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October 22, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 22, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his collecting stories of people who have had vaccine elated issues.--2- What do you say to someone who says that David didn't write the Psalms---3- Does Numbers 3-15 promote abortion- What about Genesis 1, drawing your first breath, then you're a person.--4- A caller shared her conspiracy theory.--5- Matt discusses his research into the vaccine and the delta variant.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network apologetics research was found alive, The More You Have Questions about Bible Doctrine Serves a Matter for Why Grimes Is Called Responding to Your Questions at 770-7276 Right What Would One If You Want to Give Me a Call. All You Have To Do Is Usually Start a Leak. 772072276. I Want to Hear from You and Hope to Hear from You. We Are Five Open Lines. Alright, so Today We Had a Meeting and Asking the People Pray for Our People Organize in Africa.

Their Hours. Persecution Is Going on in Each Time One of the Guys Is Late on Was Wondering Is He Still Alive Because He Is in Nigeria and A Lot Of Muslims Are Killing Christians There, and the News Media Is Not Talking but Get First-Hand Accounts of Things like Switching to Raise Money to Give Him More Printer Material, Paper and Toner so That We Can Print up Stuff You Print up 19,000 Pages of Material and Is the Been Distributing It out. The Current Statement of Faith Bible Studies on the Article on the Right of Self-Defense and People Are Acting Accordingly. So Praise God for All That – That Is What It Should Be to Pray for Them for Their Safety As Well and Also for the Footprint of Karmic.

Now Let's Talk about Here You Give a Call Talk about This Was Happening in Our Economy Give a Call 877-207-2276 We Have Might've Been Wanting to Call You. I Know That Shortages Are Coming and Stuff like That so and Enbrel. It's Good to Say with the Pandemic. I Recall It Now.

The Plan That Mick There Is No Necessity to Do with Her Doing Really Much Anymore Having a Great Deal of Research on Coded Great Deal of Research on on on Stuff Related to Vaccines. It's Very Slow Going Because I Have To Be Very Careful What I Produce Very Careful What I Cite Three Things in Context and Working on an Article on Other Deleterious Effects Side Effects of the Coven Faxing a Note Certainly Can Be Certain Side Effects to Any Vaccine. And That's to Be Expected, but What Rate Is It That Is Acceptable and Apparently There's A Lot Of Stuff.

Covenant and It Does It Looks like Not All the Information Is Being Taught and Revealed and I'm Getting Wind of This from Different Directions.

The Problem Is Documenting in Such a Way That Was Legit and so Well to Do on the Car and Websites. The Coven Sections I'm Going to Put a Subheading in There Just As Anecdotes First Peoples Stories and That Way It's Just Her Stories. This Is What They've Said and Can Have That As Well Seek and Pray for Me on the Research. A Lot Of People Have Sent Information in. I Spent Yesterday Categorizing A Lot Of the Information in the Subfolders and If You Have More Information on Stuff Related to Vaccines, Coven People Getting Fired Quitting Overreacts for Adverse Effects Decided to put coded in the subject covered whatever and that we put that into a single folder I the I didn't go when read what it's about and then categorized the emails and then do it in different subfolders and when I tackle that subject I just go in that subfolders you people have sent, and there have been some very good resources of the people given. I do want to give their names out with her email address is out because of trying to be low-key about this, but I have replied a few of them and said, take thank you. I'm going to information such as when what you guys all know about that very, very slow. I take it very very seriously. Just like the article on the right of self-defense as Christians that are influencing people in Africa correct was a lot to pray about and I would just ask that as Christians you pray for this ministry and for those associated with the ministry we you are trying to get where the guys in Columbia who was here. Years and years and your decades ago and 46 Christians. It said that stuffings try to get all taken care of so that the it's you, before the Lord, all taken care of for you not, he's our missionary in Columbia. We have another guy in Brazil that we have a guy in Malawi, a guy in Nigeria, a guy in Turkey and so we are asking for prayer for them for various reasons of stuff. Just let them up and prayers are and stuff like that so praise God had Bible study last night.

Hope you guys enjoyed that and that the reason you may not find the Bible study is a fun car YouTube is because we got an atheist guy who I'll bet this guy does not have always paused a litter box and he's written over 50 emails to subsist and he's he's the one complaining and getting the kick off of YouTube and so this tells you the leftist YouTube.

Anyway that is less mental care and so much is about coded that post must.

I can't do that I can't mention coded or vaccines or either impacted or various things like I can get in trouble for talking and all you a doctor will this guy got a doctor he's telling me what I can and can't do and so this is the hypocrisy of the left and had to deal with that.

So that's why okay man is so much going on so we have for open lines difficult.


Let's get to Anthony from Topeka, Kansas. Anthony welcome you on the show all Mandela yawning tired and busy as all get out. So that's how I'm doing.

So thanks for asking Cardinal about our work to draw tired after your lesson anyway but anyway my dad and you to go to my bed. But David did write the fall and years like darn sure of all made their niche in the year. The spontaneity does not want okay actually several writers of the Psalms and that's that's it. No big deal. So the Jews collected them it would. No one says Saul note having David go to every song. This does is not the case.

There's others who drew wrote that are collected by David Carruthers. So Psalm three is titled a Psalm of David. And so Psalm four and Psalm five and six and seven and clicking through eight. There's a whole bunch of nine so these things are written actually in the Hebrew documents which says so.

So there are places where David did not write a song and the concepts going through this even find some see wow would exist with your own Psalm of David Psalm David so keep looking you select like 47 Psalm 47 to access so now, a Psalm of the sons of Cora. Okay so this is the solace of the Koran written so the court wrote some no big deal for what so fix it on what I would do good. A blue letter lookup Psalm 11 and see if there's commentaries that talk about the authorship of the Psalms. Kate and Sarah you have bought out by the way, it is a very useful app. It really yes there are that if I were to suit. I do know I look for authorship.

I literally go in my Bible program and that's what I do I start looking to commentaries and we don't do this right now. Psalm one okay and I go to my topical information I have my disk come in here and type in Psalms Psalm city and that it is the information book of Psalms and then I can see if the anchor yelled Bible dictionary is doing just live and I would click on that and then I would learn and get just look for information on it authorship.

Various things like this, this… Because Lagos has a lot of books that are there and so I also am doing is just going through in and checking it out so there's Psalm is that the anchor Bible. Despite Baker encyclopedia of the Bible there's international standard encyclopedia is the Tyndale Bible dictionary to do Bible dictionary. These are all resources I have.

So what I would do is I would go through this writing an article on the authorship of the Psalms. I'm go through that guy just go through the because I don't know off the top my head who wrote what. So I would just go through that. I'd also go through each Psalm and find out the word David.

I'd write you, David, and these are the Psalms are attributed to him. Cora, these are the Psalm scriptable to Cora that I look up other stuff related to each one.

And that's how you learn. Okay were okay so the Baker encyclopedia of the Bible is good in the international standard Bible encyclopedia is good. Okay so basically I on the court, you gone now but the little bonds all around now.

You write the Psalms you could say David and Mike Aldrich, the home and the merger evident while generics is like like Psalm 50, a Psalm of a soft ASAP. H so little do something like an atheist was a hang that debating on the ascetic authenticity authenticity of the Bible than my six did you know David did metals on the site now what about well then how you were inspired the Jews recognize it is inspired somewhat with the big deal so what you don't think they want is for people like you like me to come up with some being explanation and then make this listen and tear it!

Because you've given a bunch of rope. Now, if there can you say will know for example something to sit by a set of yeah that's right what about it. But where is there evidence is not inspired will. How would they know the Jews certainly knew they included the song that Solomon or gal, what's the big deal like to be smart, why not under the 172 to deal with stuff listed on so even that I think and act or Peter attributed to David in spite of the Holy Spirit and what could happen, you understand. Let's say that as David wrote the Psalms are signified afraid of some like that.

What often happens is what critics don't know is that sometimes the Jews would do is use a section of the Old Testament and referred to the major profit representing that whole group that they did there.

I was assuming they would do it so he was. It was not true. But yes it is true. It's like this. Hers is an example of something those sites they call it that a bird that's obviously wrong. The Bible is not inspired and I see are you thinking you're not out or the answer is this Sadie considered a bird by their definition are the things that flew so what that flies by that definition, it was a bird what you're doing is using a modern definition of bird and imposing it back on them. Back then you that your mistake.

If someone calls it a bird and they say it in the category of the Jews. All those things that have two wings that fly in the night and in the date, not counting insects and blood like that. The words were that the call of all birds that how they define it can impose a modern on them as I see them on now. Okay God bless buddy identity later he felt that Kathy's messages to all three of them.

I think 776 mass Y call 770772 the show let's get to Marissa for my weather when I get to an issue but was going to be interesting for that. Marissa welcome here on the air right about medical pretending by the right to abortion Bible on know any couple time just take a look at the number three that talk about how pregnant women are only one part of people after one I outline my printing born I will take a look at a number the sons of Levi by their father's household by the families of email from a month old and upward, shall number that talk about those who were born and only the males and asked with numbering in one of the reasons is because infants often died very early, so the numbering system has nothing to do with being pregnant in the context of having to do with abortion. Listen for the ripping sound of it being without a context when he talked to had is the highway on air. I Y I when you draw your first got your body all because Adam greatly God breathed into Adam so this is a definite creative work of the man, Adam.

We are all then born out of Adam and Eve and so when Eve was created. She he was the hidden breathed into her. He could took the it the rib becoming out of Adam's headship and fashioned a woman so the only issue the breath going in is when we have that with Adam, so that doesn't apply either. We can't say that because was not to Adam it's that's how it's done to everybody else doesn't. Okay you want to go hit with number five in claim talked about getting okay I'm having a boring but what he would verse it is can say that the letter versatile.

#I read the chapter anywhere familiar with.

I'm scanning through its and reverses her there's 31, so it's hard to just kind of scant so I don't know you know a lot of times just like his other verses. They'll say see, that proves it proves what, where, and they'll show to me that there's nothing to do with what you're saying. So that's often the case, and and Alexi in verse 13 yeah it's trying to find the verse I can't find it. What he might even referencing so he does know to talk about the Bible that I wanted to get your thoughts on you now hire sure what always you the context always asking to show you the context is diversity to take a look. Now here's some stuff like I talked about with abortion. I ask him questions, I'll say never the whole section on abortion on car seat does life begin at the womb and the right. The correct answer is no. It does not begin in the it continues and the woman the egg and the sperm are both alive and they unite in life continues. So the idea of life beginning in the womb is simply wrong. You ask okay what is the DNA of those minutes when life is continuing his dog DNA now is it whale DNA know what is a human DNA was human the mic to skin still has human DNA that is correct so you're recognizing it has human DNA right is correct. I know say okay so when the here's a question asked when it's formed. It's a zygote, which means a fertilized deck is a human and he's going to say no when it's born is a human, ill health, say yes. At what point does the change from nonhuman to human. What point if he doesn't know that he can't have abortion because he can't sing when it's human and what is not human.

If you don't know you could be risking killing a human being. If he says when it's born than my responses so that your telling me that simply in the womb versus out of the wall by a difference by say one minute you could not see section they come out in seconds. Right. So this essay in 15 seconds different. You're saying from nonhuman to human. At this point, it changes the nature changes would have meaning it's nonhuman so if it's in the womb and has all the human stuff and is not human, then what is it within want to ask answer questions like that they were talk like this because it's too difficult for them as they said well okay so it's a human right before the born look at it six months in the womb.

About three months.

At what point is it it becomes human and what changes the nature and I'll ask of this. I did this with an atheist. Once and he said oh my goodness had never thought of that.

And I said so if it's not human it's a two week old three weeks old, for which another woman know she's pregnant is not human correctly so that correct accident should be okay to take that fertilized egg and put it in the dockable of womb of the dog right and he pot is wow is it is not human, there's nothing wrong with that.

Is it and he did know to say that point because he's like no there it won't work. That's right because the nature of the eggs human is nobody to do at eight this is these are questions and also it's not the woman's body doesn't have two heads and forearms and four legs, not her body.

It's another life within her, and it's an incredible privilege for a woman to be able to be pregnant and have children.

And in this world where men simply want to use a woman's body for their own pleasure and have the women pay the price of pregnancy and emotional destruction of killing that life in the womb, which can be forgiven in Christ, but they, the men do this and leave the women out so to speak out in the cold to tackle this and deal with, and women justify their own sin by trying to get rid of the life that send them. The mother then becomes the opposite of what moms are so great at giving nursing nurturing that love that women have. They now turn against their own bodies if they want to say through bodies. They turn against the life that's in them. And when women start turning against their own children. I just tells you how bad society is men are already pretty bad in a lot of areas not documented big men, but were also pretty stinking good. A lot of very stupid in this context.

This context when they do this they are abusing the right is men and are abusing what belongs to a marriage bed, and thereafter taking does not belong to them and then women are killing the life that's in them and justify my thing is not human logic questions related to this okay.

I got the folks we have for life but even call 87720727 mass Y call 770727 charismatic not a lot of great great out there added problem. The problem that we have in the world right now. Mother not being good mother directly not being directly not caring for their patient and I'm here cubic all the correct Ken and I have it all on down and correcting Minera Gardner and so I I know there's a lot of things going on a lot of hypocrisy and the more I study this, the more I'm convinced that this is being used as a means of control. I'm not saying to people correct.

Don't take a vaccine you think of exiting a vexing adjuster business anchor, but when the government starts mandating that they don't have a legal right to do that and say that every individual must submit to a vaccine or be fired, things like that. That's oppressive and if we submit to that are forgetting our rights.

We can't do that. I am going to make here going to be very shocking on that Nazi Germany did not live. They run our country on NASCAR Planned Parenthood. The genic on all hear the pulley on the centers that had me arrested for absolutely nothing new. Actually what she was doing when she wanted me arrested because they wanted to expand their business and make it a God out by our landlord doesn't live here in a and believe medical professionals lie without looking to our side and they had a and actually that was a blessing from God. It is the Jubilee. I believe that I laughed while it will turn to act in her mouth and after day when she realized that I think her and her whole Greer Hall being as a human being. She has a daughter of the world's most interesting man in Hollywood that she come from that disease peed away on I became a nurse on Keith Barry and integrity and on an ominous tour along with the policeman that delete are well on this thing that you have a documented and stuff like that and that's good so I see this and others have recognize this as well. Now you know Jimmy questions about any of this is curious route.

Thank you. I want to know how to get president trump attention because I hate collar lawyering got L. Robert ruler who pretend to be a good guy and he picked $10,000 and I never even got one phone call from a man I'd like to know what happened. So prompt that it was long and filled the good lawyers are not even good at what I think it happened to our court because I had no representation at all. Nine I replicated myself the first time at the correct judge talk down to $581 IPO that made it to R&R log group and $10,000.08 and 18 Nelson which I never know by sound depression is everywhere math yet is a lot of stuff people are talking or emailing them and I'm getting all kinds of information on things like we are talking about like get a video if you go in the door and the woman sitting behind the counter doesn't have a mask on his that you could have a mask the inconsistency hypocrisy or people who pass the laws say we had to.

They wanted to wear masks and then they don't wear masks only go to parties or you gotta get vaccinated, but they let the illegals end without being affected yet is so the hypocrisy is there and it causes people to become suspicious. Now they're not there doing whatever they want. They got the truck correct hot light. The cop is month of the light. There aren't any that they can pretend I mean I was on the third generation, third generation is done around a little water store called a Loja water drinking men and I had no idea how Brett was until I was directed for now think that lady that that would in front of me went out bombing about a map in there for 32nd with talking you three policeman in her box in our earlier in the faint bait I grumble on my truth above all, that my cannot be it with your own. I at our earlier there were five in the same room and nobody cared and their medical professional. Right. And they didn't care about the code that they didn't ask anybody of you get a shot. Yet the temperature had both Eric because they were trying to wrap my husband at that time neither held off on it right.

Matt only one on Arana birthday at our wedding anniversary. They called the cops on earth.if the addicted.

I lying to the landlord and I'm an and everybody been on it may know, it's all a big lie. And nobody cares because they don't care about Dr. Scheffler saying that if your if you're in it that they don't care if you're guilty and they can help you out for the heat is not my lawyer did not care one iota. I reported him to the bar and after a month. I've not heard one word in the bar you on Friday. I would call up the list.

That's a Christian man I just had to my tongue. I lost it. The guy in the with people in the room, a deep know it's American defense lately. I'll get less.

Yes, right on contact and also less included in the chat here if you want to contact trump its website is 45 so try that are bigger. I have contacted back and project they're not in project. They're not like for information like I did send them. I've been doing all happened last year. 825 when all the correct when I found out wrap the world what when I was directed for nothing. Next by my neck very corrupt business neighbor expanded her business tried to destroy little family says that Barry Beckett wanted and I don't want anybody eating lots I versus not worthy of being a nurse. She did try to harm family good and cheaper than sorry that I had no just say that you should you calling and if you have information in an account to get Diana's heart. Would you could do is swing things is just email me and is there anecdotal and things like that but more and more people are finding that they're being treated very badly based on the these issues and the news media is really talking about it, but you are numb which is happy but if anybody out there listening. That's the original email to us. You know, in full combat. I are kicking something for me.

They were balk and ask about her at 145 from Eric God bless you guys. If you did look and I grumble pay it look and see with your own eyes your own and become like you that I'm a liar or lunatic aren't telling you the truth and telling you the truth you guy everybody is in danger right now. Everybody I just got his revealed my mother died my arm 25 year leaving the day I would wrongly arrested. She died in my arms, thanking her for adopting electronic learning and on he laughed like yourself will be good to yourself, your charities are your family and your children don't give your money to the cancer society don't do that here children Matthew and I can tell you, they need your help. But they needed. So God left everyone in the eye.

Thank you, thanks for the call. You see me in the president trump because I'll never quit. Okay hope so. Well, there will thank you. I like alright so folks, why would I even talk about this kind of stuff. Seems there's a reason the Lordship of Jesus is all in all areas of our life. That's all in and conspiratorial listing all it's all this is evil and all the stuff that I am saying you don't win, the government opens up the borders and let's illegals come in unvaccinated and tells us to get vaccinated and penalizes us not having jobs or losing her job vaccinated.

This is an a lot of people know this and || are resisting and then it causes people to quit their jobs, which means the government is going a step in and try get more power and this is the thing that scares me. Folks, the government get more more power. This is a spiritual issue. Ultimately, the Bible says in Ephesians 612. He wrestle not against flesh and blood. Because powers and principalities of darkness as we have to understand is the spiritual issuing folks pray to God's grace great.

No one there to coming up. We have five open lines. Why don't you call 77072276 mass Y call 77077 I found have not yet released on vaccines and stuff like that. Now most definitely the vaccines working want you understand what you're saying. They don't work. Normally they do work okay they do help that's that's a fact.

I got all kind of documentation to doses of the vaccine remain highly effective with 60 to 80% 5% effectiveness against infections 90 to 99% effectiveness against hospitalization and under 95 against mortality, so there is lots of Cokes like this that I've come across the newly developed code 19 vaccines have established a safe profile says the MDP.

I was peer-reviewed and I got a lot of other stuff like this, no, there are accounts of things occurring.

I found single instance accounts with one person I get a list of developing that a diffuse growth proof from logic syndrome, eruptive and human ptosis long squamous squabbles cell carcinoma and these are these are all one person and in studies got these but cerebral sinus thrombosis is increasing myocarditis is increasing. A great deal visual impairments and another thing called zoster virus. This is what I found in just about one hour of research and my wife.

For example, showed me some other stuff. We had a Bible study here last night and this guy comes in and it's even for couple of years and he comes in and he find this link she sent it to me. She got the vaccine and within two weeks he had to transfer something palsy and it developed and so send me this information.

I'm asking for people to send me more information on not just looking for the stuff that shows a something is negative. But that's not the issue and not try to do than try to find out what is accurate and so they go through this I'm doing more more research on finding more and more stuff that is is problematic now. One of the things I discovered is in some of sent me a link to take a look at this and so I did have got this information and it's from this is an official thing from the England government, I would probably release of this and in a day or 5:02 whatever I get to go out of town probably pretty soon here for little bit but it says that the Delta virus. For examples of research and finding after 14 days after the second dose that we have 157,000 cases and the deaths read reported their in that are 1631 so this means that the percentage I got this written down someplace of the recalculated, the percentage is its .1% of death. This is death after Ricoh 1.02% with the second dose to check this out. This is vaccinated. People vaccinated have a one of 1.02% of failure. Rated R death rate for the Delta environments virus with the unvaccinated alright unvaccinated in the same thing that God deaths. This is from their information. It's 722/257,357 and that means that of the percentage here is one less thing here is .28 only repeat this.

This is from the SARS cove into variance of concern and variance under investigation in England. This is from government upload synthesis hundreds of PDF file and the documentation is in that I reproduced the graph and I have the documentation where it is.

He can get. I have the footnotes related to stuff in it and it shows in their people after they've had the second dose of vaccine related to Delta the Delta covert virus.

It's a .12% death rate and yet without the vaccination it goes down to .28%.

That's right. Why do you see that it's roughly 30% more effective or to its 60% more effective to not be vaccinated with Delta's that's what the numbers seem to suggest. Now, I'm still looking at this I don't take my advice on this is medical anything because when I produce this one releases information on Newport will be putting in a disclaimer them also be putting the links of the information you go check and this is this is actually why is it that this information is not there and talked about in this is official stuff from the from the country of England and would turns out if you want information you can't go to. I can't find stuff in America. It's all it all is is hunky-dory. It's all rainbows and then I'll admit a few problems, but for the most part it's really really good and what I've been doing is quoting with her saying is really really good so the data from England hundred 57,400 faxed Delphic Delta cases is 1.02% death rate but without the vaccine is .28% death rate. Why, if the vaccines are so effective. Why is it that those who are vaccinated for the virus. Have a 1.02% death rate and once were not vaccinated. Have a .28% death rate. Why now.

This is alarming information and this is only one of the many things I found like this now again you understand I'm a researcher of a writer all things fall under the purview of the sovereignty of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If the facts show contrary on the tell you the facts show that is really good. It really works. Take it do this do that. I would say it if the facts show the numbers show there's a problem on the site and my job is to represent the truth to the best of my ability not to just look for one thing. This is why in my article formation what I'm doing is doing very little narration on doing more and more just quotes and I'm underlining the reference areas in the quotes and I even say underlined added so that I can beat bring people's eyes to these things and they can go and look at peer-reviewed articles that are from professionals from doctors from the CDC from whoever and whatever it might be the the place from England place, the Netherlands place from Norway place from Germany when there's other stuff that's being reported that America is not really talking about and so I'm providing the information because I take this very seriously in this thing of you haven't really written about yet is why is it why isn't this a spiritual thing. Folks, this is why Christian to be aware of this of you take the vaccine fine great care taken in the if you've not. You don't want to let your right that's the issue.

If you want to take it to take it if you want to get don't take it with the government doesn't have the right to come in and without a law passed by Congress, the Senate, all of this in the competency.

This is what you have to do and then put the obligation on corporations and the corporations are in sync with a fiery view don't submit this vaccine. Why the oppression why the authoritarian flux on the back of your neck. This is what concerned me the most.

Why the authoritarianism I believe that ultimately the reason is because that there is a movement for control.

You understand this is also tied into socialism.

Socialism is on biblical and socialism, the more it increases the less rights you have. That's just how it works in a democratic republic. We are a constitutional republic actually when a democracy were a Republican constitutional republic republic means we have a Bill of Rights that the state of the federal government is not supposed to violate is in the Constitution that instance was a constitutional republic is representation a democracy just means the majority wins if people wanted to say, will the majority is the one the way supposed to be. That's why we have the electoral college because it didn't want it to be just a flat out democracy.

They wanted to be a Republican, a constitutional one at that.

This is what the founding fathers did this and they limited federal government power and gave power to the states. This is what they did and they were smart for doing it because when the power to centralize one area of those in power tend to do more and more to keep that power and the way to do that is to become more oppressive. This is what socialism brings the people who think socialism so great or just nothing more than jackboots there brownshirts. They are useful idiots of the term useful idiots is a phrase out of communism, where the populace who thinks that they are doing. What's great is it promoted communism I think is London or to Stalin who said this are useful idiots they don't know what the real issue is, and were using them because they think they're fighting for righteousness sake with her doing the things that the, the oligarchy wanted in order to gain power. Let phrase comes from.

Now jackboots deals with the high boots that were worn by the Nazis in a brown shirt is that in Nazi Germany they turned in their neighbors returned her neighbors to the state. These kinds of of of movements. These combination of things of socialism which is a step closer to communism and Marxism. This can only occur when there's totalitarianism that means that totalitarianism's estate gets more and more control and more more power over you and redo that it takes away more and more of your rights. Now, I recommend that you read the Declaration of Independence, which says that our rights come from God through come from the state, but the secularists say that the the power comes from the state that they can take away your rights because they say the state gives them to you. But if they all believe that God gave to you then negatively subject to God and they could be more fearful about what they do and more careful what they do but they don't so the socialists are in control and moving us more toward socialism, and part of the means of control is to is to never let a good crisis go to waste. So the control markers of wearing masks are is there in order to make sure the population is obeying what needs to be done and part of this. Also I believe I suspected my opinion, is the forcing of the of facts vaccinations upon the populace to get them to submit to the authoritarian control. So to me all this is tied together. Ultimately, I think, is a spiritual issue as well because this ultimately means that the power that they believe in resides in themselves or the state does not. There's also funding above them is always the case. There has to be a terminus, and what is ultimate, the terminus of either God or its themselves, but they don't know that's a spiritual issue and is a demonic force in my opinion behind all of this wants to hold my theory rightly.

Have a great week and God bless my another program powered by the Truth Network

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