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September 27, 2021 4:00 pm

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September 27, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is it ok to listen to secular music---2- Have you heard of the Unity Church---3- Who were the Nicholains mentioned in Revelation---4- Is it wrong to speak in a tongue -not a known human language- if it's a private thing---5- Is there a difference between the tribulation and the wrath in regard to the end times---6- Why aren't people demanding effectiveness tests -antibodies- for people who've been vaccinated---7- Is the NIV an acceptable translation---8- Shouldn't we obey the government and get the vaccine- -Romans 13--

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive car in the morning you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances goals in responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick all writable and welcome to the five if you want to call you talk about all kinds of stuff cults, major religions, atheism and agnosticism Bible inspiration would want to call. How about we can talk and of the number is 877-207-2276 no colored wings wanted to talk a little about some stuff just let you know we stay on nearby your donations. I really asked that very often don't like to, I don't.

But if you like the show when you want to have a continuing your area may be other areas as well. All you have to do is go to and you can put the information in their donate to recurring or one-time whatever stop anytime you want and it really does help us a lot.

We like a $5.10 dollars a month because it helps us make budgets and things like still researching coven and I plan to release an article today table comparing debates. A low level comparison between the covert vaccines are used here in America and also the side effects of money involved with stuff like that continue to research people are really trying to give me a lot of information, because this is such an important thing is becoming a big deal, and so the reason I'm doing this coven even on the theologian is because all things are to be held under subjection to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and this means you will be put in our bodies and with the government does and so the government forcing us and trying to force us and etc. I wonder why the questions I have is with the issue of our health is for our own good and wear masks get vaccinated. Why is it that not requiring that of the illegal immigrants there, look, allowing illegally to flood in your country.

The southern border.

Why is that it does not sound like it's an issue of health is on the because it's an agenda to do something else. I'll be writing about that anyway so you talk little kind of thing here on the show 20 may call 877-207-2276 look at the day from Salt Lake city Dave welcome your on the Michael sure got that you think that anything that is okay. Listen the second music yeah well is look at different kinds of secular music. We would say about talk work to.

I would think that Mozart I guess it's okay to listen to that stuff. It's good so far. So I got the other issue will you say about you know grind core or death metal.

One thing is very edifying of the gifts it's in the Christian should really listen to. So where do you draw the line in the Ouija line between you don't meet the other side of of country-western and I think that is not completed. We would like. It's my opinion. So the line still on this site, the listener, that stuff is in knots.

Not good for you.

This probably offending a lot of people, but they would not hip-hop. What about heavy metal, you know, is just difficult to answer what I would say is that you listen to something that's can edify you, but you can also list the secular music of your Simon and Garfunkel another.

They were great musicians about them to listen to them and also where you draw the line. I don't know. I think it has to do with your personal preferences and abilities, even if you like country-western you know you listen to that and go to a concert you know they talking about glorifying fornication and adultery in and rape and murder then country-western doesn't do. That's pretty good for the most part but a lot of that stuff that and am very glad in it. You and so I would say that that is off limits that we they shouldn't.

So I look at that Christian should listen to it and then we get so another idea, what about listen the Bethel music is beautiful music but yet to teach heresies with us so that I would say no.

So it's a tough one and your own judgment. I listen to heavy metal because I have 80 dB ringing in both years for 30 years and had a super high-pitched tone and the sound of base is combing because it's the opposite of what I'm hearing 24 seven and so you don't. This is medicinal in the sense for me it is and I can't stand music that has horns in it because it dries my brain crazy so people have different reasons for different things and I think it's just a lot of it's a gray area.

Okay I sure unity church unity church yeah unity school of Christianity or unity church unity. The second time this come up unity school of Christianity's non-Christian cults and I would have to know what particular church. It is, but unity I'm looking at right now all you unity spiritual life center so I don't know.

I even know what to do if that's the. Get the yeah get that exact creation and that kind yeah it always helps to know what the URL is go look because a lot of times at different churches have the same name yet. I'll have to think that Mark I all right okay I think you are right. Okay, let's get on the air with James from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Welcome here on here you thought your if you break it up a little bit. Let's try to get okay okay you want. You said longtime listener then something else I couldn't quite follow you, but so what is with in connection with this. So the first time, okay, good. I'm glad that I'm glad you're calling. I appreciate that. So we got about.

I was reading through Revelation 177. Eat.

I figure out what the Lord do not capitalized if it is not a related neglect from actually got no man to take care of the to be off top my head.

I don't know the different interpretations about the seven churches and I think there was something to do with the claims. I remember because the seven churches of Revelation. I've been to all the location I was trying to not Laodicea Nicollet. So I've been to all the churches and I just got a tour of their but I don't know the top my head who they represent. Okay thank you very much appreciate okay look for them to break will soon find my mental goblin looked at was a goblet to bless the folks going to call forth in lines 877-207-2276 it's Internet often. Let's get to Vicki from Raleigh, okay, I kick the button okay there you go. Something popped up. Vicki welcome here.

I very young had a great back there. I think it pop up for a while and their birthdate not everything got there it went like it might break up occasionally to my ear like leaking in a different language need to understand your rights. I can get there. I don't know but I know I think that all the time like I don't know exactly how to pay for something I thanked elderly Keithley that something that I don't write well really recommend that you do a slow read the study of first Corinthians 14. Now there are many people who will disagree with me on this, and there's a group called secessionists and are degrees of secessionists and sensationalism to cease says that all the charismatic gifts have ceased with the completion of the Canon and I don't agree with that first printed 17 says were not a lack any charisma Christmas while you're waiting for the return of Christ and not go to other verses about that, but I believe in all of the charismatic gifts for today and when you go to first contents 14 I talked about revelation knowledge, prophecy, teaching and speaking in tongues and so can you do that can you speak in a tongue well it says in first. It is 14 let one who speaks in a tongue.

Pray that he made interpret this verse 13 for contents 14 will that's in the church context. What you do about the issue of your normal private bedroom, praying and speaking touch, which I think is possible. I will send first 2013. If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels do not have love, I become a noisy gong or something simple so that it talks but tongues of men and even angelic tongues as the safeness will say it's hyperbole. It doesn't really have a communication system. Whatever. I've seen some my thing pretty ridiculous! Try get out of the stuff but nevertheless so I would say that from what I've seen in Scripture that in a church context of her speaking in tongues.

It should be by two or three.

And that is the interpretation that there is no interpretation keep quiet. If you are in your own private setting and the Lord were to work through you and speak in tongues and you is that your mind is not at your mind is not edified, but your spirit is that I don't have a problem with that. From what I've seen in Scripture.

Okay I better next question I told you I thought you have been night I had read that it talked about when the Lord to try different things that you get down I need to read my stuff very quickly. They became wrapped You like rap or rap anywhere in Scripture that it's bad that there's a ticket right like everything.

Not that I'm aware now I say that I say nothing aware of because I don't have an exhaustive knowledge of those topics. I've studied them but sometimes are people who just have a better knowledge that if they were to contact music, look at this, look at that they convince me then.

Okay fine, but from what I've seen is only one return of Christ.

This age of the age to come. One of rapture and the wicked are taken first, and the pre-wrath idea of the break.

Okay. All right. Hey folks, please hold on right that This message is no open lines right now that I call 77077 charismatic back to the show with Qubec on builder so your estimate. The pre-wrath view right okay yeah I don't see as being biblical. From what I understand about it. It teaches that there's a seven or tribulation, then halfway to the tribulation is when the Antichrist is revealed as a bad period of time and then halfway between the revelation of the Antichrist and the the return of Christ halfway between. That is when the rapture occurs like three quarters of the way to the tribulation. And then people caught up there and the reason is because they say that God is not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation to our Lord Jesus Christ. First Thessalonians 5 and the problem with citing that first in verses like it is just out of context has destined us for wrath, but salvation. Salvation has do with eternal wrath, eternal judgment. And so to so it's a misapplication of the verse and so I don't see the pre-wrath is being vocalist my opinion. So there you go. Rap will vacate.

There is the tribulation. Some people will define wrath differently than what the Bible does in certain contexts, and then it will be in harmony with other contexts. Word wrath can be the wrath of the king and the wrath of God. But when the Lord is using. It is particularly was juxtaposing the issue of salvation. It means damnation. The wrath of God comes upon the unbelievers will be eternal damnation. The wrath of God could also come upon those who are still alive and he could judge them and we see that kind of thing codified written down in the imprecatory Psalms Psalms has God go get punished destroy them and so there's different levels of what it is. So when they say pre-wrath.

The general idea is that we don't experience the wrath of God is the wrath of God upon the earth, will the word wrath there can change its meaning in what you're saying we don't express the wrath of God. I would say what does that mean for Christians not to experience the wrath of God. That's the question that has to be answered in a way to find it. To find out the answer is to look at the word wrath, which is or gay, right, and it's the number 3709 and I could just go in here my little Greek thing right 3709 and I can find out that it occurs 36 times in the Bible and I could look at exactly what it means in every context and can see you know your type. So what it says.

The let all the cyclic see little bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you will that wrath is made a kind of vengeful anger that you take on people and therefore is asserted be subjects, not only because of wrath but also because of conscience sake. That's Romans 13 that has to do with the judgment of the state has different meaning to different context. We talk with the wrath of God, then we have to deal with that with that issue and so that I could do a search and stuff like that you find is what I need to do, but I don't see them doing that. I don't see them doing those kind of studies with find out what the work word means in the related contexts and stuff like that that make sense okay waiting, you would have full folk phone how can I get back in line. My all right sounds good. All right, let's get to see that would be Cheryl from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Welcome you here. Yes, I can when he got in my car driving over 40 years and now I anyhow I think Dr. ever get back. I can go into that later tonight. I'm not hearing where neurological protection night, I know what it feels like I (whatever that might want about 9190 back in line and I when I got. And there are all that I could feel after I got shot rang being pulled along Lake 24 I know you feel like betting outside a year neurological problem depression's mind. Big question mark people handing don't think seen are being confirmed proof of effectiveness right that all northern and I cannot want to get in trouble but they are hiding the first that you people after the shot really. I know Dr. and you can tell and reap double protected nobody's checking their being protected RN RNA and all that whatever grade you research I've done is have a website to folks whatever these messages was that I call 77077 charismatic welcome back. That's right. Well, yesterday I released an article on my website: Lord, I release an article before the before it was so total cases of covert per 1 million population and yesterday I released information like I got the vaccine's effectiveness and percentages of deaths in the population and I just notice of the page is a list of clear the cash but the issue is that looks like the more the vaccines are the culture, the more deaths there are and here's the thing is you know is it because you put this information in proper perspective. Is it because they have more vaccinations perk certain areas because there is more deaths or is it reversed. That's the question I should write about that in one of the article for both the articles Sanchez to do the research on, but I have this information and I grabbed it from unrelated top sources and I document where I get it from. I did this little Excel spreadsheet.

The graph and you find out that like Molly, it has the fewest fewest basic cases look to find information.

Ricoh and yeah and 26 cases per 1 million deaths 2026 deaths per 1 million from Molly Ethiopians, 43, and end. Molly is 41% vaccinated Ethiopic 20.41 less than 1%, less than 1/2 a percent of the population. Molly vaccinated same thing with Ethiopia. Same thing with Sierra Leone and there's the Afghanistan 1.08% of the population is vaccinated and hundred and 80 deaths in Taiwan. 4.4235 desk when you get to Brazil, 33% vaccinated or 2746 deaths in Belgium at 71% vaccinated is 2187 deaths. So total deaths so cycle what's going on what's going on it.

It generally, the more vaccines or are the more deaths there are. This on to say that they're causing the deaths that could be because the corollary for quick it was just something that the scientist did to go look into, but I don't trust the trust Eric children children, unlike a huge percentage coded number betting the children about information of the heart in relation to another point regarding really want to be Further not wear saying anything about the probability of law to unique heart attack and I thought their people at breeding and not you know to be able to tell the next four years now. My people are going to die early and you know about the immunity debt that is right. Immunity debt is that a population is exposed to a certain number of viruses, bacteria, etc. during a normal year, and so the overall population has an immunity relationship with all the new stuff.

If you use distancing and masks and all these hygienic things.

Those other viruses are still out there you just get exposed to them less and so the immune system in the human body is less strong and so when something strong does come along later the bodies less prepared to tackle it is called immunity debt, and it's a big concern because it could lead to a major pandemic that is caused in the inadvertently cause unintentionally caused by the practices of trying to stop present problem called immunity debt.

I learned all about that and go on the lot and here's the thing.

The cloth masks miss 97% of the coded vaccine virus part viruses because of the message. Only 3% effective the surgical masks are at best 47% effective the coded 95 masks.

If it was you weren't that we should be wearing a study 5% efficient. Let's makes more sense. So people wearing the cloth masks 3% effectiveness going around as though there okay but that's a false sense of security and cloth masks are by far the most dominant mask well. I know I've said about half-and-half here in Idaho so there are problems or problems you do every wearing our 12 hour map gone there changing the way it's ridiculous to believe that you really that's right that the masks have to be worn a certain way and it even with cloth masks and a surgical mask where if you just put it straight from underneath her nose the loop straight over your ear versus crossing the loop over your ears crossing the loop raises the effectiveness of pretty significantly like from 42 to 55 or 60% effectiveness of the surgical but it still and and you know why pushing the stuff and then there's reports of people having ill effects because of wearing masks not understand your surgeon your nurse. You want to get exposed like to be at work in a hospital as a runner transport. I also worked in the emergency registering patient does expose a lot of stuff and I could see wearing a mask on certain situations. I went in the room once with the head spinal meningitis and the doctor said, not contagious so you know the thing is you to take precautions. But this imposition of the masks upon everybody society seems to me to be glycol control marker cults have them and liken Mormonism. For example, you dress a certain way you speak a certain way you go, you don't do certain things you do certain things and they watch you to see for conforming to them.

The markers and mask as a control marker at trial run for the market-based and after work.

The world is going to know how preparatory to get worse and and giving final final procedures and short-term heart where one for 15 minutes difficult and in the high school students in some college students where mother running, jogging, it is this is insane. I know it's insane and yeah it's really just if the health of of the population in America is really what they really are. After that, why is it that there promoting illegally the illegals coming in the southern border against the law and did not to be vaccinated, and that's okay. And then they ship them out to conservative states like that. What is the whole point.they want America to pick it up there for whatever reason whoever the order I cover so much ground that and really what what will some ideas but we need to resist and stand up in the Kristi DiPrete I think that what sparked in part I believe is happening.

I suspect strongly is without things that God is allowing this to occur because the Christian churches sat down and done nothing. It hasn't done its job and is not doing its job.

And so the persecutions coming to the Christian church and the Christians will finally start to wake up and this is unfortunate). So like I know he went out of here.

I found out colloidal number you and tell your email me the CAR is no more harm right. God bless Cheryl thanks a lot voted right back is why 77077 everybody let's get to Tony from going north Carolina, welcome here. Are you doing today right by God's grace we got you Walmart you all drive to Walmart and an adult ministry. I don't have a lot because you so most when you on the call on the phone with an anthology starting to really get about the Lord for but didn't want to my space allotted. M arrived at a very And so we spoke with the oncologist and I to take a rocket dog so to Read it so after she had surgery in February last is not bad soda.that's is so much about my brother. The day was cute about this idea but always you doll but it is merely me in my lab. You take the coach out, but what you I will plan America.and oncologist and you should use your real bad real bad. I will make a brief so I'm doing good, so I used to get people to talk to you you they do you. Because like you stated all Gothic.not doing the job and that they that's all I appreciate right so better. All right, let's get to see Bruce Winston-Salem. We lost Bruce now all next longest waiting is dumb from so we lost dog dropping like flies. Let's see Vicki from Raleigh, North Carolina Vicki, welcome here will frequently yes I do. I had my brother at United I 95. Well, it's okay.

It's not good for some things and it's better for others it's a more loose translation and is not, I would not use apologetics effect of the professors at seminary use the NIV. Can't be bad and I would say it's bad, it's just that I want something more precise to the original language because I want to know what really happening and not just semi-translation. This kind of interpretation little bit with the NIV really kind of is put in some areas. It's very good so I would say if you cannot get three Bibles I think three Bibles. NIV is good. The NASB and the King James between those you go through any comparisons between versus nixie the overall what's going on. But if the NIV game.

King James is in all it's it's holding the NASB are much more literal and either the ESV of the NIV, I would recommend ESV over the NIV that's a handle. Are there any or that you would recommend that you like on your computer or on your meeting for what you are reading the Bible that you aware better. I just use my NASB and everything and I have it on my phone and so I don't really do devotional reading on my phone. I study so much all the time that I'm always in the word.

That's how I get fit, but you know I don't know there's so there's the cold E sword which you can get his freeze for your desktop and if it's on the phone also. But ES WOR D or and the Kindle thing. It's a program, but as far as the Bible goes, you can get some of the NASB on a Kindle good NIV and the ESV temperature on Kindle and that's fine okay for a little complex. All right, let's get to Garrett from North Carolina. Garrett welcome or maddened by the doctor. You: what I just hope we had a quick question. I am not a very political person, although I do tend to be a little bit more conservative. And of course the vaccine issue with the big one that it would my family look Mark, I just want to ask you biblically. My understanding is that as I got in the back.

The my understanding is that Jesus in the New Testament that the expectation that our obligation as Christians is to obey the government in whatever no authority to date has so with that being said, what again I'm not trying to be political, but wouldn't that would not make the obligation of Christians to obey the government and get the vaccine to some degree but were also to resist ungodly leaders as acts five $0.29 and so we have ungodly leaders when they say that the vaccine is what they want us to have the order to buy and sell. Obviously there's some problems there. We don't want to submit to cut that kind of of oppression because that kind of oppression leads to more oppression the more you lay down the more they will walk all over you and so we have to think in terms of the greater good that you take the vexing okay that's that's what Butch biblically speaking, we are to resist ungodly leaders and we will so they got rid of the men in Romans 13 is often taken to mean just do whatever they say. The government says that's not it at this not the case. So we we have to understand, for example, here's another thing the Bible actually governmentally speaking the Bible actually teaches capitalism private property and right of self-defense and representation by your peers, yet our government is pushing pushing socialism and Marxism. So they are going against the Scriptures so now what we do well we got a resist and so where do we draw that line if it becomes difficult that that was actually going to be my next question. How do you know as an individual Christian living out your life. How do you know where and when to draw that line as a small battle that isn't leading and marked them between you know an actual move that you should resist because it is leading into him difficult leadership of the of the country you both and the careful what that's why I'm providing the research on Carmine Cove and also in governmental issues and their becoming more more interrelated to go back the government sixth section adds more information but guideline the privilege of being able to sit home and work all day on this research and I enjoy doing it. So it's just me and I provide that information with documentation so that people can make their own choices if you want to get the code vexing to get the coven vexing. If you don't want to pin don't but the government doesn't have the right to force it on you. And when the government says it's for your own good.

That's when you get to be careful whenever a government says this is for your own good.

That's usually of a very serious warning sign actually in difficulty as you know, whenever the government help me to do something like that. I have tendency to believe that they are trying to control me initially and in an unjust way, but I had a hard time reconciling that with the precedent that Christ made of yellow, obey your government can use. Would you mind providing me with the scriptural references of the Scripture that mentioned to resist ungodly leaders sure acts 529 what you can do is go to Carmen. I just type in the Christian's duty to obey and disobey government Christian duty and had a disobey government and you'll see the article that's their one close to the Jewish midwives, Shadrach me shack. Then the goat goes to disobey the king or deceased Paul so together, and there are gray areas of course now here's the thing.

If the government says we absolutely know that the vaccine is killing millions of people here take this vaccine I could see that if it is, but it's not to be like 90% of people infected don't, nothing really happens to them. But here's my question is for our good, then why is it there opening up the southern border and letting illegals flood into our country without the US and requirements are put on us that hypocrisy that inconsistency then tells us we can't trust them.

We can't if you know this natural immunity is 13 times better then then the vaccine 13 times and there are more and more accounts of people who have been vaccinated or getting sick with Cove. It it's increasing so when you start having this information then it becomes an issue of old when does it sleep when does it become an issue of self-defense because we have the right of self-defense so the governor now I can make an event and argument night.

I didn't even consider that because I mean it could. Probably about if I got to the point of no having the opinion that you know that the Bible no tells me to obey the government and if the government they wanted to. Population control is limiting me that you don't have but I know that that would benefit that would be okay.

The event that we should ductwork you. We, as Christians, we have to understand that you do nothing is to promote evil the Christian churches sat on its hands for decades and not really doing what it needs to do and if I were to ask Christians what's the obligation that we have as Christians I'm out on your last question right now, no one has to answer me because most people get it. What's our ugly obligations. Christians was that like maybe even one of the number 12123's poppy variation but is to make disciples of all nations to go out to evangelize what is this what Jesus commanded us to do just pick up your cross daily and follow after me. These are not things like you don't get a nice car, nice bank account relax and go to church on Sundays and that's what were called to do as Christians. Quite the opposite. And it's a shame that in our comfortable comfortable Christian culture here in America that the atrophy has occurred and take us over because were not being stretched will now are being stretched and more and more people to be going to jail for being Christians. I'm waiting to get arrested I did.

I am just look at my door if you would be the first well help you, and I think that I can swat it before been followed ahead of threats of varying kind so you know who knows what's going to happen but I have to speak out and going to continue to speak out because it's what needs to be done and things first 20 1613, Jesus is or the pulses beat selectmen and be strong, act like men and in my opinion the reason things are going so bad is because men are doing their jobs in the Christian church is my opinion or end of Friday. I mean, not that way is a scourge on our society at that men don't really exist anymore, but that's a whole other conversation I love talk about and suffice as mentor under attack in media and sitcoms and movies. Rick, if your manager incompetent or you're a murderer your white supremacist oppressive person, or you gotta be Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone chicken rear all over the place and that I should just go home. They work hard to take other families ridiculed Friday golf laissez folks have every weekend by his grace on Monday will talk you another program powered by the Truth Network

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