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October 15, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 15, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why isn't the Christian church more united in doctrine---2- How do you know if what you're believing about the Bible is from your culture or the Scriptures---3- How long was Job sitting in sackcloth and ashes---4- Were Adam and Eve saved---5- Did Joseph pray- I mean, it's not mentioned anywhere in Scripture---6- Is there a difference between the Trinity and the Holy Trinity---7- What does 1 Corinthians 13-5 mean---8- Why is Joyce Meyer a heretic-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Rimes is called responding to your questions and seven wide-open lines.

All right literally I was hustling to get water for people to steer tears from a little out of breath when we had to hustle right so look him before he can largely be called to treat my shirt again started get so busy to my wife was completing church like the real nice stuff and she's right.

I just busy okay so I'll probably be getting kicked off her YouTube her pretty soon and let people know it's what we can do is replace it with him without Odyssey and we'll be putting lots of the Odyssey Gab rumble and cover the bases and the reason is because an atheist is complaining that the stuff I've said about coven and masks don't port with the official official of status quo given by the government and the YouTube and Facebook and things like that and so there's a note you not let have that freedom of speech, even though I've documented what I said very clearly on the website and I asked this guy. I said looking we doing as it is my documentation and he won't even look at it and I asked where's your documentation of the contract I click on the following. For that he doesn't care about any facts just wants me off, so probably kicked off pretty soon and you know what okay I'm used to attacks and it vindicates what what I do actually. I've always thought that about the lease. I consider him a bully and bullies motivate me to do even more, and adjust it to hustle to focus on the whites, is that way but that's what it is, just get a little FYI and yes I don't believe the masks are necessary and I'm suspicious of the vaccines.

That's my opinion is my research. My love to say that apparently not even the First Amendment says I have the right of free speech and to give my opinion but I'm not allowed to have that kind of thing.

Why because the brownshirts lockstep marchers marching, looking towards the left not like that. It allowed all right for the lines 877-207-2276 is good to anonymous against Alabama. A welcome you back on you yesterday sure about hearing a question like you would call back Christian all right is a novel there. We all are by the tables.

Why is there still will in Christian theology right back to life. It seems like the that will really all culture is probably a better dictator will or stated any real cross-cultural learning in the church that a clear question is clear when you had the question then you added a bunch of stuff and I got confused so is your question is why is it the Christian churches are more united and Dr. I get there. Okay, it's because their eyes are on other things.

And besides Jesus now.

I say semi-like a lot of people as a method is not a fair statement of why isn't the first. You see, I'm a hard-core five-point anomaly Nokia Baptist necessary governmental Calvinist.

That's what that's me. I can defend it, and I will defend it, but we have people working with us who don't believe that I don't quiz him. I make sugar within orthodoxy. The essentials of the faith they would ever see the pinnacle okay because our eyes are on Christ. We want to further his kingdom and were seeking to do it together and we admit that we could be wrong. I'm saying I believe I'm right but it's possible I could be wrong so I want to look to Jesus. They say the same thing and Charlie, who's with me here on almost every single show and he helps coordinate some of the stuff and does stuff with Carmen. He doesn't affirm all the stuff I do is okay. I don't care. I know him and he works for the glory of God and we we disagree on some stuff I don't care certainly don't care because that's not the issue. And so when, in my opinion, churches divide because their eyes are on a doctrinal point rather than Christ not to be careful. I say that because because if someone we can't divide weeks. We must properly divide over the essentials, the doctor, the Trinity, the hypostatic union.this the issue of Jesus God in the flesh that is justification, imputation, salvation by grace resurrection of Christ.

These are the essentials of the faith can't deviate on those. But what if you're all Miller Primo or pretrip rapture, poster, rapture, or believe in continuation of the gifts are not that we have the right to be able to gather to ourselves those teachers that we think are teaching biblically, but we've got to be very very careful when we look down our noses at others and say they don't worship God in truth like we do, and I just quoted something that happened when I was a pastor senior pastor at a small church in Moreno Valley, California when I was doing Bible study and people were snogging on Calvary Chapel in a certain coverage of an attribute of the cover Chapel says and was one woman said we worship God in truth, not like they do at Calvary Chapel. I took umbrage with that assumption. Be careful what you're saying and I started to teach as a pastor and long story short, that began the process of them taking me out. So you see people get their eyes on a doctrine or an attitude is head of his glorifying the Lord Jesus and is it furthering his kingdom and do I have the right to impose my will on others on debatable issues, especially when it says in Romans 14 to read Romans 14 says the first five verses that it's important: 14 the forgotten chapter now except the one who is weak in faith but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions. One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he was weak.

Especially was only the one who eats is not to regard with contempt of the one who does not eat in the one who does not eat is not to judge the one who eats, for God has accepted him.

Who are you to judge the servant of another to his own master he stands or falls.

And he will stand for the Lord is able to make him stand one person regards one day above another letter. Regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced of his own mind. So you see, when I read that each person must be fully convinced of his own money if I would go to Charlie my friend and I was a child we think about XYZ doctrine is not in it not essential to save the baptism-if a baptism not for salvation but as a covenant site list that he doesn't, okay I I am instructed that he is in his good conscience before God. He's convinced in his own mind. Just as I am in mine, who's right. I believe I'm right he might believe he's right, but we can't both be right, so one of us is can be corrected. We get to heaven okay.

In the meantime we love each other and we say were gracious because others have differences of opinions according to what they honestly believe in Scripture. And that's the key.

And so, in that we can have unity and that's were supposed to be having and we put arise more on our doctrinal divisions in the nonessentials in the on the offer. That's why we have so many problems that's what the church becomes effective and ineffective. Okay you thought about this a lot a lot over the years a lot. What are you that would be the less I doubt I'll tell you if there is gender probably, but it's going let you take that out really easy to worry about, and I'm thinking you were stored not just about Mary is now pre-Civil War cell Caucasian bully bravery was purposely made Bible burst anything today. Our of all we go to be here. The political got real specific ideas about how about the way they seek alternate about I like now. There's a there's a vein in wide age of first bills. The state argued that the Holy Spirit read debacle in order made a mission last night, thought your knee. 10,000 feet out. It looks a little bit more like poor people really governed really governed by what they see in the Bible you will governed by the way they grew up there. They grew our how much of this is just Jesus and what already is right here on the right track tracks how much is it because of their culture rather than scripture.

One of the things people say that I do to them is upset them. I get this a lot when someone says either listen you ready when I first listen to you. I did not like what you said and I was chuckle of smile. I know you and I usually get them follow up with.

I kept listening and kept finding out what you Quoting the verses that's what it says. Yep that's right.

People don't want to be challenged when I do seminars. For example, and I do a doctrine seminar last for show pencil and that's it for the radio say the stage C people there. Okay I said show me from hands how many believe in it that God exists feel all the hands go up. Click how many believe the Trinity all hands go up and I see no quitter raises her hand and asked next on ask you to give an answer publicly. Can you define the Trinity is maybe maybe two hands of the lump in column and they usually do. Okay at the crack a little bit just open up very politely. Else okay let's continue. How many believe Jesus is a man right now and maybe half the hands at best will go up as they don't know what we focus on them. Jesus is a man right now and what people tend to focus on other things and things that draw them to church. Don't meet its its culture. It's style it's not so much the substance and this is a problem now and might expose this.

I wish I prefer by far black churches.

I am not joking.

I wish it was a black church around my area that was reformed with that freedom that liveliness that is in that culture, which I just love I can't find you not want that that exuberance that fearlessness to say amen during a sermon, and to to raise their voices the glory of God and excitement. I wish that was in reformed context can't find someone like you do me to find a white church with a sit in the pews, put her hands in their laps and we cannot politely get the doctrine right which doctrine five point doctrine, whatever. This is what we do with people we want to become comfortable in it. It's as deleterious as harmful effects.

It's not good. We need truth.

We need truth need to submit to the truth of God's word. We are doing your chocolate knucklehead told him to break that right that Japanese messages please remind me on Tuesday to have Bill McKeever on the Harold thought about that after the break Matt slick. Why call 77077 is charismatic/Becker back on the phone with the okay where worry your talk about it briefly some of the readers for your Caucasian jerk jerk what you during your go into Kolkata.

Your how you get sidetracked on cultural nature than they journal about that. Let me restate what way that I laid that what what I just heard you say that I am and I'm assuming, of course, you think your document correct real big production, but what I heard you say is that a particular group of people that the Holy Spirit in your dog that I work is anonymous and hemispheric. That's not correct you're just misinformed.

I get around to Holy Spirit clearing out while you believe the polls. There is Scripture, but it's also it's all in case, but it's also the case that we can suppress the spirits truth and revelation. Based upon our sinful desires so that that's a I was teaching a Bible study to church on apologetics on the Colts. Once at a Baptist Church. I mentioned an approach just an approach of using the doctrine of predestination will remove that are not against the calls because all cults and false religious systems deny God's absolute predestination, which is true, let's just say that I end up packing my bags walking out of the church because they became so hostile to the doctrine.

Predestination a Baptist Church it I was reading Scripture to them and they refused to accept people get their little idols and Christians are immune from here okay thank you I don't really think to me like it in that culture. Big picture distort follicular Gloria Larson dog. Your that because we just want we see the culture as being more rated loads of Christian theology, you will really be in a lot of times is convicted of a Holy Spirit in Scripture is that a pretty sound argument that you may need Holy Spirit's role is the last/not there. Is that a good argument that they got badly to get started on the careful, careful because you say in this one area. It's not working so therefore the Holy Spirit is really not there might not be there, but he could be there in completely different areas because you don't know what some of these churches that might be just disagreeing on doctrinal issues might also be helping the homeless and doing canning drives and helping the ladies in the neighborhood and are working in different ways. You can't just look at one aspect say this represents other Christian churches. Okay well I, here are your that we get calls waited a bit. I would like you to do because you much of something else want talk to about if you call back in line using heavy doubts about the existence of God talk about that with your okay seriously sure you call back. Leprosy this callback get line in and look at the people been waiting for while and then rolls you okay will talk you right art here much.

Okay, let's get to Stacy from Utah Stacy welcome your money and around like you guys are talking about all okay well I try making sure that people wait that I'm polite to them as well. This is a really important conversation with the say.

His wasn't. But he's good guy and he'll call back with My Christian faith. I love going to church and little-known Christ is underneath he can't help me shout along the length of the action along, he was in the ash.

I don't know what it was. While I don't know specifically how long he was sitting in sackcloth and ashes in our prybar and running or in print. No I don't? The cover charge for work, natural when I have faith that they never asked for forgiveness. There and for that I think might result what you have to ask the question and what is a say in the Bible, you have to ask forgiveness of your sins in order to be saved. It doesn't say that.

And this is an audio civil you don't confess your sins didn't say that is confessing your sins. What we do with the baby in the womb, who dies was aborted. What we do with my son who died in in the arms of my wife and I he didn't confess he didn't repent. So this could be saved.

All course you would people say these kind of things they don't think them through and they want to say will you need to ask forgiveness normally speaking. Even then, I'd say show me Scripture. People are so accustomed to what you have course you have to ask forgiveness in order to be forgiven. Show me the verse and I don't know of it was as if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins so confession of sin is something that's that is taught in Scripture, we can't say that a baby must confess his sins to be saved. Otherwise, no babies could be saved. So were talking normally that an adult who's aware confesses his sins.

It's a normal thing would you do if you're an adult in the hospital with tubes in your body and your on your deathbed you got less than an hour to live.

You can even talk yet.

Confess your sins, you could acknowledge your center yes yes it asked Jesus to forgive your sins will that is a you don't think as we can. Be careful how we say these things. The Bible says we receive Christ.

John 112 and we confess our sins, perspectives 1729 but there is no place it says here's a formula you did with this way. So I'm just being more technically accurate and a lot of people are okay so NASA's question legally that you asked the question again because there was more to it was either this good pastor friend or someone taught that you had to warrant my mom part said long brightly coverage is that right and believe it and ask. Well, the Bible says that what God did was remove the fig leaves, aprons, and God covered them with animal skins. God's covering is the atonement.

He did it for them say okay I think you got already voted one of the line 87720722 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave anthropological to give a call 87772276.

Let's get to Sarah from North Carolina's are welcome here right now.

What about black and white. And I wake up in the front.

But that was not my thing that I would have an impact in the because I think it's awesome. I remember was in prison.

I remember I learned to love this because I don't I don't not loyal to the denomination already thinks I moved 26 times before is 12 years old and already you have to let United States and I remember when I started preaching prison and preach these guys during the service, they would say amen edit copy off guard if that's what the servant and output are great and it did not take me long before I started laughing it because it will amen brother there listening.

This is awesome and I go back to my own church and did you know that you see something that I want to get up and go amen and other every assistant and are staring looked all and so I love that and I remember it's been churches like that in situations like that of them spoken to be the most defamatory the store. I'm sorry I don't pretend sitting here but was preaching in a prison and was into hatchery and the Southern California area mix of company and so I was preaching right and I lost my son a couple months earlier and I was trying to relate to these guys and a lot of Mexicans in there or Hispanic. I should say and Blacks and whites was pretty much equal mix in the chapel is preaching and no big deal and that I'm very comfortable to prisoners.

I like him.

I do the more real I just I like him. I don't care what they done it whenever it must move on and so I preaching right in these two Mexican guys walking towards me down the center aisle.

I'm thinking either one of these guys can break me in half with the stair. That's a big guy and I have a button on on my pocket all you do is hit it in the guard to come rushing and it's time I met with the bad guys and the they can do it.

I preaching.

I didn't lose my train of thought it lose this signal will not discussion hidden right at me, looking at the continued jumping like what I'm saying I never forgot this never will forget they got right where I was preach because of an elevated area stage and they moved to my right, and they knelt down on the hard toil put their elbows on the stage and prayed for the rest of this and I asked him later. Why did you do that and it was a complaining tooth said writer we love what you are saying we wanted the power of the spirit be on his brothers here. We're pretty thinking I just love that I missed that in churches and misty exuberance.

In fact, when I preach. I I I move when I get forward go forward and backwards and I get excited raise my voice. I called what was the excitement of the word of God. I like that need anyway it it's a cultural thing of right round. I like amen sister you might pick up that way never ending three question. Did he actually pray right, right out of know that you knew that you don't go and and it's not no what you want but anyway no way until he went on he went no right interest. I pray but firing.

I'm not… Versus that I'm going through looking at I'm searching the word Joseph through the Scriptures right now, beginning with Genesis 1 and just going through and the excellent signature to be very know what I think the thought, you know me know. Yeah, I think, be very interesting if you did not, what would the reason that the Holy Spirit would would not include a prayer from Joseph that would be a real interesting question. If that's the case you I'm here that written down but I don't. I don't know what that what he I'm going through and I'm in Genesis 4023 that's quite well. We don't have time I go through looking and find versus Joseph and then record doing the research for prayer and see and and just kindly research on it, but that's really interesting what I would do hire you is if you think this a prayer were virtually prayed this email be civil versus a look at the time to go through okay. But I'm curious to me is really insight. Why would he not record a prayer of Joseph is usually reason that a good question and she would have a question like that is usually a great answer is just like when I Genesis 22 when when Isaac and and Jacob and Abraham and Isaac came down from the hill. It doesn't say Isaac came down is omitted is just as and Abraham went down. It doesn't say Isaac went why because he represents Christ and Christ didn't come down from the cross is a typology so there's a reason even for the omission of something so if that is the case that there is no record of him, praying, then I would love to to know that is the case, and then how to find out why that would be a real interesting question to try and answer you. If you have a particular verse recently.I'm going through a whole bunch of versus right now I'm just getting through, and I don't see any place with the word Joseph that shows up in a verse where it says he prayed let's just pray to God or give god I don't see it. No all that interesting. Now it's it's it's good says do this to live right now Joseph said was the method I do this and look for I fear God so that we know that that that's a Genesis 4218. The fear of God includes than this. I pray that it wouldn't. That's doesn't mean he doesn't record a prayer.

That's where life is not record, which means that are not recorded for reason.

Okay one. Good question, but that's a question that I wish you hadn't asked me because now I might be wondering about it not get any sleep. Thank you very much.

She's a good question.

Okay sister will God bless you welcome very much.


Reason that question is a really good question.

I never thought about that) it it it's right okay will God bless.

Okay that is a good question. I wonder if it's true. If it if you think you said you have a verse where Joseph actually prayed, said he prayed email it to me and if that's a good question like that all right was gone without Bethel from Georgia, Alberto, welcome back from the Bible about that God gave nobody like you what is going God gave nobody like men against anybody know of any mobile discriminate sold me so I'm going ahead and getting anything Christ did not comply with all of God. When I got one cheated Christ in my blood by the thought that they was not on snap a from I think I that's right, I have all the privileges that they come I think the red privileges in Christ Jesus. A memory of Reginald okay this message is line 87707276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave. Okay, so what you question the word right.all population block club Armani" Bob – right wall is not skin color correct goal so so so not all is right is not doing absolutely irrelevant were all descendents from Adam and so he had the true skin color.

Whatever it was. World derivations out of all that is usually when I race is only one race, the human race. We have different skin color. We have different facial structures, heights and stuff like that. Not that's that's that that's how I view what so why the wild about the one man create a lengthy that you know that I have no hierarchical church to go you all the gold was certainly well decrypted by all the stuff you have a different thanks all coniferous doctors or societies which are not good, but there are church rules set up in Scripture. So just depends on which you want to go with. But we do have differences of opinion on what kind of things that's permitted in Romans 14 one through five.

Okay, okay, buddy. Thank you correctly locate lifetime and you to write this get to Jerry from North Carolina jury welcome.

Yes, there are not put Levi give time I ask a question that corresponds with what you been talking about earlier question is, is there a difference between the Trinity and the holy Trinity. No, there is no depth know is just the only difference is the word holy is all it holy Trinity is just the same. More respectfully, reverently, the Trinity is the holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity is the Trinity is just different. Thank you. If you welcome sir. Okay goblins. All right, it's good to Chris from Indiana Chris welcome you earlier yeah I you I can't how the that we looked at the prescribed 13 down okay. We will be no fear about just what you sent me it's yet is not, no problem there for 2013 to be known as were fully known. What we find in Scripture is in this effort is 1312 to know God only knows believers and he never knows. Unbelievers know he knows all things. He knows who all unbelievers are but when the phrase I know you occurs in Scripture by Christ did Meijer save because I don't know you mean you're not saved this work and no scope to know and it relates to Pro ghettos go to Forno closely foreknew he also predestined Romans 829 so when he says that when he sang their prescriptions 1312 for now we see the Mildred McGinley but then face-to-face, then refer to the to the when the perfect comes with some people say is the Bible but now it's gone.

We were at the return of Christ because that's when we'll see face-to-face and now I know in part, but then I shall be fully known. Okay, so we will be known by God's. And it's a saving relationship phrase that will be known by God. He means he knows us. Let me forsake okay sure you have any yet he's a heretic. I she's in her there what their heretics there at why they will because many men do a show on him sometime in many of the heresies he's taught. The Trinity is 27 persons and it was nine persons he's a charlatan and is bad news and Joyce Meyer teaches heresy and I can go to technical dues will redo some of them really briefly coming from a website, let's see. Joyce is a fully documented with some audio and so she says, "screw this one okay do it this way.

Joyce: different articles on different thing. I misspelled the word strictness okay to read you what she is actually said and interest documented use line and my computer doing a forward. I did make a note of this forward.

I don't wanted to do spectacle fix that. That's why it's doing that.

Let's see.

So what she says is Jesus not being the son of God, that he was born again that he pay persons in hell he went to hell in our place and was tormented and you can't. If you don't believe that Jesus went to hell.

You cannot be saved, and it recalled little gods it's okay because little gods.

This is what she teaches and is is flat out heresy. Like I said hell yes format, let's see. She says this is in the most important decision you'll ever make. By Joyce Meyer second printing May 1993, page 35. Quote he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not stay dead.

He was in the great three days during the time he entered hell were you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price. There." That's damnable heresy because it's a denial of the sufficiency of the cross so she teaches a damnable heresy. There's heresy and that that doesn't keep you in the kingdom.

And there's heresy that does, and that does this keep Jesus bore our sins in his body on the cross. First Peter okay 224, yet he said in July 1930. It is finished. Which means his right legal thing he did was finished, so he died on the cross for our sins. That's where he finished the atonement.

This is what she says this is what she says okay he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. That's true, he did not stay dead. That's true. He was in the great three days that's true. During that time he entered hell is not what we mean entered hell where you and I deserve to go to. Now she's thinking she would see what are the place of damnation. That's not in Scripture. It's not that anything that the Lord evidence debates on what that is in discussions but not the continue because he went there with her health. He paid the price.

There she sang.

He prayed played the price paid the price of our sin that there in hell mouth. Colossians 214 says he canceled the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross.

The cross is where it was done and finished so she's saying it wasn't done and finished on the cross had to go to hell and payer's there and that's how it to be saved by what he did under that that is I'm saying it publicly. That is, damnable heresy that anyone who teaches that cannot and should not be considered a true Christian. I tried it, this is Sandra's okay now here's another quote from her. This is in the same book page. The next page 36 Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place.

Then, as God had promised on the third day Jesus rose from the dead. The scene in the spirit realm of something like this. God rose up from his throne instead of the demon powers tormenting the sinless son of God deliberately wake where does it say in Scripture to Jesus being tormented by the demonic forces in hell, it doesn't. And of this is this is a re-coverage another one. This is a redefinition of the gospel message and she is accursed because of this. This is on page 37 of the same book quote his spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve ago. There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth" okay now.

If she doesn't believe this anymore.

She needs to publicly recant and pull these books and say these books are teaching dental heresy. Get rid of them don't you know I made a mistake about a block I have not heard of any recantation of this damnable heresy.

And I'm saying it publicly. This is damnable heresy. It is false doctrine. She's redefining the gospel. I look like: like you know the Craig and Steve Craig Craig nice that I believe so to Greg Craig, but Steve Gray got my eyes talking years and years ago I walked the have been likely the server. He's not a catalyst. I have it is not a Calvinist IM and but his Lotta good thing to say okay you like yeah you all right I don't I looked at Calvin. Just like that right at the night yesterday out great. They your free your free regardless you have really no point will tell you what roles I time to call back tomorrow.

We can talk about it. Okay I will revert in the meantime. In the meantime, read Romans nine call back to Romans nine starting at verse nine. Okay good okay I got blessed this get to Ryan from Pennsylvania right luckily earlier we like running a little known he wasn't on the record straight on with this guy longer since oldest scheming. I'll continue on the last caller about Joyce Meyer of folks look, I'm not just a heresy hunter, but you have got to understand that there are people say things know I granted people say things in their excitement. They say dumb things and in the later they don't want a say at that wish in the said that I understand it happens when your public figure your your speaking and I've done it. We say that action is that it that way.

I got that. That's okay I mean is okay but you know it's okay when you write something like this and it is damnable heresy.

Lotta questions come to mind. Why is it that the other Christians around her didn't correct her or I don't think you're did not, or tried to correct her.

I've heard nothing of any recantation of this. It doesn't mean it hasn't occurred under sing-heard it and I brought this up many times over the years of the air and no one's ever sent me any documentation together this summer. She recants does not hurt it how to find it. I've tried contacting that ministry and they won't they won't do anything other than an official response email. Thank you for your inquiry. Blah blah blah were too busy little block I could go away and I weave and said she told a regular website document stuff we what we have questions.

Can we please talk to her about these things, get these things answered nothing. So were forced then as a ministry to expose the error of what has occurred and Joyce Meyer's teaching serious error. Serious error is not repented. That was far as we know this is a serious problem just what it is they both help you enjoy the show when I'm going to find out more tomorrow. By God's grace. Hopefully you have ready powered by the Truth Network

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