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October 28, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 28, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his latest Covid research related to the vaccine and reported deaths by the CDC--2- Have you heard of the Church of Almighty God---3- Did Mary fully know who Jesus was---4- Matt reads official Catholic documents regarding Mary.--5- Can God use the demons to serve His purposes---6- How did Adam name all the animals---7- What language did Adam and Eve speak---8- What's the best way to deal with the flat earth idea---9- What's the creature in Job 41---10- Where do you think Covid really came from---11- Is it wrong for churches to require masks---12- What are the seven spirits in Revelation-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine. Why rises the leftward spell see you your room on your phone dial okay now look, I've been telling you what I told you yesterday get a release from the information. Some articles to uncle Don talk a little bit and then you got to go check out go on the corm website will be the last two articles released during all vexing deaths from Matthew 68 up through October 15, 2021 and also all vexing deaths compared to covert vexing deaths found one is a graph and though her tables when what I did was provide the links and the information on how to do it yourself. I went to the official CDC website and found out that they have a system you can go through and run reports now vers is interesting of your lot. Doctors can go in and report deaths and issues whatever they will be whatever it is related to vaccines. You can go into this report and took me a bit to figure out how to do it and you can get reports done by year didn't get by individual vaccines by all vaccines but all vaccines except coded vaccines just go dictate and show people how to do it and in the end of each of those articles. What I did was I went through and I discovered that all deaths. This is from the CDC before I tell you I even got a couple of my friends and we got online and I want to make sure to my missing something on this.

This is how I'm doing this we went through and we spent an hour. Yep, that's what it is and I'm not the only website doing this now on the website or do the same thing with the same tool, but nevertheless is where I found all deaths from coded vaccines for the years, not 2019 22, 20, 21 total 13,422 all deaths from a basically nothing hundred all the recorded deaths. I think it really only goes back in 68. But we put in the 1900 value all of them combined is 9183 so all all differ hundred 20 years. All the vexing deaths that the CDC has records of his 9000 and just in the past three years. 13,000 deaths do to with the code vexing. This is people who have had the vaccines and then they die and so or they say is reported because of vaccines in time to stuff like the stuff you can go do your own research because the others a lot of other factors and issues here and after disclaimer there, but yet understand this is this is serious stuff. This is really interesting information, and it's fully documented their's fully document of the question is are the vaccines to do more research on the vaccines implemented on people who were so sick that they just died. That's what he gets.

Or is it the they die and then you been vaccinated, and then they have these problems. That tool is so good to go. When I learned how to put even more reports together all kinds of information is there now.

Why is this not being talked about over the airwaves.

Why is it that the left isn't talked with her websites more and more people are coming through and saying the stuff and so I'm really concerned about it and I will write an article detailing what I think is going on and that's that's at so you will check it out okay.

Check it out and there you go. So hope you have a good time with that. It's really serious stuff folks. Okay, let's get to Vern from Boise, Idaho. A bird welcome Vern Vern right now so you by the boys all there when the shooting happened on all I really get out okay even though I work every day.

Okay I will. We got buddy you, Almighty God, no. Okay let's see religion. I don't know all okay here we go. So it's all mop the church of Almighty God is that one that's it yeah okay yeah ha ha well and I'm looking at it right now and so to teach, but the word appears in the flesh.

Boyd is not a good thing To check it out gospel of the dissent of the kingdom, and these are warning/effects. The place the basic beliefs. They don't all manliness. Okay, it looks cultic boy does it call me I could just tell from the ways he is the graphics are it sounds weird one, and there are looks like if in the middle of euthanasia in a group maybe okay so what's up what what about our.

You heard anything about them a lot. I watched one of their added things, like it was far and you getting back to God than but next to God rather than Christians yeah get log getting better relationship with God or understanding God okay I don't know what it is. So I would recommend that you don't get involved with it. I guess I recommended is good if it's subjective, but the disc feeling let's see is try this and okay. Oh, it's Eastern lightning stuff, it's bad news. Okay okay just yet still with right your dinner deceiver. Okay. And I can't find yarn you and Mark because we have a stalker who doesn't like what I do is rip me over 70 emails is obsessed and he complained to YouTube and so now I can get on YouTube there anymore. When I suggest you do is simply go to a condo/radio and you can watch because there are people right now in the room with you. Go to that slick Look on YouTube so do that is broadcast another until the whiny complaining, intolerant person stalker person completes their okay that you dislike that I have freedom of speech and thought he does want me to say anything about covert elicits with the party line with the and the lockstep of March is you gotta go with party Matt if I don't do good work on Frydman. I am trying to do my research lab Alana research selects a research and others more and more information you are able to. I think you got bless right let's get to Chris from North Carolina, Chris, welcome your on here on out big bad Matt felt held back in Iran. So I am going out about a guy out that no Alpine about Mary, the mother again and it did in nature at all and that she was without the gave birth, I may have heard all but yet on the way there is no other way that Jesus could've inherited nature. Had it not come from Mary knockout holy man. Yeah, the Catholic Church tells us there's no logical necessity to do so in order for Jesus to be born without sin. Mary had be without sin over to say that in Scripture is just something to think that made up they made it up, and as it is with the truth is, will how do we know the truth with faith. You and is it is bad news, yet they in and Catholicism will say it's not the case, but it is the case that Mary's is a functioning goddess just like you got a lot. I think that Mary would go and go my rollover and hard-core. I doubt that it it one time at any point in time there was a religion to her side lying or close to thank my God about it.

I thought it might crawl. She you exactly who we want. Oh yeah she did, and she's highly blessed. I mean come on UNIX we we should, and in that respect, but we don't pray to her and it had a discussion of the catalyst is a go, and do not like our Catholic right door and every time you got what you not agree that you share you that that way all and I may we get right to the law like the why we got to make a layout I think it simply do not want the lady in Jesus because they do not want to have a band that then there are a lot. Well I don't know if that's the case, but I'll tell you that I believe people Roman Catholics are idolaters, and when I say that you know people assume that you're just being me know.

I've studied this was never Catholic wasn't wronged by some Catholic or some preached nothing like that on is just theological and when I study it to find that there's all kinds of problems and when they since they save Mary and I will read all the references works documented, but this is on my website it she's the all holy one second to Eve she's prayed to sits at the right hand of Christ is the applicant helper benefactors and media tricks. The mother of the members of Christ clean over all things brings eternal life by her intercession helped make atonement for sins crush the head of the serpent deliver souls from desk with considering the church is no better way to look into Mary Catholics entrust himself to Mary's prayer and no one goes to Christ, but my Mary, and then they'll guy asking can she hear all the prayers of people all over the world. Spoken and sought different languages all simultaneously and It's what you got.

Yeah, you can't not answer him a lot. I want to get the signal of sacred tradition. The church is known and then the attacks will scripturally attack the sufficiency of God's word and they have to add something else of neglect or another.

Another voice is with doing and they add works to salvation and there's so much more, having talked with Eucharist what to do with that problem but still got the big Falls Church I may look there's a break, but how about I am I not have a lot of him gets you the rightful GF jewel the lines if you want to give me a call 772072276 box that I call 77077 back in the show.

Let's see if Chris is still very still there. Chris all right now were way. Mary worked out about Mary, but a bottle and entered the world and at the world.

Our day for our and they had Adam follow lines that you know victory comes. The second Adam, what you brought. The last and yes but yet the last battle thanks are no you know is not to marry is right and what they do is to trust and who had married not you. They say she's fully set in the Marysville grace and they save Mary. She is not subject to corruption. She's the second Eve there's devotion to Mary and asked me to pray for you. She's worshiped. I have the actual documentation with these would worship him. She sits at the right hand of Christ. She, second only to Jesus. It's just it's insane. It's insane are you lick lick the snow this summer.

Always a close look of the colors. Okay this is from the flaws of Dialogue okay while builders read after Arthur's lot to hear folks check this out this is from a official Catholic theology. This is from fundamentals of Catholic dogma by 2000 and you look seductive Vermonter which means it's not against anything and Catholicism is what it says in page 213 Christ alone truly off offered the sacrifice of atonement on the cross and the power of the grace of redemption merited by Christ Mary by her spiritual entering into the sacrifice of the divine son for men made atonement for the sins so much heresy, so little time. Right let's get to Charlie Scarlatti, Charlie welcome here. All right, I got Damon yes absolutely. So the enemy wanted Christ crucified and killed and lo and behold he rose from the deadness reporter since his body the cross is perfect example of prey will you got a good job since is okay for your witchcraft.

Pharmacopeia is translated into the English and sorcery, and Bibles all okay that you really had to use the altering of the mind okay thank you God bless. Okay, let's get to work till boy haven't heard from you and what will commit either their question and enter prayer requests okay on my my question is when God created the create in you know that that ocean at the start Flanagan all that and crediting animal credit at a black glove get no credit for nothing.

Now my question is, how is it Adam named all the animals out of the aggregate lying and what are the main creatures. If the day when Berg completed a fit that back then average the creation how it stressed me two different questions will be okay Howdy today by looking at them and having them that's how we did it. He looked at him and I'm generally speaking okay. Generally speaking, names reflect with something in us. So Methuselah means when he dies he will come so that it Abram means father of many. Abraham meets father a multitude so he probably named them probably in in a way that you would be similar to what they actually was like a draft might've said long long neck for it.

44 footer or he might as a doctrinal hippopotamus might've said it off that big head though but you don't submit like that, so who knows what he was in a more sophisticated but I was just but he was very intelligent and though we don't how long it took to widening the animals so that's that. Also, I could've just said. Like for example all the dog's species like under canine reminder said one thing, like the word canine right you can get wolves out of get German shepherds that you can get a different sub species I can develop out of certain things over.

Time so it wouldn't be like you had to name a billion animals in 24 hours because the idea that there is that he is a state like every pill form words a second. I think for 24 hour the second half of what and so love. He also might've been that he is named all the animals. It is might've said you know that the the jar thing like birds, villages, birds, those are finished. Though these are this and your Lutheran sex executive had generic nerve terms for the multitudes of the Bible doesn't say exactly how what level he went and how we did okay but quick question in your prayer request.

When God spoke to Adam when Adam was gravely thought I would make it language that got the filing to Adam and Eve kind of language would be a human language if he single went language I couldn't tell you, but the item I don't know. I don't know the first original language that is spoken by Brown, and I wouldn't it would be the first earthly human spoken language because angels seem to have language in there before man so the first human spoken language seems to be whatever Adam and Eve spoke so update their children to speak the same way, not unlike the records are not know because as people get isolated words change different things change, even in our own country over the past two years worth of change significantly and with think they can mean years and years ago. This is in the back recesses of the cobweb part of my mind I read about a guy who could. He was as brilliant languages and he would. Every summer he would just learn another language that was his idea of a good time to some scholar with more degrees than a thermometer and he would she could think he spoke fluently like 12 languages and do another 20 or something like this. The other guys like that and people so he said he could trace all the languages back to one, and what he saw how they blended together and I don't know that is what he said you know this article I read schedule for the good.

It is different so who knows archer going on. Arnold, are you he spoke 47 2727 on what you typed notes on airtight note of our hero is just people forget, and I definitely know what golf okay all right okay thank all right, stay focused line 777-757-7077 charismatic slave got a couple of lines. Can you call 772072276.

Let's get to operate. We lost them every open line chemical was good to Ken from my coworker told me all about water. I don't know what I don't believe your lot about what they do is they go to the idea of the canopy or the vault of heaven expanse, the firmament, and they will then say that the earth, because of this.

It's like a dome over the earth is what you can do is asking will be holy verses for that is having get to use the Scriptures, and in the meantime you go to and look up flat earth and I got some scriptures that are right and the word says like the four corners of the earth.

The good it is 1112 but I'm sorry, but the Bible says it has four corners. Why would you say to circle will because it says a circle the earth in an effort awareness of it on and circle the earth. Isaiah 4022 okay if he says four corners. You just go to Isaiah 4022 is a will to says is a circle. If you go to the circle the earth is a know it's it has four corners. You just pick the opposite one because all that's happening is he's using misuse in the Bible to to see the earth is flat and is a circle okay what about the Bible says four corners that if it's a circle which which you take why you why you not believe what the Bible says and you can you can just go back and forth with lots of references the four corners of the earth. Okay and then you have verses like from one end of the earth to the other. Now the earth has ants like us to see my supplies yet circles was okay little about the foundation of the earth. Job 38 four which is it because in Job 26 episodes. It hangs on nothing, hangs the earth on nothing which is in the literature to show that the Bible has contradictions. It's just that it's poetry. These guys are taking poetry and making it legit, as though it's you know it's it's really is a firmament. Okay, really.

Here's an soap why yes, those three firmaments yes and so there's that I could do is ask of this essay.

Can we talk about flatterers.

This is always gotten them and out-of-state. So the earth and the moon are about the same size right yes this could be the moon and the sun are the same size of okay let's let's imagine a flat earth is round and there's a dome over the earth and in outside the dome or the stars in the in the planets and things like that so yeah that's right – generally have their theory okay and so the dome is moving all the earth is moving underneath to do either one. Does it make a difference.

And so, underneath the dome is the moon and the sun. I can't say it's embedded in the dome because the moon and the sun change position relative to the stars which are embedded in that you so that can be embedded so though they generally say that it's that they are suspended above the earth and below the firmament, and they give equal vertical size and the give life in them and the moon reflects the light of the sun. So if you can imagine a 3 foot diameter table without missing a 3 foot high dome over it and then underneath the center of the dome may be get off 8 inches apart are two spheres of the size of a baseball seat just to get an idea. Once the sonnet once the little so I asked him why is it you can see the sun and the moon during the day. You can't see the sun during the night because it is getting light off all the time and earth is flat. Shouldn't everybody build a C from all over the response response has been well it's only shining in one area, it is what you get. That is, if it's a spear and it's us, the sons on fire then why is it only like it like it to idea a flashlight on the going on.

The one area can you explain that you have an information it just gets ridiculous. Lenders that the parallax effectiveness, the polls, there's all kinds of stuff and pledging that we are out sick, but it doesn't make that logically, but you got your car there so you and also it's obviously a gigantic conspiracy because they have thousands upon thousands and thousands of people including pilots who fly over the world astronauts.

They have geophysicists they have mapmakers are all part of the Genuity conspiracy to make everything earth is is round handle it really you. It may never fly here to do a voice you let me know and you know we get now is round you go to question the question is a here's a think about that can verify there's an actual series of things on Hulu occult into the night was really interesting because the sun suddenly goes really bad and if you have a son let you die as a people are in a jet and they have to head north to fly around the planet because if they flight their equator.

They they won't be able to outrun the sun the fueling and that the get killed if you go north to pilot around the north area. It's a lot easier could a shorter distance, is that what you seem to be done. Can you have your guard about Mark yet it can be done okay SEC interesting thing that I think will international Airport report and that as we climbed through but without we were up and up that we watched it raised in the way because we were out climbing. Additional betting you a little bit went back down the course because without running up but I have actually as we climb got above the horizon line and stop the fund rewrite what you probably forgot to get you that, right. It's a real problem. You on the plane and the sunset is when the day begins when you do you get enough and then you see the sunset again.

Have you know the problem so anyway okay. That's right, I love and appreciate it like Okie to God thanks all right, let's get to Jack from Georgia, Jack. Welcome you are on the Internet. Mark my question might be. Click. Your take on Leviathan you 41 all the laws that been there looking what's on the Google Job 41, I forget which one is land-based in which one is water-based, yucky water might want to bring you the fishhook so the descriptions of these things are that they are huge to can't just be brought down with typical snares. They have to be really really worked very hard to land one breathes fire so a lot of people think it might be a dinosaur's. The people saw dinosaurs I have a problem with you so if you like that, even if you order like that wanted a sort out think it. No hippo or crocodile or what they think that will not stop and if they were like that but that a Leviathan with our batlike breathing fire in the blood that you had a lot of people say it's like mythological look somewhat like the poetry literature but no yeah yeah I was multiple burning torches sparks a fire leap for national smoke you there's a bombardier beetle and it mixes to chemicals in his abdomen and it produces fire.

Why is it that the Chinese not only the Chinese and other cultures are very ancient have legends of firebreathing dragons. It's something south legends generally have a root of truth in and they are often change but different cultures have these kind of things to answer what I've heard is one of things I want to document but apparently they found him cave drawings with dinosaur figures in and they found also dinosaur bones femurs and things like that that have soft tissue and that's a problem now that old member when an article one more thing. I read an article much about some of the guys in New York. I think Africa is Amazon enough and are showing some natives who jungle natives showed them dinosaurs and one picture they fall with the got excited and went out into a certain direction out of the woods that you are writing folks calling 77207 mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely. Seven. All right, Benjamin Charlotte welcome gift or you may or may not bad back being fired a couple months ago and go before it. Question I want to give you an update on Dr. out. Are you your your where it got beat up on Rick yes it's modification of genetics in order to make it more lethal to other organisms. So pick up a doctor on the part and I lead through Dr. felt you basically took pirated that sort that they had no way to get that of a human, and he basically manipulated what it could get that unit. Basically what it did stop a white guy direct you have stuck with socialist leftists.

Some economies communists who are in power and they don't care. It doesn't matter look good but look at Joe Biden's doing with the board so important he's breaking the law and no one is doing granting the law allowing illegals to come in and flood our country and then take them in airplanes and in the middle the night distribute around the country. This is wrong people. If we don't rise up and and take care of it will be destroyed. Yeah, I agree. We were under yes we are. We are under biological miracle back up we have the market in New York got encouraging their day about that date but Debbie downer, but I don't believe you for convert well, they've got things and police force to got in the military and the FBI's been compromise as is obvious and so they are in control of the media and the leftists and control the media don't want certain things that I'm not even allowed to speak about COBIT because so YouTube said it's not allowed.

I can do that. I quote stop improve what I'm saying I have documentation now can't do it. We have jackboots the brownshirts out there who are following the status quo, and this is where the problem is it's not your other useful idiots that's with a term of installing or stolen, who used but I think I must've with him. But the point is that the people who think they're doing right and another thing is that people are lazy in the sense that they want government to take care of them and so they want more power given to the government and that means less freedom for themselves that they don't care and they want you to have less freedoms and criminals are in charge us right James Chapman criminals enjoy. Though the back.

He demanded your I read… Going to be allowed to go to go to court you have the backing like under my question is that the 80 bucket living in. It's like a run at the trial run is like if you like to be in the but it it it's like deep faith.

Well, my research that I should I did I released today shows that's that. Let's see the deaths from clothing of act 19 vaccines covered 19 vaccines from your 2019 2021 is 13,422 and from all other vaccines combined since the 1900s all the records the totals 9183 so covert as it is far more dangerous than all of the other vaccines come behind. It's far more dangerous enough much shorter period of time. Masks don't do anything for you cloth master 3% effective surgical mass at best 47% effective. I get more great features a release on that and so is either call control markers you have to wear them and submit to them.

You where the masks now you have to get vaccinated and then the ones who are not vaccinated are the bad guys so the government is oppressing its own people as it breaks its own laws and that's why recommend people read the Declaration of Independence's record recommend every think of your work required of that you been interpreting the card back when it was new, and no one knew anything really was going on.

If Mitch was so new masks were required a church I went to or they were strongly recommended and then, within a short period time. No more was necessary and I don't have a problem with that when something new is coming out you don't know what was going on but now we need to be loaded now we do and what about Monday. I wouldn't work that day they felt it. I will coordinate felt spiritually the mark. Try to work a God thing I can think back like they do I detect take away. I got deleterious effects to wearing masks with children with the health of their finding that there's long-term effects of the fibers can get in your lungs. The children don't know them, not learning. When moms would wear them so much run the child. They're not the children are not becoming aware of body language, facial expressions, and not being able to connect as well and it's a serious problem and if you have a mask the surgical mask cloth masters are just useless and facemasks are even worse. They're just ridiculous.

It's a joke and so if you touch your surgical mask it's contaminated because your knuckles attacked him which is on because your hands can touch all kinds of services you just a mask and sent his contaminated protocol system that we can work everything out, and what happens when our saliva is in there and the particles and he touch her hands. He got many different services scope can stay in service 24 hours will then you touching in your mask that you're breathing in and out in a people already have mostly a community so that they can be transmitters never even know if this is it's insane what's going on is it is ridiculous. This is control. It is control yet that require no no no I don't. I don't know. I saw you.

Do you pray and then you do yeah what are the I look at any babe I just basically everything nonelective. 28 report anything reacting really fickle. We need to be unified and the thing is if you don't unify and then move would needs to happen is a national movements of conservatives who say enough of this crap when I can put up with it anymore and you get people walking off jobs that you want to get require me a vaccine you're gone and not a here and I get your don't every this doesn't go to work on a certain day and then all of a sudden like they go back to work the next day you this all over the country. I think also needs to happen is everybody with the last name the start of the day on like whatever day the first of the month you go your capital and you hold up signs and you petition and you all within the law, you petition you say no we don't pass out literature to hold that and then the second day the lid of the B to go out there and you do it for three weeks, skip Sundays. You do this all over with. Everybody did this all of the country on the same day with her capitals and if you're too far away McGill Drive, 500 bothering California you do at your local areas in your town halls whatever this discus of these to happen.

Here's the thing that people don't realize the minorities like the pro-homosexual trans.

The transgender idiocy are getting laws passed for them and all kinds of sports is being affected. Charges are being affected businesses are being affected by what .02% of the population. What is going majority of people say no. What this and yet you being oppressed because when the window the small are united, they can do more than the majority whose disunited that's a fact. And if we're told that we can't say anything on radio and in fact I talked to the owner of the radio network yesterday about everything is an essay today.

Let them know what to say stuff about covert and was go-ahead to slow the document and so I could ticked off at their kicker who was going to happen because the conservatives play fair. But the leftists don't I will now they're liars, deceivers its patents. I'm sorry but it is what it is great by music joke.

Biden's and Harry Losey curses upon this country, they are curses. I know that yeah Einstein. Absolutely these guys to have think they walk around with both frontal lobes tied behind their backs right and they think they're great and they think they defund the police and they build fences around their own property right to hire private security guard probably your whole. I hate to say bullying and why I don't like it like some is going to speak up if you're going to you. Do you see United you get me going to cease call. The call matching grants so that a lot of my house sometime is your out there shall you read here would like to cook, called call, but yet then again we can is going to start complaining. All right you got it okay I good all right let's get on the phones with let's see Monique from North Carolina.

Monique welcome the running air.

Thank you for God, the Lord guess what I make. What about the relay you and if there are different the spirit seem to be the spirit to be in relationship. The seven churches.

The spirits of those churches and/or angelic beings or related powers that are associated with those churches.

That's was seen right what what are the Lord God they went back and I went with us today. My big did you ask with us today, though, you know, I what I hear of the Lord.

What I'm trying to confirm by now it says he wants to be. It seems to be the seven spirits of the seven churches, and with the spirits are exactly don't know exactly how to probably some angelic presence. That's what I think it thank you. Okay God bless by all right, all right for my what we don't have time to get into that is the one who is called the we are at a time. For the Lord bless you all you by his grace will back on the powered by the Truth Network

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