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September 30, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 30, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are you familiar with Athey Creek Fellowship- My Bible study group has some concerns about their material.--2- Do you think this pandemic is manmade or of God---3- Is the verse -a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day-, literal- Is that how God views time---4- How do I deal with someone who says that you don't sin anymore if you're a Christian---5- What was the forbidden fruit in Genesis- Was it an actual fruit that you eat---6- If people were married in a nonChristian church, is that marriage still valid---7- Where do we see that sickness was a part of sin entering the world---8- What are the origins of godparents---9- When Adam and Eve ate the fruit but didn't die right away, what does that mean- Was it a spiritual death-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 match local real great a great weekend going to give me a call.

All you gotta do leak 772072276 all right and the changes he recommended time from doing homework would change their ego all right if it's good now.

All right we have for open lines watching the call 877-207-2276 until working frantically on the covert information and stuff least a couple of articles just now about one check amount to be working on the exemption qualification issues for a religious exemption stuff and also some some losses really slow going for me. I'm a good theologian I know stuff and I can I can just a quick versus I know stuff that'll do this for so long. For decades, will this stuff is different and reason I'm focusing on on covert is because I believe it's being used to oppress people and control them. And the reason that concerns me is because it ultimately will reflect on the freedom of Christian submittal preach the gospel. So that's the perspective of coming from witnesses one studying it, because I see similarities between the covert oppression leaks and those in the cults what they do to control people and people in line. Things like that. So there you go right here for open lines.

Once you give a call 877-207-2276 and if you're new to the show. This is called Matt slick like the match looks my real name or talk about the barbecue yesterday and people came over that lot. Even only because of the radio show here in area and one guy was saying yeah you know Matt slick and that was your real name and okay we got Chuck left out of that and stuff but to wait Matt slick and if you are not familiar with the website

I do suggest you check it out is at hundred 47 million visitors and there's a lot of information on their CAR M.O RG. Please check it out and love to hear from you to email us so we have people answering emails all the time. So if questions and comments are not covered in the website, you can contact us.

All right, having said all that was good to Steve from Salt Lake City. Steve welcome your on the air in a recent Bible study that we have is that you want to add their answer with some information from someone named Brett Nader at the Creek Fellowship and it seemed to raise some red flags among the people there somebody I've never heard of it and I wondered if there was anything you could tell me about that.

I don't know is the first I've heard of them, and some looking. I did a quick search found the website and doing right now, literally, is looking at the statement of faith. Three persons Trinitarian that's good is good salvation through Jesus alone.

Marriage institution marks maturing, faith, hope, love, I was inspired. Jesus is coming back it ill from that perspective, it looks okay so far but it does mean that they are. I mean if you have particular right then what you do is is you say Haywood with this group and and look at this place.

This is what he was, he said, or is it good or is it not good whatever and that sometimes will will contact this week and will take a look at. It's really good group you know and so that was a note is not so just event so I started out looking at the statement of faith in you you you seem to find it was fairly straight ahead.

It's not not a lengthy one, but it covers the basics and seemed okay and I wasn't quite sure why that was a red flag. I guess I will.

I will look at it earlier so yeah I can find out what their particular objection. One now, and second, as she thinks all the missing finance or staff. See Stacy to have any women pastors and elders and is awaiting operations coordinator and administration so you see women women's ministry director's potentially problematic women's ministry assistant or that might mean women's counseling is when there is good assistant and work test or just search see if they occur times okay so this live and editing if if pastors associated with the women and it is not so well so far no so okay okay so far not scary, but I will look further. The people that that raised the question.

You know what what do they know that I was not present at the time the legality she was a Kentucky you always asked for documentation because like Isaac was still here something and they think it's bad but it's not.

So we write a check amount or something. It is stated in such a general way that you know it's it's masking like an attitude about homosexual acceptance or something like that could, I don't think much of that going on here that seek to search for homosexual there and social question.

Yet just go over it all now, but is worth looking at the Mr. misinterpretation of the Bible teach that homosexuality see was he say okay I can find business anything in their particular but could. It's a an hour-long video you want to hold line to let you know for sure. Okay. I guess no news is good news and continue to look for that. That's right. That's what we would have to do to politically all right, all right, let's get to see Rod from Durham, North Carolina Rod, welcome around here favorite earlier at the beginning of the show about the covert and intermittent putting a strain on on church and people of the church to gobble because the separation do you feel that this pandemic is man-made or is it really God could build the house so if you are family with the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. His brothers sold him into slavery and you would end up saving a lot of people and in I and Genesis at 5020 he says. As for you, you minute evil against me, but God meant it for good. In order to bring about his present result.

So I thought. I believe that's how she and others funded the communist groups to do. Gain of function work on viruses as possible weapons that opinion and and you know we can't trust the Chinese communist atheistic government. They lie if they send spies in our country to steal information they steal stuff all the time and that I work with them at work with him is foolishness.

The Bible says don't be unequally yoked, and the government against exiting unequally yoked with this pagan ungodly group who will when you have the opportunity destroy us and other combining these here in America and everything so they're the ones who develop those. I believe it cannot will have on the grid. I do a lot of research.

I'm convinced that working from and so God certainly allow this to happen. God can certainly use it to wake the Christian church and literally. I was working on an article on how to stop the radio show and the art of Christianity, the church covert and oppression, and going through this. I talked about the Christian churches week and I quoted Scripture what Paul says the Lord Jesus says in things like this and maybe Ulrich release it to the outer no but the whole idea here is that we have to understand that we are in a spiritual battle and we Christians just cannot be idle as we know this can be idle. Brianne Gregor, it's is that we really did what all is going on. It is very much what it should do it bring up close to that date. You know, bring us closer to God and and and really lean on your own understanding, and build for you know minimize.

How about that whole ordeal be. I want to try to get some concrete and thought it yeah I graded and I'm trying to develop as many of reliable sources as possible and I've been working hard to do that and right because I'm a theologian and not a epidemiologist or doctor. My research is a lot slower because I have to triple check things and that's what I've been doing in silence, slow coming, but the, the, the issue is that I believe the enemy will never give up its attack on on the truth of God's revelation and it is my written since he cannot destroy the church.

You can weaken it from inside just as our nation has been weakened on the inside as well. We must stand for truth of God's word and not be afraid of the consequences.

We must not be afraid of death as a as we stand for righteousness because sometimes I Christians are more afraid of losing their job in the art of dying and going to be with Christ.

I can certainly understand because it's it's it's a terrifying thing in both areas, but we as Christians need to be willing to die for our faith as we stand for right address and Christians are not taught that with her taught in churches is the blonde haired like location server Jesus Tristan woman's nightgown coming to help you out and right instead of picking up the cross and falling after him. This is the problem I been talking about for years over the radio and will continue to talk with right right out it out again. The world that me why gain the world and loses old know that mentality I've been about midnight like that of bad with that of the log who does a lot of charges there that really teaching everything about salvation delight. He says that will we die what we have the show politically actually, I did try to get that fixed a good job all try to get that brand-new Mercedes of Bentley that night.

How long they feel all at the big meeting with you families.

It's okay to have those things will begin to be mindful and yet we be very careful and so I believe the enemy is using this and I also believe that because I look at the left to left to start or just there there evil that I say repeatedly that you… I Wi-Fi from their evil they lie there full of hypocrisy. The one big government there. Against the things of God that use Lord's name in vain that which is good is anything that is evil is good that he promote homosexuality, the killing of the unborn year that the Democratic Party is the party of slavery and KKK and secular function with its history, and they lie about their past put those things on other people. It's an evil that the left part of this is reported that he had. It was a break in my right leg there. They were out of time for this segment of what you may call 7707 mass Y call 77077 charismatic Orlando from High Point, North Carolina related to welcome you here yes I can as I can. I don't I'm doing all right hanging in there buddy. When he got all right. I got up at about nine no different time got time in mankind is different, so good one at one of the payment. I want to say it word said that on days like a thousand years. So if a day for guys a thousand years of main weekly got got got it figured out the time different between the spirit time and mankind.

No, it's not how you have anything to explain about that. It's way too vague. What you're saying and saying things that really just a clear so when it says at the end of days as a thousand years and thousand years as a day is to say that that's in a corresponding equality is the best I was going on. It just means that.

It's just want a dollar short. Time for us as a long period time for God and vice versa. It's almost like okay what what about José at two. What is it that they don't affect them on the second day you will revive the stomach. We will live with them in 2000 years later. Now I don't unawares me with a cot in a context don't take the word day six days a thousand years, and then wherever it says day you substitute a thousand years, and that's not what to do, is just speaking metaphorically, as is as God is not does not like to time. The same weekly vessels going on. All right, let's get to Ryan from Pennsylvania. Ryan welcome you on your about a couple weeks ago I called Rico and I accused you of being a liar. Dom got was an abuse of your gracious invitation for me to call every time our call anytime and it was inappropriate and I apologize my okay all right thank you very much right let's get to Anthony from Topeka, Kansas. Anthony welcome you here what are you doing that you check and then okay still there, yet I do check for naturalism. Here are okay okay I'll I rented a thousand video on YouTube of this guy named Mike. Mike G. Yeah, you but anyway there are number of things that I find that Christian is never over what you're really thing you will never think that this is all well. An errant but the Bible is not God, not you know where like in first John Barthel if we confess our thing or the conflict at fellowship never wanted at all. You can bet came back today that I'm blocking on about job yet this guy does not have all his possibility box.

He just released seriously.

No eye for this kind of stuff. This kind of idiot for its sinless perfectionism that you don't send anymore. What you become a Christian. If you do not really Christian and of course I can teach you can lose your salvation because your salvation depends on your goodness and so he's the one who's a false teacher.

It's just that something you yet he's he's backed that I I've debated people like this before encountered it before. They just don't know what you're doing and they don't let it sink critically the theology and there.

I know enough to be dangerous in people who don't know even less can be duped by them sinless perfection.) I think like you don't need.

While I know it is not been vaccinated, not for the coven thing, but against measles and chickenpox and stuff. The problem I was died from pneumonia once and they gave me some medicines to to to cure it.

In fact, I believe I actually believe that they have not given that family died. Pneumonia was dad and so you don't die, I would've died for my gallbladder which which died and was a was dying within me and they had to do emergency surgery 80% mortality if it fits ruptures inside of you and it ruptured while they were removing it.

I woke up next to you so you know I hate medicines and hostile desert going right so this guy saying that we don't.

The stuff is stupid. Okay so I go while they took care of it right. There you go directly you can distribute go directly to Christ, you got to pray to Mary early Saints were little priest is going to Jesus, that's before stroke. But what about that yet.

I don't know what he means by those things yet to ask questions at that point and I want to touch below things. Well, I've heard him all about the Bible or we have we have a translation is you don't have is probably good that I know will actually sacs are that the inspiration of the documents refers to the autographs of the originals.

And so we have a very very very very well-preserved copies of those inspired documents, but the copies do have textual variants not like millions of but there are variants and work might be spelled wrong or the words in Greek is a single O and so the little CAN flake off on a parchment or vellum, and English copy that O is missing the skull the omicron. The refreezing mark but it could be missing it will does that mean that it stated that the Bible is no longer trustworthy. Of course not. So this is why ferreting out those issues. It was need to be discussed to see if from sinistra to a degree. Okay, I there living right correctly is going to put an okay thing but yeah I know I'm not ignoring or get notes together and send request to us to do analysis I got blasé folks to open lines 8776 mass Y call 77077 charismatic/forget to check out the website and also I do some videos and once a week or once every other week been so busy lately on Petrie on going through a series deeply analyzing the doctrine of the Trinity.

You cannot check all that out Petrie on Google for Matt slick there and that's another way to help us out here as well wait in the Lord bless you. Let's get to see that would be Paul from we lost all original synergies being only a man that would've been a really interesting discussion will be listening was a call back if he does back up on their next all right, let's get to Carolyn from Thomas North Carolina. Carolyn welcome here are so we got there.

Well, I can hear you pretty well now okay will good okay now how that happens.

I like to talk to unbelievers of more than believers second witness to them and so Christians can hopefully learn a little bit more how to witness to unbelievers.

That's why do that now crave back again. No one knows just as little now I know what God does. But we don't know what it was an apple or orange or what okay.

Let me well. It is what makes you say to different type of fruit eat. I mean I can't comment you made it great here and you got affected out and I cannot believe again. Yeah reveal it to you so that he reveal this to you okay will okay and what did he reveal I you, but if it's God's feeling things you know it's it's worth checking out.

But if you don't want to say that's okay but I like collars on how well the fruit is not specified in the Scriptures is not specified. I like not trying not the fruit word, though, is the same one used in lots of the context there in in the Hebrew so that you don't just wait and hopefully will actively look for the word fruit is the same fruit there. It appears in Genesis 111 through the trees and the earth brought forth a very different fruit with seeds and the woman said the service and the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat the food. The middle garden goddesses shall not eat same word fruit there and all those cases I know he did this either by the fruit he deceived her by his words. He doubted the word of God. Everything that yes he could back you and caused her to look at what she felt was right and true, and morally correct to consider what God had Artie said because the Satan what he did was he cast out. Genesis 316 has not God really sent. You shall not eat from the tree and so heat the first thing the enemy of the gospel is is doubt the word of God in the Bible's only guy quickly translated whatever and so then you can believe anything okay so I had them out and about and lease in this instance it does here. Okay, but not all. I would say all doubt comes from Satan so you have anything else you want to say okay will thanks recall all right you okay they folks what you call 877-207-2276 Mark from Florida Mark welcome here. I met my question has to do with marriage is marriage a covenant established by God. Yes and if so if you're married and maybe I thought one of the apostate churches that you discuss on your show or no called is a legitimate and valid marriage. Marriage has different aspects to so there's a vertical aspect in the Christian context were a couple man and the woman.

The covenant with God is a vertical they covenant horizontally with the community. When I do marriages do have their are certain words that they repeat that they bind themselves to want to think is there to keep you to yourself and to each other.

That's excluding others outside the marriage covenant that is a covenant between a man, a woman with a promise to love and cherish each other, etc. so it doesn't have to be done in a church is what if you were to hypothetically do mission work on your own. Some tribe in the middle of nowhere and you are there for years. You learn the languages that another woman comes in and you to fall in love. You know, and you want to get married to get married right there is not a church in a in their ceremony but you know you're doing before God. It's a legitimate marriage so the state assets give us a sense off does not authenticate our marriage. God is the one who authenticate your marriage okay so if for example I'm in Kingdom Hall in general is what Paul and I say my vows.

God hears those and hold you and I don't even know. I don't if I'm Jehovah's Witness I don't actually believe in the correct God. For example, that's correct is correct.

So, because you made a covenant to each other right, it's a legitimate marriage situation in all what if male and female boating accidents in the ocean for days and days and the end of an island together and there's nobody around me. This is a weird situation right and both Christians lets us and they realized they think fall in love with each other whatever anyone to get married can get married right there by themselves. What you see why not. They could have a ceremony with a verbally before God commit to each other. Go through this process. I would say is legitimate marriage. The state does not authenticate our marriage.

The state doesn't have that right to say this is what a marriage really. Yes, it's God who states it in the issue of out of the covenant between each other is is reflective of the intra-Trinitarian communion with God. Covenant within the Trinity to redeem mankind, and this is a binding of himself by his own word, and so this is why a marriage is done by speech normally you people can't speak really do Hansen whatever but the ideas you are committing your word to each other and this is what binds you and is them before God for the Christians and normally in a marriage ceremony in any society it's done specifically with that male and female are united and they have certain rights within that marriage that excludes the community to have children with my wife, not a bunch of other women just one wife. One things like that to the exclusion of others. So when this is present it's marriage for Bailey that this mommy probably dumb question by the this is obviously preordained by God that correct is already preordained it. It is by joining together by God so it's unavoidable. There's a yes in the know their God does not want believers to marry unbelievers solicit Christian man marries Eric Ryan unbelieving wife is not what God is desired and we can say has he ordained it. Yes, ordination not by cause the coordination by permission. Some people, and they think that when we say God ordains it means he makes it happen. Not always. There's times when he directly or doing something by his causative hand but at times where he allows it to occur by his permission so he will allow unbeliever and American of believer to marry and thus suffer the consequences.

That is never really a mistake mistake made when you get married is that yes there are no economic mistakes. You can marry someone you should not marry a Christian minister pastor should not marry an atheist woman, for example, you should not do that to do that is a mistake and it's sinful and if he's disqualified from being a pastor this kind of thing got a guy near as I can very much as always they folks live 877-2777 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave Lexi Liska to Melinda from Utah Melinda welcome. I'm fine. I got 40 God about my guy talking about how that can't follow work that followed I mankind my quick question is because I was going back to that story and I like to be where say that technically the part of that. Romans 512 says that sin entered the world through Adam doesn't suggest people but the world okay so he's the representative of basically everything.

This is why we have hurricanes, plagues, floods, things like this. And so that's the source.

For that sin entered the world through one man, Adam, because he is the federal head represented mankind as well as the created order. Okay, so how do as part of the effect of the fall sickness effective sin in the world came and got God made things in the garden.

There was no sickness, no evil was nothing bad earthquakes and things and stuff plagues, and so winced when he entered the sin entered the world than the death and all the other things are recorded in the Scriptures after that. So we theologically say sin entered the world through Adam. Romans 51 and solstice us since for the development and so on, and died so that was going on. Okay then, make the okay in question number can't bring back the cool T-shirt will my wife wants me to wear shirts on the air.

And so I will.

I do like to wear you T-shirts be like to have a T-shirt Tuesday or something like that work right is where a cool T-shirt like Mick. 1984 fiction again like those on encouragement. Have a lovely I totally appreciate that.

Actually, that down God like you and thank you for what you do will praise God appreciate the rights okay will talk you later okay thank you all right, let's get to Orlando again and back on the air. Yes, it all okay you graduate. They goodbye would need to say at thousand year yeah right away. Did you know I don't have no no no no no no no else what you are doing with singling danger for is a thousand years. Now is not as hesitant as is days a thousand years a thousand years is just meta-sports poetry okay what about adding the day seven days a week right to make 2005 and 20 okay look so yes I have, have you heard right to turn the sound on talking back to radio signature net down behind you and does alright so well day. If you say one day as a thousand years. Every thousand years. You must also say is also just one day know what you don't know go back to the Lord is good about a lot of this can okay, alright, let's get to Dimitrios Richmond Virginia Dimitris welcome your near behavior ever go about doing this gets going it's going is airfare for Merck.

Would you go through and have a lot from the ministry I do question about about God. With one of the origin of God. Right go to Vanguard. The children I have no idea that's a good question when it originally. I don't know the question I have been asked that okay cool I got was what I wanted to go out what I wanted no matter no arms I looked a friend of mine. He was afraid of the white car door. Mark McArdle Christian days right and he asked me to be truth of God that did the whole dedication with the church in Google for the church and out of business because the oath but out sward that I would say raising this child you know in a Christian environment enough of the event count as far as me taking her old and although I really don't talk to the individual who are not obligated are you to be going that right even though you said so I control if you said yes I will do this. I agree to be in this position than you are obligated that you're just a yes or no. I know so you are what I would do is talk to them and that the say hey how's it going in and see if you can offer assistance in anything I can do for you know praying for you and if they say thank you. Appreciate that.

That's about it.

Well then you done your part in every now and then we feel led this, is checking on the five things going that that's it.

Nothing moving on in and change diapers and stuff okay right right. It is much older man was very creative to go seven years ago and not, haven't talked to God a while back… The mark. Good out that I should be reaching back out, that did make it out also do the minute you go talk about the degree talk about if you make about whereby very finicky. That's right by me going back is it is it it is a word is binding because it's your word and you know I like I said I have friends here and we hold that very seriously and we will carry out what we say we will do with with our friends each other like we have barbecue yesterday right and so so a couple committed to being here and then they they withdrew and they withdrew because there was a death in the family and they had to go to character that's fine you know they're not just saying hey I'll be there than they don't show up. There was no reason. That's breaking the word but you know you can be there. Okay, what we understand you don't help things happen in the deed. The idea the intention is you give your word, you have the intention of following through and that's the idea behind it in core circumstances can change things in if the child were to die.

Melvin you not obligated anymore stuff like that so but when you take it very seriously. What we commit to our great great track okay on time arrived like all right not, let okay alright let's try this for and Leslie McCauley at 77207276 Michael from Utah Michael, welcome Riemer think like all shared a quick question about the when the Lord and that they needed the job surely die.

They don't die right away that they die spiritually left before Nicole always wondered if that was connected to well you don't.

I actually wrote an article on this specifically on John Genesis 217 and four ended the day on in the phrase in the day is used by God in Genesis 217 and Satan.

In Genesis 35 and its does say that when Adam and Eve ate the fruit. Their eyes were opened to good and evil that happened right away and happened that very day.

So we go to Genesis 217 but from the tree. The knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for the day that you eat it you shall surely die, and they some theologians say will know he didn't, God will the Bible God says they would.

So they did. Now the question becomes what is the phrase in the day doesn't mean that day. 24 hours visit mean in the day that epic of time that long period of time. You'll begin to die because I think it's member correctly says in when you eat when you eat that in the dying. You will die and I think is what it says it could be very long. That very day could be both, and so this is one of the verses of a deal with a lot of contexts for discussion with applicant notes that that go along with that thing you must be born again what the virtual data era will not stand at the beginning of the end credit thing at the earth when they sin sin rings death. Romans 623 now the death of two kinds of death as spiritual and physical spiritual death is only the fear physical death were not supposed to fear and with understanding that sin separates us from God is a 39 two so that they that you eat of it you will die. What's the death that God was talking about separation from him. That's the ultimate thing we do is, as Christians, and likewise people just generically we look at physical death as the main thing, not the spiritual death.

That's not the way God did. So I believe that it's a spiritual death that was going on. You have spiritually had their you've died and physical death is simply the manifestation of spiritual death. So I've done it works out why we need to be born again. That will ultimately yet is that make them yes ultimately we need to be born again, but Genesis 217 specifically is not, but not being born again is about dying from eating at that fruit in disobeying God and in sin did they die that day.

Yes they did. It was a spiritual death in the physical death was simply a later manifestation of the other spiritual death. Okay there. There covered with got sacrificed animal.

Yes, that's correct is a foreshadowing of the cross. Amen. They died and they were covered by the blood of an animal, pointing to Christ.

That's right, you made atonement for their stand for that was the model going forward last Noah took the extra animal sacrifice probably. That's why King bites was not acceptable able right because Cain was offering something of the works of his own hand where the other one was a blood sacrifice. Okay so okay why would you that it you know first witness like going back to the rich and our need to be born again. Is that still a valid will you I what I would do is basically to start with the law time call back tomorrow, the law, the gospel, because God will the folks we are out of time.

Obviously, all my God you then, powered by the Truth Network

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