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September 28, 2021 4:00 pm

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September 28, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What are your thoughts on the Lutheran church---2- What does it mean when Jesus said -my God why have you forsaken me----3- What are your thoughts on Matt Chandler---4- What is the book The Wisdom of Solomon about---5- Can you explain the hypostatic union---6- Is it wrong to say that on the cross God abandoned Jesus---7- Do you think Solomon repented of his sins with women---8- What does it mean to take the Lord's name in vain---9- Did the founder of Islam ever perform any miracles- Why is he considered a prophet---10- What resource can I use to learn more about biblical Greek-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a map slick rents is called responding to your questions at 877 though you have a good day. Listening and calling. If you do today's date is September 21, 2021 for the broadcasters if you want to give me a call. All you do is dilute 772072276 love to hear from you and let's see at least three articles today and cope training so doing that and I went ahead and I do the a release of all the countries I could find that had information over 200 countries and put up information in a grid and also in grass and you can see, the population of death's population of infections per the percentage of population vaccinated, and the well the stats are interesting. Take a look and see what you think you go to homepage will see the links and you can go there and also don't forget to read the disclaimer because so I want to bring to think that I'm an expert and that I'm not that it's this information I find and am putting up and there's a disclaimer attached each article.

So there you go, said no big deal, but that is a lot of stuff happened with covert and there are so many things coming in but I gotta take a look at just laments it with article so we can move along in the 20 give me a call for open lines 877-207-2276 was good to Jamaal from North Carolina small welcome your go by God's grace I am. That's right, you ask not to get a quick wanted to get you thought Richard and Michael. He will do will burn the time. I have a bachelors degree from a Lutheran college and denominations of Lutheranism LC MS is a good one. ELCA is bad LC Mrs. Luke, C&S Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and in ELCA's Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and it's that and there are good ones and are bad ones and I don't Very godly Lutherans and Lutheran teacher I had at Concordia University in Irvine, California, taught me a lot of theology taught a lot of good stuff onto a Presbyterian seminary, but it was good.

So some like Presbyterian, some are good and some are bad and just good sense of the on the particulars research. Well, actually.

No wonder things that weight I want to do is a denomination, a grid and where I can give different areas that they need a table where you list them all out and say get a furnace affirm that the areas that are iffy and answers a lot of work have done it got so because one of things I want to do is haven't gotten there just happened to you.

All you got several full plates.

That's right it was with more coming up. Oh yeah right right right now… But because there are so big I don't really want to grab you want to be wrong, but that okay my quick and quick and not be bummed out like questions like you have a graphical question is when my God they could be. How do we know that God turned his back on Jesus didn't hurt his back.

He doesn't say he turned his back on if he was quoting Psalm 22 verse 1000 BC and several hundred years before crucifixion have been invented, so he was simply referring to that Psalm that was prophetic about his crucifixion was going on there logical don't know that. So the first verse of Psalm 22 says my God my God why you forsaken me first thing is on you and then later on, it says in that same Psalm. I poured out like water, all my bones are out of joint. My heart is like wax is melted within me. My strength is dried up like a potsherd. My tongue cleaves my jaws. You laying the dust of death for dogs have surrounded me an evil band of evildoers is encompassed me. They pierced my hands and my feet. I can count all my bones and look they stare at me.

They divide my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots okay to what they you are restricted well why is that in the Psalm. I don't know, except that it probably has something to do with the fact that he had gone to the cross and bore our sins in that there was something happening there. We can't say what was we don't know and I'd like to venture into it simply cannot be that God the father turned his back and rejected Jesus.

It's just not possible because it would break the Trinity that this can't happen.

So you know exactly what it means when you forsaken me. It is still Psalm 22, which is a messianic Psalm, and I noticed commentaries and offer different ideas about what it could mean like, I think it has to do, which is simply going through the trauma of what is going through and just quoting that's almost why that's almost said what he did at that particular point. I don't know but that's just what is okay.

All right. The quick look at differently. But you… Pretty good at the start of the question thought culture get that a lot, but usual my question is how involved you will be glad my meeting with their conservative groups and I'm using a lot of you. You take a year or so. That could all praise God praise God by God bless you. Yeah, I saw Lucy okay with Scott distracted by couple things we have for open lines of you want to give me a call 87772276 is good to Chris from Dallas, Texas Chris, welcome your earlier that met that Michael knows. Let me know what you know you want to go about what I quote it, theologian, and they are back with a vengeance and it is great great and I finally about that time to get back with my first question that I continue question. What is your dock on Matt Chandler and off. I don't know if you know that at Harris Creek in Waco.

I find your opinion on what we of that on the gun on.

These are then I haven't decided since I can't can't tell you that don't know what got it being around a pickpocket there… Like the Apocrypha and the like that typically a book all the way to Solomon what are those and and why you like black people on why they not included juice never included the Jews did not consider them to be Scripture that's it is well-recognized. Well, different authors, different times, but there before the time of Jesus birth call to the pitiful apocryphal documents and they were known by the Jews and the Jews rejected him flat out, they did not consider in Scripture. And that's the best yet you want to go with save the Jews didn't recognize him.

The Scripture now if someone said yes they did documented.

Please document because we don't see that in Scripture, see that we went out quickly like some ancient text that might have been written by anybody in that year that I like you and me fired.

Not yet or do we not know well there were lots of books that were referenced in the Old Testament that are not Scripture go to Carlisle and you can look up the books mentioned in the Bible is like 20 or 22 or some like that. The Bible actually mentions that are not inspired and not included in Scripture and you know the book of the war, the Lord's and the book of Jack Sherbrooke clinicals of whatever these places in the Bible that it that this economy of books mentioned. See other books and things would I got in there I wrote it. I think the exit window so the thing is that the Jews didn't recognize that's what's important and we have understand that when people come along now and they start saying this is what needs to be in the Bible. Then they have to understand that what they're saying is they know more about these books, then the Jewish people called by God that they are now saying he said to essentially what they're saying is the Jewish people whom God gave the oracles to the Old Testament prophets. They didn't know what they were doing and working to tell you what the truth is, this is what they're essentially saying that part of it. I think we I might delete a lot of it like I did click date and that I didn't get engine but one thing I sorry I got let me know that I have one more point sure okay without him for anything, one going first and the packet about how God anymore right and I are debating he couldn't. Then God died out laying the Lancet 116, 117, and also for to yet and so it's good for 7616 and what is talking about. There is a subplot God the father in the context there. You keep the commandment of stain reproach until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, which he will bring about the proper time. He was the blessed, the only sovereign the King of Kings and Lord of lords, who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable like no man has seen nor can see it's in reference to the father.

I know this verse well because Mormons say that Joseph Smith saw God the father and the Bible clearly says it's impossible and so he lied to get endeavors of the father displayed his all of Mormonism's proven false. For this one verse flat out so when it says he alone possesses immortality dealing with the issue of the physical death. Only Christ died and the father. Here is what possesses the summer to immortality is not talking about the sun is all that's going on what you break folks will US take a little more theology we write back after these messages that Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show Chris from Dallas, Texas.

So I like to address research and when you break them were talking about will embarrass her forgot what our topic was anointed talked about the hypostatic union issue of death was patellar issue on what they thought about you and I got immortal's just so what we have here is understand. This is very important that we understand and that you teach them and respond that Jesus has two distinct natures of divine nature and the human nature is called the hypostatic union I've an article on this God can't die. Jesus died. If we can be God because God can't die Anderson article on it goes over this, but we have to understand what you said Jesus has two natures of divine nature and the human nature. It was only the human nature that died on the cross. The divine nature cannot die because death in the biological sense is only by the for the human nature and the human body and so that is not possible divine nature died so people don't think it'll confused by that and tell them is that Jesus is one person with two distinct natures, that is called the hypostatic union. There's a related doctrine called the commune across you and you will not or the communication of the properties for the one person has two natures in the attributes of those natures are ascribed to that single person of the attribute of divinity as well as humanity, are both claimed by Jesus of Jesus as I'm thirsty.

That's human nature. He says I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth is a divine nature. So he says goodbye. In both cases, so the one person claims the attributes of both natures, but it was only the human nature that died. And since we perceive the development divine through the human in Jesus. If we were to go back in time and watch him watch him walk on water. We would then be able to see the divine attributes manifested in the physical so we can only perceive divinity through the physical. So fortis if God were to manifest something to us, we would see with their eyes and in the person of Christ. Very divine quality and nature of God was manifested in so we perceive the divine through the human, so Jesus would walk on water command with words that we can understand to the rest of the storm, commanded to be still, and it obeyed said to Lazarus, come forth. So the divine attributes manifested through the human advocate we could see the divine attributes. So when Jesus died in the cross because the attributes of both natures are ascribed that one person and we say that the human nature die with his divine attributes in that person then we see the sacrifices of divine value okay got okay what would that get that Apple and eight that I will write up flight. Yet like dominion over debt like you need willfully thing like that it will clearly lay down and you hashed out by its own power like this for John Dimino, John 219 to 21 and it works against annihilation nests who are leaving some forms of annihilation, but it also demonstrates that Jesus is the one performing the action its future active indicative first person singular.

A gay row which means I will raise he's performing the action in that verse and so that's what it says what people will sometimes do is just fill making the poetry well.

He was just saying I'll raise it up that by my goodness, and God will do the work that is not really me doing and they do all kind of violence that the Scripture, but he says is list at this temple three days I will raise it up and John says he was speaking the temple of his body so he's performing the action is resurrection because of his divine attributes that he could raise himself because in the doctrine of the Trinity. There can be no dissolution of the Trinitarian essence. And so the qualities that meet got theirs a divide doctrine called divine simplicity. So imagine a a ball sphere of pure carbon is just in front of you. Just imagining it is one thing one substance that is God.

One thing one substance, but he reveals himself as three simultaneous and distinct persons in the Godhead, there are no parts in a God one thing is not superior to another.

We can't say things like he is all love so he would never send someone to help because I would be extracting a characteristic of his essence and setting it against other characteristics of his essence.

So skull divine simplicity and is also doctrine called the para paresis. That means that each member of the Godhead entered dwells in inter-penetrates the other member and this is part of what we call the ontological Trinity and that the nature and the essence of the Trinity Trinity is that all three persons are divine, and is not three parts but three persons in one divine simplistic manifestation manifestation of God. That's was going on there. Okay, got any recommendations but reported everything that it reader dive into the light go further.

I will Monday kind of already goodhearted can lead to Christian doctrine section I actually write articles specifically in response to questions like this and so what I do is it I've read a lot of stuff over decades and I take it I condense and take here you go. This is what it is there's references, here's the surge that that's how it works all right arraignment okay got blessed but all right, let's get to Michael Rowley north Carolina, whom we lost the next longest waiting is Nancy from Oklahoma is good to him right and forgive the phone number out 877-207-2276. The script who Anthony Anthony will fight you up to color outgrow that from before were the father. The yet all the doubt he didn't and if you didn't needed and wanted to say that my God, my God, why have the well we don't know what it means. So here we go over to discuss this with somebody in a civil God turned his back on him and ask him a question, say will resent me got his back on does it mean that God didn't look at him physically look at him, but that would be possible because God the father is in all places at all times doesn't mean that God didn't like him that can't be the case as it mean he wasn't supporting him will what is it me, we have to ask the questions and what happens a lot of times as people say things without thinking through what it is they've said that God exists outside of time, really, what is happening and I asked Christians that was it me. Why don't know why you're saying it. So if you don't know what it means to say that to God turned his back on them that I don't teach it all I say is that what Jesus was doing was quoting the Old Testament there are theories about what it means, but we don't know for sure and that's it. We had a very collective right on right back yet they folks, we have really blinded 707-2276 Van Slyke why call 7707 okay I think you can ask something else or commoners break their return on the phone because you lightbulb throughout.

Think of the light will not like the following, but we had to leave okay on some some commentators is a God the father abandoned him. I just have problems with that. I just don't know what it means when people say this because I more specific than most people just what I do for living and stuff that I don't like to go too deeply to see what it means. This nicely will it might mean this or might mean that there some commentators we don't know for sure.

And there we go. So I would say that is most probable that there was an effect of the fellowship. There somehow.

But certainly not an abandonment. I don't believe that. And so, but even then what does that mean this is a problem, but sometimes my own intellect gets in the way I have to many questions but the most for think it serves me well, I just know that that the verse actually means and some ideas just don't know. Okay okay okay library don't think that the father abandoned, but I think the father on the holy spirit you and we know that they follow all that you have allowed the man, but you will allow me to talk on this note that your got blessed God bless you brother call back anytime. Thank you. Okay let's get over to Jamaal from north Carolina. Jamaal welcome Gartner record Mark for your quick. There are about Dr. think about it like about the mortality was skiing had a lot of golf on, but being included in the bid line well.

At one point he turned away. God will you think you got that right with God before and story fee. If you close out about God never came back. Will I learn something something from a commentator and mentioned that's but I don't believe that something the reason I don't is because Jesus is not even Solomon's well the greatest as these lose of the field and the not even Solomon thing find where Jesus said that.

And so it was a backhanded kind of a statement, not even Solomon and so that this and that this meeting when he wasn't saved but I don't know but I die I can't say that he went to hell. I can say went to heaven either because something is interesting is when David and I think it was solid yesterday for think of been so long. David says one thing have I desired and that's to dwell in the house of the Lord forever house and so David was a murderer and yes on 27 here we go. One thing I've asked from the Lord that I shall seek that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate in this template. This is David but David had Uriah killed committed adultery with Bathsheba, so he's a murderer in the adulterer, a liar and yet David said one thing I've asked on the house of the Lord forever and God says of David. At one point, is a man of my own heart. I think what was going on there is that David's desire fellowship as not to excuse his great sin, but he desired the Lord and in Christ is forgiveness, and etc. so what did Solomon ask for. Solomon asked for wisdom. And that's not the greatest.

The greatest thing to have, is the fellowship of the presence of God.

So I've learned this over the years and if God were to come down from heaven and condescend to speak to this fool and he asked me one thing I'll give you want whatever you ask.

I thought about over the years and I would just say I want whatever you want for me to be with you. That's it does. I just don't know. I don't know what's best for me, but I want you like I wanted his presence and I think that's what's going on so that was Solomon Solomon was first that was were even not even Solomon was was a raid as well as all the grass. The grass or something like that.

I do find it, let's see Solomon to find some time to do and some that I don't.

I just know these things back in my head right anyway so you can find it, but anyway so that's really understand and I know so I don't know I wouldn't be surprised to see Solomon in heaven, but I would. I would also not be surprised not to see him. You know could resist ambivalent ambivalence there. I don't know okay a good answer and is instant which is good about asking God quick got one or a pretty good about people out there who will God grant you got Greg and the object will first, Deborah, had that thinking kind of child handbag list what you got that and got you. You got what you never really about it. In that respect I found that verse actually Bernie Ray and Helen Peddicord provided for me.

Thank you very much, and it is Matthew 629. The context a little and virtually seven who view being worried can add a single hour to his life and why are you worried about clothing. Observe how the lilies of the field grow. They do not toil nor they spend in a city that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like these, so it's Matthew 629 so that kind of a of the comment.

I don't know. That's all I know about. I hope this even have God bless. All right, let's get to Joe from High Point, North Carolina. Joe welcome you earlier.

All I like that and what it may take the Lord's name in vain.

Christ that they I'm a little late but then I had someone like me that the Lord's name in vain is not work so help me out all right. Let's talk about what's God requires of his name and Exodus 20 and read God spoke all these words, saying I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, are the house of the slavery you shall have no other gods before me not make an idol etc. and verse seven you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes his name in vain. The Jews are the ones who lived with this, the Jews are the ones who best understood it, and during my studies over the years I've discovered is that the name of God, Yahweh, and the titles sovereign Lord Jesus Christ Jesus Christ God, things like this. These are all addresses to the true and living God and all of our addresses to the true and living God should be with respect and fear in a godly fear with honor because he is great and there's nothing greater than him and so his name is titles his attributes should be revered because they reflect him so if someone uses the Lord's name in vain is an unbeliever and he says all my etc. he's using the Lord's name in vain. He's using a title that refers to the true and living God and he's using it as an exclamation of anger sometimes. Or when someone says Jesus and you were Christ to put them together and the use it as an exasperation that their angry may say something this is using that name of God himself in a painful non-reverential manner. Therefore it's sinful and I've noticed over the years that the incredible increase of user Lord's name in vain is completely open and I believe the money they folks to apply 7707 Van Slyke why call 770727.

Here is Matt's way back to the show back on your withdrawal filter so hopefully after you sufficiently quit the Lord. Mary that were really going through a relationship with God that you do it that's what I read with holy as how to show that is shown in Scripture to the Jews, like us, to the Jews themselves were very fearful of misusing the name of God, and even pronouncing his name incorrectly and so they had a very high reference reference for God.

Nothing about this. This is one of the ways to kind of get in the flesh and blood on this thing because what if you're talking and there's a manifestation, like the kind of just all the sudden glows and then bang God's presence is there new drop to your knees because his glory is shining and you feel is holiness how you can use his name. Are you gonna say the word God or Lord Jesus is to be the flippant careful works with lithic and non-caring manner, not at all. That's put yourself there and say these people.

How would you use his name would you praise his name to all my Lord, I thank you for your greatness.

You condescended to speak to your servant.

This is what it is and you don't hear something online you know and they get didn't need all this crap but they do.

They say these bed by Lord. It's just it's horrible in the world uses the Lord's name in vain all the time and even Christians are doing it well you I talked about. I told many Christians that I've known that all he does these Lord I did you listen to preach a sermon at a church were not Christians are pleased Lord they've invented and what I did. I said I whenever to stand up before the priest right of the pulpit to get up and stand up every I look behind you see the exits see those eggs over there.

Okay, good. You can leave during the sermon.

If I offend anybody to sit down because on the talk you about sending some even committing in here about using the Lord's name in vain. I did preached. So this is what the people of God need to hold the name of God. The title of God the things describe our Lord and our God in reverent reference not in casual flippant comments that ask for use in a disrespectful manner. The church needs to repent Christian okay in the world, hopefully to read what you very much all right Joe got blessed all right is can the phones with Alberto from Georgia Alberta welcoming on the net and found there on all okay guy that so much Oklahoma miracle Laurent ever directly to the people on the airflow screening Mohammed, the founder of Islam and the Nation of Islam of their economy is that you let us know just about to talk and no miracles. They might say that there's some miracles, but there aren't Bailey Wallace are not under the detriment. What article and where I believe so, but might be, but I just haven't researched it and thinks that that is spent globally yet it's it's so well, anything. It is based off of Mohammed on Islam anything like that is based on its is false so you so wrong. It's a false religion, and people who die in yet rejected the true God and the true Messiah and they're going to be just for that particular salvation… But the question of what a video on YouTube.

I will, but the Hellenic God in all that you imagine one time about that guy. Left femur. Please let in the ending that you want to add, but he could target again. No, it was not known patient so you look it can about law, but blaspheming publicly so you get a more time in jail and they are fine so you have a law, he found the judge against the guy blaspheming about the name of God.

So today I that the course we are not a Christian nation.

All Christians in this pagan ungodly nation. So those kind of laws know they don't understand if they exist and forced invertebrates and immigration a congressman to hire men people lacking in God's holy name in public six months jail time 20,090.

They need to be witnessed to and I will do is is some. It just depends. The situation was very often because of you, cause a problem, but sometimes I've spoken, and I said on calling his name you would be carefully might answer you. You might not like what you find and also something that would lead with a loving a couple callers with gay buddy.

I thank you I are this good to chip from Virginia a check welcome ground near good evening all our recently been entered.

The word rate early go summons on you as Albert Rick any that I liked you maybe elaborated a little bit your yard work, but I just mean salvation and deliverance and is used in different ways and is used let's see I could have Bible program here 107 times in the New Testament.

This Greek word, and it can mean now I'm kind of looking at the Strong's concordance safe delivered to save delivered make whole preserves safe from danger from loss from destruction and it occurs 54 times in the Gospels see where suits there's there's variations or cognates of it. But, again, is quite a bit of usage of in different contexts talk about the complete you maybe elaborated a little longer. Depends what the context is so had been made well. For example in Luke 836 and that is that's from a social so those who have been seen it reported to them how to manage the business have been made well well or have been saved been delivered so it hasn't is called a semantic domain different context, different meanings and I John 1112 disciples said to him, Lord of his fallen asleep. He will recover, but it's the word sold supplicant literally, and he saved him. Eric a little bit in your mind with. In the and of course the mantle of the Lord of the body were so soak it into the completeness of that okay no so were you getting this information from Rod on that are not what I'm trying to do it.

I'm reading the book of Romans Eric at radio talk a lot about what Paul has to say about the spirit and you know where spiritual being and my understanding of the Arctic there that just sounds eight times and so I'm concerned because some of the things you're saying are when I put this right way, there are reminiscent of some of the Christian groups that will take a word or a concepts and elevated above many other things so that they can get blessed in the spirit and then they go too far messier doing that under section. This is going okay. What's going on. You know it's like just curious, and so so-and-so just is a word it just means what it means in context. And you gotta be very careful that you don't take a meaning were over one place where has the meaning of being saved from the wrath of God and take it to another place where it means being healed or resurrected, and so it and what sometimes people will do is take the meeting in one context and transfer to another context, and in order to get as a meaning in the text that doesn't exist. And this is what I see in those false groups that do that kind of the things of this will messier doing everything to be aware of that. Okay much what else you want to get a iMac are not required at right not be allowed know you, you're here right word preferred it. Sometimes you don't have the depth of understanding what that means that you try to what exactly that work in the context of type I appreciate what you're say I would do farm. He was go to blue letter blue letter Bible work and you can find a verse has the word saved and it. For example, let's see this in Romans 59 safe in the wrath of God, right, you can pick that verse I go in there. Romans five not doing it right now on that site and you will have tools on the left and you can find the word so-and-so and it says saved their and the city shall be saved yet and so they can click on 4982 when you can see the information that so there it just it's a great little tool and you can see the questions you call me up and you can look at and he was called a semantic domain look at lexicons with lexicons lexicons a dictionary except a dictionary has words all English words. For example, the lexicon only has those words used for example in a body of text in this case of the Bible New Testament subtle have three 3500 words in it that's it and I'll go they go to them in depth and so you can get access to that so-and-so could not take it out of blue letter and letter Bible. Blue letter actually got to work right now is wonderfully and he brought more about the folks where the time it will bless you his grace is there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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