

I will know this but the big deal, but what I do is I produce outlines in word.

I do indexes.

I do table contents, and I have a way of doing things a little in the left-hand side of the screen. The contents of what is in the document can be seen at go to. I use it mainly for debates and is turning out that these things are part of this very useful. And so I probably doing 20 or 30 outlines 20 how many 20 or 30 and I started today on uncoated and what to do is take all my information to produce so far put it into this word documents with an index within table contents then save it as a PDF and put it up there for anybody to download and it has. It'll have active links and their feet. Go click on things and go see stuff and every now that will do is I will update that maybe once a week or so and the people can download for free and distributed have information that's handy all kinds of stuff in there would be 30 to 50 pages long and it's there so just trying to research and also I love doing theological research I did a lot of couple hours today. I did so for the church fathers. If any of you have the information for the for church fathers contradict each other on interpretation of certain verses let me know what I started doing. The reason is because of the Catholics like to attack the sufficiency of Scripture and say that without their tradition in their church and their church fathers you can understand the truth because they are in line.

The church fathers lesson sometime today I went to a particular verse and I found out the church fathers coated with each other what it means. This is interesting. Some do this on varying verses in a slow going but I get to do that and of you looking at some articles on that as well so you know and just doing research. Do a lot of research of research and on the okay so what you do is give me a call 877-207-2276 must get to Chris from Indiana Chris welcome you on the year.

Michael held sacred by any literate people living a what people, who live there to call the monument hockey get on a Nokia yeah it like where there very well like drain the adrenaline gland. Okay, they can offer eternal life that way. Or something.

I might think like I buy dog cloud will. This is all stuff she'd call me that that is awesome. Well like you were like really. I could see. I could see making a case for Hillary in Clinton and Obama and Pelosi and Schumer and Biden all being a substitute alien reptiles in human skin because they act like it so that you I can work in all I would. I really he does get her skull that I do not keep that where reptilian aliens are interbreeding with Nazis in underground cities, telephoning a good enough power in the to take over. And then there's Bohemian Grove on the East Coast and other some legitimacy to that window when there's a lot of auto rituals.

I called Bohemian Grove, Bohemian Grove, and I want that.

Well, it's supposed to be. I love this kind of stuff is supposed to be a secret society that's involved in Satanism that is seeking control the world and then there's the issue of the thinners issue. The Masons and how Washington DC is laid out in a pentagram and that's what else is there so much stuff I've heard over the years combined with the unlucky. I love that so much. I just want to believe there are reptilian aliens interbreeding with Nazis in underground cities of the takeover of it is such a great conspiracy that jobs like me a lot about the thick of all, all of the cobalt was another secret organization like illuminati and you United.

I'll let you know I do not eat see here's the thing.

If you want to hide you hide in an plain sight and that we can't Be discovered if you if you camouflaged okay camouflage works of the forest. If your goal camouflaged the can find you right will disinformation item and real information can tell what's what's so who knows, you know they could be real could not be real with you. One interesting book to check out the discusses some of this I read it years and years ago decades ago was in route to global occupation and that was written in all 25 years ago or so, I guess, and it is really interesting. You can read that kind of stuff and then there's days as an object enters the rate aliens. The rate aliens are aliens that are walking among us and for the planets afflicted. So yeah, it gets stuck through the only thing I would add that that I think might have some actuality within hi Kent, I cannot discern truth from error will be the cabal illuminati stuff like that.

Some of the Masons. I remember going into a Masonic Hall luncheon is nobody there. I just pull on the door and opened it and walked in, and when this is my own eyes. This is not with anybody else. This is an anecdote.

This is what I saw and I read went into the area under sacred area.

I guess a call all these chairs in a huge room. They had the pulpit kind of an altar kind of a thing where chairs were inside of it was elevated a few foot off the ground kind of thing stuff up in her two books there and I opened them, and I read scan through and accept the words of Jesus is not God, and where another book said Christians were probably need to be gotten rid of. And so that's what I read with my own eyes. Oh yes oh yeah so who knows going on all line up like like real guys really want to live if you just make sure I like just make sure that it bit you don't share any food okay so that's the drugs.

Drugs are lacking amount getting your system is your believing in on a Nike ducky is even the word out to Nike is an awesome word about THA T but don't miss out on unoccupied okay I know Nokia and see see my spell on you Nokia things eight and a new not be I think is a and a new note yeah a and you and a KI think that's what it is right 02 and eight and in what the animal on the Internet that fully money came in the Old Testament are the most probably the offspring of the half breeds between women and fallen Angels so that that reality is there's diary on his debate on it, but I confirm that it was fallen Angels and and women and the reason I do is because of Genesis 69 that says add that Noah was perfect on his generations, his generations his ancestry was was clean and when it talks about the sons of God came down had I took for themselves. Women, some people think listen to God is been really powerful people, but this does not have a term is used in the Bible does seem to be that there was something going on like that and that was probably why the flood was instituted by God to wipe them all out and in some is just theories here in one of the theories is that demons are the released spirits from the flood and physical bodies died in because there was one who inhabit bodies in their fallen Angels, which are different, so thick that you just theories of some scholars have gone through and analyze text to see it… Like I will get the atmosphere that they have me take physical form yet is not me yes is yet and you will and looks like it looks like they can only occupy bodies.

Looks like you and this is an unclean spirit goes out and there's issue, there's there's so fallen Angels dinner an article on this and there are unclean spirits. There's demonic forces and we don't know too much about it because the Bible doesn't tell us so all we can do is it will secure some of the theories with this search of the 30s without just give that's a but we don't know for sure and labeling can entertain a note unaware week that there that well know how you now, technically, logically, and when you said is correct but little that is correct so that ago given John all right evokes five open lines. Why don't you call 877-072-2760 hear very difficult matters like why call 77077 back to the show. Hope you enjoy the first side with that was fun and the difficulty of the minds 877-207-2276 look at the Bossman from Dayton Ohio, a welcome here will be regular to call you) but I love your program of question for you. I I am so much talent people specially since March 2020 that I have been just telling people about Jesus. Tell the gospel I sometimes I are getting these these quandaries. Words like running the Christians that an Alaskan hey are you telling people about Jesus and usually map goal say that of course will of course. But when I bring it to my local church group and I and I observed there's not a whole lot of gospel talk to to our our surrounding communities and the pushback that I'd gotten was because they say batsmen I don't have the gift of evangelism. Now this is a Christian.

I don't have the gift of evangelism. So when I read Matt Mark 16 and Matthew 28 the great commission. I don't find where Jesus said unless you have the gift of evangelism that looks semi-missing something. I guess my question is what got out of the gospel surrounding community.

Actually, in college, my socialist social studies or social science to a bachelor's degree. I did a study on this very topic. I had a series while yeah I did and I had a series about it and my theory turned out to be wrong today with the theory was correct and I said in a in the course because it made sense.

It was a theory, it makes sense, but it didn't turn out to be correct from the data and ended the professor for the excellent job. That's how you learn very good okay. My theory was people that Krista did not evangelize because they were not ungrounded in their faith and knowledge and having general answers so they were intimidated and didn't want to study detailed reasonable right that is Bible very and so it turned out that's not the case and and so I was wrong about that and I also found out in there that 80% of the Christians were functioning Roman Catholics being good was with was needed for salvation and so I don't and never with the actual data showed but it I remember the data showed that my theory was incorrect and didn't do enough, I would've had to gone through and developed questions to find out what the real issue was but a communal giver to graduate and so on.

I don't know exactly but I think part of of it is they don't know the faith I think is part part is that there is not confident on and I think another part is they don't see it done and they don't know what to do. II think it is mostly flat out afraid you're just afraid and that might not count them. It's intimidating to go up to a bunch of people and start witnessing or to your coworkers and things like that I think would have to happen is people need to be encouraged and they need to understand something very very important when you witness you are going to mess up dispatches and I was going to be and I know that because in every single instance except for one I've ever witnessed in II messed up enemies gives us one time I thought I did everything right now it is me. I did, I think I did and so it just goes to show you how even someone not use myself as a great example of anything but you know, even someone like myself, you know I messed up I mess up a lot and people think a lot of times it if they mess up there. Not good. At evangelism will now it's just it's okay to mess up so when they fail.

The failure causes them to think twice about doing it or trying it has gone right does describe the human condition because we failed only and in my case I'm too stupid to know when to quit and I just keep going, you okay will messed up that lit up just right again and ran so you have the gift of obnoxious nuisance, stupidity, and so apparently works out.

God can use it while he's rubbing his forehead shaking is looking at me. But as far as other Alco I don't know and I would just encourage them and say no one can do it perfectly. It's like this is this is not a just to say it is an illustration of this actually is what I actually believe that if any of my friends are radio people come out make you meet me here.

We let witnessing. I don't want to be too public about it because it is seeming really messed up addicted to lower their their opinions of the quite a bit because know I like it would be. I will yeah your great Matt that the content that goes away when they meet me and so I like the yeah the other stuff but it just goes to tell you you don't it is implicit or different ways of of being good witness. You can be a good mechanic and you do an honest job and you tell your friends why you're doing what you do and that you are a mental generator woman of integrity. Things like that and that you do what's right for the Lord and that is a very powerful witness, particularly when you live it and not just say at one limb that car comes back writing your great work and when you like what I find that in the listeners great radio program. This is what I I do is I deserve a higher power and I will meet him one day and so that's why I'm doing the service so well.

Hopefully you have been satisfied with my work on that kind of thing and then another thing that I do because I will I working so okay, unaccustomed here in Ohio and that God laid on my heart.

Not in all the list is free to do this. It was such a great idea that had to be on this, not that smart right around when you God that in the so clearly so-called wonderful idea. Take a piece of white card and take a short small just make a button and this is what I want the button to say and I was fed just write down these were asked me about and I said the board. I lost the branding. He said my… With a list and I am not. I have had such a great combat little cardboard on my work. You go and it did start my my life on Mars for my behavior on a raised see that I don't appreciate that they flow through you call 87777577077 charismatic sling back 776. Charlie from North Carolina. Welcome your drink that lately have rights immediately like they can vote and: make it work permit that group. I just haven't studied it so infuriated when I watch the stuff on TV knowing that the federal government is purposely breaking our laws and slitting our country with socialistic land nor language in communion against the law. We already have laws in place and it's it, I believe it's a power-play order to control our government and controller people into good Democrats and for socialistic control traditional communist state ultimately that's my opinion.

Yeah to really, I don't know when they can vote. In fact, if they had our but they just count all Democratic Party out a yeah they are and it's always the last does underhanded things to gain power through ungodly and an untrustworthy so I really probably people coming into the country they come in legally that's all.

And I am letting you know learn a language other than spent in the San Diego for many years and I'm in pretty good. It's the Spanish I've worked in a few jobs. I do speak Spanish and we regularly regularly encountered people in the country for years never spoke English and were illegals not to blame for one have better life. I don't get it, but and I remember talking to somebody in this really bothered me at his hospital was pregnant and and she has three kids and she's pregnant and a man sit next to her and it was not her husband, and he was not the father of the year the children with the father. The one she's pregnant with and were three different fathers with three different children. She didn't really work and I asked her how long she been in the United States at eight years. I said you speak English and she said no. This kind of thing is a problem and it was nothing on, and so they want a better life within if I go to Germany and I'm the lived there for 20 years. When the first thing I do is sign up for German language lesson, to learn German in their country so it's a frustrating any literary goblet know we say let's try this, let's try David from flyway Dave welcome your your own ear saying that I don't not doing all right doing all wrangling that we got out Saturday left the station there.

Talk about the giant that are being built in a computerized ear heard of them know Giants Giants of the road at night. Robots being built yeah and and yeah and there are computerized and they were the face of the still are talking about that there 12 Bill, do you throughout the country and it's kind of calico all trend of Satan and I guess you can put a step in his cage and made they scan your body in an they can projected up on the on the giant like I have no idea about that. This is interesting show today life. I do not keep and and instead giant robots, you know, I forget to get there eventually. But right now I don't know. I don't know. Maybe the development of the country with them and then have program to all vote Socialist.

Yeah know that I googled it and it takes an actual there that I got one are actually built it with Google can find it.

Well I was just that I you to yet just giant robot and okay yeah and they actually have one bill already and they had one of the TV news reporter in the cage and it literally scanned his body and then it projected up on the computer or on how is it just says nothing gimmicky kind of thing but now I would like to.

I'm reading stuff about giant robots up uptick in the taking over the world. Sometime the right now. We love so you don't tell you it's was a real steel. You know what I have been fighting robots and and stuff like that. Isaac has a mauve science-fiction series foundation to have robots in their which are pretty cool but now I am not aware of this so much about you and I know that the there were very concerned about them because it I am not in.

I Never know what they'll do about it that it got me thinking and I echo my girl that we really have.

There will be fighting robots be like Pacific rim stuff.

The Pacific Rim I denied either. I know I kind of bring it up on YouTube and I actually saw and the fight several stories high and the arms move. They had moved little walk around or anything, but is stationary. I wouldn't count on its home.

I don't know it's not something I've heard, they began also use them to go door-to-door and evangelize, no. But for now, probably not okay so let's hear all right well appreciate your like listing your program and a lot I'm glad you are is we do this mod staff your your yeah yeah you're very pretty patient man to it, why have a teller that 7 inches. The she is no wonder that very late and okay well I enjoy with clear program. I will God bless, Dave obligated to thank you that our rights to Erica for my what Erica welcome hi yes I can. I hear you fine welcome to the show you out when her night before that backing. I'm not aware of anything. It shows that the conversions of seeing things in a death bed, but you might be something that I had says something I haven't but I can't work I can recall it, but I do know of the fact my own mom when she was in hospice for the last two weeks of her life extending renal failure.

My dad said that one day he was there with her one evening and she asked him who's that standing next to you and then there's another friend and it was Billy there is another friend we know who end of the very grave illness and passed away from it and she was incapacitated and right at the end right by me minutes or hours a couple hours. I think maybe it was even minutes, but any right before she passed away. She sat up in bed and was smiling and was looking off towards wall up a pie little bit :-) and then just fell back and that's right front to back. It was gone so long and enters a chair who was a rabid anti-Christian couple hundred years ago and he hated Christianity and knows the story goes, as a Christian nurse taking care of of him and she reported that as he was approaching the last breaths.

The last couple hours of his life he was screaming because he said were flames coming and that they were coming for him, but in the gospel he died without it and have a friend who was so young a fixed dialysis and he totally one day this woman was elderly woman, and he said that she was in her chair, 10, 12, 15 patient forever to simultaneously and is limited to walls on fire. The walls on fire and I erupted and I said, she passed away. Didn't she deposit yes she did and that there was no fire. She was seeing fire so we look a lot of anecdotal stories (my grandfather what I now want to hear your break is as good as a whole lot of folks will be right back with Erica for my one that stuff, like 77277 man's leg. Why call 770727 charismatic slave back everyone, let's get back on Erica from Iowa still there. All right, so you is a something go-ahead for the great grandfather will need.

Fell behind her interaction down mother yet today meets in John 17. There's people I never death and for symbol 28. Let's that the conversions kind of stuff and seeing things of the sentence there but I can't quite remember in the Bible makes a little email me let me know. But we do have an after this next call if you week after two calls later we got a guy was a paramedic of the story on that so they just all right to Karen and they will get to the paramedic.

I all right okay okay I YouTube thanks letter all right is good to Karen from Wake Forest, North Carolina. Welcome your three renal that comment and kind and 94 Akkad might like that ended on July I thought that the patient that ClickBank tried to come get you hot like the now that the gospel sharing the gospel, Now many allied radio station for Frank. I'm a little Back but it changed in me one thing I only came to Contact the land I live fairly and ashamed of the gospel to some extent it we totally believe in the power of the documents she thought more intricate model. And rather unfair it is that with Barnett's life foreign. How is knocking me on how I get that pelican the gospel and it had the gospel retained its people and we can enact copulation and Hope that anything could quite frankly, taking a donkey and a block in the brand-new doctor – Neil Epstein and I knew my color coat day that I I like I want. The crypto I like connecting things out when in actuality I've gotten gnashing at the gospel is nothing to add to.the cost. Talking with something in there that there hacking in that lot that there may be 11 Nike however fungal decay established in 20 get in the gospel just got his gospel and his word that has us for good stuff character conflict are much for your and wing and encourage Don Nevitt that anything bad. Erica found on Robert J and Valerie Spano) that you think you got Matthew 28 thanks (regardless, all right, good stuff for you. Try to get for the blind eight 772-072-2760 recall folks this get to Jesse from Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome earlier outdoor is going and is going to gonna hearing your guys talking about things I've been up paramedic for really long time and I have several stories but one that I will wait back. We're gonna call the lady over in our front for real severe short of breath.

One thing that was interesting with my partner with 85 and I at the longtime Christian thyroid. I would really ever looking for stuff to be tired at night thinking we all remember calling Berenguer eyes closed like real severe repertory directly with the picture up and how sure she operate open dry, but her arm forward and started saying beautiful. I don't deserve this. Thank you beautiful and I just kind it was like okay man get on the gurney was eagerly thinking about it and then she said something to get it off like I looked at her and then she just like NFL. I grabbed her and she went with my arms. Billy laid her down on the stretcher and I looked at her and I do my part and she prayed and we quickly put all your owners often. Sure enough, she wasn't, and she would like completely.

We did everything possible like you never had any thought anything but what I put on the Martian authority physically which is like an elf flatline is a little odd talking a few minutes ago and it was funny because it was just like all for just like you like you were kind of like looking at somebody with that was purine into something you can get it for yourself but because I got the reaction of somebody getting to look into something with you as directed by a few partners that you think something like that. I think you know, you know. Years later, we would talk about them got NET does actually go to church out you know it was just one of those things where I you know you can't impart it somebody else he had the been there but it was the moment that for sure in my heart and I used to been a Christian for a while. I know God but I'm careful what I have for now. I use it daily in a burning bush demonstrate to be strong and on studies, on the other things that were different but not exactly what you feel that it was something that the question for you. I know a guy who was one of the first responders on 9/11 and 20 was paramedic team called the area he solidified left died from asbestos and stuff, but the rest he told me that that he was partner would go to different houses in that area, he they would get called to drug houses there be people who work dead and people who are comatose or whatever they would triage once or alive you get really good at times. That is not that the equipment he said 11 different times that had he said were dead people sit up out to somebody else and of a weird voice say you can't have him or you can have her mind then spurs with fallback oh my God, have you received. I hope well my burning bush is a whole other story about a patient that actually does the backboard that you can't have her but that was warned that was a young lady and I how I dated a young lady in a house and she when we got there like firefighters and police were holding her down and she was just like growling at an elder first responders and by came in the room and again it o'clock in the morning tired not really thinking biblically thinking aggressive patient fighting with her.

You know, and but she would also like change and be like, what's happening.

Why are you holding me down.

You know what I say they you know like okay and just they call him or try to help you, but I noticed something really odd with her to not was that when I would put her on a cardiac autocratic water and when she was like growling tissue going back and forth like you know like like fighting patient would be and then should be like a scared person, but when she was fighting her. Her heart rate was 80 and perfect which is weird. And then when she was when she was like is on a cardiac monitor like blowing down you know and not go. I really thought like you couldn't do that yourself. I may be psychologically politically dominated them they could do that but though it started. So then one time when it was there. I tried to talk to it. I said it looked at me and it said you can't have her and I said though where you come from, and instead somewhere you can't go and I said so what are you and I look at me and likeness.

Snidely, all answerable weird to me and said I meant that an idol. I kinda like it like hit me.

I think they just drive people crazy and fill the mild will be and then I could wear and I said what what what you call that we are zero.

I never made anything of that biblically, but it went back and forth and one time when she came to she would like going on and I said I don't know but your associate told the story that he was watching like ghosts show the like shows about like whatever and she said thought she heard something in the house when electing snoop.

We were on top of her injuries on the floor so I we know prayed in the back family that she never change back which I know there are lots of stories of people like this, people who been possessed.

I had an encounter once with someone and that was freaky.

You know I'm always interested in these NDE's near-death experiences where they see things in and stuffed the ones that are really interested me the most are the ones of people who were born blind and they've never seen this never seen and though have an accident or be in the hospital or something. When I read an operation the person died on the table and then when they brought up this person back and do the whatever they did bring back this blind person started describing what he saw as I now understand what you're talking about what seeing is. And he described his his friends in the hallways or the waiting room was the recognizer voices and their he was describing things, which is absolutely no way Hubie would know and what we have those. Those are the ones that get me the okay this is really good evidence that something's going on.

I got going over the year that the grantor, where I note from different whatever but story right there torturing you anymore call back let me know. I write enters and is not a thing as Jesus is is is a terrible judgment don't trust evokes the Lord bless you by his grace back there tomorrow and another program powered by the Truth Network

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