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September 29, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 29, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do the two natures of Christ work---2- How orthodox is postmil---3- What do you think about UFOs---4- Do you think the nephilim are still breeding with humans---5- A caller from a previous show wanted to continue the discussion of what it means to take the Lord's name in vain.--6- Is it ok to self pleasure---7- Are there lost books of the Bible---8- Is Matthew 4-28 a verse against masterbation---9- Have you heard of the book Plague of Corruption---10- I feel like I am better spiritually fed online than in a local church. What should I do-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y branches called to respond to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick walking the show me Matt slick is electric. While I work with a look at what you recall all you have to do is garlic. 772072276 we have flawlessly.

We have five lines wide open to what you recall and we can blab. We talk about so kind to stop your show lately long uncoated and we talk theology of an ordained minister and a Christian apologist who runs is had 147 I think it is only visitors so if you want to check out good theology issues there you go check it out because so would you Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses so Christian science unity behind Islam and Catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy.

We talk about Christian theology, atheism, evolution all kinds of topics and the reason is because all things are under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and so we as Christians are obligated to bill to give an answer to anyone who would ask first Peter 315. And that's the goal is to equip Christians in Corinth is that attempt to provide Christians with some of the information that they need in order to defend the Christian faith and give a reason for the hope that lies within the for the Scriptures. First Peter 315 therefore logically you may call 877-207-2276. If you're interested in checking out the covert stuff. Just go to COV ID and I do find some information I released some articles yesterday huge research project. There are now going through anecdotal evidence of five sicknesses and some other things and opinion section. Also on the covert area of the writings of Morgan I think is happening with this covert plan endemic will talk about that. Let's get to Michael from Raleigh, North Carolina Michael, welcome your on here questionnaire. I don't see the amen Angel gave Mary named when he would complete the questionnaire gave the Christ with Jesus the man part and Christ give God know Jesus is the name of the person that we call Jesus. Jesus has two distinct natures divine and human Mrs. Colossians chapter 2 verse nine talks about the pendulum so in him dwells all the fullness of deity in bodily form so the person of Jesus Christ came into existence. 2000 years ago the divine nature. The second verse of the Trinity. The word emptied himself as with clippings to five through eight says, and became one of us was united with the human nature made on the log license for for support Jesus as a person, one person with two distinct natures came into existence.

2000 years ago, but the divine nature, as always existed. It's the union that came into existence. 2000 years ago. We call him Jesus is another doctrine called the communication of the properties which means that the attributes of both natures divine and human are ascribed to the single person of Christ.

So Jesus says I am hungry I am thirsty as human and I will be with you always, even to the end of your thoughts divine so the one person claimed the attributes of both natures so Jesus is simply the name Jesus in Greek Jesus. That's the name of this person and that's it. Christ just means anointed one Messiah so that means Jesus the Christ.

Okay. All right going on the questions goblet that that okay my God bless. All right, that was Michael from Raleigh, North Carolina joining the call.

All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Eric Portland, Oregon. Eric welcome a good chat with you. Appreciate what you do when you got my gifts couple couple questions for you so I have run into a lot of what seems to be increasing in popularity of the atomic direction post-colonialism, and so there's a couple churches out there that are attracting followers right now but Doug will search for instance I know Idaho out there and I wanted to get your input on. So this morning as far as how orthodoxy truly is. I mean, I would certainly never state that a believer in Christ with heresy.

Of course not.

But, I think it does lend itself to certain issues and that is curious what your thoughts are on the kind of neocolonialism that specifically looked like that beyond me that the reconstruction of them will the other three major views of pre-mill on milk toast. Now post-millennialism in my opinion is simply positive on the limitless. It's not.

I I hold to a negative for pessimistic, when you listen I called depressed college. He because I teach that I think your only get worse and I have my reasons for that riposte mill would sink to the gradual preaching of the gospel that it will usher in which the world converted the will usher in the presence of Christ the King of Christ regular call and so along with that as the gospel increases its economy will increase the chaos of God now much lost the law of God, where the worldly converted to use with economic teaching and practice, and so to a point that means is that the beat Old Testament and New Testament based laws that will be passed in all of our countries of the countries the world of the majority of them and that the earth will become a Christianized government system and I find no evidence for that in Scripture that is my opinion I say that those who hold the post milk are stupid and not sing at all for intelligent that I just don't see it in my opinion, I don't see the Scripture that you do a piece on it and would examine more yeah the thing that I don't see it either and I really do think that there are certain that can arise from it because I think that it makes people ill prepared for some of things we expect to see scripturally speaking, and I also see emphasis that there to almost minimize the biblical gospel on kind of preach salvation starting on Gray's right near York affected her life. Keeping my the federal vision. For example, federal vision seems that that abdicate their rent for two types of justification, things like that. Like you, does stiff sneaky likes legally on heretical, but I don't want to yell over junction and paint the broadbrush event.

I think people individually.

Michael writes yeah it is.

You know it is coming up and it's on the increase. Like you sent along with some annihilation is in the you distinct and increasing now. I've looked at the Scriptures and I just don't see post milk I mean Jesus is to flee to the hills. If no info on these days. Be not cut short, no flesh would be saved. We need to the things that Jesus says, and Mike.

My opinion is in Genesis 217 when the Lord spoke to at Tatum and said in the day that you eat of this you will die. I know you speaking directly to Adam, but I believe that he was addressing all of mankind of the wages of sin is death.

Romans 623 and four.

From what I see from Scripture is just get worse and worse and worse arrival of Antichrist.

The increase in lawlessness. This is what is prophesied, I don't see this is culminating in a wonderful time. I just don't see it and I think that pretrip rapture is so dangerous. Theologically, because I think it softens people and causes them to or contributes to the idea of them not hard to change our country and our culture now, and a post-millennialism doesn't have that problem but I just think it misses a lot of Scriptures and the warnings that are associated with end times prophecy. So is my opinion right now. I prepare a lot. Curious to see what your thoughts were there. Thank you.

From a bless Eric a bless thanks all right, that was so importantly for the minded you want to give me a call 87722764 lines to make always get to and from Raleigh North Carolina and welcome running or hello you are on the here okay there. Yes, I hear you, dear me hello and I'm talking so sometimes you will have problems with their lines and stuff like that.

Can you hear me and maybe hello okay I click the right buttons so I guess you can't hear me shall have to call back and have okay one more time, are you there okay alright I will talk you will just so happens I have done a lot of study in UFOs over several decades and the not written on it, but a lot of people don't understand don't know this, that this the UFOs teach theology and theology alien, so to speak, teach theology the theology is a Jesus is not God. We are all divine reincarnation is true and there are many accounts of people who have been abducted that when they cry out to Jesus.

The abductions immediately stop. No Christian is gets real living clinic. They continue okay now to tell you more stuff okay and so no Christians get abducted and there's only one document one document account of the woman being abducted and that when she had to get permission and she can't crush it in and now are there actual physical objects. It certainly looks like that the there are many many accounts of all of the world of physical objects being detected, touched by people seen through telescopes binoculars with the naked eye detected on radar heat signatures, various things so something is going on question is what are they well the odds of life for me my chance in the universe is basically functionally zero so I just I would absolutely reject the Drake equation.

I think it's a miss completeness, or presentation of of the mathematical reality of of the impossibility by Victor abiogenesis, so I don't believe that these things out there are a real aliens.

I suspect that what they are some sort of demonic manifestation and so we got a break him enough that your little hard to understand so is not that good but hold on a cable to write back. After the messages arrived, folks. Please take two lines 87720776 Van Slyke live call 770776.

Here is Matt's leg back to the show, look at and from Raleigh North Carolina and back on here know the real they occur there actual real yes yes real the question is, go ahead like I will.

There are actually there are what show different youthful videos occasionally and there is a gentleman who actually uses occult practices in order to contact UFOs enough to listen to women. One woman in particular should say who is in the to the New Age movement and she contact UFOs through meditative practices and this is all cultism and so it looks like the UFOs are demonically manifested and some some people say that the problem with an ethylene which are half breeds between a fallen Angels, and when they were destroyed in the flood, but not all of them not well it looks like the breeding program continued afterwards because other nestling were later on and Jesus says is was the days of Noah social be the date of the coming Son of Man for the reading they were drinking they were giving in marriage of the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and took them all away or destroyed them all.

Also in Daniel chapter 2 verse 43 talk significant hazard statute and the feats of clay and iron mixed together is in times that's pretty much concur that in about now.

People say we know them anyway. Says they will combine with the seed of men they will combine with one another in the seed of man, and in 243 so it looks like there's still a breeding thing going on and that it gets really bizarre as some of the theories, but this seems to be what's going on UFOs of been seen throughout the centuries. Even Alexander the great thing about UFOs flaming shields in the sky moving in unison and information. So what are they, that's a question I'm sorry are they want. 00 will note the now we don't know what they are exactly. So just theories. Okay, that are offered by Christian theologians and people who deal with this, but it seems as though the best explanation so far that answers the most questions is that the naphthalene are still going on and working to build technologies ultimately for the deception of the world.

This is one of the major theories is out there right now. This the what are the nestling foot. Not now.

I don't think so. It looks like you to submit major cultures have those things that yeti the abominable snowman, a big foot to come by different names, different cultures, but there seems to be something up with them meet unit is one or two sightings. Whatever when there's hundreds and hundreds for centuries is something's going on and so what is it I don't know and I just have a studied Bigfoot and all that stuff UFOs I have studied a lot. You UFOs are our physical you now that saying all of them are missing all of more some could be in demonic manifestations it with you want to do signatures and research do research on the UFO incident that happened in the 80s in England.

It's it's you know no articles on UFO stuff.

I don't a lot. If I haven't covered yet the I would recommend that you do a web search the UFO encounters American airbase in England I think was in the 80s when it happened and it's extremely interesting.

A lot of people saw a lot of it. Something was going on and there are things are lots of accounts of UFOs coming over weapons areas and turning weapons often on things like this and they should do this. Capital of the world and it's it's good about it lately. You'll notice that the government is releasing more UFO footage and things like that, pilots and stuff missing stuff.

The pilots out. I can't tell you anything other that what I do is I who periodically all this go into a few months of this, listening to podcasts on UFOs reading information following up on information and stuff and that's what I do is interested in the galactic and stuff. I like science fiction and stuff like that. But this seems to be was going on that we don't know for sure when was going okay. I may or may not know the plans I got. I am so backlogged with stuff right now.

I am so backlogged, so all I can do is put it on the list of things to do. It is something that is is necessary, but I think more important things right now are coming up in our government and control issues and things like that so can working on okay all right okay will come bless thanks a lot.

All right hateful people to give me a call always to do is dial 877-207-2276 look at the Kim from roll North Carolina welcoming on here thinking that about what might be bad, bad connection. Kim really bad connection I can understand you okay try again.

There kind go ahead Pacific get through this okay you think you are you integrating you.

I don't know they did the court of the Bible back then in Genesis 6 and Jesus says is was days of Noah. It'll be like this again is a coming Son of Man, so one plus one equals the two would seem that that would there be biblical support for the current life all right welcome so much okay a photograph open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the Ron from Durham, North Carolina Ron got all that but anyway there along.

They may be using the log will not make them a people for his name but no reason. Like all my God, I would even repeat that over the year, lest you use the guards were given thing. That's right, but that they hold us a break. Okay, so that right folks therefore belong to call 877-2077 60 right back after mass Y call 770776 pairs maxillary African lines give me a call 877072276 look at the Ron from Durham or London run back on here okay and I thought I might basically moment name with no are you going in the name of a correct yes yes… I had a like friendly argument about that with a friend of mine and they didn't understand it but they don't panic. They don't read the Bible. What idiot out of it that they will know the different ways to people and stuff you know I see some of the cross look at it a couple nights ago on Sunday night. Actually I asked him about it said was at a restaurant you Chris and Nancy to the cross on and because now it's just a something where and I said you know that's that's where God in flesh died for our sins and ready for that but you that's that's a gospel presentation of the beginning of and running the friendly conversation. Similarly is the Lord's name in vain, and they do enough admitting the situational sake, do you know you know we are calling on with Christian users or seven they act I just cannot tell in your ear is more than one thing I don't miniaturize over the years. You're doing and because the Christians they follow the world we live in the world speak of the world to participate in the drive darkness in excess 20 talks about not using the name of the Lord your God in vain. So the way to understand that instead of saying what it is not how we should not use it to release to establish how we should use his name and it should when used in reference and godly fear and admiration and worshipful praise and things like that is not done in that manner, and it's in vain. Use of his name.

And this is what Christians do all the time when they exclaim something, something happened. They don't like it. All my and in all still using resentment thing people do this all the time on TV all a lot lot, leaving yet. I personally believe it's in demonic manifestations that that's is creeping over America uses name and flippant way is a cuss word.

It said why not to say something else that that hurts still get what you heard about that when people say that created man, you benefited that you bear. Well, praise God. I hope the convicts a lot of questions and will stop using words name absolutely dogged to fight for granted. I could see but they do so.

Thank you so much Matt is welcome to God bless Matt have bless you.

Okay all right with you logically give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Bart from South Florida. Welcome here. Matt bark again hi Don, do not hang in there I got a question on I've been approached by a lot of younger guys that my job a vast about the subject of pornography and I obviously have told look that poison stay away because in a lot of ways at the gateway to the thing that I get out a hand getting worse right so if you want to cut off their but then asked another question and you know like I said look good. Can you wait on this one because I get a good answer for this one is hard for me to find a reference but it has to do with am a very modest person. I want to say anything on the air that good and appropriate to speak around then we will work you might be constant to okay when you self pleasure. You okay what you say about that when they say then they use the M word Mark: what about am now not and I'll be like I do you know what I need to get the biblical reference for this. I don't know so believing on, I've written a lot of articles on human sexuality and actively 50 articles on guessing and that topic is discussed and so there it's difficult.

It's difficult to answer the question because the Bible really doesn't talk about it. I don't have what we do. The idea here is that those sexuality was was something that was experienced pretty early because people were married pretty early so in the Jewish culture.

The marriage bed was was available pretty early on we don't have that now is much people wait and then there are temptations as women will dress in a scantily clad form.

Some Christian women do that to try to show off what they've got. They shouldn't do that. And Reese of course have the issues of the billability porn on on the on the web and how women dress on TV it's it's difficult what we don't understand how difficult it is for men.

In that respect. So what I've written on it and I would just suggest you go to the Carmen org's Kundera/sexuality and and and read on that is in this reading on that because so this is such a difficult topic to work through biblically that it is written on it and that you had Bible has flee immorality and an explanation on the Greek and that such immoral people won't be inherit the kingdom of God will build nurse it is.

Ask questions without answering that what you do in different situations. When a man, a woman married and one of them is incapacitated for a few months would you do in certain conditions of incapacitation or unavailability or certain thinkers. There are variables are because very difficult and I could in a private discussion, I would be able to really open up the door, discuss particulars over the radio. For obvious reasons.

So I difficult thing to difficult thing to to answer.

I don't like the idea of the saying oh it's always sent because I don't know all situations.

And since the Bible doesn't say it is, then I can't say it is. I know a lot of Christians organist.

It will Matt how could you dare say that while I do sake. Show me Scripture.

I'd submit to the word of God.

I have to find in Scripture and exactly that's the problem I that's why was calling as I felt the same way. I needed a scriptural reference to furnace but it is difficult and and especially when they say to me while I don't want to commit. I want fornicate.

I want to commit adultery so here's my solution before I get married and I said well I don't know what to tell you know I'm glad you're trying to not yourself and committing the cell, but I don't know if that what you're doing is the same thing are not real it's it's a difficult topic, not advocating stuff, but because I get more technical than a lot of people do on issues of there are.

I can even talk about, but there are situations worth discussing, and there are certain situational essays actually wrong and then we move towards a gray area words that basic line in the gray area exist and so willing to do a pick the patriot on base discussion on this where we get into the particulars and have discussions on the tell you, having absolute answers and this is not easy even though I know that there are a lot of articles written by people who have absolute opinions about things I remember Mrs. liquid for the break reference seminary. A friend of mine in seminary said that was absolutely wrong is an example of something to use any form of contraception I can find that in Scripture by civil why he said because it's up to God to open or close the womb, and I said okay what you do with the situation where this was a real situation to deal with were my wife's next pregnancy could kill her because of her condition.

She has then what we try and heaved he had said I never thought about that. I said if only protect my wife the next pregnancy could kill her and my thoughts mostly responsible and so then by and I got I got a vasectomy and so he said I never thought about that and if I say even this topic that there particulars that need to be addressed. I could think of things that really quite conversation starters. I log you have thought of so they go awry.

We had a break done.

Thank now… Thank you. All right, notify help on that one. Bless you. He will be right back after these messages the man's leg. Why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg count from the morning I will welcome your question or a lot of wear hearing that do it by people who wanted their narrative. I was wondering I know the Bible is probably the most documented verbal and starkly accurate thing ever made part of document.but I've heard there's a lot of new book that would be coming out. How will we know which one to write and which ones are not right. New books on life's that I've heard there's a lot of new directly book of the Bible.

The coming out out below that you mean, so to speak, lost books of the Bible kind of thing yet yet 900 know that's a lot of which is it stupidity in the Old Testament.

The Jews knew what Scriptures were inspired there. The want to establish Old Testament canon. They knew about the works of the Apocrypha. The super couple documents and they rejected they were not Scripture.

They rejected them all the early church recognize what was authentic in the New Testament and coming from the directly from the apostles or the amanuensis of the apostles and that's a okay like you not occur made reference book of Enoch, but the rest that document then there are yeah yeah there's lots of books in the Bible book of wars of the gesture Chronicles of David. The kings of Israel and Judah book of Kings of Israel. Kings of Israel of the words of King of Israel, decree of David, the Chronicles of Samuel, the senior Chronicles of Nathan the prophet.

The book of Gad, the prophet Dedo the words of semi the prophet, the deed to be desired by Isaiah the prophet.

The book of Jay who record book of I who service the book of remembrance and life. The book of judgment. Seven sealed book and angels book 20 books that the Bible recommend or uses a written or refers to, but they're not considered Scripture okay that's our hope through historically have value, but they were not considered inspired writings so that we should we get your we don't dismiss them as a whole not be finished. We finished we dismiss them as being inspired but we don't dismiss them as being historical and having some sort of value. Okay IRCA) love to shop at drop thanks buddy appreciate that event all right. God bless.

All right, let's get to Matthew Charlotte, North Carolina met welcome payment is a quick question on evolving way you another not the most recent caller talk about them for him. When it comes to that section within a particular with the passage would be it with his Scripture from Matthew I think about 428. Would that work for that man in regards to life when he says that even if you let that woman you committed adultery or look at a woman lustfully and the idea here in marriage is to have a purity of heart and mind. Because God is a standard of perfection. Marriage is ultimately a reflection of the Trinity. Not that there's a physical union, but that the intimacy of persons is 1/is reflected as multiple person free persons is one God and so the Trinity is the ultimate basis of the marriage covenant and the marriage practice and in the freedom and intercommunication. So that's where that is now when it says looking at a woman to lust in your heart. Notice addressed to men, not women because men are the ones who, by far, have this problem. We just designed that way because logical don't know the mail processing area brings twice that of a female just way this and so what we have to do is make sure.

For example, if I see a beautiful woman out on notice/is a beautiful woman that's as far as it goes in my mind and my heart. That's it. Nothing else is no you don't select that's nice and I pray I have prayed over the years regularly let my eyes before my wife and things like that because that's where it needs to be.

So if I were hypothetically to entertain thoughts about some other woman that my wife in the areas I should not be, then that would be adulterous in my mind and my heart that he system needs to never occur.

So this is the idea that that is there with that is a purity of heart and mind should have arrived for our spouse only, which means no point has a boat motor thanks that's what that's about it okay that you may God bless you man appreciate it.

I buddy God bless man. Okay, let's get to see Michael from Ogden, Utah.

Michael welcomed on the mic on the part of your 100 Dr. wrote that book up leg up corruption. He was featured on 8:20 AM last night. Jeff Chris Myers program.

She is no direction. What's it about yeah at the ballot.

The vaccine really positively had her old lab destroyed research taken away, blackballed time in life out key guys that goes back is covered up the research that the vaccine is not like you mentioned before God. It could have stuck it out like from animal human embryos us is that because it only five and she published her book got no published April 20 April 2020, but now anyway I just downloaded it so I just got it when you are talking so I do think on electronic format down books so there is visible to overnight Senegal tyranny. You gathered I have looked at the Cove. 19. The truth buckled in 19 do as I say not as I do and and I just went through just downloaded Plato corruption dissent fast I can do that which I love technology. I've also got unreported truths on code 19 lockdowns dealing with various areas of vaccines. The masks and stuff like that and so there is so much that I'm having to deal with the anatomy of an epidemic is another one and their diversity videos or send me stuff on this.

There's so much but the more I'm seeing in my opinion, the more I'm seeing this corruption and the movement for control over people and I got a theory spiritual theory about this which will be writing about to correct you started writing about it today, but if you buy the same or not to an old and work on that. So your reader that would actually move the program took Chris okay you thank you Shane that program.

I appreciate thank you very much okay all right hey folks, by the way, if you have when I'm asking for this because I'm writing a section on coven.

I've written. I do know how many articles right now quite a few and the letter Dr. so I had to do more meticulous research and find information from reputable sources go to and you'll see what I've got so far but so if you have stories that you know you took the vaccine and you got sick right away or had a heart attack like Eric Clapton.

He took the vaccine and that he lost the use of his hands for little while. He couldn't play guitar. Eric Clapton and I got the documentation so there are people like that which I can go to and and link to actual articles there to be a lot of people who just don't aunt Barb etc. I'm interested in stories like that that and you can say on the on your if you email me at info car never see this would happen to me is no, I rather have people as it happened to me, not hearsay when actual testimonies that you experience if you went through this or anything like it and I won't. I will put your name on on the web you want me to put initials and keep it in a file can expose anybody in the couldn't make anything difficult for anybody at all.

So that's the idea is that I'm looking for a documentation information on stuff like that. So if you have the stories about the everything assistant emailing into a condo. Let's get to Kim from St. George Utah. I've been through there with somebody 40 got one let no one but you know people like you doubled both from double bill, though not a lot of people know like it tells Titus what about Bert I have a quick about dirt. Matt, I have been attending, I was well many years Catholic brought young.

I did got oil on the Internet from great pastor very fiber word by word breaking down three like the third man not been there. There's so much bent and then a poor I know I try to stay in his word daily. I know their communion.

I know there also giving them anyway. But I still feel guilty all life.

I forward your yet I can't get that in the church like that and with the Internet. Yes, that's a growing problem is a growing problem and so I'm not sure what to tell you I've had people actually suggested I start preaching online just just got suspicious of tired of of phone that preaching nothing of a great preacher, but merely knowing what to give him credit so it's just difficult to discern what to do and what to say to people and various areas. The advantage of going to church is the body of believers and the issue of communion and that's an important thing. I believe that communion is permissible over the Internet in a service where an individual would get his own bread and grape juice or bread and wine and participate in a community where that was done I would say that should be normative. I think it's possible because our situations were people in varying areas of the world if they meet in public, they're going to be persecuted severely and so they hide and these kind of things I think would be acceptable. Can we carry that over to this situation. What if you live in a place or hundred miles from a decent church and I know people like that, then what needed to. You go and then limit pastors at the nearest church. I talked to people so that you don't go to church so they want to have fellowship they do it online will deliver this of the sacraments. I think permissible time to do it in a way that referential online sleep time. More about this all right I sure hate folks were at a time that the Lord bless you. I hope the topics the Lord bless you another program powered by the Truth Network

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