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October 13, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 13, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses that his account was terminated on YouTube for his Covid discussions. This is the second ban.--2- What does it mean to test God---3- Can Christian men have long hair---4- What is the best way to witness to a Muslim---5- How do you deal with those who say you can lose your salvation---6- What do you think is the purpose of the vaccine push-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps like why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 estimates would live and want to give me a call.

As usual, you do is dial 877-207-2276 and have nobody waiting right now. So get a call if you want to mount a little bit of an update on something I just found out right before the show here. That's all 60s Tuesday tract that YouTube has now again the end of my ability to stream on on on YouTube and so this shows going out to the regular karma site knows you can go to Matt slick you to match look and the reason is because apparently I've given some inappropriate information didn't say what information was appropriate and appropriate since I talked about coded, that's what they're doing is the Gestapo after their the headquarters don't like conservatives talking about coded didn't like conservatives talk about a lot of stuff and so they feel is good enough for the second time that were moving to another platform I will be giving that information later and I've been downloading videos left and right but so I go Petri on thing I do want to support me Petri on/Matt slick patriarch PTR and so downloading some Petri on videos because I did go to a private area hard on the scenario on on YouTube and I discovered that the thing on when my Petri on videos where I just summarized what was happening in the month of September. Now imagine colder than things like this and they took that down so no one penalized him.

He got a guy who this happens a lot over the years we have somebody who gets incredibly self-righteous and will start attacking me. Usually it's the ladies. I don't know why but usually it's the ladies and we got one guy, however, who did a five hour video line on what a Christian and get a lot of ladies and they don't have all thought the litter box, who will then attach themselves to me and trying to correct me in every detail, and they readable like I try make something right. They say my motives are evil.

In a two disc is ridiculous. We had another guy now and he is now reporting me to the other powers that be. He's a brown shirt and you know it it I asked in an email what your qualification for saying that I'm wrong with yours and so he doesn't care he just doesn't like a thing I the site and I would get another guy going so you know if you want you can pray for this guy and prematurely and field know what that means.

So yeah, I'm getting punished again for speaking about the jab for speaking about the death prick speaking about the shot at, and various things and people more and more all of the web are heavily used. Other names for that as saying and so I'm happy to start the same thing and don't it really interesting because what's what I like to see is hypocrisy. It's so clear because what YouTube and what twitter have done and other venues have done is allow liberals to say all kinds of harmful things conservatives come out with facts. Now the conservatives are not allowed to have their voice so I'll be moving away from YouTube will be moving away from twitter be moving with mother stuff gradually getting into other venues where they actually believe the Constitution and they believe that you have the right to your opinion and it's okay to say but there are private groups of Satan know you don't have the right to say what we don't want you to say in his conservative values and issues about the jab and so I will be letting you know more about that is going to be call for open lines 877-207-2276 on this so you know when I could tell you little background so this makes sense. I moved 26 times before I was 12 years old, was very, very skinny and I was what a rare male who had anorexia for years. It took years and years to break it. It really did I do go to see some help with everything that you stunted my growth. I'm 6 feet tall. I would've been 626466 range, but any rate so serious anyway so I learned to be independent and learn not to select bullies and when I come across bullies. Oh, it just gets my fire up and YouTube is a bully and Facebook is bullying because now people on Facebook have the say the same thing the jab in whatever it is because you get penalized if you talk about things and exchange information, even if it's from doctors who were saying we see an increase in cancer rates with it though.

Yet the jab we see people getting sick them and there's a rate of increase of deaths associated with it with the jab and nothing it was gonna know the Haydn is not that it is just that they see an increase and not to say that why. Why is that why you're not allowed to say things like that.

Tanya what is going on in our country some things going on and I'm writing about it. My opinions on things so there you go you know and and when I meet bullies. It motivates me to fight back. It always has and does I fight back against bullies. I don't like bullies. II don't like him and I resist him and assist what I am given I suffered at the hands bullies for too many years younger and the exit generally motivates me to do even more and would be doing even more dish with the jab and stuff like that. So anyway, there you go 20 to call on you to do is dial 87720722760, how long you think it will be before the federal government says hey Matt, you can't be on the radio exercising your free speech because you say things we don't like how long you think that might be. Let's get the Carlton South Carolina Carl welcome your on the air that I question is related to the research project heard about there were. People who were in prayer and leisure in faith that I can go different different faith, but they found out when people were in prayer that it activated a portion of their brain that gave him actually and knowing in Scripture there's been there's been an outburst about how you get this pleading of fact when there's video or prayer talk to God's comfort through through the word is the spirit, but that was that was shown on the standard on people with their brains in prayer birth not to ask it you they took that study further and broke down.

People in it. Think of Christian, Muslim, Hindu, booted whatever and put them in prayer and found Dr. data you feel that would be Being God there will know testing God is not the system of microscope for say is talk about testing and his faithfulness, but it could be interpreted that way as well because what they are try to do is test his faithfulness. I guess you and yeah I've had atheists say similar things certain is noise going on the background and what is that noise mono are all okay that's okay and am so 80s was AC. Prayer is just a physiological thing to get pleasure out of it.

So therefore can't be true, and it makes no sense to just all they're saying is we recognize that there's a connection between the soul and the physical body.

That's all. There's a connection we had no connection. Yeah, I would like.

I like that. I brought the question to a person with an yeah that that the Christian there is there is a study in person, but it yeah in prayer you get you get up completely affect them and activate back parcels of your brain and and she was a booted out. We get pleasure. And when we praying I thought how can I got here booted I thinking thought I I thought and I actually write about in the Lord while I created that will bring you your so I what I wanted what you think about something like that while people are made in God's image and people get tickled all of the world and react similarly is how we remain so God is certainly made us with different abilities and disabilities or loud disabilities coming to us and so praying and they have a sense of a feeling of goodness and and that's fine with prayers only as good as the one to whom your praying so bright I mean right. God is making every thought that lady that booted you think that with appropriate response that I gave her that because okay it's time no problem.

Okay, that's what I think you want another brother in Christ also find out when I get your ministry and not keep a strong work. I got grace right. Okay, that was Carl and the let's get over to Roger from North Carolina.

Roger welcome you on the year Matt, I'm doing all right, hanging anybody you might question it can Christian men have long hair. Yes okay I've heard it back and forth but you and I know they're doing the people say one of those he loves a disgrace have long hair woman should have should have long hair, not men. Well… Look at some extreme examples. You know you're on a deserted island you don't cut your hair. Are you now in sin know if the woman has cancer and she has cut her hair. She now wants and could just have long hair. Of course, not to the idea this going on in the culture was that women are the ones who had long hair and men didn't. That's just how it was.

However, they were Nazirite valves were, they would not cut their hair and it would grow longer and I was in the Bible that was approved of. So generally what's happening in the cultural context is it's the cross-dressing ideology that was there men had short hair woman had long hair and if you were to go with long hair. It was in some errors and assign effeminate, effeminate feminist city being feminine and a androgyny and even homosexuality. So it was not no keep separate and that was the cultural context that's not alive now. Okay what you think about when an egg every yes because it looks like in Corinthians 11 was talking about that that the. The culture was that women would sit in the back of the synagogue or church building in the middle sit up front and they were when were set free by the by the word of Christ, and so is still cultural normally wouldn't sit together like we do in church today. They would sit separated assist what they did and so the women would sometimes speak up in the back of the room and say what you say. They had freedom they would say things to get exuberance at no keep quiet.

Ask your husband is home and this is what I think was happening that the men sitting up front certain why would say you don't Bob what you say or why this ask him this and I was out of work so that that's what letter of the young commenters say and think about it. I read from where I don't reread it. I worry that the women probably think that you regarded that Christianity a lot of them had their head that was one of the governor hair that this is the context for that is shaving the head in that culture was a sign of punishment of immorality. Usually prostitutes would let their hair down in public as an advertisement.

So they were not ashamed to say is really seven letter hair down there house with her hair to hold all of those you are one of the line 877207 mats like why call 77077 let's get the AskMen AskMen from Dayton Ohio to go. Welcome around here auditor talked to Mark like I have been following your web site, while brother probably the way 90 I want to say when I first come to the Lord. I was introduced to your website. It just just mute you made everything so concise and so digestible may really help me to understand the different colts that were around the JW LDS. And while Matt, thank you first of all we welcome praise God question for your voice sounds very familiar.

We talk with maybe another look at some of the map echoes on your screen or my friend that that I did not even know you had a radio program. So we had this new radio station coming out of the out of Toledo and it ended how you call it repeated here in the Dayton area and it took over one of our FM stations 1065 so thank you the truth come in the Dayton because I'm loving all these teaching programs like Netflix, so thank you that they lock you let them know Stu was the guy who's in the MOC big man on campus and I let them know you really appreciate it because it's always good hi will be that my client, Elton. I will do that later. Your brief your Welch is basically about advice on witnessing a Muslim stuff yeah that's all my goodness he is such a dear man, Matt, but he is very devout to Islam and he and I have had a couple conversations, and he knows my relationship with Christ and I told her screen her dears's name study. You can write him down there and pray for them and all the listeners pray for Saeed, dear man. He is a God love she is. I really think that that he is a God love he he is taking South Muslim. And this past Sunday Matt he handed me one who pamphlets and he numbered them in sequence that he wants me to read in bed but don't take these out of sequence with them. This one any numbers on them.

Grade is back to me and I said I will I will and I did not promise them that I would agree to him, but my heart says to go ahead and read a map, but when I heard your program is like I got a call the spelling like to see those pamphlets you sent me a set of them and am allowed bike so you better.

I can give. I got them right here near me. I can give you the publisher it looks like an IHA what and you have to. I don't want to tell publisher publicized blessed people don't. I had info that's okay.

So you can email at info would carbon work. So there are ways to witness to Muslims and begin to understand something there very devout.

It pouted I devoted to their lie.

They think what they believe in is true and Islam provides a set of laws and ordinances that they have to follow and people like that because it wants an intangible in which they can trust and because people are sinful.

They also often believe that they can earn their salvation through their goodness. In cooperation with God's mercy, which is what Islam teaches and so I Surat is a chapter I got is a verb residence 23 11.

It is then when the trumpet is blown little be no more relationships between them that day normal one.

Ask after the other, and those whose balance of good deeds is heavy they will retain salvation, but those whose balances like they will be those who lost their their souls and help and held they lied. So there's a phrase in Islam, and shall and what that means is if Allah wills so there's a couple of things you can talk about and get I okay I said get down to the issue of of salvation you CC you want to be saved from your senses like I do right yes what must you do to have your sins forgiven so that your God will get you to heaven Paradise is ask what must we do and what he's gonna say is well into different kinds of Muslims was a different kind of things but generally it's a will, you gotta be good you got it right as you live for him.

Be sincere. All the true God save the shot.which is only one God and Mohammed is profit and that hopefully a lot if Allah wills will make is okay so you don't and shot not yet if if Allah wills of God will and so is he saying with what Islam teaches is that salvation is not guaranteed unless you die in the jihad in battle for other and a woman can't be saved unless I think it's four of her sons diet and jihad. This last song teaches only Islam is pagan, ungodly, evil religion and for the Americans. It has been. It has been like Mormonism does like Joe's with as it does with the past, it's been catered and whittled down and purified.

Let's make it look better and better. Even though its history is pretty bad. This is what happens with a lot of groups. They write their own history, and so that will do so I say what must you do much with what must you do have your sins forgiven and he's not gonna be able to to give the any assurance only hope that one of things I'll do at this point is a front talk to Muslims who are you good enough you've been good enough. You think you been good enough wow things like this. I'll talk to like this for a while and José will I'm a Christian and my salvation is not depend upon my goodness, but upon the goodness of Christ. And so if I put my trust in what he has done then I can have my sins forgiven because of trusting in his sacrifice is so not what I give up what I have now assurance of salvation and what Jesus is done for what you have, which is no assurance based on your goodness okay. Now here's something else is some knows a thing or two things. The unrighteous judge is a analogy I'm not out for witnessing the Muslims that it's also this and I'll say on will your God. I asked him what your God, except your sincerity publicity release and so you really are sincerely really trying to repent and it was Hezbollah's most merciful will he accept your repentance and your sincerity of heart, as you potentially there is a way to be forgiven of your sins. And yes, good. While not all stakes in Christianity that doesn't work in Christianity God does not accept on repentance in our sincerity as a means by which your sins are forgiven because sincerity and repentance are human efforts and were never sincere enough because whenever pure enough and I repentance is never perfect enough because we are sinners by nature and so even though Coldwell say your repentance and your goodness contribute to salvation with God is not so with Christianity in Christianity God is so holy that he will not accept the sin stained repentance and sincerity that there has to be another means to cleanse us of our sins. That's through Jesus Christ we have to have your God will accept your sins. Our God won't God ask. While get back out here one more with you okay hold on right back at his messages, please please Matt's like why call 77077 charismatic slave there are okay. Now, tell you you don't have to write these down because they're already written on my website tell you where to go to get you to talk to just go to UT cut it's for cut and paste and will take you to a page go down to the Islam and then it'll open up go down to the bottom okay and you will see important points, and these are things out written these things, I use with Muslim so here's the giving of our right and I'll get you more so Jesus said in Matthew and John 1513 greater love has no one than this, but he laid his life down for his friends.

Like I okay you can talk your buddy say this what Jesus says do you agree that that's true yeah because of the sophist is Jesus. Isa Sue got a subset of it so is true, all right.

Well, in our view, Jesus died in the cross announcer of four 157. Jesus was not crucified, but a lot made someone look like Jesus to be clean going talk about that yet you, that means all is a deceiver because it means Allah a someone who wasn't Jesus look like Jesus.

Clearly people think this crucified, which means a lot deceived people by his own direct and point man okay got that stuff really important okay really important and so why should I trust Allah if he is a deceiver. Okay, that's a great comeback yet, now is the greatest act of love Celine was life down for his friend. So in Christianity.

Jesus laid his life down for his friend.

Now you say Jesus is is nothing more than a prophet.

Jesus laid down his life for others, which is what the Bible says no, the Quran says it came 600 years later. Then is the true from your perspective that a creature outdid God, is God currently is, lowers friend County. While Matt can write while here's here's one more right now say let's pretend that there's a man in this man is evil. This man is murdered, and he will six letter words on the air, but he's done all kinds of stuff, kidnapping, extortion order, bank robbery, she tortured people to death etc. etc. there's video, there's hundreds of witnesses and the guys caught is on trial on trial and home and so there's no doubt whatsoever. He's guilty. No doubt he would admits he's guilty. Everybody knows he's guilty and he see the judge is good now sentence him is found guilty of everything and the judge whose was uphold the law.

The judge says man forget about it, you're free. Go ahead Mike. I've asked Muslims as I say so is it a good judge or a bad judge and is able to do bad judge since it will why was bad because he didn't obey the law, you didn't.

Your punished as a desert and punish right and so the guy gets away with doing the right and ending the judge ignored the law right with the loss of the punish them right ignores you to bet judges that's right Ellis look at all the in order for Allah to forgive doesn't have to just ignore his own law detector ignore.

This puts our own law aside and says your your freezer forgiven, but you were guilty before God and he is he just ignores the law not tell you in Christianity while he became one under the law and fulfilled that law and I took our place so that the law is satisfied. So in our understand a lot. God is satisfied in Christ, but in yours, the law of God is not satisfied which God is righteous, while while Matt right is all your points on the website you go and ask about that question can go ahead. I got always. I could tell you the go how to get the colors yes I want to go to the website after I was praying for my friend Saeed. I sometimes do questions that I believe are: father and I think this one was not because it was just the resounding word wall so I want to ask you my brother that he knows more about Islam than I do love talked about in the Corolla. Yes, absolutely.

It said 99 names of God but God is Allah is never called a love is a summary of lease coming back got his name in Islam right by going "down for some 48 that's correct.

But here's the thing and do another thing to say. This is no. Is it loving to sacrifice yourself for someone. Yes in Christianity is what God did in the person of Christ in a civil God can't become flesh and seek is not the Quran according your understanding is not that the divine word in in paper yes could could we say to the divine word which is a divine word, so to speak, in flesh and paper. Yes, why can't God, the divine word become a man.

Okay, and do what we could not as a way to depend on him. We rely on him. You don't you rely on something else from someone who came along a lot later and who taught and served for 157 that Allah is a deceiver and don't forget this one last thing. Ask him, ask him this wears a man's seed formed in his body and maybe the man had no say those are the answer because children listed wealth to go to Sir 86 527 now let man would think from what he is created, he's greeted from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone in the ribs SR chattel. That's not even close to the road gets right until this the Quran says that that that man's seed comes from his chest while now if one thing the Quran is false in Islam is false. That's what they say the whole thing. That's right, you could describe that point in your notes as well. I got all over hundred articles on Islam. The company debating a Muslim in a week or so severe on the and that he's well-known Muslim to be recorded at Corrigan while class binder against Matos's network and stuff like that but you will be deducted not on your site probably okay.

All right. But if there's a lot I were there brought unto my dear friend again, but I got that our father is going to bring us together again. We have a yeah okay thank you so much I I can vent more empowerment log all my friends. I even have right in his family will will will say that our scriptures say and I'm standing on posted on five God wants and man saved and come to a knowledge God bless my people to go to work okay. Thanks so much Matt.

Have a great need you to okay let's jump over to Salt Lake City only lost. Why do you think the righteous will be here in the tribulation all called back please and I would love to talk about that will get you, but for the life all right, let's get to day from Indiana.

Dave welcome. I'm looking for you. Remember me believe he… But you don't know that I don't think we owe the I would deal with the when people tell me they can lose your salvation are several things I can do but one of the mothers okay let's things you gotta do to keep yourself right with God right and asking for.

Don't take can you give me two or three things and and still he might say, well, you gotta continue to believe. Okay so I did. I ask you take credit for your believing right. This is a confusing question because if you say yes, will you? Why does the Bible say God grants that you believe lipids 129 right right so even the blogging that we have need to be the God is the center of that he's glorified and yet you're taking credit for what God is done and you write.

I think the only thing I think about family all even though they don't greatly do not want to offend all of right and felt that don't offend anybody. That's why we don't offend anybody that needs no troops on so that's when I did ask him and ask him if he's doing those things that he says you need to do to keep yourself right with you fully holy God. And then ask him so you are you saying you keep yourself right with God by by your effort right now that's the conversation you have a right now, which like some Scripture some Scripture after the break of Scripture about losing my salvation for folks to apply and give me a call if you want right back after the mass Y call 77077. Back at the show, chuckling because of our conversation and chat were having in the week.

We have a good time there.

If you're interested in joining us go to Facebook Inc. join in their chat stuff like that or YouTube, and we have all right, let's get back to. Let's see okay Dave from Indiana I gave you there. There Dave yet yet maybe okay get back nothing up all right. In John 637 through 40. And this is very important and I tied it with John 829 Jesus said in John 829 and he who sent me is with me.

He has not left me alone, for I always do the things that are pleasing to him.

Jesus says in John 829 that he always does. What's pleasing to the father.

I'd ask your friend. You agree with that. Of course, good. Now go to John 637.

Although the father gives me will come to me and the one who comes to me. I certainly will not cast out friend come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of who sent me. Never. Jesus always does low the father actually going to if I haven't to do is to do the will the father. This is the will of him who sent me that of all the he's given me. I lose nothing that I raise on the last day for this is the will of my father that everyone who beholds the son and believes in him will have eternal life, and I myself will raise him up on the last day of the will. The father is Jesus not lose anybody in Alaska can Jesus lose anybody if he says yes he denies Scripture denies Christ if he says in this with the when you could lose yourself in it. I love that because it's just that the non sequitur say pay attention to the text.

The will is that Jesus not fail to do the will of the father will the father that Jesus lose none. They will raise him up and it says in the one who believes will he will raise up.

This means that the believers can't be lost because the will is the father that everyone who believes will be raised up if they believe is because God granted that they believe lipids 129 so can they be lost interest. Now, writers write another way to prove it to you from Scripture, but that's pretty good.

Okay I thought about what Mike writes about meeting Billy. They believe that the right of them believe that I felt kind of elevation without you agree that the believe you will be a vacant, almost in itself depends because the Lutheran position.

As you can lose your salvation was very, very difficult to do and that you need to measure salvation.

You need to openly consistently reject and they say you can lose your driving, but that still problematic because when you go to Colossians 214. It says he canceled arts send that arc to the certificate of debt at the cross is not canceled when you believe it's not canceled when you baptized it's canceled at the cross where it says if it's canceled with the cross that was a canceled for mobility canceled for those were going to heaven can be canceled for everybody because of good people go to hell. You can go to hell first and that this canceled just is not possible. So if you say that yes you can you can be truly saved and lose your salvation then did Jesus cancel all of your sin debt right the right to say no you didn't.

But the Bible says he forgive all of her transgressions, having canceled certificate of debt. Colossians 2 1314. Jesus doesn't make any mistakes. God doesn't make any mistakes in first John 219 says they were from us because they never were up as if they had been of us, they would've remained right.

Something good will never believe John six John six I think is right around see John six visits who that was from the beginning. Verse 64 but there are some of you do not believe for Jesus knew from the beginning who they were, who did not believe in who was who would betray him. John 654 and if they go to giant to Hebrew 6426 you'll those once been enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift of the can in the fall. That way they could never be renewed again to repentance. That means that if they teach that that is something you can do to lose your salvation at first shows it will and it means they can never come back and you ask Heather vent people to Gloucester. Salvation never come back and been saved, he would have to say no but if you decide violates Hebrews 6 and placebo six is not talk about believers is talk about the Jews who covenantal.

He had experience the truth of the Messiah and they rejected it and they will take can be renewed repentance because no more sacrifice assessment but is talk about Hebrews 10 2726 all right okay I met God bless. All right, let's get the phones with boy when a long time Marine from Ohio when a half-hour. All right, you're on the air. I I got well. I called Dr. Hartley.

Here you have you turned way up. So go ahead well argument. Karen Began their very boring on what y'all hope Herbert Bush control will you control see there's a movement towards a new world order a one world government bill of about half and so this is prophesied in the Scriptures so the people. This is kind of a, it's a melding of a lot of things. So the people in the government and the leftists are moving us more towards socialism and socialism is a self-perpetuating bureaucracy that is like a vampire that sucks the life out of an economy and this is because it passes more laws to strengthen its own socialistic view, which is inhabited by a bureaucratic group of people and the bureaucracy grows bigger and bigger because they tax people and they sold economy down and they take the means of production and distribution under their own control of this cannot thrive in Christianity because socialism is on biblical but people want security and in their desperation as things get worse caused by socialistic ideology will then listen to the empty promises of the left now in Marxist practice. You have to have the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. You have to have a division which causes the society to be unstable and then they come in and they bring more instability and if they get in power they promote more instability and then because of this her shortages and problems and so then they increase their laws and their own presence in order to get control. They want control markers inside of society and control markers are masks and other things that they want you to do now. From what I've understood about the vaccines. When vaccines have a certain number of deaths per thousand. They take the vaccines off the market. It has been far exceeded in the coven and yet they are there hiding information about the deaths were associated with the missing don't take that the job if you want to get take it. Just know the risks but the fact is, is the research I've I've seen that people are dying from their season been terminated. People are having shakes. There's males having heart problems because of it.

There are there. I've heard Dr. sake I heard in person. Dr. say that that's their cancer patients. He's had who were in remission. They get the job and then within 2 to 3 weeks. Their symptoms are of cancer back is reactivated is is been having more and more, so I was control want cattle. I agree with everything all alive, though I are more than I will wonder why it richer and open my Ephesians 612. We wrestle not against flesh and blood of the disparaging pitch powers of darkness we have to understand the ultimate goal here is of the enemy of the gospel to destroy the presentation of the gospel and so think about this with the chaos with problems in the shortages that are occurring in Morse coming because I just been hearing about how Bill Gates owns a lot of land and he's in there and plowing the planning of fields of food underground causing.

This can be shortages and rhyme voicing shortages in the stores I go to locally will discuss more problems now, the left has promoted this order and defunding the police and letting cities burn and yet spell Dennis up so the solution and socialism is the federalization of the police to make police not local that week there answerable to themselves under the federal controlled, but they want to gain control and this is what is parties going on is an issue of control. I see it because it's the same thing. The cults do the cults work, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, even Roman Catholicism works this way to have control over its people were stability and safety is in the hands of the oligarchy. The powers that be above away from Christ. Okay so or critical care are beyond the lie.

Why literature at five.

Advice to Christians as this you pray for your own repentance before God and you pray for the repentance and your family and your church and society, and you pray for the people because repentance begins with the house of God.

God is allowing this plague of unrighteousness and oppression to occur in America because the church is largely failed to do his will to do and so I would also in this chart preparing do research on where you can invest gold, silver, or things like that you know that are basically inflation resistant and you will get some supplies and just prepare.

This is why Proverbs talks about being prepared storing up things is not conspiratorial. It's not reactionaries, not wacko.

It's just biblical and so I suggest people do that right and the like, just prepare that's all I'm for my work. I there are 40 care work. Oh yeah, I hereby on what our first strong give rise on Jesus. Okay hey Lauren from Salt Lake City started gives you a little awful long time 39 minute okay is that the Lord bless you all and by his grace. Folks back on their tomorrow. Hopefully by empowered by the Truth Network

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