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September 30, 2021 4:00 am

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September 30, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt asks for prayer for Christians in Nigeria.--2- Is it ever true when someone says -God told me---3- Do you think America will have any role in end times---4- Do you have a problem with immigrants coming to America---5- How did you come to the continuationist view---6- A caller wanted to debate biblical inerrancy.--7- Was the Sabbath changed from a lunar to a solar calendar-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps. What why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 show well. All we need your cultural cubicle 87720722765 open lines wide open right now. Winter meeting today. We have a karmic meeting ministry meeting each Friday we have a guy from Columbia guy from Brazil and we have two guys from Africa, one in Malawi. Another one in Nigeria and the reason I bring this up is because the discussion with the guy not in Nigeria was. It was interesting.

He's talking unreasonably this up as a way to pray for him and for the Christians in Nigeria, Muslims are going through and on their killing Christians going into churches and just killing them to block the morning on motorcycles with AK-47s going into villages, merchants, and just: and he says some people just don't know how bad it is there and so I wrote an article a while back. What Christians can do is for self-defense goes and I really prayed through with.

I really dug in the Scriptures talks to people about it. Talk to an expert about it, and the conclusion I came to is that Christians have the right of self-defense, not the obligation, they are free to defend themselves with weapons if necessary at a level that is so equal to whatever is necessary to stop the aggression. The Christians don't have the right of revanche, and the article that I wrote is been passed out now. Thousands and thousands of times in Nigeria.

Apparently it's being reproduced and disseminated all over the place and now Christians are forming groups to defend themselves and they are. This is really a serious issue so just remember that the Christians in Nigeria and remember the Muslims to who are the service of the evil one, and who think they're serving their false god Allah, who in the carotid talks about answering line about killing unbelievers of the infidels and so there you have belief of justification of murder because of their false God and so pray for their salvation as well. We definitely need to be lifting them up and if you want to you're interested in the statistics on his Muslim based killings.

You can go to a website called the religion of peace.

I believe it's dots or eliciting the religion of and it lists a lot of the attacks and people killed is even list all of them because her to so many old world so it only does it again. Islam is an evil religion and I told you plan on a regular basis. The Quran is as evil. Mohammed was a an evil guy and when you hear radical Muslims know it's not radical there. If you follow the Koran and the hadith so do Christians have the right of self-defense if they do and so they're defending themselves now about that and if you pray, but that serious issue, the Christians, the deliverance and Muslims need to be saved, so hopefully they can preach the gospel as well so I guess just a little bit about FYI let's get to Alberta from Georgia, Alberto, welcome your money evening all, how is it that we thought it was from the head, your head, but the joke. I don't like what I've been doing a pack when it looked like a kid going and then you are a single guy going up to automatically push the women I knew… Responsibility placating when it is a nude woman followed 1/4 problem, pick up the issues that I will hold on the second I don't know what you're getting. I don't know what your question really is my question a white rapper. To do that it will be award-winning about baggage an issue as well. But what… What if we cannot think about any kind of violent that God will know that you when people say God told me your good whatever you just basically it's it's it's very rare to God ever really speaks these people.

I have two instances in my entire life where I believe the Lord actually spoke into my heart about two different things and just to in 41 years, but you know is my fellowship and some other stuff. But here's the thing people say that kind of stuff. It has been confirmed by others.

If he says the Lord told me that you're supposed to care this woman.

They will then said while waving to the Lord tells me that to and become the truth of something is confirmed by two witnesses. Not one. And so you can just use that one. But I we don't know the situation as a divorces things like that but do you know if you go to church. The church secure the widows and things like that so that they should just depends what extent different circumstances, how to cope with angle automatic update that while you was the one they would. I want you there. When I got divorce with Ted what why would look different than anything to make a good warm all year like it was like solder between between you and God. If your you think the Lord is calling you do something like that then is between you and God over long period of time, but the pastor should be up there saying, the Lord told me that your through this, that they should false the calculated on the dock to push on a five minute know I think that only one know if they that there get beat their banking account on the cloud, but the game when you go to church put your shirt on backwards and wear your shoes on the wrong feet and then twitch every 30 seconds to stay away from you at the glistening were just twitch every 30 seconds and that we should backwards and that the worry. You know all of a sudden you be fine okay. All right. Thank you.

Okay, let's all right pay with utilizing a call 877-207-2276 Scott from Utah Scott welcome are on the year. I think Michael got a question about your opinion about your darn thing what what role America will play an all you think the Antichrist would come out about prosperous nation like were falling pretty fast real quick so I don't know how much longer will be prosperous we got your opinion on that.

Well I don't know that if I said I cannot be the United States but the United States is a kind of Antichrist you will be shocked to hear it, but it's the truth with the promise.

The promotion of homosexuality, abortion, what is truth. The lies are presented with the media lies percent of our government.

We are not a Gothic nation and there's a very small percentage of people are action Christians. So is God's judgment coming absolutely haply that was happening in our country to these days is because the Christians are not on the job is on the topic and that the judgment of God is slowly moving Christians are praying and so is that I believe will be picked. It will be a guided dissent of the next two years as the government seeks to gain more and more control and then it'll move into the oppression of Christians specifically and I believe this can happen. So what's the role of the United States. In the end times. I do believe the Bible tells us.

Except, generally speaking, that all the nations began against Israel. So United States is going to go into a full-blown theological apostasy as a representative government, not the Christians inside the government and the population still hold to supporting Israel. The one that does happen… A sign of the degradation of our country and so I believe that you can go bad. And inflation is good skyrockets and I know kind of stuff. Believe things you get that. Thank you to God bless. All right yeah I know not very good hunt with. The thing is the reason I believe this is because I study the Scriptures study the Scriptures a lot and with the Scriptures tell me is that in the end times. Let's only get to ask signs of the times I would an article about this on, visually, quickly, for rejected other callers. If you when you call 877-207-2276 I this article on what are some of the signs of the end times.

So I would and did little for the Scriptures to see well you all the references because they're there on the article.

The presence of false Christ's and false prophets, or persecution of the faithful apostasy lawlessness will increase in level group called earthquakes, famine, plagues, increase in selfishness increase in lovers of self, of self, money and pleasure, arrogant, disobedient, ungrateful, unholy, haters of good, which is August considered appearing to be godly, but are not. Let's a lot of hip hypocrisy going on there mocking of Christ that happens all the time. Increase in knowledge rise of spiritism decay of marriage. False teaching the gospel will be priests of the whole world to be signs in the heavens will be dark in the Senate something will turn Skype use and destruction of the earth and its resources. All the nations of the earth together against Israel rebuilding the Temple arrival of Antichrist enforcement of the mark of the beast pendants of Israel and the Jews come to faith in Christ. Now those are the things are coming. The reason that we have three forms of government.

Three branches of government's is because the Calvinist Christian were Puritans before this country was founded with the Constitution, the people asked the ministers in New England before the states reforms and all that asked them to develop a biblical form of government, and they did an article on that form of government and its representatives and we have right of self-defense, godly leaders are supposed to be in place of the reason or three branches of government is because they understood the depravity of man, the depravity of man means that he's touched by sin in all areas of what he is. So the three branches where there is a balance against the depravity of man, but the wickedness of man finds ways to circumvent that and so we have the wickedness.

I believe the love this vote of the Democratic Party's a wicked party.

I don't think the Republican Party is too far behind Republican Party.

The Democrat party is the party of slavery in the KKK and Jim Crow laws.

It's all history. Historically documented and they're the ones were trying to make everything one party system.

So what can happen in this is worse.

Call 7207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave as they can't legally come into our country all right breaking the law. Citizens have certain rights if they want to commend the country than the legally problem with coming in and having immigrants do it legally and what our government is doing is illegal itself violation of the law office so our government is purposely breaking its own laws in order to invite these people in that a violation of the of federal law and they are tying the hands of people in order to enforce who want to enforce laws. We cannot trust the government who willingly breaks its own laws and you can't. All right, let's get to see this would be Eli from Tennessee Eli welcome you on the map from the color of the question regarding the thick and anyway sure about with them on and you are anyway though. I want to hear that your aunt Flo is not an argument for you. I can really beat theology for a lot of good apologetic sure there's three main things. One is first Corinthians 17 and this is so you are not lacking any gift in the word gift is Clarice Muncy charismatic you're not lacking any gift, waiting eagerly the revelation of our Lord Jesus sore not to lack any charismatic gift while waiting for the return of Christ.

It's set up right there and also to get into 13. Eight love never fails, etc. verse nine. For if we know we we know in part, we prophesy in part.

When the perfect comes a partial shall be the way normal people say when the sensation is also the perfect means of completion of the Bible.

Well, that's that. They say, but this makes sense because it goes on to say for now we see in it a mirror dimly, but then that meant me for the perfect comps then I will see face to face. If you do research on the term face-to-face. It always means an encounter doesn't mean some something happens means a personal encounter with as I know in part that I will be known and to be known by Christ major saved and to be known.

In that sense and I need all the references but to be known. In that sense it deals with that issue is of encounter. So it doesn't make sense to say that when the perfect comes, it's the Bible has to do with the return of Christ for marking the first Corinthians 14 just doing exercise and just think in terms of sensationalism, and you can print up with his 14% instead of 12 and 14 in Romans 12, you can put them all up and you can take a pen or pencil and cross out the Scriptures that are no longer in effect. If sensationalism is true pursue a love that good disbursement is working one yet earnestly desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy up sorry can't work charismatic gift cross that out, especially when he speaks it to a cross that out to and so you keep doing this you be surprised at how much has to be crossed out in this process.

So here's my question.

What new test work with present church doctrine within Christianity is taught that invalidates large portions of Scripture of the New Testament it sensationalism is furthermore I don't use this as proof of anything as is not a story I heard.

This is something I did is not hearsay. I remember very clearly one time taking the girls home from Bible study and we stop by my apartment to write a book and why we are talking. She said she was going to go into week. She's good to go to Australia. I just out of nowhere I just said you're not going to stay you can meet a guy in five months he's gonna become your spiritual mentor, a leader in 18 months, you're going to have a special bond with him and you're going to do missionary work together and I remember it very clearly and I remember what happened. Remember his new this happened another time to put his new and I remember surprised that I had that when I stop saying what I just say, but I knew it was true. Lisa believed it was turned out she was very upset about that. I got called in the pastor's office. Would you say to her it settled sheep. Two weeks later went to Australia but she got off the plane and she said she realized she wasn't supposed to be there. She got back on the same plane and flew back five months later, she met a guy. He became her spiritual mentor 18 months to get married and they went to England on mission work together and she told me, prophesy came to pass. Now unless this proof but for the sensationalist site site can explain it. Explain you, not hearsay. A load of parent happening right get that name like perform certain late the day that while the reformed churches and on reforms but the reformed churches tend to sit in their really nice chairs and point when was he reformed churches not evangelizing. I don't see the reformed churches seeking the spiritual gifts that are commanded to prescript his 14 and I think of problems. There and so I lost my pastor over this issue, some quite familiar with the issue. Okay, they just scrape return all the stuff they said sorry to start position and so let me see if I have it here a minute, try something.

Try to get my site Calvinist corner back up and running is taking a bit of work in excess only thing to do, but all how connected and work and I do have okay there's a book you can get called Scott's worthies and what it is is documentation from the presbyterian divines of the presbyterian divines like John Knox, George Richard John clinic and where they moved mightily in the charismatic gifts if documented in these guys would hear things and there was some strange stuff going on in in a good way and so if you want I can reckon of regional couple a few the quotes from that book and it's it's interesting that concern called Scott's worthies okay and me opening this up. Okay here we go let's see Robert Fleming okay Robert Fleming.

He died in 1694 and he said he does what he wrote on page 7 points document five, page 570 8560 he wrote about the strange and extraordinary impressions. I had dividend of an audible voice in the church at night when being a child, I got the pulpit calling me to make haste. When we get back to someone they focus please hold on right back after these messages the man's Y call 77077 charismatic sling back everybody alright so you got some stories about this kind of stuff is really quickly quite interesting story so anyway let's see Robert Fleming because reading the strange and extraordinary impression I had of an audible voice the extraordinary dream and marvelous vision I had twice repeated with inexpressible joy of the same agreement to say where I got express warning as to my wife's removal.

She's gonna die those great and signal confirmations give me at my wife's death. See John Knox will go to him next. Last George Wishard. He died in 1546%.

The plague being now considerably abated. He determined to pay a visit to the town of Montrose. He received a letter directed to him from an intimate friend of Leonard Kinnear acquainting him that he had taken a sudden sickness requested him to come to him with all diligence upon this he immediately set out on his journey aided by some friends. They had not traveled above 1/4 of a mile when all of a sudden he stopped saying to the company. I am forbidden by God to go this journey, whereupon he returned to the town and they who went forward to the place found about 60 horsemen ready to intercept him. They found that the letter had been forged to ghetto is called the knowledge this is John Knox and he prophesied to read all of it, but he prophesied the death of someone you foretold both the manner of the surrender, the deliverance from the French galleys. He thus addressed himself to her Queen Mary husband.Donnelly, the Lord shall strike both head and tail him and her and that it had and that they would be cast out over the wall of the castle is exactly what happened. This John Knox and I do not know who he is and these others. These guys are called the presbyterian divines. There are stories of these guys one guy for example said I'm going to go down to the garden and and spend time with the Lord and witnesses said that they would see another person walking with him in the garden in the sky would pray, six, eight hours a day. We do with this stuff behind.

I am so hard-core five pointer, but I'll tell you I think that the reformed camp misses this. Now you can get some surprised by the spirit by which that guy's name on the way. You don't surprised by the spirit. I read the book a long time ago and it's by Kim on almost there is his name any rate it so that he's back was with.

I will. Ginger yes and there's others where they are reformed and they document movements of the spirit so you expected and I don't believe it's all the student enough stuff to go to church, nurse Paul speaking in tongues all at once at that. That's bunk is not house was out of order. I would do the can they continue. Of course they can so God is not restricted by our cessation is hybrid. It ended to call back with a lot more aggregated, but God bless. Okay, let's get to that dentist from Ohio we lost was good to.

Let's see, that would be Craig from Kentucky.

A great welcome you are on the year and not think you off shot as a question about okay hot you look at Fort if you look at first can fix one when it talks about involvement or you think there is rain filled the temple, and that beating the marks of having been out of the doll for 480 years, and then he moved to Exodus 111 work speak the echo of bread and getting it Randy Blanco stopped 12 by the very early date of 1297 and it data for two 5053 year discrepancy of how he reconciled up line and hang in there before I would have you to all I would have to study. I have decided so can't comment on the I did look at your article.

There was the figure that out there that write that thought so are you a Christian. Okay, I am deeply honored silica. I do not believe not. So you believe that the Bible written in this original flight and mistakes in yeah and so what does it mean for the Scriptures to be inspired. Do you have any idea to be godly, but no way I know what the book that I think is not an athletic about this. Asked if we knew what it was. So if it's God breathed, can God breathed into people errors in.

I don't think so that it was all the Scriptures if descriptors are God breathed. How could they be inherent or with error in the rituals when you and I get that begging the question because I'm asking about inherent and I know I told Andra of inerrant, I told you that I haven't studied this, I can't comment on it. I can study it so that's the hot but now I'm asking you from your own conclusions your own basis. I'm asking you questions and showing you your own inconsistency. If you say that the Scriptures are inspired and that they are inerrant, at least in the originals because that's how would hats need to be inspired. Why would you say the Bible is not inspired or not inerrant. No, I don't believe the autograph ordering their segment of Scripture without great was you don't believe it was McBride reason, or you do not also is not okay. Then it was any of its inspired what just curious when you hear similar to the same way that I would think without a king is inspired in part as a whole. Dave, do you believe Jesus is God in flesh. It did you delete was crucified across from the dead spiritually rose up on okay so the Bible says he rose bodily and so who are you to judge what the writers gave us and said he didn't rise from the dead physically when they the eyewitnesses is a dead were you to do that. But what think that making a lot of lot of different I had to do that for an errant okay so you are not a creator nondrinker date to Craig and United later not know you're not a Christian.

I'm telling you flat out. You deny the physical resurrection first 2015 1417 if Christ be not raise her faith is in vain and John 219 to 21 Jesus says that this was temple three days I will raise up so if you deny the physical resurrection of Christ. You're not a Christian, your files, convert, that you're misinforming you that another question.

Sure you can okay the question behind the store.

I get what I'm trying to establish that the question whether or not God is acting as a moral being like the question is if this is correct? Sure.

My question is if you have a right just and moral of an earthly king who asked you with complete dominion. Absolute monarch and you are subject and ESQ for whatever reason, register not to go with the next village and murder and would you do that know why but yeah, because that's what God commanded first finger 15 three when command the Israelites to go kill that malachite every night more missile behind the mask you got at the ask a question was God wrong for doing no mess. My child I pray great weight Craig Craig Craig what's moral standard. Do you have that universally applicable to which God himself must obey and submit when you get this moral stand. I think were going back to the top, Craig Derek. My Dragon trying to Craig. Craig Craig with a quiver and Craig you brought up the moral issue of God atheist do this all the time. I speak like an atheist Psalm and ask you where you get your moral standard. You said that God is wrong for doing this which we hadn't got into the moral issue of what other issue is asking where you are standard from where you got it from my question to you wouldn't do it for an earthly king. What would make you think this right is correct.

God, because God because when all people who live according the Scriptures have sinned against God, and have inherited original sin and therefore worthy of being executed. God has the right to execute people and it would never be considered murder, so your implication that he would murder people is simply wrong. You don't understand the issues at hand. Some then this going right straight to the heart of the issue that the break you financially tell me where you get your morals and to all people. God self by which you can then stand on your self-righteous from tell me what that answer is no money here and be right back folks after these messages that I call 77077 charismatic slave act of the show crackers. There I note for King 611 after question the main complaint. Write it down can write an article on the main complaint is prescriptive 61. What's the issue that that the date is wrong.

Not enough time. You what year are you using is the official date one assuming that Bowman's room wasn't somewhere around nine of the popular okay getting research on this.

I just did some research on the break is quite a lengthy article get on it so you know the different data proposed. Oh yeah, I'm typically wondering about how lame is with the 30 mentioned that this 111 Wayne Ramsey the first, which was most likely rented the thickets of the prolific, the rent is the first early thinking of his reign. 12 9750 K gads one 8970 you get your work for about 150 year discrepancy giving the most favorable favorable possible to enter some of your interest or some very good evidence that those dates are off… Nancy's person there is a lot of evidence I've seen videos on it and or some other theories are coming out so I just know the be wary of that now. So you have an answer my question. When a standard you have, that's that universally applicable certain what looked like the one at your question that I found it like a knife, not the bullet that dominated not a Christian values hi okay I am a Christian but not by the point I don't claim. Claim your Christian leaders deny the physical resurrection of Christ, that is a damnable heresy okay and and so you deny that you cannot be a Christian you think you are but you're not coming out so your question but I was looking for an absolute moral standard upon which to the final truth or isometric knowledge looking at about what I could say, given the inconsistency that you get gave between your approach to a godly king asking you to kill and give Jessica next did you think on that stupid really, you think I have monastic on a question before from atheists of the past few decades. I know exactly what you're doing but you don't listen. The issue is not an unrighteous king is God is not a human king. We don't sin against the king. We sin against God. The different categories. One is the divine being, and one is not what is the ubiquitous moral lawgiver against whom all people have sinned and fall under his judgment is not the case with the king you don't understand the criticism you giving it's basically a category mistake the misrepresentations a lot of problems, but I don't know about this kind of stuff you never thought about this one now. It starts where you're more alignment where your moral wants your money thing. What I'm typically arguing is that if you would judge a king and being unrighteous forgiving the order murder. It could wear your moral standard where you will start but the conductive God, the Bible. Where is the active children were John standard, you could say you don't like limitation it because I don't like it when you don't have the right to say it's wrong you are, what you're doing is you're saying you have the privilege of a universal moral standard by which you can say that over there is wrong where did you get off the list this year exactly like an atheist in this atheist say they have just know what morality is and they just they are able to tell you what is right and wrong really.

Apart from the universal God how to develop a universal moral absolute by which you can make these judgments. Please tell me I'm just trying to figure out if the Bible is an absolute moral authority given the fact that I have a request to collect unrighteous I asked you. I already addressed that it could be applied if a large rag on Craig. I already addressed that. It's a different situation different credit and United climate air cracking that had Greg is not an ad hominem with category error only you don't harvest more and more, always ad hoc okay look where is your moral standard you saying it's wrong where you get this that it's wrong. The Bible's own internal reality, not Bibles enough in a concise and see all of the Craig Craig and Greg Bible says all people are guilty before God and all people are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 that all people have inherited that sinful a proclamation from Adam. Romans 519.

Therefore, all people infants included are under the judgment of God. He has the right to execute them, which should be according to the law and therefore would always be moral judicially proper if you were to execute that nothing but his mercy allows people to continue on living now. That's what the Bible says, where is your moral standard you can't use the Bible because you don't understand the Bible you don't believe that the Bible really says you don't call it an errant you are just picking and choosing what you want now where do you get your moral standard from again were talking about your moral standard and I just told I wanted to get you broke with God: dilemma right there.

Are you serious you actually bring you through dilemma for real because it wait a minute.

Hold on the main crank that youthful dilemma is not a true dichotomy. Are you aware of that. That's exactly what I'm pointing out that it be an error is the third option. It's the start crying.

What's the third option for the youthful dilemma.

Like time she's your even know look okay the youth. The third, the option is that morality is derived out of the very essence nature God's characters. Nothing external to him, to which he must submit and it's not an arbitrary thing that he just kinda randomly says the third thing is that he's just revealing the character and this is why he is that the morals are what they are. So that's the so I believe you even know what 1/3 option… Even know Craig Craig tell me what your universal standard is are you coming with me with what you get that on the third option, but what I'm saying I would your sanity is the Bible conceptualization of God. It really got.tell me the Bible that God is his only coming plan is you don't know what it is quick and easy turtle in the end you don't want it to the crank of accident crap no more tread gradually what you would think is cracking like this are not asking you or you and how to not judge you got anything Craig Craig like a woman take this and that the women I just had to put them on hold. The guy is in a corner. This is what typically happens with people who don't understand the real issues and are exposed thing to start to talk and dominate in order to not have to face the issues don't notice that I've asked him specifically several times to give me a universal standard by which you can make moral judgments. He can't do it. This is what I asked atheist to do.

Also, they can't do that either. They like to sit there in judgment of God and say this is what it is when they go to the internal critique of the Scriptures. I simply give them the answers show them about federal headship of the relationship. The Adamic representation. How were all guilty in Adam frequent is 5022, Romans 518 and I can show them that God then has the right to execute judgment. There's no internal inconsistency.

Once I show them that what they then do is back up further carsick and swings in the darkness you're trying to make themselves look good, usually in front of a bunch of people because they can't argue the way out of whatever bag Craig before we go, what is the universal moral standard that you have by which you judge God once again my question was okay. So to move on, let's get to Dave from Kansas City. Dave welcome you on the air. I don't think that if you can, all you do is think a little bit more logically got my bus. I know this is dependence on putting on my T-shirt make night in the ortho clinic should have a time where my teeth before teacher day where all work the same day or about read John I've read John Fremont used on American comment, but that might might might die in on when the thought is that right now because it's very complex and you know he is my professor in a seminary really yeah house. Oh yeah but you celebs like meeting Moses that you like reading about how when I lie love John Frank, I love God frames. Thanking you in on I'm still in town on the fence about that, but that's the thing in on 11 1689 that is good yeah, but that Sabbath thing is where I'm at.

Here's the issue we got a couple minutes okay yet really you a liquid. Gently, that if the Sabbath was changed. This not land with stakes advocate, lunar calendar to a silica night wasn't and so the Sabbath is still reduced Sabbath that artificial lending it's officially still Saturday but the Lord's day has become our Sabbath because the Lord stated as a resurrected. The early church wrecked on the Lord sleeplessness in Scripture – Ms. 62 and stuff but I don't that we needed from Saturday night to Sunday night. No, because there was the Roman time there was a Jewish time and were no longer under the law.

Roman 74 so we don't that were not obligated to follow any particular time of Sabbath Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ by being in Israel. Yes okay within that violates what John frames Johnson that that the Sabbath is still Done Lord's day wealth united call up John and ask him, but always have more ahead of ourselves. Yeah yeah right now we don't think I say this is you, I don't know to represent the person properly accusing anything that is just like you know what is inside not always contact yeah well I look at his confessions on on the fourth amendment does go into my step.

Will the reformed camp is usually pretty cemetery and that we are free from the obligations of that law, having died with Christ. Romans six, six and eight been crucified with him again and and we got for free from the law, from 74 so we can worship on any day is Romans 14 five says one man regards one day above another 900 got everything you likely spent people to convince his own mind so I'm I'm sure that John is quite aware of all of that and has a way of working. He sees a smart will will unpack it later because the jury so that that we have now stare you are correct, it is you like John Frank, 92, I was typing I love you. I think I love the way thanks buddies convicted me that I am not in the position to challenge him but yet will if you can find an address to him and you write him, he response. He's brilliant writer and I would recommend oh yeah oh you wait 88 yet you and Amber like it or look at Sunday enemy of thank. What I do know about that my wife wouldn't agree with you, but with you smart.

Thank you got a focus for the Lord bless you is great on Monday. I hope y'all have a great weekend unless powered by the Truth Network

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