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September 25, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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September 25, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does Paul mean in Romans 7-15-18---2- Is the Covid vaccine a precursor to the mark of the beast---3- Matt discusses the possible connections between sorcery and pharmisuticals.--4- Have you heard of the apostolic awakening church---5- Who is god in Psalm 82-6---6- Who represents Ishmael's nation in today's world---7- Can a Christian be possessed---8- If a person who is possessed, wants to receive Christ, what happens to that demon---9- Is it ok for a woman to try and lead people to Christ, say in a prison-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines as a matter slick why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 8773 Matt slick list match would live if his garlic 772072276. Hope your primitive question on the Lexi theology apologetics logic evolution. You will follows the cold Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses versus science unity behind Islam. Some of the nepotism, Eastern orthodoxy, all kind of stuff that we talk about on the show and also lately covert commitment to our articles today on not on the handheld list of questions you check out the questions that you just ask and I'll be docketing those questions with references and think look at later on, but if you have questions that you think are good that I didn't ask their email him at info. According to her, go check out the stuff to score the current website and you can see on the homepage using the stock photo release release article today on the code relationship vaccines and gas percentages and grafted and questions. This is from official sources to this is from a real stuff. It's really interesting what's going on.

I got a theory and getting into some other topics as well, have a section on the karmic covert area called opinion and I'll be talk talk. About seven of the opinion of you already have three open lines give a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kim for rule Harel's was hard to say rural Hall North Carolina Heidelberg met Lindsay all bring mission a sales versus 15 to 18 for what I'm doing.

I do not understand for not practicing what I would like to do, but I'm doing everything I hate.

But if I do the thing that I don't want to do agree with the law confessing the laws good. So now no longer mind when doing it that's in withdrawals and make and number 16. If you set also this matter.

This is a an interesting area of Scripture and in Romans chapter 7 Paul is decrying his his inability to live in a holy way and so what he does is he personifies sin, and he talks about it being in him and this thing alive in him and as he concurs with the law. He's dead to the law and all the stuff is sin in him doing all these things and that's all you doing is personifying that whole issue and so will decrease as I don't do the things I want to do when and stuff that when he says I am no longer the one doing it, but sin dwells in me is just hyperbole's exaggeration and peace to district discussing his struggle he has. He says in verse 21 I find in the principle that evil is present in be the one who wants to do good for joyful joyful concur with the law of God in the inner man I see a different lawn. The members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind making me prisoner. The law of sin which is in my members wretched man that I am will set you free this body of death sweat equity doing. He saw personifying the battle and the war that's going on in the sight of him. God bless you. All right hey folks, we have open lines give a call 877-207-2276, and the rhetoric of all right, let's get to Paul from Virginia Paul welcome you are on air.

Yes, I would like oh that killed earlier.

I was watching the they would harbor the QR code which is a barcode technology take back caloric and if you have proof of the vaccination. Somehow another.

There will make it into a QR code and have it on your phone.

I'm really concerned about big Pharma and big tech but I was wondering if the COBIT so-called virus and then the suing shot that that their calling back things which from what I understand are not really traditional vaccine would be a precursor to the market will Christians be able to be folded into accepting the bark of the bait.

Well, I don't think they can be fooled into its real Christians. This is something that people rescue me as a precursor to the market of these and that we have a marked by yourself. It certainly could fit the category of "precursor of something that comes in before to get people prepared you understand something, there are a lot of problems with what's going on doing a lot of research every day on this natural immunities 13 times better than than vaccines.

I just released today on Carmen and yesterday yesterday is on on percentages of populations that are vaccinated and how many infections they have and then today percentage of people vaccinated and how many deaths there are and I graph them and the general result is that the more vaccinations there are, the less efficient the population if there's a an increasing line. I did a logarithmic trendline instead of an Excel spreadsheet after graphene information asserting that the more vaccines there are, the more deaths, and the more infections that are and so why is that wise of the scientists statement. If I can figure this out in the theologian, how can they can't figure it out course. The so why is it. For example, that is all precursor. We talk about why is it that the leftist moron wackos in our government open up the borders against the law and allow hundreds of thousands of people to come in illegally against the law. The southern border and they don't require vaccinations for them but for you and me going to business like in New York City etc. you have to vaccination and a card to move around so that the inconsistency here is incredible I is that the only conclusion I can come.

Having studied cults for years is that the reason they're doing this is to gain control of the population. This is exactly the kind of stuff that cults do you have to submit to the authority over you. You're not allowed to question that authority over you.

If you do, to be consequences to you of questioning the authority above you and so you can't do that you have to believe facts don't matter, it's always the agenda and the facts are that so natural unity is 13 times better than vaccinated. And if the vaccines work so well why we still required to wear masks people vaccinated why I wear masks. It doesn't make sense and plus what's happening is enough calling of the pandemic of the unvaccinated now with her doing is there labeling and penalizing people who are not vaccinated so that was going. This is a Marxist communist ploy system used to divide people and conquer them and bring them into submission and so is it a precursor it very well could be as of the market-based I would say no, but it but these are the kinds of things that we put in place in order to get people to comply in order to just buy and hook line and sinker to whatever you're told to do. I was Benjamin Franklin who said he who gives up say I wasn't freedom for safety deserve neither an extra and we need to fight back against the depression that is coming down and as I can tell you it must repeat this is someone who studied cults for decades. I see the same behavior going on in control and I recognize very clearly very easily and this is dangerous were losing our rights or countries changing and we have a socialist regime that's moving on, etc. etc. and what will ultimately have it if you know Ephesians 612 ultimately will have the test like this is our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers of its powers of darkness. Ultimately, this is to suppress the Christians and promotion of the gospel and to bring about as much misery and bondage as possible the way of the evil one. Biblically speaking as socialism is not the model but capitalism as people don't know this but the Puritans came over from Europe in part to escape persecution, but largely to create a Christian nation here. They asked the ministers to go to the Scriptures and develop a biblical mindset to biblical governmental system because the government establishes three branches of government is because the founders of our country understood the sinfulness of man and their need to be a check and balance system. On the contrary, socialism in the Marxist group say that the problem is not people that the governmental system so whatever ends they want to go for the ends justify the means.

So they're allowed to lie, cheat and steal in order to get people to succumb to and submit to the greater good that they see is good according their understanding become ever people are good dump with her good in its assessment is to be changed and that's what I try to change the system and one awaited to do this is to force mandated obedience of masks on people and vaccinations on people in order to get them to comply is if you can do that then you can push through whatever you want in a government without upholding the Constitution and you can bring people in the submission. And this is all part of the spiritual aim to destroy the gospel. Ultimately that's what's going on okay okay one final follow-up to that revelation 821 24 weren't talked about the people about three and I think that goes back to work BBQ you that anything you without that or are, after all, what part of tribulation. All that but I was wondering if it BBQ figure 2 that I know about? Very bizarre, but I can quite understand I understand I do you what you're doing is seeing a connection between sorcery, drug abuse and things like this is going on and there's a connection with them. Had a voice that connection and a question totally get it. It all depends what Revelation 18 is talking about but it's dealing with usual Babylon and who or what is Babylon some six Roman Catholic Church. Some sites America some 60 a system of mental bureaucracy and Alexa say it is up the destruction of a planet from material gain for different theories so I don't know but it it is interesting that all the nations will be deceived by your sorcery. Now, it could be that just the word sorcery here just mean sorcery.

There ungodly practices and means by which the they do things could be just in reference to the cult and there's a lot of stuff information I been fed.

I don't haven't verified it about varying individuals in governmental systems around the world involved in some pretty bad cultic practices. So is a true is yet to be verified because how do you verify something like you have an insider, say it and then if that's the case I will be no so there are there are lots of fun. Lots of systems might be something there's lots of instances of this anecdotal have a friend who was Delta. This quick before the break, he was fishing community.

Initial responders 911 has asbestos in the system is got cancer or something like that.

Still around and break up. Tell you what he said, drug is all right right back folks after these messages, please take matters like why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the mindset of this in the context of pharmacopeia drugs and things like that. This is what you told me this is the guy trust his IQ is it's like 190. Some like that and it's incredibly brilliant and on how he is to be a paramedic up in the New York City area and when 9/11 happened, he was on the scene but anyway penis buddy when they were doing varying drug houses when gill ODs a good college going there.

He he told me told me that on 11 different occasions he would go into place and there be people who had died and people who are just bad bad shape and triaging the people that she could you leave the winter did Don immunity can help these elevenths different times, people who were dead set up and in a weird voice would say you can't have him. He's mine and fall back down and do that what you want, but that's what the athletes only okay let's get to Angie from Minnesota and you welcome on the air, lack hi how are you doing okay and all you what I call you I can hear the doll is on your show and I haven't called them or number that yeah that's right, I think you realtor and I knew meeting with other realtor that you are holding the Christian and on that lady came on and that he was in the room just observing everyone and he would connect psychic talent. What she thought of each one of us like a prophetic thing in right away. Unlike weight men and that right.

Let me back on when you see watching the pastor out the obviously that lately. I don't think so.

She's she's up. She's a pastor I'm reading her bio right now really are gain or date and and she's she said that she was there to do what psychic what psychic and that he would kind of like reading the room reading people like the vision about certain people and I were talking and I don't know I don't totally make the one that like run the other direction.

Wondering if you heard apostolic network of global awakening. Well I saw the guy hadn't.

I saw the information that Keith put in the brick is looking at it all. Here we go. Finally, I've been looking for the statement of faith and God is the eternal morning 123 persons of one substance.

Okay and blessings getting a little looking through the scanning while I'm talking and doesn't like recent written Tuesday pretty pretty extensive but should have should have a God and then Trinity salvation so you can understand what a great tool because it's hard find it so there Lisa Trinitarian at all and the director at inter-fashion, rector of intercession while I can't tell you too much about it to first of heard of it and but with a name like apostolic wakening. That's, you know, usually not always, but usually people say apostolic are the ones that say were the ones who back back like the first church and we have apostles and things like nothing. This is the case here, but that's usually the things are going and so that makes me wonder What you could help and apparently prophetic cabinet I'm reminded me of like doing a reading for you right now getting emptier get you there and tell you your future and that would be an issue at all.

Yeah that that well you know enforcement is 14 okay, let's back up. Enforcement is 17 it says that you not like the church, not like any charismatic gift. The waiting for the return of Christ. So I'm of the opinion that the Christian church has access to all the charismatic gifts including prophecy, word of wisdom and knowledge and and so the New Testament prophets. In the context of risk with his 14 are those who are in the church context, it would give a prophecy and Paul even said that he wished that all would prophesy more. The speak in tongues, but it's the case that the elders of the church of the judge. These prophecies, the problem here that when we get into groups that say hey I'll give you prophecy it's like to go around willy-nilly and it just how to describe it but it just as a warning flag. It doesn't seem to be rough and doesn't have to be the end in the church context. It is these people and I my opinion that seem to be drawing attention to themselves and their particular gifting in their things and their in connection in contact with God. No give you information on this the kind of thing that really bothers me so it bothered me like my right right right right up good good freaking monkey group again. You will get more information from that's always newsletter yeah and I went to a Seventh-day Adventist meeting earlier last week and is hoping to get some good info with a divorce anything you didn't already know. You know, the more money but SDA, for example, mom realizing the official teachings or cultic. This word is so you look at different Concern. I went to my very first Catholic man, you participate no no no funeral now correcting something and it was a very real thing. I found periodically I let you About all the time for Like I just kind of find out. I loll about so I did and it was really weird. Yes, the man what I need right.

The mass in Catholicism is an actual efficacious re-sacrifice of the, the doctrine of Christ on the cross and when the priest lists the. The elements of the become body and the blood of Christ and then people take it to get rid of mortal sin is infused into them or that it's a complaint Lee bondage thing absolutely.

You really bad actually know my call next 10 years. That's a good that's good long you been good but I don't recall his weight right now so want to talk to just recycle other than leisure over 10 year and you still like me that sometime know I don't even understand me now. I don't either. My wife still. I think she still likes means and that she's been listening on the radio for 17 years. The problem this all might not yeah and the problems like doctor in the house.

She is listening to the radio show was edgy. God bless the folks for the lines you call 87727276577077 charismatic slave hi all, when the Bible talked about the little cheat God that referring what verses that seven around. I made 8456 this morning and that one were born in her most high hopes of establishing a little count when he registers people's the one is born there with the flutes, etc. I don't see so what's the phrase be well thought out. I'm sorry maybe if Psalm 82 I apologize okay and the question is your God stat and so many to get a little God Psalm 82 okay was that referring to it so that the unrighteous judges at Psalm 82 verse six and it is an imprecatory Psalm and imprecatory Psalm is a Psalm of condemnation were the psalmist wishes to harm ill on people sick and you let God get him and so it's an implication in social only two I know about this because the Mormons use it out of context.

And this is your God's and Jesus quotes this in John 1033, 34, this is your God's. And they say see your God's hand, but is not what's going on there. It's a it's a mockery and condemnation by God upon the unrighteous judges of Israel at that time and so it's as I said, your gods, and all use of the most high for the next verse says nevertheless you will die like men and fall like anyone the princes. So is it so impressed implication imprecatory's predatory Psalm against the unrighteous judges of Israel at that time who were behaving like gods in that they had power of life and death. But God can judge him their unrighteousness in this. This applies okay to the leaders of our country okay. All I ask is because I would Bible study last night and they were going over the book the unseen realm by a guy named fighting the thing with Michael Kaiser and he went and it basically look like talking about the little cheat God our not angels, but there actually be there.

Exp. There are other deities that are in the spiritual realm that are out there that's a flaming heresy flaming heresy and what I would like because it immediately.

Hi, I just I'm just asking if you want to do this next week. Your Bible study get me on the phone on speaker phone and field questions from your group and talk about this. This is a serious heresy that can undermine the truth of who God is and the idea of multiple gods and can help people come to the place of being deceived by Mormonism and other God to teach axis of the tooth. Multiple gods okay great. I appreciate yeah I'm not joking. I mean I am dead serious.

I'd love the company. Like Colin Seidman the whole hour. I don't care but they can ask the questions we can talk about this issue because it is not lesser deities is only one God and God says he doesn't even know of any of the screen before him any credit after he knows of none. As a 43 4445. There are no other DHS. After all false gods and so the idea. The Council of the gods was talking about the Rick talk about that and this issue here. You are God's is just simply a mockery of God through this almost on the unrighteous judges of Israel, so the guy who wrote that stuff is just promoting heresy. False teaching and your group is been damaged by lies and so the need to be corrected. Okay great thank you you seriously calling okay you know Millie about the my cell number. Even will talk okay this is a serial getting okay thank you okay right okay all so much heresy, so little time. You become folks 877-207-2276 you for open lines you call Eric from Iowa.

Welcome your on-air good. What's your name Eric. Eric okay it's got it okay you got well Keith, the great geeky catechesis negatively knifed him because he can push buttons I'm gone.

He's really nice wrote Eric is in America, so I'm just opportune. Okay so that's all.

So we got what's up Ewing training guide now now well on. Everything some states there are thanks some states, the Arabs, but there's some debate about that and Ishmael is little bit of information the reason Ishmael and Isaac are our last is because God said to Abraham to bless his descendents and Ishmael was born 13 years after Isaac was and 13 is a number of sin and that something I could explain the number pattern of of of 13 that occurs in sinful things like a the up the in Hebrew the prick up you describing the devil. When you add up all the letters, which are numbers divisible by 13 things like that and so he was 13 years after and so some think that he was the father of the Arabic nations and is a something about the verse I remember Melissa to be like a wild donkey is that his speech like wild donkey does the and so, which makes sense for Robert. I can't find it any rate so low. That's one of the series with the theories about and edit what I meant that I was inside it right right because God held covenant with Israel right with now eight their alignment.

I know it will. That kinda blends into the issue of the Muslims. There's three Abraham the world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Islam says that they worship the same God as is Christiansen fact of the Roman Catholic Church. See Catholic of the finest Catholic catechism Muslims saying God and the I forgot which estimate yet right.

It's so Catholic catechism 841 this with the official doctrine of the Catholic Church says paragraph 841. The catechism of the Catholic Church. The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims.

These profess to hold the faith of Abraham together with us they adore the one, merciful God and cons judge on the last day. So the catechism of the Catholic Church says the Muslims worship the same God that the the Catholics to maybe they do, because Catholicism is not Christian but this is always a false so this idea of worshiping the God of Abraham, well, you know, the descendents of Ishmael were under that covenant, and so God is governmentally faithful even when were not so, the people have multiplied greatly and that could be the summits of the Arab descendents Elder some evidence that the Arabs are also ready in place. About that time, but it could be that they mingled in an expanded and around over that area to so okay you welcome very much God bless. Okay hey folks, if want to give McCall for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Bob from Blackpool, England.

Bob welcome your on-air thinking about taking the role of us already know the answer to this question. So confirmation from you lately come across the so-called that you you I'm absolutely convinced that could only encourage you company to enable us to give y'all Sherry, but right if you go to Matthew 22 1243 and Jesus says that when the unclean spirit goes out of a man. This is after is been doing exorcisms.

This is the context of his talk about when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places, seeking rest and minded will have to be this sorry about that. Hold on both of you for open lines give a call 87707227 sexually mad why call 77077 is still there, okay. So as I was reading in Matthew 1243 through 45. It'll say Jesus is when the unclean spirit goes out of a man is after being cast out, it passes through waterless places, seeking rest, and does not find it and then it says I will return to my house from which I came in when it comes, it finds it on occupied, swept, and put in order. Then it goes and takes along with seven other spirits more wicked than itself. They go in and live there and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. That is the way it is also this evil generation so the implication here is that when the demonic spirit leaves is cast out exercised in it travels around it comes back if they house the body what are your call it of that person is unoccupied.

The inference is the Holy Spirit is not there, then the demonic force to come here and be worse. So that's the implication there, and it cannot be that we are demonically possessed as Christians because the Holy Spirit is living in us.

The father the son a live in John 1423 God lives in us. How can darkness also live in us as well.

Now we have this in our own nature house in nature.

When I drove my demonic forces so the people who do these things with a safe and outcast demons at a Christiansen of cadmium, break no next is from second Marana cults you know we don't have any verses for this and what they might go to pre-versus Peter were Jesus and says to Peter to Whitney Satan.

And that's when Peter said to Christ, don't go to the crucifixion and so he was rebuked sound is a dump ultimately demonic thought but doesn't mean that he was demonically possessed. So one of the problems here it is with this kind of movement that has occurred and is still occurring here in America and probably over there as well in England or the UK is that some people teach that the human is a trichotomous body and soul and spirit, and some say the soul can be possessed but not the spirit. Some say the spirit to be possessed but not the sole and so you could be a Christian and have God in your soul but your spirit be possessed, or vice versa. I've heard different rationalizations. The problem here is that dichotomy in trichotomous or debated, and I will give the theology behind that but nevertheless with this often does is it puts people under a bondage and that you have these problems. You have a lust problem. Agreed problem of an eating disorder you have, whatever it might be, you know, a gambling disorder will that's because there's a demon in you that pushes you to that. It's what you do now is cast out. So what we have to do. This is the kind of thing that they do. They said you have to confess all of your sins, you have to be able to close all the doors so the exorcist sometimes will say tell me every detail now to get in your personal lives in areas that's between you and God only, and they will use this often in a psychological emotional manipulation to gain power and influence over people want Hussey for self deceived, who do this trying to help people, but there are bloodied as spiritual corpses left along the path of these alleged healings and demonic castings of outs, can stop and I've heard many stories of people who been psychologically damaged because they have become extremely vulnerable people have very private information about they start to worry about it. They've gone through emotional semi cathartic means when they start crying because their past sins and the.

The exorcist person. Counselor person will say see you getting this out and it's it's just not healthy to the way they're doing it and it causes problems of damage and there's been lots of cases like this of the I've had a lot of reports of people over the years about the stuff so Christians cannot be demon possessed. Go blank your mom know people that okay thank you all got bless okay now someone just said something in the text here when I read this text in the rooms of my list of Michael Heiser's explanation of the other gods I understood him not to describe them as alternate gods, but more powerful than the Angels per se, and that they all were created by Yahweh. They said I don't agree with Heiser on some of the teachings I don't follow him recommend them, etc. now if that's the case that there is no not actual gods with her more powerful than angels unused. That's teaching that there's 1/3 kind of of of existence of some being out there which the I don't see in Scripture and all my years of study. Don't find it such a problem as well.

Nevertheless hey folks, we have one open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 now folks, you cannot be demon possessed. If you're Christian you can however be pressed.

You can be oppressed or to be demonic forces working against you, and they can manifest in different ways, but you cannot have a demonic force inside if you know in my novel.

The influence there was a character named Leach and I like the way this kinda came out and came together in Leach was an unbeliever and he was trying to get more and with a gang and he didn't realize that he was possessed was a scene where Leach was standing in front of the mirror and adopted the demonic force in him was whispering in his mind, and I took literary license and this is fiction whispering in his mind that you know you are powerful and your good and he would say to himself.

Yes I am powerful and good and he looks in the mirror and the more he talks about himself, the more he likes what he's is what he does want power and influence the demonic forces guiding him and influencing him and his thoughts on my thing is how it works but it was just a literary thing that I wrote in the novel the influence and I never forgot that because I am writing it thinking this could be how it works so you know I'm smiling I say that I don't know but it was descriptive it was informative and unrealistic 70 years ago and I still never writing the particular scene and it really was kind of interesting. The stuck with me only a few scenes in the book.

It's really stuck with me. That was one of them so well, how does it really work. I do not know. But Christians cannot be demon possessed, but unbelievers can be an unbelievers because they don't have the mind of Christ are ultimately in the service of the evil that you think about this. Who are the people under demonic influence in our government know if you want to mock that say love is good lesion demon TI do you know the Scriptures reveal them in and is Jesus obviously taught about them, and rebuked the devil we don't know to what extent that they have power and influence. And if God is real. In the Bible is true and Jesus said to his who said he was which. I believe that all the case. The demonic forces are real as well and we have to be very cognizant of them and really praying against demonic forces in our country and I've been praying.

My wife and I pray not every night but about weekly prayer night out just about but but not every Knights of foreign governments and for the leaders in heaven praying for the and sometimes I pray Lord if they're not elect get imprecatory Psalms. Lord, please save them please be merciful, but if they're not of yours. Please discipline them heavily but Lord, if your discipline.

The Christian church for its apathy in this country than so be it. Let the persecution continue that the church should be purified and our knees would bend would seek our Lord.

All right, let's get to John Jan from Salt Lake city Jen welcome here. I sure enjoy your program click question about give up an event affecting you and I wanted a beer cannot be at leaves, it leaves. This leaves Catholic and accepting that hard to understand, though generally from what I've understood about how all this works that if someone comes to a person and is possessed and wants to receive Christ is usually quite a battle that goes on in the process and the person wants receive Christ. It's often a very emotional and energized. Let's just say so. But if it does, it is the case that some of us receive Christ are demonically possessed which, how could that be a set of issues than that the demonic forces would be cast out immediately. Don't know to be no manifestation, sometimes people might grown loudly as is leaves because I and in the Bible, we know that people are thrown into fire pits that have physical reactions so I don't I would not be surprised if it's a physical reaction there as well but does mean is going to come by my? I sure okay and I direct their anger over here. They gallantly elevate the arm Lord and make their way united at salvation prayer and I know it's no magic where I get paid. Now I have are no and I think about the way to speak out on weight layout and family think it because you think that prayer with me next eight.

I got kind Me to give it I obey it very accurate that is pretty good now you know stuff the prayer for let's say someone it's an appeal to God for clean conscience and the confession and you're just assisting them in unready problem that I write an article on what's the salvation prayer you know is not a formula but people who were there who want their appealing to God.

You know if I was in the prison with you and you were the one talking some prisoners and you want to leave the Lord. I'm keeping quiet and I'll be praying for their the Lord open heart and my okay okay I okay I got the night okay gem value okay right here in your life think she needs. Thank you. Okay. All right, this get to Kurt from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Kurt welcome you on here at about Mark 949 everyone thought with Byron Everett by phone, afraid of fire. Well, I can try and explain it. The context context is so judgments your I stumbles and thought out.

If your eye causes you to stumble thrown out better to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, they go to hell. The world is not dying for theirs is not the fire is not quenched for when it will be salted with fire. Salt is good.

Saul becomes on salty play on words. I think's going on there but it looks like everyone will be salted with sprinkled with or experience certain levels of persecution, difficulties and trials. I think of the fire drill on their flowers on your FAFSA.

Okay, not a photographic time in the Lord bless you and by his moral eliciting them for the Lord bless you, another program powered by the Truth Network

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